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Squally Times Ahead for Cook County
Republicans in Their Coming
Convention Assembled.
A II the Bag Punchers in the Party Are
Practicing for Cracks at
Each Other.
A Fine Old Row Is Imminent Over the
Selection of a Temporary
Tho Republican County Convention
will bo tho warmest hold In yours.
Tho conservative leaders of ull tho
sections or tho party are trying to re
strain tho hot-heads. Hut they will
have difficulty, and It is feared tho
contest! in many of the wards will be
more tliau animated. It is feared,
moreover, tho fight will bo carried
into tho convention and that there
will bo a b ttor strugglo in tho Com
mittee on Credentials. There arc
storm signals out. At both tbo Ray
mond and Kochorspcrger headquar
ters tho 'Temiiorary Chairmanship
was discussed, and it was feared
thoro would bo n light over
It. i The Temporary Chairman
appoints the Corum'lttoo on Cro
, dcutials. Several contesting del
egations are looked for, and much
depends on who shall control the
committees that passes on tho contest.
John M. Smyth, Graomo Stewart,
und Georgo 1). Swift woro suggested
In connection with tho Temporary
Chairmanship on tho Raymond side.
Aid. Mann, C. S. Dcnecn, and A. W.
l'ulvor woro talked of on the Koch
ersporgcr side. Somo suggested K.
G. Keith, L. C. Collins, or W. J.
Campbell us a Chairman who would
bo (ultc Impartial. Tlio fact that
tho discussion has begun this early
shows bow eagerly tho light is being
carried on.
Thcro will bo contests in ull tho
wards except the First, Fourth,
Tenth, Fourteenth, Sixteenth, Twenty-tt
tin, Twenty-sixth, Thirtieth,
and Thirty-tlrst Tho contests will
bo especially bitter in tho Second,
where John Horan and George Gibus
are flghtlng'over tho Committeeman
'ship; In tho Fifth, whero Hilly Kent
Is again on tho warpath; In tho
Eighth, whero Doxtcr Burke Is lead
ing a fight against tho Wcsterlleld
Welsh combination; and in tho
Twenty-ninth, where Tim Hoganhas
taken tho Held against Ruck McCar
thy. Tho contests in tho Third,
Ninth, Twelfth, Fifteenth, Twenty
fourth and Thirty-second Wurds will
also be most Interesting.
The Twentieth Ward Democratic
Club clouted John E. Fitzgerald
Prosldont; Ilonry Ebsrtshucuscr, Vice
President; 1'hll McKonnn, Seciotury,
and Kmll Rosenheim, Treasurer,
Tho Republicans in tho Sovcnth
Senatorial District havo nominated
John Humphrey for Senator and Rob
ert II. Mulr and William Thlcman
fo'r Representatives.
Tho mooting of, tho Eighth Ward
Democratic Club ended In a row Sat
urday night. Several hundred of
those prosont objected to tho rulings
of ex-Aid. LooMler, who prosldod,
and withdrew. Tho bolters went to
Stainor's Hall and 'a meeting thore
eleotcd Ed Laughlln, President; Mat
Simons, Vice President; W. J. Kou
delka, Sccrotary, and Con Grltlln,
The Ninth Ward Regular Demo
cratic Club was reorganized. A reso
lution was adopted instructing the
delegates to the Congressional con
ventlon to vote as a unit for a Con
gressional candidate and to support
John H. Lally as a candidate for the,
State Senate from the Flffeontu Dis
trict. Thcso officers were elected:
President, Edward Rorlg; Vice Presi
dent, Vaclav Zah; Secretary, Thomas
F. Scully; Assistant Secretary, Geo.
T. Kozlowskl; Treasurer, P. E. Can
Held; Scrgcant-nt-arms, Michael
Tho First Ward Democratic Club
has elected tho following officers:
President, J. J. Coughlln; Vlco Presi
dent, D. Powers; Secretary, J. C.
Storchlc; Treasurer, Georgo li. Cor
coran; Sorgcant-at-arnis, John Ryan.
The Thirty-second Wnrd Demo
cratic Club elected E. S. Douglas
President; D. E. Lotslor, Vlco Presi
dent; Owen O'Malloy, Secretary; and
Peter Foy, Troasuror. Mr. Foy was
indorsed for tbo Legislature.
Tho Sixtfcouth Ward organization
met at Walsh's Hall, Noble and
Emma streets, Indorsed E. T.
Noon'an for Congress and elected tho
following officers: President, Louis
M. Custy; Vlco President, John
Ceknla; Secretary, Frank Kwasl
groch; Treasurer, Henry Kcrsting;
Scrgcant-aturms, Gust Arndt.
Democrats of the Sixth Ward met
at Murtin's Half and cloctcd these
officers for tho ensuing year: Presi
dent, Henry Stuckart; Vlco Proil
dent, Michael McCarthy; Secretary,
Martin Kearney; Trcasuror, Henry
Tho Twenty-second Ward Demo
cratic Club elected thcso officers:
President, Nicholas Wallc'nborn; Vlco
President, John Sullivan; Recording
Secretary, M. 11. Rogerson; Corre
sponding Secretary, Chris Hawthorne;
Sorgcant-at-arms, John If. Schneider;
Committee on Organization, R. E.
Hurko, Julius Solomon, Thomas J.
Seward, R. J. Roopcnock, Tbomas G.
Tho Twenty-fifth Wnrd Democrat
ic Club elected tho following officers:
Prcsldont, A. W. Bonner; A'lco Pres.
ident, Carl Haertlg; Secretary Ar
thur Jordan; Treasurer, James Jor
dan. A
Tho Soventcenth Ward Democratic
Club olected thcso officers; President,
.loromiah Doyle; Vlco President, A,
J. Cashorl; Secretary, Thomas Hunt;
Financial Secretary, D. J. McCarthy;
Treasurer, John Potorson; Sergeant-
ut-urms, Georgo Sloat.
A Democratic club was organized
In tho Thirty-third Ward and tho fol
lowing officers olected: Prcsldont,
Frank Lederor; Vlco President, John
Morrill; Secretary, Austin Zero;
Troasuror, Patrick O'Sullivan.
Tho Third Ward Dombcratlo Club
indorsed tho county ticket. In the
election of officers Neil J. Shannon
was made President, II. E. Doggett
Vice President, Martin J. Coleman
Secretary, William J. Cowan Treas
urer, and John Tlornoy Scrgeant-at-
arms. v
Tho Twelfth Ward Dpmocratlc
Club met at De Soto Hall, Francisco
and Van Buren streets, and elected.
Stephen D, Griffin, President; D. H.
Plgott, Secretary; Robert Henderson,
f '
Tho Bullder-up and
Treasurer; and Captain Hanlon, Scr-geant-at-arms.
Mr. William Mill is a very popular
candldato for County Commissioner
on tho Republican ticket.
County Commissioner Chnrlcs M.
Ncttcrstrom will be unanimously re
nominated. Ho has proven himself
ono of tho most ablo and useful mem
bers of tho Board.
Robert Brown, a life-long und tig-
grcsslvo Democratic, born and raised
in the Sovcnth Ward, will probably
be nomlnatod for the Legislature In
tho Thirteenth Senatorial District.
Mr. Brown was President of the
Lumberman's organization at tho
timo of tho striko in 18SU. Ho has
been indorsed by tho Hebrew, Bo
hemian, and German Democrats of
tho district.
Tho Republicans of Evnnston have
strongly indorsed Hon. Charles G.
Ncely for the Republican nomination
for County Judge. A largely attend
ed mooting was held, last evening nt
the Avenue House and ho was cordi
ally indorsed and tho leading Repub
licans of Evanston pledged thorn
solves to work and vote for a delega
tion for him in tho Republican
county convention.
Miss May Blumo took tho loading
part in a French play, entitled MLes
Enfants'.bclng tho commencing ex
orclso at Miss Brooks' West Side
French Academy, at tho Y. M. C. A.
rooms (old La Salle Club houso). Tho
young lady Just turned her slxtocnth
birthday, and acquitted herself with
great credit, and was warmly ap
plauded by tho largj and cultivated
uudlenqo. Miss Blumo betrays pos
session of decided dramatic talon t.
A largoly attended meeting of tho
Republican Club of tho Firth Ward
was hold this wcok at tho Swedish
Music Hull, !iist street and 5th ave
nue J-'rank Kock provided. Tho
chief purposo of tho gathering was to
indorso tho candidature of Ernest J.
Magerstadt, representative of tho
Fifth Ward in tho Cook County Cen
tral Republican committee, for Pro
bate Clerk. Aid. Madden, Aid. Mann
and D. II. Kochorspcrger took prom
inent parts in tho proceedings. Aid.
Madden mado a speech In support or
tho claims of Mr. Magerstadt to rcc
ognltlon for his sorvlccs to tho Re
publican party during tho last; four
years. Mr. Kochorspcrger also
spoke eulqgistlcally of Mr. Ma
gorstadt Aid. Mann said thoro
was no Republican worker in
Cook County hotter known or ruoro
highly thought of by tho lead
ers of the Republican party. Aid.
Mann also gave much attention
to tho claims of Mr. kochorspcrger to
tho nomination for tho County
Treasurersblp. Mr. Magerstadt
thanked tho club and declared it do
served welliof the Republican party
for the enormous reduction It had
effected in the Democratic majority
from 3,200 n the Presidential elec
19 -bbb.
Chief Oflicer of tho Greatest,' Fire Department on Earth.
tion to TOO in tho spring campaign.
Ho urged tho need of -sending twelve
dclcgntcs to tho county convention
who would do straightforward work
for tho best Interests of the party
and of the Fifth Ward. Tho follow
ing resolution was adoptoJ by a ris
ing vote:
Wiikiikas, It will bo nccemury for tho
uccc4 of tlio Uopubllcun p.irty nt the
coming (nil election Hint urout ciro bo ex
crcliod In thoioloctlon of sultuulo cund!
diitoi for the vurlom county oIHchsj und
MlKliEAa. In Krnujt J. Magenliidt no
reccitnUt) it tellon-cltlzen anil neighbor of
ninny yearn' r'eitldence In tlio wnrd; ;i mini
who Iiur ulnay hal ut heart thu !ot In
terest of tho ltotmlillciiii party) of irnod
butlnciH ability and Mrlctotl Integrity.
mid enpubto of llllln' ucceptiibly any nillco
within tho ulrt of tlio cltlxoiH ci tliu coun
ty i tliorcforu to It
Ito.olvod, Tliut we, citizens nnd vntet
of tlio I'lflli Wiird In nuns iiioiitlnit iisiem
blod. Iiourtlly Imlorn) Krnutt J. Mugur
Httidt for Clerk of thu I'robutu Conn, mi
otllci of Unit unci honor nhlcli liU ablu
tion omliiuiitly (U:itlfy him to till. And uo
livroby plod;(o him our oariimt nupport,
und roquost tho dulcriitos from tho 11 ft It
Wnrd In tho county convention in mo
o.'ory bonorublo ineiini to nocuro liU noni!
nutlon Tho Chicago Tlmos Tuesday stated
that "S. W. Rldcrburg had with
drawn from tho raco in favor of
Henry Esdohr for County Clerk."
The statement Is wholly unwarrant
ed, and Republicans claim they do
not Intend to nominate "barnacles"
or "hack" candidates this fall; con
sequently it Is not likely thoy will
nomlnato Esdohr, who was defeated
tho Inst .time ho citno boforo the peo
ple as the nominee for Coroner. Mr.
Ridorburg Is' In the raco in dead ear
nest, und Is by far tho strongest can
didate mentioned by his party for
tho office. He certainly looks llko a
winner. Tho Swedish nationality are
bound to bo recognized, und havo
united on Ridorburg. At n recent
meeting tho Swedish-American Press
Club, of Chicago, adopted tho fol
lowing: WimiKAH, KW. ltlilerlur, Uu ciindlditto
for County Clerk; unit.
vViikiieas, During tho but elht years ho
bun lllivd the olllco of chief iluptny clerk
with urout ability und In tho eutlru milh
fuctlon of the countyi und, ,
Wiikiikah, Wo belle u In civil service re
form In tho election of men u hob.ro known
to bo able to Ull u pluco, und In runur.llnit
good und faithful .eivnnti by proiuotliu
them to ik higher Held of uofulnoi unci,
Wiieukak, H. W. Itlilcrburi I nu Ameri
can citizen of SucdUh ilencent, and ux
Ojunly Clerk would do credit to tho coun
ty mid to our nutloualltyt und,
Y1IIKIIKA8, Tho SkimIIiIi-American liavo
over buon fuithful und loyul to tho Hepub
flenn mrty, and In the si oat lundalldo of
ISO;' woro tho bunr.or llopubllcuu nation
ality of Uih whole country) und,
Viikiikas, Our fidelity to tlio purty U
uuiUtlopablo und nbovo reproach) und.
Wiikhisai), Onco upon u time, a genera
tion of thirty years ugo, Cook County hon
ored u HwodUh-Aiuorlcun with tho olllco of
Sheriff) und.
Wiikiikas, Wo feel confident that tho
coming Hepubllcan convention, after duly
contlderlng tho subject, will deem It their
duty to honor a BneJl,h-American with a
county office) and,'
Wukhkas, It I known to u that B W.
Hlderborg I woll known in political cir
clet of Cook Count und to tbo bwodlth
American voters In Cook County) there
fore, KesolveJ,. Tliut tbo HwcdUh-Aniorlcan
Prets Club, In acknowledging Mr. Rider
I urg' 111 ults and in appreciating the yo-
lltlcal ultu'itlon Konorally, hereby cordi
ally Indorse hi. candidacy.
I.KnXAtin GriAKKnAAL I'rctldent.
Nils 51 an now, Sccrotary.
Henry Esdohr, who watntonotituc
slated for County Clerk by the Re
publican managers, has been dropped
and tho race is now between S. W.
Ridorburg and Philip Knopf. Rldcr
burg has the advantage in that he
has tho .Swedish-Americans behind
him. Ho would make a strong can
didate, ana, if olected, ono of tho
best Count)' Clerks Cook over had.
James Pease in cutting away from
all factions bus Improved his chances
to bo nominated for Slier I II on the
Republican ticket. Should Strass
helm fall and Koclicrspergor succeed
ho would stop through the convention
without friction. Mr. Peaso would
make an excellent Shorllr".
A meeting was held in tho Sixth
primary precinct of tho Twelfth
Ward recently In tho lntcrcstof John
It. Parker und Chris Strasshclm.
"William HolUcnwcck mado a speech
for -Strasshcim, and 'J. L. La Duy,
President of tho French Republican
Lcaguo of Illinois, spoko lor John R.
Parker, und said that Mr. Parker
had been indorsed by tho French
speaking clubs of Chicago und Cook
county. Mr. Parker was given a cor
dial reception, und was indorsed for
tho county Judgeship.
At tho meeting of tho Young Men's
Independent Republican Club of the
Eleventh Wurd S. Vf. Rldcrburg,
Deputy Clork for County Clerk WulIT,
was indorsed for tho nomination for
County Clerk.
Tho Democrats of tho now Fifth
District ure nil torn up. Congress
man Durborow, tho new-comer, seems
to havo lost both tho loaders and tlio
strength of his party in tho district.
.Senator Noonau Is making great
strides, and James J, Townsend hits
at last discovered that ho and his
crowd can't "shoo" 'oonan out of
tho race. Tho Noon an people claim
that, with u fair show at tho prim
aries, thoy can carry tho Elovonth
Ward. All that they ask Is a Judge
at each polling place, und thoy are
willing to lcavo tho result with tho
people. Tho Durborow crowd havo
wanted all tho while, to hold but ono
primary In tho Elovonth Ward for
tho wholo ward, and oven thon to
"llx" all tho Judges for their man. In
this way alone, the Noonnn mon
claim, can Durborow win In that wurd.
Tho Thirteenth Ward has a candi
date for County Judge Mr. Crulk
shank is a lawyer who is known well
and favorably to tho profession. Ho
has resided la tho Thirteenth Ward
for many years and bus been active
in publio airalrs there. Ho is
idon tided with Republican interests
in tho West End, and is roputablc,
energetic, and a thorough-going Re
publican. His friends claim he will
be cor J lolly supported by tho twenty
ono votes In that delegation at the
county convention.
The Republicans Will Probably Name
the Well-Known Lawyer for
the County Bench.
Mr. S. W. Riderburg Continues to Be a
Strong and Popular Candidate
for County Clerk.
Mr. Erneit J. Magerstadt Stands an Excel
lent Chance of Getting the Probate
Clerkship Plum.
There has been much earnest talk
during the last few days in favor of
John J. Knickerbocker, for County
Judge. It looks at this time as if
Mr. Knickerbocker is tho coming
man. The esteemed Tribune has
this to say about him: John J.
Knickerbocker Is the ideal candidate.
Ho is In no sense u politician, und
that is the kind of a man tho Repub
licans need to nomlnato for County
Judge. It Is conceded on every hand
that the County Judgeship is tho
most important local oitlco to bo
tilled this fall. Tho Republican
County Committee has conceded this
and has placed tho nomination tlrst
In order for the convention next
Saturday. Tho object of this moo
was to take tho Judgeship out of the
factional scramble of the slate-making
politicians, to remove it from tho
dickering and trading of tho other
ottlec seekers desirous of combines.
It was hoped by this action tho
strongest available candldato for
County Judge could bo nominated.
Tho Itcpubllcans must nominate
thgir strongest man.
Who Is that candidate? Tho Trlb
uno has given the matter serious con
sideration. It his not rushed hastily
to conclusions in the matter. It has
waited for an expression of Republi
can opinion In tho mattor, and It has
come to tho snmo conclusion as It
Republican evening contemporary,
tho Journal, that John J. Knicker
bocker is tho strongest man that can
bo named. Ho is an ablo lawyer. Ho
stands well at the bar. Ho belongs
to an old and honored family of Conk
County. Ho has tho Judicial tem
perament which distinguished his
brother, one of tho best Judges Cook
County has had.
The othor candidates for the posi
tion aro hustling for tho place. Thoy
are excellent mon. Hut the public Is
apt to regard thorn as politicians
rather than as lawyers. Mr. Knick
erbocker is not cngorly seeking tho
olllco. Ho will accept tho nomina
tion If it is tendered to him, and
the Trlbuno Is of tho opinion Hint, us
in the cuso of Judge (ary last fall,
his nomination will add thousands of
votes to tho probability of Republi
can success. Tho other candidates
1 havo been boforo tho peoplo boforc.
Thoy havj been beaten. Tho Repub
licans havo not been forgetful of
thotr merits or of their services
Thoy will not bo forgetful of thorn in
tlio future. Hut tho Trlbuno bo
llcvcs now that they should stop
alde and in tho interest of Republi
can unity and success givo way to
John J. Knickerbocker, and it also
believes with tho Journal that "With
John J. Knickerbocker's willingness
to bo a candldato definitely sottlcd,
every Republican voter should see to
it that tho delegates from his district
go to tbo convention pledged for
Knickerbocker for County Judge, no
matter who their cholco for othor of
fices may be."
Tho Journal says: "It behooves
tho coming Republican convention
to pay particular attention to the
County Judge nomination. A high
class lawyer, with the ability to di
vorce partisan politics from the por
plexlng questions brought before him
for adjustment, is the man necdoiJ.
It is a hopeful sign that as consplcu-
ous u member of tho bar us John J.
Knickerbocker has expressed his will
ingness, If the nomination were ten
dered him, to accept it and mnke the
race. Mr. Knickerbocker, however,
has not, nor will lie, make any scram
ble or active canvass for the nomina
tion, holding firmly to tho idea that
tlio otllco of Judgo should seek the
man, not tho man tho olllco. Ho
statoj his position us follows:
"I havo never had any great desiro
for a Judicial olllco or for any other
public onicc, for that matter. I havo
always believed that there was nu
olllco so great that tho Incumbent oc
cupied any higher position than that
of tho honest, Independent nnd fo.ir-lc-s
"For two or tluco weeks a numbor
of good citizens havo suggested to
mo their desiro to uso my name in
connection with the county Judge
ship. I lopllcd to them: 'Under no
circumstances would I voluntarily
becomo u candidate.' I fully appre
ciated the fact that the otllco of
county Judgo, while it was a court of
limited lurisdlctlou, was also regard
ed by many as a-very small placo,
but considering tho vast power bo
stowed upon It undor tho general
election law, and tho fact that it
was tho court of bankruptcy for ono
of tho greatest counties In point of
wealth and numbers In the Union, I
felt that tlio present alTordcd an op
portunity to mako it in fact as It
should have been made long ago, be
yond tho petty environments of a
p-ucdo politico-Judicial olllco.
"Thcro can bo no question that it
tho right man Is called to tho dis
charge of tlio various and Important
duties of County Judge a lawyor of
suillcicut Intcll'gencc, learning nnd
experience, of whoso honest and
fearless Judgment thoro could bo no
possible question, and who is well
0'iulppcd physically and mentally for
hard and arduous work, of which
there Is an abundance to be done
tho County Court could nnd would bo
carried to a much higher piano than
it has heretofore oc 'tiplod.
"As you already know, I havo al
ways doprccatcd tlio practlco of mem
bers of my profession voluntarily
seeking Judicial olllco. Tho doctrlno
I have advanced with rejtanl to
others I am willing to Mibscrlbe to
In my own case. The members of our
profession should bo ubovo place
hunting. Therefore I am not u
candldato In tho usual acceptation of
tho term. If thcro is an olllco under
our form of government that should
seek tho man, in my opinion it is
tho Judicial otllce. Notwithstanding
many importunities from numerous
influential friends, I have declined
to mako any ofTort thut would tend
to securo my nomination for County
Judgo. I huvo stood llrmly nnd de
cisively upon tho position that if the
County Judgeship c.tmo to mo un
sought I would uccopt it, and, having
accepted it, would give to tho people
of this great county tho best service
of which I was capable This is the
most I huvo said to any one, and I
caniay n more to you. I am ono of
tho people, und am quite as content
to remain among them as 1 would be
to bo elevated to public otllco with
all Its honors."
Republican leaders agreo in tho
jtyi'fttftt&S&fc'""- '&&
jv j(j 1 '" j&mw,' .j(...Hp.'1v ivt.

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