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He Will Be the
Cook County Beyond Any
The Campaign Is Flagging Slightly Dur
ing the Dog Days, But Will
Soon Be Lively.
Lilt of Candidates for the Various Positions to
Be Filled at the Fall
Thoofloro Ochne, the Democratic
notulncs for County Treasurer, Is one
of the best-known and most popular
German-Amorlc ins In this city. He
Is a brilliant example of tho self
made man. Dy his own efforts he
has risen from a humble clerical po
sition to one of Inlluonco and wealth.
Ills' life has been dovoted almost
entirely to buslnoss, although ho has
been honored with positions of pub
lic trust. Mr. Ochno wmborn about
forty years ago in Frankfort-on-tho-Main,
then ono of the four frco
cltlcH remaining In Germany, boforo
he had gained his majority he sought
his fortuno In America, and
twenty-three years ago camo to
Chicago. Ills education, begun In
the old country, was completed hero
and ho was enabled to start In Ufa
mentally well equipped for the battle.
Mr. Ochne has been active In tho
financial branch of mercautllo pur
suits. Most of the tliuo ho has been
with tho Conrad Selpp Brewing Com
pany, first us a clerk, but now at vice
president. During his term of oltlco
as County Treasurer William C.
Selpp was assisted In the manage
ment of tho offlco by Mr. Ochne, in
whom ho displayed the greatest con
fidence. Subsequently tho young man
was appointed election commissioner
by Judge Prendergast. Aftor tho ex
piration of his term ho was reap
pointed, but resigned boforo his sec
ond term expired on account of the
demands made upon his time by his
private affairs. For a number of
years Mr. Oohno hus been President
of tho South Side Tumor Society.
While on various occasions ho has
taken part In conventions and has al
ways shown an active Interest In pol
itics, he is not a politician and has
never sought a political position. '
The Republican senatorial conven
tion of tho new Fifth District will
bo held July 12 at the Oakland Club.
This was decided upon by the sev
eral Senatorial committeemen at a
mooting held In tho Grand Pad do
Hotel. Tho primaries will bo held
July 11, under tho Crawford primary
election law, and will contlnuo from
1 to 7 p. m. Tho now Fifth District
comprises tho Third, Fourth, and
Thirty-second "Wurds, and that part
of tho Second Ward lying south of
tho center lino of Twenty-second
street and west of tho center lino of
Stato Btredt. As this Is an odd-numbered
district, thoro will bo a Stato
Senator elected this year. The Re
publicans havo a very largo majority
In tlio district. Ex-Stato Senator
Charles Crawford, of tho Thirty-second
Ward, is a candldato for tho
nomination for tho Senate, and is
said to have littlo or no opposition.
The Democrats of tho Twenty
third Senatorial District will hold a
legislative csnvontlon July 10, to
nominate ono candldato for Senator
and two candidates for tho Houso of
Representatives. It Is not likely
that any contest will arise in that
party over tho mon who uro to run
for tho offices named. It Is already
settled that Senator O'Malley, the
presont Incumbent, will got tho
Senatorial nomination. William
Lyman and Thomas II. Cannon will
take the other two placos. Mr. Can
Next Treasurer of
non Is tho well-known "Tom" Cannon
In tho newspaper world. Ho Is tho
"veteran" political editor of tho
Times, and has frequently been
pressed to run for oillcc before, but
this Is his first appearance In tho
It Is stated that Aid. Josoph Bid
will may be tho Republican candl
dato for tho State Senato In tho new
Fifteenth District. That tho popu
lar alderman of tho Ninth would bo
a strong candidate goes without con
tradiction. Ernest Zehnbcrt has been Indorsed
by tho Fourteenth Ward Republican
Club for Stato Senator for tho new
Eleventh Senatorial District
Mr. Daniel Gould Gerst, tho bright
young uttornoy residing In tho Nine
teenth Wnrd, Is said to be slated for
tho Republican nomination for tho
Houso in tho Nineteenth Senatorial
District. .
Tho Republicans will nomlnato E.
R. Bratncrd, of the First Ward, for
representative. Mr. Bralncrd is tho
wealthy contractor who had tho dis
tinction of nominating all .tho candi
dates boforo tho recent county con
vention. Tho First Ward was called
first und Mr. Bralnord did not lot. an
opportunity escape. Ho Is wolghtler
timber than is usually found on leg
islative tickets. Mr. Bralncrd is
a strong friend of Senator Culloiu
and hopes to bo able to help him.
Hon. Miles Kehoo, tho woll-known
lawyer, is prominently mentioned by
Republicans as tho possible nominee
for Congress In "the Fourth District
Mr. N. M. Plotke, tho eminent
lawyor, may bo nominated for Con
gress by Republicans In tho Sixth
Tho wealthy contractor and popu
lar First Ward statesman, Mr E.
R. Bruinord, will bo nominated by
Republicans for the Houso in tho
First Senatorial District, which con
sists of tho First, Fifth, und tho por
tion of tho Second Ward north of
Twenty-second streot und west of
State. It is largely Democratic.
Only ono Ropublican candldato for
tho Houso can bo named with safety
In tho Fifteenth Senatorial District,
consisting of tho Nineteenth Ward,
tho southern end "of tho Eloventh,
und the northern end of tho Ninth
Wurd. Hon. John Meyer, tho Ablo
lawyer, will bo tho candldato, und he
will undoubtedly bo reelected. Ho
has. beon a very usoful membor of the
Preparations for tho Senatorial
conventions on tho Ropublican side
continue. Tho commlttoo of tho
Third District mot at tho Grand
Pacific and called their convention
for tho 14th in it. Tho district con
sists of tho Thirty-first, ' Thirty
third, and Thirty-fourth wards and
tho Town of Calumot. It Is strongly
Ropublican, and tbero is somo talk
of running threo candidates In tho
.district. Aid. Noble can be nomina
ted for Senator should ho accopt tho
nomination. Ho declines, however,
The Next Treasurer of Cook County, and Democracy's Standard Boaror in this Campaign.
and it Is probable that Gcorgo W.
Miller, a young lawyor who lives at
Burnslde, will be tho nominee. J, A.
Wntson, of tho Thirty-first Ward,
will doubtless bo named for Repre
sentative, and a Swedish Ropublican
from tho South Chicago district will
bo namod as second.
Hon. Clayton E. Crafts may, after
all, concludo to make tho ruco for
Congress in tho Second District. Ho
can havo the nomination for the ask
ing, und Domocrats generally feel
that he Is tho strongest mnn yet
mentioned for tho place. Should ho
decide to run, thcro would bo but
littlo doubt that ho would be elected.
Tho Ropublican Senatorial Conven
tion for the Fifth District has been
called for tho 12th Inst
Georgo D. Anthony U bolng strong
ly urged to make tho ra o for Sena
tor In tho Twenty-third District, and
hns ennsentod. Sam E. Erickson
will be nominated for the Houso in
this district, and some Polo from the
Sixteenth Ward (part of this district)
will be named as tho second candi
date. Tho Twelfth Wurd delegates to
tho Republican Fourth Congressional
Convention will bo solid and unani
mous for Hon. Thomas C. MacMll
Ian. Thoy claim he would represent
tho district brilliantly and conspic
uously, and in Congress prove to bo
tho right man in tho right place.
John M. Smyth has beon elected
chairman of tho Ropublican County
Commlttoo by a unanimous voto. Ho
hesitated long about accepting, but
was Anally provallcd upon to do so
by Mr. Kochorspsrgcr, Aid. Madden,
James l'caso, and others. James R.
1). Van Cleavo was re-oloctcd secre
tary ulso by a unanimous vote; Lloyd
J. Smith, vlco chairman, and F. W.
Wolk, troasuror. Thcro was n full
meeting of tho committee, und thoro
was a goodly attendance of tho local
leaders, Including candidates Koehcr
spergor, Carter, Pease, Daniel D.
Healy, Knopf, Cunning, Cooper, Mc
Nlchols, Magerstadt, Charles M. Pop
per, Charles E. Anthony, ex-Coroner
Hertz, J. 0. Baldrldgo.
Tho following woro selected mom
bors of tho Executive Committee by
a unanimous voto:
Edward T. Glenn, Fourth Wurd; J.
C. Bradon, Thirty-second Ward;
Robert S. lies, Thlrty-flrst Ward;
William Lorlmor, Teuth Ward; Dr.
William GliTert, Twolfth Ward;
Adum Wolf, Thirteenth Ward; Jus.
J.Vl rrtyftrfytyimv,'
ij? ' ' ' ' SilBBBBlfcA
,?$ BBBMaHK' viSliBBB,
flB IbbHbbF '
Roddick. Fifteenth Ward; J. W. C.
Rhode, Twenty-fourth Wnrd; Frank
J. Callum, country towns.
Committeeman Magerstadt sug
gested Millard R. Powers, of Evans
ton, as tho representative of the
country towns. John Humphrey,
David Ollphnnt, and others of tho
rural committeemen protested. They
claimed that tho country towns
should name their own candi
dates. This was agreed to
eventually. Mr. Powers' name
was withdrawn and Mr. Callum was
named without objection. Edward J.
Dwyer, who had been named as ono
of tho committee, withdrew In favor
of Mr. (Uffcrt, of tho Twelfth Ward.
On motion of Mr. Lorlmor tho Chair
man nnd Secrotury of tho City Cen
tral Committee, Aid. Madden und O.
J. Chott were ulso added to tho Ex
ecutive Committee, which has power
to Increase its numbers.
It Is understood that either Aid.
Madden or John M. Smyth will bo
Chairman of tho Executive Commit
tee and that tho leading candidates
will be glvon the privilege of naming
each a member of tho committco.
Among those likely to bo added are
Georgo B. Swift, George S. Wlllits.
Orucmo Stowait, W. G. Bcalc, B.
A. Eckhart, John Worthy and Aid.
On motion of Mr. Anthony it was
resolved us tho senso of tho commit
to 3 that tho Senatorial nnd Congres
sional convention- should be held as
soon as possible, and certainly before
the Stato convention mcetsat Spring
Held on tho !2otu. It was further re
solved that the primaries for tho
Somtorlal nnd Congressional conven
tions should bo held on ho snmo day
to avoid oxpenso. Tho Exccutlvo
Comuiltteo will bo called together in
a few days to tcgln tho work of or
ganization. Following uro short sketches of tho
new Hard of Education:
Max A. Drc.nial. A Polish lawyer
living li Lako View. Ho is 27 ycurs
old and recently graduated from tho
Union Collego of Law. Ho is un
married und was educated in tho
public stliools.
Fritz Gootz Is a popular North
Side Gcman, a former Republi
can, but a hearty supporter of
Mayor I',opklns und an urdent ad
vocate of German In tho public schools
to tho greatest extent possible. He
lives on tho North Side. Ho served
two year) on tho Hoard, having beon
appointed by Muyor Washburno. Ho
retired orly a year ago.
Frank .'. Jlrfta. A Bohemian phy
jrr,'Vh---v. -rv''; t.
i i&
sician, prominent in politics in the
Ninth Ward. Hn served on the board
ono term, appointed by Mayor Crc-
gler. Ho Is 10 years old.
Fred M. Blount A Chlcagoan,
cashier of tho Chlcauo National Hank,
and a Republican In politics. Ho
wus n member of the West Park
Board and resigned u few weeks ago.
He Is about 40 years old.
Joseph W. Errant. A lawyer, born
In North Carolina. Ho was educated
In tho Klnzlo School, was President
of tho Klnzlo Alumni Association,
and Identified with tho public schools
slnco coming to Chicago. Ho is tho
founder of tho Bureau of Justtco and
was Secretary of tho Sunset Club.
Ho is a mugwump in politics, Inclin
ing towards Democracy. Ho never
has held office before.
Wallace F. Kirk. A Chlcagoan by
birth, and u mombor of tho snap
manufacturing. Arm of James S. Kirk
& Co. Ho wus a Lincoln Purk com
mlssloner under Governor Altgeld,
ne lives in the Twenty-fourth
Ward and Is a Republican, with occa
sional Democratic aberrations. He Is
about 10 years old und unmarried.
John McLaren. For several years
President of tho Board of Education,
and filled that position acceptably.
Ho Is a Scotchman, finely educated,
and made a fight against German and
the fads.
Benjamin J. Rosenthal. A Hebrew
clothing merchant, doing business on
btate street. Ho Is 40 years old. Ho
organized tho Democratic Commer-
cialClub for Mr. Hopkins labt Decern-
nor, und his nppolntmcnt Is the re
wurd of his zeal on that occasion.
Folldwlng aro brief sketches of tho
now nppolutees unon tho Llbrarv
Azel F. Hatch served in tho Li
brary Board boforo. Ho is attorney
for tho Junior Democratic organ, and
brothor-ln-law of James W. Scott.
Thomas F. Kccloy, Prosldent of
tho Keoloy Browing Company, a na
tive of Chicago, 28 years old, and un
married. Ho lives In tho Third
Ward, nnd Is Vlco President of tho
Sheridan Club.
Emll G. Illrscb, tho prominent
Jewish rubbl. Ho Is a present mom
bor of tho Library Board.
Tho Ropublican Senatorial Com
mittco of tho Third District, consist
ing of tho Thlrty-llrst, Thirty-third
und Thirty-fourth Wurds and the
Town of Calumot, will meet Friday
at tho Grand Paclilo to arrnngo for
tho convention somo time ubout tho
- -V-ti rT"f
The Ablest Newspaper Nan in Chi
cago Has Been Galled Away
from Ds Forever.
A Beautiful Tribute to His Beloved Mem
ory from the Editorial Page
of the Tribune.
A Man of Spotless Character, Undoubted In
tegrity and the Greatest Nobility
of Soul.
The death of our beloved friend,
James Sullivan, Is referred to else
where In Tim Eaoi.k, but tho follow
ing editorial from Thursday's Trib
une Is here republished to show the
feeling entertained towards him by
tho great newspaper ho served so
long and faithfully:
"Mr. James Sullivan, one of tho old
and trusted editorial employes or tho
Tribune, died suddenly yesterday
afternoon nt the rooms of the News
paper Club, of which he was Presi
dent Ho had been ut tho otltco of
the paper but a few minutes before,
had handed in his morning's work,
and then went to the club for lunch.
He was talking with a- friend when
his head suddenly drooped on ono
side, ho ceased to speak, and In three
minutes ho wus no more. His death,
which was duo to heart failure, wus
quick nnd painless.
"Mr. Sullivan was first employed by
this paper fifteen or sixteen years
ago to wrlto on Irish nnd British
politics. Subsequently ho worked as
u general reporter and (lunllydevoted
himself exclusively to political nnd
municipal matters and to editorial
work. An Irishman by birth und n
homo ruler by principle, ho had a re
markably thorough acquaintance
with Iho political situation, not
merely in Ireland, but also In En
gland, Scotland and Wales. Ho kept
track of legislation relating to the
Irish question and to all other ques
tions which were boforo the Parlia
ment or the peoplo of the United
Kingdom. Ho was us well acquaint
ed with the leading men of Great
Britain and Ireland and their poli
cies is with thoso of Chicago. Tils
labors in this city to securo moral
and financial support for tho homo
rule cause never havo been mentioned.
Ho wns too modest to dcslro It But
ho did far more than thoso who havo
received unstinted praise.
"Mr. Sullivan knew and was known
by all tho politicians, Democratlcand
Republican, of this city nnd county.
While his own Republicanism wus
sound nnd unqualified, tho Democrats
liked him. Thoy could conildo tholr
plans to him on honor, confident that
they would not bo betrayed. His
knowledge of mon und of the motive
which Influenced thorn was so thor
ough that he could generally forecast
their ucts. Ho has been ablo to fore
tell often what tho lcadors on either
side would do boforo thoy had uttered
a syllablo about their intentions. He
know tho politicians, largo und small,
from tbo party chiefs down to tho
littlo bosses of precincts. Ho did not
hcsltat3 to criticise, them sharply
when ho thought thoy desorved it,
but such was his bonhomlo nnd per
sonal good-nature that ho mado no
cnemios among thorn
"Mr. Sullivan's acquaintance with
city and county ailulrs was us com
ploto ns with local politics. In fact,
it was phonomonul. Ho kept as
closo u watch over tho Aldormon and
County Commissioners ns ho did over
tho professional politicians. When
they wero engaged In Jobbery ho wns
tho first to detect it, und no sooner
wns somo bad or boodlo ordlnanco in
troduced In tho Council than ho ex
posed and denounced it. Ho was
more familiar with tho details of
city and county government, with
the charter, tho ordlnnncos und tho
luws relating spcclnlly to tho county
than any other newspaper man or
nny person around tho City or Coun
ty Building. Whntover had hap
ponod in either of theso buildings
since ho first visited them was stored
nway In his remarkablo memory,
which was ulmost us retentive as
stcrcotypo plates.
"Mr. Sullivan's services wero of
great value to tho Tribune, and It
appreciated them. Ho had not only
this stock of spoclal knowledge and
these special quantitations but ho
was an untiring worker. Ho wrote
plain, clear, straightforward En
glish, and did so with tho greatest
rapidity. In addition to all this, ho
could bo trusted Implicitly. Not only
was ho Incorruptible, n man whom
no ugent for a corrupt measure dared
to approach, but ho had a clear,
sounu judgment which neither preju
dice nor affection could wnrp. So
his employers confided in him whllo
ho lived, und mourn him now that
ho Is dead. Their sonow will bo
shared by nil tho numbers of tho
profession to which Mr. Sullivan
took prldo in belonging; for ho wns
attached to nowspapor work, and
would not havo left It for tiny other.
And nil thoso with whom ho was
brought In contact, whethor Repub
licans or Democrats, Catholics or
Protestants, will sorrow over this
unexpected death of ono whom they
liked and respected for his manifold
merits as a friend nnd a gentleman."
Hon. Honry G. Miller, ono of 'tho
oldest rosldents of tho North Side, ia
much talked of by Democrats for
Congress in tho Seventh District.
Mr. Miller is ono of tbo best lawyers
In the West Ho is thoroughly In
formed on tho living issues of tho
day, .and no man In Cook County 1b
better Informed on tho silver, ques
tion than is Mr. Miller, ho having
mndo a study of this matter for sev
enteen years. Ho Is a "frco coinage"
udvocato and n Domosrnt on princi
ple, who Is willing to muko nlmost
anysacrlllco for his party's welfare.
There is no room for doubt that tho
campaign in tho Seventh would bo
ono of education should Mr. Miller bo
tho nominee, ns ho would mako n
vigorous campaign und open tbo oyes
of tho masses on questions of vital
Interest to the nntlon. Mr. Miller Is
n gentleman who would poll many
votes on his personality.
S. T. Gundcrson, a leading Scandi
navian, is being urged as n cnndldato
for Representative by tho Republi
cans of tho Second District, which
consists of tho Twelfth Ward nnd
tho northern end of tho Tenth. O.
L. Dudley is ulso a candidate.
Hon. A. W. Pulver, who Is In tho
front rank of Chicago's most eminent
lawyors, will undoubtedly bo tho Ilo
publican nomlnco for Congress In tho
Sovcnth District. Mr. Pulver is of
German descent und very popular
with that nationality. Ho has re
sided In Chicago twelve years nnd In
tho Twenty-fifth Ward for tho past
six years. If nominated be will
mako an nctivo cunvuss and will
provo a strong candldato.
i'jj iV'ftrt'.Osl1"! V

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