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Th Wtll-Known Hnttor
Items from All Over the State of
Matters of Interest to Our
Happenings of the Week from Cairo to
Chicago Carefully Compiled for
Busy Men.
MUST DI9UUIIUU 1131,000.
Ilinmr Cnnrl Halm Farmer Trea
rtra Mont (live tip lltmal V.
Dy n ilecMon of tlit Slnte Supreme
Court the cx-Htn(e trrnnrern ntitl audi
tors of Illinois lnce 18T2 nro held lia
ble for 321.00l MeRtilly tnken from tht
.treasury. HeMltutloii of this mtm will
kave to be mmle, nltliougli It mny requlr
additional nulla to compel It. i lly Dili
declnlon Oov. Dcnivn I upheld In hit
contention thnt the fonner oflirlnU ol
the Stntp Imd boon npproprlntlnit tin
public money unlawfully, although tin
court doco not bo to the. full extent to
which he charged the tremitroM were lia
ble. While holding that they must re
turn the actual amounts which wew
drawn from the treasury Illegally, the de
cision does not force the return of Inter
est on this money. If the Governor had
been upheld In hi entire contention the
former olllclals would have been obliged
to make restitution to the tuno of $021,
488. The coiirt'M dechdon holds that
they are accountable for Interest oidy
from the time the demand for tho return
of tha money wan made by tho State,
which was about n year ago, and not for
tho entire period.
ciiicaoo at. o. doom no.
npremn Court KiinrUn Vision ol
ltnUlii Sinner '" -' llMlne"
The Supreme Cunt of Illinois has ad
ministered what will be, generally regard
ed as n death blow to municipal owner
ship of Mreet car lines In Chicago. There
are contingencies under which municipal
ownership Is yet possible, but the time
when they could be worked out Is re
mote. 'Hie decision was the long-awaited
word lu the case which challenged the
legality of the (T.'.OOD.OOO worth of Muel
ler law certlllcateM which tho Dunne fac
tion desired to Issue. The Supremo Court
decided ngalnst the certificate. In doing
so It practical)' mado the law Itself In
operative. Tho Mueller law still stands
Intact, but the means of putting It Into
effect, so far as Chicago Is concerned,
have been taken away from It. The city
may own and operate street car lines if
It ever shall want to. but the method of
getting tho money with which to buy, or
build them has been taken away from It.
Warnlnir la Iterclvcrt y Converted
Hnloonkveiier of I.ttcliHeltl.
"If saloons nro voted out of Litchfield
we will burn your home and take your
life." Such was the substance of u mes
sage received by J. K. Toany, the reform
ed saloonkeeper, In nn anonymous letter.
It was largely through Teany's Intluenco
that temperanco won In I.ltchfleld by lfiO
Toles. Teany recently became converted
In n revival meeting, when his daughter
Tccclved the ordinance of Imptlsm. Later
ho poured SIMM) worth of liquor Into tho
street, absolutely renouncing the business.
Ills conscience burned with tho thought
of his responsibility for tho lives of sev
eral of his customers who had committed
sulcldo while drunk. Teany was at one
tlmo n member of tho Liquor Dealers' As
sociation nnd sovernl years ago mado n
forceful speech against moral Interests.
He now admits that tha address was mado
up chiefly of falsehoods.
Oil Soldier at Anient Mart Inter
mat Ion llurenu.
' Tho old soldiers of Argcnta and somo
of tho older eltlstens have rented a build
ing and havo opened n "bureau of Infor
mation." Anyono wishing to know the
news nnd to havo a dllfllcult question an
swered may call and will bo given tho
information desired. A justice of tho
peaco has been established In tho oflico
and will dispense justlco nnd answer legal
questions. No swearing, drinking or gam
bling will bo permitted in tho room. The
turiOKQ Is to have, a placo of meeting
instead of "on dry goods boxes ut tho
store." On warm d.iyx tho men drluk
lemonade and pitch 'horseshoes.
Edward Kno, of Clilcnico, Murdered
for IlefiiMlnw to Strike,
Jlccauso he refused to join in n strike
of his fellow laborers Hdward V. l-'ngo,
a car cleaner employed by tho Chicago
and Northwestern Company, was mur
dered by his associates In Chicago. Tho
pollco arrested 1'aul Majka, ,HU Cor
nelia street, and they are searching for
Henry Wotka nnd Joseph Mnlka, all of
whom, it is claimed, nro implicated In
the assault on Togo which resulted in his
death. Tho murder, It Is claimed, was
most cold-blooded nnd brutal, '
Clothes of WelMinnwit OrKinlsur
Found nn OIiIo'n llnuk nt Cnlro.
A coat and vct belonging to I1. II,
Btrowhun, a general organizer for tho
American Federation of Labor, whoso
homo Is ut Murphysboro, were found on
tho Mississippi river bank below tho
Halllday hotel in Cairo. Btrowhun Is
well known lu labor union circles over
the country. Search Is being Instituted
for him. Tho belief predominates gen
erally that while delirious ho jumped into
tho rher,
Collodion of Mrs, A, N, Kemlnll of
Lemollli, HrliiKs 1 1,000.
Thero was hplrlled bidding In tho
American 'Art Galleries in Now York
when Jlio prlvato collection of modern
Dutch "paintings of Mrs. Anna N. Kendall
of Lemolllo was sold, Tho wilo brought
f-H,0:t!. Tho actual buyers, so deter
mined were the contestants, numbered
not moro than half a dozen names.
Among these was that of C. K. O. DII
, lings, a wealthy borso owner, yachtsman
and art connoisseur, who bought Ifttea
ut of Uw twenty-nine works,, ,
State News In Brief.
Edward Mnrtin, n,fnrim-r living east ol
Norrls City, died of blood poisoning.
Jesse Moore, n jouth of II), shot and
killed Charles I'ry lu Mattoon, In a quar
rel. The town of Lena had another Are tht
other day. The town hall, valued at 8,
000, wan burned. A ,iO,000 lire occur
red there a few weeks ago.
It. O. Wlggs was killed In a runawaj
accident near Denton. He was comlnj
to town In his buggy when his horse took
fright at a house being moved.
The Supreme Court has appointed
Charles L. llartlett of Qulncy a membct
of the board of law examiners to succeed
N. V. llrhnson of Petersburg, deceased
J. A. McCriery, who pledged himself
thnt If elected Major lin would serve for
W) cents n year, was defeated In tho elec
tion In Mason City. Tho candidates for
Aldermen who agreed It elected to serve
for J." cents a year each were also de
flated. Kev. A. L. Smith, the newly elected
chairman of lite Jefferson county board
of supervisors, established n new prece
dent in that body when, after the organ
ization of the board, he opened tho fur
ther proceedings of tho meeting with
"Ted" Allen, n Champaign resident,
was shot nnd killed by Charley Mooro In
nn election brawl nt lVsotum. Tho men
quanelcd over tho llcene Issue. Mooro
was n saloon adherent. lie pulled u re
volver, It Is alleged, nnd Miot Allen. Thero
wero threats of lynching.
The unuunl meeting of the Central Illi
nois Association of Congregational
Churches held lu llloomlngton voted to
Instruct representatives to tho national
council next October to vote in favor of
tho proposed union of tho Congregational,
Methodist and United llrethren churclics.
The will of the late George J. Schlcnck
of llclvldcro provides n bequest for tho
establishment of a perpetual trust fund,
pnrt of tho Income of which will go to' the
Salvation nrmy to aid Its work "among
tho lowly and outcast In places of drunk
enness nnd squalor." Mr. Schlcnck was
a brewer.
Morgan Park will not become a part of
Chicago, for the present at least. My a
vote of 421 In -'."VS citizens of tho suburb
decided not, to accept the proKisltlon to
bo annexed to Its big neighbor to tho
north. The decision was largely based on
the fear that Chicago would Impose tho
licensing of saloons In Its southern suburb.
William M. Klllott was Indicted by n
special grand Jury In 1'eoria on two
counts foe fcotlcitlng campaign subscrip
tions from tho United States civil ser
vice employes while on duty. The of
fenso was committed In September, 1001,
nnd would have been outlawed In Septem
ber. Klllott pleaded guilty and wns lined
$.10, tho minimum penalty for tho of
fense. An unidentified young man committed
suicide ou a Hurllugton train near Mon
mouth by drinking carbolic acid. A note
on tha body asked that Mho remains ho
taken to Chicago: that "Identification was
In a vest pocket," Tho Idcutillcajlon slip
gives tho name of Paul llouvla, a sketch
artist nnd cartoonist, No. 470 Itobey
street, Chicago, and asks that Alleo HI
Hot, No. 411 Jackson boulevard, bo noti
fied. Tho description Is not that of tho
deud man.
As a result of ( the hotly contested elec
tion In Marlon between tho nntl-satoon
and tho citizens' Mlekets. Mayor-elect
James II. Mitchell, II. II. Gopher and
George II. Ooodall wero arrested on war
rants charging electioneering within tho
100-foot limits, Mitchell Is cashier of
tho First National hank nnd all tho oth
ers nro stockholders in, tho Williamson
County Savings bank. Tho anti-saloon
committco Is making Investigations and
tho election will lu all probability be con
tested. Joseph Plersou nnd Stephen King, who
wero rafting logs with Albert Welseman
on tho Sangamon river at tho tlmo of
his mysterious disappearance, havo been
arrested and placed In tho jail nt Vir
ginia for safo keeping until tho affair is
cleared up. WciNcman was last seen on
tho night of his supposed death going
toward tho cabin boat occupied by tho
gang. Ho bad from if 10 to $00 on his
person. At diifk tho boat was capsized,
Ills two companions escaping by swim
ming ushore. Wclscmau's father had tho
boat raised nnd blood stains wero dis
covered on tho floor and walls,
Mecauso ho walked Into his pulpit
armed with n big gun nnd laid it beside
Ills Uiblo while ho preached tho gospel
to hungry souls. Hev. J. W. Dougherty.
pastor of tlio Kion llaptlst church, a
uesro congregation of Springfield, Is In
jail on warrants sworn oufby oue of his
brethren, who avers thnt his pastor
threatened to shoot tho daylights out of
anybody who Interfered with his minis
trations. Tho Hev, Dougherty had been
pastor for only n short tlmo when serious
dissensions iiiomi over tho finances uuil
spiritual welfare of tho congregation. A
church war developed, many warrants
wero sworn nut nnd at ono tlmo nearly
all tho membership was in jail. Dough
erty determined to preach or know tho
reabon why. and a two weeks ago when
ho stepped lito his pulpit he pulled from
his back pocket with considerable osten
tation a big revolver ami 'quietly laid It
liesldo tho Hlbk'. The services that day
wero not Interrupted.
Tho Hwretary of Slate has Issued an
incorporation llcetuo to I lie Cnrlylo nnd
St. Louis Hallway Company. Tho com
pany will construct an electrlu railroad
from Cnrlylo to E.iht St, Louis.
Will Sweeney was probably fatally In
jured and his brother, To'ii, was wound
ed by Dan Weaver, a saloonkeeper, In
Yates City, Tjiey had demanded drinks,
which be refused, nnd a fight followed.
Gov. Dcneen has Issued a proclama
tion ordering a special election to bo held
Saturday, Juno 8, for Judge of the Su
preme Court lu tho third judicial district
to succeed Jacob W. Wilkin of DwvllU,
'V '-j?M'
Washington, D. C, Fob. 25. Thanks
to the United Status Somite, tho bok
trust will not ha required to pay tho
cost of Inspection of Its products.
Senator llcvorhlgo to-dny succeeded
In securing tho ndoptlon of his amend
ment providing that the date of iiiutiu
faettiro must bo printed ou nil food
products, but Warren of Wyoming
raised a point of order Ntguitist the
provision that tho packers, Instead of
tho government, must pay tho inspec
tor. Movcrldgo pointed out that everybody
else, from tho Impoverished Immi
grant to tho national bunk. pay the
cost of Inspection; tho packer Is tho
only ono for whom tho government
pays It; doubtless, ho said, because
tho packer Is'iso hard up. Tlio packer
Iiiih ilono so Mindly that In tho Inst
tweiity-flvo yearn four men In Chica
go havo become worth over $200,000,-
000 out of tlio Industry. It would, nf
course, suggested Mcvcfhlgc, bo unrea
souablo to expect people hi such straits
to pay for tho expense of their Inspec
tion. Wnrrcn inndo a point of order
against tho noverldgo amendment, and
Movcrldgo nsked that It bo submitted
to tho Semite. Spoouor nnd 1 lever lilgo
had n sharp encounter on this point,
Spooncr insisting thnt tho chair wits
competent to dceldo It, nnd It would
Isj discourteous to him for tho Senate
to nsKumo tho responsibility.
Vice President Fairbanks decided
tin point against Movcrldgo, nnd sar
castically invited nn nppcal by ids for
mer colleague Tho Invitation wits not
Tho agricultural appropriation bill,
to which these iitncndinontH wero of
fered, passed, following this discus
sion. Tho forestry survleo won In tho
long fight that hns been mado against
It, getting n million dollar additional
Talk about government Inspection !
Wo take tlio following from tho Inst
annual report of Dr. Charles J.Wbnlcn,
Commissioner or Health of tho city of
Chicago. The facts speak for' them
selves. "At the Union Stock Yards during
thn last five months of tho year, soven
Inspectors (flvo of whom wero appoint
ed in Novemlior) havo condemned nnd
destroyed 2,704,038 pounds of meat, as,
being unfit for food; nil of which
would have been sold In the city of Chi
cago, nnd for which the purchaser
would have paid first-class prices."
"From these figure It Is yt irint
that inspection by the city of nil food
products Is of nntold value, not only
from a financial but from a sanitary
and hyglonlc standpoint."
"The following will sIkm how neces
sary city InsiKX'tlon Is nt tlio Union
Stock Yards:
"The city mpat Inspectors havo con
demned In the coolers mid on tho cut
"125 cnttlo, cause, actinomycosis.
"07 cattle, cause, emaciation. ,
"a I cattle, catiso, tuberculosis, ovl
donco of disease liuvlug been trimmed
I 1ll i.nHIn nnnoA Mrtn-nnrfl
"27 sheep, cause, pneumonia.
"01 hogs, cause, pyuemlu and tubercu
losis. "47,720 pounds of cut meats shipped
from St. Louis, Omaha, etc., for can
ning. This meat was sour and slimy."
Thero wero no deaths from nppondl
cltls recorded lu tho United $tatos
census of 1800. Over 0,000 deaths from
appendicitis were recorded ln the
United States census of 1000, The
njTjRK' s yjjH, lrfefissslsssssssssssssssssssssssssB!
HVkwHm' JBHbILbbbbILbbB
Of, by Democrats, for Attorney Qoneral,
llecf Trust is responsible for this dis
ease. Tho London Lancet says that
boric acid used In preserving meat
causes tho trouble.
There Is more bad moat coming Into
Chicago tlds year than ever before.
Health Department reiort for tho
week ending March 0, 11)07:
Tho meat Inspectors at the Union
Stockyards condemned mid destroyed
-".Ml.ltJt pounds of foodstuffs.
Total cotidemnnttons of unfit food
stuffs for the week, IM'.VIS'J pounds.
Total condemnations since tho first
of the year, L'.7tKI,S5S pounds.
For sumo period of 1000, l.V.'LVI."
Increase this year, 1,."81,101 pounds,
lit Ml per cent.
Health Department report for Uw
week ending March 2, 1007:
Tho meat Inspectors nt the Union
Sloelc YmiW condemned and dostroyisl
181.180 M)iimls of foodstuffs.
Total eoudemnatiouM of unfit food
stuffs for tho week, 22 1,2 IS' pound.
Tola I condemnations since the first
of tho year, 2,1111,17(1 pounds.
For snnio period of 1000, 1,011,8,11
Increase this year, 1,422,040 pounds,
140,0 per cent.
Health department report for tho
week ending Feb. 2,'l, 1007, says:
Tho incnt Inspectors at tho Union
Stork Yards condemned nnd destroyed
205,271 pounds of meats.
Total condemnations of unfit food
stuffs for tho week 211,278 pounds.
Total condemnations slnco tho first
of the year 2,210.228 pounds.
For sumo icrlod of 10001,100,420
Increase this year, 1,043,808 pound
80.48 ht cent.
Health Department report for Febru
ary 2, 1007, says:
"Tho Inspectors nt tho Union Stock
yards condemned and destroyed 200,020
pounds of foodstuffs.
"Total condemnations of unfit food
stuffs for tho week 320,504 immiuiIs.
"Total condemnations slnco tho first
week of tho year 1,514,005 pounds.
"For similar period of 1000 1,3.H.
230 pirtiuds. Iucreaso this yenr, 180
735 pounds 13.5 per cent."
Health Department report Feb. 0,
Tho Inspectors at tho Union Stock
Yards condemned nnd destroyed HIS,
423 pounds of foodstuffs.
Total condemnations of unfit food
stuffs for tho week, 205,001 pounds.
Total condemmttlonsvRlnco tho first
of Uio year, 1,720,02(1 pounds.
For similar period of 1000, 803,(130
poundR. Increaso this year, 850,090
pounds 00.2 por cent.
Health Department report Feb. 10,
Tlio meat Inspectors at tho Union
Stock Yards roudemnod nnd destroyed
208,275 pounds of foodstuffs.
Total condemnations of unfit food
stuffs for tho week. 218,334 pounds.
Total condemnations (slnco tho first
of tho year, 1,00S,050 pounds.
For sumo period of 1000, 1,005,430
IiKToafco this year, 873,520 pounds
70.81 per cent.
A hard blow was struck nt tho Meef
Trust by a bill Introduced In tlio Stato
Souato tho other day by Senutor Chaf
fee, of Shclbyvlllc, providing for olll-
Piles Cured In to 14 Dar.
PA'O OINTMENTls guaranteed to
euro any enso of Itching, Blind, Mleed
Ing or Protruding Piles In 0 to J 1 days
or money refunded. 50c.
clal State liipectlon of all slaughter
Ing plants. This power under tho Cliaf-
feo measure Is vested In tho board of
llvo-strtck commissioners, who nro auth
orized us often ns they deem necessary
to Inspect nil slaughtering, meat-packing
or rendering plant or plants or
similar establishments.
It Is made tho duty of the commis
sioners to Inform themselves concern
ing tho sanitary condition nf such
plants and to prescribe rules and regu
lations (f sanitation under which such
establishments shall be maintained. A
license Is required and (tenuities nro
provided, violations being mado u mis
demeanor, punishable by a lino of not
less than $100, nor moro than $500,
or a Jail sentence of not exceeding oue
year or both.
Tho bill authorizes tho appointment
of live Inspectors to investigate the
sanitary conditio,!! of slaughtering
plants. Tho salary is fixed nt $1,200
a year. The measure was sent to tho
committee ou Judicial department of
Tho Mccf Trust continues to spread
tuberculosis, cancer and other diseases
with Impuulty.
Ono fact that escapes general atten
tion is that the Intestines, blood, liv
er, heart nnd lights (or lungs) of an
nulmnl are already used before the
carcass proper gets to tho Inspector.
This Includes also what Is known ns
the gut fats, oat of which lard, suet,
table oils and various other things
are mnde.
As soon as n beef Is killed, it Is
hung up by the heels and disembow
eled. All of tho "Innards" nro hauled
Even the blood Is received Into a
receptacle nnd carried off to be
made Into blood sausage, beef extract
and the like. y
The Intestines are carried to the
sausugo rooms to bo used as casings.
Tho stomach goes elsewhere to be
used us tripe.
Tho liver, lights, heart, etc.. find a
ready market
And, mind you, every bit of those
portions of tho "crlttor" Hro used
whether It Is suffering from cancer,
tuberculosis, lumpy Jaw, or any other
Tho carcass after its "Innards" are
removed Is swung along and carried to
Hiiother placo where tho Inspectors pass
usn It or pretend to puss upon It
Dr. 0. J. Whalen, the otflclent Health
Commissioner of Chicago, reported the
condemnation of nearly four million
jiouuds of meat during the four months
ending December 30, 1005.
Now 80 per cent of theeo 4,000,000
iMunds were fouud to bo mulcted with
tiito rculosls.
Every ounce of Hmmo 4,000,000
pounds belonged to tho main carcass
and had passed government Inspection.
What about the hearta, livers, lights,
Intestines, fats, blood, trlpo and othor
lusldo belongings of these tuberculosis
cnttlo from which 4,000,000 jwunds of
tuberculosis nud cancerous meat wero
found nnd condemned?
They wero sold to tho peoplo and
eaten as food I
Tho Cancer Trust and tho Tubercu
losis Trust uro still doing business.
That is LAXATIVE IIROMO Quinine,
Similarly named remedies souioUmoa
deceive. Tho first and original Cold
Tablot Is a WHITE PACKAGE with
black and red lettering, and boars the
signature of lfl. W. GllOVE. 80c.
itCi.V ,MW'.vSii fyfAt
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