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H 1
Chairman Peabody Almost Stampedes
a Gang of "Advisory ' Reformers
by Asking for Funds.
A Select Assemblage of Office-Holding
Aristocrats to Name a
The Most High-Handed and Extraordinary
Piece of Political Usurpation in
Chicago's History.
The County Central Committee of the Demo
cratic Party to Be Ignored and the
Convention Instructed.
A Remarkable Convocation of Remarkable Men
at Democratic Headquarters on Last
Tuesday Afternopn.
Then! Is n ihs'w ili'parluro unions the
lenders which Is well worthy of notice.
It appears tlmt they liuvo wearied of
tin; Comity Central Committee aml'iirc
1iotelcHK of over being nblc to control
tlm coming city convention.
Bo with tlilH nwfnl Htatu of nlTnlrs
staring them In the face, It was dechleil
to cull In n number of the members of
tlu "llrst families" nnd a fow (by way
of n sandwich) of the second and third,
nnd link them If they wouldn't pleuse
inline ti ticket for the people of Chicago
to vote for this spring.
Ho, utter William Calhoun Asny hud
hud his hulr carefully purled In the eu
ter, ho tlmt his center of gravity wob
beyond question or dispute, ho nnd J.
CuosurHrown.the handsome and dark
vlsuucd young heud waiter of the
Iroquois Club, held u conference. Ah
u result, they decided to Invito .
Alexander (,'. McNeill. Rivers Mc
Neill, and Mnlcolm McNeill, three
brothers, of tbo snmu family;
M. M. Kli'kiuun.'of Kvuuston;
Henry Wnller, Jr., Hubert Waller,
anil ,T. II. Waller, nlso'of ono family;
Malcolm M. Huddle, a relative of the
H. Pants McConnell;
Postmaster Hosing and all the other J
r cucrui oiiicmiN,
And a few other gentlemen, to get to
gether und imino a candidate for
Mayor. '
Hut the matter came to tho ears of
Chairman Peabody, and with good
sense ho decided to extend thu Invita
tion to a large number of other gentle
men, und to ask them to como together
to help tho Democratic party with their
The list as dually amended Included
tho following gentlemen:
Hurvey T. Weeks, Victor Bardowskl,
8. K. Adulla Sntaleckl, Leo Austrian,
Charles W. Bpauldlng", .T. V. Clark, A.
Mitchell, John J. Phllblu, John A. King,
Spoor Mackey, Emanuel Muudcl, Clius.
P. Mitchell, Thouuis A. Mornn, Joy
Moiton, H. P. McConnell, C. II. McC'or
mlck, J. C. McFarlnnd, Alexander C.
McNeill, Malcolm McNeill, Hlvers Mc
Neill, W. T. McLaughlin, Walter O.
Newberry, F. It. Peabody, Krsklno M.
Phelps, J. II. N. Quick, 8. W. Huwson.
Prank II. Hay, Thomas H. Hobluiiou,
I,eo KniHt, John W. Kin, Adolph Krnus,
M, K. Lawrence, Joseph F. Learning, L.
Z. Lelter, William T. linker, A. M.
Hurnhurt, Malcolm M. Hoddlo, Walter
8. Iloglo, Lawrence P. Hoyle, Michael
llrnncl, Kdward O. Ilrown, William O.
lludd, William Hurry, aeorgo Hulleu,
F. L. Hall, D. It. Cameron, John C. Cur
roll, George M. Chandler, Kugeno It.
Cox, William 0. Cummlngs, Thomas 0.
Dennehy, W. M. Dovlne, John W.
Donne, Austin J. Doyle, Kdward S.
Dreyer, Arthur J. Kddy, Thomas H.
Smyth, Frank II. Brookmun, Frank
Scules, Charles II. Schwab, A. B. Scul
ly, A. F. Sceberger, William C. Selpp,
John T. Shuyne, Fred Slegel, A. o.
Hluughter, Byron L. Smith, P. W.
Snowhook, Lambert Trco, M. F. Tuley,
Michael Ulrlcli, Chnrles II. Wuckor,
H. Wnller Jr., Kobort A. Wullor, John
It. Wulsb, Chnrles V. Wohlhoutor,
Frank Wenter, Harney Weber, Fred II.
WIi.Hton, M. Shields, J. G. Garibaldi,
Hudolph Hruud, William Legnor, Ed
ward Uhloln1, O; Q: Voplcka, Paul '..
gtenslund, Georgo M. Hogers, H. ),
Rosenthal Jr., Kdward A. Hoscnthal,
Harry Hubens, Martin J. Russell, Ad
lal T. Kwlng, Oscar G. Foreman, Adams
A. Goodrich, W. C. D. Grauuls, Kdwurd
H. Gray, 8. 8. Gregory, A. W. Green,
J. S. Orlnnoll, S. 10. dross, C. F. Otin
titer, W. D. Hackney, Washington Iles
lng, F. O. Iloyne, Horace K. Hurlburt,
Jonus Hutchinson, It. W. llymuu Jr.,
M. J. Kane, Thomas J. Keeley, Thomas
Kelly, Charles Kern, M. W. Kerwln,
I'eter Klollinssu, M. M. Klrkman, and
Kdward 1. Dunne.
It was hoped Iliad a nrijorlty of those
men would attend.
Many of theui ate solid citizens.
Tlielr.advlce might 1h Kood.
Hut, unfortunately, when the hour
lor assembling arrived on Tuesday
afleruiMiii lust there were but few pres
ent, outside of professional reformers,
oillcc-holdcrs nnd would-be aristocrats.
In culling the meeting to order, Mr.
Pcuhody started out exceedingly well.
Among other things he said:
"A large number of our wealthiest
Democrats are now working anil con
tributing their time nnd money towards
Investigating so-called election frauds
n nil crying loud for pure primaries a nil
honest elections. lu passing I wish
here to say a word In regard to the pres
ent election fraud cases. Do not Judge
men until they have been proven guilty
-and do not take for granted tlmt be
cause u partisan Hepubllcnu grand jury
can only tlud Democrats to Indict that
thcxe DcuiocrutH are necessarily guilty
or arc tlm wnly guilty one. They may
bo entity, but If they nru let them bo
punished, but they arc no more Ktillty
than ure In another way tho Juror
vho, tiHiu direct presentation of tho
facts, retimed to Indict John It. Tanner
because, forsooth, he was a Hepubll
cnu ami simply had been vilifying a
Democrat. No crime lu their eyes, but
a praiseworthy deed."
IIojilso called attention to tho poor
slate of the purty llnunces, nnd culled
upon tho leading citizens present to
help It out.
Ilo forgot tlmt most of tho people
before- him never contributed anything
but wind to tho support of tho Demo
cratic: party, ho when Mr. Peabody
culled attention to the fact that the
lull ty was hard up no one responded
except Mr. .Michael Shields, tho well
known confectioner, who bunded up
JjilOO for the cuuho.
The suggestion f collection ut
most caused a panic, but Mr. Peabody
hud tho presence of mind to call upon
Postmaster Ilesiug. In tho course of
his remarks ho said:
I never know a tlmo when the Demo
cratic party was houest aud .vent Into
tho canvass with clean hands, und
when Its methods were hoiuMt and
honorable, that It did not succeed.
This wits, because tho Executive Com
mittee took the people Into Its confi
dence, because It appealed to tho peo
ple, and becnuso what wu did wus
open and above-bourd. I belluvo to
day If this committee will give the
asstirnneo to tho people of this city
that It Is honest, that the primary elec
tions shall bu conducted honestly und
honorably, and ho who goes to tho
polls to vote will have that voto reg
istered, tho people will approve of tlio
action und sanction tho nomination
miido by tho convention nnd ratify
such n ticket. But, gentlemen, do uot
mistake tho temper of tho pe'oplo; do
uot think for onouuoiuent that because
they were Imposed' on In tho past they
will ho Imposed on ngulu, There is
all over tho country an awakening;
u new era of politicians has arisen;
und I hall with Joy tho fact thut I shall
bo called a politician In tho future,
Now what, on earth did Mr. Ileslng
menu by this hhccIiV
Surely uot all lie said.
Why, last, summer tho Executive
Committee culled Mr. Ileslng and liie
same crowd of gentlemen lu to secure
tin advance stock of ndvlic. mid the
whole ticket, including Chairman Pen
body, who run for Sheriff, was beaten
by mi average majority lu Cook Coun
ty of ir.,MH) votes.
Hut two years ago this spring, tho
great and only Carter II. Harrison was
u candidate for Mayor.
Ilo wus the people's candidate.
No advisory committee, met to put
him up.
Mr. Ilcslug und several of the other
hoodoos present ut Tuesdny's confer
ence opposed Mr. Harrison ut tho polls.
lu fact, Mr. Ileslng supported Aller
ton. the Republican nominee, on the
And if Mr. Ilcslug' side had won
there would not he n Democrat in tho
city employ to-day!
Yet. In spite of tills fact, Carter II.
Harrison won Ids election by 21,000
It would become Mr. Ileslng nnd
some other Federal otllcluls in this
crisis to he quiet.
Then Is such it ground swell among
Democrats that If too many striking
examples of recent bolts are paraded
before them, the examples may prove
dangerously Infections this spring.
Hut to return to the meeting.
X committee of thirty-four was ap
pointed to select a city ticket for the
Democrats and the meeting adjourned.
Tho ICngle observes with regret that
J. Wings Ida Is begluulng to regard
himself as u great humorist. The
bronchial laughter which follows his
remarks ut club dinners Is hurting the
man. Ho gets off Jokeo. ButltUrJlh'r
Hla is really anxious to truce tho his
torical descent und evolution of whut
he himself and u fow faithful friends
lu tho Civil Service League will be
lieve to their dying day to ho humor,
lie begins his researches at much too
modoim u ditto und olnt. If ho seeks
to tlud out when und where were born
those new stories that ho tells at smoke
talks and authors' readings nnd din
ners, und publishes and republishes lu
his own books, he has a long tusk be
fore him; and It Is rather Into lu life for
him to take up the work of historical
Investigation. If, however, u literary
remorse impels him to historical re
search, if he seeks In good earnest the
men that have said Ids good things lie
fore him, he should begin with the
Assyrian tablets and cylinders und
the cuneiform Inscriptions. Ho should
familiarize himself with the history
and literary or unllternry remnlus of
tho Amorltes und Amalekltes and Moa
bites und Jubusltes and Illttltcs. Ho
should pay especial uttoutlou to tho
Cushltes. Thousands aud, perhaps,
hundreds of thousands of years before
Lutotluc-Pnrls had como up out of tho
mud, kings aud emperors aud Magi
had yawned and longed for death,
hearing Brother Elu's stories remorse
lessly recounted. Ulysses, an old boro
nnd famous after-dinner speaker, told
ono of Mr. Hla's auecdotes at the court
' ' 'Mm0iM
Author of tho Pollco Bill Now Bjforo tho Legislature.
of good King Prlntn. Hector, whom
Andromache had boon nagging that day
for a ttew pallium, was drinking toi
much, forgot Ids customary polltcuc-w,
pronounced tlm yurii a chestnut as it
wus. and from n tree not much Junior
to tho creation of man and so aiiwe
the war between the Trojuns nnd tho
long-haired Achalans. Undo Kcni'ie
tried to tell one of J. Wings Kln'shumnr
mm stories to Uncle Homtilus nnd was
Justly executed on thonpot with a trow
el. The hulls of Pcrscpolls und Pal
myra were deserted on account of these
Intolerable tales of Hln. The Tower of
Itubcl was built In the vain hope of
climbing out from Kin. Nebuchadnez
zar spent seven years on n ranch for
the sake of scaping the court Jester
that wus forever droning Kla. Cain
killed Abel for su.rlugifternn Kla anec
dote: "Oh, glvo us something fresh."
Tho gigantic beasts and dragons of Mn
pre-hlstorlc world exterminated them
selves In the Irritation produced by the
Klnesauo "humor." Now Inngunges
were Invented by sufferers nnxlous to
tlud a medium of communication to
which tlm sportlveiiess of Kin wus un
known. Tho attempt wus fruitless.
Death and Kla are found lu every lan
guage nnd In every clime. Alike by tho
Christian, the pngun and the philoso
pher, by the Jew nnd tho (.entile, by
bond nnd free, death Is accepted with
composure nnd tranquility. If It has
no other merit, ut least It rvlleves us of
the anecdotes of M. Kla.
Town polities lii Hyde Park on tho
Hepublicau side of , the fence Is growing
livelier than usual owing to the dispo
sition to turn down T. H. Skceles, tho
Assessor, who comes from the St.tto
street side of the Thirty-second Ward,
Is serving his llrst, term, nnd Is a candi
date for re-election. It Is charged that
Mr. Skeoles, after his election, acquired
the notion tlmt ho was "tbe wlmlo
thing" himself und refused to recognize
the lending Republicans of the ward,
who hud thrown thu nomination to
him. Mr. Skeeles Is perfectly willing
to recognize them now, but they -have
uot yet shown any desire to "make up."
Owing to this condition of things a
number of other candidates have
sprung up, Including d'eorgo .Morgan,
A. 'It. Hathaway, and u liveryman
uuiued Cobb. Mr. Morgan Is u respect
able citizen of the ward who stands
well with thu politicians becuuse of his
ability us u hustler und with the people
generally, und ho Is sufd to bo awny lu
the lead foil the prize.
No opposition has developed so fur to
the reuomiuutlon of Collector Iltiuherg
of the Thirty-third Ward, In which ciue
tho suporvlsorshlp and clerkship will
go to the Thirty-fourth Wnrd. '
A muss meeting of cltlzcus from the
south end of thu Thirty-second Wnrd
wits held ut No. 100 53d street for tho
purpose of Indorsing nn Aldenuaulc
cuudlduto to succeed William R. Kerr.
William K. Kent, who was Indorsed
tho night previous by tho Kenwood
Republicans, received oddltional sup
port at tho hands of tho meet
ing. Mr. Kent is an able and active
young mnn, and is well thought of by
thu leading Republicans of tho ward.
He Is n large, property-owner and tnv
payer lu the Thirty-second Wurd. Mr.
Kent Is u nephew of Sidney Kent, uml
bus u large uml Intimate iicqiiulutiiiico
lu Chicago.
Commissioner Hudeitoch. while de
claring that his duties us mi election
commissioner precluded his taking u
hand In wurd a Hal is, said about the
uhlcrmuiiic situation In the Klcvcuth
"We have hosts of good men over
tl'civi uml among them 1 do not know
or n better mnn than W. II. Alslp. He
Is n scholar ami u gentleman uml n typ
ical representative of the best type of
citizenship. As I understand Aide
mutt Kent declines u rcuomlnutlou. I
certainly hope Mr. Alslp can be lu
dttced to stand."
Davhl Becker, of Argylo Purk, Is fa
vorably spoken of us an nldermnnlc
candidate from the Twenty-llfth Wnrd.
I.loyd J. Smith, vice chairman of the
Republican Kxecutlve Committee, Is
pushing the claims of l'red Tucker for
Ijike View Assessor.
It was said yesterday about the City
Hall by several West Division Alder
men that Adam Wolf will Ito tendered
the Hepubllcnu nomination for West
Town Ahsessor. Mr. Wolf Is a candi
date for City Treasurer, and his friends
say prefers to iniiku tho nice for thut
place on tho ticket.
Augustus K. Kddy Is spoken of as a
Republican cuudiute for Alderman
from the Second Wurd.
William C. Amos, of the Thirty-sec-
oud Ward, bus announced himself u
candidate for Alderman.
At u meeting held In Judge Porter's-
Hull, Kid street, near Lake avenue,
William C. Amos was Indorsed for Al
ilermau lu tho Thirty-second Wurd.
Representatives from tho Klghth,
Ninth, Tenth, Twelfth, Nineteenth,
Twentieth ami Twenty-sixth Precincts
were present, uml itinoug the 'JtMl who.
were lu the hull were: Paul Cornell,
Senator Mitchell, Judge Porter, (.cargo
Hi Warner, William Hamilton, John
Cornell, Chillies Pollock, Ch.is. I'uliii
drlch. Onirics Pfontz uml Dr. lllgetiy.
Judge A. R. Porter presided.
A meeting wus held ut Cottage drove
avenue and IMd street, at which John
Cheshire, of tho Thirty-second Ward,
was Indorsed for the Republican nom
ination for Hyde Park Assessor. Those
present represented voters from tho
'I wonty-fourth, Fourteenth, Klgh
tocnth, Twenty-third und Seventh
Precincts. Joseph Smith presided,
und P. Shortnll noted us Secretary,
Among thoMi who Indorsed Mr. Che,
shire were T. II. Ourmnii, William
Williams, F. Samuels, W. Ilylnk, C.
M. Cook, F. II. Wolford, M, Onrett,
J. Murphy, Kd Hunt and John McFee.
Chris Strasshclm, tho popular North
Shier, Is almost certain to bo tho Repub
lican nominee for City Treasurer.
Hon, aud Mrs. Jas. H. H. Van Cleave
have our congratulations on tho arrival
of Mr. Bruce Vim Cleave. Long may
ho live!
Tbe Solons at Springfield Are Having
a Hard Time Keeping Be
hind the Record.
Mr. Crafts, of Cook County, Introduces a
Strong Measure for Reorgan
ising Chicago Police.
Mr. Cody, of Chicago, Is After the Telephone
Monopoly, and Will
Down It.
The Capital Pull of Would-Be Reformers from
the Various Chicago
. Lunch Clubs.
General Gossip from the City of Long Distances
and Makers and Unmakers
of Corporations.
Legislative Bureau of The Chicago
Kugle. Sprlnglleld, HI., Feb. (I.-Repub-llcans
In thu House made it dash for
economy this morning, but abandoned
the line of attack before the day was
over. The party's steering committee
had held u meeting nnd decided upon
letrenchincnt on the appropriation
bills. The mllltlu bill wus the llrst
point of nttiick. Tho steering commit
tee decided to mnke n contest on the
amounts asked for by thu adjutant
general's department, uml when the
House uml Semite bills, which ure
Idem leal, cnino up In order they wore
referred to the Committee on Appro
priations. The bills contained Items
for over !?:wm,immi to cover the expenses
of the mllltlu during the strike, $:!().
ink) for expenses up to July I und !Mi,-
ooo for equipment.
... .1 ..r il... U..,m1,ll..m members ,
innde remurks iiboui the tinusunl cis In each city uml village huvlng a
umoiiuts usked for and Indlcnted thut PPh.tlon exceed tig lo.oixi liilmbl
thev were opposed to the bill In Its . ' III" '"' ' prepared by tlm
present form uml without reduction of '""He convention .if superintendents of
the ninounts suggested, but tlunlly tho l',J"-',,
whole committee voted to report the! I he coinni ssloners ure to be nppolnt-
1,111 u, II... Ilmisn will, tho recoinmen- i
dutloii thut it pass. Adjt. Oen. Oreu
dor'lT, Asslstnnt Adjt. Oen. Hugh Hnyle
and Cupt. Campbell were present nnd
gave the necessary Information to sat
isfy the members tlmt thu amounts
were Jttstllled by tho conditions.
It Is uot believed from this Initial
movement thut tho Republicans will
make much headway in cutting down
the expenditures. The bills for Iho
Utiitih liwlltllt Intw fMlll lltlfillv lio 1lt
down, aud tho only appropriation
which may bo consniereii partisan is
thut proposed for tho expenses of thu
commission of statutory revision. Tho
work of tho committee, uppolutcd by
u Democratic Legislature, has been
well done In the Judgment of members
on both sides of tho Assembly, but Re
publican leaders are claiming that thu
commission was appointed two years
ago by snap Judgment, und that It Is
not entitled to thu indorsement of a j
Republican House.
Kv-Congrcssmuu Oeorgo K. Adorns
arrived this afternoon lu tho Interest
of the civil service reform hill. Ho an
nounced to tho members that two cur-
loads of prominent citizens of Chicago
would bo In the city to-morrow nnd
would nppcnr before tlm committees
of tlm Semitu and House having churgo
of tho bill.
Fred Illlil, public librarian of Chica
go, Is hero to get legislation to enahlu
the library to levy u tax stilliclent to
maintain the new building on Michigan
iru'inie. At present tho tnx Is only ij
mill uml Mr. Illld wants it increased
to 1 mill, which will furnish an ample
amount for thu purpose. Ho has talked
with u number of members mid feels
encouraged to belluvo tlmt u bill btich
us ho proposes will be passed.
Tho Sonato Committee on Kloctlons
to-day held Its llrst meeting, ut which
tlm contest of Wilson against McKln
lay was considered. After a good deal
of debate it was decided that tho par
ties lu Interest should havo all of their
evldenco reudy two weeks from to-day.
Senator Littler offered n Joint resolu
tion lu tho Sennto to-day authorizing
tho appointment of n committee to go
to Chicago and question tho olllcers of
tho Illinois Central Railroad under
oath. He wants to llml out what ur
lungcmciits thu railroad company
makes witli its L'.tKHi miles of branch
lines uml whether receipts from these
branch Hues ure Included lu the 7 (icr
cent, levy on the gross earnings, us pro
ldod for In the charter. Senator Lit
tler wanted the resolution acted upon
Immediately, but there were objec
tions, und It went over under the rules.
Senator Littler also Introduced u bill
piohlbliltig telegraph companies from
lollocllng u charge for delivery ser
vice Inside of corporate limits. In
Sprlnglleld they charge U cents where
tin delivery Is over a mile.
Representative Crafts, of Cook Cotui
l., Introduced lu tho House u bill, the
object of which Is to remove the police
fioiu polities. It provides for tho up-
pollltinollt of three police commission-
' " mujoriiy oi uic judges oi uic
Circuit, Superior, County uml Probate
Courts lu the county lu which tho city
Is situated. It Is provided that tho ap
pointments shall bo so made that no
two commissioners shall belong to the
saum political party, "aud so thut at all
times one of said sommissloiiers shall
be nonpartisan In politics," Tlm llrst
commissioners are to be appointed for
one, two nnd I hive .years, and there
alter the term of otllce of each comiuls-
mI"1"'"' Jv,m ,,,, ,1,m J'1'"1'8' ",,u t0 ,)0 "I"
iruimi-u ewr.v ,vcui.
Kvery such board of police commis
sioners Is Invested with pollco powers,
ami may, lu case of riot or disturbance'
of tho pence, or when the same Is
threatened, summon nil good citizens
to uld lu thu suppression of the same.
Such board shall also have power to
compel witnesses to attend and testify
before It upon all matters connected
with tho operation of this act.
The board shall have the power to up-
point nil members of the pollco depart
ment, und no person shall be so up.
pointed without having Hist passed a'
satisfactory exainlnntlon us to his men
tal ami physical quallllcatlous. No
member of tho pollco department bhull
bo discharged without a fair trial nnd
tho Circuit Judgo inny rovlew tho Had
ing of tho board. No member of tho
pollco department shall solicit, receive
or pay any assessment for political pur
poses. No applicant for appointment
on tho police department shall, direct
ly or Indirectly, pay or promise to pay
niiy money or other valuable thing for
such appointment. No member of tho
department shall engage. In active poli
tics. Reumimemlatlons from any otll
cur of any other depnrtment of tho city
or village are prohibited.
In cities of 100,000 or more tho com
mlhsloiiers shall receive :i,000 per an
num, uml tho members of tho 'police de
partment uot less than tho following
mimed sums: Superintendent of police,
.$5,500; assistant superintendent of po
llco, $:j,!00; secretary of police, .f.'.OOOr
Inspectors of police, $2,.100j captains,
Jjy.OOO; lieutenants, $1,500; sergeants,
Jfl.'JOO; patrolmen of llrst class, .$1,000;
patrolmen of second class, $720. In all
other cities tho salaries of commission
ers u ro to bo ilxed by tho Common Coun.
cii and tho compensation of olllcers.
shall not bo less than the following
(ConMuud ou fourth page.)
flMtigftatojfo -jwwMfi! --" "A-
.. i djiHtN .,y A-
M ,, .'.WiMXi'l III i

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