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News from All Parts of the World
Carefully Selected from the
Press Telegrams.
A Weekly Digest of the Most Important
Facts and Happenings for Busy
Shortly henro midnight Tuesday
tiro tartod In tin bi clock tower on
tlio Chrunk'lt building In San lr;inoIiico
a -i result of the tiring of bomb to an
nounce tin elect lmi rcult. nnd tho
llnme spread with uoh rapidity that
tin entire tin' apparatus of the city wn
summoned id tln scene. Owing to tha
gre.it height of tin- tin me4 It was luipoi
ciblo to reach them, oven with tho com
bined force if the water tower, ami
the familiar superstructure of this
building wa speedily reilnceil to debri
which toppled in lilazlns section to the
utrcet below. The tire found Its way
down to the roof and a i'onlderalle por
tion of that part of the building w.
burned before the weals water upply
uecoeded In m'in.-tittiir It. In the tower
was located the photographic dtp.irt
jnetit and below It on the top tloor
Ihc compolug room. In which are loont
M many linotype machine. It Is believ
ed that the library, the mot valnalde
of It kind In the West, ha been prne
tlcally detroyed. The editorial room
iiml many business utllcc on the lower
.llo.r. wore deluded with water.
Condemned Man Practically Scared
to Death Before Execution.
Terrified by hi approaching elocu
tion. (Jrant William wa seized with
paralysis two week before the date for
hi hanging In South McAIeMor. I. T..
ninl wax dead to the world when he wa
'led to the fallow. He could not walk,
could not speak nnd hi head rolled over
on hi shoulder limp a n rag. He knew
nothing of hi trade death. William
hilled two men In n dispute over .'15
cent. Tor two month Williams had
undergone torture of n paralyl which
lld not permit him to move and to eat
but little. lie lot the power of hi
limb nnd lately of speech, and it I not
probable Hint he realized in the slightest
that he wa being executed.
Six-Year Term for Man Who Stole
$17,000 from Institution.
Alfred A. Iluck. former assistant
c.ishler of the Mupletou State bank,
pleaded guilty In the District Court In
M.inknto. Minn., to n charge of grand
larceny In the tlrt degree and was sen
tenced by Judge Cray to serve sis years
-mid four mouths In tho State's prison
at Stillwater. Iluck was charged with
'embezzling $17,000 of the brink' fund.
He tied to the Isle of Pine after his
defalcation became known ami was ex
tradited. Muck claimed he was tho vic
tim of blackmailers living In Chicago.
Issues for 100S Election.
Oiovornnient ownership of railways
and telegraphs, municipal control of
public utilities and n general opposition
tt ..nnmrnt tnti rilti. tir.t ,Y!iiirtiiil tit tin
,i. ii.,. ,.,.. i, L.nn. i,. iruw iw . .a.
ult of the election
uit oi tin. cniiiom
Man and Wife Found Dead.
.-..i tr...ri .,i i.i ...i- i .n.
carl Hurford and his wife, a bride, of
-six weeks, , wero found dead in their
lio.no In Nowhorg, Ore., by neighbors
attracted to the hou.so by tho tiring of
((17 ...'l M..V ("-.(. If ((( V '( .." i. ,-
miisK. .Hurt: ur ie myfticry nurniuiiiis
the death of the couple.
Will Adopt Oregorian Calendar.
That tho old state of affair in Ituv
Ij Is to bo completely done nway with
Is Indicated by the announcement In St.
Petemburg that tho government will
miko a change from tho Julian to tho
Oregorian calendar.
Will Recommend Waterway.
Congresman II. T. Itaiuey has given
nut a statement that tho congressional
ciuiiuiltteo on a waterway from Chicago
' to St. Louis will recommend thu project.
The cost Is e.tlmated nt $: .0,000,000.
Sir George Williams Is Dead.
Sir Oeorgi- Wllll.uns, founder of tho
Young Men Christian Association nnd
provident of it London headquarter for
twenty years, is duad. lie was born In
Man Burns to Death.
One. person wa burned to death, two
were fntallv burned nnd mm serimislv
burned in a fire which destroyed a room -
in hoiie at HJ'Jl (irand avenue, Kati-
a City.
Ohio Goes Democratic.
John M. Pnttlfc'in, Democrat, will ho
the next Governor of Ohio. Ill party
associates on tho State ticket have all
been elected.
Four Killed in Wreck.
A pisiienger train on tho Itoine, Wat-riim-n
and O.-dermburg railroad collid
ed bcid-oi. with a locomotive dr.iwlng
two freight cars near Liverpool, N. Y.
J-'our men worn killed and one wa uri
insly hurt.
Killed in Navy Building.
Margaret Moll value, .'I.i years old, nni
ploywl in charwoman In tho State, War
and Navy buildings in Washington, wa
IiisMntly killwl in nn elevator at tho
dour of thn olllco of tho Secretary of tho
Trillions in a Coal Deal.
The sale of il.000 acres of coal land,
sn f tho Urgent coal deals over eon
(ruminated by Cnioatown, Pa., men, ha
b-"n eloW. Tho property Is In .Monon
sahela and Marion counties, W. Va., and
tho pne paid by a syndicate I said to
0 $2,500,000.
Mold Lottery to Find Pole.
Ait expedition to tho north pole under
tha prrronage. of the Melglnn government
is uboiit to be organize.!. I lie expenses,
estimated at $2,000,000, will be defrayed
by n national lottery on an extensive
:al. The expedition will requlro three
mm' preparation..
General Board of Navy Favors Big
ger Battleships and Guns.
The sentiment anions naval olllclal
In favor of larer warhlp with Increas
ed pun power will, It 1 expected. reult
In an appeal to Congress to lncreae
the tonnage of the two baltlchlp au
thorized by the not of March hist to IS,
000 ton. The general board of the
navy, of which Admiral Dewey 1 at the
head, ha submitted to Secretary Hona
parte a recommendation for a naval In
crease program. Tho Secretary now
ha the subject under consideration. It
I understood the general board has rec
ommended tho construction of battle
hlp of greater tonnage, than any yet
projected for the American navy. Ouo
of the principal object aimed at by the
advocate of bigger battle.hlp Is the
ltntallatlon of relatively more of the
larget sized gun carried by American
tnen-of-wnr. Consideration nlready has
been given to the possibility of Installing
ten 12-Inch gun on n battleship, and If
('otnrros favors an Increase in tounago
of the Michigan and South Carolina,
the two battleship authorized last
March, from 10.000 to 1S.000 ton, one
of the problem to be solved will be
the disposition of the largo number of
12-Inch gun which It I desired to
mount. The mounting of nn Increased
number of tho largest-sized gun, It Is
said, tould mean the doing nway with
those of smaller caliber In tho main
battery, which would give greater uni
formity In the ffUu of guns of the main
Vico President Dye ot Tabor, la.,
Institution Admits Forgeries.
The State bank of Tabor, Iowa, was
closed Friday ns a result of the ndmls
moii of O. H. Dye, vice president of the
Institution, that ho had forged tho names
of inttny leading citizens to note for
large sums, probably totaling between
Jn'-O.OOO nnd $75,000. The officers of the
bank claim the Institution I sound, it
I capitalized for $25,000 and hss de
posit or $105,000. The State ,bnk ex
nmlner Is Investigating tho bank's ac-
omits. Dye ascribes Ids downfall to an
attempt .to buck" tho Standard Oil by
lacking numerous projects In tho new
oil Held in Kansas. Ho alio lost heav
ily on thn Chicago Hoard of Trado nnd
In minim; schemes, recently taking
chances on the latter two In hopes of
regaining losses Incurred in the oil ven
Cracksmen Unable to Open
to Money Vault
At 'J o'clock Friday morning four
burglars mado an untucccsaful attempt
to rob tha National bank nt Odon, Ind.,
a town within fifteen miles of Snndborn,
where bank burglars secured $4,400 the
I previous morning,
At Odon two doors
- - - - . .
I w ,n0 ,a,e wer0 "rcru open uy nuro-
glycerine, but the robbers were unnble
' to opon the door IcadtnB to a money
vnu,t contnlnlng $0,200. Jacob Shields
, cam, a whe lU crnck,men were
j Bt work Bnd wa, bounil nnnd nnd foot,
i and after robbln8 hra of o0 ho WBi ,oft
, on tbe pavement In front of tho bank.
Kills Tax Inquisitor Law.
The Franklin County tax Inquisitor
law Is unconstitutional, according to a
decision of thu Circuit Court in Colum
bus, Ohio, holding the law to bo special from unknown oilmen, Is now under ar
legislation and therefore unconstitutional ! rest In Kant St. Louis, charged with tho
and Invalid. The $30,000 to which Mr.
Gilfillnn claims to have been entitled
under tho collection of $100,000 of back
j taxes recently from Insurance companies
i Is enjoined.
China to Punish Rioters.
According to a cablegram from Pekln
received nt the State Department in
Washington from American Minister
ltockhlll tho Chlueso government will
vigorously punish tho natives wlu mado
nn attack Oct. 28. on tho Presbyterian
mission nt I.lnnchow, Minister Hock
hill reports tho mission was destroyed
nnd five roUclonirle hjlled.
Poison Leads to Cell,
On a charge of sending poisoned
, A , .. ,,, c, '
candy to his wife. ,S. . Snngstor. it
traveling salesman for the Chicago
Candy Company, was arrested at Law
, reneo, Kin. An exnmlnatlon of the
oew by chcnilcnl experts showed that
I '""J" contained largo quantities of nr-
Middv Injured in Fist Fltrht
Midshipman James It. Branch, sou
James It. "ranch, of tho Hanover Hank j Tho Nev, york Election.
of .New ork City, I In n dnngeroti ,, ,. . , v, . v ...
condition from Injuries believed to ,nv , M""v lci lf '. ,nn ' ' s
been received In a fist light with another, 'T ' ,""" . ,",1!J",r ,J h ' ' "y ??'
mhUhlpmnn In Annopolls. An Injury I "",'' ",l JN ; Hearst, allegi.g wl,,,.;-
to tho brain paralyzed tho left Hide of -;lu (" ;" "T'mi" "i . . ' " ?'
hi body i.leiuini) was elected District Attorney by
... 7 ', ' "''"'I majority.
Republican Machine Denton.
Tho Itepnidicaii inachlnu In Pommy!- Hill Secures "Knty" Itoad.
vanls -was crushed under nn avalanche! .. .1. 1 1 111 has closed hi deal for tho
of votes Tuesday. Weaver party sweep,
In? Philadelphia by from ,V),000 to 100,
000 majority nnd fuslotilsts electing
ISerry treasurer by a largo vote.
Double Doaths Due to 84.
In I.o Angeles Ira Culor, a black-
imlth. idiot and Instantly killed lilt wife j burglar, Haydeu It. Craft, a .veil-known
and then shot himself through tho fore- hardware merchant of I'iiIuiimwii, Pn
head and dbd in the receiving hospital Killed lus daughter, Mrs. Cllxalietn Cod
five hours Inter. Tho immediate causo dingtoii, nt their home.
of tho killing was a quarrel over i.
Choked by rig;.
Dr. Ahisha Hudson, SO years old, died
In Mount Vernon, Ohio. lie choked to
dtmth on n fig. He founded Keokuk
lf...lt.l rtllfr,M ntul ff.nt rllintiil miir.li
, jo ,,! Mle"nw. He wa. known wide-
ly over the country.
Storm Wrocks Buildings.
Nine persons were killed, four sort-
uslr Injured and many others leu bad
ly hurt by n tornado which wrecked a
score of building's In Mountain View,
O. T. The school house, two churches,
two livery barn, one hotel, n cotton gin
nnd about twelve dwelling wero blown
nwuy mid many more houses are wreck
ed. The business part of the town wa
untouched, except n few windows being
blown in.
Federal Court ot Appeals in Ohio
Refuses Now Trial. I
Mrs. C'alc L. Chadwlck has lost her
lat hope for a new ttl.tl unless the Sit- j
promo Court of the I'uUed State shall ,
cotnent to allow a rehearing. The rutt
ed States Circuit Court of Appeal In
Cincinnati has refused her application
for n new trial. A lengthy opinion wn
road by Judge I.urton. Mr. Ch.ndwlek
Is now In tho Jail at Cleveland, under
sentence to the Ohio penltenthry for
ton year, having been indicted and con
victed of conspiring to defraud tinner
tho national banking law, the spo'lflo
case Involving the wrerllng of the Citi
zen' National Hank at Uberlln, Ohio,
who'o president has died since the ox
posiiro of tho matter. The case was
brought to the I'nltod State Circuit
Court of Appeal on a writ of error, sen
tence was suspended pending tho dee.
Ion of the appeal nnd the hearing of tho
case was expedited by thn court, being
placed hi the head of the October calen
dar. Arguments wore heard on (M. It
nnd -I, Attorneys Dawley nnd Wing pre
senting the ease of .Mr.. Chadwlck.
while District Attorney Sullivan upheld
the rsldo of the government.
Telephone Operators at Lowell,
inu., Meet .ucntli in Drug store
Two girls wore burned to death nt
Lowell, ltd., nt I o'olock Tuesday morn
ing In n Hat occupied by Mr. M.
Smith. The lire un In the second story
or n building, the lower lioor of which
was used a n telephone exchange olllcc
by the Northwestern Indiana Telephone
tompnny, .Mis Mabel Simpson, pged
20, was night operator. Miss Alible
Simpson, her sister, nged 22, wns pass
ing the night with her for compnny. The
girl had locked themselves In their
loom. When the tire department broko
Into tho telephone utllee the girls were
found dead. They had been overpowered
nnd asphyxiated by smoke nnd gao.
Other occupants of the building, six In
number, were rescued with great dllll
Man Who Murdered Jollet Woman
Commits Suicide.
Albert 11. Darwin, n prisoner nt the
county Jail In Cleveland, charged with
the murder of Mrs. Anun Grny of Jollet,
HI., committed suicide In his cell by
hanging. Darwin eloped from Jollet
with Airs. Gray several mouth ago. tho
couple going to Akron. Ohio. Later
they came to Cleveland. When tho
woman decided to return to her husband
and children she was shot nnd killed by
the man. Dnrwln had been on trial. It
Is thought that the failure of n plot to
cscapo from Jail led him to commit sui
cide. The Jail olllclal discovered that
several bars had boon sawed from a win
dow hi one ot the corridors.
Father, Mother and Son Die and
Another Is Badly Burned.
Jacob Iluugh. his wlfo nnd son Jesse
were cremated In a llro which destroyed
their cottage, eight miles north of Day
ton, Ohio, Oliver Hnugii, another son,
was seriously burned and wns taken to
n hospital. There Is considerable mys
tery concerning tho origin ot tho lire,
which tho coroner Is Investigating. Tho
surviving son says that he and hi broth
er .Tossn wore endeavoring to rescue their
parents, who were very portly persons,
when Jesse was overcome, by tho smoko
nnd flnma and that ho himself had diffi
culty In escaping.
Shot .Near Foiling Place.
Within sight of thirty men standing
In front of n polling plnee In the Four
teenth Ward In Indianapolis John Smith
was shot and killed by Herman I luff
In front of tho lattcr's home in Arbor
nvenue. The trouble grew out of per
sonal difference and, it is said, had
nothing to do with politics. Huff es
caped. Juror Held in Murder Case.
fienrge Helcliiiinu, a snloonkeeper In
I.nUKilnwno, ICnst St. I.ouls, who In
lfMKJ. following tho death of W. S.
Cnrl, n grocer, served on tho coroner's
jury which returned n verdict of dnih
murder of Carl,
Plays Football and Dies.
Clarence Von Ilokelen, n voung Mil
dent of tho Snutn Clara (Cnl.) h'glt
school, Is dead nt a local sanitarium
from tho effects of a crushed skull,
which Injury he received during a foot
ball game between tho Snut'i Clara nnd
San Jose high schools.
Tubby Gets Panama Post.
A St. Paul paper announce that
Walter (I. Tubby, of St. Paul, has boon
appointed superintendent of construc
tion of thn Panama cum! by John P.
Stevens, chief engineer In ehnrgo of tho
I null.. .ll. I iti't'j . M'-Mt,u "iiui-m-i-iiui
L, thp ,irt.nt Northern Hallway,
.1. l- f', ,1.1. .. I.J ,.n, ,.,... I ., .. .,.
Wounds Wifo; Kills Self.
Washington J. Qiilgglo, private secre
tary to Thomas !'. Walsh, of Washing
ton, shot nnd probably fatally wounded
Ids .vlt'e, ninl thou shot hluisolf in tho
heart, dying Instantly. uiggle was .'i."i
of'j''"rs ol11
inirelinso of tho Missouri, Kansas and
Texas Hnllroad, according to St. I.ouls
financiers and brokers who nro entitled
to speak with authority.
Kills Daughter as Robber.
llellcvlng thnt hu was slioitiag nt u
Cunllffo Plonds auilty.
IMnard, G, CunlllTo. tint Pittsburg
c-.pres robber, pleaded guilty to two
eh trge of larceny and cm bo sentenced
only to six years In tho penitentiary,
thrco year on each count.
Head Dragged from Harbor.
Tho head of Mis .Susannah Geary,
tho tfiiltctiKo victim, was found lu a
handbag dragged from the bottom ol
- ' ,Uvtu harbor.
Tho Popular President of tho Board of County Commissioners,
A Wonderful .Niiiut'iil Mineral Witter
One of the most wonderful discover
ies of tho ii ge mid ouo which hits pro
ven it positive blessing to humanity
is thu now world famous Aveno Nat
ural Medicinal Witter.
Till the middle of the eighteenth cen
tury the Aveno Natural Medicinal Wit
ter, us yet unknown, wns wasted In it
pond between the mountains surround
ing Aveno, I.es llalns Hcrmilt, France.
The owner of this region having one
of Ills horse. Directed by it strong cu
taneous eruption, turned him loose to
prevent contnglon. The horse wns
seen drinking nnd wallowing In this
Wnter several times n tiny. Soon after
(he miliiuil was entirely cured, his emit
ns glossy ns over, without tho least
tin co of his disease remaining.
Tho owner, surprised nt this remark
nblo cure, spnko of It to several physi
cians, who, nftcr examining tho water,
believed In Its curative power nnd
pledged the owner to build n largo ba
sin In 17.11. Several persons living hi
tho vicinity, directed with skin dis
ease, wero cured by this extraordinary
wnter. Successively, the reptitntlou of
these Springs grew nnd tho sick peo
ple arrived lit such great numbers that
It grew necessnry to build moro and
more basins ntul hotels for their ac
commodation. The Aveno Xnturm Mineral Water
Company, 12.0 Michigan avenue. Chi
cago, is the direct Importer nnd solo
owner for the United States mid Can
ada. The twater Is bottled at mid Im
ported directly from' the Springs, nnd
wo nro prepared to furnish "Aveno
Natural Medicinal Water" to nil suf
ferers of acute and chronic diseases.
Tho Springs nro located at Aveno-Les-Ilalns
Heratilr, France, and Issue,
geologically speaking, from pliylladleu
mctmnorphlc. ground ntul llmestono of
transition close to volcanic masses.
An n medical agent tho "Aveno Nat
ural Medicinal Water" has demon
strated beyond tho slightest shadow
of a doubt that it Is truly remarkable.
Its many almost miraculous cures
servo to emphuslzo this statement. Its
grent therapeutic vnluo becomes rapid
ly apparent nftcr n brief trial, benefi
cial results being positive.
Aveno Is also a tablo wnter of great
merit, because Its liinuciien upon thu
digestive tract Is most excellent.
Avcno's grent medicinal proper! les
are of great value In All Skin Disease,
Stomach, Ilowol and Kidney troubles,
Rheumatism, Anemia, Nervous F.x
haustlon mid all diseases resulting
from ninl-iiiitiltlon. In thoso diseases
"Aveno" nover falls nnd Is suro of last
ing results.
This water Is for snlo by all drug
gists or by tho Aveno Natural Mineral
Water Company, 125(1 Michigan nvo
line, Chicago. Phono Calumet 4121.
Hundreds of testimonials havo boon
pouring In upon u. A. Dovle, president
of tho company, among thoso contrib
uting them being such woll-kuown citi
zens of Chicago ns George It. Kent,
Now York I.lfo Insurmieo Company:
II. C. Itucey, Deputy Criminal Court
Clerk; Henry Delaney, wholesale liq
uor dealer: Chrl (5. Sllegor, treasurer
Stleger Plnno Manufacturing Com
pany; William F.dwnrds, tho contractor
and decorator: William F. Kuoeli, cap
tain First Infantry, I. N. G quarter
muster, and ninny othors. It should
bo mentioned also that tho water from
the Aveno I.es llalns Herault Springs
Is lecommi'iideil by tho faculty or
medicine, Purls, and tho highest nelen
tllle nutlimltles of Europe mid tho
United States, mid wero decreed In tho
Interests of llm public by tho govern
ment of France In 187-1.
Caparlno Is tho greatest and most
ollleuelniis heailacho euro in tho world.
It Is to bo had at all biurets mid drug
stores. Tho DoKulb Drug and Chemi
cal Company limited Is tho solo pro
prietor. .Tames K, lliunor hs succeeded
Pago J. Thlbodeaiix at 112 South Clark
stteet, southwest corner of Madison
street. Mr. llruiier has boon associat
ed with IJreeii mid Kennedy, owners
of tlio celebrated Maryland Iteserrn
Piiro Itye, and has sold tho goods for
tho past eleven yenrs,
Mr. Ilntner has an ncqunlutmieo of
tho best kind that extends from ouo
end of Chicago to tho other, reaching
from tho extreme north to tho oxtromo
south and from tho lako to tho west
ern limits of tho city.
In tho well established saloon and
enfe. formerly known ns that of Pago
J. Thibodenux, at tho southwest cor
ner of Madison and Clark stroots,
there Is to be found the' very best re
freshment for the Inner mnn. Under
the new management many Improve
ments havo been made. James K.
Ilntner. the proprietor, Is liked by
IJcsloy's nlo Is the best. A 'rink ofl
It Is n puo thing nnd conducive to
One of the most attractive resorts
around Chicago Is Ilcliuoui's Park at
the corner or Twelfth street and dStli
nvenue. Mr. L. A. Ilolmotit. tho genial
proprietor, does everything hi his pow
er to make his patrons happy and the
result N that his garden I one of the
most popular resorts nrnitinl Chicago.
Take the Metropolitan L to ISth nve
nue and walk three blocks south to
Twelfth street. Or take any West
Side ear and transfer at ISth avenue
to Twelfth street. All Twelfth street
ears pas the door. The ear ride to
Ilelmont's are all Interesting and ltd
mont's place Itself 1 well worth the
Tho Druse linblt unit Its Cure.
A true mid real specific for the drug
habit Is a blessing to Immunity.
When wo say truu and real In this
connection, we use the qualifying
words advisedly, because there Is per
haps nothing elso in the history of
human ailments mid medical treat
ment that has been productive of moro
bogus mid fnko medicine than the
drug habit lu Its various forms mid
That there Is to be had relief mid
euro from tho torture mid bondage of
this unfortunate habit Is something
that all humanity should be thankful
It has boon fully demonstrated that
drunkenness, either from liquor,
opium, morphine or cocaluo habits, U
a disease, for excessive uso of cither
bring about drunkenness In some
form, and being a disease, should bo
treated as such, and treated scientifi
cally and iinderstnndlngly, for wo
havo fur too many so-culled "cures"
that havo proven mom fatal thuu the
disease. What wc need Is n euro that
cures and leaves tho patient as strong
and vigorous In mind and body ns ho
was before ho bociimo allllctwl mid
enables him to reallxe, like Hlchard,
that hu "Is himself again."
lu this connection wo regret to say
that tho treatmeut ot this habit has
too often fallen Into Inospcrlencod
hands, where tho disease Is unknown
and tho remedies employed useless or
Now n word In relation to tho cure
of thoso unfortunates for, as wo said
hi tho beginning, there Is no longer
any question that the liquor or drug
habit Is a disease mid should bo so
treated. Itefeiruce Is had In this con
nection to tho "Itouqll Cure." tho Justly
famous treatment hpeclallr.etl by tho
Noriimbegu Company, 1115 Dearborn
htreet, Chicago, where Is supplied tho
oul) specific and harmless cure for
thoso addicted to the use of whisky
or drug of every kind yet discovered,
four bottles of Itouqll pormuuuutly
curing the worst cases. This treatment
Is an antidote ami can bo taken at
liomu with tho sumo good results as
though under a doctor's care. It leaves
thu patient In perfect health, strength
ened, both mentally and physically.
Tho peculiarity of this new discovery
Is that It cures the worst cases of the
drug habit lu about twenty days, with
out sickness or confinement, mid the
worst cases of drunkenness In about
llvo days.
This treatment has stood tho prac
tical tests of curing tho most hopeless
eases, as the testimonials from tho.se
cured by this treatment abundantly
prove. It Is Infallible, safe mid Invig
orating, This euro Is tttisurpas.seil by
anything In tho entire range of med
ical science. At tho olllco of tho Nor
umhega Company, some wonderful
cures havo been performed, mid pa-
tlcuts are treated ami cured so thor-i
oughly that they nover desire to return
to their old habits.
Ignorance can do as much harm
with liquor or drug remedies as It can
with mercury or arsenic. Thu Norma
bega Company Is an institution of
high htundlng, that has been curing
drunkenness and tho drug habit for
years, mid cau euro any case no mat
tor of how long standing, or how much
used, Kveryono Is given an uncondi
tional guarantee, if tlio treatmeut is
taken as prescribed, of a positive euro.
Instead of beln;r simply n spoclllc, this
euro is general In character; It re
moves the cause from ivlilch mises the
Slushy nnd drug linblt. It lias cured
every case of functional nerve disor
der to which It him been applied. The
patient becomes n new person under
this treatment. When discharged his
he.nl does not feel us If there wns n
bur, saw in it; dn Hie contrary, ho Is
rejuvenated mid restored, physlcnlly
nnd mentally, mid his mind Is clear
nnd lmttirul, no bad effecta following.
This method of treatment has brought
' health, pence mid happiness to pa
th nt.s ever since its Introduction, mid
I has n record of positive cures not en
joyed by tiny like remedy In the hind.
A 111:111 who bus tiiiht money for n
Ct mils dislike to see It dropped rein
fect out of n ear door to n cement
platform, It damages tho trunk unit
tattle Its contents. The handling of
trunks Is not n ribbon counter busi
ness ninl after u niati has bundled
lMMKNl jf th 'in be nnltiritlly become
somewhat callous. Hut each nun's
trunk I valuable to him. If not to tho
baggageman, mid there would seem to
be no more reason for deliberately
lirealtlng up trunks thmi for killing
Clilnmueti because there tiro so ninny
of them. This Is one reason when u
tiioiiglitless person e.irrle dynamite
In his luggage mid It goes off and
blows the lop of the station about u
million feet Into the nil- that the trav
eling public rends of the nceldetit with
chiislened Joy.
The average woman seldom hears
anything about the appalling cannibal
ism of the struggle for llro mid money.
From the cradle to the grave she I
much In the position or u man who
has a llxed mid certain Income over
and beyond that he acquires by hi
own elTorts. The actual battle for su
premacy never comes directly home to
her. Women lire prone to underesti
mate 'the terrors of this homicidal
strife. They look upon a man In
business as a being who achieves large
profits from small exertion ami en.
tlrely escapes the dull, plodding rout
ine or housekeeping and children-rear
lug that they must race. As,a niattet
or ract, the average man, whether he
he a bank president or a day laborer,
spends nliie-teiitlis or his time per
forming drudgery or the most depress
ing sort. It Is a raro moment when
he I not compelled to do something
that ho doesn't want to do. It Is a
moment rarer still when ho docs not
llnd himself In eoulllct with the alms
or ambitious or some other man.
Klghty million dollars lu gold Is an
Imposing sum for a nation to produce
lu a single year, yet the output of
yellow metal sinks Into Insignificance
when ranged alongside thu vnluo of
crops which the tillers of the soil place
on the world's markets. Last year
the combined value of thu wheat, cot
ton mid corn crops was approximately
$2,5(NMJ00,OtH). Added to this was the
hay crop, valued nt moro than $500,
0(io,0(J0; the oats crop, worth halt us
much: a yield of potatoes representing
$i.'IO,0x 1,1)00, besides barley, tobacco
and rye mid flaxseed crops aggregat
ing $1.'I.,(I00,(I00 more. All things con
sidered which nro taken Into, account
lu estimating tho products of thu soil,
the total contribution of thu farmers to
the nation's wealth In 1001 approxi
mated $5,000,000,000.
Dr. James M. lluckley of tho Meth
odist P.plscnpal Church Is reported to
have said tho other day that "there are
a good many clowns In tho pulpit."
Dr. lluckley probably meant by what
he said, If he really said It, that minis
ters aro doing things he would not do
and saying what ho would not say.
Hut men hi all professions and kinds
of business aro doing this. Possibly
there are ministers who would criticise
Dr. lluckley lu the samo way. lu thu
pulpit, as on the lecture platform or in
politics ot- lu tho professions, each mini
manifests his Individuality lu some
way which may appear to be ridicu
lous or serious according to tho point
of view. Those, who make up thu con
gregation aro to bo'tho Judges whether
the minister suits tho hearers or not.
Ministers sometimes do silly things
mid not Infrequently aro harsh In their
criticism of men mid policies they do
not like. They must accord tho samo
privilege to others. Hut they can do
this without being clowns, although a
clown's work may pay more.
Among tlio notable events of I (sin
will hu the National lioumaiilaii Im
position to hu held at Hticharest, lu
commemoration of the fact that In
Kill, eighteen centuries ago, Dncla was
conquered by tho Ktuperor Trajan.
From tho fusion of conquerors and
coiiqiicicd sprang thn Ilotimanlau race.
Another historical event which tho ex
position will conimeuiorato Is tho
twenty-lirth anniversary of the Inde
pendent existence of the Itoiiiumilaii
kingdom, Carol I, having been pro
claimed king .March ail, 1SS1. Tho ex
position Is Intended to show only the
wor.. of lliiiimmilmiM, although for
eign exhibits are to hu admitted which
have to do with agriculture, ami also
such agricultural products as may bo
suited to the soil mid ellmatu or the
I dm Y heeler Wilcox, who wilte
some good things Miiiietlme, has a
poem mi two kinds of people thoso
who life and those who lean. She says
theie are twenty lemurs where there
Is onew ho lifts. Shu Is, right. In ov
cry household there Is homo ouo who
Is the main ilepeudiiuiv. That one goo
ahead with tho work, carries the bur.
den ami thu worry, while tho others
lean. Usually It is the mother mom's
I the pity who does tho lining In
every Diisiuess it is so one takes the
t Intlatlve, doe. the planning. Ho seems
cut out for his task of leadership and
voluntarily assumes i. The others
depend on him. It Is ki much easier
to follow than to lead, lu tho church
a very few do tho work and make (ho
sacrifices of tlmo and energy, Tho
others lean on thu le.it'ers. Tho samo
thing Is true in statu legislatures, In
Congress. A very few men do thu tvul
work of legislation. Tlio others slmp'y
mark time. They Ivuu on tho strong
spirits, Aro you lifting or learning?
There ia a lot of work to do iu the
world- not merely big tusk roininon,
every-duy work. And some do more
than tljelr shnre luv,tttu so ninny
sliltk, Thete me tired, over-wrottglit
souls who break under the strain be
niuse sn iniiny h-au upon them. Is
there some willing mnn Hour you who
Is lining more than his share of the
loadv Itoll up a our Meeve. mid give
bliu it lift. Is there some tired, worn,
nervous woman upon whom for
nlmnie! you hnve loaned too long?
Tut n In mid help the overtiizevd br.ive
one. Quit leaning. Lift!
in spile of the standing Joke about
the weather mnn, It is probable that
for every dollar spent on thu weatbor
bureau $10 nro saved. At the tlmu of
the .Mississippi Hood of ISO" $1.',(M)0,
000 worth of live stock and other valu
able property weru saved as it result
of warnings Issued a week ahead.
Signals displayed for a single littrrl
eiutu have detained In port vessels val
ued, with the cargoes, at $20,000,(100.
The West Indian station, established
Iti 1MW. informs us of hurricane as
soon us they begin. The course of the
hurricane that caused the Galveston
Hood was charted for a week before It
struck our shores for hurricane
move slowly. Klghty-Uve per cent of
the forecasts now come true, and by
the aid of rural free delivery 2,.(iooi
(H)0 forecast cards wero distributed
Inst year to farmers, many of whom
could not have had them live year
L. Ferguson has mado a splen
did success as western manager or the
great Da vis Colliery Company. Mr. Fer
guson's personal popularity as well as
his excellent business methods have
told for themselves In tho great and
Increasing growth of the business of
the concern of which ho is such mi
elllclent uiniingcr.
How much thu American Hanking
Association has done to protect the
public from professional bank robbers
was recently brought out lu a state
ment Hindu by the secretary of the pro
tective department. The work or this
department is the relentless pursuit
and prosecution of bank burglars. It
employs Its own detectives mid Its own
lawyers, mid keeps funds constantly
mi hand for all necessary expenses. So
great Is Its reputation for hunting
down burglars and securing their pun
ishment that attempts upon tho vaults
of banks belonging tb tho association
have now become exceedingly rare.
Although It has been III existence only
ten years, It has helped to convict
more than two hundred burglars,
about the same number of forgers ami
other swindlers, and has secured sen
tences aggregating some three thou
sand years.
Mr. William Clark, of Neccdah, Wis.,
Is tho owner of several hundred acres
of lauds, wild and Improved, In tho
best hunting, fishing nnd summering
localities in Wisconsin. Thoso desiring
either permanent or temporary loca
tions in tho most delightful portions of
Wisconsin, should call upon William
Clark, Cliff House, Neccdah, Wis.
It Is probably true that there Is no
general and aggressive mitt-Aiucrlciiii
mid antl-Clirlstlmi movement lu Ja
pan. It Is equally true, however, that
sporadic demonstrations have maul
rested that a certain proportion of the
population have no love for Americans
mid Christians, Thu exigencies of
diplomacy may put a smiling face
upon the mutter, but tlio fact remains
that Christian churches wero burned
mid American visitors stoned lu tho
streets during tho riots at Toklo. Thu
people who did the burning mid the
stoning may not havo represented the
best elmeiit of tho Japanese, but they
certainly represented it considerable
proportion of the population or they
would not havo been able to carry out
their riotous designs. All tho flue
phrases that can bo framed will not
servo to annihilate facts.
Not long ago, says a well-known
university graduate,' an old Now Fug
laud preparatory school found Itself
so overcrowded that Its Income would
not meet expenses. It was proposed
to raise the tuition, a measure that
would have solved the financial diffi
culty, but would have shut out boys
of limited means, such as before had
been able to work their way through,
and weru now among tho best gradu
ates of thu school. The cry went out
to Increase the endowment for thu
sake of the poor boys, "I shall re
spond," said oim rich graduate, who
had a growing family, "not so much ou
the poor boys' account as to try to
mve allvu at least one school where
a rich man's tou can get to know some
boys who are nut exactly lu tho samo
general case as himself, I don't want
my boys to go to school and then
to college with thu samo lot of mates,
ami cotno to grown-up years thinking
that their kind Is the only kind worth
Sea battles at tho present tlmo do
not result lu such great ruwards or
prize money as formerly. Kugllsh sail
ors In times past have brought great
rortuiies homo after their successful
cruises. In the war with Holland,
I!i51-l(i5t, Kugllsh ships aro said to
havo taken 1,700 prlsscs, worth flo.ooo,
DIM), In IU57 (ho Spaniards loaded Hrlt
Mi sailors with treasure. They seized
two of tho Spanish galleons so richly
laden with gold and Jewels that It took
thlriy-elght wagons to carry tho irons
uro I'roiu Portsmouth to London. In"
1701 caiiii) the historic capttiro of tho
lleriuhiue, the Spanish treastireshlp
from Lima. The admiral mid captains
received as their sharu $: 125,000 apiece,
tho lloutumiiits $05,000, warrant oilb
cors about $20,oou, potty oillcors near
ly $10,000. mid oven tho common sea
men $2,500 each. On arriving at Ports,
mouth tho seamen bought up nil tho
watches In tho place mid filed tlium
over the galley Uro.
A life Insurance company Is not
greater than tho aggregate of Us
Kvery man has his owu Idea of an
angel when ho steps up to buy a mar
rlage license,-
i,gfr I,. 'w'-. it-pQ't1i'iiil,Mjj)i;
. J 4xj inwjii

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