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NUMBER 38tt.
- ; -
The Eleventh Ward Will Probably
Present the Well-Known Brick
lannfaotnrer for Mayor.
His Character Is Above Reproach, and He
Would Make a Very Strong
The Number of Candidatei Now in the Field
for Mayor the Largest Ever
An Epitome of the Mayoralty Situation Up to
Date, with Records of
It Is seldom Hint n candidate for
Mayor Iron innilo ho much stir on ho
Mliort a notice ns linn William II. Alslp,
tho well-known Eleventh Ward resi
dent nnd popular business man.
Mr. Alslp bus always been reluctant
ubout allowing tho uso of hi namd
for public office, but this time his great
popularity has stood In tho way of the
withdrawal of his name.
The Eleventh Ward delegation to the
elty convention will In all probability
present the name of the popular brick
maker to that body when It assembles
on Friday.
Mr. Alslp has been actively Identified
with the bUHlncM Interests of Chicago'
for over twenty years.
He knows tho needs of tho city nnd
has the bnckbono and the high admin
istrative ability to administer tho af
fairs of tho Mayor's ottleo In a manner
satisfactory to all classes of citizens.
Tho fact thnt Mr. Alslp will undoubt
edly go Into the city convention with
tho solid Republican delegation of tho
ward for him for Mayor gives him a
big boom to start with.
William II. Alslp was born In Prairie
du Chlen, Wis., In 1857. Ills pareuts
removed In his Infancy to McGregor,
Iowa, whero he received his early edu
cation. Coming to Chicago In 1873, ho
graduated successively from one, of tho
elty high schools, tho old Chicago Uni
versity, and from tho Union College of
Ijiw. Although admitted to tho bar he
never practiced, but weut Into tho brick
manufacturing business, with which h
has ever lneo beeu connected. Ho Is
now tho active manager of tho Alslp
Brick Company, ouo of the largest con
cerns of tho kind In tho West. Mr.
Alslp has served as presldout of tho
Hullders nnd Traders' Exchange, and
us an officer of tho Nntlonal Brlckmnk
ern Association. Although alwuys n
stanch Uepubllcan, ho has never been
a cnndldate for office. Ho has two chil
dren, nnd resides at No. 445 Ashland
At n mass meeting held Haturduy
night nt No. r.04 West Mndlsou Ktroot
under the auspices of the Republican
League Club of the Eleventh Ward,
W. II. Alslp was Indorsed for mayor
and George Mason for alderman to sue
ceod O. B. Hiiiubletou, who tiuiinuured
that business olrilgatlous prevented
him seeking a re-election.
Georgn Mason presided nt the meet
ing, and A. W. Hrlekwood was secre
tary. Tho latter presented a series of
resolutions, heretofore published, In
dorsing tho candidacy of W. II. Alslp
for mayor, and they wore udopted with
great demonstrations of applause by
tho 500 persons present. After speeches
by several persons, Mr. Alslp useended
tho platform. When tho cheering sub
sided Mr. Alslp said:
"Tho offleo of mayor of tho City of
Chicago Is worthy of tho nmbltlou of
tiny man. I do not think I should bo
dubbed u reliel against tho Republican
party because 1 have tho temerity to
Usplro to that position. The work
which this organization has under
taken, of securing honest elections and
good govorumout lu Chicago, has
caused certain porsous to attempt to
heap odium upon some of us who were
placed in tho position of leaders. Well,
I guess our shoulders are broad enough
iinil our constitutions Strang enough to
tttnnd oil such attacks. I cauuot say
to you positively to-night that I will bo
a candldato for tho Republican nomi
nation for mayor, but I assure you that
If Major Mason, whom you have In
dorsed for alderman, and I do enter tho
race It will bo to win, not to lose."
Mr. AlBlp's first speech of tho cam-
, pnlgn was shorter tlmn tho nppluuso
which followed It. Among tho other
speakers were Alderman Huinbleton,
Joseph W. Rea, Dr. E. V. Xocl, H. C.
Peterson nnd John II. Parker. W. 1.
Godfrey Introduced a resolution thank
ing Alderman Huinbleton for the man
ner In which he hnd served his con
stituents, and A. 8. Utltz offered n reso
lution Indorsing the. autl-dcpnrtmeut
store movement. Both resolutions were
adopted, and a committee of ten, with
A. B. Utlts as chairman, was appointed
'from (ho club to co-operate with the
Business Men's Association In refer
ence to department stores.
Among the candidates for Mayor
mentioned to ditto arc tho following:
Washington Hosing (Independent).
First Ward; ready to take tho support
of any party or faction. sHls principles
are all right, nnd his platform will be
found In full lu another column of this
page or The Eagle.
John Maynanl Harlan (Independent),
Twenty-second Ward; head of the citi
zens' reform movement.
Cuirt. W. P. Black (Independent); a
Democrat, representing no class and
advocating no particular principle.
William R. Kerr (Republican), Thir
ty-second Ward; seeks to build up a
personal machine which will advance
his own Interests. Is opposed by the
old machine and antl-machluo South-
' Jos. Downey (Republican), Twelfth
Ward, present Commissioner of Public
Works; looked utsin ns tho likely choice
of Madden, Lordlier and Hertz. Hus
the Indorsement of various labor organ
izations and stands on a platform prom
ising a business administration.
Orueme Stewart (Republican), Twenty-second
Wurd; u comproinlsH candi
date, who may bo adopted by Madden
to gain support of North Sldo wards.
He refuses to cater to machine men,
nnd would lie a business man's eandl
date 1f nominated.
Judge Nathaniel C. Soars (Republl
can), Twenty-tlfth Ward: the take
View candidate of the anti-Pease forces,
led by Lloyd Smith. Ho Is strong with
lawyers and business men, and would
be accounted u reform candidate. Ills
select Ion by tho machine Js no more Im
probable tlciu would bo Mr. Downey's
or Air. Stewart's.
Bernard A. Kckhurt (Republican),
Eleventh Ward. Nobody's caudldate
particularly, although ho has beeu fre
quently mentioned. As a mcmlcr of
tho Dnilniigo Board ho has made a
good record.
James II, ()llbert(Republlcan), Fourth
Ward. Tho most probable candidate
mentioned from tho South Hide. Popu
lar with iollt1clnus and business men
alike. Was Cook County's sheriff, aud
Is now a banker. Commercial people re
gard him as a safe mail.
Daniel D. Henly (Uepubllcan), Presi
dent of the County Board. An honest,
upright man, always strong with tho
John M. Smyth (Republican), Eigh
teenth Ward. Is a dark horso always to
bo watched. Ills Inllueiice on tho West
Hide Is great aud he numbers his dele
gates by lives. Politicians claim ho can
have machine eapport whenever ho sig
nifies his Intention of becoming a can
didate. His position In business circles
makes him a prominent figure.
X. It. Carter (Republican), Elovonth
Ward. If he should run ho would l
known as u machlue candidate, al
though his record in public life has been
clean. He Is a member of the Drain
age Board, and prominent lu West Sldo
Aloxuudor II. Rovell (Republican),
Twenty-second Word. Well known In
Republican politics, ho has fought for
reforms through the Marquette Club
and Clvlo Federation.
Ephralm Banning (Republican), Thlr-
The Highly Respected Chicago Business Man Wno Ii Mentioned for the Mayoralty.
teenth Ward, has the Indorsement of
his own wurd, nnd promises If ho re
ceives tho nomination to conduct an
antl-machlne campaign. Ills support
would be found lu colored Republican
Thomas H. Untitling (Republican),
Thirty-fourth Ward. Brought out by
the autlmachlneKcpuhllcuus of the
Thirty-fourth Ward and supported by
Hyde Park generally. He will probably
withdraw In favor of his brother Eph
ralm. R. C. (llvllis (republican). Second
ward. Ho Is out for mayoralty nomi
nation, and may receive the vote of his
delegation In tho city convention. He Is
very strong outside his owu ward, and
Is an ideal man.
.T. Frank Aldrlch (republican), Thirty
second ward. The man whom Con
gressman Mann has hit upon as a tit
candidate to oihihc W. R. Kerr Is strong,
able mid honest.
1 lames A. Sexton (republican),
Twenty-second wurd. A very dark
horse, whose chances are slim. Ills
peisonal following claims a hold on
Hertz that can not be Ignored.
, E. A. Potter (republican), Thirty
second ward. Mcutloucd by the niitl
Kerr force. He Is a prominent busi
ness mail and would apply business
principles to tho mayor's otllce.
Edward I.. Roberts (republican),
Thlrly-llrst ward. A citizens' candi
date for the republican nomination. Oc
cupies a position similar to that of Mr.
Potter. lie announces himself tin null
machine caudldate.
.1 ud go Hauecy (republican), Third
wurd. Hacked by his ward but unable
to count upon uuy delegates, his boom
hus almost faded from view,
Carter II. Harrison (democrat),
Twenty-fourth ward. Tho cholco of
tho machine leaders Burko and (Julian.
Ho Is tho man tho rabid silver men
would nominate, thus permanently din
organizing Hie party, Harrison Is very
much "the sou of his rather" candidate.
Judge Henry M. Hhepard (democrat),
Thirty-second ward. An able Jurist
and a possible compromise, candidate
who would reunite a divided party. His
friends promise that if ho is elected
Chicago will have a business ndmluls
tratlou even under u democrat.
Judge Thomas A. Morau (dem.),
Thirty-second ward; one of the ablest
lawyers lu tho west, nud tho strongest
gold democrat In Chicago, Ho would
not take the uomluutlon, but Ids large
following persist lu mentioning his
naino as a caudtdato. If ho should
consent to make tho run, business men
say ho would beat any republican thut
opposed him.
Aid. A. W. Maltby (dom.), Twenty
second ward. His council record en
titles him to consideration. Ho would
bo an anU-machlno citizens' cnndldate.
John 1'. Altgeld (dem.), Twenty
fourth ward. Always a possibility. Ho
Is with tho machine nnd n dictator In
democratic politics. There are many
who liellevo ho could hnyo tho nomina
tion for tho asking. Ho would flud It
hard to make, the public believe him u
reform candidate.
Ex-Judge Frank Kcales (democrat),
Twelfth ward. Quite lwpular, but more
likely to be nominated for Judge.
Aid. Charles M. Walker (democrat).
Twenty-fourth ward. Ho would lie a
strong candidate If there were no silver
Issue. He Is backing Harlan for mayor,
uud refuses to consider tho request of
friends that he become a candidate.
Judge John Bartou Payno (democrat),
Twenty-fifth ward. Trttde's man for
the nomination. Ills !oom has weak
ened, ns Harrison's waxed strong. Alt
geld, Burke and Cuban oppose him, and
ho can scarcely laud the prize.
The Democrats of the Eleventh Ward
proH)so to do a most sensible thing this
spring ami nomlnato Mr. Gcorgo Dud
dlestou, of the well-known Una of East-
v- --
laud h Dnddleston, for Aldcrmnu. They
will elect him. loo. (icorge Duddle
ston 1a known far and wldo for
his ability, his fearlessness, and his
high character. Tho firm of Eastland &
Duddlcstou is ono of tho best known
butcher linns iu tho country, nnd tho
members of the firm are llko tho meat
they sell above lcprouch.
Mr. William A. Tulte Is the unani
mous choice of tho business men of tho
Fifteenth Ward for Alderman. He
will bo tho Democratic nominee, and
as his record In both public and private
lire Is as clear as a bell bo Is almost
certain of election,
Mr. Joseph Jung, the popular brower,
Is tho strongest man yet montloned by
Democrats for Assessor of tho Town of
Lake, Ho Is suro to he tho Democrat c
candldato nt the head of the Town of
Lake ticket.
Three West Sldo monibors of the City
Council whoso ottlclul records have beeu
orltlclscd severely have already been
doomed to retirement by tho political
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. -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanv
Rn :
organizations which placed them In of
fice. In the Eleventh Ward Aldcrmnu
Charles E. Humblcton has been mark
ed for slaughter. In the Twelfth Ward
Alderman James L. Campbell has been
told that his effort to be nominated for
re-election has not the approval of the
Republican politicians. Tho third Al
derman Is Charles F. Holmati, of Uio
Thirteenth Ward.
Information to this effect was brought
to tho headquarters of tho Municipal
Voters' Icaguo by representatives of
tho Republican organizations of tho
three wards. In the Eleventh Ward ex
Commissioner of Public Works Kent
desires to resume his old place lu the
council. Tho league frowned on his
candidacy, uud tho ottlcers of tho re
form organization have received assur
ances that Kent will not he named.
Tho Republicans have about decided to
nominate George Masou lu this ward.
Mayor Swift Is said to look upon Ma
son's candidacy favorably. The Demo
crats, who a year ago elected an Alder
man In this ward, notwithstanding tho
fact that It Is the homo of Mayor Swift,
nnd has always been counted n sure
Republican ward, have picked out what
they believe Is another winner, In
George Duddlcstou, the popular whole
sale meat dealer.
It Is believed that Mr. Dnddleston can
beat any Republican who may be nom
inated, as George Is one of the most
popular citizens of tho ward.
Mr. Thomas Rowan, who has for
many years loon manager of the cus
tom department of Work Brothers'
great clothing establishment, will, It Is
said, bo tho Democratic nominee for
alderman In tho Tenth ward. Tom
would run llko u scared deer, as his
friends In the Tenth ward uud through
out tho entire city are legion.
Mr. John Gnzzolo, tho popular West
Bide Democrat, Is out for tho Demo
cratic nomination for West Town Sup
ervisor. If tho Democrats of tho Eleventh
ward nomlnato honest Oeorge Daddies
ton for uldermun ho will make a win
ulug uud memorable tight.
The Legislature should pass tho bill
for lower telephono rati. Should they
fall to do so there Is ouly oue Inference
to bo drawn.
Hon. Win. J. Murphy will probably
bo tho next Alderman from tho Seventh
Ward. Ho Is capable uud popular.
Otto Hnertel, the well-known hard
ware merchant, will succeed Alderman
Ilolmnu, from the Thirteenth Ward.
If the West Town imichlno turns
down honest Jacob Horn for Assessor,
uud nominates a Imruaclo lu his place,
then look out, for breakers ahead. Horn
Is tho choice of tho people, and the peo
ple will knife any machlue or gang can
didate uamed In Ids stood.
It Is Beginning to Look as If the
Postmaster Could Not
Be Beaten.
In All Walks of Life People Are Declaring
for Him and Tendering
Democrats of All Classes and Conditions Are
Declaring that He Suits
Them Well.
General Gossip of a Political Nature from All
the City Wards and
What Is the use of having an Imita
tion man for Mayor?
There have been too many puppets In
the Mayor's chair, and the people of
Chicago are very sick nnd very tired
of that kind of Chief Magistrates.
Mayors noted for tiielr ability to
smoke cigarettes or noted for having no
ability nt all, have beeu too numer
ous lu the past.
That Is the reason why Washington
Hosing is so strong.
Tho Hoplo know Just what he would
do If ho was elected Mayor.
He would be Mayor!
Aud lio would be a Mayor with execu
tive ability of the highest order.
No petty ward politician would con
trol him.
The commonest citizen would have as
much of a show for his rights us the
finest club dandy.
The Democrats will nominate a weak
ling. Altgeld will not permit them to nom
inate anybody else.
He wants some oue whom he can
The Republicans will show on Fri
day who their standard bearer Is to be.
If he Is not a strong man, the Lord
help them.
This Is the people's year, ami tho un
der current is till for Heslug.
It la beginning to look very much us
If Mr. Heslug Is going to be elected.
If he Is elected he will not bo counted
Tho Hcslng sentiment lu the commun
ity is too strong for that.
Mr. Hcslng addressed n great meet
ing nt the Central Music Hall last Fri
day evening. He spoke of Chicago's
needs, nud announced the following as
Ids platform:
1. System lu tho administration of
city affairs.
-'. Enforcement of civil Service law
in letter uud spirit.
'I. Absolute repudiation of personal
desires or parly organizations lu local
4. RlKld Insistence' on the carrying
out of all contracts and ordinances,
without respect to persons. Restric
tion of the privileges of monopolies ami
.r. Honest assessments. Compensa
tion for public franchises.
tl. Clean streets and perfect s.tultary
7. The malutetmnco of tho lire nud
police departments Ina manner suitable
to tho needs of Chicago, and the resoT
lute upholding of employes In all de
partments who devote their honest en
orgies to tho performance of duty.
5. No quarter to dlshonrst nnd incom
petent public servants.
I), finverument of the city In tho In
terest of all tho people, without regard
to class, condition, race, creed or party.
10. The recognition of tho fact lu ev
ery dcKirtmcut of tho city government
that "A public otllco Is a public trust."
Oue of tho most popular of our solid
business men prominently mention
ed by Republicans for 'Mayor is Mr.
Edwin A. Potter. Ho was born In Bath,
Me., In 1845, son of William Potter,
lumber mauufarturer aud shipbuilder,
Bath, Me., of old Now Englaud family,
whoso progoultors settled in Massachu
setts iu 1035, eumo to Chicago lu May,
187-', as manager of tho branch house
of Allium French & Co,, of Boston, tho
oldest nnd largest house lu tho Import
ing china nud glassware business In
New Englnnd. Tho Chicago iionso bo
ennio mi Independent concern uuder tho
name of French, Potter & Wilson In tho
year 1880. E. A. Potior has been nt tho
head of thnt house over since up to the
present time. Iu 1880, conjointly with
(Jcorgo W. Lyon, of Chicago, ami Win.
Stelirway, of New York, organized the
house of Lyon, Potter & Co., has been,
nnd Is still the managing partner of
that business. He Is n member of tho
Union League, Chicago Athletic, Ken
wood, aud Washington Park Clubs. He
has Ik-cu president of the Kenwood
Club and the Chicago Athletic. Never
sought nor held any political office.
First vote ever coat was for Abraham
Lincoln when up for second term. Re
publican In. politics, never voting any
other ticket. Resides at No. 4832 Madi
son avenue, the Kenwood district of tho
Thirty-second Word.
The Bumoeracy nud the Popocmcy
have again formed a union.
If Russell Harrison lived lu Chicago
tho Republicans might nominate him
for Mayor,
Sons of their fathers with cigarette
attachments have never made very suc
cessful mayors.
Altgeld's last whine will cost Ids can
didate thousands of votes.
Instead of confining their campaign
to a betterment of the city's conditions,
tho Populist gang are shouting for free
silver, us If the election of a Mayor
would do anything toward remedying
the Una nets of the nation.
A report that William Lorlmer had
suffered a haircut was storied on Tues
day, but was promptly contradicted.
Members of the Legislature who take
money for voting lu favor of the depart
ment stores should ls promptly
Long Ennls, tho well-known Tenth
Wurd barrister, Is slated for a Judge
ship by the Tenth Ward Democrats.
The tloatlug saloon Virginia will smut
he disturbing the peace of mlud of de
cent people. The opening of navigation
Is near at hand.
The Kerr men have adopted a coat of
arms. It 1s a spittoon rampant, with the
motto: "In HoeCnspldnrus Vlnces."
The Democratic emblem this spring
will be n cigarette on an azure Held.'
It looks more and more ns If Wash
ington Heslug will be tho next Mayor.
Following nro the Aldormnnle candi
dates up to date:
First Ward-F. P. (Benson, R.; Mich
ael Kenna, D.; Johu Hitter, R.
Second Ward-W. O. Robinson, it.;
Leopold Moss, D.
Third Ward-Nobh B. Judah, R.i Ell
Smith, R.
Fourth Wurd-D. F. Crllly. R.; .1. .1.
Shlbley, R.; W. D. Bishop, R.
Fifth Ward-John Ernst, R.; James
Daley, D.; Michael Kennedy, R.j W. J.
Doerr, R.
Sixth Ward-James Hogan, R.j W. J.
O'Brien, D.i Robert Sloan, Ind.
Seventh Ward-Edward Hans, R.
ElKhth Ward-John Bennett, D.
Ninth Ward-Edward F. Cullerton,
I).; August Pehlke, Bid.; Charles J.
Moertel, R.j Johu Dwyer, R.j Polk Can
Held, D.j R. Melius.
Tenth Ward-Anton Novak, R.j Peter
Blower, D.
Eloveuth Ward-W. D. Kent. R.j
Oeorge Dnddleston, D.j Daniel J. Av
ery, R.j George A. Mason, R.
Twelfth Wnrd-H. D. Chapln, R.j W.
F. O'Henrne, D.j J. L. Campbell, .;
Jnmes II. Francis, D.j George Lau
graph. R.J Do Witt 0. Jones, R.
Thirteenth Ward Martin Knowles,
ibBy-j.y.&y''Kw. .,, . tllvi. ,', j

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