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A COMMITTEE of nine mechanical engineers employed by the Edward I'. Allls
Cmp-ny, of Milwaukee, Wis., the most skillful manufacturers of engines and
machinery in the world, after examining and testing thlrly-six different makes of
Shale Brick Supply
Construction Co.
Suite 320 Reaper Block,
Contractors and Builders.
Room 703, No. 167 Dearborn St.,
ne Main 3412.
livery, Boarding Sale Stables
ttl and 333 Webster At., fliSEff ysj) Chicago.
MS-ISO Wells Street, 176 Grand Avenue,
Tatephsnit North 650. Telephone Main 3804.
(LIVERY: 148 and 150 Wells Street.
OClooat Opou Day and STlarlxt.
Funeral Director and Embalmer.
Iivery and Boarding,
86 and 88 Racine Avenue,
Telephone North 270. CHICAGO.
303 Larrabce Street,
2 Ntih J88.
high grade uicyclcs, pronounced the "Gladiator" the
most icicntifically constructed, easy running and highly
finished bicycle in existence. Upon their judgment a
large order tor
was placed, for the use of members and cmploycsof that
company. No test so severe and thorough as this has
ever been made. Prospective buyers can be guided with
salety by this decision. The "GLADIATOR" is truly a
WORKS, VhKVl?.81'
Clark and Washington Sts.
XMCctiu. OOIO.
and Livery...
A Collation of Newi from
All 0?er tee World.
Featt of Political, Commercial
and Geaeral Intelligence
for Etgle Readers.
Ax va. Trctlt.
There w.im 11 hi'own'iiih death ticnr
Hinckley, Ohio. Kutttrd'iy. Nearly twen
ty ears ago there appeared In Hinckley
n stranger of whom iio'tilng wii.i known
beyond tin iiiini( which he gave, llcnmrd
Nhcrmniin, nnd with him nunc n Mi; Ht.
llcruar.t dog, which win Ills Inseparable
companion. Tin? stranger took tip hi
abode In 1111 ohl hovel which he fen led In
tlu outskirts of the hamlet. Tho living
place of the old lium gradually became
Kiirronndcil with mi nlr of mystery, unit
the. place I'liini' to In regarded with super
stition iimt fcnr. Tin- mysterious dweller
rarely visited the village, nnd then only
for tho necessaries of life, which lio seem
ed to l'ivi plenty of money to pity for.
The old mini hud not bcn seen for some
time, Mid nn Investigation wns begun.
When the door to the lint wns liroken In
the old mini was found lying deiid. chain
im1 to it post, the eondltlot. of the body tell
ing of a terrlhle struggle, which the doc
torn have ascribed to hydrophidilit. .lust
outside the hovel was found the dog. The
beast's dentil Imd hceli I'lliixcd liy nil nx
wound In the head. The supposition Is
Unit the brute went mad nnd lilt hi unif
ier. The old mini, realising thnt dentil
wiim tnevltiihle, hud lucked himself In
when he felt the mudne.u coming, clmlned
hlmxclf fast, locked his fetter with it
padlock, nnd threw the key nwny. Hurled
under the llnor of the hovel was found
$13,000 In gold. There -.vox nothing thnt
could xhed Hunt on the mysteries or Wx
Porto Won't Allow American Cralaer
to l'aoa tho Htrnlta.
It was scml-otllclnll.v nnnonnced In Co:i
MtnntlnoplL' Wednesday thnt the Turklxh
tlovernment, nftcr weighing tin mutter
over nnd consulting with certain ndv'srr.
hni coine to tin: decision not to ndnilt the
I'nlted States cmlxer Uamroft through
the IMrdnncllcs, nnd. therefore, xhe will
not ho 11 1 ile to net nx the guardshlp of tin;
1'nlted Hlntes legation In these water.
Tho l'orte, It lx ndded, hnx nlxo decided
not to ndmlt the gunrdshlps of (Ireecu
nnd Holland, which countries also pio
poxed to hnvc n ship xtntioned In the Bos
porus nx 11 guardshlp mil to firnlxh men
to gunid their legations In en ie of emer
gencies. It xhonld he added, however,
thut tho United Slates Government lx not
known to have presented thronuh Its mill
liter, Mr. Terrell, u formal lU'innnd for
the pnxxiiKo of the Huncroft or nny other
United Stntex wnrxhlp through the Straits
of thu Dardanelles, nnd It Is recalled thut
(Ireece In 18&S was nllnwed to Imve n
guardshlp In the Iloxpornx. The exact
ground upon which the Tnrklxh (Invent
inent tnkex Itx stand In thlx cnxe lx not
xtiited, tint It lx known In otllclnl circle
that Itnrxln hnx olijeete.l to the presence
In the Koxpornx of t'nllcd Stncs. (Ire;
1 Inn or Dutch nnnnlslilp... The olijectlonx
to the prexence of the extra itnnrdxhlpx
nre Hiiid, iieiorilliiK' to c-nernl report, to
he h.ved on the llerlhi iiirrccini'iit, which
exeludos from niivnl repicsentiitlon In the
Iloxpornx any powers tlnit were not party
to that iitfrccmeiit, nnd that, therefore,
the United State!: ennnot lie allowed to
xciid a warship to the Miraitx of rtio Dar
MurdcroJ In a Ilnnk.
Two inaxked men walked In to the Slier
linrne, Minn,, hank Wednesday after-"
noon, mill without ntterim: a word shot
down Axslxtant Caxhlet Thorlmrn and
,1. A. Oextern. u tin veil ng nent of the
Walter A. Wood Har ester Company.
Thorlmrn died two hour Inter. Oextern
wax killed Inxtantly. Their mnrderern
twapod on hleyclex with $t,HXI ax tint
price of the lives they had taken so wan
tonly. Kllla Wife and Bctf.
Cronched In Ills cellar, and treinhllm:
nt the npproaeh of the ollieerx who were
xeeklnu him for the murder of hlx youtiK
wife. Dr. t.'arl I'. .Nits, of 1II8H North
Axhland nveiiue, Clileaito. shot hlmxelf
throiiKh the lirnlu ednesilay. Almve. In
the second story of the Mat liiiHiUmr, tho
liedroom wax torn to plvcex ! a fearful
Hound to Have a Illc.vclr.
M-iiy Wicks, of Wichita. Kan., tijjwl
111, lx under arrext for forgery, and thu
bicycle cnuo It responsible for her crime.
Her p'ireiitH could not nllord to buy her
a wheel. Mho fnrKiil u "" check on ,T.
('. Ua.iey, n wholexnlo inerclinnt, and,
reprexenlliiK herxelf nx Mrs. Casey'd
daughter, succecdeil In Ki'ttlmr It caxhed
mid bo iKht a bicycle with the proceed.
Hundred Hodlca Pound.
Advices received fron Maatlan, Mex
ico, state that the ihiinnRi) wiouuht by
thu recent floods lu the State of Slualoa
wax mucliKreater than at tirxt extlmated.
All of tho rivers lu that State were Hood
ed out of their banks, cud u number of
vllhiKcx and fanuhouicx were washed
away, fiver 1(H) bodies have been recov
ered and many others are mlsslui;.
Captive to Ho Freed.
Tho pope'x envoy to Abysxlnin. who
wax dispatched for the exprexx purpose
of securlui; the liberation of the -,HNl odd
Italian prisoners still in the hands of the
NeKux, has been most graciously received
by the hitter, and there is every reason
to believe that the unfortunate captives
will noon bo restored tu freedom.
limit Upaota mid Three Drown.
The other nlclit seven men started In n
skiff to cross the river from Canton, Mo.,
where they had been attending a political
meeting. When about lilty feet from the
Illinois side thu l.'lt upset and thrco were
In ftcoruln nnd Florida,
Tim election lu (icoiKlu and Florida
show that the free silver Democratic
candidates have been elected by majori
ties exceeding thoic of the last election.
Took I'oUon When Arrcatcil,
William J. WnrrliiKton, bulesnian for
Nmrmnn Hrothcru, orsan mauufacturera
of ChlciiKi', was arrested at CarthnKe,
Mo 011 ulht cuittitu sworn nut by hln
employer, elm rains embezzlement. War
rhiKtou took nrsenlc, but was mado to
spit tho poison out.
Coal M Inert, f-'trlko.
A tlinusniid mlucro in tho Iowa Appa
nooso dUtrlot are out on n Ktriko aulust
n reduction of 5 cents for minim: coal, and
a KLMioral icstlpsancss nmontf tho minor
at most Iowa mines causes u fear ainons
operators thnt the btrlko may becomo sou-iral.
Fnta of tho Kxiirea Train Itecently
Held Up by Hobbcr.
Snutn I'e train No. -, which was hold
up In New Mexico Krldny iilstlit, wtts
wrecked nt I'etcrton, two mllet enxt of
OsnKo City, Ka., nt 1:4." o'clock Hiinday
uiomliitf, nnd the enirlneer, llretnnn, mill
four trumpx were killed. Four other per
hour were Injured, and nn a result of tho
nccldent one passenger shot nnd killed
hlmxelf nn hour nftcr the wreck. Tho
cnitlne,bnirgnitccnr, mail car, cxprexn enr,
nnd olio imnxcngcr ear wens totally wreck
ed. Underneath th paixcntter enr wax
evidence of n terrltle explotlon. Hero
tho holler of the enitiiic hud exploded.
The engine, had been blown Into the nlr
nnd had come down head first 200 feet
farther on. At thlx point there vnx a
hole, rlvo feet deep nnd eight or ten feet
ncroM. where the note of tho engine
dived through rnllt nnd ties, breaking the
heavy steel rnllx nx though they had been
Rpllntcrx. Then the engine must hnvc
turned n somerset, for it righted Itself,
nnd wax found about n hundred feet
further on, where It had struck n build
ing used for n coal chute nnd knocked
a corner out of It. The building hnd been
struck near the top, showing that tho en
gine had turned nftcr it first struck tho
ground. There wnt. noine talk thnt tho
nccldent had been caused by dynnmlte,
but the boiler nt tho engine showed that
It had exploded.
Merchants nnd Mnnufactnrcrn Have
Confidence In Future.
II. O. Dun & Co.'s Weekly Ilevlcw of
Trade says: "The continued ndvnuco In
wheat mny prove of the utmost Import
ance. It has bticn 1.1 cents for the week
and 10 cents since Sept. 'J, nnd Is lunlnly
due to short crops abroad mid foreign de
mand. No lack of visible domestic supply
causes or supports tho advance. Cotton
has weakened nftcr Its sudden rise, be
cause the demand for goods hnx relnpsed
into liniul to mntitli buying. Homo Injury
hns been done by recent storms, but tho
market seems not now in the humor to
magnify them. There nre unmistakably
encouraging signs In tho great Industries,
nlthoiigli the actual gain In working forco
employed or In new orders received Is
slight. Hut tho strong demand for ma
terials, for plglron, hides nnd wool, a
for cotton, does not diminish nnd has al
ready gone far enough to stiffen prices.
In wool quotntlons nre scarcely stronger,
but represent hctunl sales more nearly
than In past weeks when buyers with
cash almost made their own prices."
Armor Works of tlm Wcllmnn Iron
and Mtcel Company llouaht,
Agents of Itiissln, who nro buying up
machinery for their uoteriiment In view
of n possible war over the Turkish trou
bles, have closed negotiations with the
olllclaU of the Wcllmnn Iron nnd Steel
Company nt Chester, I'a., for the pur
chase of the largo armor plate mill nnd
engine of these Immense works. Tho
Wcllmnn works were originally built nt
u cost of nearly $1,000,000, and tho pinto
mill consists of the largest three high
train of rolls In the world. The plant
will not bo dismantled, but tho nrmor
pinto mncliinery will bo nt once removed
to Itussla, where It can be set up nnd put
at work forthwith. It embraces the
largest urmor pinto rolls In tho world,
Confirmation of Kcpnrta of Recent
Maaaucrca nt Kftln.
Letters received in Constantinople from
Karpoot confirm tho nvortx of the recent
ninssneres-nt Kgttrnuj estimate tho num
ber of klU:d at -,000. An trade just is
sued orders the formation of a llotllla of
ten torpedo-boats for the defense of the
Dnrdnuellex. Tho action Is tho result of
the recommendations of Cicii. Tchiknt
choff, the Itusslmi officer who recently
Inspected the forts of tho Dardanelles.
Urent excitement has been caused nt On
lata by the actions of n Turkish officer
who paraded the streets, brandishing his
saber, abusing tho Armenians nnd declar
ing thnt they ought to be killed.
Coatn H leu's Now Move,
III order to foster agricultural enter
prise, such as tobneco planting', mixing of
bananas, cocoa, coffee, and sugar, tho
Government of Costa illcn hns recently
decided to spend ,"(0,000 overy year In
increasing desirable Immigration. The In
troduction of labor Is left to prlvato initia
tive, but the Government, after nn inter
val of two years, pays to the planter for
every Immigrant Introduced by him the
cost of his pnssngo to Costa Idea nnd
freight expenses for Ids equipment. These
Inducements make It ndvlsublo for Amer
icans to own pluntntlous In Costa lllcn,
nud cultivate thereon part of the coffee,
cocoa, hummus, sugar, etc., wanted lu the
United Slates. Since tho Cuban revolu
tion, Immciuo' shipments of eoffeo nud
bananas have been' made to New Orlenus
and New York from over 100 plantations
near Fort Union niul along tho railroad.
Fravlde Money for Cattlemen.
Money hnx become so scarce thnt stock
feeders lu Nebraska nnd Western Iowa
hnd no means of buying feeders for tho
winter, and the prospect of getting cnttlo
nt tho Omaha market began to bo some
what gloomy. The corn crop Is most
abundant, nnd with money easy, cnttlo
feeding would reach Immeiiso proportions
during the nprnaclilng winter. There wax
organized nt Omnlm a loan company with
$1,000,000 capital to meet tho situation,
Tho leading men In tho company nro P.
D. Armour nud thu Cudiihys of Chicago
and Oiunlin, Herman Knuntzo nnd Will
lam A. I'nxtnn of Omaha nnd ,1. J. Iloche
of Sioux City. Tho olllev of the company
Is nt South Omaha, nud it began business
a few days ago, huvlng loaned $00,000
Second Husband Goto Alimony,
At Columbus. Ohio, Judgb Hadger, of
the Common IMons Court, decided u very
peculiar case In law. Several years ago
Mary K. Sharp secured u divorce from
her husband and $:00 alimony. Two days
later she married a man n.imed 1'iufrf,
Soon nfter that she died leaving her hus
band tho only heir. Tho nlliuony had not
been paid and the second husband sued
hlx wife's first husband for the amount. A
demurrer to tho unit wax tiled, which
Judge Hadger overruled. Sharp will bo
compelled to pay the nninnni.
Shot n Itaiillt Ilcnd,
Uast-bound passenger train, No. 2, en
the Snutn l'o llond wns held up Friday
night by a gang of masked train robbers
at tho Itlo I'uerco bridge, about thirty
miles west of Allimpieique, N. M. Ono
of tho robbers was shut dead by Deputy
United States Marshal I.oomls, nud tho
others retreated at once. They secured
no booty.
Indiana Oil Fields,
lu tho Indiana oil field during tho
month of .September 17-1 wells were com
pleted, of which sixty-two were good for
oil and have n now dully production of
U.Sfii! barrels, or an n vertigo per day of
'.') :$ barrels for each well.
Fired Upon l u ripaulNli Rlilp,
Tho steamship Oyllcr, a Norwegian ves
sel under chatter of tho Testis Star Hour
mills of Galveston, Texas, plying to Cu
ban ports, nfter sailing out of Cienfuegos
was fired upon by n slrango ship, Tho
Oyllcr hove to nud was hoarded by u
f arty of armed meu, who put off from the
arrange thlp In n lifeboat and demanded
nn Inspection of the ship's papers. Capt.
Itasmutneu satisfied the boarding party
thnt the Oyllcr was a trader nnd they
departed without giving nny tintnc nnd
refusing to nnswer nny questions. Capt.
KntmiiRscti Is mire the stranger wns n
Spanish war ship. The Oyllcr wns on tho
high sens, ten Kngllsh miles from tho
Chicago Man Drops Dead While Olv
''Ins Hla Testimony.
Clifford II. tivorshntn, of Chicago, mnn
nger of the quotation department of tho
Western Union Telegraph Company, wns
subpoenaed ns n witness lu tho case of
Oscnr M. Stono nnd Jnmcs 8. Turner,
who were neeiised ottnpplng the wires of
the Western Union Company. Mr. Kver
shnm was the most Important witness of
the State, nnd wns the llrst witness ended.
"What Is your tintneV" asked Attorney
Holt. "Clifford 11. Kvershnm." replied
the witness In a lone of voice which gave
no Intimation thnt there wns nnythlng
wrong. "Whr.t Is your occupation V" con
tinued the attorney. "1 iirii manager of
the quotation department of the Western
Union Telegraph Com " Tho last
words of the sentence wern not distin
guishable. The witness was seen to sway
for n moment lu his chnlr, nnd then ho
fell forward limp and unconscious upon
the rail. of the stenographer's 'desk. Ho
wns dead nn hour Inter. Heart disease
was snld tu have been the cause. Orent
confusion prevailed In the court room, nnd
Judge Tuthlll adjourned court for the
Over 45.000 llnshcta Raised on 47S
Acres of Land nt a Cost of S-.ilOO.
The l'lngrco potnto commission of De
troit has just made a report nn Its work
during the Inst summer. Tho report
shows that tho commission stnrtcd out
In the spring with nbout 4".' acres, which
were apportioned nmong 1,700 heads of
families, representing 9,07:1 children, or
7,07,'! persons lu nil. From this land
hnd been produced, with nil outlay of less
than $-,:t00, for seed nnd other expenses,
upward of -l.'.OOO bushels of potatoes, be
sides n quantity of beets, eabbnges, corn,
pumpkins, beans, etc. At the current
retnll market price of "5 cents n bushel
these potatoes would be worth, tho com
mission figures, tienrly $r,000, n profit
on thnt crop alone of over 000 per cent,
on tho money Invested.
Oen. Ilrooks Will 1'lnco Heavy Oinis
nn Carbonate Hill.
Oen. It rooks nud his olllcers have prnc
tlcnlty decided to make provision for de
fending thu endangered I.eadvlllo mines
Is)' phiclug cannon on Curhotinto hill,
which (onininndx mnt ol them. Tho next
object of attack, If futther attacks be
made, I? pretty well understood to be tlio
great pumping plant of the Mnld of Krln
mine, which dmlm the Maliala, Ktnuiet
nud Marian mine, which nro now resum
ing work, as well nx tunny others. The
pumps belong to Smith te Mount, nnd
their expenses nro homo by the three
other mines mimed. If tliese pumps were
crippled tho ruin of the mines by water
would red u re the norma! production of
tho camp fully one-third
Asks for nn Unusually Lnrao Appro
prlatlou UlsObJcct Nut Apparent.
l'retident Kruger's "war budget" Is
causing somo uneasiness in London. In
the estimates of tho South African re
public for the current year ho demands
nearly 1,000,000 for nrms niiiLiimmuni
tlou nnd over ."00,000 for "special ser
vices." The question t.i nsked against
whom Is this vast expenditure, seventeen
fold more than last year's requirements,
directed. The solution suggested In Capo
Town Is that the president meditates
some coup of his own lu conjunction with
Doer h.vmpathlzcr.t lu thu Ornugo l'reo
State and at tho cape.
Twenty Hurt In Ohio.
While raiting n barn on thu farm of
Daniel Wile, near West Canaan, O., the
framework broke just ns tho men had
roof limbers in position, letting tho heavy
mass of oak timber full upon twenty men
engaged lu the work. All of them re
ceived Injuries, fix of them having limbs
broken The accident wns witnessed by
1100 people, who had gathered to assist In
thu work.
Valuable Hacks of Oro Ptntcn,
Tho ore hoiuo nt tho May Hell mine,
nt Vi'.'tor, Colo,, was broken Into Sunday
night and sixty-five sacks of ore, worth
$00,000, were stolen. There Is uo clow
to tho thieves.
Swept by Floods.
Part of Henson, ArU., was washed
nwny, nnd six persons were drowned In n
Hood from a cloudburst lu the Whotstotio
Mountains, twelve miles southwest.
Horatin W. Oarrett la Dead.
Tho London Times announces thnt
Horatio Whltrldgo Oarrett, of llaltlniore,
died at I.enmlugton.
Mrs. Ilornnrd-llecro la llylna.
Mrs. Hcrunrd-Hcerc, the well-known
r.ugllxh netress, U reported to bu dying
at London.
Chlcntso Cnttlp, common to prime,
$3.50 tu $..5; hoK'u, nh!iiin jjntili'i,
ljM.00 to !?:i".; 8lieii, fair to choice, -.00
to $;i.r0; wlit-at, No. - red, Ullc to UTc;
corn, No. -, --u to 1-lc; out, No, ., 17c
to 18c; rye, No. , :i,m to JUlcj butter,
cliok'ii civnmoi'.v, l.u to We; iaa, frouli,
Ho to lllc; potutocri, per IiiikIivI, ISc to
;ilcj broom corn, common short to cholco
ihvurf, $-."1 to $U0 per ton.
IlnllilliiipollH-C.ttle, shipping, $3.00 to
$."1.0(1; hnjjH, cholco lljjht, $11.00 to $U.7o;
ulieep, common to prime, $-.00 to $.'1.50;
wltritt, No. , tlSc to 70uj corn, No.
white, -Ui; to 5c; ontn, No. white, 10c.
to lc.
Kt. I.oni-CatJIe, $.S,00 to $5.00; Iioks.
$:i.l0 to $:i.7."i; wheat, No. -, 70u to 7!lc;
corn, No. yellow, '. to .c; outM,
No. white, 15c to 17c; rye, No. 2, 'Mo
to il.'ll'.
ClnclnnnU-Oitttle, $2.50 to $1.75; hog,
$11.00 to $:i.75; bhecp, $2.50 to $!l.50;
wheat, No. 2, 7.1c to 'thv; corn, No. 2
mixeil, 25c to 27ej onts, No. 2 mixed, 17c
to lllc; rye, No. 2, HKc to -lie.
Detroit-Cuttle, $2.5(J to $5.00; hogs,
$3.00 to $3.73; sheep, $2.00 to $3.50;
wheat, No. 2 red, 70o to 72c; corn, No. 2
yellow, 25c to 2tle; oats, No. 2 white, 20c
to 21c; rye. iillc to KSc.
Toledo Wheat, No. 2 red, 72o to 7-lc;
corn. No. 2 yellow, -.'lu to 21c; oats, No.
2 white, lllc to JvSc; rye, No. 2, title to tlSc;
clover heed, $5.10 to $5.20.
Milwaukee Wheat. No, 2 spring, 05o
to (I"e; cnr.'l, No. 2, 22c to 2le; oats, No.
2 white, ,10c to 21c: lint Icy, No, 2, tide to
title; rye, No. 1, tillo to !!7c; pork, mess,
$11.50 to $7.00.
lluffnlo-Cnttle, $2.50 to $5.00; hogs,
$3.00 to $1.25; sheep, $2.00 to $3.75;
wheat, No. 2 ted, 73o to 75c: corn, No. 2
yellow, 27c to 20c; oats, No. 2 white,
23c to 25e.
Now York-Cattle, $3.00 to $5.00; hogn,
$3.00 to $1.50; sheep, $2.00 to $1.00;
wheat, No. 2 red, 71c to 72c; corn, No, 2,
2Se to 20c; oats. No. 2 white, 21c to 22c;'
butter, creamery, 12c to lBu; es, Wt
eru, lie to XU-,
-AJaBk ,LH-r-sTli-9-I-k TH
A4 -tla -'EaKl9l-i-!-awia-H
Main Office: 1740 & 174-1 Monadnock Block, Chicago.
Telephone Mulii I'M 8.
H. B. SEELY, Sole Manufacturer.
House Mover and Raiser
Special attention paid to shoring up fronts, setting columns,
lintels and girders, shoring up and straightening floors.
Brick and Stone Buildings Raised and loved.
Office: Rooms 3 & 4, 83-85 Washington St.,
Xolcplione Main 730.
RESIDENCE: IS York: Street. Offlco Hours, 1:30 to 2:30 p. to.
Builders' and Traders' Exchange, Box 339.
YARD : 15 to 31 York Street. Telephone West 676.
6.2-1 Lincoln Avenue,
Paints and Wall Paper,
446 & 448 Lincoln Avenue.
Paintinflr, -Paperhangfinor and Decora.tinr
Wkilaiali: It. 410 Inoelul
9. RIIIIIKI, toirfMt.
Tlphon North 040. .-.-..CHICAGO.
Nmt WtatLr Av.nu. and Larrab.. Itriat.
Gas, Electric and Combination Fixtures.
Gas Globes, Etc.
The Largest Stock on the North Side.
' ---------
Telephone 1010.
mm i iHi
27 & 29 Market St.,
Hotels, Club Housei
Lak Viw 158.
At., etr. Uioili At, """isi.
W. REDIEIKf, tto. M TrMtt.
and Restturtoti SuppLW.
. j, j!,
W a. J--tffr i , atfrrfl 1 1 ? 1 .f t't W
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