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CIIAPTtilt XI!. (Contlimcit.)
ThruslliiK tliu ))lsol quickly In lil
pocket, tlie joiniK mnii Mtrmitf towunH
licr fmi Rinlilciily that he could not U
lend herself, mid ctnpltiK hor bIIrIiI form
tightly lu his strong nrms, he lifted her
nt once to the witltlnit funveynnoe, plitced
lier III It, then lenpliiK t" her side, nelr.ed
the rein, mid drove rapidly off, while the
poor girl wiih In nlnmst u fulntliitf condi
tion, from iliplenriin a::i ttlghl.
After n few inoinoiitH of t'ltense ntlll
new, broken only by the cluUrr of the
liore' hoof, iih ho bounded 'i, Hobert
turned to her with lniiffitltift triumph
In hlii eyn mid pxiiltttigly exclaimed:
"You we, my elinrinliijt yoiiui; friend,
that when I mty I will do n thing, I
intend to do it. Now I decided thU nf
tcrnoon to have you for n companion on
u tittle drive, mid you nee I linve cur
ried the day, mid hen1 you are, xvated
coftlly by my xlde, while we are duelling
nwity In xrnnd myle. Confess now, In
not thin jut xpleiidldV" .
"It U not. Sir, I thing your conduct
tingeiitlcinunly mid cruel In thu extreme."
"Not nt all! I iixxure you, 1 .rognril
you iih tho cruel one, when you declined
to fnvor me with .vmir comnntiy. Why
you treat me no Mtrnngi'ly U nu vnlgmn!
You ounlit to feel honored to be ullowed
to ride with no well-known, wealthy and
. kind-henrted u man."
"It N no honor, fir. but 11 deep llifillt.
to be thu forced to do what lit ill
iiRreeable." "1 iiuppoe It would be very disagree
nblc iilxo to have me klsi yonV
"Sir!" wiih the lmllgUHiit exclamation
that fell upon bin ear.
"Well, illmiKreeable or not to you, It
would be extremely uxreeahlc to me. 1
tell you candidly, 1 would like to do
it, you aru n aweet and beautiful, hut
1 will refrain, nud deny myself that
pleasure, If you keep perfectly quiet, and
juiit try to enjoy this ride while you have
the chance. If you do not If you make
the least fuss, I vow I will do It!'
Ktlicl made no reply. Hhc realized
fully that thu eccentric Individual !cs!de
her had her in his power, therefore ac
knowledging to herself that It. was best
under the clrcuuuitunces to make no fur
ther resistance, slie sank buck in her scut
mid remained silent and motionless.
Away they Mow over the long and lone
ly road, passing brooks, ponds, trees,
rock, indeed everything but houses unil
inhabitant. During the whole drive not
one word more was spoken by either vic
tor or vanquished.
Kthel's face was deadly pale, however,
ilnrlug thu hour that ensued before tho
Jiead of the horse was turned homeward,
while Hubert's wus Illuminated by a glow
vt Intense satisfaction and triumph.
When at length tho shades of evening
began to gather, they once moro ncared
Olcmlcnnlng Hull. Stopping tho horse
bvforu they reached thu place, lu u shel
tered and obscure spot, Hobert jumped
out, then turned to assist Kthc! from thu
Springing past him to the ground,
Kthul darted away. Itreathlug u prayer
r fervent thanksgiving for her safe re-
turn, when shu had unco moro reuched
f her loom, tho poor girl briiihed away the
tears that had relieved her excited feel
ings as soon as sho had entered, and then
with n kinking dread at her heart at once
repaired to the sick man's room.
A volley of spiteful, hard words salut
ed her entrance from the Irritable In
valid, mid It wus some time before shu
could utter one won! In lier own defense.
When nt last he gave her an opportunity
to speak she iufornrcd hliu truthfully of
the outrugcou conduct of his wlfe'j
"Hubert! Did you say Hobert did so
insolent u thing' Was liu guilty of so
unpardonable an uctV" exclaimed thu as
toulslied baronet.
"Do not believe her, uncle," Immediate
ly interposed lielle, who had made it her
business to be present. "What shu snys
is utterly false. I do not doubt but that
aIiu spent thu tlmu riding with tuiiiu
beau; but, I ussure you, it was not witli
my brother, for he was with me thu en
tire afternoon. She Is a wicked girl to
Impose such u falsehood ujmju so sick a
As Hello uttered this cruel fabrication
she glanced spitefully, yet with Ill-con-i-caled
triumph, towards tho amnxed
Kthcl, who wus not ut till prepared for
audi nu artful and mnlleloiis attack,
"Sir lt'glnuld, I assure you I speak
only tile truth. It was Hobert (ileudeu
liing who forced me into his carriage,
und thus detained inn iigiiiust my will."
"You know better," roared Sir Hegl
liuld. "I will never believe it. i.euve
the room Instantly. I do not wish lu see
your face again until morning."
With a cold, dlgliilled bow Kthcl left
nt his bidding left, too, without another
word, knowing well that iMUtr.idictionx
would only rurugu and excite the pas
alomitu and unjust person before lier.
After she had disappeared Hello liho
nt ouco took her departure, chagrined
Ihut her uncle hud not Instantly dismiss
ed her rlv from his service mid house.
Sho did not know that tills Ills lord
ship would on no account do, ns he had
Intrusted to her keeping it secret which
made her services fur too valuable to lie
easily dlxpenied with. Ilo'inlght be en
raged, und o dismiss her for n night;
but u fault alio might be guilty of would
Induct hint to part with her while nil
went well in the concealed room.
The next afternoon, Kthcl felt that she
could safely start to the village, to make
ii fow purdiasi for herself, us ut the
lunch tnblo Hobert bud told Ludy Con
stanco ho should leave homo nt two that
afternoon to visit u young friend, ami
should remain uwuy until noon tho iiext
As flie hud not ventured beyond tho
ground of the Hall since her arrival,
except on this afternoon, before, shu did
not know In which direction tho places
of builncsa lay; therefore, seeing Sandy
Stnplcs, the lodgo keeper's sou, just be
yond the place, she stopped und Inquired
of him.
"Oh, yea; I can tell you, certainly, do
otrnight forward, pas Dr, Klfenstcii'H
cottuge, when you will come to a grove
of willows; pass that, and then tho
railroad track, and about one quarter of
n mile beyond, you will ace a row of
houses; that ia tho commencement of tho
real village proper, uud there you will
ilnO several stores,"
Thanking the boy, Kthcl opened her
parasol, for the afternoon wua warm and
sultry, and followed tho puth pointed
out. When abo reached tho cottage, her
tyca wandered over ita small tlower-bor-4ered
gardeu, ita pretty vlue-covered
porch, and open windowa, .with their
bowed Winds, juat revealing the dainty,
Author of " Rov Kusski.i.'s Kof.K,"
"Thk Fasiiionaiili: Mothkk," Etc.
cool-looking. Incc curtain within, thnt
wnfted back and forth, gently, In the
faintest of nil breeze.
"How differently Dr. Illfetntcln Im
prests me, with his manly bearing, his
open countenance, nud kindly eyes, even
though his manners tire reserved and
quiet, from that vain, egotistical Hobert
Ulelidelinlng," she thought. "I cannot
understand exactly why I clcteit that
person so thoroughly, nor why I ndmlre
the joung physician so much. One thing.
perhaps, itilliieiice me; I always loveu
usefulne's In u man; Dr. Hlfenstolu la
bors for the welfare of others; young
(Jlcndcnntiig U an Idle spendthrift, liv
ing merely to gratify the pleasures of his
own hnndwime self. One. constantly do
ing good, the other I should judge by
Ills looks ami acts, evilly disposed, nud
reckless lu all his ways."
While thus thinking Mio pnssed the
willow grove, and the railroad truck, nnd
soon reached the stores, where tho pur
chases were made to her entire satisfac
tion. Then shu retraced her steps, walk
ing slowly, lu order more fully to enjoy n
cooler breexe thnt was springing up; but
ns she lienred the railroad she quickened
her steps, for she knew that n train wus
nearly due.
Soon the place wus reached, and In
stepping over it, to her liiu-nir she found
the heel of her shoe fnMeticd tightly In
one of the frogs. With n desperate hnste
he strove to loosen it; In vainl Kvery
struggle only made it, us it seemed, more
lirmly wedged.
Hark! What was thnt rumbling? With
pnllld lips nnd trembling form, she heard
a distant whistle tell of the swiftly com
ing train. ,
lu despair, she stooped to unbutton the
oboe; but It was a new one, nnd therefore
hard to manage, while her trembling lin
gers sought to undo tho fastening, but
shu found them powerless to accomplish
the tusk.
On, on came the engine. She could
feel thu rails vibrate with their motion,
and still her foot wus fust nm) she could
not move. Then, one wild shriek of ter
ror rang out iiimiii the ulr, and even be
fore It died nway a man's feet came run
ning to the spot.
"Ho calm! I will save you! Do not
struggle stand perfectly ttlll!" said a
voice in her car.
On came the cars; even then they could
bo seen in the distance. One moment
moro nud she would be under the fearful
wheels; but n strong hand caught the
foot, wrenched open the buttons, then,
as the hot breath of thu engine wns al
most upon her, she was drawn from the
perilous iMisltlou und knew no more.
When she opened her eyes, shu was ly
ing on thu green grass, a short distance
from tho spot, white her head reclined
upon some gentleman's shoulder, uud the
xiiiiiu person was gently fanning her with
ii folded newspaper. Looking up, she
met thu earnest eyes of Dr. Hlfeiistelu
bent upon her, and saw that ho was
thus kindly supporting her.
"It Is all right now. Miss Nevergull.
You ure safe, nnd will be yourself lu out
moment," he said.
"Oh, but that was terrible, terrible!"
she murmured, with a shudder, as her
eyes closed again, at the mere remem
brance. "It was. truly! While I got to you in
time, thank heaven, there was not u
second to spare!"
."Oil, doctor, I can never thank you,
for I know now that It was you who uv
eil me!"
"Do not try. Miss Nevergull: I will not
be thanked. My fright, I assure, you,
was nearly equal to your own."
"How did you get the shoo off'" she
asked, at length, as she raised herself
from Ills arm, and glanced nt her foot.
"I never can tell; it was so stliT nnd
tight It took ull my strength. Hut now,
since you are better, I will tt what
has become of that obstinate little boot."
In a few moments, he smilingly return
ed with its dilapidated remains In his
"You will scarcely know your own
property," he remarked, "It Is so crushed
and torn. The action of the heavy tralii
loosened It, uud thus I cumo o(T with
the spoil."
"My poor, poor shoe." said Kthcl, n
faint smile hovering around her pale lips.
"Well, It limy belter be crichcd than
my foot; but, really, though scarcely
wearable, 1 must put It on;" and she
reuched out her hand for the torn ob
ject. "Nay, allow me lo restore It to Its
place," said tho doctor, kneeling beside
her. "My poor child, you have scarcely
strength enough yet for such u task."
With the greatest tenderness nud c.irc,
ho drew thu boot over one of the smallest
little feet ho had ever seen supporting u
woman, uud ns he finished buttoning the.
very few buttons that remained, he arose,
uud begged her lo keep seated until he
brought hither his horse uud gig, a lie
told her ho khoiild insist upon currying
her home, im she was, he knew, still
weak from fright.
Looking around, Ktlicl saw, fur the
tlrst time, his horse standing quietly by
thu roadside, u short distance from the
truck, where hu had left hliu, to rush to
her usslstuiicc.
Hrluglug the animal and conveyance to
her side, Karle turned, mid before she
fairly understood his Intention, gathered
her in his arms from the ground, and lift
ing her Into tlie sent, sprang lightly to
her side.
"You must not be start led nt my pre
sumption, Miss Nevergull. Hemember
pli.nlclaus have privileges others have
not, You are my patient now, und until
I see tho color re-established on your
lips nnd cheek, I am In duty bound to
cure for you. You are not offended'"
He bent to gnxu Into her eyes us he
nsked the question, and his earnest look
brought tlie tell-talu blood buck to her
"Oh, no, no! That would he ungrate
ful Indeed!" was the low reply,
Tho rldii really revived her. and as the
doctor took her quite u roundabout way,
In order to prolong it, assuring her it
would bo bciictlciul lo do so, sho was able
to give u natural spring us he held out
his builds to assist her to tho ground,
when at length they drove up to tho
entrance of Uleiidennlng Hall,
There was a happy hiiiIIo still upon
her lips us, after thanking und bidding
her kind friend ndleu, nud seeing him
lift his hat as ho drovo off, tho rati up
the piazza Meps to pass to her room.
Hut tho smile vanished Instantly as
Hello came forwurd from behind tho
hoavy screen of vinos, nudvith nn angry
look In her eyes, exclaimed:
"What does this mouuY I wish to
know if Sir Hcglnald pays you n aulary
to ride around the country with young
meuV I fhull lufouu him of this ride."
"Aa you please. Hl Olemtcnnlng. It
certainly Is. not mr Intention to keep
secret the f,ict that I have Just narrow
ly escaped death by being crushed by
tho enrs. As Dr, Klfeiisteln risked Ills
life to drag mc from danger, nud then
employed his skill to bring mo from u
dreadful swoon, he certainly thought it
no harm lo restore mo mfcly to your
uncle's aid as 1 was too weak from fright
to walk."
So Raying, Kthcl passed on, lenvlng the
nngry, but nstoulshcd girl to her own re
flections. That thee were not of n very
peasant nature, thu following whisper
gave evidence!
"It Is alwa.ts tho way, Wish to keep
one person away from another, nnd some
thing Is sure to happen to bring them
together. Ue thing I am determined,
however, he shall never marry Kthcl
Nc.vcrg.ill, If I can possibly prevent It."
Kthcl did not entirely teenvor from
the effects of bur fright, until after the
night's sleep hud served to culm lier
nerves, nud all the evening thnt followed
she wns excited and scnrcely ablo to con
trol herself.
When she bade thu family good night
nnd locked herself Into her room, In or
der to proceed to her nightly task, It was
witji it dazed feeling, and nu aching
head. Nerving herself for her duty, how
ever, ns well us she could, sho proceed
ed to light her candle, mid taking tho in
dispensable knife, she passed through the
wardrobe and pnssuguwny, Into tho cor
ridor beyond.
Possessing herself of the basket of
food, she remembered to fasten the door
with the Iron hook, a precaution tlie bar
onet had charged her always to observe,
that by no possibility could she he sur
prised while accomplishing her tick, then
passing onward, she opened the panel ns
usual, nnd placed the plate nf food upon
the shelves.
As sho did so she: heard distinctly n
movement on the other side, which, being
rather unusual, for Mllence nlone ordi
narily reigned, startled her nlready ex
cited nerves so much that she gavu tlie
shelves the required shove, uud Just us
they whirled uwny, shu raw, to her hor
ror, when too late to stoSthem, that alio
hail dropped the knife from her hand,
and It luul gone ur.ound with tho food.
Itrenthlessly she waited fur the 'return
movement, hoping that the ireaturo with
lu would not observe It, ami thnt It would
come buck with the plate.
As she waited, a singular loud, shrill
noise or cry came from within. The next
moment tlie shelves had revolved, nnd
the plate nlone appeared.
Appalled with her own carelessness,
nnd fancying she knew not what ns the
result, the terrified, half frantic girl,
could only draw- to thu panels, with nil
the expedition possible, iiml then hastily
return the basket, fasten the door nud
seek the safely of her own apartment
What was now her duty' Should he
Immediately seek the baronet, who wua
probably asleep by this time, nnd telling
him the mishap, ask what wns to h
Not riie could not think thin course a
wise one. The baronet was nu exceed
ingly passionate num. Such u tnle, at
this hour, would throw hint into a whirl
of nervous anger Hint might cause dam
age to thu broken hip, the bones of
which, all hoped, hud by tills tlmo com
menced to unite.
(To Ik continued,)
Church Where University's Founder la
Hurled tine of the.Oldcat In Walea.
When the Piinei! of Wnles wlip
taken u genuine Interest in things
Aniorlcan wiih at Wroxuiim.ln WuIch,
n few wceliH ago, lie innilo a point
of going lu himi tint olil-fiiMhlotied
church then' which Is wi liosely con
nected with Vale rnlverHlty. Tho re
luiiitiM of tho founder of Yult lie Ijl the.
chiii'Liiyai'il which miitouiiiIh the vencr
nlile pile iiml only u few miles uwuy
HtiiudM thu inu'i'Htriil liotiv of IiIk fam
ily, from which Klllitt YiiIo'm father
went uwny with the pilgrims to tho
new world. In I lie quaint old Welsh
village of I'liis-yn.yule, which lies
amidst the woodeil slopes, of Hryn
Kglys, there stllj are folk bearing the
historic name.
Tho tones 'of the founder of the
great American university He close to
the north poreli of Wrexham Church
which, by thu way, was restored by
thu authorities of the university not
iniiiiy years ago. On his heudstoue
there Is this iiiiilut Inscription:
Horn lu America, in KuroH bted,
lu Africa traveled and hi Asia wed,
Where long he lived and thrived, in Lon
don dead;
Much good, Nome ill ho did, ro hope all'a
And that bis, soul In mercy' gone to
Wrexlmiii Church wiih built lu 1172,
which puts It iiiiioiik thu old parish;
churches In the kingdom. Ita chief
glory Is Its tower, from which tho
beautiful lord's tower of tho purl la
ment buildings In London was to a
large extent copied. Tim bells which
hung lu the JVicxlmin Church aru fa
mous for their age and for tho beauty
of their lone. They wcro mentioned
by Uen union t and Fletcher.
Auiluaiutloi' Ctioute'a Joke.
Ambassador Clioate, at tho dinner
recently given him In London by the
1'llgrlins Club, suld:
"My elation hero linilght Is great.
It Is grcnt us It was on tho occasion
of my that lawsuit. That was a happy
time. I remember that I had sat
brooding and Idle. Tho afternoon wus
gray. The law ns a career seemed
hopeless, Suddenly there wiih u caller
and nu excellent case offered mo by a
wealthy iuuii. An hour after I got a
second ease. It was Incredible. Two
cases, my tlrst two cases, uud both
given mo tho sumo day.
"How I worked that night over my
two cusesl How I thought about them
as I walked olllcewiud with my green
bag tho next morning! I remember
that a shubby person, accosting uio us
I walked, said:
"Old clothes? Any old clothes to
He seemed to bo regarding tho green
baize bug. I held it up for hliu to see.
"'Oli.'.no,' said I, 'no old clot lies, my
friend. Now sViltB.' "
All Know tho Anawer.
Tho teacher was telling lier class
things not found In the text-books.
"When anything Is repeated by mimy
perfcoitH It gets to bo called a 'saying,"
bhe mild. "Now, when a thing Is re
pented and accepted us a tact by ev
erybody, what do wo call It?"
Tho Intelligent pupils answered In
chorus, "A chestnut!" -New York
There are moro fugitives from lo
justice thaa there art from Justice.
Wholesale Dealers in
Grain and Hay
Halsted and 16th Sis.,
Telephone Canal 27.
M. P. Byrne Construction Co.
ewers, Water Worki. Conduits, and
Electric Plants a Specialty.
ROOM 30.
88 East Washington Street.
Hay, Grain
and Feed
Baled Shavings and Salt
Washburn-Crosby Go's Gold Medal Flour
Corner Michigan Avenue and 112th Place.
"QAZKTA KATOLIOKA," the Best AdTcrtltinfMsa
urn among the Polish residents of Chicago aad America.
ltft-llft MUImn 8t.
has revolutionized trade
methods broadly and brought
to the individual opportuni
ties of business growth never
before possible.
Why pot enjoy the advan
tages and profit of the tele
phone Yourself ?
Cbicsgo Telephone Co.
I S03 Washington St. f
OK -
an 179-1S1 Lake It
klUr-l rw
The last
Axle Grease
IN Til
.atp ct 'mjm m. .11 -&..
""!;' I Vf.YUr At) i
. '' '"" '"' t "QM ' V
1 BasaaaMnxdiscsalH
take wo o-rtn.W
For Omnibuses, Carriages, Wagons,
Drays and Threshing Machines.
1994 N. Western Avenue, CHICAGO
Telephone Lake View 270.
Erie Livery ami Boardii He.
Tslephon, North 1070.
Strictly High-grade Carriages, Broughams and Light Livary
112 and 114
Tslophono North 411.
'" 'M"!' ""!
Till) J. C. Gran!
110, 119, 114 West Lake ttrsst,
New York,
St. Louis.
Clybourn Avenue,
& j I. Mtfrawh
-,S'M''"'"V Dk
vw . vStttifaw&w

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