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Y-- ; Sr'-iViHv(faEislj n VTT'1,'W' ,'i'i?iiPiV'r -.n- !v-TTi.-n ovVi-nr
Suite 1401 and 1402 Title and Trust Building,
Tdesfcoae Main 3152. 1 00 Washington Street,
JOHN HcQILLEN, Vice President and Ckneral nanager.
JOHN P. AQNEW, 5ecrcUry.
Pre, Oca. M(r.
Sec. and Treas.
Alsip Brick Co.
'I'lu Tlnievtlernlrt wiya: A few
utoiitlm njto, when Mr. Spencer !'. Klin
bell, n mini of wealth niitl po-dtlon, win
found votltin In tin company of the
Council lK)(Hllern The Tlmw.llvrnlil
noted the fact In sorrow. Mr. Kltnliell
protested iitrnlust the comment with
much show of virtuous Itiitlfftiittlnn.
Mouilny the first step toward "secur
ItiK niliMimite compensation to the city
for street rnllwny frnnelilsen" was tnkw
en In the Introduction of nn ordinance
for the appointment of n commission to
secure Information retrarrtlUK the value
of these, franchises. It wn Mr. Kim
Ih'H'h second elmnee. He Improved It
nn ln'fore tiy voting with "Hllurt Hilly,"
"Itnth House," Portmon, "lllnky Dink"
and .lohnny Powers, nnd airalnst the
party of deeeney In the Council.
The president of the Municipal Vot
ers' League calls umii Mr. Klmbell to
"put himself right Itefore the commu
nity." and we think It Ik high time the
iilrtcrmau from the Twenty-seventh
ward rememtHTcd his pledge and did
something to Justify the protestation
of honesty that he made so vociferous-
ly early In the summer, lie has had
two chances. How many docs he ex
pect before the same ride Is applied to
him In the Council that he would apply
In his own business; "A man Is Judged
by the company he keeps" V
Office, 421 Chamber of Commerce.
I Lincoln Streets.
and Hamlin Avenue.
eJaCMcafoand Calumet Terminal Ry.
(near Biue hmbuj.
i C, M. St. P. Ry. (ecar SberatrvlUe)
43d Street Yard Yards 604
Chicago Avenue Yard West 393
Blue Island Yard Blue Island 1
OtHce.... ....Main loea
j COMMITTEE of nine mechanical engineers employed by the Edward P. Allls
- Crapany, of Milwaukee, Wit., the most skillful manufacturers of engines and
ucataecy la the world, after examining and testing thirty-six different makes ol
high grade Bicycles, pronounced the "Gladiator" the
most scientifically constructed, easy running and highly
finished bicycle in existence. Upon their judgment a
large order tor
9Ss Jp
was placed, for the use of members and employes of that
company. No test so severe and thorough as this has
ever been made. Prospective buyers can be guided with
satety by this decision. The "GLADIATOR" is truly a
GLADIATOR CYCLE WORKS. toa6yc58o,,ittLh. -
Telephone Main 3376
Murphy & Lorimer
Brick Company.
ttfccnlly the London Chronicle pub
lished a story to the effect that a
stroti): London syndicate had sent to
the I'tiltcd States government through
Consul Oeiicrnl Osborne an offer to
purchase the t'nlou I'licttlc ttutlrond.
It was part of this story that on the
strength of this offer our government
was expecting to realize at least !(.
ikmmmki and perhaps El 1.000,01)0 or
Having regard for Its reputation for
truth and veracity, the London paper
prints this story "under reserve." Ami
It docs well. The statement sent out
from Washington two or three days
ago that the government was going
to get $5,000,000 more than It had ex
pected suggested that there was a ri
val bidder concealed somewhere and
affords a certain support to the Lou
don tale.
Hut It Is not easy to believe that our
Washington ottlclals really have any
hope of getting as much as $00,000,000
on the government's Junior lieu. If
they do get It they will have reason
to be happy.
Senator Mark A. Ilannn Is expected
In Chicago to attend the Marquette
Club baiiMuet Saturday night, and his
visit will attract to town a number or
other politicians of national note and
members of the Kcpiibllcau National
This will be the llrst visit of the He
publican chairman to the city slncu
the campaign closed, and In conse
quence he will be much sought after
by men who want ottlces and are anx
ious for the liitliience of the campaign
manager. A conference 1ms been ar
ranged to take place between Senator
Milium, National Committeeman II. C.
Payne of Wisconsin mid Kxeciitlve
Committeeman 'Charles H. Dawes of
Illinois, and possibly others, at whlcu
questions of patronage will be talked
over. That matter, it Is said on good
authority, will receive more attention
by the national committeemen who
gather here than the various State
campaigns that are now In progress.
There Is nothing particular for the na
tional committee to do In connection
with the State campaigns, It Is (mint
ed out, as thu Uepubllcau State organi
zations are very complete this year
and fully capable of attending to all
Hut there Is a lot of subject matter
regarding patronage that members of
the national committee would like to
discuss, according to thu reports. They
want to make provision for some men
who did work In the campaign, and to
decide upon efforts that will be made
with the appointing powers Is to be
one of the main objects of the conference.
counting on getting 7." cents n bushel
for them.'
"There was a conference between the
clerk and the proprietor of the store,
the upshot being nn agreement to take
the potatoes at the Ihj.v's llgures. While
the potatoes were being unloaded the
farmer himself put In an appearance
and Inquired what they were doing.
Vpoti being told Hint the potatoes had
been sold lit the llgures asked by Ids
hoy the old fellow ejaculated: 'Not
by a blank sight, I have' my own
price for those iotntoes, and you can't
have them for n cent less than n dol
lar a bushel,' The storekeeper took
the potatoes.
"This serves to show that the farm
er Is really nn linxrtnnt factor In the
era of prosperity that has set In., anil
he appreciates this to the utmost. Re
publicans In our state are not making
much fuss over the progress of the
times, but they are determined to avail
themselves of what Is being put before
them, and they cannot fall to win the
light In the Huckeye Statu this year."
The announcement from Washing,
ton that Secretary tinge would soon
announce that deputy collectors of cus
toms and Internal revenue were not
tinder civil service rules created con
siderable tall; among the twenty-three
deputy collectors In Chicago, who
would be affected by such an announce
ment. Collector !'. 12. Coyne was be
sieged with applicants for dcputyshlps.
He has seventeen deputies In his olllce.
who. with the exception of four wom
en and two men, are Democrats. At
the custom' house there nre six dep
uties. Messrs. HIM and .tewell are
Itcpubllcaiis, but the other four di
vision chiefs. McCreary. (lillllth. Nash,
and lleiinlng, are appointees of Collec
tor Itussell.
The patrons of the West Chicago
Street Itallroad company would have
enjoyed visiting the company's car
shops this week and seeing the hand
some new conches, ns many as Kit) In
number, with which the Madison street
and Ugden avenue lines are to lie
equipped the coining season.
The llulshlng touches nre being rap
idly put to the tine outfit, nnd the visi
tor would scarcely Ih'Hcvu that It Is
the result of rebuilding the cars that
did service last winter. They have been
completely transformed, remodeled,
and refurnished. The length of the car
liody Is now twenty-one feet, while
the platform at each cud has been
lergtheiied to fully live and a half feet,
The hoods over the platform arc cor
resMiiidlngly nmplltlcd, and form a
continuous protection, suggesting a
vcstlhuled tralu. The ears are heated
by the latest anil most approved me
chanism, and are brilliantly lighted by
gas. the Illuminating equipment being
the Plutscli system.
The windows are supplied with rub
Iter bumpers that keep them front rat
tling. The trains are carpeted with the
most expensive seating carpet that Is
made, all woven to order.
Madison street Is to be completely
equipped With these cars. Also Ogden
avenue, the latter to have electric heat
ers and electric lights. The construc
tion work has Ijeen done In shops that
have all the facilities for such under
takings. Indeed, the company's car
shops on West Fortieth street are not
equaled by those of any other private
corporation In the land, and a busy
scene It was Thursday, when. the sit
perlnteiideut showed the reporter
through the Immense plant, where hun
dreds of mechanics were engaged upon
the ituw rolling stock.
Tin' popular Vice President. Mr.
tleorgo A. Yiillle.'snld later that It was
President Yerkes' uniform tmllcy to
give the West Side all that was best In
the way of street car facilities, ami no
labor nor expense was spared to se
cure to the patrons of the company's
lines the very latest and most approved
equipment to add to the comfort nnd
oven luxury of travel over the con
stantly enlarging mileage and service.
Mr. Yerkes had personally Inspected
the new outfit In all the stages of the
work, and had made several sugges
tlons that had enhanced the effective
ness of the equipment.
It Is more than likely, however, that
Mr. Schubert will be the next Con
gre.sinati fain the Heveiith District,
ns he Is one of the mot popular He
publicans In the district, nnd his expe
rience of two twins In the Illinois Leg
islature have we'd qualified him for the
higher ottlce.
Eastland & Duddleston
27 and 20 Market Street, Chicago.
Hotels, Club Houses and Restaurants Supplied.
Ranges, etc.
Metal Cornices for Houses.
At Portsmouth, Ohio. Oct, ft, Sena
tor Manna and Senator Thurston of
Nebraska addressed the largest off
year political meeting ever held In
Southern Ohio. Over 0.000 strangers
were present front Pike, Adams, Jack
son and Lawrence counties, Ohio, and
(ireenup and Lewis counties, Ken
tucky. A cavalry parade a mile In
length preceded the afternoon meet
ing, which was addressed by Senators
Thurston and Manila, Vice President
Pcahody of the Hnltlmoro and Ohio
Southwestern Hallway and Lieutenant
tioveinor Worthliigton of Kentucky.
Senator Ilannn was billed for the even
ing meeting, but was compelled to go
to Clillllcotho on a special train to ad
dress a meeting, The night meeting
In Kendall's Hall was addressed by
Governor Worthliigton. General Shut
tuck, I). I), Woodiuaitsee, Congressman
Kenton, Senator Crandall and A. C.
Crandall for State Senator ami
Smith for Adams-PIku Representative
were nominated by acclamation by the
Ilepiihllcan convent lous.
Washington, J. C Oct. "..-(Special.)
"My observation of the political sit
uation In Ohio," said Director Joseph
P, Smith of the Hiircau of American
Republics, "leads me to believe that
Senator Hanna will have no trouble
about succeeding himself, everything
Is in good shape from a political stand
polii mi far as the Republicans are con
cerned, and all we have to do Is to take
advantage of prevailing conditions and
win our battle this fall,
"This Is a good year for the farmers,
too, ami an Incident which came under
my nhi-civntloii in my native town to
ceiitly will M'rvo to Illustrate this state
incut, An old farmer, accompanied by
one of his boys, came Into town with
a load of potatoes to sell. He became
separated in some maimer from his
produce, nnd while absent the buy un
do tool; to drive a bargain with a clerk
at one of the big stores,
"'What will you lake for your po
tatoes';' quelled the cleik,
"'What will you give':' was the re
ply. " 'They ought to bring about id cents
a bushel,' said the clerk,
" 'You can't get them at no hitch llg
iiic,' replied the farmer's hoy; 'we are
The Chicago Hejiortlng nnd Mercan
tile Agency at 1lKtt-4 Chicago Opera
Mouse, Is one of the most reliable ngeit
cys west of New York. Mr. I. H.
Strickland, the president and manager,
was for many years the credit man for
one of the largest Jobbing houses In
iMiIciil'o: his exiierlence as credit man
has enabled him to make a great suc
cess of his mercantile agency, and lie
now numbers the best merchants of
Chicago among his patrons.
Lvnmn K. Cooley on Wednesday,
Sept. latlh. sent in his resignation as
consulting engineer of the Drainage
Me was employed by the Hoard in
January last to go to Springfield to lob
by for some appropriation bills, and
the honorary title of consulting engi
neer was given him ns nn excuse for
putting his name on the pay rolls. The
Idea of every one except Mr. Cooley
was his sen Ices should cense with the
end of his legislative duties, but ho
continued to send In his salary bill ev
ery month at the rate of .'i00 long after
the General Assembly had adjourned.
Some time ago Trustees Kckhurt,
Caller and Hradeii began to protest
against this, and Mr. Cooley's bills for
June ami July were hung up. at their
Instance, and the August bill omitted
from the nav roll. When the list for
September, however, came to the meet
ing of the Hoard, Mr. Cooley's name
was again on It. and at the same time
his resignation came along. Trustees
Kcklmrl ami Hradeii were absent from
the meeting, but all except Trustees
Jones and Smyth promptly voted to ac
cept It. Then a formal resolution of
thanks to Mr. Cooley wan adopted, all
the trustees voting for It c.vept Car
ter, who was excused from voting.
It Is expected Mr. Cooley will now be
allowed the four mouths' luck pay.
that being the arrangement under
which the resignation was sent In,
It Is i eported that the Hon. Dennis
!'. Coiixldlno Is about to withdraw fioiti
lion. '!:. 0. Schubert, the elllclcnt mill
popular secretary or Hie Itoaid of West
Park Commissioner, denies the rumor
that he Is a candidate for County Cleik
The last of the lenses for the use of
the Union Loop was signed when Pres
ident U'slle Carter, of the South Side
Elevated Hal'-rond, affixed his signature
to the document. The Metropo'itnu,
thu Lake Street and the Northwestern
Klevntcd hnve already Itecome parties
to the lease, nnd within the next week
or ten days the Metropolitan nnd the
Lake Street wlll.be running nil trains
around the loop.
There wns n conference of all the
elevated railroad ottlclals at tliu office
of 'Mr. Yerkes, 444 North Clark street.
Mr. Yerkes wns not present, but his
Interests were looked nfter by Judge
Jaiuleson, general counsel for the loop
company, and D. II. Lotidcrback, the
chief lieutenant of 'Mr. Yerkes. 'At the
close of the conference the announce
ment was made that the last of the dlf
fcieiiccs had been settled ami the leases
had all been signed.
The South side K'.cvatcd has had the
lion In Chicago for several weeks to
build the connection with tne loop. The
company will have only a short half
block to build In illiirrlsuii street friKii
the a'.ley. between State street nnd
Wabash avenue, to Wabash. All the
foundations were put In some time ago,
and the Iron for thu structure was
hati'.id to the place for the building of
the connect Ion. This work can he com
pleted Inside the next four weeks.
The Increase lit tratllc as n result of
the operation of the trains on the loop
Is estimated at from 20 to 50 per cent,
on the present tratllc.
It Is the Intention of thu Metropolitan
to Mart using the loop Sunday. The
Lake Street expects to begin operating
on the four sides even earlier.
The Northwestern Klevated Is still a
long way from completion, but tinder
the terms of the lease it must begin
paying nt thu rate of U,ftoo n year
from the present time, though It will
not likely lie In n position to get any
benefit from the loop for nt least twelve
The Illinois Central Itallroad Com
pany has 2(H) men nt work tilling In att
area of four acres at the foot of 11(11 h
street to imike a foundation for a big
roundhouse, It Is believed. Five thou
smut piles hnve already been driven,
and another tratnload was unloaded
Wednesday. It Is said the company ob
tained lH't'inlsslou to do the work front
the Secretary of War and the Commis
sioner of Public Workn of this city.
The urea being tide. In Is to replace the
breakwater washed away at this point.
Sprliiglleld. III., Oct. ((.-(Special . to
the Kagle.) Peter A. Howe of thu Sec
ond Chicago District was here Sunday,
and It Is said told the governor that his
signing the garnishment bill meant
his (Howe's) political death.
Other representatives have advised
the Governor of similar results. It is
known the bill was passed with a
liberal supply of money, and Mr. Tan
ner Is Just lludltig out how hi1 was
It Is stnted upon excellent authority
that the Governor has called Repre
sentative Selby iK'fore him and an
nounced that ho desired the names of
the alleged lalior leaders who author
ized them to teli the Governor they de
manded his signature on the garnish
ment bill.
Who said Hon. Hubert W. Hutler
wasn't proud of his colleague, Spencer
Senator Fornker of Ohio reached
Washington on Saturday morning,
ami vigorously denied the report
which had preceded him that ho had
withdrawn from the campaign In Ohio,
ami had canceled his engagements.
"That Is a characteristic Democratic
misstatement," said Senator Ko raker.
"It was put out by Democratic papers
for political effect, and Is absolutely
without foundation. I expect to leave
Washington on Monday, unit will go
to Toledo, to take up the campaign
work again. My trip to thu Knst Is a
business one, nnd my absence from the
campaign will lie very brief. The cam
paign Is progressing to the utmost sat
isfaction of the Republicans, and I be
lieve there Is every prospect of a Re
publican victory, with large majorities.
The people have received our speakers
cordially and listened with closer at
tention than I had expected. I was
afraid that this campaign, coming on
the heels of the elaborate canvass of
the State last rail, might find the peo
ple listless nnd unwilling to rail Into
Hue to save the State again; but such
Is not the case."
"Are the Democrats making free
coinage of silver an issue'" Senator
Fornker was asked.
"Well, as a matter of fact we are not
paying much attention to our Demo
cratic friends, and hardly know what
they are doing. They seem, however,
to be devoting their attention principal
ly to attacks upon Senator Hatiiia. I
do not think they can possibly carry
the State, and 1 believe that we will
elect the whole ticket ami return Mr.
Haua to the Semite."
Senator Fornker was very Indignant
at the statements that he had gone out
or the campaign. He said the Demo
cratic papers that published them
knew them to be untrue. State Chair
man Mtsii was aware oi ins proposed
trip to Washington, he said, and had
canceled engagements for the time or
his nlweiico only.
All Kinds of Sand and Gravel
Room 203, 167 Dearborn St.,
TUphon Main 1726. OHIOAQO.
421 and lalstel Streets.
M. B. MADDEN, Prtildtnt.
C. B. KIMBELL, Vico PrwIcUnt.
F. T. HASKELL, Trauurw,
Western Stone Company,
Rough, Sawed and Machine Dressed Stone.
CAPITAL, $2,260,000.
SttOMHon to th Singer A Taloott Stone Co.: Exoalslor Stone Oe
Ghloago and Lmont Stone Co.; Jollet Stone Co.; Corneau Stone Oeu
Bodeneohats dk Earnahaw Stone Co.: Lookport Stone Co.; CreeoeM
Main Office, Room 320 Chamber of Commerce Bide.,
Telephone Main 947. Oer. Washington and La Salle Sta.
Shale Brick Supply
Construction Co.
Suite 320 Reaper Block, Clark and Washington St
Teleplione "aVCailTra OOXO.
Vitrified Paving Brick
Have no superiors. These Brick are made from
pure Shale and are sold on a strict guarantee. For
paving streets, foundations of large buildings, sta
ble, engine room and boiler house floors they are
steadily growing in public favor. . , . , .
Chicago Office, 322 Chamber of Commerce.
Send for Samples and Prices.
Fire-Proof Construction.
The (Mcwo WiitiT, (inn ami IMrctrlc
Unlit Coiiiimuy Iiiik onvri'il t Hell Its
Oak I'.irU plant to flic townxliliiot' t'hi'
ro for tliii huh f SI.K'o.omi, to lm imlil
In Uii annual liiMtiillnu'iilH.
A coniiiiltti'o of citizens liaw been ap
pointed to Investlpitti tlm mlvlHiililllty
of inaUliiK tlio piircliiiHii nail to report
wltJilii two weeks to the town Ito.inl.
I'leMilent Traill of tlii! town boanl
wan eleeteil on pleilues to puxh munici
pal owuei-nlilp niul tlio picheiit notation
is tlio ontKiowlli of Ills efforts.
It is generally concerted, however,
that the company will have to m-uIh
down Its ni'lcii liefore the town will
to sum'crt his frleurt, Hon. I'hll Knopf. beilously cousliler file purchase,
Main Office: 1740 & 1741 Monadnock Block, Chicago.
Xolopliono Mulu 171C,
H. B. 8EELY, Sole Manufacturer.

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