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The Candidates Are
le Can Take Their Own
Interesting Goiiip from All the Campi About
Prominent Citizens Talked Of
for Honors.
The Democracy o( llllnoU sounded Its
keynote of the campaign Saturday night
nttuc Auditorium In Chlo.tco. ami success
fully met tlie liu prcutitctl by Uovit
nor Taumr at Ooleotnl.i. It was n great
niccthii:. ami hundred had to lie turned
wny from the iloor after the 5,000 that
the creat thenter will luilil were crowded
Into It. There were cheer for everything
Democratic, but over and above nil other
demonstration, pre-oinluotitly the dotal
untlug feature of the evening wax the
great deiuou'trntioii given ox-Oovcrtiur
Mayor HarrNon' reception was warm
nud loyal. hut when the well-known llirure
if the ox-lSeiviruor nruo and .tixjl lieforo
the audience, grim, forceful. self-po-Mcd,
then.emMcd hutn let out one tcr
rillc yell. Met) and women flood on
their feet, and many on their seJts, and
t-houtcd, whittled, yelled, and Matured In
ilclti-hf, while hauderchlefi and li.itM were
waved. The demonstration lasted several
minute, and only stopped when the ex
.5ovinior, after bowing and smiling sov
ral time. bee-aii to talk In the midst of
nil the noire. Next In fervor to this out
burnt came the rcsiionsc to every refer
ence to Uryan, free silver, and the Chi
cago jilatform. l'ratik Wenter presided
tit the meeting, and State Chairman .1. V.
Orr occupied a scat bestile him. On tin
jilatform were seated "cure of Demo
crats from all part of the State.
Mayor Harrison's Speech.
la til o'etilns reninrlis Mayor Harrison
sjlil the Doiiioir.it proinse,l to 1Icum local
Issue In the irciiit e.iiuii.iltfti. He ileclnr--d
that the attitude of the Itt-publlcuii lead
er toward iiuc-stlous that atToct the pocket
ook of taxpayer was linlcfvnsllilv. Hr
that re.uon (lovoruor Taiiiier "took a the
topic of hi dleoiire theatrical Jingoism
relative to the Nation' future policy anil
mi Intenipvrate ilium? ntnl titlsre'preicnlii
tloa of the conduct of the state affair by
111 Immediate pre'Iewssor."
The Itcpiiiillraii party stntnls fnr the few
and the livinocr.itle, party for the many.
Tlii' ltmoi-rjcr 1 tin oliamnlou of the
rltfhts of the people, aud stands hetweii the
vvvry-day citizen and the money power of
the latiJ. He discussed the C'hlcngu plat
form at tonus length and aborted the quos
Hon of nntl-moiiotipoly wa one whluh the
people of the United State mum S'llvc,
nud colve satisfactorily. If the future of the
Nation I to tiear out the promise of It
just. The Chicago platform adopted n
the creed of the Democratic, party faith
in the national convention of lMKl wa
nothing more nor nothing le-n than u warn
Ins and protest dlrei-tcd to the people
sig.ilmt the stcadr growth and Insatiable
iwactlon of the money power.
Attack Allen Low.
After further talk about the trust and
monopolies. Mr. Harrison prnce'dod to at
tack the Allen law, which he protiouncel
one of the uiauy crime the Ucnubllcau
party had committed against the plain, ev-cry-day
eltlii-ii lu behalf of the corpora
tion. He slid:
The people re2rd the Allen bill n a
very vital lsue lu this campaign. Tuey
claim, and that Justly, that the street of
the city of I'lili-iigo lie-long to the people,
that no corporation shall have a practically
perpetual lMe of tln'in. ntnl that no cor
porittou sli.ill cnjy their exclusive use
wltlnut paying Into the treinT.il trcamiry
tin ndciptate rental for tho same. They re
member that stocks lu street railroad com
panies have advauceil from par to (fti."Vt a
share, without an cipitvalont helng pabl
Into the treasury. They liave seen a shrewd
promoter take a contract mi the stock f
two of the)- traction companies at an ad
vance of over BOO per cent, of Its par value,
and borrow vtiotisii money on 111 contracts
to make himself absolute master of tho
traction service In two division of the city.
The people are shrewil enough to see that
tbl vast uucarneil Increment of value I
nothing more nor le than tho protlts de
rived from the jiiissesslnii and occupation
of the public streets without return to the
city. No corporation has a valid excuse
for a franchise extending over n period of
' more than twenty year, when the tendency
In all clvlllxed communities to-day I toward
municipal ownership, or, at least, municip
al control, of natural monopolies. And,
knowing these facts, the people of Chicago
are determined to make the Allen law an
Issue of vital come'juence In this cam
palsn." The Kcpubllcans will not he permitted
to Ignore this juctlon. Ttiey will not bo
nllowul to vtraji themselves In the fold of
the American nag aud u-o on to victory nu
tbe strength of the glory earned in tho
Spanish uur. The war cannot be made u
Itepubllcan Issue In the coming campaign.
lie declared that had It not lieen for the
Demoeratle members of Congress, acked
up by a few- patriotic Itcpulillcans. who
placed humanity above xetili greed nud
love of country above Ignoble considera
tions, there would have been no war. The
mcccme of tbe war were duo to Ameri
can manhood, tbe glories were tho glories
if the Nation Itself. The fame of the war
was the fame of our splendid people, Nev
r before In the history of the Nation had
nil ranks and clie, nil political parties,
nli race and creeds, stood so manfully
together, so solidly arm to arm and should--r
to shoulder for the common defense, vy
ing with one another In h mest nud courage
ous loyalty to the Natl m's chief magistrate
In otery tep he took for the honor of tho
Nation and tbe Nation's ri.ig.
Illamcs the Iiepulillcan I'urty,
Wo leave to the Itepubllcan party a mo
nopoly lu the wanton uilm.ui.igeuicut of
the war's affair lu tho cummlt.ary's ami
inejlcal departments, ' he said, "If the Ite
publicans wNh to make any particular
claims let them take for their own tho In
capacity with wbleh the business affair of
tbe war were run: let them claim as theirs
tbe cruel Indifference with which our br.ivu
boys lu blue, when sick or wounded, were
treated. Let them claim full credit for the
ndvancement of the son of millionaires, of
Itepubllcan Senator, of Itepubllcan poli
ticians over the hods of skillful
und well-trained army ottlclals, J.et
them have an absolute monopoly
of tbe Infamy of eitalilUhlng artuy
camps In unhealthy and remote neighbor
hoods at the hehent of railroad corporation,
nnd In the placing of thoe doctors a chief
medical officer In charge of hosiiltal where
sick soldier were lying In need of care."
He sild ho did not believe that tbe Amer
ican people were willing to leave the get-tk-inent
of the Cuban, I'orto Itlcau, and
Philippine fiuemloiis to the party that had
so plainly shown H Incipaclty to deal with
jjreat matter, exeept on tho basis of how
much there was In It for Its hungry and In
jtlabit leaders. Ho declared that there
were no faction In tho Democratic party
no Altgcid faction, no Uryan faction, no
Harrison faction. He urged a strict obcdl
rnce to party dlii'lpllna and absolute party
loyalty. He concluded with tho following
reference to the Democratic candidate for
the Presidency two jcars ago:
"Let u remember the splendid prencnco
find loyalty to ill Ipllne of our gallant leid
ir ditvn among the palms of Florid i, who,
thrugh hi secret heart's denlrn nnd all tho
I romptlng of love nnd friendship call hint
to hi Western home, yet yield obedience
to tbe taniand of hi superior olllccrs.
Itcpubllcin machinations keep blrn In Inac
tion at tbe front, Itepubllcan scheming
have elcted hi eloquent tongue, and rob
be 1 tbe people's causd of Its mot persuasive
(humplon, but his silence is more eloquent
tban even his word could be, as Uryan the
oldie Is to-day as much an Idol of tho
Democratic heart as Uryan tbe standard-
Lining Up and the
bearer will be In lwo. when once more be
will lead the hots of Democracy, this Mine
to certain victory.
I.x-dovcrnor Altueld'a Ppccch.
llvtlovernor Altgcid began hi speech by
announcing that he would dlsctl the
ic i cii-
eral and state administrations, but before
beginning wltu tbe state administration
referred to tbe deficit In the state treasury
charged to hi ndmltilMratloti by (Inventor
Tanner In hi tlolconda speech. He said
that lu ly.3 a tlepubltcati Lcgllature made
appropriation amounting to about .lo,4isi,
l mid then refused to authorize a tux levy
stitltclctit to pay Mil sum. It left n short
age of Jl'.tWtKt. He called rt special se
sloii of the Legislature, and asked It to au
thorize a tax levy suttlclent to meet the
appropriation. The special sclon In
creased the levy M,XXMXi. but still left a
shortage of I.4U(,W0. The deficit found
by the Hopublte.iti lu- ls'7 was made by
them. Tbe llctHibllcnli administration pre
ceding til trilled with the state's credit
to emb.irras bis administration.
The speaker then turned his attention to
a discussion of elevator, gas nnd Allen
bills. He explained the methods of grading
wheat and the duties of warehousemen. He
said that the different qualities of wheat lu
the same grade established by the grain In
spector often made it wide difference In
price. The best wheat In any grade some
time sold nt 7 cent n bushel more than
wheat of a poorer quality In the same grade.
The warehousemen, he said, saw they could
sell by sample the best quality of any par
ticular grade nnd supply It place by it low
er quality of the same grade, mid pocket
the difference. The elevator owners went
Into tbe business) of buying and selling
grain and mixing It with that of their cus
tomers. A suit wa brought to enjoin th'.-in
from doing this, nnd Judge Tulcy held that
the elevntor owner were trustees or custo
dian of other people's property, mid Mint
It would be contrary to public morals to per
mit them to be In n position of constant
tchiptntlon to change the character of the
property they held In trust. Tbe court held,
nlso, Uiat to permit the elevator men to
net n trustee of nnd dealers lu grain
would be to drive nil other buyer out of
the market. Tho Suprime Court sustained
Judge Tulcy.
Lcglsluturc l'asics a Law.
The Legislature then passed a law per
mitting the elevator men to do the thing
the court had held they could not do. The
effect of tbl legislation wa to create n
monopoly nud place nil that section of the
country which lu grain matter I tributary
to Chicago at the mercy of the levator
Taking mi the gas bill, the sneaker said
that Chicago formerly had eight Ms com
panies. Koine manipulator formed n trust
in stop competition, limier tne laws or Illi
nois these companies could not consolidate.
At the session of the last Lcglslaturo a bill
was passed authorizing the companies to
consolidate. Then another bill wa passed
ulileh provided Hint hereafter no 'gasplpc
could be laid without the consent of the
owner of a majority of the frontage. A
the ga trust had It pipe already laid, It
can easily prevent any new company from
getting tho consent of a majority of the
frontage In each block.
Mr, Altgcid next took up a discussion of
the Allen law and gave a sketch of the
street railway business. He said that the
business bad been so prntttabte that share
Mint originally cost MOO bad been sold for
?iK". Iii recent yeur the operation of
street railway had greatly cheapened, nud
In ninny Instance in America fare had
been rediicid to -I cent, and In n few- to it
little over ,'l cents. In lliigland, where
some of the cltle had taken the street rail
way mid operated them, the fare had been
reduced to about g cents, and It was found
that 'he business was still protliable. He
thought the time had come when the peo
ple should mnkt? arrangement to get rea
sonable fare and compel the companies to
bear their share of thu burden of govern
ment. The term of the franchise should be
shorter than formerly, yet the companies
got the Legislature to pas a bill extending
the franchise fifty year and providing for
a 3 cent fare for twenty years. The bill
made no provision for reducing tho fare
at the end of that period. The granting of
n iraiicmse for even twenty years, iiutlioriz
lug ii ."eceut fare under existing condition
would be a crime. It would authorize rob
bery by law.
The question is risked! "Did not some
Democrat support that legislation)" Yes,
they did; but outside of Chicago nearly ev
ery one of them ha been repudiated by hi
constituents, mm the Democratic party, u
a nartv. ha taken a Ilrui stand iiualnst
this legislation, while the Itepubllcan statu
niiuiiuisimiiou staiiu uy inese nets.
Two years ago the Demoeratle party cut
loose from tho corporations and trusts, and
while In tbe short time Intervening It has
not been nlilo to drive out nl It hood ers.
they were not controlling It a they are the
Itepubllcan party. He criticised Mnveruor
Tanner for signing the laws complained of,
and successfully claimed the credit of veto
ing the same measure us passed by the
Legislature of 1M)3.
Mr. Altgcid then turned hi attention to
the Keiier.il administration aud discussed
the Dlngley bill, lu the camtulgn of 'till.
tbe trust nud tho great concentration of
capital lu this country raised an enormous
riiun tor tne purpose or ueuaucmng Ameri
can citizens and carrying the election by
Improper methods. A soon ns President
McMulcy was inaugurated the different, In
terests which bad contributed this fund de
manded that they be given an opportunity
to collect It back, together with an enorm
ous protlt. Congress was at once convened,
anil, although In session many months, It
did no business except to enact the Dlnglev
law. Ostensibly It was for tbe protection of
tnu lanorer, nun to niruisn money for the
treasury, but It did neither of tlieso things,
and In reality It was for tbe bcuetlt of mo
nopolies only. It has created condition by
which the American ntNinbi are being com
pelled to pay hundred of millions of dollars,
not Into the rcdcr.il treasury, but into the
concr of private corporations,
The sugr.r trust was reputed to have l-Iv
en over l,u for campaign fund lu
I'-M. Iu framing the tariff law the sugar
trust wa given suili a tariff as It wanted.
The result was that sugar went up U3 per
cent. Sugar that tho laboring man former
ly got for i cents a pound wa marked up to
3 cents, and during the ilrst year nfter thu
Dlngley law went Into effect tho sugar trust
cleared over fjO,isio,iKjO above what It could
nave mane iinui-r tne former tax. Not a
cent of this went Into the 1'ederal treasury,
but It ciiiuo out of the pocket of thu neo-
pic. Almost the same state exists as to the
leather trust, and nothing was done for the
lanorer. jioino i.inor na neon driven out
by pauper labor, brought over In ship load,
but the trust were protected. This coun
try should have n mighty commerce with
every nation of the world, but tbe
llepuhtlcan tralff closed our port to these
nation, .mencin commerce ouco covered
the sen and wa second only to that of
(rent lirltaln. but lenub can si Inn ni: ami
navigation laws, passed In the Interest of
a fuw nome corpiranon, nave destroyed
this coinmerco and shipping.
Tube Up the .Money Question.
Tho speaker then took up the money ques
tion, ileciirlng thu gold standard tho worst
curse of all. Tho Itepubllcan two years
ago declared that they would sutalu the
gold standard only until they could get an
International agreement restoring bimetal
lism. This pledge was not made In good
faith. Ho then discussed the effect of tho
demonetization of of silver. A wholo chap
ter of accident followed the election of
lb!)fl, nil f.ivorablo to tho Itepubllcan. First,
the great drought nnd consequent failure of
crop on tbreu continent, resulting In a
terrible famine, temporarily raised tho prlco
of wheat far ahoo the general level, nnd
Mm helped thoso farmer who had not yet
sold their crop; and, second, the same
drought caused tho loss of about (!0,'.oo,uoo
bead of thcep In Australia and the surround
ing Island, which fact raised the price of
sheep and the price of wool throughout the
world; and, third, came war, which usually
creates more or less activity In commercial
circles. Astonishing as It may set-ia, tho
Itcpubllcnti attributed nil these thing to
tbilr tariff law. lint these accidents have
spent their force: wheat I again approach
ing the JO-ccnt line, tbe general level of
price I about where It wa two year ago.
md 1 showing a constant tendency to sink
still lower, because, while the population
it the turtli i Increasing nnd demands
uore and mere money, the .thtiutl addition
i b' world' money I not Increasing In
proi ortlon.
Instead of the restoration of prosperity,
1 we were promised, we find tint only
tbo' clajc who In one manner or another
jotir the substnnce of cither lneu' tell
r tirnaiierltii-. while the great masses of
jur people tlml thcliuelvc In a much ell
lre it ever. While tbe brokers nnd "pec
ulator, tbr manipulators who have absolute
control of certain market nnd can force
the people to pay nny price they may ak.
are talking about prosperity, we llnd that
there lute recently been, nnd so far ns I am
advised are yet In progre, seventeen great
tfll.-... In hiiln.lrlnl renters of tills country
.ill on account of wage, In nearly nil cases
reduction having been made, n reduction,
too, from what were already starvation
wage. At 1'ati.t, lu Illinois, t. have for
months bad n strike among the coal miner,
became the mine operator Insisted on re
ducing wage below a Manatloti point, de
claring that they could not otherwise run
their mine. And they are now driving
the white men off and tilling their place
with negroes brought from Alabama, This
Is ltcpulillcan prosperity. In almost eery
Industrial center lu Mil country we llnd it
similar condition, and only recently Mark
Hanoi' manager, speaking of the condition
of the coat miiicr in nio aim csc ir
gltila, stated that these companies were go
ing to reduce wages nnd that he anticipated
a long and serious strike In consequence.
Large bank clearance were s.tld to show
prosperity, yet the bank clearance of lf!i",
ainoiiiitllig to ai.:H7,70Mli. were iJ.ns,.
'.'('.i.iksi lc than they were In Imbi. During
these t'wenty-tdiie years the population had
doubled iilni the business of 1MI7 should
have been twice that of ihri.
The bond Issued to carry mi the war with
Spain were Issued lit the behest of the
Faslern financier, who wanted to handle
the bond. He said Mint giMSSi,(Hl III
bonds ha been sold, nnd that tbe war has
cut only elM.llW.oiiH. 'I be wiir reiriiiie
law wa so constructed Mint most of the
great corporation escaped their share of the
burden. You send a telegram nnd you iny
the roetiue tax, not the corporation. You
send ii package by express and the corpora
tion refuses to pay the tax.
Hintory of Alucr,
During the civil war formal charge were
tiled against Lieutenant tltisscll A. Alger,
alleging that he had absented himself with
out Icive during n battle nud praying that
he be rourtMimrtlntcd nnd dismissed from
the army. These charge were signed,
nmoiig others, by (leticral Wesley K. Mer
rill. Hut Mr. Alger had political lulltictice
and be managed to get permission to resign
from the army Instead of being dismissed
lu disgrace. Mr. Alger went back to Mlchl-
gggHMBHHIK- m$$mW
Ealalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaisr' ,SJSJSjf y o-.-.Wyl
lgggggggggBgtvixiEiW M&$fM
allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll'sllllllllllK'iYi iMiEroJ
Talked Of for Speaker of tho Illinois House.
trim und (itiitiMcd ii isren: fortune
n urciit
yvnrs up) Hoii.itor juiiii stu-riimii.
m-imiiiiciiii niitnnrity, wrote
ii lmiik. in
which hunk lie ihnrk'fs tills Mr. Alk-cr with
liolnc ii I'orrmitluiiLt. vtiiirzi'S lilm with thu
crluii) cif ciirnijilliii; HciiuIiIIimii ilrli'ir.itos
who hud liieu vhusvu to ijo to n n.itlutml
Will, lu tho .firing of 1KM) this Mr. Alerr
Jolik'd luuiil with Murcii Aiiri'llu llninm
of (.'Uvi'Iiiml, Olilo, who hus liiiprfstcil Iilni'
self iiion the Ainerli'uii n-nii- us helm: the
urt-.itest dehnuclier of Aiiivrlciii iiiii.lioml
mid citizenship, mid ns huvlnu dmii' in ire
to iiiiilerinliie nud destroy free Institutions
In this country limn nur nthcr nun, Mr.
Alifcr thus assisted In urliiirlnu iihuut the
nomination of William MrKiiih-y. How
much money he spent In lolnx tills, nml
whum he dclianelicd, I do not kniw, Mr.
litiermiiu Is silent upon this s'llijcct. lint
nfter Mr. McKlnlcy was Iniimiur.itcil, then,
to the astonishment of tbe American peo
ple, he ns n mutter of srntltudu mid favorit
ism, appointed this Mr. Altter to the head
of the wnr department that department lu
which were supposed to he cm tile chiiri.-fs
slk'lied I iv t-ouic of tlie tilusi prominent nfll
cers In the nrmy, to the effect Hint this Mr,
Alucr, iiltboiiiih the favorite of the Presi
dent, was not the man to huuillo military
Itcicencrntccl Pcnwcmuy,
The speaker conerntulnted the Deinoe
racy of America upon the fart 1 lint It had
driven that tyranny, that rohliery, that ns
sas'luitlou, which for centuries had dark
ened our skies near our border, forever
off the Western hemisphere. It bad rescued
siifferlnu millions; it had lifted the stand
urds of Justice: it bad opened n career for
countries which bad tutted nntbliib' but the
curse nf oppression for centuries. It hud
put in prattle.- mid enforced recognition of
n new principle of lntirimtlon.il law that
no ovei'iiiiieiit bus the right to roll nud
luunler Its citizens, nud that wherever It
dots so It Is the duty of other governments
to Intcrfcro nud protect the people.
"Hud the force which formerly controlled
our party not been icr thein," lie said,
"had (Vvelntul und hi corrupt Pharisees
not been rituiillnted, the hand of the as
s.inslu would still be striking down women
nud children, und vultures would still be
devouring tho flesh of murdered patriots in
Cuba. You ask why the Iiemocr.iey Is en
titled to the glory. I answer: book back
one yean read only your Iteiiubllenn news
papers, und you will see tint the new
lit-iuncraiy, ass.stcd by a few Itejnililleana
who yet had courage enough left to say
that they posese, conviction and dared
to as.ert them, compelled the present nd
ministration to declare war ngilust Spain."
Thu liewocr.itlc party has saved U'uhi.
Tlie men who c-ontiolled the tircrc.'it ad
ministration Insisted that the Interests of
the bondholder weie of more value than
tin lives of several million men,
"This war will liicreao our iiilliienro nnd
broaden our activities. Wo will connect
the two cci-ans with n canal, we will grad
ually aeijulre harbor nnd coaling tuition
nil over tlie earth, and the new lienioeraey
will cover the seas with our meiehaiit ma
rine. Our country will in tlmo extend from
the pole to the gulf, nud will lucliiifo the
West India Islands, not through force, but
through natural growth and development.
Our will lo the grcit republic of the earth,
the supremo mistress of the Western hem.
isphcie. Wo will mold tlm destiny of na
tlous by our moral nud commerclnl Influ
ence. Tbl will Involve no Increased nrmy
or n colonial system, further, tho Philip
pine) Island will ncrpilre their Independence
nnd occupy closer relations with us. Hut
wo must steer clear of a corrupt colonial sys
tem, inch ns would grow up In nn uttempt
to sovern 8,000,oijo or 10,000,000 of people
ou another hemisphere. Just iruaglue tbe
spectacle of turning loose on the Filipinos
the crowd that looted Illinois a year and a
half ago."
Hcimlillcnn Favoritism,
After referring to the money question
again, the Chicago platform of IMW1, and the
mission of Democracy, Mr. Altgcid referred
to the navy nnd Admiral Sampson's prize
money. Sampson Is a favorite of the Presi
dent. He had never fought a battle, nnd
had done nothing to distinguish hlmsidf,
yet lie wa Advanced over n number of cap
tains who were hi senior in order Mint
Sampson might get one-fourth of n million
dollar prize money. Favorite were nlso
appointed In the war department. The men
who li.nl opposed tho war. rushed to the
front, n soon n It wa declared, with a
Hercc determination to yet nil tbe money
nnd nil the advantage. Instead of appoint
ing to tlie place In the quartermaster" de
partment mm in tne conuniir- depart
ment nnd In the medical dcpirtmeiit exper
ienced nnd capable men, the 1'resldent filled
these departments with dudes nnd Incompe
tent sou of rich or Influential father. It
was a pure question of favoritism from be
ginning to end. The nppolnttiient of the
secretary of war had been a question of
favoritism, lie used tlie ureal department
of the government to favor n man to whom
he was under obligation, nml now the wel
fare of tbe nrniv nnd the Interest of the
American republic were again lowered to
the plane nt favoritism.
He referred nt length to the experience
of the soldier, quoting from the Chicago
Tribune In proof of hi nsscrtlon. He de
clared tint the patriotism nnd Intelligence
of the country were with the Democrats,
The great majority of the people nre dl
gusted with present conditions, and the only
hopes of Itepubllcan success lie In n repeti
tion of the fraud committed two year ago.
"Head off fraud nt tbe poll nnd you nre
already elected. The election criminals are
neither Ucpubllcaii nor Democrat i they
nrn neither men nor women like grave'rob-
her, they nre ghoul, mid a penitentiary
cell I their fit habitation. Let them under
stand that the least trilling will send them
there, nud victory Is yours."
The registry lawn were changed by
the lat Legislature, which Is n fact
unknown to many voters. Instead of
there Ih'Iiik a new registration for ev
ery Presidential election, there Is nn
entire now registration for each Con
Kresonnl election. Therefore, If you
do not register thl fall, no matter
when you registered before, you can
not vote.
A great nsscttibliige of enthusiastic
Itcpulillcans attended Congressman
Lorlmcr's meet Inn nt lllver Grove. Mr.
Lorlmer was warmly welcomed by his
constituent. He spoke of the itios
UoitH before the people lu this cam
paign aud said that unless a Itepubll
can Congress wns elected to sustain
President McKlnloy the wnr with
Spain would bo n failure. Tho Demo
crats are opposed to the jiolle.v of na
tional expansion, ho paid, and the fruits
of tln victories of the American sol
diers nud sailors would bo thrown
nwny If Democratic, policy should con
trol the next Congress.
Hoy O. West nnd several of the coun
ty candidates also spoke. New war
pictures were shown by the clniinato
graph. "As far as the Issues Involved In this
campaign are concerned, John V. Alt
gold's speech nt the Auditorium wns,
practically, slonce" said Clmrlcs 8.
Itaunells, chairman of the Itepubllcan
State Committee. "The Democratic:
ex-(!nveinor might have dlsctused tho
'Missouri compromise,' or the 'Drcd
Scott decision, with us much propriety
und relevancy ns tho topics lie talked
about for hours. He Ignored totally
the question the American people will
decldit lu the coming election. This
iliiestlon Is whether or not the nation
proposes to Maud by Its utterances and
nets during-the past six months,
"To bo consistent, the American peo
ple must sustain President McKlnloy,
net only In what ho has done, but lu
what ho proposes to do. There must
bo no retrogression unless this nation
Is to become the laughing stock of the
world. The Itepubllcnn national nd
ministration must be Indorsed for what
It has done and assured of support for
what it shall do In the future. Tho na
tional government requires the unani
mous support of tho people of this
country to-day quite ns much ns It did
the day President McKlnlcy asked for
the Ilrst appropriation of $.-0,000,000 to
make preparations for the then Immi
nent war,
"This support by the nation can bo
given only by tlm election of a Congress
In full sympathy with the President,
and representing titily tho wishes of
tho majority of tho people, which nre:
That tho American Hag shall not bo
lowered In nny spot where It has been
raised. The Itepubllcan party stands
for this principle nnd this policy. Mr.
Altgold's speech Is silent on these ques
tions, If ho spoko for tho Democratic
party, nnd he Is Its acknowledged
lender in this State, 1ho Democratic
proposition Is that tho nation shall
stultify Itself by repudiating the na
tional administration; by saying In
oiTocjt tlmt It wnt not In favor of tho
war with Spain; by Instiltltit! the
Atncrk'.'iti soldiers ntnl sailors who
fought tlto battle nml won the siiloti
tlltl victories of that war, and by roll
lilit the I'onntry of tho fruit of tlie
victory ru'iili'ViMl nt o great a cost. A
Democrat lu victory at the polls this
fall would mean all of till. Mr. Alt
Hold's speech wns ntviinlc In what It
said, ami self-ccmvlctlns lu what omit
ted. Mr. Altgrld did not attempt to
deny the chaises made ntrnlnt tin' Alt
Held administration liy Governor Tan
ner in Ills speech at (loleontla. He had
not a word to say In reply lo the sK'
clllc Instances of extravagance, Incom
petency, mlmannecineut, ami dishon
esty of tlu Altueld appointee! present
ed by (lovoruor Tnnncr. If the Demo
crats can tlml consolation lu Alticeld's
speech, they nro enslly pleased."
Congressman Lorlmer's friends are
dWHcd to regard him as the savior of
the Itepubllcan party In this campalcu.
They have reasoned that If the ('on-
jjreman Is elected the entire Itepubll
can county ticket will bo elected, for
tho Democrats will have to make the
caln they require to earn their ticket
throujtli In the Tenth, Twenty-ninth nnd
Thirtieth ward-. If the (,'onjfrossnmn
Is defeated by a considerable margin,
these friends argue, then the wholo
Democratic ticket Is almot sure to win.
Krom these deductions they have drawn
the conclusion that "It N up to Iorl
iner" lo save the day for the Itepubll
can party.
Many Itepubllcan leaders from tlie
State were lu Chicago this week nud
vNlted tho State headquarters lu the
(Ireat Northern. All told the same story
of Itepubllcan enthusiasm, eiierny and
certainty of success lu nil sections of
the State. Among tlio prominent Ho
publican: who called on Chnlrman Itau
uells were: (Ion. John II. Itluaker. Sen
ator O. l Horry, Senator I. T. Chap
man, Iteprcseutatlvcs I.. M. Nollng; und
11. II. Ward, Slate Committeeman John
M. Herbert, I.eii Small,.l. O. Anderson,
Congressmen Vespasian Warner, (Sen.
W. Smith nnd (leorgo W. Prince, David
ltankln, Col. Isaac Klwood. Howard O.
Hilton. C. K. Snlvely, W. It. Jewell, C.
I.. I lustlu and dona than Mcrrlam. Con
gressmen iTlnee, tinier and Smith
nre certain of re-elect Ion, The people
lu their districts nre determined lo sus
tain President McKlnloy lu Ms conduct
of the war with Spain, und to back
Ii! in up lu his dcmnmls on the Spanish
(lovernmeut In dictating the terms of
peace. Senator Berry said tho Twenty
eighth senatorial district would send
two Itepubllcaus Sherman and Jar
man lo the Legislature, and that Con
gressman Weiijiimlu I-'. Marsh would be
re-elected to Congress lu that district.
J. O. Anderson said tho Itepubllcaus
are strong us ever In his district aud
would elect their full ticket. (Ion. ltltt
alter declared (lie Itepubllcans would
carry Morgan County ami sisbly Ma
coupin. Harry W. Wnrd, postmaster
nt Duitiolu, said that Kgypt Is all right,
ami that Itodcnburg nml Smith would
be elected to Congress und the full com
plement of Itepubllcan Senators und
Iteprcseutatlvcs would bo sent to
Spi'luglleld from the southern section of
the State. On nil sides the prospect
Is most encouraging to the Itepubllcaus,
The visitors all paid their respects to
(lov. Tanner and complimented hlin on
his splendid speech opening the cam
paign. Iteportsof the ltcpulillcan canvass -of
the State have begun to arrive nt head
quarters. They nro uniformly oncour
aging. They Indicate strong Itepubll-
can gains over the vote of 1SIMI. In one
connly, In the central part or the State,
from which complete returns have been
received, the poll shows nn Increase lu
tho Itepubllcan majority of WO over
the vole of 1WMI. At tho same ratio of
Increase the Itepubllcan majority lu tho
State lu 18118 would exceed Ifio.OtH). A
lighter vote than that of 1MW is expect
ed this ye-ar, but even nfter allowing
for the smaller vote usual lu tin "off"
year the Itepubllcan majority will ap
proximate 100,000.
Hctwecn now nnd election day all the
legislative tickets will bo carefully
si'iutlnlzed, and voters will be fully In
formed as to the record nud promises
of till candidates.
Tho lucidity and cogency with which
ex-d'ov. Altgcid shows Hint tho fiscal
administration of (he Democrats wns
prudent, ecuitoinlcal nud houest while
that of tho Itcpulillcans Is extravagant
und dishonest are equaled only by the
clearness and force with which (Jov.
Tanner shows that the Democrats reck
lessly aud criminally dissipated state
funds while tho Itepubllcaus expended
the people's money with the wisest cure
nud most scrupulous regard for their
solemn obligations to tho common
wealth lu that behalf.
Candidates ou tho Democratic county
ticket do not relish tho way e.-(Sovor-nor
Altgcid treated them lu his speech
at the Auditorium Saturday night.
They say ho wns Invited by local nitin
ugcrs to address ti meeting designed to
push the Chicago campaign, nud then
"damned with faint pralsu" the whole
county ticket. According to tho tips
obtained from statu headquarters the
Cook county leaders believed Altgcid
would devote most' of Ills tlmo to at
tacking Tanner and tho Itepubllcan op
ponents of the Democratic candidates.
A close scrutiny of tho stenographic
report of his address, however, affords
tho Democratic nominees Utile com
fort, for uven his comparison of the two
tickets Is regarded as resulting more
favorably for tho Itepubllcaus than for
tho standard-bearers of his own party.
Certain men on tho Democratic ticket,
who h'avo city council nud Springfield
records, nro especially angry nt tho ox
governor's plnln-spokcn words about
scratching thu nan'ib of a boodlor wher
ever found, but they nro thankful ho
did not mention any names. The other
candidates, however, think tho speaker
slighted tho ticket by not calling them
by uniuo and personally commending
litem to tho support of tho voters, In
that wny, they argue, Altgeld might
liavo effectually dispelled tho Idea that
ho Is opposed to tho county slate. Oth
ers say that ho could not mention one
without mentioning tho wholo fifty-five
men on tbe ticket.
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