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TVy wore old friend, but they hadn't
In ttwti.v. many yoart
And tlu tide of Hfo hud hurried oil.
With It Joy nuil hoju" mill fours;
Hut both tlio women hud mot n: Inst
Old playmate otiop nir.ilii:
They talked of girlhood's dreams, now
Its buoyant bones, now slnlti.
"Ah. Kate," said .Madge, "you're not the
You've lost your charm of face
You'te lot your pretty, rosy cheeks
You've lost your form of gnu-v.
Your chestnut hair has turned to gray,
Your lips have lost their red;
'All thing are changed nnd oou our day
Will turn to night Instead."
"Dear one," Kate said, "I've nothing
Tor here's my hair of brown
On I'rue's dear bend my eldest bora
And llcss has not n frown
On her sweet face, that's just like mine
Of thirty years ngoue
"While Klttle's blue eyes danco and shine
Like sunlight la the morn.
"Mine shone lij Just the self-same way
When you, dear, saw me last,
And Margaret's lips are Jut as red
A mine In days Ion past,
No. no. my dear, I've nothing lost,
My life Is on the wane;
My children have my own youth cost
In them I live again!"
plFs Well tat EflflsWeul
OWN the lauu leading to John
Delano's farmhouse, one beauti
ful June erculiu many vein
ago. could be peon u steady tUivum of
vehicles of nil descriptions. livery
fariuct for miles nrouuil bad been In
vited to the wedding of .Mary Delano,
nud to-night the auspicious ovont was
to take place. Preparations bad been
nindu on a grand scale; -lobn Delano
bad determined to make this, the wed
ding of bis only child, a memorable
event. ,
The match between Mary Delano and
Sbauu lirady bad been brought about
and perfected by Pat Mulcahy, a re
nowned matchmaker. Mary was an
cxceptloually'pretty girl, nnd as good as
ebo was pretty. .Sbauu Ilrndy was
twice her age. po"esslng an unenvia
ble name and many enemies: but, an
John Delano remarked, "a moneyed
man has many Jealous friend." and
money Sbauu bad In plenty, that cov
ered all dctlctcuclc. moral and physi
cal. In John Delano' eyes.
Mary Delano bad no love for Sbauu
Brady, she well knew that her life
would be In many ways a bard one, but
she had been badgered by her father
until she had bald yes with a heavy
Leart. -
The bridegroom nnd priest had not
yet arrived, but the dancing began,
Tom Ilarty, the tiddler, playing "The
Wind That Shook the P.arley" lu lln
islieil style. Mary did not participate,
reserving her first dance for her future
Iiu.sbaud. She received the guests as
.they came, standing proudly beside her
father, her face white as warble.
. Her thoughts were wauderlug far
tongue ost tir'ore I'd tell jou, but you
drove me to It. Oh dear, oh dear, an'
on your wcddlu' night, tool Don't mind
me. mlxs; I'll not trouble jou In any
way again, but call Ood's blessings
down on you this night, an my con
stant prayer will be lor jour happl-
"An dit you think I could be happy
with Slmuti Ilrndy V" asked Mary, with
nn upward glance.
"Well, 1 hope you'll be," he answered
"An' what's the good hoping any such
thing, when you know, well as I do,
that happiness and I will part forever
when I marry Sbauu? I have been
forced Into It, an' shall try to do my
duty: It's too late now to turn back."
Dan looked up, with determination lu
every Hue of his line fnce.
"So. Mary," hu said, "It Is not too
late. If you care for me, or think that
lu time you could give me your precious
love, I say ngaln that It's not too late."
"Ob. Dan. sbure you forget that I'm
to be married this night. Ills rlvereiice
and Sbauu are expected any minute."
"I'm not forgettlu' the fact, and It's
n short time you have to decide. We'll
run away, an' go straight to Father
Duffy's an' be married, an' wld you nt
my side to give me courage I'll work
my lingers off to give you eomfort."
Then Mary, with love-lit eyes (oh, so
different from the downcast Mary of
an hour ago) and blushing cheeks, con
sented. "111 go wld you. Dan. My heart you
possess, an' you might as well have
mo wld 't. tJo round to my bedroom
window: I'll drop my mantle out, nn
you must wait by the old fort. I'll fol
low us soon us 1 eau without raising
Two wi,eki from that memorable
night the runaways returned, and were
welcomed heartily to the village. Mary
resolved to ask her father's forgive
ness; she loved him dearly, nnd her
conscience troubled her. She Insisted
on Dan's accompanying her. The old
man grew white with u tiger when bo
saw the culprits before hlln.
"Away wld ye! You beggar-you
thief of the night you come here nud
stand fornljist me, wld brazen linpl
deiice, after" htealln' the apple of my
eye, my only child! Away wld ye!"
"All right, sir." said Dan, tils head
thrown buck, "we'll go. Come on.
neiisbla! but I'd have you know, sir,
that I'm no beggar; I'm well nblo to
make a llvtu' for my wife, an' I'll do It
wld Clod's help."
The old housekeeper enmo Into the
parlor a short time after, and was much
surprised to seo Mary sitting close be
side her father, Dan lu the best chair
the bouse afforded, and all three as
contented as they could be.
"Sbure It Isn't un hour ago." she told
the dairy maid, "since John Delano
said, wld bis own lips, Td not forgive
tblni, Mrs. McCarthy, not If they whit
down on their blnded knees!' An' now
look nt 'em!" Chicago Tlnies-IIerald.
antj.wldo Tyj)ntwi voice aroused her
ana ilt tne blocd to hor cheeks.
fi?1? say-Jill ll'jr$V- ' -"r
sjviavo yoi liludly, Dan." she
noairi tlio JoniiW respond In unison,
nnd tlieli TJaii lienrdon was shaking the
band which she mechanically out
stretched. In n moment be had gone, mingling
among the guests.
"More power to ye," be said to the
fiddler, as that worthy man finished.
"An sbure," answered Tom, "It's hav
ing the lolkes of a Hue bouclml like
yorelf beside mo that gives me the
Dan Joined lu the general laugh.
"It's about time the groom and his
rlverence were bete," said Mary's
"Oh, they'll bo bore directly now,"
eald John Delane. "Shuro she'll bo
taken from me soon enough."
Dan Iteardon sni by the porch door,
gazing nbstratctedly Into the darkness
outside; Mary watched him from her
place besldo her father, and us that
good man arose In answer to a ser
vant's call, she slipped quietly over to
where Dati was.
"A peuuy fo- your thoughts, Dan,"
eald she.
"They're priceless, miss," said ho,
"for I was Just thinking of the wan 1
love best In this dreary, bitter world."
"Indade!" said Mary. "An' sbure It's
a nl co girl she must be. to win your
She said this lightly, though her heart
was heavy.
"She Is the sweetest woman that over
put a foot on the ground."
"An' I suppose she returns your love,
Dan?" uhe nuked. Interrogatively.
"Oh. no, no, miss! Slniro It's llttlo
(the knows of the love I bavo for hor,
and in wnn way I'm glad. 's Impldent
she'd think me, wblout a pinny to mo
name, to have serious thoughts ubout
"If I'm not too bold. Dan, I'll bo nfter
axln' you who ho Is, an' Its anxious I
nm to know."
But this question seemed to cause
Dan the gn-atest confusion, nnd,
Btrnngo to say. when Mary looked at
him and their eyes met, she also grew
"Deh, shure, Miss Mary," ho stam
mered, "you'd be the last one I'd toll.
Don't ax me no more, sbure It's only
folly on my side."
"Well, then, Dan, you can tell me
whether she Is dark or fair."
"Well, I'll say this much, miss, that
to me she's the fairm girl In Kerry."
"Give me hor Initials, thin," coaxed
Mary, "an' maybe I can guess."
"Arrah, now, don't say no more about
"liut you must tell me," she Insisted.
"I'll not let you alone till you do."
'Well, thin, since you're so dotar
mined, I'll take the consequences an'
tell you; her name ls"-hero ho walled
for a moment "Mnry Delane."
Mary blushed like a wild rose, nnd
"Oh, Dan, shuro you can't mane me?"
Dan looked her full In tho face an he
Mid, quietly:
"It's you, 1 mane, Mary; but don't be
aagrfi abura I thought I'd cut my
wMJijiAAJiAnfijijiiijin lormrmnrir
Southwest Cor. Clark and Washington St.,
Opposltt Court House and City Hall. 3 f
The Finest Buffet in the City.
United States Brewers' Association.
OFFICERS FOR 1899-1900.
President, Rudolph Brand, Chicago.
Vice-President, N. W. Kendall, New Haven,
ad Vice-President, Jos. Thbuker, Chicago.
Secretary, Gallus Thomann, New York.
Treasurer, Wm. Hoffmann, New York,
Rudolph Brand, Chairman, Chicago.
Henry H. Reuter. Boston.
E. G. S. Millbr, Buffalo.
Petir Dobloer, Jr., New York.
Piter Hauck, Jr., New York.
. C G. Hupfel, New York.
!. J. Fraubnheim, Pittsburg,
F. H. Gottlieb, Baltimore.
Edwin A. Schmidt, Philadelphia.
Chas. Class, Philadelphia.
. . W. Brown, Brooklyn.
4. W. Kendall, New Havan.
, oseph Theurer, Chicago.
-Ienry Nicholaus, St. Louis.
Fred'k Pabst, Jr., Milwaukee
Alvin Carl, Boston.
Conrad Born, Columbus.
J. Chr. G. Hupfel, New York, Advisory Committee.
Gallus Thomann, New York, Manager Literary Bureau.
Henry W. Reuter, Bosiwi, -vigilance Committee.
Special Attention Paid to Theater Parties.
Blue Ribbon Cafe
and Buffet
Finest Eating House in Chicago. The best Steaks, Chops and
Shell Fish. Mandolin Orchestra plays while you eat.
How They Ucguii.
"None shall wear 11 feather but he
who has hilled a Turl:," was an old
Hungarian saying, and the number of
feathers lu his can Indicated how many
Turks the man had killed. Hence the
origin of the saying with reference to
a feather In one's cup.
It was once customary In Trance,
when a guest had outstayed his wel
come, for the host to servo a cold shoul
der of mutton Instead of a hot roast.
This was the origin of tho phrase, "To
give the cold shoulder."
In one of the battles between the
Itusslnns nnd Tartars a private soldier
of the former called out: "Captain,
I've caught a Tartar!" "Htlng him
along, then!" answered tho olllcer. "I
can't, for bo won't let me!" was the re
sponse. Upon Investigation It was ap
parent that the captured bad the cap
tor by the nrin, and would not release
blni. So "catching a Tartar" Is applic
able to one who has found an antngou
1st too powerful for bl 111.
"Deadhead," as denoting one who has
free entrance to places of amusement,
comes from Pompeii, where the cheeks
for free admission were small Ivory
death's bends. Specimens of these nro
lu the museum at Naples.
That far from elegant expression "to
kicked the bucket" Is believed to havo
originated In the time of Queen Eliza
beth, when a shoemaker named Hawk
Ins committed suicide by plncing n
bucket on n table In order to raise him
self high enough to reach n rafter
above, with a rope about bis neck, then
kicking away the bucket on which bo
Again there has arisen a discussion
ns to the use of slang. There are times
when thoughts nrlno within the human
brain which nro almost "beyond the ut
teruuee of the human tongue." lly the
aid of a slang term the man who has
tho gift of speech can get them out, For,
be It observed, there Is slang and slang,
nnd It may be used with artistry or
with mere stupidity. The special ex
ample chosen by Oliver Wendell
Holmes for an Illustration lu his disser
tation on the expressiveness of slang
was tho word "bore;" but this has
fouud a place In Webster, nnd must
surely be regarded as leglttmnte. How
could you express your objection to tho
man who bores you oxcept by saylug
that he bores you? There aro n hun
dred other words which aro valuable
lu such emergencies, and 0110 can only
hope that, by a process of tho survival
of tho tlttest, the best of them will find
their way Into the dictionaries.
Conflicting Wishes.
Whllo going bis rounds, tho foreninn
of a factory lost a cuff lluk. Af tor somo
time had elapsed nud the cult link bad
not turned up, bo caused tho following
notice to bo put up in a cousplcuous
position In tho workshop! "Mr. I. ,
having lost a gold cuff link, would bo
very glad If tho tinder would return It
its soon as possible to tho owner." Ini
nglne bis feelings when a few hours
later on passing tho notice he found the
following appended: "Tho tinder o'
the ubovo cuff link would bo very much
obliged If Mr. h would loso the
other one."
Depopulation, of France.
The Trench census shows that the
population cf Tance has decreased by
112.S83 In tlvo years.
A watch may be cleaned by soaking
It In a cup of kerosene but that li not
the way a watch la uaally aoakad.
137 Madison Street, - Near Clark.
has revolutionized trade
methods broadly and brought
to the individual opportuni
ties of business growth never
before possible.
Why not enjoy the advan
tages and profit of the tele,
Yourself ?
Depot: Harrison 6t. & Fifth Ave. Chicago.
3704-3710 South Halsted St
TltDhon: Yard 7 1 .
CHAf. J. VOPICKA, Preildtnt.
OTTO KUBIN, Treaa. as m
684 to 706 Blue Island Avenue. Chicago.
Telephone West
863 U 869
North Winchester
Brewers of Fine LagerBeer
..441111$$ frt'jt$iil 4$4it$fr,iif 4441414140
Best Brewing Co.,
3. W. Cor. Fletcher and Herndon 8treett.
.Telephone Lake View 1 10.
I Chicago Telephone Co. I
1 ao3 .Washington St.
AMERICA'S -Tvk flUiC Hili
most k jT TVmvAwU
RAIL- M&C gfi ,-,
4 .., jmJ&MMLMfirf?& n,WfQy
;. ijtK w9a?ob m am -
Vsim c' v a
j a'w .teaaaa-eaaaaa-v'' i aa
.Jr AkWtaWW
Location of Chicago Depots and hi
Various Roads which Ltav
Each Station.
Atcblion, Topeka aad Santa Fa.
Cbicago aad Eastern Illinois
Chicago and Grand Trunk.
Chicago and Erla.
Monon Bouta.
MANO CGNTRAL-BwrlMl St. B Flltk At
Chicago and Northern Pacific,
Chicago and Great Western.
Baltimore and Ohio.
MtlON KPtT-Cut! Aleai Slmte.
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Pail.
Chicago, Burlington and Qulncj.
PenniyUanla Lines.
Chicago aad Alton.
Pan Handle.
tlNTKAl STATION ttta ktitiWt.
0., 0., 0. and 8c, Louis (Big 4 Boat
Chicago and West Uichlgaa.
aflcblgaa Central.
JlUaola Central.
Wisconsin Central.
Our fco returned if wo fail. Any ono sending sketch and description oi
any invention will promptly receivo our opinion frco concerning tbo patent
ability of same "How to obtain a patent " sent upon requoat. Patents
secured through us advertised for salo at our expense
Patents taken out through us receivo special mike, without charge, in
Ti'E Patent Record, an illustrated and widely circulated journal, consulted
by Manufacturers and Investors.
Send for sample copy FRCK. Address,
Patent Attorneys,)
Evmnm Building, - WASHINGTON, D. 19.
W A. LYOON, Pret.
!.Am. Soo. C.B.
Oou'l Supt
Supt. Or.JKlOK aud Dock I or.
WCK ISLAND tSSOr-Vti Birea St. PaaMs 4m
Lakt Short and Michigan Sonthtra.
Cbicago, Bock 'Island and Pacific.
N. T., 0. Alt L. (Nickel Plata).
MittM a tnawasTiaN-cuiiB wau. as
Uc1c'it Waiikcunu Ilrcwliiu Cnnipauy.
It Is with vleaiuro tlint wo call the
attention of tho trade, and private fam
ilies, to tlio fact that owln to the lu
eivasliiij (U'liiatul for bottled nlo aud
portur of undoubted imrlty and of tlm
tlnuit iiuallty, wo are now bottllns the
xauio uudur our own nupurvUlou.
Tlio freiiuout use of adulterants aud
bubstltutw for mult aud hops lu the
maiiiifaetmo of mult liquors bus re
sulted lu au Imiulry for an article of
domestic manufacture, wholly free
from anything of a harmful or deleteri
ous nature, aud at a price that would
couiuieud Its use to all. Tho falluro
hitherto to obtain such au article has
led consumers to purchase Imported
goods at a high price.
Theteforo wo are prepared to place
on the marUet bottled ale and porter
uuexeolloil lu quality, equal lu every
respect to tho Imported, at a much
lower price.
Our goods being manufactured from
Iho choicest barley malt and the best
hops lu the market, no substitutes
whatever being used, and, being bottled
by ourselves at Waukegau, ouubles us
to offer to our customers au absolute
guarauty of their purity aud quality.
Families can obtain tieso goods of
nil tho leading faiicy grocers, the prlu
clpal hotels, restaurants and druggists.
The Lydon & Drews Company
Dridging, Booking, and Sonoral Pilo Driving
Foundations, Bridges, Piers, Breakwaters,
Lighthouses, Tunnels,
Pneumatic and Submarine Work.
Offl(v: I320.5t.52 Chamber of Ovrarueroa, Waihtnjtoa nd Lt Sttl. Btrvati, nUIOArO
Yards 57J NortU Uwuuli atrsat, UniUHVJU
Prom ii to a.
The Hartford Buffet
140 Dearborn Street
S. W. Cor. Madison.
We have all of Anheuser-Busch s Famous Brews,
Also all Best Grades of Bottled Beer.
A.wAi J.'.iiXM'U
- -
t, -..
A-thj' 14 ft 'i. .Jy.?'
F. Ji,.:tiB;.,. lj.ni.9
vtAw i- vl ; -jij -i" K-i'ffii'V'V il'Vf'lift'Jfl'a'rtslli

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