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Ilje l)tcaoo tfaolt.
Aa Independent Politics! Sewspgper,
FeMrles$ Mad Truthful.
ENRY F. DONOVAN, Editor aid PrcprltUr,
S04 Teutonic Building,
a. E. Comer Washington St. anil Fifth Ate.
Intered at the PostoWce at Chicago, HU
otj, as secoml-clxi siattcr.
The Eagle can lia ordered nt Charles
Macdonuld & Co.'s literary emporium
and book ..tore. 55 Washington street,
J,. U. Jackson's periodical and hows
depot, 05 Clark street,
Itolit. i:. Burke's book, stationery,
periodical uud newspaper depot, 40
Division street,
Skcrninn Home news stand,
rainier Home news stand,
Trutnout House news stand,
Security Building news
8outliea-t corner of Madison
and Fifth, avenue.
Tin; Eagle can alxo be ordered ftt tbo
following news depot:
Aekerninn Martin It.. 1504 Milwaukee nr.
Arnold Frank. 2ikSO X. Ashland a'.
AiiHtln Robot t II. A.. GiiO Wentwortli uv.
BunRt Ito-a Mrs.. 2lt Center
Blrehler Aloys G.. 1521 W. 51t
Boullnn George W.. 5SKI Rt
Brocket1 El'znbcth. " Polk
Brown Mary Mis.. 455 Grand av.
Bitch Frederick. ll.'IS Milwaukee uv.
Buckley .lolui. 211 X. Wells
Cahlll Maggie Mrs., 1 X. Well
Cuprattl Prank I.. HO X. Clark
Carroll Dennis M. I.. 050 X. Clark
Carroll Nell,. Miss 104 N. Clark
Catlln William. 7710 Uallroad nv.
GunMrom Albert, ::KI4 Wentwortli av.
Chicago Magazine Exchange, 70'-', 107
Cornwall Jiitues C. Y rotunda Masonic
Currier Herbert A.. Wellington Hotel
Deke Frederick. 412 X. Ashland uv.
Downey Ezeklel. 080'. W. Lake
Dunne & Shaver. Wells st. depot
Elchert Charles. Itaveu uw. cor. C.
W. Ity. tnuks
Eisner Edward. 4.'I0 Lincoln av.
Erben Henry C. RIO Center
Farley Mary A. Mrs.. 4020 Slate
Farrell .Toliu E.. Sherman House
Fash Henry. 510 W. Madison
Frlelltx I'.. Mrs.. :i8S W. Lake
Gibson Xathnu L.. i.74 X. State
Oo.linnn Matilda Mrs.. 415 8. Hoisted
Goldman Tillle Mrs.. 11110 W. Madison
Graf A: Co., 14S CI) bout n av.
Gray Itobert A.. 1)155 Coiniuerclal av.
Hnggnrt Louis H 5S50 State
Hansen Cliai lotto Mrs., 750 W, Xorth av,
Hedley Frederick. 1100 W. Lake
Helm S. H.. 77 ltush
Henuings Gustnv, 15S Adams
Henry A. B., -.70 W. Fnllertou nv.
Herbert Louis V 500 W. Lake
Hlrscl: Mlnue Mrs., 1.J51 Wabash av.
Holder Edward V.. WOO W. Lake
Hover Augustus, S77 W. Folk
Inuian I'eier II. Jr.. SO N. Wells
Jensen Muds II.. UTS W. Lake
Johnson 'i'lioums M 0110 W. Lako
Joliutnn Otlio E., Exeh. liMs. stk. yds.
Jones Herbert It., 100 Hist
King Nellie Miss. 470 W. Lnke
Kniismnnn Philip, O.T7 Blue Island av.
KoMiklewlrz Felix, l.'tl W. Blockhawk
Law .on Ellen Mrs., :tlO W. Lake
Law-son Louis W.. 202 W. Loku
Llljeblad & Magiiiison. 1(W Oak
Marcus Harry, MM 5 Ogden nv.
Mather Charles ;., .",1151 Wabash a v.
McCunn Walter It., 41140 E. Itavenswood
McMillan, Alexander. fH! X. State
Mezek Prank, S'.MIl Butler
Miller George II.. : W. Laku
Monroe William II.. 480 State
Mooney John W.. 207 X. Clark
Nowc Catherine W. Mrs.. niOUflth
Post Gflice. News Co.. 217 De'irborn
Prance Joseph, 101 W. Blackhawk
I'urtill James. 4110:1 S. Hoisted
Richardson Emma Mrs., 008 W. Lake
Itlrhnrdxon Kate Mrs.. 1588 X. Clark
Robinson Emma M. Mrs., 12.S Erie
Roderick Sarah E. Mrs.. 058 W. Lake
Rylander Carl, Board Trade Bldg.
Scberer Thomas (I.. 847 Clybourn av.
BckuUen Theresa Mrs.. .'SOI W. 12th
Blomer Eubciih E., 005 Sedgwick
ataltb Edward !!., 77 22d
Btrinhauier Edward, 7043 Butler
Thsrpe Sadie Miss, 820 W. Lake
Tbelsi Bertha Miss, 1010 Milwaukee av.
Thomas William R., 0221 Commercial av.
Tracy Charles, 104 narrison
Vogelsang Georse, 815 W. Xorth av.
Waiifb David B., 114 Warren av.
Welr Joseph A., 020 Southport av.
Whitney Georgo A.. 018 W. Lake
Whyte Alexander M.. 347 W. CSth
Wilson Ida B.. 413 Wabash av.
Wolf Simon. 515 X. Wells
Wood Ernest, 2070 W. Congress
Woodward F. E.. rotunda 183 Madison
And at all tlrat-clau news atanda
throughout the West.
Chicago Tribune: t'uiloubtrdly a aiiii
Jorlty of the voters of Chicago prefer
nnltomst uinl ellleleut iiuiulelpal gov
criimcm to one w bleb N corrupt and In
oillcletn. TJiey are pleased with the io
I'm ins which have been wrought during
lliel.ixl twoje.irs and would like to see
further prujiress In the t,uiio dlrirtlon.
CliliMii b:iv n heavy majority for
the elvll-seivlee law when It was mIi.
uiltted to theiKipular vote. If that law
wen to be siiluultted nir.iln, after the
people have een .for two ye.iis how It
winks, nti oxefwheliulin: majority of
the otes .ist would 1e 111 Its fit. or.
Two yenis u'jo the niictlou iiltuilt-
ted to tin voters was whether the In
Unite mid tiupt.ikuhle I'orruptloti of
tin last Deiu.ier.itle elty nilinlnlslr.itloit
should be eontliiuetl for two years
more. The people decided by u liuijoi
lly of lii.imo that they did not Intend to
ulhw u Tammany Hall to be built up
In Chle.iuo to rule the elty.
A majority of the people are of Hie
same opinion still. They do not waul
ii return of the vile municipal condi
tions which existed two yen is u;io.
They do not hanker after (duffed pay
rolls or a police force which Is cilm
Inally active at the primaries ami on
election days, mid Is criminally luac
tlvothc test of the time. Xor will they
ever be planned with tlunc evils ucnlti
If they stick together.
Ttiltcil we stand, divided we fall."
If those 4'lilc.ii;oaus -who prefer u de
cent to u "wide-open" city jioveriimcnt
forget Unit, they may be visited by
feme very unpleasant thoituhts the day
ufter election.
How will they feel -a week from lo
day If the eiecthiu returns show -tlint
by spllttliin up their votes they have
put Tammany Hull in power twilii and
b.i vehandi d over the control of the city
Kovcriuuctit to the unclean siiiif that
was driven out of otlhv lu 1N5V
Then they will repent, when repent
nine will be too late. Then those wla'i
have thrown uwu' votes which, had
they been cast wisely, would have de
feated the candidate who represents nil
the bad elements In the community
will be tilled with shuttle uud humilia
tion. They will see thut they slimed
nifiilust the llj-'lit when they I ejected
the piod udvlce kIvcii t hem.
There Is no division of sentiment
mining the wiiid-heelei'H uud bummers,
who look on llurrlsoti us the advance
nueiit of their prosperity. They are
not Kolnjr to scatter their voles on Im
possible candidates. They want lo
plunder the city uud Ihey know they
cannot do It unless Harrison Is elected.
Tlie determination of these men to
win is shown by the despeuile. leek
less elVorls they are making now lo
keep lu the registry Itookx the shoals
of Illegal voters whose nanies they
have put there. They have pithered
In the tramps of the Northwest, uud In
tend to use them to foist themselves
on the pay-rolls.
If these creatures do win by bclnc
united while their opponents are di
vided, the last state of Chicago will be
worse than the llrst. If "the pnif;"
cairlcs the day all Us members, who
have been starving for the Inst two
years, will have Insatiable uppetltes.
Xo civil service law will withstand
t.lieiu. It will p, iiIoiik with every other
leforiu that has been made since April
of IMi.". There will be seven unclean
splills lu the "swept uud curulshcd"
house for every one thai was there mi
ller the last Democratic administra
tion. There are evil days lu store for Chi
caiio If Tammany Hall Is kIvcii anoth
er lease of life. If It comes Into power
next Tuesday It cannot be expelled for
two years. A day's folly will entail
twenty-four mouths of useless regret.
Therefore, those who really want
piod government must close up their
ranks. They must unite on the only
candidate who inn be elected over
Harrison. They must drop lleslui; uud
Harlan, whose presence In this cam
palun weakens the cause they profess
to have ut heart, and unite on Judire
Sears. When they do that victory will
Ih theirs and ood Kovernment In Chi-
cup) will be perpetuated.
There Is always danger that the city
ciiiiipnlKii will so fur overshadow the
town campaign as to make the jn'ople
iiudeivstlmiite the Importance of the
town elections. There are, besides tin
constables, four town oltleers to elect
lu each of tbe seven towns within the
limits of Chicago, or twcuty-cljtht lu
nil. The cniupiilKti Is now far ad
vanced, nud it Is worthy of special trite
that not one of the twetily-elKht candi
dates of the Republican party has been
the subject of peiMiiial criticism, not to
say censure. It Is true u self-appointed
keeper of the people's political con
science has expectorated lu u pueial
way iikiiIusi nil asxessors, uud tried to
Klve vitality to Mime Independent nomi
nations of Its own devlsliiB, but when
It comes rluht down to straight and
holiest politics even the supporters of
other candidates me obliged to ailtull.
by Inillicctlon. of each one of the (wen-ty-eluhi.
"I find no I'uiill lu this man."
Tlie attempt nt special opposition Is
really contlned lo tbe three original
Chlcapi towns, the North, South mid
West Sides, to name them l.i older of
their settlement uud iu rcci.ul of the
order of their population. 'I no win
bianco of u flKlit was put up In Hyde
Park, but that did not amount to an
I him;.
North Town Republicans tire count
tun on their splendid candidate for 'oh
lector to pull their ticket through by a
handsome majority. The nomination
for Cnllectnrshlp wus jrlvcii to Frank
M. Blair, one of the most popular Re
publicans on the North Side, as has
been repeatedly proven lit elections.
The camlldnte for supervlso is A. II.
Halureii, u worthy represenlutlvi' or
the Scandinavians, uud for clerk
Muthhis J. Illbbeler, a tieriiiau-Aiuer-lean
or paid standing, Mr. Jinues J,
Cray, tbe Democratic candidate for As
sessor, is very popular and strong.
This ticket adds strength lo the elty
j ticket, ami Is above attack on any side.
On the West Side the uoiiiluiitlou of
that well-known uud popular youim
business man, Mr. .Iiiiuch Kcddlck,
merits the approbation of nil lovers or
piod piveiuuieiit nud It N believed that
the Republican West Town ticket will
win by u handsome maloilty, Eviry
property holder lu .he West Town
should turn lu nud do nil he can to
elect the followlm; ticket: Ascor.
Jinues llcddlck: Collector. J. P. Ste
pltia: Supervisor, Ernest Wledel: Cleik.
Jumes Ahern. No Heinoerat. even, has
nuythliii: to sny iijjnlnsi thein. anil
tbeie Is unconceivable reason why any
ltepitblleau should withhold his sup
port from them.
But the meatest contrast lu tickets I
presented by the South Sale. The
l'uinociucy put up for Ass sor one It.
('. ftiitiultii:, of whom It Is eueimh to
point to his indictment leiotd. printed
in full In the Chicago dallies several
days ai;o. The Uepubllcini ticket In
beaded by the present South Town As
sessor, .lolin w. Hepb-.irii. EU'iy tax
payer of last your knows what lo ex
pect from Mr. Il-'plmin. UN recnid Is
the best possible nrniiiaciit in favor
of his re-elect Ion. Nor will tin oe
for him be coiitlued by any means to
Republicans. Every voter with n plec e
of jirotind or other taxabb property In
the town Is Interested lu bavin uu
Assessor re-elected who will treat him
fairly, nud who has no use for "graft
The books of the postolllcc under
Washington Hcslnu's adniinlsttatlou
were closed nt 0 o'clock Wednesday
eveiilnir. mul the books under the ad
ministration of Postmaster Charles P,
(billion weie opened.
.Mr. Cordon urrlved a few moments
later, nccoinpanled by several friends,
uud .Mr. Heslm: put In mi appearance
at 0:.'ln o'clock. Then came Hie ad
vance Kim id of the superintendents of
departments, stations, stib-stailoiis,
uud branch poslolUces, with their re
ports of the balances on hand ut the
close of the day.
It was after 10 o'clock when the cash
ier's division was cheeked up. The
statement was:
Cash R 7,'WKMi
Piwinu'e slumps LHWi.tui."
Postal cards iL'.tHHi
Stamped envelopes 0I.IP2
Newspaper and periodical
stamps 41.201
Overdue posture stamps 12,::ot
Total ?54S.4:iS
The money order division lidded Slit,.
IMI lo the total of the lluaiielal state
ment of the ollice.
All of the IMI employes, with but one
exception, and olllelals who have to
do with the liaudllUK of funds and
slumps, have made their new bonds,
ritimlwj: to the new postmaster. Sup!.
J. M. Oiilulau. of SiMiloii .1. was-unablc
to have his bondsmen meet ut the post
ollice, nud he wus suspended by Mr.
lleslui; until his bond wus made, which
was done Thursday.
The new cashier, Charles A. Ilanuii.
Is not u relative of Pulled Slates Sen
ator llatiua.
It was midnight when the checking
up of the cashier's and money order
divisions was completed and the cash
and stamps found to lie correct. Mr.
Cordon then receipted to Mr. lleslui:
for the supplies uud eiiilpmeuts of the
various dlvMnus and stations, uud ac
knowledged to Inspector Stuart the
possession of tlie same, and he became
Invested with the rluht uud title or
Postmaster of Chlenp.
A Brand concert will be bIvcii on
Easier Monday evculnj;. Apill 10, 1S07,
at the new St. Vincent's Church, cor
ner Shellleld uud Webster inclines, the
proceeds lo be applied on fiirnlshlni:
uud decoration of the new edlllce.
Mrs. Antonio Melinite bus consented
to take cliarp of urraup'Uieuts, lu
which she will be nsslsted by Miss An
toinette Met! idle, who will ulso be
hca id lu the concert. A urn ml program
Is lu course of preparation, uud when
the list of those who will participate Is
complete, will be distributed anioni;
the parishioners. The new pews are
nil lu the church uud the stained itlass
windows will be lu for this occasion,
mid the electric llitht Illumination will
be complete III every detull. The ns
sitrauce that the concert! will ben rcat
musical treat under such iiuiuap'iueiit,
uud ns this will be the last occasion lu
which secular music may be beard In
Hie (till ml edlllce, the worthy object,
the pa nil slp"it, the p'orlous music,
should till St. Vincent's to Its utmost
Tim Enp"e Is for Sears because the
peat Curler II. Harrison (father or the
kid now runiiliii; on the Democratic
ticket) udvlsed The Eai;lc to always
oppose u candidate for Mayor who
favored wide-open pimblltiB lu Chi
cap. Iu accordance with this udvlce The
Kncli helped Carter II. Harrison the
peat when he rail Independent
upiiiist Wide-Open Crep'er ill 1S01, uud
thereby elected n Republican Mayor.
Iliiriisou the (ireat nlwuys pre
rerred Republican Mayors to Demo
emtio Mayors who permitted or prom
iM'd In penult wide-open pinibllni;.
Tbe Eap always followed Curler's
the Croat advice uud also foup"it for
blm lu (very assault that hu made on
corrupt Democratic machines.
That Is tbe reason why The Eagle
Is opposed to Carter Uu Less.
It followed his father so loin; that
It caunot p't used to the new nssoclates
of Carter the Less.
It Is iiufoiiuuate, iu some respects.
that by brace primaries and p'liernl ma
chine rejiulaiitles Aid. Multhy of the
Tweiuy-seeond Ward was not placed lu
reptlar nomination In recopilthui of
ids valuable services iu the Council,
when, with -Aid. Haiiaii, he pive the
citizens of that ward a repreM'iilaliou
of wirloli the decent element of the city
Is Justly proud. As it Is, hi.'ivover, Aid.
Mul.hy's name stands on the ticket by
petlthu. and probably thl.s Is just as
well. He Is uiiicb too piod a citizen
and uldei ir.'.iu for machine politics,
whether Deuiocr.itle or Republican,
and it Is p'atiryltu to know that the ib
cent citizens of that w.ud an
to his support. Tlie redemption of the
City Council can be effected only by
the lutellliceiit. decent citizens iKiiorlmr
the deni'.tnds of paily uud seiidliic to
the City Council .eau. honest, able
men, As for expecting Hie machine
politicians to 'have npird Tor any oth
er Inleicst than the machine, it very
brief aeiiualutaiice with ward polities
Is sulllelcnt ito dispel .such an Illusion,
The remedy placed lu the people's
hands by petition, however. Is one that
can only be effective when sustained by
the intelllneiit voters of both parties.
The decent citizens of the Twenty-second
Wnrd should send Aid. Maltby
back o tbe Council lo continue the
tlKlit which lt him the favor of the
"boodlers" uud rliijfHters. Record.
The election or Carter Harrison Jun
ior Is jioImk lo cost the city of ChlenBo
.si.wo.l'On lu license money.
It Is ucknowleiljied that the openlnc
of all the down-town namhliu;r (.'nines,
which Hartison piomlcs. together
with u pimblliiB ntlachment to every
saloon down town, will dose 'J.onu sa
loons In I he oiitlylm; districts.
This menus a falllnu' nit of ?1,oio
(Hid per year In the city's revenue.
It also mentis tcr-s stivet cleaulii.i: and
fewer police.
What ii Brand year this Is for bolters,
to be sure!
Deiiincmts who were tnujtht to Ixilt
by Curler II. Harrison In 1MU or by
lleslinr lu MM cnu now take their
Rut If you want to Isdt iIkIiI. bolt
nimlust the wide-open pimbllii;: policy
or Curler Jiuilor, Just us Carter Senior
showed you how to do when he bolted
upilust the wide-open pitnblliiB policy
of Crccler In iMil.
There Is iioIIiIub so populnr with the
Beiietnl public us pilze tittlil lilt; news.
The people must have It.
Take the Record's circulation slate
litem for March, uud you will discover
that this Is so.
Maich 17 the Rccoid sold 2U5,(KiO pa
pers. March IS. the day after the lk;hr, the
Record sold ':i,(hhi papers, loutlutm;
uu account of the Corhett-Flt.Mminons
The next day the circulation diopped
back to the regular IIbiiiv 2ii5.n.io
lu oilier words, ::s,ioo people bought
Records beciiuse they were liitoresled
In the prize Unlit, uud lu iiotbhn: else.
II Is safe to say thai nil the Chicago
papers sold over -Imi.iiimi extra papers
on account of this tlht uloiie.
Ami yet we hear It said ilia I prize
llu'htliiB Is a relic of b.iilmrl.mi,
there will be jw0 thousand
The saloon people who lire support
Iiilt Caiier-the-less are uiuklui; a ureal
When Cailer-the-lcss Is elected the
down-town piinbllnu saloons will do
all the business.
The respectable places outside the
business district will have to close up.
It was Just slv years npi this splint;
that the Carter II. Harrison drove
Crep'er and the Democrats out of the
City Hall, Tor riinnlni; the punbllin:
houses wide open. He had to run In
dependent and help elect the Republi
cans to do It, but lie did It Just the
Holt, bolters,
Bolt with t-.m,
Bolt with the ease of Old Catiiilre,
Bolt from his son
For tin same reason
That the old mail did from Old Cre
pt I re.
The thousands of Democrats who
assisted the peat Carter Harrison,
when he was alive, toihreak up the rot
ten Democratic machine, will now as
sist Judp Sim is to defeat Carter Jun
ior, because he U backed by the rotten
Democratic machine.
Ceorp ItudillcMnu, the repilar Hem
oeratie nominee for Alderman of the
P.lovculh Ward, Is u wholesale and ic
tall meat meiehaut ut 27 Market street,
and he resides at 44 Throop street. He
Is a member of the Masonic, Odd Pel
lows ami Kulpts of Pythias fraterni
ties. He Is one of the best known nud
most popular Democrats iu his ward,
and the nomination for Alderman came,
to him without his seeklup He has
uiiiioiiihciI his determination to woil;
for cleaner streets If elected, and lie is
in favor of compensation to the city for
valuable franchises. He has taken uu
active pint lu politics for many years,
and the business men of Ids ward lire
piiiu lilin stroiiK support, They are
coutldeiit he will ally himself with the
honest members of the Council to pro
teet the Interests of the people from the
pasplnu corporations and the uttacks
of the boodlluu Aldermen.
Caution. There is a white soap
shaved up and sold as Dobbins' Elec
tric, It is a fraud and will ruin clothes.
The genuine is never sold except in ban,
stumped Dubbins' Soap Mfg. Co., Phila
delphia, and iu wrappers with picture
of Mrs. Fogy.
Chlcapi, April 1. To the Editor: It
Is Impossible to deprecate too strong
ly Intimidation when connected with
the exercise or any great rigid, privi
lege or prorogutlvo. Thus wo ure till n
unit In condemning any unit nil nt
tempts nt coercing or unduly bullion
dug the sovereign voter when selecting
those whom be desires to represent or
govern him. The only way In which
we ure permitted to sway the popular
feeling Is by the educational or nrgii
inentatlve method: by coolly, calmly
and deliberately placing both sides or
the ipicstlou liefon the electors or the
commonwealth, uud giving lu a logical
uud tiuliupassluued tnantier good nud
stilllcietit reasons why one side Is more
worthy or consideration than the other.
It Is only the demagogue, or the mail
conscious or the weakness or his argu
ment, but tenaciously clinging to It,
who will dare rorusc his antagonists a
healing, or deny the opposition lespect
fid explanation. If our elections ought
lo be conducted In this Just, delibera
tive mode, how much inoru necessary
Is It for us to surround our legislative
assemblies with the saute luiluetices.
And yet the opposite Is the case, uud
within the past row weeks our Stale
lawmakers have been treated with
threatening, bulldozing measures that
are equated only lu the history or early
parliamentary meetings, when the rep
resentatives or Hie people were under
the Immediate control or the autocratic
power of tlie crown.
The constitutional right of petition
does not, uud never did, curry with It
the clement or Intimidation, and the
Itivudlug of the capltol by largo crowds
or uu army or Individuals with noise
or trumpets uud blare or brass bauds
to rorcc upon Hie luw-tuakcrs the adop
tion or some particular legislation Is
Improper lu the extreme, or eiiial
Incorrectness Is the holding or mass
meetings, even on the I mil or what Is
known ns the "better classes."' where
lu bitter speeches me made, mid
thrcnts eiiiinclalcd. ami abuse Indulged
lu. with the Intention or preventing the
enactment or some especial measure.
As an example of this conduct, I would
call intention to the way In which
what Is known us the "Humphrey bill"
lately Introduced Into our Legislature,
has been I rented. This bill practically
rctilics that certain powers now pos
sessed by Hie municipal council. In
liansferred to a boa id brought into
existence by Hie Illinois General As
sembly, mul it slmpllllcs lu every way
Hie relations of our surface street-car
roads to tin citizens. There Is not a
fiilr-mlmlcd. unbiased Individual who
tends this but who must give the girat
est credit to our street lullrouil coin
panics for the lungulltccut systems or
internal transportation wo possess, and
which have done more than any oilier
single factor to develop Chicago, ami
extend her hordcis, lueicase her
strength mid wealth, mul give her Hie
Imperial position she to-day occupies.
And yet the gieat men who have aided
so materially lu producing these re
sults, who huvo by Ihelr ablllllcs nt
liacted lluanclal Intlueiice to us, who
have laid out, built, engineered, nud
extended these roads, me treated with
to say Hie least scant courtesy
whenever they 'endeavor to Improve
the t nvlronineiits and place on a more
suionml stable basis the Interests com
mit led to their care.
A more honorable man, u more bioiid
minded citizen, or u more ihoiough
gentleman than Mr. Charles T, Yerkes
does not exist, Possessed of generous
iiuiillllciillous, which endear him lo
I hose with whom he personally comes
lu coiituet, It Is. however, lo his ottlclal
capacity I desire to Invite no i lee. He
round the North uud West Divisions of
Chicago "wide us the poles asunder."
with Incomplete car Hues, with small,
tiucniufnrtuhlc curs uud these few and
far between so that It was a mil day's
Journey to venture from one side of
the city to the other. The present
condition of affairs speaks for Itself,
mid needs no discussion, Mr. Yerkes
is the chief executive ottlclal of the
stockholders, who are the real owners
or the roads, nud the great mass of
these stockholders consists of men mid
women of medium or no means, who
have contldence lu the abilities of the
president, mid have put their savings
Into Hits stock as an Investment, The
president, thererore, has a sacred trust
In his bauds, ami an Important charge
Is Imposed upon him to guuid ami de
ft lid this trust In every way, and ut
all times.
But ii very short lime ago ihe Munic
ipal League of Chicago, lu nil olllchil
document Issued by Its order mid with
Its authority, gave a history of the al
dermen who rule our city, A careful
perusal of this Important paper showed
that the opinion of Hirse league olll
cers was Hint u considerable majority
of the city fathers were "had" men
nud unlit for their positions. And now
this league cries out that this venal
Council, too bad for Hiem lo deal with,
Is gootl enough for the railroad com
panies to idilalu charters from. And
when Vhc railroad corporal Ions appeal
lu Hu Interest of their xmeklmhlcrs to
the State Ltvlslalure lo be relieved
rroiuHicdaiigcrsnud Injustices connect
ed with llielr being at the mercy or this
Judged and league-condemned Council
Uien the members or the league are
tilled with virtuous horror, I mil afraid,
though, that Ihey themselves will
know how weak mid uutcutihlo Is their
At Hie Central 'Music Hall mass meet
ing the enemies of the Humphrey bill
announced that Ihry would be out In
force. Now, Hie confessed enemies of a
measure could not lie supposed. to dis
cover any eletneni or iroprlcly In II,
mid common decency would rctpilre
Hint ut such a gathering every phase
mid Nulsfivlsloii or the bill should be
talked over, mid weighed lu the balance
or reason mid Judgment. For no man
or measure should lie condemned with
out being given a chance for explana
tion. And yet the civic purists, lu the
most curt mid unfair manner isisslble,
refused positively to allow Hon. Egbert
JamlcMiu to appear and give reasons
why the bill should be accorded Impar
tial stiiily, so thai a clear understand
ing of Its merits or demerits might be
bad. Mr, Jainiesou Is u distinguished
mul courteous gemleman In all that the
words Imply, n learned lawyer, and n
man whose lire Is above reproach or
Jmwwwm $t -i v' '
JBik (Pit, W '
Lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam t
& yamBBl1 r Mo
H' ' HkL
'x TaW&LLWaaWmmwF '
i ,
suspicion; Ids relloAV-cltlzens have nt
various periods shown their contldence
In his prohtty uud ability, a one time
having elected him to a seat on the Ju
dicial (tench. The fedcnitlon leaders,
thererore, could not object to this gen
tleman us the ivpivsontullvc of the op
poslilnn, but by their refusal they dem
onstrated that 'they were In fear of him
In fear of his side of the case, lu fear
that his nble arguments would disturb
their program, nud might nullify their
pre-at ranged trial uud e.mdcmuatlou of
n measure tin iieMliilales and provi
sions o.r which they wished to reinuln
lu Ignorance or.
Willi mi Inherent hive or Justice mid
Talr play strong Avlthln me, 1 reel that
such ungenerous conduct should not
pass iiuol Iced.
No. 501 Washington boulevard.
A bill in legalize racing and pool selling
was Introduced lu the House Thursday by
Mr. Kileoiirse. of Chicago. It protldc
for a sixty-day season, ami a lax of $50
per day, the money to go to the State,
Foreign pool felling U barred. The bill
inrronslug salary of Chicago elect Inn
nlllchiU. and the Justice-police magis
trate bill, were advanced to third reading,
lu the Senate Senator Stubhlefleld Intro
duced n bill making the salary of the
warden at .Toilet not less than (2.MX), nor
more than $5,000. At present the salary
of the warden Is $2,MH). and the purpoe
of the bill is to nllow the payment of a
larger salary to MuJ. McClaughry, who
left a more lucrative position nt Pontine.
The department store hill was advanced
to third reading. The Governor trans
mitted lo the Senate a trustees of the
Northern Illinois Slate Normal School
at De Kalh the names or the following:
A. A. Goodrich of Chicago, to succeed
hlumelf: Isaac L. Elwood or Do Kalh. to
succeed himself: W. C. Garrard of Sprlug
Held, to succeed himself: Charles II,
Deere of Moliue, to succeed himself: R. S.
Pnrratid of Dixon, to succeed Thomas J.
Sparks. The uppohitiaeuts wcru con
The last General Assembly appointed
a special committee to thoroughly hive
tlgate tin question of child labor and to
make a report at the present session. Rep
resentative Charles Page Bryan, chair
man, presented the rcort to the House
Friday morning. It was read at length
and referred to the Committee on Labor
ami Industrial Affairs, lu the House
Mr. La Monte Introduced n bill to pro
hibit the exhibition of pictures of price
tights or other unlawful acts by means
of the blograph, kluetoicopo or kindred
machines. The bill was referred to tbe
Committee on Judicial Department and
Practice. No business was transacted
hi the Senate. Jloth liouica adjourned
until 5 p. tu. Monday.
Tho House convened at 5 o'clock Mon
day with let than a ipioruin present.
Among the petitions presented was one by
Mr. La Monte containing what purported
to bo resolutions adopted at a public meet
ing in Chicago praying for the repeal of
all laws prohibiting prlxe lighting and
tho enactment of such legislation ns will
glvo proper encouragement to the prlxe
'ring. In presenting the petition Mr. La
Monte said ho did so "with a view to
doing away with hard times." Tho ses
sion of tho House was devoted entirely
to tho reading of House bills a llrst time,
Iu the absence of Lieut. Gov. Norlhcott
and Secretary Pro Tempore Fisher Sena
tor McCoiiuell called the Semite to order
at 5 p. m.. without a quorum present. No
business wns transacted nud Immediately
after the rending of the Journal uu ad
journment was taken.
In the Senate, Tuesday, though a
crowd of Chicago business men were
clamoring tor action ou the department
store bill, nothing decisive was done. The
same bill was up for short discussion lu
tho House. The Chicago gailiage bill
was passed. The Semite received nud
continued tlie following nominations;
Members of State Board of Arbitration
Horace It. Calef or Monllecllo. Daniel J,
Keefo or Chicago. Joseph B. Gill of Mur
physbnm to succeed, respectively, An
thony Thornton, W. P. Rend and Charles
J. Rletler, whine terms hare expired.
Trustees of the Central Hospital for In
sane at Jacksonville James A, Glenn of
Ashhiud to succeed John McCreery. term
expired; F. L. Sharp of Jacksonville to
succeed Owen Thompson, resigned J Mor
ris Emerson of Mount Vernon to succeed
Joseph M, Page, resigned. Members of
the Board of Commissioners of Public
Charities .1. C. Corbus of Mendota to
succeed Mhhnel Helm, removed: It. D.
Lawrence of Sprlnglleld to succeed Geo.
W. Curtlss, term expired; William J, Cal
houn of Danville to succeed Arthur A,
Reynolds, teyn expired; Ephralm Ban
ning of Chicago to succeed James Mc
Nnlili, removed; Julia C. Lathropof Rock
ford to succeed herself.
Tho Scnato Wednesday passed tho nntl
department store bill by n vote of 110 to 4.
The Houso joint resolution on the death
of William M. Glenn was concurred In by
a rising vote. A bill wns Introduced to
permit women to vote for Presidential
electors, on drainage questions and at
iiuiulelpal elections, Tho bill providing
Hint the ollieers who print the olllchil bal
lot shnll publish the same lu two news
papers wax passed, lu the House the
resolution providing for an Investigation
of the en lines of the depletion of tho State
treasury and of the iiuinagement of the
State institutions came up as a special
order, but Its consideration was again
postponed for one week. Mr. Sullivan by
unanimous consent Introduced a bill
amending the election law, providing
among oilier things that Hip Illiterate
voter may tnke Into the otlng booth with
him any person whom he tuny designate
to assist him lu the preparation of Ids
Wnllcck's bill providing that women
may be commissioned as uotaiics public
was advanced to third reading. Mr. Mc
Gonrty asked unanimous consent to In
troduce a resolution that a bill for an act
to ptovhle that bicycles shall be carried as
baggage by common cnrrlers; referred to
the Committee ou Roads mid Bridges,
and he reiorted to the House forthwith.
The resolution wns adopted almost uiinti
bunttsly Iu the Senate the Torreus Intel
title bill was advanced to third reading.
A bill wns Introduced to protect commerce
nud trade from unlawful restrictions and
monopolies. Gov. Tanner sent to the
Semite the following appointments,
which were continued: Trustees of the
Illinois Charitable Eye and Ear Infirm
nry. at Chicago Dr. J. W. Petllt. Otta
wa, to succeed Samuel 8. Page, removed:
Dr. Francis 11. Phillips. Blonmlngton, to
succeed Dr. Aithur E. Prince, term ex
pired: Dr. L. S. Lambert, Galeshurg, to
succeed Dr. W, A. Prluger. removed.
.Alileriiiun Jv L. Campbell, of the
Twelfth WnnC will go liefinv his con
stituents April 0 for re-election to the
City Council, having received the reg
ular nomination of Hie Republican
ward convention. When the Municipal
Voters' League Issued Its manifesto
against many of the present members
of the Chicago City Council, Alderiuiiu
Campbell's name was Included In the
list. He tiled stilt Feb. 27 against the
league for ii75.iio damages. Alderiuiiu
Campbell's service of fourteen years
In the City Council shows Ids position
lu the hearts of Ids constituents. Ills
net Ion In Introducing uud having pass
ed through the (ity Council the ordi
nance providing for Hie west mul
northwest tunnels tit give the West
Side Its iniich-iieeded Increase In water
supply, plainly demonstrates Ids Inter
est III the West Side, The Luke Front
Park Improvements, which will make
AM). J. I.. CAMI'llKM,.
Hint strip of ground, so long mi eye
sore to Chicago, a thing of beauty, were
brought uboiit greatly by his efforts.
It wus through his lulliieuce that ii site
for the Illinois National Guard, mid
other military organizations, mul a!.")
for the Field Columbian Miiscuui, w.im
secured lu the park, thus bringing the
museum within easy reach of till. To
his efforts lu Introducing the ordinance
tit boulevard Jackson street, from Hal
sted street to Michigan boulevard,
when a ml I road corporation wns en
deavoring to secure the Jackson street
bridge, Is largely due the happy result
of saving the street to the people lor
nil time.
Hard llglitlng for the town tickets In
the North, South mid West Towns.
Luke View nud Lake 1m helping the Re
publican Campaign Committee lu its
battle for the city ticket. Assurances
are given ou the part of town leaders
that every one of the Republican town
tickets will he elected.
The only jtlace ihey will admit ever
having any doubt Is lu the Town of
Lake. Yet the Republicans down there
say that 'with Thomas Carey running
for Alderiuiiu lu the Tweiity-iiluth
Ward ns an Indepenedeiit, but with Re
publhiiii Indorsement the town ticket
will win by from l.ooo lo i.mmi plural
ity. It Is conceded ou till sides that the
Dcmociatle machine made n sud mis
take when they turned down the popu
lnr young brewer, Mr. Joseph P. Junk.
waaamUPSjmn kammW 'ikrnWW it
fiBi&Jjiaji.vwA Amft" v. 'Xjt ,-ASjni,.iJb'rMl

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