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Tbe Lewd Jurist Overlooked
tbe Peiinqueocies of Cook
(ourjty iumz.
He forgot About tbe Rotfcg Supplies
rurisbed Coupty Institutions by
Republics Contractors.
H Hwr Hwd of the Levi Pipe Gtob
' "Bosses" Hive on CooK County
Jinny people believe Unit the fact
that the Republicans failed to carry
tho city of Chicago In thi lute Prosl
dontlnl election wns evidently not lost
tiliuii the learned Judge lilbbotis.
In fact some citizens do not hesitate
to say. that the utile Jurist, who Ik mi
Inteti'o Republican, must have viewed
with dismay the disappearance of the
100,000 Republican majority which
they obtained In Chicago In 1MIO.
And many who have thVs highest re
gard for lilm allege that he must alo
have been overcome with the fact that
with thousands of Democrats voting
against Hrynn In November, the Dem
ocratic party wan yet strong enough
to elect six nut of ten of tho County
Commissioners from Chicago.
And many who have the highest re
yard for li 1 in allege that he must have
Uiought of the awful consequences,
when a united Democratic party, under
tho leadership of Mayor Harrison, con
fronted his political friends lu tho
Others deny this, but admit, however,
that the learned Jurist, If he was not
blinded by his political sympathies,
uiado u strange mistake when ho
forgot to call attention to various mat
ters which have bceu brought to the
public lulml by the wrong administra
tion of county affairs by his fellow Itu
For Instance, the learned Judge might
live called to the notice of the lira ml'
Jury the following facts:
1. That tho County Comptroller's of
llco Is used as a collection agency by
Loan Sharks.
2. That tho looting of county Institu
tions by Republican contractors has
been notorious for some time.
!!. That because certain ltcpuhllcnn
Ikisscs are Interested In certain, con
tracts that tho robbery of tho taxpay
ers by these contractors hns been over
looked. 4. That certain county ollkials, mem
bers of the County Hoard, ami others
ure and have been directly Interested
lu contracts with tho county, passed on
by themselves.
5. That it Is alleged by several wit
nesses that nuo of the County Comp
troller's deputies declared openly In
Heidy's saloon on Ogden avenue that
ho innilo over $10,0(10 above his salary
annually from other directions.
(1. Tlmt the public press has repeat
edly called attention to thu fact that
tho county Institutions lmvo been tar
nished with fraudulent supplies by He
publican county contractors and that
tho people have been robbed of hun
dreds of thousands of dollars lu this
7. That the chairman of the l'lnnuco
Committee of tho now County Hoaid
Is on tho bond given by tho County
Treasurer as County Collector, and
tlmt tho County Collector retains as
Interest on deposits thousands of dol
lars which Bhould bo paid over to tho
public for tho benefit of tho taxpayers.
8. Tho payment of 810,000 per year
to tho Sheriff for "dieting" bills.
0. Tho learned .Tudgo did not call
attention to tho rumors which wero
current about tho facts attendant on
tho routing of Hepubllcan County Com
missioner Morris Hoseufeld's building
to the couuty, nt a big rental, for tho
use. of tho County Hoard of Assessors
and tho County noard of Review.
10. Tho learned Judgo had probably
not heard of tho report that certain
olIlclaN In the County Civil Service
were themselves engaged In the work
of loaning money to county employes.
11. Tho learned Judge- did not call
the attention of tho ll rami Jury to the
fact that very few of the loan sharks
appear on the tax assessment lists, nor
did he ask that body to Inquire why
they were left off.
. Tho learned Judge did not call
attention to the fact that the building
lented by the county at a high llguie
from .Morris Roonfold, Its owner, and
the chairman of the Finance Committee
of the County Hoard for the ue of the
Hoard of Uevlew and County Asess.
oi's, was, and l, used by the Ropubll
can county committee as a hontlqiitir
tors. The rent Is paid by the taxpay
ers. There are a large number of other
matters, some of a startling nature,
which might have been brought to the
notice of the (Jrand Jury, but, IlUe the
derelictions of ltcpuhllcuu county mil
clals, the Judge evidently overlooked
One of the morning papers says that
"It Is rumored that six of tho members
of tho (i ni ml Jury served on Mayor
Harrison's Campaign Committee." Sup
posing they did? Were they guilty of
any crime In so doing? Is there any
more harm In serving on Mayor Harri
son's Campaign Committee than on a
Republican campaign committee? It Is
such nauseating twaddle as this that
nm,.lVH ,,wmU, (lmiI. tlmt
,lltloll s a political schein
I Mil nil jiivi-sii-
heme to besmirch
the Mayor.
Tho Republican dally papers have
been tilled with reports of how certain
contractors; have been robbing the
county on various deals. The Orand
Jury's attention has not been called to
this matter, though. Too many Repub
lican bosses might suffer.
One crooked county contractor robs
tho people of more lu a day than the
"basement dives" do lu ten years. And
yet tho county contractors are not in
vestigated. Commissioner Organ dropped n bomb
shell Into tho midst of tho County
Hoard at Its meeting .Monday afternoon
when ho offered a resolution reducing
the salaries of all tho higher salaried
otllclals of tho county. A majority of
tluj members wero of tho opinion that
the resolution was rather premature, as
tho Comptroller has not as yet made
his report, and tho document was ac
cordingly referred to tho llunueo com
mittee. lu a lengthy prcnmhlo tho resolution
sets forth that there Is a shortage of
$:ii)0,000 In tho revenues of the county
and an examination of tho pay rolls
discloses tho fact Unit many of tho sal
aries paid nro far lu excess of tho rea
sonable compensation for tho services
rendered. In vlow of tho fact that tho
present Commissioners received their
Indorsement nt tho polls In considera
tion of n promlso to Inaugurate an eco
nomical administration of tho affairs
of tho county It becomes Incumbent
upon them to coino within tho appro
priation. As ouo act of economy, says
Mr. Organ's resolution, tho oillccrs nro
to bo reduced as follows:
General Superintendent at Duuulng,
from !f3,000 to ?2,500.
Comity Agent, $2,Q0O to $2,000,
Assistant Sheriff, ? 3,000 to ?2,G0O,
Chief Deputy to the Shcrlfr. !:i.tiiiy to
Inpeetoi'f. lu the Sheriff's olllce, .s2,
ll.ll to $1.SI0.
Superintendent of Public Service,
.-, K,( to i 1,(1(10.
IMo-lileiitof the County Hoard, !j.".00v
to tfl.ow.
County Commissioners, jfl.uoo to
Deputy Comptroller and Chief Clerk
of the boaid, Sl.ooo to .s;i,hm.
Members of the Hoard of Review,
$7,000 to $.",000.
Chief Clerk of the Hoard of Review,
SIM'OO to $1,.'(I0.
Asseors, $.",01)0 to $:l.(iOI).
After the reading of thu resolution an
attempt was made to ruh It through
by the Democratic contingent. Commis
sioner Organ advocating the Immediate
adoption of the measure lu a lengthy
speech, ill which he said that he wished
to have the matter dlcus!od before the
"The resolution may be a little off In
places," lie said, "but I am of the opin
ion that we should dleuss It right here,
before the assembled citizens, and not
bury it lu the r-cclustou of a committee."
Tho Democratic force voted solidly
against the relegation of the resolution
to a committee, with the exception of
Commissioner Daley.
Many of the Commissioners maintain
that tho provisions of the measure are
unreasonable, and that reductions have
been made that are utterly unpropor
tional. It Is asserted by one or two
that the resolution originated with the
Couuty Democracy and that Commis
sioner Organ presented It at the solici
tation of Ills party.
"I think that It Is merely an Inoppor
tune bid for popularity," said Commis
sioner Carolan. "The Idea of trying to
rush a resolution of that character
through, without proper consideration,
Is a reilectlou on the astuteness of the
board. Some of the cuts provided for
nro ridiculous and seem to have been
made, by someone who Is utterly igno
rant of tho duties attached to the most
prominent olllces,"
President Mnuberg Is not of tho opin
ion that tho salaries of tho members of
tho Hoards of Assessors and Review
can bo touched by tho pruning knife.
"Tho salaries wero llxed by law," ho
said, "and It Is provided that they shall
not bo changed during tho term of of-
lice. As tho members of tho boards
hold over from last year It Is doubtful
whether a cut would not bo unconsti
tutional." Tho boud of tho Couuty Collector was
B; mmM
Talked Of for United States Senator.
presented and sent lu the llnance com
mittee. It was for si.iHuMioo mid was
signed by John M. Smyth. Fred Hloiiut.
John ll. Walsh. ('. K. . Hillings and
Maurice Roetifeld. The pay roll of tho
Tioasurer's ntllce. nmountlug to .s".H72,
Hi. ii was rei'ii-ed Indorsement by e.-
President lrwlll. was passed
by the
board upon being embodied lu
port of the llniiiiee committee.
the re-
Hutterlne of the kind and quality
made and mid by William J. Mo.sley Is
honest, wholesome food, ami to tax It
exorbitantly I- to put a tax upon a
necessity of life.
Congress penults six Chicago firm to
sell "ladle." or rancid butter, made
over from nrigaotty and rotten male
rial, without stint. Hut It alms m de
stroy an honest Industry In clean and
healthy bitlterlne.
The well-known brewer, Mr, Charles
J. Viipleka. Ion-'. i Deiii'icratlc leader. s
strongly backed on the West Side for
City Treasurer b, Democrats and lead
ing business una alike.
Hon. V.. i!. StiiubU't has made
best secreiat,N eer employed by
Hoard of Wet Park Commissioner
lion. John P. Mctioorty, Miles j, De
vine, and John 11. Kelioe nie all avail
able candidates for City Attorney, from
a Democratic standpoint.
Horace 11. llorlou Is s.ihl to be loom
ing up stioiigiisa prospective successor
to S. M. Culloni as I'lilteil States Sena
tor from Illinois.
There s a stinug move on foot to
place a bridge across tho tlver at Mou
loe street, with an entrance Into the
depot. This Is a good Idea; tho only
wonder Is that a bridge has not been
built at this point to remove congestion
mi Madison street long before this.
Hon. John H. Hartwlck will probably
bo tho next Alderman from the Twen
tieth Ward.
If tho Cook County Republican meni
bers of the Illinois Legislature stand
solid for lion. David K, Shauahan, he
will bo tho next Speaker of the House.
Cook County Is entitled to tho Speak
ership this time, and If honored with
the position Mr. Shauahan will not only
rolled credit upon those members who
ote for him lu the caucus, but he will
also pi ove a Speaker that this grand
old commonwealth will have tendon to
be proud of.
The latest gossip In Demociatle cir
cles Is to the effect that the lion. Clay
ton i;. Crafts Is to be unanimously
chosen In January for leader of the
Democratic niluoilty at Sprluglleld thi
winter. Mr. Crafts lias been Speaker
of the Illinois Legislating three times.
(iossipainoug the Republicans Is that
no Important changes among the coun
ty employes will be made for some
time. Tho Republicans here expect
that a number of State Jobs will fall to
the share of tliN county after (Jovei nor
elect Yates gets down to the work of
distributing the State patronage, and
it is proposed to wait and see who will
be the lucky ones before re.iriauglug
the county places, u s not probable
that there will be many changes lu the
county olllces, even after that time.
Henry 1.. Hertz will retire from the po
sition of chief clerk of the Hoard of Re
view on Jan. I, and will be succeeded.
probably, by D. W, Clark. President of
the Twelfth Ward Republican Club.
The gossip that Mr. Hertz Is to have a
IVdeial position was revived this week,
but what the place may be was not
Many South Side Republicans favor
the nomination of Hon. James C, Irwlu.
ev-PresIdent of the County Ho.itd, for
City Treasurer next spring.
Chicago ical estate men are to be
congratulated upon the election of Col.
Henry S. Dietrich as lrchli lit of the
Real I-Matc Hoard.
Holdenwcck's henihiiaiteis. at M La
Sallo street are crowded to the guards
every day. Ho looks like the Hepubll
can candidate for Mayor.
Congressman It. It. llltt Is now a full
Hedged caiiillilnto for Culled States
Senator to succeed Culloni. Senator
Asplnwall has opened "Hltt headquar
ters" at the fiivat Northern,
Hon. Andrew J. Ryan has proved
himself tin) best City Attorney Chicago
ever had. Ho would miiku n good
Mayor. ,
For tbe First Tirpe w Effort
b tiz to JHe Tbeip
Tbese Ledipg Citizeps Hve orc to
Sy About Good )i Bd Goverp-
njeijt ti)ii) Otbersr
And Yet Tbey Py Ho Tw in (omprison
with Tljeir Aucb Humbler Fellow
It Is to ln hoped that Representative
Nolle' bill, taxhrg brokers, will become
a l'iw.
At present brokers pay no taxes as
"Hroker" break more hearts and
more men than tiny other cla lu the
Nolie" s bill I n bill taxing stock, grain,
ami provision Ijrokcr' SL'.ooo each per
( it n ii it l for the belli, tit of the State, and
is to he Introduced lu the Illinois Legis
lature u soon a It convenes, early next
month. The bill already has been pre
pared. Its father Is Augustus W. N'ohe,
.. i.i.i .. .. ,, ...i ., .. .
in vioiiiii, iieineseiiuiiive-eicci iruiu
I t.ie Second Senatorial District, and a
tormer member of the Legislature. The
principal and essential portions of It
have been completed, and ho says the
ict of the work will be done and the
entire bill revised by a competent ut
lorney before It Is time for Its intro
duction In the Ceueral Assembly.
The principal provision lu the pro
posed bill Is that for an annual tax of
$2.nio against "'each linn, Individual,
corporation, or association engaged lu
the liiilues of dealing in stocks, bonds.
grain, piovlslous, and similar at tides
for future delivery,"
It Is aimed at tho entire business of
stock and grain brokers and commis
sion men, and lu all probability would
be' construed to Include lu Its provisions
brokers ami commission dealers at the
Piilon Stock Yards.
"That Is all there Is to the bill, and It
will bo Introduced In this shape after
revision by somebody legally ipialllled,"
said Representative-elect N'ohe. "I be
lieve such a bill will puss the Ceueral
Assembly. Ic would give the State
revenue from this branch of buslues
w hleh now pays the State little or noth
ing. It also would operate to drive out
of business these little bucket-shops
which ure the menace of the healthy,
legitimate concerns lu the stock iiud
grain business. The Hoard of Trade
has fought them for years. Hero Is a
way to rid the State of them. I have
conferred with no one about this bill,
but 1 believe It Is a measure that ought
to be passed, ami I will Introduce it
when tho House convenes and reaches
the order for Introduction of bills. I
will alo work lor Its passage.'
- rr
Republicans and Democrats alike
want lieu. Duihllestou vduruei to tho
City Council from the Kleventh Ward.
(inv. Yates had better look up Hill
Tlilcmuu'n recm il before appointing
li i t ii a I.le Stock Commissioner.
Captain Mahoney and Inspector Nich
olas Hunt are both mentioned for pro
mot lou lu the near future.
Chicago has the best police force In
the world.
Joseph P. Junk would piovo n llrt
class .Supervisor for tho Town of Lake,
Hon. A, W. Pulver would make a
strong Republican candidate for Mayor.
William Roldenwock Is putting up a
strong light for tho Republican nomina
tion for Mayor of Chicago,
X charter was tiled lu Recorder .Si
mon's olllco by Attorney T. D. Hurley
Incorporating tho Joliu Cudahy Com-
puny, a new packing llrm, with n cap
ital stock of $."00,000. Tho object of
the corporation Is to control a general
manufacturing mid mercantile packing
business, a new jilaiit will bo erected
Immediately at Wichita, Kan. The
stock consists of .",000 shares at $100,
owned as follows: John Cudahy, -l,:!00
shines; W. P. Clancy, oOO shares; Kvau
Humphrey, 100 shares; Morris Caard,
loo shares. The directors are John Cud
ahy, Morris Citssard, W. P. Clancev,
T. W. Illgglus and C. T. UarrNon.
Robert IC. Sloan Is the leading Demo
era tie candidate for South Town Col
lector. Col, IMwnid T. (ileiinon would prove
a worthy successor to S. M. Culloni as
Culled States Senator from Illinois.
l'ourlh Wind Republicans want the
Hon. Martin 11. .Madden to run for
Mayor of Chicago next spring.
It Is now claimed that John S. Run
nel N l Jealous of "Illg" Todd.
Hon. John S. Miller, president of tho
Chicago Itar Association, Is urged to
anuouuee his candidacy for Mayor on
the Republican ticket.
The Third Ward delegation favors
ex-Aid. Arthur Dixon for Mayor.
That liraemo Stewart will bo a candi
date for the Republican nomination for
Mayor was made m-nily a ceitainty last
week when Prod A. Huso ordered of
Ceraghty tc Co. IOO.OuO campaign but
tons, each bearing tho legend, "l'or
Mayor, Oraoiuo Stewart," and a por
trait of tho North Side leader. Theo
buttons, Ceraghty said, nro about tho
lluest ever ordered of him for an ante
convention campaign. Tho button bus
iness Is going to boom this spring, evl
denly, ns more than ."00,000 campaign
buttons for various candidates for lte
publican nomination, have beeu or
dered already.
W. II. Haldwlu, assistant secretary of
tho Republican Couuty Committee, and
tho oillclal lu charge of Republican
headquarters at all times for the p,ii
llvo or six years, Is mentioned as a
probable nomluee for City Clerk.
Tho. n. Cannon ami Newton IL
Fairbanks are the leading Republican
candidates for City Attorney.
Wet Side Republicans want Delavnu
H. Colo to run for Clly Attorney,
Col. Fraud A. Riddle mny bo ap
pointed a member of tho West Parle
"Jim" Monahan's high salary as Dep
uty Comptroller still goes on. County
employes will draw no salaries until
April, and merchant who provide sup
plies for couuty Institutions will not re
eel vo payment until Into next spring.
Tho salary funds have been depleted
through tho saddling of new burdens
upon tho county In tho shape of the
Hoard of Assessors and tho Hoard of
Review, and tho tardiness of tho State
Hoard of Equalization In transmitting
1 tho valuations will occasion a corro-
.. ,

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