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The Democrats Name the Strong
est Ticket Ever Placed in the
Cook County Field.
Theodore Oebne, the Self-Made Busi
ness Man and Popular Brewer,
for County Treasurer.
Francis S. Peabody, the Widely Known Coal
Dealer, Is Unanimously Nominated
for the Office of Sheriff.
Roger C. Sullivan Gets the County Clerks hip
Plum, Which He So Richly
Judge Scale and Criminal Court Clerk Schu
bert Renominated by Acclamation
Other Good Nominations.
The Democratic county convention
mot Tuosdoy and put up tho follow
ing modol ticket:
Hlmrlff. FRAKK H. I'MIIUUI '
fmlmtii Clnrk JAMKS J. (ill AY
CrlmliiHl Court Ctoik
County Julian FIIANK HCAI.KH
President County Hoard
County Commissioners-City IMstrlrt.
Air. C. McNeill, Hrconil Ward I Anton
Murtlni Fifth Wrl Joseph T. Rooster.
Eighth Wurill James A. O'Connell. Tenth
Wurill Ottn llutimitu. Flfternth Wurill
Ororirti Kilnmnwin, Twelfth Wnll 1'etcr
KIoIImimi. HUtarnth Wnnll IWUc Lni(.
Twontyllrnt Wurill FntnU Ariisw, Twhii
tyfourth Wurill Albert Ackernmn. Thir
tieth Wnnl.
Commlmloner-Countrjr DUtrlct.
J, A. llurlliiBine. routine l Frank Wlnt
wlck. llnrveyi W. 8. New, Letnontl John
A1IU, Wlimetkul A. Kuitlnbooker, 1'ruvUo,
Democratic loaders ate well satis
Hod with the ticket for county offi
cers which tho convention nominated
Tuesday after six long hours of ex
citement Now they are congratu
lating each other, snapping their
linger la the faces of the Republi
cans thoy moot and claiming tho
county next November by a big ma
jority. Some of tho more conserva
tive qualify their favorable predle
tlons with an "It Congress only gets
down to work and passes tho Wilson
bill." But any way they look at It
the Democrats rest confident that
tho Republicans will tlnd It an ex
ceedingly hard job to uamo a stronger
As for the disaffection In tho ranks
nvor tho contest for Sherltt and
Treasurer, which, It has been said,
disturbs tho Democratic peace, tho
leaders declared to-day that It had
vanished. Certain disgruntled indi
viduals who sought to throw the
TreasureMhlp to a different part of
tho city, claimed that Klolbassa
would not accopt tho nomination for
County Commissioner. They ex
pressed tholr wishes, not tho truth.
Klolbassa has assured tho party that
ho will run and do his best for tho
ticket "1 am not a bolter," he said,
and thoro tho matter rests.
"That is a strong ticket and con
tains not ono man agalnstwhom any
rollcctlons can bo cast," 'said Stato
Committeeman Chaso to-day. "Only
six of tho twenty-two men nominat
ed havo ever hold ofllco before. Every
man, from Sheriff down, is a clean,
' capable citizen who will make an
cMcient and honest public officer.
Frank S. Tcabody, Theodore Oohno
and Roger Sullivan, randidates for
the threo most importaut offices, are
all well-known men who havo tho
respect aud cotUldouco of the com
munity Tho same can bo said of
every man on tho tickot It was a
fair convention, too. Of course,
thero were differences of opinion, as
thoro aro always, but tho committees
did their work eiiultably, and no
body had any chance to complain.
About tho surest Indication that the
ticket Is a strong one and ono which
commands respect is tho commenda
tion that the Tribune gives It
"Tho tickot will win In November,"
continued Mr. Chase. "When Con
gress passes the Wilton bill business
will Increase and tho Republicans
will find that they havo not got such
an easy victory before them as thoy
think they have. With tho strong
ticket they havo named tho Demo
crats will go Into tho campaign with
every prospect of electing It. Tho
republicans will find It difficult to
name one eiually as good. Tho Coun
ty Commissioners nominated yester
day aro especially strong men and I
see no reason why tho Democrats
should not control tho "oxt County
Board. Gcorgo Edmonson has mado
a good President of tho Board and
will mako a good officer next year.
Democracy has a right to fcol proud
of yestordey's convention. Tho plat
form Is strong, ton, and will meet
with favor among all clusses. Tho re
sult In November will provo that"
Chairman Crafts' ablo speech was
listened to with great attention and
cheered wbon ho spoko of tho dolay
of tho Senato In reforming tho tariff,
Mr. Crafts spoko as follows:
Follow Democrats of tho Cool; County
Democrat la Conventions
Selected by our ruling commltlco In con
formity ulth Iholuusnf our organization to
preside iivor your temporary organization,
I wUh to thank that comtnlttoo through you,
Mr. Chairman, for tho preference they
havo shown me, 1 wish also to bespeak ut
your hands that consideration und for
uo.irunco which will onublo me to dls.
churju ptoperly tho duties of tbe pailtlou
to which you huo culled mo. Vim havo
assembled for tho purpose of soloctlug
dologutoi , to tho State convention to
fco hill at S rlugllolil for tho purpose
of p.irtlrlputlng In that liNor politics of
the govornmeutot till Mute und of this
nation, You uro also uixomhlcd at this
tlmo to nouilnuto ollli'urs to lie voted for
In Ihls county at tho full election. Thero
ure crises In tho history of parties, there
aro times In tbo llvos of purllos us well as
In the oxlstonuo ot men, which require
urmuets, patlenco, wisdom and courage to
curry you successfully for Kuril. You have
assembled iu such a crisis. Two years ago
tho Democratic parly, which you repre
sent, won n great victory at tho hands of
the pooplo of this couutry, For twenty
jours It bud denounced both the po'.ley
und the Injmtlco ot u protective tariff. It
hud callol It a robber turlff which had
made the rich richer and the poor poorer.
Tbe party bad previously securedpurtlal
Proprietor ol the Revere
victory, followed by partial defeat Tbat
defeat caused u to redouble our effort,
and tboM effort! brought about the reali
zation of our trut, and victory ugulo
croHtiod our efforta.
Our surcc-14 wu complete It mantfttt-
ed tho fnct tbat the peoplo domundod
lower turllT for manufactured product!
untl freo trudo for raw nmtorlul. It wim
Koncrally expected that tbo advent of tho
new udmlnlitratlon would bo followed Itn-
moilliitoty by Iho putting of tho policy of
tho peoplo Into offect and by tbo rovlilon
und reduction of tho tnrllT. Murchunti
begun to roduco tholr mocks of goods,
manufacturers bogun to roduco their man
ufactures until the Industries ot tho coun
try wcro brought to u standstill. ' U
policy, continued from month to munth by
both merchants und muiiufucturcrH.
brought dtsustor, and both morchauts and
factories found their buslnuts groutly
roducod. Iho betiailclarlos of this
robber turlff began to vloie down
tholr factories and thoy sent their
hireling through tho country attributing
tbo dlsuitcr to the policy of tho Demo
cratic party. Thoy bejan to author now
courage and set about defewtlng the ex
pectations of tbo peoplo In what tbey ex
pected to got. Ihey ussaulted tho pooplo
with a fulso cry. Tho suppliant criminal
has again become tho bold, triumphant
robber. The Democrat lo party, as repre
sented In tbo eenato of tho Unltod Stato1,
has been uttuclced by enoulcs without,
but bison botrayed by false frtonds within,
until It Is unable to fulfill Its promises to
tho people. Taking advantage of this, our
ooomles uro already predtct'n our defeat
Hut wo are not going to bodefon'od. Wu
must succeed. Wo muit.uumo a gooi
ticket and stand by tbat ticket. Tnoro Is
nothing poople admire s) much as courage,
and If you demoustruto that you bao got
tho courage which tho Union demand the
people will carry your ticket to victory.
Tho Democracy, ever with the la
dles, was glad to give them an oppor
tunity to presont their views to the
convention. Aid. John McGlllcn ap
peared upon tho platform and said:
"As Chairman of tho County Central
Committee I havo been requested to
ask this convention to hear repre
sentatives of tho Chicago Woman's
Club, who deslro that this conven
tion shall rccommond tho nomination
of a woman us ono of tho trustees for
tho State university." Mr. McGIUon
thon briefly Introduced Dr. Julia
Holmes Smlth,who said:
Uuntleiuon of tbo Democratic convention'
I hope you will bo quiet whllo 1 hay a
tow words. I roprosont the Woman's Club
of Clilciuo, which hits nn Inlerott In all tho
affairs of the Statu, I wish to cull your
utttntton tu u tow facta und hopo you will
Instruct your delegates to Sprlugflold to
favor tho nomination of a Democratic
woman as ono nf tho trustaes of the rUuto
University. Tho university noeds ui. We
bollovo thoro ought to bo ono woman on
tho Hoard ot UiilvorMty Trustees, und 1
believe that that woman ought to lo a
Democratic woman to roprosont tbo State
of Illinois, Applause.! We womon bo
llovo that wo havo rljlits that you as mon
will not only bo willing but must glvo us.
Wo oxpoct you to glvo us this nomination,
wo expect tho nomination ot ono single
woman, and wo ovpuct the Democrats of
Illinois to elect that woman at a Truttee.
Applause. J I will uot detain you hut u
moment I do not know that I need suy
unythlng more. All wo ask Is that you
give us a representative on tbe ticket as a
. " il BbC! Li'1' ' '" " A
-"afafafafafafafafj -Vf
.sbbbbVF LPa.
.aB ' B i u n .aaaaBW
BBfl t- ' BSBSBSW' '
n tr ' . tr '
House and one of Chicago's Popular
candidate for one of the trusteeships ot
the Stato University, the same aa tho Re
'l.ubllcan party has glvn to the women
who tollevo In the principles of tbat party.
We itsk nothing ruoro und expect nothing
Frank Collier, when Dr. Smith had
retired, and, evidently by precon
certed arrangement, stepped to the
front of the platfor.ni und said:
It gives me great pleasure, with hay
needs In my hair and ilowors In my bunds,
tho samu as It was two yours ago at your
convention, to listen to tho oloquoucu of
our Democratic sister, Dr. Jullu Holmes
Smith, f Applause. 1 I thoreforo movo you.
Mr. Chalrmuu. that this convention cor
dially, emphatically, und unanimously In
d ru tho roquest ot tho Chicago Woman's
Club, and that the delojatos to tho Spring
Hold convention bo Instructed and thoy
ure hereby Instructed to Indorsn some
woman dotlgnatcd ty tbo Clilciuo Worn
ail's Club for tho position of Trusteo of
the Statu University of Illinois.
Mr. Collier's motion was cordially
received, and on tho luling of Chair
man Crafts pronounced carried unan
imously. Frank Stuyvesnnt Poabody, tho
nominee for sheriff, is a coal dealer.
Ho Is :12 years old, of old New Eng
land stock, und is married to tho
daughter of tho late John H.McAvoy,
tho brewer. He is a son of F. B.
Peabody, who Is president of tho Citi
zens' Association. Ho never held any
public office.
Theodoro Oehne, candidate for
treasurer, was born in Frankfort-on-tho-Main
about forty-six yoars ago.
He has lived in Chicago over twenty
years and has all tho time been con
nected with tho Solpp Brewing Coin
pany. He is now president of that
organization. Ho sorved for u brief
tlmo as a member of , tho Election
Roger C. Sullivan, selected for
County Cleric, Is now Clerk of tho
Probato Court. Ho wa9 born In
itoone County, In this State, of Irish
paronts, and taught in tho public
schools thero for a tlmo. He was a
Deputy Collector of Internal Rovcniic
under tho last Ctovoland administra
tion. Ho Is about :t5, Is married, and
lives In tho Thirteenth Ward.
John C. Schubert Is tbo prccnt
Clork or tho Criminal Court. Ho Is
a native of Chicago. He was at ono
time head of tho Catholic Order of
Forcstors. Schubert is about il.l, und
Is married.
Frank Scales was born iu Scales
Mound, 111., about forty-six years
ago. Ills family aro of tho Scotch
Irish who settled In Western Penn
sylvania, Eastern Tennessee, and
North Carolina. Ho was educated in
St. Mary's of the Lake, Notre Damo
University at South Bend, and at
Georgetown College. He was elected
County Judge four yoars ago, and has
managed tho Election Board to tho
great satisfaction of tho people. Ho
Is married, and lives In tho Twelfth
and Wealthy Citizens.
Dr. Albert Ackorman Is a Thirtieth
Ward druggist
Anton Martin runs a grocory store
In the Fifth Ward, and Is a friend of
Daniel Corkcry. It was through the
latter's Intlucnco that Martin was
Alexander C. McNeil Is a native of
Kentucky and a brother of Rivers
McNeil. Ho Is engaged In the real
estate business.
Ucorgo Edmanson, nominated for
President of tho County Board, Is at
present tho only Democratic member
of tho board. He has served as a
county commissioner for sovcral
years, and year before last was Presi
dent. Frank Agncw Is a well-known con
tractor, and resides on tho North
Side. Ho is the business partner of
Aid. McGUlen. Ho was born In Scot
land ot Irish parents, and came to
this country when a young man. Ho
has been Identified prominently with
Irish-American societies and been
prominent In the home rule move
ment. Ho sorved a term us Sheriff,
and used to be connected with the
old volunteer tiro department.
James A. O'Connoll served ono
term on tho County Board. Ho was
at ono time President of tho Carpen
ters' Union.
.lames J. Gray, Probate Clork, was
born in tho North Town, of Scotch
Irish parentage. He sorved an ap
prenticeship to tho printing business,
and worked nt that trade for a time.
Ho is now mlnuto clerk In Judgo
Tuloy's court. Ho is about 32 and
Judge Vincent Introduced tho fol
lowing resolution in favor of non
partisan Judges, which was adopted
by tho unanimous voto of tho con
vent'on: Wmkiikak. Tho terms of tho I'robato und
County JiiiUosof Cook County uplroilur
liri tho presont year: und.
WiiKittiAS, Tho lion. Christian V. Kohl
taut bus lllled tho ofllco of Judgo of tlio
I'robato Court und tho lion. Trunk Hculos
has tilled tho office of Judgo of tho County
Court for tho lust four years ouch of them
ably und ofl'clontly and to tho eminent
sutUfuction of tho public) and,
Wiir.iiKAH, 1 ho untlro Judiciary of Cool;
County, Includluv tbo ubovo two onrtN Is
oxuftly ovonly divided botneon the two
prlnclpul pillilcnl nurllosi ami
nilMiKAH, .the people luivo thus ic
pe.itedly expressed thembolvos In favor of
u lion-partisan judiciary t thoreforo be It
Itetolved, 'licit tho nomocracy of Cook,
In convention ussomblod, uuuulmously re
nominate tho Hon. Trunk f-'cales for Judgo
of tbo County Court, and leave tbo nomi
nation for Judgo of tha Trohuto Court tu
bo lllled In like manner by tho ltepulillciiu
convention, piovldcd, however, that In
the ovont of tho failure, neglect, or re
fusal of the Itopubllcun party to nominate
tho Ho i. Triiak Scales for County Judgo
tbo Executive Commlttoo ot the County
Centrul Commlttco bo and horoby Is
uutborltod to nomliiuto u candidate for
I'robato Judge.
Democrats Proclaim Their Adher
ence to the Just Principles
of Tariff Reform.
Repudiating Monopoly and Abhorring
Trusts, They Declare Boldly for
an Income Tax.
In Convention Assembled, They Assert with
No Uncertain Sound for Imme
diate Track Elevation.
For Hit Effort! in Thii Direction, Mayor Hop
kins It Warmly and Enthusiastic
ally Commended.
The Party Declares for- Bimetalism and Per
sonal Liberty, and Declares Strongly '
Col. Henry F. Donovan, Chairman
ofCommittcoon Resolutions, was pre
sented to the convention und read
the platform, which was as follows:
Tliu Democratic party of Cook county. In
cnnviititlou assembled, reaffirms Its alio
gluuco to tho principles of Democracy of
tho nation as enunciated In tho platform
of tho party In l'M. We charge that the
prosont deplornblo Indostrlul and commer
cial conditions aro tbo dlroct rosult of
continued ttmo-sorvlng and vicious logl
lutlon durliu Itopubllcun supremacy.
Thus hollovlnsr. wo donoiiuce the tariff
legislation ot tbo Itopubllcun party, which
for u lonssorlosof yean has croatod and
fostered monopoly by placing high "lm
prt luxes on all articles produced by
fuvorod Individuals and corporations,'1
thus Increasing tho expenses ot consumor,
destroying foroUn trade, and leaving tho
American markets In tho hands ot pools
und trusts. Wo docluro that tho present
huslnoss depression Is tho direct rosult ot
tbo unjust legislation that has persistently
taxod tbo many for tho benolltof tlio tow,
und wo denounce those so-called Damn-
crats In Congress and In tho gen a to who
for many month havo loft the MuKlnloy
law unchanged, und ho charge thorn with
continuing tho depression and disorder
that Itopubllcun logtslutlou has caused,
Wo ball with pleasure tho action of tho
Democratic House of ltepretentutlvot In
favor ot an Income ux as a stop In tho di
rection of Justice and roform and as a
blow at that Infamous system which bur
dens tbo poor with tbe necessities of gov
ernmont whllo monopolies, trusts und com
bines escapo their Just responsibilities.
Wo uro In favor of the uso of both gold
and sliver us money. Wo declare this has
boon for yours a cardinal doctrluo of tho
Democratic party, and wo donounce tho
Itopubllcun party fur its constant efforts
to demoiietlto silver and thus Incrouso nil
public and prlvulo dolus for tbo lionellt of
the foreign and domestic bondholders and
brokers who nook by this legislation to add
to their wo iltli.
Wo douounco tlio present syttem of
township organization within tlio city of
Chl'.'ugr, us nn nutrago nn our cltUons und
a monaca to gool government. Wo de
mand tho nlnllllou ot township linos In
sldo tlio llmltf of tho groat municipality
which N the metropolis of the West, mid
favor a fair adjustment of local Uxutlou,
hollovlni this reform can lie lieit brought
about by the consolidation of the various
utxcssors' ofllcos Into one. Thus believing,
wo turn to the I.oglslutmo for relief, and
tlnd that tho ubu.os under which our pun
pie labor In the way of unjust taxation
can oily bo remedied by Cook County and
tho great city of Chicago being glvcn'thelr
Just roproicnlutloii at bprlngllold. This
representation, us llxed by the lust Legis
lature. Is fifteen Hon a tor and fur y-llo
ltopresentutlves. Wu cli ,rgu tho ltepuhll-
ran part with attempting to continue tho
presont vile, unjust, und ruinous system of
many Assessors for the bonollt of too few,
wlijlo no domain! ono Assessor for tlio hen
ollt of tho in any, and wo denounce tbo at
tempt of tho Itopubllcun party In this con
nection to rob Cook County of live Colla
tors uni llfleou Itopresontutlvos by sotting
aside tlio apportionment law which was
passed In the Intorest of the long suffering'
taxpuyers ot Chicago.
Wo Indorso tho action of tho StutJ and
city administrations In rccotnUliK the Ill
ness of women for certain public positions,
i.ud In hrrmony with this policy wo request
tho Stuto convention to nominate at loast
ono unman for tho position ot Trusteo of
tlio Slate Unlvorslty of Illinois, nnd In
struct our delegates to support this reso
lution. Wo Indorse tho action of our Democratic
city admliiUtrutlon In compolllng corpora
tlmstop.iy tho city for privileges con
ferred, und wo bollovo In granting alt
franchises tho city should participate In
tho benefits glvon until hiicIi tlmo us the
municipality nhall bo ubto to own It i own
gus plant, streot railway lluoi, und llko
public works.
Wu applaud and approve of tlio firm and
mi) (aiding stand taken by Mayor Hopkins
In the direction ot abolition of grade cross
lugs, und voicing the sentiments of a ma
jority of the puoplo bid him godspeed In
continuing tbe effort.
Wo tuko plonsuro In pointing to the past
rocord ot the Democratic parly as the
champion of perioaal llbert and Its uu
llliichliu und unchungeub o opposition to
knownothtnglsm of all kinds, and we do
nounce all proscription of any porsjn on
account of his religious vlows or former
nationality ns un-Amorlcun, Indecent and
lutolorablot nnd desiring an economical
and ablo administration of county affairs,
wo present n tickot uublomlsliod by fac
tional support und unhampered by bad
olllclal or Individual records of candidates.
The following dolcgatos to tho
Democratic Stuto convention, to bo
hold at Springfield Juno 27, wero
Henrr Carroll.
Jtsrry r ensonstadt,
( leorae Corcoran.
Charles J.elendecker,
Hunb K. Movie. Dennis Powers.
J. rrloumau,
I.awicncs I'. Doyls, Cbarlos J. Hull,
Mortlu Cmerloh, Michael McKaddeu,
John McCarthy, Harry Evans.
John M. l'slmer,
A. A. (loodrlch.
W. J. Cowan.
II. McNeill,
W. I'.. Crossctto,
J. W. lllchards,
Patrick White.
J. K. Prlndlvtllc,
l. J. o'.Mallov.
(ieorgo Hniith,
J. P. Itllei.
T. W. Walker.
W. i:. O'Neill,
William J. Ilulger,
W. 0. McClure.
II. Dolicuov,
lames Hlinrt,
M. Ilranstleld,
P. I'laherty.
M. Mcllouald,
M Conion.
I'red II. ulluger.
r.mll Tlilele,
Auton Martiu,
M. I'laherty,
Thomas tlrophv,
John Krnst,
K. U. Mlllor.
Joliu O'Day.
William J, O'llrlcu,
William Corkory,
.lames Howe,
William Auerlmch,
James Ctinerty.
P. J, Urogan,
Henry Stuck&it,
Hteiihi'Il Hums,
Jack Mananey.
Joseph I.enuau,
rinr uroilin,
J. P. MeCann.
Androw Powers,
11. McUulre.
diaries Martin,
rairicit jiorri.
William J. O'Neill, Jacoli J, Kern.
Albert Well. William llranton,
William, i, iiuniun, niiiry ncumcacr,
1'rank Pekar William J. Ilnaeli
Henry Carmodr, Charles Muluraudou.
Joliu O'llrlen,
William Tuhln.
Joseph bludclsr,
Trunk Hleplcka,
William llurimion.
Trunk 1 .elimau,
Dudley Holon.
William I.neltler,
lleoruo Lake,
Joseph Kutlua.
George P. Ilunkor,
0. J. Ilyrne,
M, J. hcanlan,
i:. Itolirlg,
1'. Ktaulo,
Oeorge Kozlowskl,
IMward Uptou.
Trtd ltolnli.
D. J. MoMahon,
James Malum,
Thorns Cusack,
I'.dward Hayes,
W. Currau,
Lawrence M. Knuls
Col, Win. Ilurlev,
John J, Coburn,
O. V. llobftrt.
Michael Kearlns,
Unsrls Voplcks,
Petor 1)1 ewer,
Charles llornian.
J. Mahon,
(Icorue dubbins,
Hugh Currau,
.iMues A. U'Connell,
Tuoniis Kavanaugu,
J. W. Cramer,
Henry MoUurren,
joiiu r. narmau,
Jobu A. King,
Trank Ktlcrane,
i.'Jt&'T ,
f.Sii&'Ali- ii'.)i( ( ,j''t , j- eftZL.
' rfa&f
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