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Immediate Municipal Ownership Cranks
Dazed Over Giant Merger Sub
railway Scheme.
Tremendous Plans Now Being Per
fected for New and Vast
Street Railway System
Have Set the Ideas of the Agitators Agog
and Sent Their Hopes
Their Puny Pettifogging About City Owner-
ship and Operation Is Now but
Laughing Stock.
All Talk of an Independent Mayoralty Candi
date on That Issue Scouted
as Ridiculous.
In tin llghtnlng-llko rapidity with
which events ntiil developments In tlu
traction iiit!on have followed ouch
other within the Inst three weeks, one
of the most Interesting conditions
Iheieby produced Ih the invilleiinient
lu which the advocates of liiinieillnto
liiuiilflinil ownership of the street rail
ways llml themselves.
These Individuals, It la no oxaggorn
tlon to Pay, have hnil the giound coin
plotely cut from nmler their feet with
out their knowing It. Their lircnth
Iiiih lieen fairly taken away, mill -fhey
Httitul dazed ami ilumfoumleil lu view
of a movement in the Hue of public
progress anil municipal Imiirovemont
so colossal, that Its full Import can
lianlly yet ho realized by any of us.
Gigantic Hellenics for the ncqulrlnif
of underground Chicago, with Its vast
and manifold Interests. The merging '
all existing street' car properties, fran
chises and values. The creation of a
Mist down-town subway that will revo
lutionize conditions of Unfile and com
merce in this city, and that may settle
as mere collateral Incidents such prob
lems as the lowering of the river tun
nels and Incidentally the lake tratlle
of Chicago, riaus that must, If carried
out, change the whole aspect of the
thoroughfares of the second greatest
t-lty of the United States, and produce
conditions that none of us ever
dreamed of. and the proposition to ex
pend untold millions of capital lu the
performance of all this have combined
to completely squelch the puny puling
of the agitators for Immediate munici
pal ownership.
Almost with the rapidity of n ma
plt'lun's wand, the developments of the
Inst few days have taken the force
lmck of the ngltation for Immedlato
municipal ownorshlp out of the serious
position which they had beguu to oc
cupy lu the public view, and place 1
them lu a ridiculous, If not grotesque,
Many men of standing and tntluenoe
In public life had begun to tegurd the
Immediate) municipal ownership plo
ment as a factor which must In future
be reckoned with. Particularly was
It expected to cut a wide swath In the
coming spring election.
In view of recent events noho.ly, not
even the leaders of the ngltation itself.
now takes tho municipal ownership
movement seriously. Thus ouce again
we see how even "Tho best laid plans
of mice and men gang nft ugleo."
When one reads of tho Incorporation
of the Chicago Subway Company,
with n capital of $50,000,000, bucked
by every railway entoiing Chicago;
when plans loom up In conjunction
therewith, which contemplate, among
othor things, an Increnso lu tho quick
ness of mull delivery, rapid handling
of city express matter, romovnl of
heavy enrtago from tho thoroughfares,
releaso of vnluable down-town prop
erty heretofore occupied by trackage
niul freight yards, subways nnd con
duits for all pipes and wires, handling
mid trnnsferonco of nil heavy freight
trninc through underground tunnels,
nnd In tho samo connection of n pool
ing of issues, for tho merger nnd un
derground handling of nil down-town
street car trnllle, between such giants
of lluanco as Marshall Field, John J.
Mitchell mid .T. 1'lirpnnt Morgan, one
cannot help, when one thinks of the
municipal ownership imitation, but
smile oer the lad that failed.
Meantime the titanic i Inns for the
future should not make us oblivious to
the necessities of the present. As the
schemes for great underground woiks
and enterprises grow and multiply rin
size and scope, the need of handling
downtown tratlle by temporary provis
ion increases. Trolley loop permits
should be granted the 1'nloii Traction
Company whenever needed for this
Mayor Harrison's linn and reasona
ble attitude on the traction question at
last bids fair to produce Its settlement
on a magultlcent scale.
The looting of the water fund may
be a good thing for the payroll brigade,
but It looks very different to the tax
payers. '
Municipal ownership of n hundred
million dollars' worth or so of fran
chise and property rights Is too big a
quid for even the wildest faddist to
dream of biting off.
Most thinking citizens now agree
that all talk about un immediate mu
nicipal ownership candidate for Mayor
next spring may be set aside as Idle.
Ilefore the water fund should bo
spent for any other purpose the dwell
ers in second-story lints In tho North,
Northwest ami Southwest parts of tho
city should bo supplied with water.
Robbing Peter to pay Paul Is poor
muulclpal policy.
That was n "facer" the Mayor gnvo
little Ailing when he nsked the latter
if he Intended Incorporating lu his pro
posed charter law draft any of his old
plans like offering rewards for killing
'The only thing Mayor Harrison has
declined lu couuectlnu with the next
mayoralty campaign Is to discuss It.
So the citizens' street cleaning bu
reau has a claim of over $10,000
against the city which It ostentatiously
undertook to do in Ideal style at Its
own expense, tuo nuance committee
should throw this claim out.
Hon. H. A. Ilcklmrt. lu his speech at
tho recent notable baniuet given by
the Mariiiietto Club stated a few insiiio
facts about the lluanclng of the cam
paign which show that as treasurer of
tho State Central Hepubllcan Commit
tee ho wns the right man In tho right
Chicago in all her marvelous history
never hud greater need for n rellablo
man in tho 'Mayor's chair thnn during
the next two years.
Hon. Charles 3. Voplcka mndo the
best run of any of the Democratic
candidates for Cougress lu Chicago.
Ho was carded uuder by the tidal
wave and by nothing else, Ills oppo-
"fey . - ..
'' 4
The Chicago Banker,
iient was not his eiiual lu iuallllc.i
tlons for the olllce lu any way at aM,
and the people of the whole city regret
the defeat of Mr. Voplcka as a distinct
loss to the city's Interests.
Chicago needs n lire department.
Thero were sixty thousand first vot
ers of Illinois In the last campaign.
Kveryoneo f them voted for ItuoseveP-
Many Inwyers who have been busily
engaged lu bribing Juries for corpora
tions in the upper courts are now de
manding the abolition of the justice
Itepeal the ordTnauce permitting
hunting Inside the city limits.
Whether the streut railway compan
ies are merged some time In the future
oi not, the present comfoit and con
venience of the public should be pro
vided for. Puss the City llullwuy or
dinance. Whatever may be done by the spe
cial Council committee appointed to
consider all phases of the telephone
question, the general truth cannot be
denied that under the management ot
President Arthur Wheeler and (Jen
em! Manager A. S. lllblmrd the Chi
cago Telephone Company Is giving ex
cellent hoi vice to the public.
Since the boundaries of the Drain
age District have been widened to tuke
In all Chicago and Kvnustou, it has
become overwhelmingly Hepubllcan.
The esteemed Ttlbune, by the way, Is
now strongly opposed to the non-partisan
Drainage Hoard Idea.
Almost every Chicago tiro Is a total
Physicians on the County Hospital
stall' have made 'a strong protest
against the proposed civil service ot
iimluutlon for aspirants to that body.
They say it unfairly planned. Isn't
It about tlmo to Investigate this coun
ty civil servlco business, anyway?
Has tho much-tooted high prossuro
water system, like every other pro
posed Improvement of the antluuuted
llro department, been allowed to fall
into Innocuous desuetude?
Fudgy Forson, tho spokesman of
the "Auto" nuisance, says they ought
to put Inwyers, not politicians, on the
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tAM - -M HbB. ""
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r . , i t
Who Is at the Head of the Great Chicago Subway Scheme.
park boanls. lie ought to put an air
brake on his mouth.
The (i rafters' Union will bo strongly
represented on the new charter com
mission. It will ne Intel estiug to note the ar
gument by which Senator .loo Haas
wlir support In the I.cglslatmo his bill
tor changing the method of voting for
Sanitary Trustees. Of course the re
districting of the Sanitary Dlstilct will
have no place lu It.
Too much bickering ami petty Jeul
ousy In the tire department.
"Nobody but a fool would say there
was nothing that could make me
change my uiluil as to a leiiouilun
tlon," says Mayor Harrison. And
Mayor Harrison Is no fool.
Hon, It. A. IN'kluirt Is one of the
strongest and most popular citizens
mentioned. for the ltepiibllcau nomina
tion for Mayor.
Little Charley Ailing ought to write
the new charter himself.
Hon. James II. Hckels has brought
to the discharge of his duties us ie
celver for the Piilou Traction Compan
ies those splendid business iualltles
which hae miiile him tamoiis.
Look out for another big lire.
Is It better that the tncntcrs sliouM
go without turkey or the taxpayers
without water?
Stand by Mayor
traction iUestlon,
Harrison on the
The Kagle's scoop on Harlan's can.
illilney seems to have stlried tho ani
mals up coiislileiabl.v.
Tho charter commission will earn the
thanks of tho people If it abolishes tho
Abolish everything that thero in no
graft In nnd Increase everything that
has graft attached to It, Is tho cry of
the charter gang.
Chairman Hoy O. West of the He
puhllcnu State Central Committee
gave out Bonio Interesting figures at
the genoral round-up hold under the
auspices of that body tho other day,
' i 'a
These ligtires hIiowciI among other
things that the ote for McKInley In
Illinois In 1IMN) was .M)7.!", as com.
puled with tCltl.'JIUI cast for Hoosevelt
this year, a Hepubllcan gain of .T.VJ.'il.
Tills should fill lilsll come I nod for
thought to the leaders of all branches
of the Democracy of thlh State.
The Jefferson Club of Chicago has
been launched. The Hoard nf Dlree
tots consists of Clarence S. Harrow,
.ludge i:. P. Dunne, .lohu It. firegg,
II. It. Hngle nnd William Pieutlhs.
It Is icpoited that (ioveruor-cleet
Deueeii will take a hand lu the selec
tion of the Speaker of the next llous
ot ItcprcM'iitatlvcs, This Is reassuring,
lor Mr. Dc neon's lulluence Is always
tiKcd lu the best interests of the
Now that M)tlug machines have
been held to be both constitutional nnd
practicable. It Is to bo hoped no time
will be lo-t lu putting them into oper
ation. The lire department lucks discipline.
The West P.irl: system needs a new
Tor twenty years Uilcugn led tho
the departments of the world. Now
she tails the list.
livery dead heat on the now charter
committee and there are many of
them wants the Justice courts abol
ished. (iov. Deneen will see tnnt West Park
bill- are promptly paid.
(rant the tiolley loops niul ucconi
nioilate the people.
West Purl; creditors who hnve been
kept out of their bills for over two
years want a change.
After tho water giab,
of muulclpal misery.
the deluge
The great subway scheme will do
away with the teaming nuisance.
Managing Hot-elver John C. Fetzer
rf the Union Traction Company U
doing splendid work. In tho piesent
crisis lu the affairs of the company no
better man could bo lu charge.
Jurist Tells His Friends that Under No
Circumstances Will He Run
for Mayor.
Has Too High an Appreciation of the
Honor Done Him Recently
by the People
In Re-electing Him to the Bench Will Con
tinue His Active Interest in
Public Affairs.
There Is No Lack, However, of Available Candi
dates in the Democratic Ranks
at Present.
Mayor.Harrison by No Means Out of the Race
His Latest Significant
Judge lMwnrd
he n ciiuilldutc
, Online declines to
lor Minor lieu
The distinguished Jurist, whose
name for sctcuil days past has been
so piomluetitly mentioned In connec
tion with the Democratic nomination
for this otllce, has told his eloseU
1 1 lends Unit under no circumstances
would he he u cnutllihitc or permit his
name to go before the convention.
Theie Is no doubt that Judge Dunne
was the (list choice of u larue section
of the party, but It was by no means
certain that he could have the Demo
cratic nomination, for there me other
Klchmnnils lu the Held, seveial of
whom have as large and lutliieutlul
u following lu the party as he.
Judge Dunne was awaie of all this,
but even If he hud the positive insur
ance of the nomination be would not,
he assured his friends, accept It.
Judge Dunne Is quoted as saying
that he considered, the Judicial otllce
us being us high and honorable us that
of Mayor, and that he hud too hlu'h
an opinion of the trust the people hud
reposed In him to exchange It now for
that of another otllce. The people, he
claimed, hud Indorsed his record on
the bench by recently re-electing hhu
to this position for six years more,
and he proposed to show his apprecia
tion of that honor by devoting himself
to the discharge of the duties of the
olllce of Judge of the Circuit Court, lu
such a maimer us to deserve a con
tinuation of the lonlldence of the pub
This decision on the part of Judge
Dunne Is not to he taken as an Indica
tion that he has lost any of his keen
Interest lu public and paiticulnrly
municipal, uffulrs. He ptoposes to
tuke us active an Interest In these mat
ters as he ever has and as becomes n
good citizen. A life-long resident of
( hlcago, all of wIiom' lutcicsts are
here and bound up In the city's wel
fare, he will continue to be n force lu
public affairs, as well as lu the uffulrs
of the Democratic paity. Tin so things
the Judge has Impiesscd upon 1:1s
fi lends, ussuilng them thnt whether It
be In questions of party policy or In
such matters as municipal ownership,
the new chai tor, or the other bundled
niul one things that go to make the
future of Chicago, he will be found
an earnest and an active factor.
While Judge Dunne's decision not to
he n candidate has not before been
made public. It Is known on the best
of authority to be Irrevocable, ami
while It has canned considerable dis
appointment to his personal nnd close
political fi lends the latter recognize It
as a wise conclusion.
A chance of election to an oIIUm
with a two-year term nnd n salary of
.sio.ooo Is a poor Inducement to icslgii
mi nsMiied teini of live yea is nt the
same salary, and carrying with It Just
as much dignity and honor.
Mayor Harrison, on lils return from
his hunting trip mndo It plain Unit
those who hud been claiming he was
entirely out of the running us a possi
ble candidate next spring were not ex
actly posted 111 tho matter, Tho Mayor
111 tho vniious Intenlews which he bus
given out on tho subject since his re
turn has not only made It clear that Ills
bolng n cundldute for ie-electIon Is u
possible contingency, but that under
certain circumstances It would ho n
J probable one, While the Mayor stated
that Chairman Carey nnd Secretary
Luhtff were Justllled hi wijlng that bis
honor Is not "at present" u cundldiitu
lu any sense of the word, Mr. Harri
son says; "As to declining lu tho
hprhig well, 1 shall decide that ques
tion then. There Is plenty of time in
the future to ilNciiss It nnd I must
decline to soy anything on the subject
Chillies S. Deneeti's boom for the
Hepubllcan nomination for President
lu llios h.is nlrendy been started. It
may be rather curly, but then Its pro
moters no doubt have lu mind the
Ullage about the curly bird.
Pity the woes of a poor old city merit
system. The last black eye adminis
tered to that frayed-out Institution him
come through u decision given by
Judge MelJwen ordering the reinstate
ment with back pay of Olllccr M. Con
dell, who had been discharged by the
commission mid separated from thu
The new charter should arrange for
n general change lu the rules govern
ing the lire department. They need
overhauling sadly.
The Marquette Club has been for
years a mascot lu starting presidential
booms. Congressman lloutelle ably
launched the last one lu eloquent nail
forceful style.
For one thing, the business end of
the llro department, that Is to say, the
purchase of material, supplies, real es
tate, horses, feed and other mattcra
of a similarly purely business nature,
should be handled by a separate de
partment entirely, with a head of Its
own absolutely independent of tho
chief, who should not be hampered
with such matters.
In criticising the direct prlmnry prop
osition County Judge Orrln N. Curler
remarked that one of the evils It would
surely work would he to transfer tho
power fiom the politicians to the news
papers. Theie Is much food for thought
In this somewhat surprising statement
of .ludge Curler.
Mayor IlnrrNou bus returned from
his hunting trip without very much
spoil, but ho got buck lu time to give
both barrels to the story that under
no circumstances will he be u cuiidl
date for re-election,
llullillng Commissioner Williams Is
engaged In Investigating Just how fur
tho tire drill oidlmiuce for the public
schools Is being compiled with. The
tile drill may he all very well lu Its
way, but plenty of exits and llro es
capes would bo better still.
Charges have been niade that t rick
ety, lulsrepie-eiitatloii of the facts
and suppression of olllcial llgures were
used to secure Council appioval of the
plan to dlveit the water fund from Its
legitimate piupoos. Instead of u sur
plus It would seem (here Is ut present
u shoiiuge of revenue In the water ih
pnrtmeiir, but whether there bo a sur
plus or a shoitage It Is illegal ami an
oiitiuge, under all the circumstances,
to nttempt to divert thu money

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