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(.wiX n
iwffctzswt&f iJ7w yryr
Thccniiiiti mill Mm. IJnimjiit were sot
ting on iirelty wi'll tuttctlicr. Imt there
was iniicli moro fttHTnva ninl It's voritlnU
Iry lictwiPii tlio two cntiHiiiK, nliliouuli
Mnrk cut ttm window irn Into tlio con
acrrntory, ninl nIkiwiiI NiitlU1 the wny In
to tlio kiii'iIoii. nihUliiK hrr to nsk Hon
ttlilnon, tlio BiiriU'iu'r, to fit) tlio coiisitvii
lory with llowors.
l'ronoiitly lib futhrr wont oh" to utonn
the don of the tiiuHtor of tlio holme, mul
thoro won n lfiiiiiit ipinrtcr of nn hour,
during which l lie throo wont throned the
conservatory, ninl Murk xhowoil the line
ami-out of the pinion, found otit Monoid
on, nml oniixratnlntoil him nn hm-liitf
otne ono nt hiNt to iipinoclato hi Hiiwom,
hcffglm; him tit ninko I lie winwrvntory
beautiful. Ami Mm, Keromoiit'it hiiiIIo
won do offootlvo Unit tho Soot forthwith
took out hit knife mul presented hor with
the most pi colons of the roue within hU
Hero n cntiR, 11 tiorfoctly unknown
omul tu Niiltio, miiile llwlf licit nl. nml
rnthcr astonished hor ly the .oiieludhiR
ronr. Tlio two Initios onmo out Into the
linll nn Mr, Kcrcmont wit crosslnir It. lie
innilo nn iiiolliiiilliin of the honil. nml lit
tereil n sort of kixhI iimriiliiK to IiIh dangli
tor, hut kIio wiih perfeclly content-to have
no closer imlntiitiuii,
"Ho hlii rovoronoe lins lieen to see you,"
observed Mr. HcroinuM. "William, If
you like It hot tor."
"Oh, yon. ami he was kindness Itself !"
"Ami how illil Muster Murk look nt rind
ing I could dispense with hi assistance)"
"I think he Im very hul."
Mr. KurciiKini laimhcil, "You are n
almplc woman, l-Mdn! Tho pone of virtu
ous hero wiih to have liron full voiupen
aatiott for all that It cost him! Ami no
doubt lie look for the rovtard of virtue
Wherewith he looked full at Wrsuln.
who, to hor extreme vexation, felt herself
lilimliliitf up to tho cars. She lldgeti'd on
her chair, ami began a miiKt untrue "I'm
tire " lor, linlocil, the poor girl wn
mire of nothing, hut that her father's
tnnmuT wiih uuiHt um'oiiifortnhlp to hor.
HU IntiKli cliolicil whatever she inlclit
liavo said, which perhaps wns well, nml
her mother's cheeks glowed ni much us
tlOM lllll,
"Did the eanoness .Tnnc. I mean come
ipV" Mr. Kgremont wont mi.
"Mm. Kgremont? No: kIio sent word
that xho h coming after luncheon."
"ll'int Then I nIiiiII ride out and leave
jnu to hpr innJoHty. Now look you, Alice,
you nro to he very careful with William's
wife. Kho Ih n ('omlaiuiiie, you know,
and thinks no end of herself; and your
position among women-folk of the county
depend tiioru on how xho takes you up
than nnytlilug oIno. Hut that doesn't
nionn that jou are to lot hor give herself
airs nml domineer over you. Itcinenibcr
that yon are the older hrothor's wife
Mrs, i.gi-niuoutoC-ll'hlgellflM-.imoitt
anil who Ih nothing but it pamou's wife,
mul 1 won't have her meddling In my
house. Oifty don't you be absurd ami of
fend her, for hIio can do more for or
against you in widely tliiiu any one else
more' the pity!"
"Oil! won't you Htay nml help me re
ceive her';" exclaimed the poor Imly, utter
ly confused by those contrary directions.
"Not II I can't abide the woman! nor
hIio mo!" lie lidded, after it moment,
"You will do bettor without me."
Ho ho went out for his ride, nml Ursula
asked, "Oh, mother, what will you do 7"
"The best I call, my dour. They are
ttood people, nml ure sure to bo kinder
than I deserve."
Mm. Ugreinont turned the conversation
to the establishing themselves In the pa
vilion, whither she proceeded to impoit
Mine fancy work that she had bought In
London, nml sent Nuttle to Itonnldsoii,
who was arrunglng calceolarias, begonias
ami (.'omniums In the conservatory, to bee
for sumo cut (lowers for n great dusty
looking vase in the center of the table.
Those were being a r mimed when Airs.
William Kgremont nml Miss Illaiiche Kg.
reinont were ushered In, mid there were
the regular kindred embrace, after which
Alice mid Nuttle were a ware of a very
handsome, dlgultlod looking lady, well
though dimply dressed In what was evi
dently her home costume, her wholo air
curiously lilting the Imposing nickname
af tho CmiouesN. lllauclio was n slight,
delicate looking, rather pretty girl In a
lawn-tennis dross. Tho visitor took the
part of treating the newcomers as well
established relations.
"Wo would not inundate you nil nt
once," sho said, "but tho children nro nil
very eager to seo their cousin. 1 wish
you would coino down to tlio rectory with
me. My ponies are at the door. I would
drive you, mid Ursula might walk with
Ulmiche." And, us Alice hesitated for a
moment, considering how this might agree
Willi tho complicated Instinct Ions that she
dad received, she ndded, "Never mind,
Ahvyn. I saw him going off Just before
I camo up, and he told William he was go
ing to look at some horse nt Hale's, m ho
is disposed of for n good ninny liouis."
Alice decided that her husband would
probably wish her to comply, ami sho re
joiced to turn her daughter In among the
cousins, so lints, gloves mid parasols were
fetched, mid tho two mothers drove uway
with the two sleek llttlo toy ponies. My
which It may he perceived tliat Mrs. Wil
liam Kgrcmout's tirst Impressions were
f a voinble.
Tim drlvo was on tlio whole n success,
nml so was the tea drinking In tho veran
da, where Aunt Alice and little live-year
old Hasil beemne fust friends mid mutual
admirers; the canon strolled nut mid was
Installed in the big, cushioned basket
chair, that crackled under his weight:
lllauclio recounted Nuttlo's successes, and
her own tenuis engagements fortho week;
Murk lay on a rug nml tensed her mid her
dachshund; Nuttlo listened to tho family
chatter us If It were a piny, nml May dis
pensed tho cups, mid looked grave and se
vere. "Well?" said tlio canon anxiously, when
Murk, Itlaucbo and llttlo Basil had In
sisted on escorting, tho guests'home, and
ho and his wife were for a few minutes
tete-atie, '
"It 'might hnvo been much worse," said
tho lady, "Mho Is n good llttlo innocent
thing, and has inoro good senso than I
expected. Uovernessy, that's all, but sho
will shako out of that."
"Of course sho will. 'It's tho' best thing
Imaginable for Alwynl" '
A gardeu party, Mrs. William Egremont
decided, would bo tho best wodo of testl-
fylng her approbation of her sister-in-law,
nml Introducing tho newcomers to
tho neighborhood. 8o the Invitations
wore sent forth for mi enrly day of tho
coining week.
When the day nrrlved the inothi" nml
daughter crossed the gnrdens, Nuttle
chattering nil tlio wny about the teiinN
"''I)1'" " ""' picked up from lllunche,
while her mother nnswered her somewhnt
mechanically, wondering, as her cyo foil
on the sniinre squat gray church towor,
what had beioiuoof the earnest devotion
In I'tllll-cli tt'flfl ni,l l,lt..1l.t..ll.nl ,. ,f.lla
thnt mod tu rlinrni'lprlrc tlio girl.
As Nttttlo viin Mttliitf oti tlio prnen In
mriinfit fntitntiiiitnlltii nt tllniittlisiM !,
a hand was familiarly laid on her slioul-
nor, nun a voice sain, "l liinen t seen Hint
norriii gin jeu
Aftf'l-Mll llllllll tlltrrtilll.tftMtia VntlL. I.m.1
little Idea whom slio knew, or whom she
did not know. Slip looked up nnd saw a
small nersnn In IIl-IiI 1. Inn lil. i. .i..m
into features, transparent skin mid blue
iv en uini nccompaiiy joilow Hair, with nn
Indescribable glitter of mirth nml Jovons
Hess about the whole creature, ns If sho
were part and parcel of tho sunbeam In
miicil wic SIOOII,
"What horrid girl?" said Nuttle.
XllO llltprllllll.r. tlin nnivl,. .11. ........... 1
savugo, come to upset-nli!" with a little
shriek "It ln' Mv' 1 l... .
don." ' " "
"I'lll Mlll-'a rniolii " onl.1 V..,.t.. hit.
sula Kgremont."
"Oh. no!" mid tliorewlth the fact hurst
on both girls nt once. They stood still n
moment In dismay, then the stranger
wont Into 11 lit of laughter. "Oh, I beg
our pardon! I can't help It! It's so
Nuttle was almost Infected, though
somewhat hurt.
"Who said I was horrid V" she nsked.
'Nobody! Nobody but me-AnnnpIo
Uiithvon-nnd they'll all tell you. Mnv
and all, that I'm putting my foot In if.
And 1 never meant that you wore horrid
you yourself you know only "
"Only nobody wanted us hero," said
Nuttlo: "but we could not help It."
"Of course not. It was shocking. Just
tuy wny. Please forgive me!" mid she
looked most pleading. Nuttle held out her
hand with something about "No one could
inlud"; and therewith Anmiple cried, "Oh.
If Vnll iliin'f intuit vn , I....... ..... 1. ....1.
ontl nnd tho rippling laughter did set
Nuttle off nt once. The peal was not
over when May herself wns upon them,
demanding what wns the Joke.
"int. mere she Is! The real Mnv! Why,"
snld Aniinple. kissing her, "only think
whero I.'vo been nml gone and thought
tills Was vnll. 11 nil tiumli'.ul nU,.i ...l....
was itV-the awful monster the chimera
dlie that Mark had routed up "
"No: von didn't him- tlnit." ani.i v....i..
half provoked. ' ' '
"Never itilnil what I said. Don't repent
ltf-I fliily-wish-myserf-nml everyone else
III ffjl-mif It. 'nu It l wtv.Kit ,. ,1... ...t...i .
by n guild, w IioIphoiiio giggling. Hut w hat
business llllM' Villi two In 111, in, h. ...... ......
leiitly 11 1 1 l.e.' u nru as bad as the twin
"There's mi ohlforemotheron the stnlr
case In white satin who left her looks to
us both." said Mnv.
"You'll have to wear badges," said An
iinple. "You know the Leslies were so
troublesome that one had to bo shipped off
to the Kut Indies mid the other to the
At that moment, lllaiielie's side coming
out victorious, Nuttle descended Into the
11 ii' nil to congratulate and be asked to
form part of the next set. Auuaplo also
Joined In the same sot.
The Itulhvcus hud very blue blood In
their veins, hut ns there wore nine of tho
present generation, they possessed little
beyond their long pedigree; even the head
of tho family, Lord Itoiinlsglon. being
forced to llvo as a soldier, leaving his
castle 10 grouse shooters. Ill seven
brothers had fared mostly In distant lands
ns they could, mid his mother had found
11 home, together with her youngest child,
nt Loscomhc, where her eldest was the
wife of Kir .lohn Delimit-. Lady llnunls.
glen wns an luvaid, confined to the house,
mid Lady Delinnr had daughters fast
treading on the heels of Aiinabelln, so
christened, but nlwnys called Annnple
after tho old Scottish queens, hor ances
tors. KIio hud been May Kgrouinnl's chief
friend ever since her importation nt 1'
cars old.
A una pic's lightness nml dexterity ren
dered her tho best of the lady tenuis play
ers, nml the unprnellced Ursula found
herself defeated in the match, In spite of 11
partner whoso play, wos superior to
Murk's, nnd with whom sho shyly walked
off to eat Ices.
"I seo." said Annnple, "It Is n countrv
town edition of May . I shan't blunder
between them again,"
"She will polish," said Mink, "but she
Is not eiual to her mother."
"Whom I Inue not seen yet. Ah, there's
Mr. Kgremout! Why, ho looks unite ren
ovated!" "Weil, he tuny bo!"
"Hut, Mark, not to hurt your feelings,
he must hnvo behaved atrociously."
"I'm not going to deny It," said Mark.
rlluil tl'nll.'itil u lit it'll nit tlm 4 tiffium .oi.l
iimihi m biuiii; ! inn niiniv, IIIHI
Mark paused ns they came near Mrs.
!.-.. 1 ,t k ,1 . 1 .
j'.ki cmum w sii.v, .mm tuco, acre is
Miss Ituthvcn, May's great friend."
Annnple met n pleasant smile, mul they
ulimiti linml.1 .ivitliiiiti.tni mi .ilidiiiM.til I.,,.
........ .,., ,,,,.., , ... ,ii,..h..,m .... mini , , (11 i,
or two. Lady I) el nun ma do n hi-coiuI do
.Tin 111 irintiii 111 iiiiii, oiiiuiim mvu
"Inn't It dlHuuKtliiuV" wild Mtiy, catch
hit; hor Htcpu.utlicr8 hidIIo.
Voii will hi'o 11 pood don) moro of tho
unm it I. I111I " oti til tlm smittiiinkiw 1 utti
fi-jtffvr rMi .si.t i,ii(iiti.' a MMI
afraid more mortllleatlon Is In 'store for
.iiaru tna 11 no guesses. 1 wish mat gin
wero moro liko hor mother.'?" j.
"Mmuun! 11 girl brought'iip among 11 in-
lirnlln innbiipd! .lnut fnnfiv! Will' nil,.
has Jusf nothing in her!"
"Don't set Mark nguliist her, May; he
might do worse,"
"Her head is a mere tennis ball, said
llnv il.ninliiH It... ....... I.I..I...M tl.n.t it......
- WU1,,,b III', U) l ill),..-, It.UII V,L-,
"and 110 ono would know her from n shop
"She Is young enough," said the enn
onoss, and I don't think you reallru the
ciiiuigo .iiaric will leel.
"itottcr so tlian sell himself," muttered
Nino Jiulle wns n .severe dlstnnce,
through country lanes In November to go
to a ball; imt tlio Itedcnstlo Hunt Hall
was tho ball of tlio year, uniting all the
county mnguntes, ami young ladlci. A-eru
hnrdly retkoned ns "come out" till they
had appeared there. Mm. Kgremont's
position would hnrdly bo established till
bIip had been presented to the notabilities
who lived beyond cnlllng Intercourse, mul
her husband prepared himself to be vic
timized with nn nnioiint of grumbling
Unit was Intended to impicsi her with the
magnitude of tlio sneilllco, but which only
made her offer to forego tlio gnyety, anil
be told that alio wonjd necr have any
common sense,
Ho their carriage led the way, nnd wns
followed by tho rectory wngotiotte con
taining the ladles und Mnrk, as his father
was not to bo detached from his fireside.
And In n group near tlio door, got up
ns elaborately ns his powers could no
colnpllsh. stood Herald (loilfrev. Ho know
nobody there except n family In Ills sis
ter's parish, wIhi hud good-naturedly giv
en Mm n sent in their lly, nnd hnvlng ful
filled his duty by nsklng the daughter to
dance, he had nothing to disturb him In
watching for the cynosure whose attrac
tion had led him to these unknown re
gions. There nt length ho beheld the entrance.
There was the orfre himself, high-bred,
almost handsome, ns long ns he wns not
too closely scrutinized, nnd on his arm tho
well-known figure, metamorphosed by del
icately tinted sntin sheen mid pearls, nnd
still more by the gentle blushing gladness
011 the fair checks mid the soft eyes that
used to droop. Then followed n stately
form In mulberry inolro und point lace,
loaning on Gerard's more especial abhor
rence "thnt puppy," who had been tho
nutlwr of nil the' mischief; mid behind
them three girls, one In black, the other
two In white, nnd, what was provoking, ho
really could not decide which was Ursula.
When thc'iiausc camo nnd tionntn u-ntk.
od nbout, tho blnck lady stood talking so
near him thnt ho ventured nt Inst on n
stop forward nnd nn eager "Miss Kgrc
111011I," hut, as sho turned, ho found him
self obliged to say, "I bog your pardon,"
"Did .von menu my cousin' We often
get mistaken for each other," snld May
Ho brightened. "I hpg your pardon,"
ho said, "I knpw her nt Mlckelthwnyte.
I am here quite by nccldent. Mrs. Kb
more wns so good ns to bring me."
May wns rather entertained. "Therc'a
my cousin," she snld. "Lord I'hllln Molv.
nenux Is nsklng hor to dance," and she
loft him most unnecessarily Infuriated
with Lord Philip Molynenux; but later
fortune favored him, for he did catch tho
real Nuttle' s eye, and nil herself, ns soon
ns the dance was over, she cmnn up with
outstretched hands, "Oh, Ucrard! to think
of your being here. Come to mother!"
And, beautiful and radiant, Mrs. Kgre
mont wns greeting him, mid there were
ton minutes of delicious exchange of news.
Hut Nuttle had no dance to spnro, hor
cord wos full, nnd she had not learned
fashionable effrontery enough to play
tricks with engagement, mid Just then
Mr. Kgremont descended on them "I
wish to Introduce you to the duchess," ho
said to his wife; and on the wny ho de
manded "Who Is that young cub?"
"(icrnrd (lodfrey an old nolglilior."
"I thought I had seen I1I111 racketing
nbout there with Ursula. I'll not hnvo
those umbrella fellow coming about!"
"Does he really make umbrellas, Nut
tle';" nsked Hlmiche, catching her hand.
"No such thing!" said Nuttle hotly, "ho
Is In tho ollice. Ills father wns n surgeon;
his sisters married clergymen!"
"And ho onmo here to meet you," snld
Annnple Ituthveti. "Poor fellow, what
11 shmno It is! Can't you give him ono
"Oh. dear! I'm engaged ail through!
To Mark this time."
"I llvo him one of the extras! Throw
Mink over to me! No!" ns sho looked
nt tho faces of the two girls. "I suppose
that wouldn't do, but I'm free this time
I'm not tho fashion. Introduce me; I'll
do my best ns consolation."
Nuttlo had Just performed the fent.
with groat shyness, when Murk npponrcd,
having boon sent In quest of his cousin,
when her father ikticIvciI thnt sho had
hung back. Poor (Jcrard led off Miss
Ituthvcn the more gloomily, and could not
help sighing out, "I suppose thnt Is uu
"Oh, you bollevo some Impertinent gos
sip you may have read In tho paper," re
turned Annnple. "I wonder they don't
contradict It; but perhaps they treat It
with magulllccut scorn."
"No doubt they know that It Is only
"If 'they' menus the elders. I dare say
llioy wish It, but wo aren't In France or
I lion you don't think, Miss Ituthvcn,
that It will come off'"
"1 don't see the slightest present pros
pect." said A una pie, uiiublo to resist the
kindly Impulse of giving immediate pleas
ure, though she knew the prospect might
bo even slighter for her partner.
However, he "footed It" nil tho more
lightly nnd Joyously for the assurance,
nnd the good-natured maiden nfterwnrd
niiide him conduct her to the ten room,
whither Mnrk nnd Nuttle wero also tend
ing, mid there nil four contrived to get
mixed up together. Mr. Kgromont, who
had boon nt the far end of the room, sud
denly hcai d hor laugh, stepped up, mid,
with n look of thunder toward her, ob
served In n low voice, ".Mark, you will
oblige me by taking your cousin back to
her mother."
"The gray tyrant father," murmured
Aunnplo lu sympathy.
"What's the matter':" eu-lalincd Mrs.
Kgreiimnt, waking from 11 dozo "that
"Hrldge! Don't bo such n fool! Wo
aren't near It yet."
The servant, his face looking blurred
through the window, came to explain that
the delay was caused by uu ogilcultural
endue, which had chosen this uuliicky
ulglit, or morning, to tnncl from 0110 farm
to another. Thcro wns a long delay, whiln
tho monster could bo heard coughing
filghtfully before It could bo backed with
Its spiky companion Into a, II eld so ns to
lot tlio carriages pass by; and meantime
Mr. Lgreiuont was betraj'cd Into ulterlutf
ejaculations which nindo ,iW Nuttlo
round her eyes lu the dark ns she snt'hy
his feet on tho back seat, and Allco try
(o bury her ears lu her hood in tho cor
ner. '
(Mi they wont nt Inst for about n mile,
and then inino another sudden stop mi
other tierce growl from ,Mr. IJgromont, nn
other npparitlon of tho servnut at tho win
dow, saying, lu his alert, deferential man
ner, "Sir, the bridge has broke under a
carriage lu front. Lady Delmnr's, sir.
Tlio horso Is plunging terrible."
Tho moon was up, and they snw the
rectory carriage sufo on tho road before
them, but on tho hrldge beyond wns n
struggling mass, dimly Illuminated by n
single carrlngo lump. Mr. Kgroiuout mid
the groom hurried forward where Mnrk
nnd tho rectory coachman wero already
rendering what help they could, May
standing nt the horses' heads, nml her
mother trying to wrap oven-body un. since
stay In their carrlngo they could not.
transferring tho horses to Nuttle, the two
sisters hurried on toward tho sceno of no-
tlon, Put Illanclie's white sntin hoots did
not curry her far, and she turned nn meet
ing her uncle. He spoko with tirlskm ss
and alacrity that nindo him liko another
man lu this emergency, ns sho assured
tho anxious ladles that their friends wero
safe, but that they could not be cxtrlcutcd
till tho carrlngo was lifted from tho holo
Into which It had sunk amid bricks, stones
mid broken timbers.
(To bo coutiuued.)
" "v-i, BB
i'mt-Z jt K m .,, .?&iBBalrir Zjenflr riv? i 4$mm5&wBl&Mj:l r rV
i T.i 'V ,1 t7!lKKr j. r if "W "-J ' 1-tMHMUtVU J. ' ff H----- i -1
'3!?L'jg .. imww&.tj ? p ia .. ' rr- m mbvbu
S:"-"ty f: : v :Wy- fePhs
I Mtk
mm I) P53k.
i 3$$ik, (I 0L&
sJ'-SfSir ' 4' - !3v
. BMga82SeaiQ'! .'s-a .:&; '
The Eagle's Candidate for
The Eagle's Candidate (or Alderman Twenty-second Ward.
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If ViW
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Buy your Boys and Children's Suits of us and save the retailer's profit.
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tfO A A will buvvou the same idenll.
If OiUU cal suit retailers sell for $12,
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iflvivv ers und department stores
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Ji 7 W M'l
m 'l
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