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uwwn in u.'ii wui.ijwwi
Kews from All Parts of the World
Carefully Selected from the
Press Telegrams.
A Weekly Digest of the Most Important
Facts and Happenings for Busy
Mir; Mary Carlitik' illnl of frlsht at
Gurtuu, 0. T.. tlif tt-iilt of lttlnc Ui
w.tb tbw dvail body uf n frli-tul. An
li rtukiT. In ordiT tn KW tin- lioily o
'riniiua .Sharon, n rripiilt' of ttmt lilaci.
"truii&tcnvil out iiilii'Iiiitly to put It
Iti'o o ca1ct. IhIiI It mil on u ivulliiu
txuiru. with ropo tioil to milU driven lu
ti '! floor. Sim run hint died of rlirmim
tiin nnd nni o tvowl in life that whi'U
lu wnlk.il liN IkiihN coiiM touch the
V uud. A number of neighbor wore lt
t t.e up with the iloail iiiiin luring the
t '.' nmotij: tlu'in MI (iiirliiik. Out'
um ytuuiblt'd over u rope that held
tody down and It tru1:htfued up,
fa uc MW (inrliui;. The wa'hers lied.
'X pt the (.Inrliui: wntnnu, who utterod si
-lira k iitnl fell in the Hour. When the
:'-!ier returned they found the dead
1 1 le In a !t tins poture. it., dead
:.. wh'l" Mi-- (S.H'u hi ii"U
u t..mr :n an iiihmiiimi.hi-. .-i.tnlit imi. She
n nrrled to a nelshbor' lnnii,I vli"re
i' licil in a .-hurt time front heart troit
I ' prodtteed front frlaht.
Door Falls and Pins Portions of
Bodies Insldo a Ftirnaco.
W (.. four hiborer were loudlm; lill
1 into n furuaee t .lone c I.hid.'IiIIih'
ii I'-itlnir,'. I'n . the chain "iiiirtliitf
i i!i or to the furuaee broke, dropping
t Mnry door upon tlu men. The bodlei
" a i wire eaujjlit and IniprNoned, with
Ji n n.iii. Iulde the futrnaee. The door
vu dpi tied and lined by hydrnulle pow
'- and before the hitltt coulil be nil
jiK'ed nml the door raNed two iiii'ii had
liei roasted to death. The other two
terribly Injured. One of these men.
MiM the trenmh of it Sanion, partly
lK'id the door iitnl released hlmelf and
In lUinc eompnulon. The vletltu were
St. Bernard Takes Half-Frozen Baby
to His Warm Kcnnol,
Ner an Imported .St. Heruard due
In (tipint: to a tittle. N. V fanner,
found n half-frozen boy baby In the xuow
i n.'ie nwny from home the other nlsht.
The animal e.trrled the Infiuit to hi
Uciiin'1. where he burled It In the tr.iw
Jind. in stilus by It hle, endeavored to
l;eep it warm. The farmer, when fie
1 'overeil the pair the ne.M nuirnlin,'.
li:iM,v enrrli'd the baby Into tlu house
mi i mi (Ileal aid was ummoneil. The
plOi-iclan fear he may not be utile to
ii the child.
' oro Bulldlnu Is Wrockod.
At. rte result of an explosion of ku at
Aldington, loa, a law new brleU and
Jt'inf ilocl; nt Arends iV Kratumer wiih
lir.iily wrecked and thru- person were
litirnril. The ilnmnse to the bulldliiK mid
x-m-k will reach seernl tliniixninl dollar.
Tbi explosion wit rnued by earryltn: n
lighted hmtern Into the biisement to In
MstiKnte the failure of a a luaehlue to
Convoy ot En-.pty Wagons Captured.
A convoy of empty wacon wn .it
tnrkul and raptured by the lloer mintlf
went of Klerksdorp iTrmiutul lulimy).
'J'he iirort ronsted of a foree of the Im
perial Yooninnrj, three cuiiiiiiiiiliv of the
Northumberland l'uileer and two sun.
J'he fighting wa severe.
Rocolvor for Ohio Bank.
Tile Comptroller of the ('urreiii-y ha
npixdnted Nntinniil Maul; i:nliiliici-.I. W.
lielay rivelver ot the Tlr.t National
Hank of Ilelinout. Ohio, upon teleraphle
nilvice from the direetor of the bank
that they had elmed tile doors.
Kills Hlmsolf Whllo Insano.
William lloey, for many year aener.il
Mtperintcndent of tin Adam Kpres
I'uinpany. eoniinltted ulelde at New
"iork while teniMirarll Insane from 111
nek. ChlcnRO Boys Kill Thomsolvos.
Charles Homer Andernon, np'd 1 1, and
llmry A. Itetilile. mieil II). lotniuitted
''itile In Chleav'n. the former became
' crlef for deml mother, the latter on
a -uunt of a hue affair.
Affront for tho Prosldont.
U cut. Onv. Tillman of South Carolina,
i -riiiew of the Senator, ha usked Pretl'
wn Itnoxcrclt to ulthdraw neeeiitiinee
' invitation to take part in u woril
j nutation in that State.
Huntors KlTlod by Grizzly.
Rriwly bear kllleil two hunter nt
lj em Inter, Alnla, and died front Its
' nils, the three bodies Ileitis found
"Un a few feel of i ii'-h other.
PnssonKors In Porll.
"J i kteamer Nwkiir. with l.l'iKl iasi'l.
s - liiind for Nt-w Vork. after a narrow
ape in nine da' tight with sales,
j bed Halifax dUaliled.
Official Dlscovorocl Unconsolous.
Maj. C. i:. Withbiiru. Uepulille.iu
-rnlier of the Knnsas City board of
ion cotnmUnner, wn found uneon-
us in an alle lu Went Ninth utrect.
i f nan nulTerlns frmu severe wounds on
'.lie and head. MiiJ. Washburn Blld
' .iijorie were due to a fall.
Actross Cuts Man's Head Olf.
tide her i-iiinn.intnn, -Inek Kirk, wa
.- p. I.iiln AVatte, n mrletj netre. of
..;ni. A1ankn. attacked him In n lit ol
I i) and si-vircd hi head from Ills
J ij vtith a ravmr.
Botha Mcty Surrondor.
It I freely slated In London that ien.
Ijiiiu Ilotha, the chief Hour command
not had mnnased to set direct coiiiiuiinl-
a on with Lord .Milner and I id offered
f . surrender on certain conditions, the
ef bring that he nhall not bo -banished
frcm South Afrlu
Oullty ot Cruolty.
.loiin Ilcdell, win- for tivo jears nan
lK-cn at tho head of tho firu department
of Omaha, ha been formally dUiriUseil
from tho service. The firo and potlce
toard, after hcarlns charges of cruelty
jcd mil treatment of firemen and their
Semitic, found Itedcll guilty,
Erronoottb Testimony of Mossoncrar
Boy Sent L. E. Klnjr to Prison.
Tho attorneys ot U. 1-3. King, now con
fined In the .State prison under it sentence
on the chnrso ot having been Implicated
In tho murder of Cieorgc 1'rouse during
an attempted holdup of n gambling
house In Salt Lake, Utah, have nccttred
an nnidavlt tending to show that King
1 entirely Innocent of tho crime with
which he Is charged. The ntlliUvlt was
secured from William Wittenberg, n
messenger boy, who, during tho trial,
tcstllli'd that after tho shooting occurred
he saw King run away from tlto gam
bling hoiuo mid disappear In an alley.
This testimony was considered an Impor
tant factor lu convicting King. The mil
davit wa dWoru to after a photograph
of .lohp Str.itise, lit.. Colorado convict.
vho is ullc.'.-cil to hate -oufcsed that lie
Is the missing man who participated in
tho hold-up. was shown to Wittenberg.
The hoy .ild It was a picture of tho man
he had seen run nwav front the gambling
house the night of the murder. In his
ntlldavlt Wittenberg states that nt tho
time ot the trial he was not positive
In his Identification of King, but wn
persuaded by other to believe that King
was the man he had seen.
Kansas Farmor Cains Possession of
a Pretty Child.
A peculiar transaction occurred In litis
fell County, Kausas. Vaclav Oadleo ud
tulred the 11-year-old daughter of Henry
llrotz, and offered to trade his O-ycnr-old
hoy John for her. Uretr. refused to trade
even, became the boy wa not old enough
to do hard work in the Holds. Gadlee
tlnally offered as dllTeronco twenty bush
els of seed corn. Tho offer was accept
ed by nretz. Tho nnrtlcs to the trado
mv wealthy ltuIan farmers. Tho clerk
of Russell County was siupitaofl when
the transaction was explained to hint by
tho parents, who tipprarcd nt the offlco
leading the children who had been trad
ed. The clerk refused to record the
trade, ns he believed tho transaction to
be Illegal. However, ho questioned the
children ns to their wishes, and, llndlug
them to lie ludlffercut, ho accordingly
made out paper for each of tho parents,
and recorded tho change lu ownership of
the corn.
Doclslon Brlnpo Buslnoss to Stand
still In Flvo Dopartmonts.
Kama City was tho other day without
Its five principal charter ollleers ns n ve
hult ot the decision ot the Stuto Supreme
Court ousting City Comptroller Lund,
City riiynlclati Coilln. Clerk- Curry, As
sessor Yost mid City Counselor .Mlddli.
brook, hold-over Republicans. After tho
decision had becomo thoroughly undor
stood mid they had sought tho ndvico ot
their attorneys, the ousted Republicans
left their oltlces, Informing their clerk
ttint It they remnitieil nt their desks they
would do so on their own responsibility.
Thus practically nil tho city's buslne
came to a standstill. Tho trouble nrosu
a year ago when tho City Council refus
ed to confirm tho nominations for these
olllcos bent lu by Mayor ltced, a Demo
Rushes from Her Homo, Hatchet In'
Hand, to Save Hoc Pot.
In n tierce htrusgle with n large gray
wolf, Miss Kthel Hoover ot Leola, S. U.,
Naved the life of her shepherd dog mid
protected persons In her home from poBl
hlu Injury, The beast, belonging to one
of the numerous packs of the cattle
ranges, crossed the Missouri river on the
Ice, nnd entering the yard of Miss Hoov
er' home attacked the dog, The animals,
huarllng nnd snapping, fought for it long
time. When the dog was nearly exhaust
ed Miss Hoover rushed from her home
with a hatchet and ran up to the tttrug
gllng beasts. The wolf turned and at
tacked her. but she struck the beast over
the head, killing It Instantly.
Do Wot Coon ThrouKh Lino,
(en. He Wet, with -100 followers, broke
back northward through tho blockhouse
line, ten miles west of I.lndley, Orange
Itlvcr colony. Thu blockhouses opened
Hid on tho Iloer. two of whom wero
killed. Tho remainder got away to their
old ground near Iteitx.
Big Doal In Broomcorn.
It. f). Flood, tepresentlug tho South
western Ilrooin Company of lvnusville,
Iud lias purchased ".00 tons ot broom
corn brush from tho Unlun ilrooin Suppiy
Company nt Charleston, III. Tho price
was SI 00 to $125 n ton.
Miss Stono Is Free.
Information was received at the Ameri
can consulate ut Sal'Milcu that Mis Klleu
M, Stone ami tier companion, Mrs. T.sll
kn. have been released and arrived nt the
tillage. of .Striliiiultit ut U o'clock Sunday
morning In good health.
Jowola Takon from Altar,
Seven of the precious utoues in the al
tar of the Tiffany chapel, in tho crypt of
itip Cutliedrnl of St. ,11-1111 tin- Divine, on
CiithHdr.il height. New York, were in
mow I by thieves.
Confos303Ho Klllod Shorlff.
( ImiU-s Woodward has confessed at
Cu.pur. Wyo.. to the killing of Sh'-ntf
Uiiki-r. Tim confession cauio as a mr-
prise, us he was expected to seek to
.rum tlmt Jiul Wi-ntrnll Hid UI0 Killing.
' SmuKHlod Diamonds Takon.
, Michael Li-liikrau, u pa.sscngcr on tlir
' Ki-onprliiis Wilhelm, was arrested by
J treasury omeiuls lu New York and uncut
iitainniiiis iwit-tu Siu.uuu, miegeu to nave
been Minigglc-d, ui-rc taken from him.
BiK Firo In Toronto.
I'lio ju tin, Menziu Furnitiiru Manufiio
turiiig Comp.in) and tho Merchants' Dye
ing uud Finishing Company, Toronto,
caused $J0.-i.0W loss, with $00,000 insur
Shook Causon a Landslide,
On the Solurl estates, In Ventura
County, Cnl owned by Jacob Kohlcr of
I'asadena, a remarkable phenomenon Is
reported as the result of the earthquake
that on Feb. t gave that portion of the
State a decided shake-up. This peculiar
condition I the sliding ot n live-acre
wheat patch ut Hprlngvllle hill, eeu
tulles east of Oxnard. Into the alley at
the rate of it foot n day.
Six BUr Establishments Dostroyotl
by Miscreants with Dynamite.
Cripple Cieek, Colo., Is In a state ot
terror because ot n preconcerted nttnek
on the assay olllees doing business lu tho
district. Ilcglinilng nt U o'clock Monday
morning, ami following In rapid succes
sion, lv explosions wrecked ns many as
say ollices in the centers ranging from
Victor to Cripple Creek nnd tip to (lold
Held, Colo, In every Instance the object
sought by the miscreants was accom
plished lu the destruction ot the ollices
with their tine equipment ot delicate bal
ances. The raiders did not hesitate to
endanger life, as all but one ot the build
ings were occupied by sleeping families.
Men, women and children were thrown
out ot their beds by the shocks nnd suf
fered Injuries. The extent of the dam
age cannot be estlmntcd. In 'Victor the
Davenport ollice was wrecked by two ex
plosions, causing n loss of 'fl.'iOO. Almost
nt tne sauje time the nssay ollices of
Vnuderwalki-r. Moreno mnt Wlltt.-ini
.were treated likewise. The loss was ap
proximately ns largo as Davenport '. One
mnn, n miner, was severely Injured by
the explosion at Williams' ottlee. He wns
passing nt the moment nnd flying debris
struck him lu the face, gutting his eyes,
which may result In total blindness. The
general impression Is that tho nets are
the tesult of the general movement to
rid the district of nil high-grade ore-pur-chasing
An Oklahoma Posse Trails Bandits
Through Snow.
As tho result of n light between Okl.i.
homn ollleers .and the band of outlaws
that killed Shell IT Smith nnd ltcck nt
Anndarko a month ago, one of tho out
laws, Walter SwolTord, Is dead, nnd Dep
uty Sheriff W. A. Jones of Aher, O. T
Is w'ouuded seriously. The snow enabled
the posse under Sheriff Milner ot Shaw
nee. O. T., to trail the outlaws to an
Isolated house south of Wewokn, I. T.
As tho posse approached, tho outlaws,
three in number, came from the house
and opened lire on the ollleers. Tho lire
was returned and for several minutes tho
battle waged. Deputy Sheriff .1ones was
shot by Swofford, who had opened tho
light. When Jones fell the ollleers turn
ed their nttcutloii to Swofford, nnd ho
was pierced by several bullets and killed
instantly. After tho battle lint! contin
ued several minutes longer tho other two
outlnws, Sam Casey and Hill Watson,
FALLS HEIR TO 99,000,000.
Hotel Man Whose Uncle Was Astor's
Partner Gets Woalth In Germany.
Fred It, limerick, who for the Inst
three years has managed the New Mnck
inac Hotel at Mackinac Island, Mich.,
has fallen heir to ?0,000,000, n share 'of
the estate nt an uncle In (.lermmiy who
recently tiled. The whole estate Is valued
at over ?50,000,000. Tho elder limerick
wns probnbly the best-known Kurope.ui
agent in the fur business. Fur thirty
years he wns n partner In the fur busi
ness with John Jacob Astor. He wiih
stntloncd nt Berlin, nnd It wns In the fur
trndc with the aid ot Astor that he ac
cumulated the rast fortune. He wn
never married. He left nil his property
to the children of hi two brothers resid
ing in the United Slates.
For Thirty Years Money of California
Couple Has Lain Untouched.
lly the departure for tho F.nst of Wil
liam G. Henpaw, president ot the Union
Savings linnk nt Oakland, C'al., and ex
ecutor ot tho wills of tho Into Henry D.
Cogswell, tho eccentric philanthropist of
San Francisco, mid his wife, Caroline K.
Cogswell, is disclosed n quest for n for
tune that has been burled lu an Kastern
bank for thirty year by tho Cogswells.
All of these year the money has lain
untouched, accumulating Interest to ndJ
to the half a million dollar fortune they
left in California. It wn only nftcr the
death ot Mrs. Cogswell several weeks
ago that the existence of the hoard be
came known.
Firo Destroys Many Tablos.
Fire from mi unknown cause destroyed
the entire plant of thu Fiudlay, Ohio,
Table Manufacturing Company, causing
it loss of $117,000, with Insurance ot $50,
000. The company manufactured lino
dining room tables exclusively nnd repre
sented one of the largest industries of
Us kind in the country. As n result of
the tire 100 men lire thrown out ot em
ployment. Olaf Stoltz Shot and Killed.
Olaf Stoltz was shot mid killed lu tho
saloon of L. M. Larson, Chicago, tu u
mysterious manner, Larson, his barten
der and two other lu the snlooti ut, the
time, declared Stoltz borrowed thu sa
loonkeeper's revolver nnd turning the
weapon on himself pulled the trigger,
Thu police, however, think the killing wa
done lu home other tnnnucr nnd arrested
nil who were In the saloon ut the time.
Band of Filipinos Gives Up.
What Is believed to have been thn
largest existing bund of Insurgents in
llntaugas province, Luzon, ha surrender
ed to Lieut, Chailes D, Rhodes ot thu
Sixth cavalry at llauan. Maj. Amor
auto, two captains, six lieutenants nnd
ninety-olglit Filipino tohliers gnvo them
selves up, and alo surrendered live re
volvers, sixty-six rlllcs and two thousand
rounds ot ammunition,
Chloagoan Qullty of Fortrory.
J, I, Mooio ot Chicago was found
guilty of forgery nt Mmikato, Minn,, mid
sentenced to live nnd om-half yenrs in
Stillwater p-nltcutlnry. Mooro sold homo
laud for n North Dakota mnn Inst sum
enter nnd forged tin- purchaser's note and
mortgage, getting $100 by tho transac
tion. Ohio Steel Plant Is Btirnod,
The shortage lu the supply of water III
the city rcaen oil's, causing low- pressure,
resulted in the rutin- destruction of the
Limit Steel Casting Company's big plant
in South Lima, Ohio. The loss I ubout
$75,000. with $'5,000 Insurance.
Now Lino to Span Mexico.
D. Rogers ot New York has perfected
arrangements for tho building of a trans
continental railroad across Mexico, and
IS.000.OWJ have been ulremly subscribed
by Kugllsh mid Atm-ilcnn capitalists.
Offlco for Indianapolis Editor,
Hurry S. New of Indianapolis has
been offered the ollice of first assistant
Postmaster Octiural lo succeed William
M. Johnson of New Jersey, who has re
signed, Two Klllod on Traoks,
Northwestern limited train killed two
employes of the road nnd bndly injured
nnother, who were working on the tracks
ut Smigmuon street, Chicago,
Boy Tied to Tracks.
A 0-year-old boy at Ypsllantl, Midi,,
tied to railroad tracks by playmates, was
rnaiMifil tttst In time to liferent ilontli
I under an express train.
sJrpHE much discussed loop of the
Hrooklyn nt the battle of Sttntln
ko wns n minor mutter compared
with tho loops nnd evolutions of war
ships propelled by Mills In tho ilnys
prior to Btcnm u-ivlgntlon. Thu drawing
given herewith Is copied by the Toledo
lllutlo from the L'ttlteil States Military
Mngnzlno, for November, lSJO-n peri
odical published for n few yenrs In
I'lilltulelphln. Mr. Ocorge A. Clmsc, of
Toledo, has the bound volume for 1J0
nnd 1810 wh'ch lie kindly loaned for
tho purposes of this article.
The diagram Is of the nctlmt between
the United Stntes frlgnto Constitution,
Commodoro HalnbtldKe, and tho IJrlt
isli frlgnto Java, Cnpt. Lnmbert. This
llerco sen fight occurred on' Wednesday,
December ao, 1812, In the Atlantic, off
the const of Brazil. The wind wns
from tho no.-tlienst, nnd the nrrow In
tho diagram shows lis direction ns to
me vessels. Tho action began nt
2:10 p. in. The position of the two
rrigntcs was broadside on. ns repre
sented In tho lewer left-hand comer of
the diagram. The course of ench ves
sel Is shown, nnd their relative posi
tions nt tho vnrlotis critical points of
the engagement, until the surrender of
the Java, nt C25 p. in., when their po
sitions wero ns given nt tho ilglit-hnnd
top of tho diagram, of course, In tho
vnrlotis evolutions, tho wind was the
only motive power.
This being tho cnne, the efforts of the
old-time fighters wero largely directed
to destroying the mnsts and sails of
the enemy s vissql-whlch, if tlio effort
Mere successful, put her ut tho mercy
ot the other and to getting Into such
n position Hint nil of tho guns on one
slilo could bj trained on thu enemy's
deck from ono end, thus mklng It from
stum to stern with n hull of missiles,
nml disabling more men nt one broad
side than could be done lu any other
wny. The dlngrnni shows that Itulii
bridge wns the better snllor, for lie
iniiiieiivercd the Constitution Into such
it position with regard to the Jnvn no
less than live times during tho light,
whllo the Ilrltlsh did not secure that
ndvnntngo oven unco over tho Ynnkeo
Tho destructive effect of this raking
lire on tlo Java's decks Is clearly
5 2 O'CLOCK-
Invent Inn Which Will Llkcwlxc Pro
tect Hulls ii n (I CurbuuclcH.
The purpose of tho Invention shown
lu the Illustration Is to provide a shield
for attachment to a surgical splint ot
to bo used In connection with plaster
of pnrls or other form of bandage for
the treatment nnd protectlonof wounds,
and ulso for the euro of bolls, carbun
cles mid the like. In the ensu of a tc
vero tlesh wound It Is notdeslrabletore
move the splints at eai-h treatment, uud
It Is the ollice of this shield to facilitate
itceess to thu wound direct. Willi Its
uld It Is possible to prevent contact of
tho sore part with nuytlilug liable to
Injuro or bruise It lu any manner, and
thcro Is ito danger of dislocating a
small plaster or cloth laid over tho
wound, Tho cut shows the duvlce nt
fuelled to the mm to protect n boll,
with straps to bind It on the arm. The
protecting cover Is thrown buck to ex
pose the Interior for treatment. A hitch
Is provided to hold tho cover lu a closed
position after treatment. In cusu
of body wounds tho straps may bo re
plnccd by strips of adhcslvo plaster,
which nro laced through tho eyVlots
nnd fastened tn tho skin. Kdwnrd
Shears, of I.nkntn, N. U., Is the In
ventor. '
Hull IiiHtend of the llxpcctcd (iood I, nek
KcHitlted fniiii tho KiicnuiiU-r.
It Is a very cominou superstition tlmt
to rub the hump of a cripple's buck Is
sure to bring good luck. In sumo parts
of tlio country women bclluvo good for
tune m'tiy bo assured by touching a
Chlnuintiit while passing him on tjio
street, and the women or ow Orleans
eeotn to hiivu gone daft on the subject.
Of course they endeavqr to creato tho
Impression tlmt they do It playfully,
but they never neglect opportunity
to touch mi oriental as they puss 111 tit.
A young girl ut one of tlio railroad sin
tlons a few evenings ago figured lu a
rather einbarrnssltig Incident on net-mint
of her ambition mid her effort to
'touch u Chlniiiumi. The oriental hml
drifted Into dm station mill was evi
dently bent on nu oiit-of.lown trip, nnd
hu wns going at u rather rapid rate,
probnbly fenilng that lie would tnlss
Ills train. A.s soon ns tho girl spied him
kIio Jumped nil mid inado it (ittlcl; dnrt,
evidently for tho purpose of crossing
tlio Cliluiimnii'H path nt a certain point
mm just musiiiug mm its no passed.
Hero Is probably where slio uindo a
mistake. At any rato cither tho girl or
the Culiiunian erred. Doth were walk
; i
Ik in
: 3
shown by the losses on board the Ilrlt
lsh frigate. There were 00 killed, and
101 wounded out of a crew of dOO,
while tho Constitution lost but t) killed
nml L'5 wounded-among tho hitter be
ing Commodore Ilnlnbrldgc himself,
who was shot twice during the engage
ment, but pliteklly kept nt his post un
til tho victory wns won.
The effect of the American lire upon
the rigging of the Java was no less re
miirknble. When the Ilrltlsh com
lnntider struck his ling, his vessel had
not a single spur stnndliig, nnd Honied,
nn iitttniitingMblc wreck, upon tho sen.
The Urltlsh lire damaged tho Constitu
tion's sails very much, but fortunately
none of her spars wns cut. Tho pris
oners and their personal effects wero
removed to the Constitution nnd the
Jnvn wn3 blown up.
Finish r.$
lug rapidly and each seemed to be In
different to the course of the other. She
touched the Chinaman all right, nnd If
tlio good luck Incident to the act or
touching is measured by the vigor and
forco of the touch good fortune 'oitgirt
to shower on her whole family. It was
a llerco collision. The girl was embar
rassed, and from tin- capers cut by the
Cliliutiiimi he evidently thought a
freight train had struck him. Yes, In
deed, this business of touching a China
man Is a regular fml now, and If you
see n girl rushing wildly and aimless
ly down the street, watch her and see
If she 'doesn't brush tlio clothes ot a
Mongolia n gently In passing.
ie lie nt I I-'iii-Ioiik and tlio Doll.
At the risk of temporarily driving
Gun. Furlong away from tho Amen cor
ner of the Fifth Avenue Hotel I am
tempted to tell a little story of human
interest. All who know him know that
his heart Is bigger than tlio bodies of
most men, and always was so. Ills
benefactions are many nnd nlwnys un
obtrusive. On Tuesday nfteruoou he
was passing a department store, when
a conversation between a woman and
her little girl of about 8 years attract
ed him. Tho child was pointing to n
doll and the mother was saying to her:
"No, mnmiua can't buy It to-day
dearie." The (ieuernl spoke to the child
and asked the mother to do him a
favor to let tho child stay iitnl look nt
tlio window u few minutes. He went
inside and came out with a doll similar
to tho one In the window, and giving It
to tho child, lifted his lint nnd passed
on. When tlio story wns told on tho
General last night lie grew red aud
said: "Tut, tut, nonsense!" Then lie
strolled out, ami Harney Itlgllu re
marked: "I'll bet ho has Ids pockets
tilled with ipittrters now nml he's off
somewhere to buy out nil tlio boys who
nro stuck with their evening papers.
Somegnod woman lost an Ideal husband
when the (ieuernl wns allowed to re
main n lmeholor."-Vlctor Smith, In
Now York I're.ss.
Too .Much I'm- Hint.
Tho other day a young mnn wns pre
sented to Senator Hauim who wanted
a HUbordlunte phico In alio tinny. Tho
Senator .saw to It thntJlils application
was propei ly tiled. Nothing was heard
of tlio application or tho young-Irishman
for several duys, until ho sent Ills
card through tho doorkeeper of tho Sen
ate. Seuntoi- Hauim promptly respond
ed, nnd, with his custoninry democratic
frankness, Inquired:
"Well, how's everything with you,
"I'm in trouble," wild the would-lio
soldier. "1 got through cliu physical
uxuiulnatlon nil right, but thcy'vo
downed me on tho cuteehlsni," Chi
cago Tribune,
Toiigiiit nml TitHie,
Tlio tongue Is divided Into tlirco re
gions of taste, tho llrst of which is
clilclly sciislblu to pungent nnd add
tastes, tho middle portion to sweets or
bitters, whllo tho had; Is confined to
tlio flavors of roast meats, butter, oils
and rich ami fatty substances.
Men J)yo Moi-o thmi Women.
A Now York druggist said recently
that according to his experience men
uso hair dyes to a much greater cxteut
than women.
T i (If
v '-L.-' .y
1994 N. Western Avenue, CHICAGO.
Telephone Lake View 270.
Moving and All Kinds of Teaming.
Chlc.f o Vardt
ail Main Uldcet
Austin Yard, 62nd and
Pure, Nutritious
There Is But One BEST.
Nt TbU Should
ASK roit
t r
1M-1M MUlftoi St,
iLT "a R
36 and 38 BOSTON AVENUE.
Strictly Pure Lead, Colors in OilMixed Paint,
Bicycle Enamel, Brushes, Varnishes
and Painters' Material,
and the Celebrated Hygienic Calcimine.
27 and 29 Market Street, Chicago.
RtSTAUftAHTS SUPMjnia. . ,
Went Lake St. ?
Klnzle it. Tel. Austin 1 783.
Bt Without It.
and 179-181 Lake St
Tlphn Nrth 7M
333 Lincoln Ave.,
Gas Fitting
Steam and Hot Water Heattag.
Repalriaf Promptly Done.
Ettlmatea Cktsrtully FurmUMHU
,) '
artimWn twiitttaiilNti

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