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Tllden Caives Select as Their Cam
paign Chairman a Han Who
Believes in Division.
He Used to Share the Fees of the City
Sealer's Office Under
He Recently Got a Big City Coal Con
tract in the Name of
Because It Would Not Look Well to the
Tilden Calves If He
Tln well-known coal mini who lms
boon made Cliulmmti of the "Campaign
Committee of the Tllilon League" Is a
mail who believes In dividing.
He believed In dividing to such an
extent that ho divided the fees of the
City Settlor's olllvu under the Cregier
That Ik, another man hnd the name of
being City Sealer, while this eminent
reformer, who did not appear on the
surface, got half of the fees.
This same reformer and Chairman
of the' Campaign Committee of the Tll
den Calfoeraey, got n big city coal con
tract the other day In a very slick way.
It would not have done for him to
have bid for the contract In his own
Oh, no!
Thai would have frightened tho
Calf oriiey Into tits and niiulu the lead
ing grafters in tho society very Jealous.
So what did the Chairman of tho
Ciill'oeraey Committee doV
lie Just procured tho services of a
West Side Democratic Committeeman
and hud him mnke tho bid In his own
lie did so and got the contract.
All the West Side Committeeman hud
to do after getting tho contract was to
turn It over to the Tllden Leaguer.
This gave tho Tllden I.eaguer a
chance to yell, more loudly than ever,
that all contracts at the City Hall are
procured by unfair means.
Chapter second has been added to the
history of tho so-called Tllden Democ
racy, and It Is an luteiestlng ono truly.
The L.xecutivo Committee of this
precious orpinl.ntlon has been an
nounced, and Its membership only helps
to prove the character of tho move
ment; and the objects and alms of tho
men' back of It.
The Tllden Democracy Is a roost and
41 refuge for every scalawag, back num
ber and renegade of the Democratic
party of Cook County.
It K also the abiding place of tho
choicest of the boodle gang who have
devoured out of the public lluaiiccs of
Chicago and Cook County during the
past eight or ten years.
Upon the roster of this Kxecutlvo
Committee can bo found men wh. rep
resent the Contractors' draft Associa
tion which has fattened for years on
drainage canal finances anil other pub
lic plunder, through which they have
enriched themselves at the expense of
tint taxpayers.
Upon the Kxecutlvo Committee of the
Tllden Democracy can bo found repre
sentative of the men who have eaten
up thirty-llvo millions of dollars of tho
people's money building a drainage
ditch that doeR not drain, and who are
responsible to-day for tho dally bulle
tins fro;u tho health department warn
ing the public against using the city's
water supply.
There are representatives, too, of the
Avorst boodllng schemes that ever dis
graced tho city of Chicago, including
the notorious Drulungo deal, tho his
tory of which makes decent people hold
their uue Among this precious gang
are to be found certain otllclnls who,
while possessing no Intrinsic political
strength of their own, are supposed to
represent certain other otllclnls and
Democratic leaders who nre men of
strength In tho party and can deliver
tho goods.
Theselatter, however, had better look
to themselves. They should not forget
that no politician has ever yet proven
himself greater than his party, and that
tho strongest leader loses ground from
tho luptnent ho attempts to play false
with his regular party organization and
attempts to set himself up In opposl
tlon to It.
.lodging from the make-up of the
committee, however, It Is evident that,
with one or two exceptions, It Is com
posed of soreheads and liiconsequoii
tlnls. The regular Democratic organization
of this city and county has little to fear
from the Tllden Democracy.
Tho party was never better organized
In Its history than at present.
Itobert K. Iturkc, the greatest and
most capable leader the Democracy of
Cook County has ever had, has It well
In control, and In every ward and pre
cinct has under his command able,
faithful leaders, who know when,
where and how to net, and who know
that eternal vigilance Is the price of
Upon his banners the sunlight of suc
cess Is still streaming, and will con
tinue to shine, no matter what clouds
may be raised upon the political hori
zon by renegades, dupes, tricksters and
petty conspirators.
These latter need not think that be
cause their names do not tlgure promi
nently In tho organization of the little
cabal known as the Tllden Democracy
that the public does not know who
they are. Everybody knows who
"IMdlo" Xnvnk represents, and most
people acquainted with Democratic
politico will give a shrewd guess as to
who Coroner Traeger stands for.
And so It goes all along the Hue.
These men might as well bear the
brand of their bosses on their fore
heads, and tho very names of these
bosses are sulllcleut to overwhelm In
disgrace all tho Tllden Democracies or
any other organization of tho kind that
could bo established from now until
Most of them havo been cast nut of
tho regular organization for Its own
good, and when the proper time arrives
the balance of tho traitorous gang will
be relegated to outer darkness where
they belong.
The persecution of Cupt. Luke Col
leran, or, rather, the attempted Intimi
dation of that olliclal, Is still In process
of execution, but the scheme Is falling
It has practically dropped to tho
ground of Its own weight, and In a day
or two nothing moro will bo heard
of It. ,
The Hue Italian hand of a former
Democratic leader, but one who, be
coming recreant to his party in its hour
of need has been discarded In contempt,
can bo seen In the effort to besmirch
It Is not so much to ruin or destroy
Colleran as It Is to undermluo the ad
ministration of Mayor Harrison and
to weaken public eonlldenco In him that
this particular effort Is now being made
by tho arch grafter and schemer and
his co-couspIratoi-H.
And yet, strangely onough, porsons
who havo been and nro bonellclnvlos
of the Carter Harrison administration
nro permitting themselves to bo used
as tools In furthering this infernal con
spiracy. If the public can bo uwnkoned, and it
will l)o If plain facts plainly stated can
do It, to tho true Inwnrdnofes of the
damnable attack upon Capt. Colleran it
would blast tho men who nro back of
It and all who havo hand, act or part
lu It.
It Is indeed a sad commentary upon
tho mothods of latter day political lead
ers that In onlor to strike at a party
rival men will so utterly without con-
science or Instinct of manhood as to try
to do It by attempting to destroy the
reputation of others.
Not only that, but to even upet nud
demoralize one of the most important
branches of the public service.
Tho Kagle knows and can name the
men who are engaged In this scoundrel
ly piece of work, It will name them If
necessary when the right time comes.
They nre men whoso names are
synonyms for graft nud for public
nud private corruption.
They nre men who have held public
olllee in this city and who, lu doing so,
have brought disgrace upon the party
which they misrepresented.
They nre men who have fattened anil
grown rich and opulent upon the fruits
of public plunder and tho proceeds of
olllco prostituted to the ends of mer
cenary greed ami prlvato gain.
This precious gang, who have been
tho recipients of the favors ami honors
of the Democratic party, basely be
trayed It for a mess of pottage at a
crucial period of Its history, and who,
having helped to drag It down In dis
grace, now have tho supremo audacity
to attempt to regain control of it once
again. This they are evidently trying
to accomplish by throwing nil the mud
possible upon tho administration of the
real leader of tho Democracy of the
West, and the only man titled by train
ing, by nature, and by his record us
a fearless, aggressive and capable man
to carry the Democratic banner to suc
cess at all times and upon all occa
sionsthe Hon. Carter II, Harrison,
The precious plot of tho Ingrates,
bucked up by the little coterie of con
temptible boodlers who at present bur
row In the City Hall, will miscarry.
Capt. Colleran Is not built of tho ma
terial that can bu either bluffed or In
timidated. His record as a public otllclal will
stand tho searchlight of Investigation,
and that Is moro than can be said of
tho schemers who nro trying to strike
It. K. Ilurke nnd Carter II. Harrison
over tho shoulders of Colleran.
The ridiculous and laughable charges
by which It Is sought to put dlsgrme
upon Colleran only go to show the fact
that tho man's record Is unassailable,
while at tho same tlmo disclosing the
animus of those who are behind the
scenes and guiding tho attack.
If any real malfeasance or miscon
duct In olllco could bo traced to Col
leran's door It would bo done and done
to the bitter cud, but hero after a num
ber of years at tho head of an olllco
thnt lu other years and under other
administrations was notoriously a very
cesspool of corruption, tho only charge
that can bo trumped up ngahist Capt.
Colleran Is somo wretched rubbish
nbout ten dollars' worth of mileage,
The peoplo of Chicago nro not to bo
misled nnd they will not bo fooled by n
tremendous howl nnd a great outcry
nnd clatter with nolther specific chorgo
nor oven probublo fouudatlou,
Strongly Talked Of for Congress In the North Side District,
Capt. Colleran Is surrounded lu the
olllco of which he Is the head by a
gang of the lowest liars and petty
thieves In Chicago.
The detective department under Col
leran has been elllcleut and has been
wonderfully Improved both In person
nel nud In tho quality of Its work, but
there remains lu Its ranks n few of the
reptiles of other days, whoso perform
ances made of the Chicago city depart
ment something t lilt t respectable citi
zens shuddered at the mention of.
The slimy creatures are the personal
enemies of Capt. Colleran.
They have been held down by the
Iron hand of the commander for some
years past, but they are crawling from
their hiding places now, and lu the
hissing whispers of corruption against
Colleran can be heard the echoes of
their hate.
The con men, thieves and fences for
stolen goods of the detective depart
ment nre now lu high glee because
they believe tho hour for the destruc
tion of Colleran and the decent element
of the bureau Is at hand. They are
working lu collusion with the men on
the oulshlo who are after bigger game.
They are also working hand lu hand
with the "drafters' Association" of the
City Hall. The thieves and thugs of
the bureau nre moving heaven and
earth to tlnd scandals lu connection
with Colleran, and they havo been un
able to unearth anything that the pub
lic considers worthy of notice thus far.
They havo told all they know against
Captain Colleran, nud to his credit It
may bo said that It nil amounts to noth
ing. Tho head of tho detective bureau will
go soionely along his way attending to
his business, and ho will be maintained
nud supported lu It by the city admin
istration, of which he has for so long
proven himself a worthy and n capable
Meanwhile the clique, the political
cabal that Is now so Industriously en
gaged In making use of the whole Inci
dent to weaken the eonlldenco of tho
public lu Mayor Harrison will fall most
They have shot their bolt too soon,
ami the public, will have ample oppor
tunity to fully learn of and thorough
ly understand their gamo lu tlmo to
defeat it.
It will bo tho duty and tho pleasuro
of The Chicago Kagle to Inform tho
peoplo of this city of every dotull of
this Infernal plot nnd to glvo facts,
names and circumstances when tho
right tlmo comes.
In tho meantime, the Hoard of Civil
Servlco Commissioners, not bolng on
trial themselves, will mako tho police
examination as spectacular as possible,
Chicago has too urany small parks.
Thoso already established nro nil fail
ures and aro simply rallying plnccs for
tough gangs of youngsters and breed-
lug places for vice. They are a positive
Injury to any neighborhood lu which
they nre established, rendering them
uninhabitable from tho nolc nnd dan
gerous froui'thu young rowdies they at
tract. If the city has any cash to spare
on parks, let It give that money to the
great parks, which are orderly and well
Mr. Charles W. rotors, the able and
courteous chief clerk under Sheriff Ma
gerstadt, Is said to bo slated for the
Kcpuhltcnu nomination for Sheriff.
The small parks.ilke nil other emana
tions from our out-ou-uall reformers,
are a failure.
A gieat crowd will greet William J.
Itryan at Suuiiyslde Park Sept. 1-1,
where he speaks at the picnic of the
Carter II. Harrison League.
The police Investigation Is it cheap
alfiilr. It Is caused by the envy ami
whisperings of disappointed politicians
and grafting ex-policemen.
How long will tho notorious La
Monte be able to hang on to his Job in
.ludgo Tuthlll's court V
Mayor Harrison ought to put n more
popular man in place of l'riudlvllle at
the Armory police court.
One of tho funniest things on the
tapis Is the Joke about making n Judge
out of .1. IC. l'riudlvllle, J. V.
Justice John ltlclmrdsou will makcwt
good Congressman. He Is a man of
ability and sense.
'The new garbage ordinance should bo
enforced fairly and honestly. It is an
outrage on decency to make some of
the peoplo obey the law and then to
permit others to violate It.
How many moro lives will have to bo
snorlllced to tho greed of tho street and
steam railroads befoie tho City Coun
cil makes up Its mind to put an end
once and forever to tho horrible net
work of grade crossings that dlstlguro
our city nnd nnntmlly murder bcores
of our citizens?
Tho millionaire tax dodgers aro still
crowding tho olllco of tho Hoard of lto
view protesting ngnlnst their taxes nnd
weeping over their nllegcd poverty, It
Is ouo of the sights that mako ono hnlf
ashamed of his city and Indeed of his
kind. To do the members of tho board
justice, however, It con bo said that
thoso sniveling hypocrites and per
jurers get small comfort for their
The Poor Tilden Calves Are Told by
the Single Term West Side
To Floor Their Party If They Can and to
Watch All Democratic
Any of the Men Whom the Demo
cratic Voters Have Given
Jobs To
Should Aid Their Party in Any Way, Charges
Are to Be Preferred Against
Congressman Venly and the rest of
the leaders of tho Tilden Calfoeraey
have Issued a detl and n mandate which
outblnats anything lu the calf lino we
have ever heard of.
This mandate notllles the men who
hold jobs lu the City Hall by the grace
of the Democratic voters of Chicago
that If they help tho party lu nny way
they are liable to be prosecuted.
If they buy tickets to n Democratic
If they pay dues to a Democratic so
ciety, If they Join a Democratic organiza
tion; If they help the party which put them
lu olllee;
They are to be prosecuted, persecuted
nnd placed under the ban of the "Tllden
League," as the Calfoeraey calls Itself.
Congressman Venly forgets that
ho himself was elected to otlleo by
Democratic votes, and Is most likely
to be even more forgetful of this fact
In the future, when the people forget
Some of the policemen sent around
by the Superintendent of Streets have
been very particular to see that some of
the people complied with the new gar
bage ordinance. Some of the other peo
ple hnve been permitted to deposit their
garbage lu wooden receptacles, and
collection from these Is made regularly
lu delhinco of tho law. This won't do,
Mr. Doherty!
The Chicago Tribune has been doing
a good work lu encouraging the main
tenance of house gardens throughout
tho city. Hut wo have to read the llrst
word of protest lu that newspaper
against tho destruction of valuable
trees all over Chicago by the vandals
who string overhead cleetrlc-llght
The playing of favorites in the en
forcement of tho garbage otdlnunco Is
likely to hurt the city administration,
Mr. Doherty 1
The prosecution of the olllclals of the
Ice Trust should bo rigidly conducted
by tho State olllclals.
livery city In the country Is setting
out trees except Chicago. In this city
the destruction of shade trees Is an
every-day occurrence. Linemen In the
eleetrlc-llght department destroyed
over il.OOO Hue trees In Chicago last
year wlthniout a word of protest from
the dally press.
r.verywhero that nn electric light lino
Is planted tho trees on the street are
cut down by tho llnomen. This should
be stopped.
Wo notice that Mllllounlro Leo Fox
only scheduled $2B,000 worth of per
sonal pioperty. How Is this, gentle
men of the Hoard of ItovlowV
"Joe" Lister, tho glue millionaire,
who owns both sides of Listen avenue
for over n block north of Fullortoii
avenue, Is scheduled nt $ 12,000 lu per
sonal property, Where nro the He
viewers V
While tho shade trees lu our streets
nro diminishing, other cities nro paying
constantly growing attention to arbori
culture. Forlnstnneo, no fewer than 80,
000 shade trees nro making a thrifty
growth lu Washington, Tho work has
been done systematically, and the
trees are carefully protected. Much of
the beauty of the United States capltat
Is duo to this feature. Paris spends $00,
000 a year lu caring for shade trees nud
setting out new ones, nnd the expendi
ture Is universally approved by citi
zens. Ono public-spirited society lit
New York planted 4,000 shnde trees last
William J. llrynii ut Stiunyslde P.irlc
Sept. 11.
Tho Ice Trust gang should bo punish
ed to the full extent of tho law.
The Consumers' Company, too! Well,
well! The sanctimonious puritans!
One thing the police Investigation
will bring out: the number of traitor
and Informers In the public employ.
The mill; wagon nuisance Is becom
ing unendurable. These wagons should
not be permitted to start on their do
livery tours until B o'clock lu the morn
ing. Hy the way, how many milk wagoni
deliver puro milk?
The milk wagon nuisance should bo
stopped. It Is tho custom In Chicago
(but lu no other city lu the land) for
the milk wagons to start on their de
livery rounds nt 2:110 o'clock lu tlm
morning. Milk wagons as n rule nro
rickety vehicles, nud when they nro.
Idled with tin cans, they are about us
imhy as can bo Imagined. The reside
Is that they wake the healthy people
and torment the sick of Chicago at n
tlmo of night when peoplo should bo
guaruteed some rest. No wonder that
peoplo who can afford to, move out of
Chicago! Tho peoplo who aro obliged
to live here, havo only themselves to
blame, becnuso It Is they ami no ono
else who are responsible for sending a
lot of dolts and mutton heads to tho
City Council.
The alleged Chicago Health Dopirt
incut should be abolished. It Is u fraud,
Our alleged Health Department,
which swells the hopes of our Drainage
fiang by declaring that the lake water
Is lit to drink one minute and the ue.t
minute comes out through Its acting
commissioner nnd says "the lake water
causes typhoid fever" should receive
the attention of the flrund Jury.
Tho Chicago Health Department en
forces no laws and I an Imposition on
tho public.
Typhoid fever Is epidemic lu Chicago.
Flush tho sowers!
The noting Commissioner of He.llth
says that It Is "only the small guerrilla
dealers who sell Impure Ice." How H
It that thoolllceis of tho Knickerbocker
Ice Company aro being prosecuted by.
tlioKtate, then?
Stato Senator William U. Hlloy Is not
making tho record that his friend
thought he would mnke. Peoplo nro
surprised at hlii), to say the letiit.
Flush tho sewers
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