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Pinkerton's National Detective Agency
Makes Its Annua! Report to Amer
ican Bankers' Association.
No Longer Profitable for Either the
Officials or Thieves to Rob
A Very Interesting: Account of the Work
of the Sleuths for a
V Year.
Tin' annual report of Pinkerton's Nu
tlonnl Detective Agency to tlm Amorl
can Hunkers' Association, which In Just
published, In very Interesting reading
mill give additional proof of the groat
valiu' thut great tnioi-cuiciiuig i""-1
tlon In to the business iiml llnnnelnl (
world. It I mi longer iiroiimmu i
a Imtik. whether the robber In a pro
fesslonul thief or n bmiU official.
The ywir was n notable one In tho
mutter of speedy prosecution mill con.
vlctlou of the bunk crlmlnnls. l'nwl O.
Stenslund "nil Henry W. llorlng f thu
Milwaukee Avpiiuc Htuto Imnk, Frank
fl. Hlgolow nmt Henry (loll of Mllwnu
kee. iiml Newton C. Dougherty f tho
l'eorln Nutloniil Imnk were hoiiim of the
well known Imnk oiiiciius convinwi
sentenced to prison tlurlnit the year.
.. ..... i ,.... in.. uf imtitf uTiwkorH.
UI lilt" ii"" l""' v" '
burglars nml forgers seventy accused
men were nrronted In the twelve months
from Sept. 1. IMS, to Sept. 1. 100(1, and
of these fifty-one wore convicted.
The record of tho twelve months'
period, iih compiled by the Plnkcrton
Xatlonnl Detective Agency for tho
American Hunkers' Association. Is nn
Interesting one, showing the Inevltnblo
prison ending of the Imnk wrecker mid
robber. Of the wventy charged with
Imnk crimen, not Including Imnk offi
cials, forty-five wero ncciiKcd of for
gery mid twenty-five of Imrirliiry. Of
these thlrty-ono forgers and twenty
burglars wore couvicicu.
The total nnimmt of money stolen
1 rem the banks by forgers and burglars,
iiKlde from oinliozzleinent. wuh ifHW.
0u2 lu the period coveri'd by tho ro
lrt. There wore forty-ono successful
crimes committed, where the criminals
escaped with tho loot, but In nearly nil
eases they wero afterward enpturod.
In the naino time thoro wore forty-soveu
attempts nt forgery and burglary
...I. I.. I. ..lln.l
The total of tho sentences Imposed
upon tho convicted bank criminals In
278 yearn and 7 montlm, of which tho
burglar taunt servo nn aggregate of
111 yearn and tl month, nnd tho for
gers 87 yearn and 1 month. Eleven for
ger and one burglar secured Indeter
minate ntcnces. one forger escaped,
but wan recaptured, mid twelve nro
' now nwaltlng trial.
Flvo men accused of burglary mid
two iii'i'iywl of forgery wore rele.ised
.i.. .in. r tl'm twelve mouths.
Of tho nineteen burglars who wero
sentenced to specific terms. W. II.
Sprout secured tho record of tho year
In Ills conviction for llfty-nlno years
In the stuto prison nt Folsom, Cnl.
Sprout's criminal career linn boon nn
exciting one. ,IIo has nlready served
four terms In prison, thirteen years in
nil. If ho (looi not dlo or secure hln
release before tho oxplrntlon of hln
present term ho will have n record of
seventy-two yearn of prison life.
Sprout was arrested by tho shorlft
of Sacramento, Cnl., for tho attempted
burglary of tho Farmers Co-Operative
Union bank, at Yuba City, Cnl., Nov. 8.
ino."i. Viiv. m h escaned from tho
Yuba City Jail, but wan rearrested Jan.
8. IIKnI, at I'ueblo, Cnl., with four bur
glars, on another charge, and wnn re
turned to California. Ho In considered
u desperate criminal nml was sentenced
for fifty years for the attempted bur
glary of tho Imnk mid uluo yearn for
The osnipnnlnn of Sprout, Edward
Whnlen. Id ypnrs old, was given nn In
dctermluato sentence In tho reform
school nt Preston, Cnl., for tho Yubn
City crime.
Safe-bloworn, or "yoggmon," ns they
nro1 known, nro declared to Infest tho
middle west moro thickly thnn nny oth
o.' section of tho country.
Tim bankers nro limiting n concerted
effort to imvn n stringent law passed In
each stato fixing tho punishment for
entering n building nt night for tho
purpose of committing crlmo, or using
or attempting to uso explosives for bur
glary, nt from twenty-live to forty
Among the forgery, nineteen wero
sentenced to speclllc terms the longest
term being for ten yearn, given to ('.
I). Homero In the state penitentiary at
Lincoln, Neb., for obtaining $l,no on n
forged check from the bank at Hrldgc
isirt. Neb.
The king of the forgers, nn far an the
amount of Unity secured Is oomvriied,
wn Harry A. Leonard. 2r. yearn old. a
broker's clerk, who obtained Jja'iO.000
worth of securities from the National
City Imnk of New York. The securities
were obtained through a forged check
and forged certification Sept. 27. 100.".
but three days later ho wan arrested
and the securities were returned.
Leonard pleaded guilty ami wan sen
tenced to mi Iiiileteriiiliinte Mrlod of
rrom thirteen mouths to live yearn In
the Klinlra, N. Y.. reformatory.
One woman. Sirs. Cecil itlngs, wan
arrested iimmi the charge of forging the
name of her employer, lu Rochester,
N. Y.. mid she Is now nwnltlng trial.
One alleged forger, floorgo Dunning,
n fugitive from New York, wan arrest
ed In Chicago.
Few sneak thieves have operated In
the banks In the hist year, mid tho de
tective agency ban had no complaint of
any erhno of thin character lu the
twelve mouths.
Huh there ever Ih-cii a fair election
In Chicago since the adoption of tho
Australian ballot system? Most peo
pie are beginning to doubt It. It In
freely predicted that n recount of tho
ballots would show thnt Knwt Hum
moll wns elected County Treasurer last
fall. He rnn 10.000 votes ahead of his
ticket nn It was. and It In said thnt
many Judges of election never count
anything but straight tickets.
Puritanism run mad, Is about the
projier definition of tho actn of somo
of the young lawyers who have been
suddenly boosted Into big salaries lu
the Municipal Court.
HnB? lBfc',nbTi: 'lIMmlOKiMJiiHjWBHBBB
.' '-iV iSSSSSSSJiSSSSSSSSSW,4(Hkrrrrrrrrrrrr
Chicago at Last Wakes Up and Will 60
After the Bad Meat
Government Inspection of No Earthly
use so bar as Chicago Is
City Inspectors Seize Four Hundred Head of
Diseased Cattle Passed by Gov
ernment Men.
Head of tho World Renowned Pinkerton's National Detective Agency.
lam Waller and A. O. Slaughter. Jr. It
Is claimed the combined check of these
gentlemen would bo good for fS-VKM),-
Several of these men luivo escnnod
the Assessors entirely, while tho rest
are nssesneil for nominal amounts.
Of what use aro the mounted police?
They nro a nice looking lot of men on
ury flue horses. nr tm rhnvded
downtown stni-ts they are absolntelv
iiN'losM either an guardians of the
peace or as thief catchers.
The Illinois Legislators should re
turn their annual passes to the rail
roads. If they need inon; money for
mileage the state should give It to
thorn. Hut they should not be placed
under obligations to the tax dodging,
man killing railroads. Nor can they
do their duty by the people when they
are under such obligations.
systoui on the West Side of Chicago
will be one of the lluest lu the world."
Ir. Frank Hollly. the genial As
sistant Commissioner of Health, Is one
of the moit valuable otllclaln In the
City Hall. A veteran newspaper man,
ho Is also an accomplished mid skill
ful physician, mid his work for tho
public has never leon appreciated as
It should be,
Tho movement for the nomination of
Alexander H. Uovell as a business
men's candidate for Mayor, as dlstln
gnlshed fro n uiero political candi
date, Is gaining force, it Is said meet
Ingri calling iiH)ii Mr. Hevell to enter
the race have been hold In eleven
wards, and hundreds of business men
have become Interested. Sixty-two
physicians, headed by Dr. Nicholas
Senii, have pledged themsolvoH to tho
movement. Included In a list nt ion
business men given out by tho tempo
rary foiunilttcu In charge of tho or
ganization work nro IMgnr M. Suow,
James L. Thnyor, Franz Amberg, L.
A. Seeberger, H. C. Harlow mid 8. D.
Wabbly Wllllo Wheolock has been
dragged out again ns a candidate for
Superior Court Judge. No great dim
culty wuh experienced lu dragging him
Itoger C. Sullivan has showed tho
Jacksonville cabal who the real leader
of the Ke-.nocratle party lu Illinois Is.
Tho Cabal has been pretty ipilet lately.
They are thinking of running Tom
Webb towards the hike lu tho Twenty
third Ward. This should bo stopped.
The water supply must bo protected.
The proposal to turn over the dogs
routined In the dog pound to amateur
surgeons to bo tortured alive, Is worthy
of White City Aldermen. It Is the most
brutal proposition thut the general
puhlle lias ever hoard of,
Tho swelling In tho heads of somo of
the Judges of tho now Munlclpul Court
U something nwful.
nnrtzen, the Hulldlng Commissioner.
Is too good to last. Wo lmvo watched
his career and fall to uoto nny public
benefit whatever from his four-flushes.
He certainly put It nil over somo of tho
"reform" Hyde Pnrk Aldermen, but he
only nmdo them moro popular, ns tholr
votes on tho traction question proved.
Tho County Assessors nro nil torn up
over tho published statement that for
mer Mayor Harrison Is to linvo n mil
lionaire commltteo finance Ids cam
pnlgu. Tho members nro Honoro Pal
mer, Clnudo Seymour, George Heldler,
D. M. Winston', Clmrlos T. Otis, will-
An 01 ion grafter Is bad enough, but
a hypocritical grafter who nulls under
the name of a goody, goody reformer
Is a stench In the nostrils of every good
All otllcers of the Hoard of West
Chicago Park Commissioners were re
elected Tuesday afternoon at tho nu
iiual meeting, as follows;
President Hernard A. Eokhnrt.
Auditor Frederick F. Hullen.
Treasurer Alonzo Wygant.
Oeneral Superintendent Jens Jen
sen. Attorney HenJamln F. Hlcholson.
F.ngliiecr A. C. Schroder.
Assistant Soerotnry John M. Dlng
mnn. Cnptnln of Police Fmnk P. Tyrcll.
In his report President Rckhnrt sot
forth that tho flhnnces of tho board
wore In nn excellent condition nnd thnt
the $1,000,000 bond Issuo on tho smnll
parks nnd $1,000,000 of tho $2,000,000
bond Issuo on tho Improvement nml
mnlntouanco bonds had been disposed
"I nm well satisfied with tho work
of tho Board," snld Prcsldont Kckhnrt
"It Is only a short tlmo when tho pnrk
Mandamus proceedings wore cgiui
Tuesday to close thirty bars on Sun
days In largo clubs, hotels and saloons.
Major Dunne Is mimed an respondent
lu each petition, which was tiled with
the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Will
iam Hross Lloyd mid John Itccklnger,,
a West Side nianufacturer. Tho pro
codings are similar to those brought
against the Mayor mid Alderman Ken
nu lu the Superior Court two weeks
ago by the Sunday Closing League,
Attorney Seymour Stednmn, who,
with his partner, Charles II, Soelke,
appears as the lawyer of record, de
clares that the persons behind tho ac
tion aim "to compel the richest places
In Chicago to obey the law ns well ns
others." Mr. Stedinnii denied nny con
nection with the closing league, Ho
outlined a platform similar to that of
tho Socialists and asserted the men be
hind the action stood for such princi
ples. Ho declared that many moro suits
Mould bo started.
tor winning by a margin of three votes.
The otllcers are:
President John J. Fllnn.
First Vice President Frank M. Mor
ris. Second Vice President Milton Uuck
lln. Third Vice President Douglas Mai
loch. Financial Secretary Joseph F. Hen
derson. Hecordlng Secretary Earl Marble.
Treasurer Albert O. Heaunlsiie.
Librarian Herbert W. Hloonilng-ston.
Directors Fred'k Pelliam, Charles
Walter Hrown. W. It. Fnlrchlld.
Charles Ilugene Hunks nnd Arthur lien-nlug.
Patrick J. Murray, the able, elllclent
mid honest Chief Food Inspector, has
Imici1 a mandate that after Jan. 1."
next every section of a cnrciisi sold to
it Chicago butcher or destined for sale
within the city limits must bear the
stump of approval of the Chicago
Health Department. The mark of the
local Inspectors will be Independent of
nm! in addition to the stamp of :hu
go eminent Inspectors.
Dtii'lng last mouth -100 emaciated cat
tle wh'ch had been approved by the fed
eral iilllclnls wero condemned nml or.
dorotl to bo tanked by Inspector Mur
ray's men. .
Since the establishment of tho now
meat InsiH'ctlou regulations the rela
tions between city health olllcluls and
government Inspectors at tho stock
yards have not always been cordlnl,
mid Instance- In which meat passed by
the government has been condemned by
the city have been Increasing In fro-itiieney.
Tho Immediate cause of tho new reg
ulation, however, Is the discovery by
the Health Department that packing
houses which do a local business lmvo
been sending out meat without any In
spcitloii. I'o prevent these mid similar ovaslous
In-pcctor Murray determined that the
new stamp should be adopted. Subsc
ipicutly, with the clashes between his
lisp('ctors mid thoo of the government
IHKsibly lu mind, It wns decided that
t'.'e regulation bo applied to nil tho
Chicago puckers.
Not a pound of meat can bo sold by
a Chicago butcher. Murray declares,
unless the section from which It comes
bears this murk of approval from tho
Health Department.
along." Hiild Mr. L'imloy, "and I mil
highly gratllled over the outlook for
tho meeting."
The mention of the iiuino of Fred A.
Hiisno for Mayor tills every Itepubllcun
with enthusiasm.
Fletcher Dobyns, the able and popu
lar lawyer, who made such a brilliant
record as Assistant State's Attorney,
has been appointed n special Asslstuut
District Attorney in tho oUlco of Dl
ttlct Attorney Sims.
The traction question seems to lie
"settling" Itself to suit wkiio people.
In tho meantime tho Aldermen should
not forget to ralso the wages of tho
Congressman Martlu B. Madden Is
making a great light for tho business
people of tho country In his bnttle
against tho railroad rebate systom.
Tho Press Club of Chicago hold Its
nnuiial election nnd ngnln placed John
J. Fllnn nt the helm. Thoro was no
opposition to Mr. Fllnn. nor tn nnv
other nomlneo oxceptlng In tho eholco
for librarian, whero thoro wns a frlond
ly tilt botwoen Franc It. E. Woodward
mid Herbert W. Bloomlngstpn, tho lot
Alderman Linn 11. Young bus ut
yet resigned.
The City Council Judiciary Commit
tee has finally agreed upon a cold stor
age ordinance. As proiwoed the new
ordinance will Include the following
Licensing of nil houses which handle
cold storage products at $2.1 a year.
Inspection of nil cold storage pro
ducts at given periods by Inspectors
from tho Health Department.
Creation of un ofllco of Chief In
spector for cold storago houses, tho In
spector to bo especially qualified by
technical education for tho position.
All cohl storago plants shall bo jopt
In sanitary mid cleanly condition, In
spectors to say what sanitary condi
tions are.
Punishment for violation of any of
these clauses Is to bo n lino of not less
than $30 nor moro than $200.
Tlw Ilagle's crusade for pure food
has had a good effect In moro ways
than one. According to the annual re
port of Dr. Charles J. Whiilen, Com
missioner of Health, nu Increase of tho
food Inspection forces hnn made possi
ble tho condemnation mid destruction
of moro than lo.ooo.iioo pounds of un
lit and unwholesome foodstuffs, ns com
pared with less than 1,000,000 pounds
lu 1IM)." which wns then a larger
amount than lu any previous year. At
the average retail prices before con
demnation this Implies that Chicago
housekeepers have been saved from
paying out more than 91,000,000 for un
wholesome and poisonous foods a sav
ing that has oven a greater value than
the sum lu dollars and cents in thn pre
vention of sickness and premature
A comprehensive plan to nntlclpnto
the future development of Chicago by
paving the business district ns fnr south
ns Twelfth street nt the expenso of the
merchants of Chicago If tho city will
ngree to hurry the construction of n.
model Intercepting sewer system, has
been broached to Commissioner of Pub
lie Works William L. O'Connnll hv x.
L. Kesucr of tho State Street Property
Owners' Improieiuent Association. It
Is promised to uso nsphnlt or some suit
able material that may fill the require
ments for durability on streets used
for heavy tratlle.
Fred A. Iltissu Is liked by tho busi
ness men. the ihilltlclnns nnd the peo
ple lu general.
The child labor law Is a good law
mid should lie strictly enforced.
Now that nil that could lie made by
grafters has been made out of thu
drainage canal, the reformers nro urg
ing tho adoption of somo other jukMkuI
of dlsiosliig of the sewage. It must hu
some method that there Is coin In for
The "White city" Aldermen should
bo fired from tho City Council.
Wonderful how popular the J. Pier
pout Morgan traction settlement Is witU
tho "reform" Aldermen, Isn't ltV
During the week ending January 5,
1110", the city meat Inspectors at tho
Pnloii Stockyards condemned nnd de
stroyed 200,128 pounds of bad ment.
Tho death rato will bo high In Chi
cago as long us tho Hoof Trust Is al
lowed to pluco on sale bad moat.
John F. Hlgglns, tho well-known nnd
popular Chicago printer, and champion
of Mayor Dunno's roelectlon for tho
four-year term, left on Wednesday
night lu a private car for Hot Springs,
Ark., for rest mid recuperation.
Tho now Municipal Court is not ns
popular as it was Just boforo oleotlon.
Tho peoplo nro wondering what sort of
an elephant they lmvo on tholr bauds.
Tho Illinois Legislature should now
get down to real business nnd Investi
gate tho Hoof Trust.
Tho friends of Carter II. narrlson
are not saying much, hut thoy are saw
lug 11 great deal of wood.
Death or Imprisonment In tho ponl
tentlary for life as a punishment for
burglary wns recommended by tho
Stato Legislative Commltteo nt H
meeting lust Monday. Alderman Will
iam .1. prlngle, chairman of the com
mittee, Mas ordered to confer with tho
Corporation Counsel mid have an ordl
nnnro drafted which will be presented
to tho Council at Its next meeting.
Chicago has had onqugh of reform
Announcement wus Hindu that near
ly 200 acceptances, a largo proportion
of which aro front labor lenders, have
been received lu roi.ponso to Invita
tions issued by tho National Civic Fed
eration for tho conference to bo held
nt tho resldenco of Mrs. Potter Palmer.
Secretary Italph M. Kasloy of the Fed
eration, who has arrived lu tho city,
expressed tho opinion that tho meeting
Is certain to bo a success. "Prominent
employers nnd labor men lmvo shown
11 disposition to help this movement
On tho ground that cold nnd unsani
tary street cars nro an Injury to thu
public health, Dr. Charles J. Whalen,
head of tho city department of health,
rotllled tho street car companies Wed
nesdny to remedy ut onco tho existing
conditions or suffer penalty of being
dealt with ns ordinary Inwbrenkorn
who maintain n nuisance In the city
limits. Arrests nnd Injunction suits
may follow.
Dr. Whalen announced that tho over
crowding of street cars and providing
neither hent nor proper ventllntion In
cars Is breeding disease nnd tho situ
ation must bo abated at ouco.
Mayor Dunno has not yot said
whether ho Is a candidate for re-election.
Somo legislators scom to Imagine
that all the peoplo of Chicago wont Is
primary law election.
Charley Ailing, nn cx-Aldorman,
wnnts to succeed to Judge (Jury's plnco
on tho Superior Court bench.
The citizens of tho Nineteenth Sen
atorial District can feel satisfied that
tholr Interests will bo well looked nfter
lu the Stato Senate by their oblo repre
sentative, Charles K. Crulkshank.
?.j ..ii-j-jt'

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