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Chloago-Iatabllshed ISTS
The Chicago Health Department Tells the
Public that Lumpy Jaw Beef Causes
The Chicago Eagle Has Made this
Contention for a Year and
Is Upheld.
The Health Department of the city
of Chicago has finally upheld the con
tention of The Chicago Ragle, main
tained for over n year, that lumpy Jaw
beef, sold by Chicago packers to con
sumers after tho local ulcers had been
cut away, was tho cause of appendi
citis. In n bulletin Just Issued by Commis
sioner of Health Charles .1. Whalcn,
the following warning to the public
appears :
In Its report to tho council of tho
Chicago Medical Society last July, tho
Committee of tho Society, appointed to
examine Into tho sufficiency of tbo "In
structions to Meat Inspectors" of the
Health Department, with reference to
tho protection of tho health of the con
sumer and of tho public health, said,
as to actinomycosis, ,or "lumpy Jaw :"
"Tho Chicago regulations are distinctly
more severe than thoso of other coun
tries. . . . Tbo coiumltteo holds
that tbo regulations ns to condemnation
for abscesses opening Into tbo digestive
or respiratory tract nro unnecessarily
severe In the absence of secondary
symptoms. Otherwise the rules were
Tho results of n study of actinomyco
sis In tho human being and In nnlmnls,
by tho pathologists of tho Department
Laboratories, had led tho commission
er to supplement tho original Instruc
tions concerning tho inspection of
"lumpy Jnw" cattle, with a special or
der, reading as follows :
"While actinomycoses Is usually con
fined to tho head, and may be said, iu
one sense, to bo a localized disease, and
while some inspectors condemn tho part
involved, I bellevo It Is safest and most
practicable to condemn tho entire car
cass whenover tho actinomycotic ob
soess opons Into tho mouth, pharynx,
larynx, or any part of the dlgestivo or
respiratory tract; or when the lymphat
ic glands nro Involved ; or where there
are actinomycotic tumors In tho lungs;
or where tho lesions huvo beeomo gen
eralized, blnco generalization In acti
nomycosis appears to run u very ntyplc
course, making tho detection of all foci
inside tho muscle very dllllcult. There
ore, the eutlrc carcass is to be con
demned. "In cases whero the actinomycotic
lesions are positively localized, tho In
fected part may bo cut away and tho
remainder of the carcass used.
"Theso Instructions apply only to
'lumpy Jaw.' There may bo other rea
sons why you should want to condemn
a carcass, and It Is then n matter of
Judgment for you and your men.
"Hut you bhould never hesitate If you
IK.-Ilove tho animal to bo uot lit for
human food."
That the Department regulations,
based ujion the pathologic study re
ferred to, aru not "unnecessarily se
vere," receives additional proof In a
recent address and discussion beforo
thu Medical .Society of Loudon, Hug.,
reported In tho Lancet of October 12,
Inst, (page OM). Tho subject of tho
address was actinomycosis as an ex
citant of appendicitis, and tho fucts
adduced certainly Indicate one probable
causa of tho Increase of tho latter dis
ease appendicitis.
The essayist, T. U. Kelloch, first
pointed out how much jnoro frequently
actinomycosis was recognized "Mnco
more modem methods of examination
had been employed" as In tho studies
of the Chicago Department's patholo
gists. The affection was formerly ho
llered to attack tho Jaws, tho liver
und tho lungs almost exclusively In
persons whosd lives were siient in tho
country; It was now often recognized In
other parts of tho body or In town
dwellers. Tho star or ray formation
was not always present, und Its lib
M:nco must frequently havo led to n
negative diagnosis when tho affection
might havo been recognized by proper
staining. As tho fungus or strepto-
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thrlx generally entered tbo body by tho
alimentary or respiratory tract and
had a great disposition to Insluuato
itself along tho ducts of glands open
lug into these, it was easy to under
stand that tho vermiform appendix
should fairly frequently bo attacked
when the organism bad traveled along
the alimentary canal as far as tbo
aeeum. From tho number of reported
cases, actinomycosis of tbo vermiform
would appear to be a not very uncom
mon form of disease of that organ."
la tbo discussion which ensued and
which was participated In by the emi
nent president of tbo society, Sir
Lauder Brunton, tbo conclusions of the
essayist were fully sustained; and it
was, moreover, shown that actinomy
cosis Is not Infrequently mistaken for
other disease of tho abnomlnal and
pelvic organs notably for tuberculo
sis of the intestines, of the liver, tho
pancreas, ovaries, etc. By tho depart
ment pathologists It has been demon
strated post mortem us tho cause of
death In cases diagnosed during life
ns tuberculosis or cauccr of othor or
gans. Tho cxtrcmo dllllculty of determin
ing tho truo uaturo of lutlammatory af
fections of these organs Is an addi
tional reason why tho llcsu of "lumpy
Jaw" animals should bo sweeplugly
prohibited for food.
Insanitary conditions in tbo stock
fords wero severely censured by Dr.
Arnold 0. Klcbs In a lecturo ou "Con
sumption and tho Home," given In the
Public Library under tbo auspices of
tbo Chicago Medical Society.
"Somo day theso insanitary condi
tions out nt tho stock yards will cause
great upheaval In Chicago," he said.
"They nro directly responsible for a
trout deal of tho tuberculosis now
prevalent In Chicago, and I firmly
believe that ono of tho grentest strides
that can bo inndo towards stamping
out this terrlblo dlseaso is to bring
about proper conditions nt tho stock
Tho Beef Trust will And It hard
to get n resting place when tho peo
plo of this country rlso ngalust It,
as they surely will. Tho peoplo of tho
wholo world nro crying for Its exter
mination. An nverngo of 00,000 poumls of dis
eased meat Is condemned ovcrv uonir Uv
Chicago Health Department Inspectors
in nutcner shops and grocery and de
partment stores "Inside tho Union
If this great ninoiint of tuhnreninr.
rancorous nnd maggoty material can bo
round ity tho Inspectors and destroyed
"Inside the loop," n small territory
bounded by tho river, Van Huron street,
Wabash nnd Fifth avenues, how many
million pounds nro sold to tho public
and consumed In tho vast territory out
sldo tho loop?
This is a very pertinent question.
That 50,000 pounds of dlsensed meat
can escape stockyards Inspection every
week and And itself Into department
and other stores "insldo tho loop,"
should sufflco to call nttontlon to tho
vast amount of poisonous food that es.
capes Inspection nt tho stockyards and
Is sold outsldo tho loop.
Facts nro facts, nnd figures never llo.
If tho Beef Trust thinks that tbo
peoplo will abide by tho fako reports of
Investigations mndo by women's clubs,
follego professors nnd nnsnrl.'iHnnj ,,.
po.ed of Fo-called business men It Is
greatly mistaken.
If tho laws regarding tho selling of
diseased moat wero enforced t!m n..f
Trust would now bn In Jail.
Tho Ileef Trust must be downed.
Gpvernment Inspection, a Failure in the Past, Is
No Guarantee fair the Future.
The General Public Hat a Fine Oppor
tunity to Get All It Wants
of It.
Health Department Finds Cattle In
Trust Coolers with Tuber
culosis Trimmed Out.
Tuberculosis Is becoming epidemic.
Tho Beef Trust products afflicted with
tuberculosis can be sold without let or
hindrance, when past "inspection." '
.The school management committee of
the Board of Education took active
steps to prevent children afflicted with
tuberculosis from attending school. A
report drafted by Superintendent
Coolcy nnd Dr. E. D. Dudley was adopt
ed, which provides that when a teacher
suspects that any child Is nffected with
tho dlseaso It shall bo mndo known
to tbo superintendent of schools by tho
principal. After tho parents of tho
child arc nottilcd tho pupil will be ex
amined by medical Inspectors of the
child study department. Parents will
bo given permission to havo their fam
ily physician present nt the examina
Tho poor children who got tho tuber
culosis froii) meat must suffer.
Wo can seo from tbo Health Depart
ment reports that State nnd govern
ment lusiectlon docs not prevent tuber
culosis beef from getting Into tho cool
ers from which the public Is served.
Tbo statement that there are 10,000
consumptives In Chicago was made nt
tho nununl meeting of tbo Visiting
Nurso Association by Mr. Arthur Aldls,
chairman of tho tuberculosis commit
tee. Dr. Sachs spoke, urging drastic
action by the Board ot Health to stamp
out tho disease.
Tuberculosis Is a Beef disease.
It Is not hereditary.
It is not contracted from Impure nlr.
It Is contracted by cattug bnd meat
sold by sordid and couscleucetess men
who tblnk mora of dollars than they
do of human lives.
If any of your relatives hnvo tuber
culosis you know who to blame.
Tho homes saddened by tbo deaths
of husbands, wives, fathers, mothers,
brothers, sisters, sous nnd daughters,
Tho coplo poverty stricken by con
sumption, Know who Is guilty I
There Is a day of reckoning for theso
barons of blood nnd tyrants of tho
Trust I
Tho Chicago Eagle will keep upon
their track until Europo as well as
America will bo too hot to hold them.
Tho liccf Trust may control govern
ment Inspection.
But tho Insignificant number of city
of Chicago Inspectors only 11 In all
although now strangely discontinued
was still Bulllcleut to call attention to
horrlblo facts.
Tho following from tho Chicago
Health Department Bulletin of Octo
ber 28, 1003, spenks for Itself:
Tho city Inspectors at tbo Union
Stock Ynrds condemned "FIVE CAT
"They also condemned nnd destroyed
3,003 poumls of cut meats shipped from
St. Louis ami Kansas City, having
passed government Inspection at thoso
This shows tbo sort of government
Inspection we have.
If a few of tho governmental omis
sions nro rectified how many thous
ands nro not?
How many homes In Europo nnd
America aro at this moment harboring
cuts of meat from tuberculosis cattle?
Tho abovo report of tho Health Com
missioner speaks of meat banging In
tho coolers of trust houses, with tulter
cular tumors "trimmed out" ready to
bo cut Into steaks.
Speaking of tho 3,035,000 pounds of
food condemned In 1005 by Chicago
Health Department Inspectors, Dr. O.
J, Whalcn, Health Commissioner, says
In his annual report:
"Commenting upon this condltlou
(continues Commissioner Whelan),
'American Medicine,' December S3,
says : 'Ono stands aghast at tho crimi
nal cupidity which will Induce men to
attempt to sell such dangerous foods to
nn unsuspecting community. It Is now
In order to go a step further nnd find
out who Is responsible for this moral
"'It Is well known that combina
tions of tbo Inrger meat dealers havo
existed in tho past to tho cud of rais
ing tho prlco of food stuffs beyond tho
point to which healthy competition
would reduce them. Tho outcry has
nlways boon In protest against tho In
creased cost of living, but hero for tho
tirst tlmo nro tho combinations which
control tho food supply, brouglit iSr
direct relation to public hcaltn.
"'It Is high tlmo that thlj rotter
bo taken out of tho class of mlnoi of
,n war, when nil kinds of brutality nro
tint-tinned, it Is tho height of dis
honor even murder to poison the
wnter supply of n country. Is It nny
better to poison tho food supply? It
Is tlmo that the public mind should
develop a conscience In this direction.1 "
Speaking of Beef Trust tuberculosis
rend the following from tho Health De
partment Bulletin, November 4, 1005:
"Tho total amount of meats con
demned during the period was 10)43,343
pounds. Of tho principal causes of
condemnation, 85 PER CENT WERE
FOR TUBERCULOSIS, 12 per cent for
actinomycosis lumpy Jaw and 4 per
cent for hog cholera."
Health Department Bulletin, Dec. 0,
1005: "A total of 147,000 pounds of
meats was condemned and destroyed
(during tho pnst week) under tho su
pervision of tho department Inspectors
nt tho Union Stock Ynrds. This In
cludes 4,083, pounds of government-Inspected
cut meats shlpitcd from pack
ing houses In tho West for Chicago
city trade nnd canning."
Health Department Bulletin, Novem
ber 11, 1003:
"Although tho condemnation nnd de
struction of food supplies unfit for
huinnu consumption during tho pnst
throe months since tho resumption of
Stock Ynrds lnscctlon August 7 ult,
by order of the Commissioner have
reached Immense proportions, much un
fit food still reaches the market Only
such animals nnd meats as show gross
pathologic conditions, recognisable by
tho nnked eye, are now condemned. Fa
cilities for microscopic laboratory ex
amination havo not yet been restored.
"Tho Union Stock Yards city Inspec
tors condemned nnd destroyed .10 parts
of beef carcasses, 3 hogs nnd 0 cattlo
"The total stock yards condemnations
amounted to 170,808 pounds."
"Parts of beef carcasses 1"
In other words It has been mid Is
tho practice to cut out tho cancers und
tubercular tumors nnd let thu rest of
tho carcass go to tbo peoplo for food I
And yet wo call ourselves civilized.
Health Department Bulletin. Dec.
10, 1005:
"Tho department has mude a now
ruling in regard to 'lumpy Jaw' or
actinomycotic animals. Hereafter all
animals that show, on post-mortoin
examination, a degeneration of tho
lesion, wlUi cavity formation, contain
ing pus, will be condemned and de
stroyed. "Heretofore only those with a gen
eral Infection wero destroyed."
nealth Department Bulletin, Nov.
30, 1003:
"Stockyards Inspection of meats for
Chicago retail markots was resumed
by order of tho Commissioner of
Health on Aug. 7, ult, with two de
partment Inspectors employed. On
Oct. 7 thrco additional Inspectors wero
put to work, and, Oct 10 authority
was given by tho Flnauco Coiumltteo
of tho city council for tho employ
ment of six more.
"Between Aug. 7 and Nov. 30 a
grand total of '.1,781,107 pounds of
food supplies wero condemned and de
stroyed ns unwholesome, diseased or
otherwlso unlit for human food."
Henlth Department Bulletin, Dec.
10, 1005:
"Following Is a summary of unfit
food condemned and destroyed durlug
tho week:
"At tho Union Stock Yards 202 cat
tle, weight 152,500 pounds; 302 hogs,
weight 58,838 pounds; 1G calves,
weight 015 pounds; 12 sheep, weight
255 pounds; 10,113 pounds cut meats.
Total, 231,330 pounds,
"At city retail markets 18,030
pounds of fish; 30 calves, 4 hogs, 2,
000 pounds; 2 cattle, 1 sheep, 033
pounds of poultry nnd dressed meats
ami vegetables, 1,401 pouuds. Total,
21,114 pouuds.
"Aggregate condemnations of unfit
food durlug tbo week, 252,444
Tho Beef Trust will bo Investigated
by tho next Legislature.
And what a showing up thero will
bo I
Tho Investigation of the Insurance
companies by tho Now York Legisla
ture will not be n clrcumstanco to It.
Chicago's multl-inllllonalrcs grown
rich selling dlseaso nnd poison to tho
peoplo will i,a their Just dues then.
Tho Chicago Newspaper Trust can
not rave them,
Tho Eaglo will keep up Its fight on
tho cattlo and packing peoplo until the
nalo of animals afflicted with cancer
and tuberculosis Is stopped entirely,
Tbo most amazing stupidity conceiv-1
able of any people with foreheads it
that they should allow their supply
of food to pass into tbo bands of one
speculative Interest, says Charles Ed
ward Russell In a powerful article
written by him In the Appeal to Rea
son. You can understand bow a care
less community might tolerate a mo
nopoly of some things, how it might
endure to havo its transportation, for
Instance, or its electric light, control
led by one ownership, for men can
live without sleeping cars or arc
lamps; but that It should tolerate a
monopoly of the primal necessity of
food is beyond comprehension and
without precedent Even naked sav
ages have uniformly been too wise
for that, and the only nation that has
ever submitted to such a monstrous
condition Is our own.
From n thousand Illustrations of the
Injuries wo all suffer from this Idiotic
arrangement let us clto one.
There Is no way of communicating
disease to tho human body surer than
through Infected meat tissue. Some
of tho worst and most destructive ba
cilli that prey upon mankind are com
mon among the animals ho eats for
food. Cows have tuberculosis and
spread vast quantities of It through
the human population. It Is so com
mon among cows that the wise and
the forewarned will use none but ster
ilized , mltk. What Is "hog cholera"
among swine Is merely typhoid fever
in men. Trlcblnea In hogs poisons
human beings. Both these diseases
aro common among swine.
Worse than all these, and more
deadly, Is another fact that Is seldom
commented upon becauio It Is too ap
palling to dwell much upon. What Is
called "lumpy Jaw" in cattle Is simply
cancer. The germs of cancer are
communicable. Many cattle have
"lumpy Jaw." Any animal with
"lumpy Jaw" Is unfit for human
This opens a field tlint demands the
Immcdlato nttentlon of the govern
ment. Cancer is tho most terrlblo of
nil diseases. After It has reached n
certain stage of dovelopment It is ab
solutely Incurable. Its progress to
that stago may bo without the pa
tlcnt'B knowledge or suspicion. Its
advance beyond that stage cannot
even bo checked. It slays Its victims
with tho most horrible torture.
In this country the recent Increase
of this most terrible of human af
flictions has been something to alarm
us all. It was once rare; It now
threatens to become common. In the
Cincinnati hospital, In the year 1870
71, the number ot cancerous patients
was one In 587. In 1004 the number
was one In 273. In 1870, when the
total population of the city was 216,
230, the number of cancer cases re
ported nt all tbo institutions was 42;
In 1000, with a total population of
325,002, tho number of cancer cases
reported at all the Institutions was
108, and In 1003, with about the same
population, tbo number was 207, I
appeud the tnblo that sbows this as
tonishing Increase.
nero Is a similar report from two
well-known hospitals elsewhere:
Total No.
Year. of patients. Cancer.
1878 1,055
1870 1,017
1880 1,474
1881 1.095
1882 2,100
1883 2,132
1884 2,218
1885 2,372
1880 2,504
lCKJls immmmimmi e si7s9
1880. i MtHi 2,754
lOUU. tMIIMtltlMK kNjtJ
lOUlf MMMMMMtll teiTO
1802 2,788
1803 2,884
1804 2,704
1803 8,204
1800 3,118
1807 8,184
1808 8,452
1800 8,086
1000 3,251
1001 8,770
1002 3374
1003 8,850
1004 4,230
No report.
Year. No, treated. Cancer.
1808-00. 2,104
1800-70 1,027
187(K1 ' t
1871-72 2,170
1872-73 2,155
1873-74 1,038
1874-75 1,074
1875-70 1,814
lo7wa77ie t.it.tt tl77tj
lo77"7cie MitiiMMn 3Ou3
1878-70 1,072
1870-80. , 1,764
A Writer Holds This Awful Organization
Responsible for the Spread
of Cancer
And Also Says that It Is Quilty of
Spreading Tuberculosis and
Other Diseases.
1880-81 2,170 18
1881-82 2,184 15
1882-83 2,180 17
1883-84 2,180 14
1884-88 2,200 27
1800-07 2,801 87
1807-08 3,241 08
1808-00 3,807 04
100203 4,005 67
100304 4,337 61
From 1885 to 1800 the figures are
Theso are sample pages from the
dreadful records. Tho trend of medi
cal Investigation has been toward tho
conclusion that tho origin of tho hu
man cancer Infection Is to bo found
In moat. It Is no longer held to be
posslblo that cancer or a tendency to
cancer can bo Inherited. Tho Infec
tion Is due nlwnys to an activo agent
taken In somo way Into tho system.
The meat of cattlo afflicted with "lum
py Jaw" would bo such an agent.
There coino to tho slaughter houses
of the trust, week by week, many cat
tlo mulcted with "lumpy Jnw." What
becomes of them?
I don't know; you don't know; no
body knows outsldo of tho precincts of
tho slaughter houses.
And yet thero can be no qucstlou to
a man who desires to live that Is of
greater Importance than tills. Tbo op
erations of those slaughter houses arc
conducted behind closed doors. No
outsider Is allowed to gllmpso what
goes on thero. No representative of
tho public over gets behind that cur
tain. You can go there and bo enter
tained with a fako exhibition, of fako
slaughtering conducted ns a" public
spectacle. That amounts to nothing.
Tho real work no ono over sees but
thu employes.
What becomes of tho dlsensed cat
tlo? Theoretically they aro burned nnd
converted Into fertilizer. Who scos
tho burning? Who knows that It Is
done or how It is done? Nobody out
sldo of the employes. All wo know
Is that "lumpy law" Is cancer; that
many cattlo havo "lumpy Jnw;" that
"lumpy Jaw" Is communicable and that
cancer frightfully Increases.
Tho London Lancet, tho leading
medical Journal of Europe, sent a man
to Chicago to investigate, so far as ho
could, tbo slaughtering processes of the
trust houses. Ho returned with a reve
lation that should have called for gov
ernment Investigation. He doclurcd
that tho methods employed were most
unsanitary. That tho work was douo
In u hurried, careless, slipshod way;
that thero was no tolorablo Inspection
or sanitary supervision; that tho health
of tho wqrld was menaced by those
conditions. To this scathing Indict
ment from a great medical authority
no serious defense wus over made.
Subsequently, thero appeared in
Jamestown, N. Y., a remarkablo book,
"Tho Dark Sldo of tho' Beef Trust,"
apparently written by nn expert, sup
plementing tho charges of the Lancet
iiiui enforcing thorn with such details
as could hardly havo been supplied by
anything but personal knowledge The
wholo process of manufacture in tho
trust houses was followed with mluuto
caro and tho cbargo was explicitly
mudo that curelessnes reigned every
where; that lmpuro products wero ha
bitually sent out for consumption; that
meat lit only for destruction wus ha
bitually worked up with spices and
drugs to dlsgulso Its tasto nud sold to
tho public.
To this extraordinary array of spe
cific assertions no answer was over
Here, thou, nro two witnesses that
solemnly declare that tho conditions in
tho trust slaughter houses aro exactly
such as would allow tho meat of
"lumpy Jnw" cattle to bo sent out as
Suppose thnt we tako of tho matter
tho most charitable view possible.
Suppose we assume that tho trust gen
tlemen are most scrupulous about nil
tho ways In which they mako money.
Suppose we forget about tbo soldiers
poisoned by embalmed beof, tho games
of gouge and robbery practiced by the
trust refrigerator car Hues, tbo manip
ulation of a thousand markots for
profits, tho tribute levied by this com
bination upon all households in tbo
country. Lot us forget that thoy aro
law-breakers and money-mad and as
sume that not ono of thorn would
touch a cent of questionable profits.
Still this question stares us in tho
fnco: How do we know what becomos
of tho "lumpy Jaw" cattle?
How do tho trust geutlemon know?
Their employes nro employed to
mnko much money for tbo trust gen
tlemen, How do we know tho ways
Iu which tho money is uuido?
How do tbo trust gentlemen know?
Hero Is u stream of the most terrible
Infection passing dally within a few
Inches of the nation's food supply, 1
How do wo know thnt sufficient pre
cautions nro tnkon to prevent content
How do tho trust gentlemen know?
They Inform us that what goes oa
behind tho walls of their plants la
their own affair; that Is, their busi
ness; they will manage It as they sea
fit. Whose affair Is It then, If the
nation cats diseased meat, If we are
poisoned by trichinae, If cancer la
creases? Other countries nro not so dull M
wo nro about theso tlilnn. nttM
countries understand very well the
monstrous perils Involved In the meth
ods of this monopoly, and, therefore,
try to exclude American meats.
To quiet tbelr objections the United
States Is supposed to keep an Inspector
upon meat Intended for export and to
place upon It nn ofTlclnl stamp certify
ing that It Is fit for food.
If, then, these aro tbo methods Is
regard to export beef, about which
there Is nominal Inspection, what do
you supposo are tho methods about
meat for domestic consumption, ou
which there Is no Inspection at all?
Why was the Beef Trust allowed to go
ou year nfter year violating the law
ond no attempt made to prevent It?
Why are the laws Inert against this '
criminal organisation? Why Is a man
sent to prison for five years for forg
ing a flro-dollnr check and these men
go free for swindling a nation?
Why do we contribute our dollar
year nfter year to swell unnecessary
Why are we content to have onr
food prepared for us In secret under
conditions that to any sane mind cer
tainly suggest fraud and treachery?
Wo nro not obliged to have these
things It wo do not want them. The
remedies nro sluiplo euougb.
As to tho "lumpy Jaw," the tubercu
losis und tho cancer, put n stop to prl
vato slaughtering. Let till the slaugh
tering of food animals bo done by the
Stato lu tho light of day, without auy
of this dark lantern business, on equal
terms for nil. Thero ore very few
private slaughter houses In England.
Tho cities nnd towns run their slaugh
ter houses under medical Inspection.
But In Englnud tho people do not car
to bo poisoned lu their meat
And wo need not worry about tho ob
jection that publicly owned slaughter
houses are an Invasion of the private
rights of business. When It cornea to
life and death there are no private
rights of business. No man has a right
to saved profits that he makft by
spreading disease. We have gone too
far ou tbo road to public sanitation to
turn bnck bcauso some gontlemau.
profits uro threatened. The State wlH
not allow you to go around with small
IKx or to conceal scarlet fever In your
house, although each may be strictly
your own affair. Compared with can
cer, sinnllpox and scurlet fever an
nothing. If tho State can take radical
measures to stamp out cholera It can
tako radical measures to stamp out
cancer, a million times worse than
cholera. If it can provide pest bouses
for public safoty It can provide slaugh
ter houses for public safety. And Its
duty In the one case Is at leust as clear
as In tho other.
Health Department Bulletin, Dec.
23, 1003: '
"At the Union Stock Yards the fol
lowing havo been condemned and de
stroyed: "280V4 cattle, weighing 148,824
"350 hogs, weighing 40,475 pounds.
"Cut meats weighing 5,024 pounds.
"1G calves, weighing 855 pounds.
"7 sheep, weighing 200 pounds.
"Twenty-one cattle, nine bogs and
5,024 pounds cut meats wore con
demned after (passing) government In
spection." nealth Department Bulletin, Novem
ber 23, 1003:
"Condemnations of unfit food during
the week:
"At tbo Union Stock Yards, 08,709
pounds of cattle, hogs, calves and sheep.
"At retail mnrkets 00,730 pounds or
beef, bam nnd poultry,"
Tho Beef Trust will be stopped, no
matter how hard the Chicago trust
press nnd fake committees composed
of ''exports" try to snvo it
Thirty years ngo, according to the
Chicago Health Department, the ma
jority of tho deaths In Chicago were
nmong Infants. Now, thanks to the
Beof Trust, the great majority of tbo
pnoplo who dlo nro ndults, tho average
ago of tho deceased having Increase!
from lafaney In 1875 to 31 years to
1 -vl
F ,

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