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WMifivjWji i. rwv. ,
ri)iraijn T tuolr
Tbey Are Arousing Considerable
Public Attention froro Tx-
pyer? Just it Present.
It Is Runjored tbfct tbe Bord of Edu-
tttioij Will Look lijto Sonje
Stride Stories.
And that Joroe Engineers and Janitors Will
Be Asked to Tell All Tbey
In tbe fentiroe Lorimer's Pirn)
Answering Question? witb
witb Cook
Whatlkltut of coiil has Larimer's firm
been furulshlug to the public schools'
Has It been full weight V
Iliis It been of contract iiiillt'V
TIlCsC lilt' qtlt'KtlollM Wlllclt llll'UllH'I'H
of the Hoard of Kducutlon lire asking
to-dny, mid they are questions whjch
will have to ho answered.
During tho past spring ami winter
several of tlio public, schools hail to lie
closed heeiitiHU of the Instittlclcncy'of
coal supply.
Several engineers and Janitors have
.lalUed loudly and pointedly about the
causes of this trouble, unit the business
method pursued by some of the .subor
dinates of the board wltl mil bear much
ovinia, Kin;; & Co., the linn which,
with t'ongrcsstnuu William l.orliuer as
silent partner, has lone enjoyed a mon
opoly of county coal contracts, Is la
trouble. At the very time when Its hid
for supplying coal to the county for the
ensuing year Is under consideration by
the County Hoard- there are develop
ments Injurious to It, both from the
outside and from within the llrm.
County otllclals, among them Supt.
Lango of the DiiiiuIuk .Institutions,
charge that the llrm has delivered coal
far Inferior to what Its contract calls
for during the past year. More thuti
this, John Kim:, the partner who Is the
accepted tluauelal backer of the llrm,
and who furnishes, the inoney necessary
for It In handling Its big contracts, has
untitled President Irwin of the County
Hoard that ho will not be personally lia
ble on the bids offered by the llrm for
the contract for the coining year.
The bid on the coal supply, six In
all, were opened .luue 'M and were to
be passed on by the Public Service
Committee of the County Hoard .luuo
".". In the absence of County Comp
troller Mouughaii and Chief Deputy lid
wind .1. McCarthy In the Fast, l.otils
Fckluirt, a clerk In the Comptroller's
olllce, has had charge of the examina
tion ami tabulation of the bids, Satur
day the Information tillered out that
the bid of O'Cara. King & Co. was '' or
'I cents lower than any oilier. Then
criticism and discussion began.
One county olllelnl with authority
high enough to give him full knowledge
said: "O'l in I'll, King V Co. have nut
been furnishing Yoiighlogheny, the coal
they contracted to supply, but haw
been sending to the county Institutions
lltu.ll block coal. This Is an Inferior
and cheaper article. This thing has
been going on for a year. The county
has lost thousands of dollars by It.
Thete seems now to be some dllllculty
union;: the members of the llrm. The
liituro developments may bo Interest?
Supt. I.tngo In answering emeries
said: "Tlio coal for Dunning comes
from O'Cara, King fc Co. It Is perfect
ly true, we have not been getting the
hind of coal contracted for. I am not
a coal expert, but I know the dltfor
ence between good and bad coal. Wo
have not been getting what we ought to
get. The bills are higher and the coal
Well, Juno 23 arrived ami Lorlmer
He did not lmvo Tom Carey to help
Will Hive Pleasant Time
Ktfiri to tb ontrct
him win in the County Hoard, but he
had some one else Just as good.
The liilluence he had was Just as
potent, and O'Cara, King V Co., Con
gressman William l.orlmer's tl tin of
coal dealers, has been a winded the con
tract for supplying the coal to the
county for the ensuing year. This llrm
was the lowest bidder, of course, and
the Public Service Committee recom
mended that the contract be let to It
despite the fact that it was stated that
the llrm had substituted mi inferior
quality of coal on Its last contract, and
that the price usked was too high.
Commissioner Struckmaii led the
light against the l.orliuer interests, and
Commissioner Wright, the colored
member of the Hoard, championed l.or
lmer's cause. O'Cara, King .V Co.'s
bids were us follows: Youghlogheiiy
coiill .st.'.'S per ton; Hocking Ohio, I. IS;
I'.rall, lud., block coal, .?:i..S; anthra
cite. $.-i.ltt.
The vote on awarding the contract
was as follows: Yeas Heer, Carolau,
Dahlgreti, Devlno, llappcl, Kiillls, l.ltul
sten, Pctrle, Wright, Irwin 10. Nays
HotTuiau, Striickiiiau. Van Hteonberg,
Mack I. Abseiit-Hurke-I.
When the report of the Public Ser
vice Committee was presented to the
Commissioners a motion was made by
Commissioner Mack providing thai
new bids be advertised for on the soft
coal contract. In explaining his motion
ho declared that nil of the bids were
too high. "I am satlslled that we can
do better," said he. "It Is a slgnltlcaut
fact that we have received only six
bids, notwithstanding that we tiro
probably the largest consumers of coal
In Cook County. The annual contract
with the county calls for something
like ll'O.noo tons of coal. If we readver
Use I am satlslled that we will be able
to make a belter contract."
Commissioner Mack's motion was
voted down, whereupon Commissioner
Slruckmim moved that Hmr.ll, I ml,,
block coal be used Instead of Youghlo
gheiiy coal, "I have It from reliable
authority," said he, "that this cheaper
coal lias been substituted for the
higher-priced coal. Last year we con
stiii)cd more of the better quality coal
than we did of the Inferior quality,
which wo Used tlio year before last.
This fad proe conclusively that It Is
not economy to buy the higher-priced
coal. When I say that an Inferior qual
ity of coal has been substituted I speak
fioui personal knowledge. When the
SherllY's attention was called to this It
was found that fraud was being perpe
trated and several loads of coal were
rejected. I think the llrall coal is
better for use, and It Is cheaper, too."
Commissioner Hoffman favored sub
stituting the Indiana coal for the
Youghlogheiiy, and said that it would
nu'iiii a saving of af least $0,000 annu
ally to tlio county. Commissioner
Struckinan'K motion was voted down
and the report of the committee award
lug the contract to O'Cara, King & Co.
for tlio soft ami hard coal was adopted.
Perhaps tlio "Young Mcu's Voters'
fags "i?
i :XMMr'
Chief of (he Department of Electricity and the Ablest City Electrician in the United States.
League" Is behind the l.orliuer coal
loutracts. Who knows'
There ate some good men among the
Masters-lii-ehaiicery and some mighty
tough ones. Dead beats, defendants
In scandal cases, crooks ami legislative
bribers should be weeded out of the
We regret to note that our old-time
friend. Tom Carey, is losing his grip In
the Twenty-ninth Ward. According to
current reports the local Democracy
are calling Tom a "light wad" and a
"l,orlmer num." Wo do not belluve
the generous mid open-hearted Tom to
be a "tight wad," but tlio fact that hu
could only spilt even with his enemies
ut the last primary menus something.
Following are the delegates from Illi
nois to the Democratic national con
vention: Delegates-at-largo Carter II. Harri
son of Chicago. Alfred S. Trade of Chi
cago, Hen T. Cable of Hock Island, II.
I,. Williams of Carml.
First District John P. Hopkins and
Thomas (iaiiau.
Second Thomas Hyrue and Thomas
Third-John J. Couglillu ami Hubert
K. Sloan,
Fourth William l.oclllcr ami John
Flfih-Hoger c. Sullivan ami John .1.
SiMli lloliert Hurke and James J.
Seventh-Fred K. F.ldrcd and John A.
Ma honey,
Klghth-Andrew Walch and .1. C.
Ninth Harry 1 Foidhain and Will
lam Skene.
Tenth W. o. Itradley and C. H. Mar
shall. Illevonih Maurice T. Moloney ami
Charles M. Colileu.
Twoirth-Freh P. Morris ami H. A.
Thlrtcenlh-Dr. J. W. Hall and .1. W.
Fourteenth T. M. (ircen and L. (J.
Flfteeuth-llerniiin 'Moecker amlTrti
man PliuiC..
Slxteeuth-O. p. Thompson mid Hob
crl H. Shirley.
Seventeenth J. C. MeHrlde and
James M.Orahain,
Klghlcenlh-H. W. Henry (other rtelm
gale not selected; contest).
Nineteenth J. ic. Harlden ami Httfiis
C. Harrah.
Twentieth-Jacob H. Cn'lghton and
Silas ',. I.audes.
Tweiity-llrst-J, W. Hlckert and W.
U. Hrooklugs,
Twt'nty-sccoad Heed Oreen and
Charles H. Itlefli.
Following Is the Democratic State
ticket nominated nt Spvlngileld this
(loveruor Knmitel Alsuhuler,of Kane
Lletttennnt Uovcrnor Klmor A. Per
ry, of ltrown.
V - 1
I' t Mm v
State Treasurer Millard F. Duulaii,
of Morgan.
Secretary or State .lames F. O'Dori
Itell, or McLean.
Attorney (ieaeral James Todd, of
Auditor (iccrge It. Patsons, or Calla
tin. '
University Trustees Julia Holmes
Smith or Cook, Charles W. HIM ol
.Montgomery, Joseph .Schwartz of War
ren. The Harrison administration deserves
great credit lor giving the people agooil
water supply. This Is the lirst summer
for years when North and West shlers
could get water on third doors during
very hot days.
The streets are cleaner this summer
than they h.ive been for ten years.
The Democrats of the Third Con
gressional aie united on Mr. W. D.
Miiiihall, the well-known lawyer for
tlio State Hoard of P.quully.ullon. Mr.
Muuliall Is popular, strong In labor cir
cles, mid will also poll almost the solid
colored vote. Mr. Miiuhall's nomina
tion means his election.
It. A. P.ckluirt ami J. P. Malletlo
should replace 1,. J. Smith mid W. 11.
linker on the Itepuhllcan ticket for
Drainage Trustee. '
John T. Counery and Win. Wrlgley,
Jr., are both considered good men for
appointment to the School Hoard.
Mr. Thomas (iullaghor will be re
tained on the School Hoard, where he
Is considered one of the ablest members
of this Important branch of the public
Hon, Win. P. Mnhoney will be the
next Cougicssiimu from the Fifth Dis
trict. Charles IJ. Ilrbvy a llrst-class busi
ness man, ami all-iouml good elll.eii,
Ho should be elected to tlio Cook
County Hoard,
Hon. Itoss C. Hall will be Ihe Demo
cratic nominee for the State Hoard In
the Second Congressional District. Mr.
Hall resides at O.ik Park. He Is an
able lawyer ami c.viticinher of the Illi
nois l.eglsliituie.
Democracy has gmwu tired of assist
ant Itepublleau "Two Jobs" Lantz.
William U. Hlley will bo the next
Stale Senator from the Second Sena
torial District.
Ceo, W. Spolford, of Washington
boulevard Twelfth Ward Is an Inde
pendent candidate for Dralnngo Trus
tee. Tlio O'Cara, King & Co. coal con
tractu with tlio buliools, parks and
Kwcr .'.!??" - . -: ' ' ?r - . rc. -iass
KtW fit A i
jHi Jb4 L
i vr "il
State Institutions should be rigidly In
vestigated. P. J. Swltxcr would run well on the
Cltl.eiis' ticket for County Commis
sioner. John F. Alles s Just the mail to run
for County Commissioner on the Citi
zens' ticket.
Cnllford ami Waters should be sum
moned iin witnesses when the coal con
tracts of O'Cara. King V Co. with the
public schools are Investigated.
A good many people would like to
know what (iulll'onl and Waters, of the
School Hoard, know about the O'Cara,
King - Co. school coal contracts.
Hon, Ccorge P. Foster will be re
nominated for Congtes In the Third
District June ::o. Hetweeu now and
next November Mr. Foster will make
mluce meat of his unknown opponent,
No Congressman has secured as
many pensions for old soldiers as has
Congressman Ccorge P. Poster, of the
Third District. The members of the
Veteran Itepuhllcan league will vote
solid for Ceo. P. Foster for Congress,
Hon. Daniel Donahue, the well
known lawyer. Is the strongest man the
Democrats can nominate for Congress
In the Fourth District, If Mr. Dona
hoe would accept the nomination he
could easily defeat Daniel Wax Mills.
The Democrats of the Second Sena
torial District will nominate two men
for the l.eglsliituie.
lion. James A. Hogan would prove a
gooil man on the citizens' ticket for the
County Hoard.
Michael K. Hunt Is the unanimous
choice of Third Senatorial Democrats
for the Illinois Legislature, lie N a
sou of Inspector of Police Nicholas
Hunt, of Hyde Park,
Is the Webor gang going to bo
permitted tatlo up salarlos In tho
city troasuror'a offico forcvor?
The Issuo that will defeat Marcus
J Kavanaugh for re-election as Judgo Is
his appointment of Carpet-bagger John
A. Hnriies to a inaster-Iu-cliaucery-ship.
It Is not unlikely that there will bo
some lively disclosures In bad sewer
contracting this hummer. Mayor Har
rison Is after the crooks and It Is said
that ho will liegln with somo of the
"Intercepting" Jobs,
The Weber gang ahould not be
allowed to use the olty treasurer's
office for Its private benefit, aa a
collection agenoy.
Tbe Republitto PecMe to Hold
Over Four Superior Court
Judges Tbree Yews.
Id Order to Do Tbis No Election Will
Be Called to Pill Tbeir
Tbe flost BreFcei Art of Usurpation
Evtr Heard Of in tt)t United
Tbt T?rrns of Tbest Judjw
nocf of All Prtccdfot
to (all
The people of Chicago are confronted
with four acts of usurpation which
will go a long ways toward defeating
the Heptthllcaii county ticket In No
vember. Although the terms of four men on
the Superior Court bench expired last
year ami their successors should he
chosen this year, no provision will bo
made In the call by County Clerk
Knopf for the election of Superior
Conn Judges, That K Mr. Knopf will
not Include these otllces until he Is
compelled by a Supreme Court man
damus to put them In. HN reasons for
leaving them out are based on the law,
which, he says, does not require that
Judges of the Superior Court shall bu
elected this year.
The last Hepttbllcan Ceneral Assem
bly passed a bill the wording or which
extends the terms of Judges Cary,
Sears, Kavanagh ami Hall to HMrj. it
Is claimed by those who were Interest
ed that the Intent Ion was to extend
their terms only one year, from ISit'.i to
11KH). Hut either the original bill was
surreptitiously changed, so the polltl
elans allege, or Hie engrossing t-ltrl
made a mistake In the engrossing of It,
so that the figures JtMH appear, when
they should Jmvu been 1000.
Mr. Knopf says that he has raised
the question thus early to give all the
opportunity nnylsidy may desire to tet
the constitutionality of the act. This
can be done through nu application to
the Supreme Court for a writ of niaii
damns, compelling the County Clerk to
Include the election of four Superior
Court Judges In his call for the gen
eral election next November.
The four Judges, whoe terms were
evleiided, were nominated for re-elee-Hon
1y the Itepuhllcan county conveii
tlouil They are:
Joseph C. Cary, elected In INK!,
N. C. Sears, elected In 1W.CI.
V. .. Hall, elected In ISO.' to till va
cancy caused by the death of Judge
Marcus Kavanagh, appointed by the
Coventor In 1S0S to succeed Judge
Payne, resigned.
They all say that It Is their desire to
have the law tested. Judge Cary and
Judgo Kavanagh have slated that
there Is no iiieslon as to the duty of
the County Clerk; that as-the'law
stands now he has no right to call for
an election of Judges,
A few mote Ceneral Assemblies like
the hist one and the people would be
relieved of the trouble of lllllug the of
Decs at tlio polls,
Tim lucuinliQiit8-lf Itopublleans'
would hold on for life.
This matter will bo a pretty live is
sue In tho coming campaign.
The Democratic county convention
on Saturday nominated the following
.State's Attorney Julius Coldxler.
Hecorder William H. Schlake.
Clerk Circuit Court Peter J. O'Hrleit.
Clerk Superior Court- Hlchard J. Col-litis-.
Coroner John K. Tracger.
Member Hoard of Ilovlcw Timothy
K. Ityan.
Cxpirtd Ust Yr, Yet in Defi-
tbe County Clerk Refusts
n Election.
Members Hoard of Assessors Henry
Stitckart, Peter Klolbassa.
Judge Probate Court Martin SI.
Judges Superior Court Lawrence A.
Young, Israel Cowen, John C. King,
IMgar 11. Tolmaii.
County Surveyor-George C. Water
man. President County Honrd-Kollln It.
County Commissioners, City Jacob
Thlelen, .Tames Daly, Michael Irrmaiiii,
Otto Hulsman, Hollln H. Organ, J. K.
I'lanngati, John Cekala, IMward Kat
Bluer, John l'oley, John 1 Dlhclka.
County Commissioners, Country K.
It. Hitshuell, l.a Orange; John running.
Clencoe; W. II. Maher, Park Uhlge; C.
D. Hlcliardson, Chicago Heights; Chits.
Sloffel, Hawthorne.
The Democratic Statu convention
nominated Sam Alschttler for Oowmii
or. Mr. Alschttler Is a good man and
lives In Aurora.
Cooke and I. Inn will be re-elected to
the court clerkships they have tilled so
well. They have the eoulhleiico of the
Hon. Clayton H. Crafts will be Ihe
minority Democratic candidate for the
l.eglsliiiute in the Seventh Senatorial
Plfth District Democrats should send
Hon. Itobett Iteillleld back to the I.eg
Islatme from the Fifth Senatorial Dis
trict. Charles I'. NukI will beat both He.ry.
ami Tracger for Coroner.
Henry Sluckart ami Peter Khlhau
will run llko seared deer for tho Hoard
of Assessors,
John C. King and IMgar It. Tolman
will grace the Superior Court bench.
Martin M. Crldley will prove a strong
candidate for Judge of the Probate
The Democracy nominated n good
man for Couul.t Commissioner In Jo
seph 13. Flanagan, of the Twenty-sKlh
Ward. Mr. Flaimgnn Is of tho well
known stained-glass llrm of Flanagan
fc Hlcdenweg. lie Is a good business
man ami most highly respected citizen,
Gov. Tanner has appointed James H.
Chauiion member of the Hoard of Trus
tees of Lincoln Park, vice U. C. Dewltt.
who declined tho appointment, James
Harrison Clmnnou Is a prominent rcsl
dent of the North Side. He was born
In Chicago In iSiiil, ami Is n member of
tm llrm of I. Chaiinou & Co., ship
chandlers, ltamlolph and Mnikel
streets. He never held olllce before,
and tho position on the Park Poind
conies to him unsought, Ills home Is
at No. is:i Dearborn avenue. Ho suld
I thnt ho believed In a progressive pollcy
Am Vi it &tA ti ife'''t
.;AA.rto..';i'iA'fi-f' - M.' to-

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