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Clje vl)icago (Eagle
4 Mtptadent Newspaptr, ftsrteM
mJ Truthful.
MMIY P. DONOVAN. Editor end Prorfltor,
SataiU Comer Wtthtcttou St. and 5th Ave.
Baatcttd at the rcatoSc. ChlcM llllwl
teoaad-cUM mill matur.)
Established October 5, 1889,
By Htnry F. Donovan.
The Chicago Eagle anmbei-a
Imbi Ita eabacrtbera tue mum
kfluentlnl. moat proaperoua and
at reapeeted men la Chicane,
It reachea nearly evarr tuna
MuiIIbk la the community
I all men nko ara mnaldera ut
llla oplulua or dlrectora at
Llle anTNlra.
la tha amide, mentor and
Lid of cverr political lendeir
erjr ahade of opinion.
la read r Government,
la read by a tiler percentile
Iia lesml fratee-altrt'lncludlnir
h aad bar.
la tbe fnTorlte of OaleaKo'a
Sllnjr bnNlaaaa men.
It rencbea all clnaaea la tneir
It la rand br tbe Flra Depart-
I at.
I't la rend ujr, tbe Tolloa De
U la In eTerr pnlillo office nail
ftr pnlillo Illirnry.
t la not controlled by nar
lap. cheeky or crooked ndver-
i ar aiteacr.
the eljcbteea reara of Ita
tatenea It baa managed toballd
largo olrealatloa and Krcat
llaaaa without the aid of pro-
toual adrartlalatf abarka.
That to why It la ao ladepead-
t, ao popalar aad ao atroaif.
Tbe Chlcaajo Eaitle la one pa-
r that haa aereri depended
oa adrertUtnar aarenta for a
ealatlon. It baa one of Ita
Postmaster General
had expressed himself as fieri-
I considering tho feasibility of add-
a parcels iost to tno posiomco
llco with a limit of ten pounds
k'ht rfn packages carried thoro was
Leh of arguments from certain quar
to fhow why such a servlco would
.Impracticable In tho United States,
lough every other country could uso
1 The central assertion on which tho
rnunents depended was that distances
re too great In tho United Stntes.
was clnlmed that with a uniform
"stage rate depending on weight nlnuo
Fno government would loo nil mo
irofltnblu short distance mnttcr and bo
compelled to carry nil the long distance
'matter at a Ios, which tho critics did
not hesitate to estimate, In advance
or nny inrnrmation ns 10 me exact pmu
of tho department, at a minimum of
Sl'O.OOO.tt'J a year. It may or may
not bo tho case that a thorough parcels
poit i-yMcm would have to modify to
-oino extent the method so successfully
employed In European countries. Hut
hero are mmo facts as to what tho gov
ernment finds Itself nblo to do to-day
In tbe way of giving parccln service to
and from foreign countries, which bear
ni tho problem. Packages may now bo
sent to most of tho South and Central
American countries, to Ocrmany, Great
Ilrltaln, Norway, Sweden, Denmark,
nnd Uelglum. and to Australia. Now
Zealand, Japan, Korea and many Chin
., cities nt tho rate of 12 cents a
jioiind. For tho majority of thco coun
tries tho maximum weight Is eleven
iMinndi. and to none Is tho permitted
weight Iom than four pounds six
, ounces. Tho packages may bo three
feet six Inches In length or six feet In
length and girth combined. This surv-
Ico is given, oven though domestic par
eels cannot exceed four pounds In
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bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbk,- 'ar - Hnr
VH&k) l-'-'. LbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbRh
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV Etefeji - IbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbdbbbbbbbWSm
L 'RJJE.fi-f bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbWsQ
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbk bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbQ
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbL LJaflHeBBBBBBBBBBBBBHBBBBBBBKl
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbk fc jflHHHn
k l HHbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbSi
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbHL - JPBfH
k Mmm JMbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbmbw
BSbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV IbbW' BBKIMbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb33
A bio Financier and Publlc-8plrlted Citizen.
weight mul cost a cent nn ounce or 10
cents n jwutid. At tho cheaper foreign
rate packages may be carried the full
length of the United States and then
to n foreign country- And even mote
striking discrimination! against domes
tic, service Is to he found In tho case of
matter classified as "eouitncrclnl pa
per." Including deeds. Invoices, maun
script and so forth. This can he Kent
abroad at the rate of 1 cent for two
ounce, while at home It costs full
letter iwstagu rate of 2 cents nn ounce,
Just four times as luuch. Apparently
there would be no terrific danger of
Immediate ruin should the government
try to experiment at homo with tho
servleo It now can give to foreign coun
Naturalized citizens residing abroad
were the loudest objectors to the law
which went Into effect on July 1, re
quiring Americans In foreign countries
to register at the nearest consulate or
lose tlU'lr citizenship. The law was
not passed to please foreigners who
come liop long enough to establish clt
Ir.enuhlp, and then return home, where
they escape the obligations of their
orlglnnl allegiance, and enjoy the pro
tection of tho United States If they get
Into trouble.
In yielding to the request of 0,000
women oiieratlves and shutting down
tho works for ten days In order that nil
employes might gratify thu promptings
of tho vacation spirit, a great thread'
company In New Jersey has deferred
to tho growth of the vacation habit.
It appears that tho wage question did
not enter Into tho transaction; the
operatives were willing to take tho va
cation nt their own expense, and asked
only that the time might be 'granted to
them. As the number bent on rest and
recreation was sulllclently large to
cripple tho Industry it wns soon de
cided that the easiest way out of the
dllllculty wan to shut down altogether
for tho short spaco of time mentioned.
Not so many years ago tho period of
relief from regular toll was known only
to school children nnd to farmers. Tho
dullness of the winter mouths enabled
the farmer to stop for breath nnd look
about him and to take tho opportunity
afforded for such recreation us wns nb-
Lsolutely denied In tho busy senson.
"Vacations," ns they nre uow kuown,
were sporadic nnd Infrequent luxuries,
Indulged in only by those worn out by
hard work or at tho point of Illness.
Uniployers recognized merely tho fact
that Industries must he maintained ns
long as they are profitable, mid It wns
tho general belief that n vacation was
an Ignoble prompting of an Indolent
spirit and that only evil results could
follow n period of Idleness. Hut grad
ually employes camu to the opinion
that there is something else In life
than the perpetual grind of toil, and
that tin' ten days or two weeks of ab
sence from tho treadmill are vastly
beiiellclal for tho recuperation of en
ergy and ambition. This belief has
steadily grawn, and, notwithstanding
the occasional outbursts of men who
llvooulyfor work against tho profligacy
and folly of the waste of time, thu
toller has i-omo to Insist that somo
short period of tho year may be his for
complete- rot and diversion. Kmploy
ers themselves havo generally fallen
into the spirit of this movement and
have acknowledged that a workman Is
not the less iieeful became ho slips
away once a year to build up his physi
cal aystem and obtain relief from the
pressure of ills huxlucxs. It Is not
likely that tho thread Industry will
suffer from tho ton days' vacation of
thu fi.OM operative or that It will bo
neces'-nry to ralso tho price of thread
In order to recover from tho effects of
tli te:uiorary shutting down. It Is
mora renmnnblo to believe that better
and faster work will bo accomplished
by thu workers rested and refreshed by
their breathing spell, and that tho ad
vantage will bo gained by the employer
In tho long run. The vacation habit Is
not tho .outgrowth ofliidolence but tho
perception of tho Joys of living ami the
appreciation of tho effect of all work
and no play on thu historic Jack. It Is
also an Indication of tho Increasing
prosperity of the community, It can
afford to take a vacation.
Among tho throngs In cities, low
though tho common stundards of taste
iMifififi lirii,;i'i'ni.aaftaMti,;iril,itM.irifc iktmii
may be, there Is less swearing than
among the farmers and mill hands of
the country. The Idle and empty per
son, whoc MMmnortnnctt Is In in
verse ratio to the occasion for It, Im
presses himself on his associates by
reprehensible phrases, but It Is to he
owned that he Is of too limited Intelli
gence to appreciate the fact that he
Is' making himself disgusting or offens
ive, lie damns everything of which be
speaks, ns a hnblt his state, his town,
his goods, even his relatives. And he
does It because his parents and friends
arc constantly swearing In his bearing,
and he has adopted the practice uncon
sciously. Most people believe that
enough la already taught In the public
schools of this country, but the fact
that n boy may be a bright scholar yet
be unpleasant in his conversation, row
dylsh hi his act lone, and unclean In his
die's and person, makes It appear ns If
some of the commoner decencies of life
might he Inculcated, If not by set les
sons, at least by suggestion In our
This year the ollielals of New York
City who pass upon applications from
public service companies for right to
lay tracks, pipes mid wires through' tho
streets were puzzled by a strange iiji
pllcnut, thu Teleharmoiilum Company.
Tho teleharmoiilum scuds music from
n central jwwer-house, over wires, to a
receiver In the house of tho "con
sumer." There wns no precedent for
regarding music as a public commodity
to bo "piped" through tho public
streets. A hundred years ago the cor
responding ollielals of Loudon, if there
were Mi ny, tiiust havo been even more
puzzled when the first gas company
asked permission to send the new light
lug lluld under Pall Mall. Tho only
precedent for such action was water
conduits, which had been laid under
cities since the days of ancient Home.
Hefore the nineteenth century gas had
been used for lighting private establish
ments, and early In the century ono of
tho Loudon theaters Installed u gas
plant. Hut the lluld was regarded as
dangerous and dirty us, In Xact, It
was at that stageln Its development.
Not until ISM were London streets
lighted by .gas, nor until then did In
dividual consumers begin to use It ex
tensively. Tho first successful Ameri
can gas company began to opernto In
Haltlmoro In 1810. Hoston followed,
then Philadelphia nnd New York.
When tho electric light becamo com
mercially successful, many persons as
sumed that tho newer method of Il
lumination would replace gas. Hut
gas companies havo not been driven
out. Hy tho Introduction of thu mantle
burner, the gas range, heater, llntlron
nnd other domestic conveniences nnd
mechanical appliances, and by tho al
most universal reduction lu price, gas
has more than held Its own.
If you havo any pride lu vour city
you will go to tlie polls on September
IT and vote against the new charter.
Senator Hopkins Is gaining more
strength every day lu his campaign
for reelection ami a victory for him mi
thu first ballot seems certain.
The trust press In Hhowlng its true
colors lu this charter light and the
jK'ople are not slow to catch on.
John C. nicliberg, the able lawytv
and one of the most distinguished tax
experts lu Chicago, says tli.it under
the new charter the tax rate will be
Increased to $1- per $lim of nfsid
valuation, almost doubling tho liferent
uvempi tax rate of $!).."".
Our estti'inisl fellow citizen. John J.
(Jeraghty, made the Lalsir Uny speech
at Hixkford, Illinois. The Uoikford
Ilppuhllc said;
Thu big crowd In tho East Sldo
Park was nddresMsl by John J. Ger
nglity, tho well known campaign button
manufacturer of Chicago, former mayor
of Streator and a In other of James
Geraghty of this city. Mr. Geraghty
made a practical, buslness-llko speech
uud made it decidedly favorable Impres
sion, sustaining fully his reputation for
ability lu hiisliics-t and aptitude for
public affairs. Three thoughts were
elaborated upon in u convincing man
ner by tint speaker, although his ad-dre-H
had u wide range. Tho three
were advocacy .of weekly pny for em
ployes, opposition to mall order houses
and tho iidvuutago of buying nt home.
iifit "-1J-';iaHriltia iSaiiilliiiMiiABMlaaBBMaiaiMiiin
Mm :0ML
Highly Respected Merchant.
Ills arininientM on tlic.e points were
forcibly made mid he xiimrded In giv
ing his hearers something to think
about and something to applaud. Mr.
(Jeraghty proved one of the strong
features of the big celebration."
If you nre n hoarder nnd don't tvnnt
your board lucrcan.il, vote NO nt the
charter election.
.ludgc MarciH Kavau.igh, by his bril
liant nnd 'fearless record on the bench,
has gained the admiration and high es
teem of the people of Chicago,
Senator Allicrt .1. Hopkins hn serv
ed the people of Illinois ably, faithfully
nnd fearlessly In the United State
Senate and he deserves to bo re-elected.
.In Congressman Ibnitell, Knopf, Low
den. Madden, McGiiun ami Sabath. I III
nols has six able and faithful rep re
sentntlves In Omirrcxx.
Christian Frederick Kuehl. the pop
ular proprietor of the Itleiizle Garden
on Dlvewey boulevard, whose cut ap
pears) In this Issue, Is one of" the best
liked business men In Chicago. lie
wan bom ut .Utile In Sehleswlg Jlol
Hteln. nnd since he came to America
has nlwnya been n factor In the ui
building of tils adopted country.
Ah a business man nnd u citizen,
James A. Iloguti holds nn honored
place In the nilndtv of nil Cblcagoans.
Friends of Alderman Herman V.
Kruger of the Fifteenth Ward invent
ed a diamond studded gold s.tur to Jiliu
nt a reception uud banquet given lu his
honor Thursday evening at Frank's
Park Casino, California nvemio and Di
vision street.
Members) of tho Personal LUicrty
League had the arrangements In charge.
They were: Maurice Calm, chairman;
It. It. Hiiitp, William Will, Phil Hehle,
Christ Hnnge, Fred Ulerndt, John F.
Nleman, Fred (Moeiick, I). I Frank,
Frank IiubllU, Jacob Stock and Henry
Maurice Calm was toastmnstcr. Tho
presentation Hpeech was made by Wil
liam Legner. Other Hakcr were John
P. Tunsey, Uepresciitatlve P. F. Mur
ray, Joseph Groin uud Joseph Strauss.
'Superintendent of Streets Michael J.
Doherty Is nn 'lioncat, Industrious and
courteous public oltlclal. He lias serv
ed the ficoplo well, which accouuta (or
his widespread popularity.
Isaac Homer, the well-known busi
ness man and public-spirited citizen,
stands high In tho estimation of the
ficofile of Chicago.
Judge Hosea W. Wells Is making
an aide and Industrious record on tho,
Municipal Court bench nnd Is ono or.
tint most popular Judges lu the new
Theodore C. Mayer should he nomi
nated and elected to the Municipal
Court next year. lie Is an able law
yer and made ono of the best Justices
of the peace Chicago ever had.
Clayton K. Crafts stands lu the front
ranks of Chicago's nblit, most suc
cessful and most popular lawyers.
One of the most popular young men
lu tho Itepubllcaii party In Illinois is
James S. Hopkins the able lawyer nud
Albert (I. Wheeler Is a man whom
Chicago Is proud to claim us ono of
her ablest business men.
The UepuMlcans could nominate no
better man to succeed Congressman
Foss lu tho Tenth District next year
than Henry J. Kolze, tho popular
former County Commissioner.
Congressman Charles McGavlu has
by his Industrious and honest record
In Congress, won tho confidence and
high esteem of the peoplo of Chicago.
John II. Sullivan, the popular and
well known former nldermnii and
North Sldo Democratic leader, is
strongly talked of for Congress next
Ilenjamiii I IMcbolsou would jirovo
', sEPTEMBiir ?n tor.
n winning candidate for Attorney Gen
eral on the Itepuhllcaii ticket next
year. Ills long and successful career
as a lawyer and the splendid record
he Is making ns attorney for tho West
Park Hoard has made him opu!nr
with everybody.
The citizens of the Twenty-second
Ward have an honest nnd Industrious
representative In the City Council In
Alderman Arthur Josettl.
L. 1. Comleu him earned the repu
tntlon he has of being nn able, eloquent
and forceful lawyer and no man In
Chicago has more friend's nnd admirers.
With the City Couucll elected for
four years and under the thumbs of n
few wlsenort". where will the ixiiplo
or Chicago get off nt? Hut that Is
what will happen If the new charter
passe.. -
The trust press Is having n hnrd'tlme
apologizing to the people for tho de
fects lu the new charter, nnd nt tho
sn mo tlino urging them to vote for It.
Their efforts nre useless. The people
havo mado up their minds ns to how
they nre going to vote, and you can bet
they are not going to vote their rights
Walter II. Wilson, stand up!
Why don't you, an Comptroller, de
clare the Goodrich dock lease forfeited
because bids for tho samo were not ad
vertised for according to law?
Are you going to stand for that sort
of thing?
The leasing by tluj city of the great
Goodrich dock, cast of Hush street
bridge, for tho ortly sum of $.",000 per
year, wlkliout advertising for bids,
astounds everyone. In tho opinion of
able lawyers, the very fact that bids
weru not ndvertlsod for Invalidate thu
lease. This lenso Is worth from
50,000 to $100,000 n year to the city,
as It In tho very best dock property on
tho whole- chain of lakes. Soveral peoplo
would gladly bid $50,000 for It It they
were given n chance. This sort of
business Is played out with tho public
and tho fact ouco understood will
urouso a storm of Indignation,
J. Ogden Armour, tbo richest man
liif Chicago, Is assessed on a personal
property valuation of $300,000.
Every laboring man owning a little
home, was obliged to pay bis full
share of taxes for building that SOtb
street sewer. Out tbo packers, for
whoso bcuoflt tho sower was built, es
caped taxes on hundreds of millions
of outside stocks owned, by thorn.
Tho law under which tbo Doard or
Assessors was crooted provides that
any citizen uiny swear out a warrant
when ho discovers that tho Assessors
arn not doing their duty.
Tho now chnrtor Is supported by nil
tho fako reformers nnd corporation
Wo nro commencing to understand
tho great Interest taken by Flro Mar
shal A. W. Goodrich In tho polleo and
flro departments.
Every North Sldo Wurd will roll up
a big majority ngalust tbe chnrtor.
Swift & Compony, that great cor
poration which reported over $02,000,
000 of personal property In Its posses
sion last New Year's ove, has been as
sessed hy tho Hoard of Assessors on
but a,ooo,ooo, x
The North Shto Is wild against tbo
tax-raising charter.
Do tho people of Chicago want to
elect Aldermen for four years? Tlint
is what they will havo to do If tho uew
charter passes.
Tho new charter has u bigger lot of
hooiloos behind It thnn any proposi
tion that has ever como beforo thu peo
ple. Tho now charter will retard Chica
go's advancement.
If you want more jwlleemeii nnd
more firemen, you must get after thu
tux dodgers, There lies tbo remedy,
One of the Leaders In the
That anuway of Armour's Is Just
pining for a high pressure water sys
tem ' When millions of taxes nro wiped off
the books It must be for iwmc consid
eration. What Is this consideration?
Able and Well
Tbe new charter means the death of
personul liberty.
The Intercut that nsks the most ardu
ous service of tho flro department Is
the packing Interest. It In tho inter-
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HaHlHuBwVm )i?$mrmUKM
Kin WrmMtmMKM
Prominent Chicago Business Man.
Business World of Chicago.
ost which pnyn tltc smallest percentage
of taxes upon Ira wwill.
ICvery man with n shady record Is
for the charter. Why?
Some of the tnx dodgers will wake
- Known Lawyer.
up ono of tbeso fine days to dlscoror
that Chicago Is not us uncivilized n
they think It la.
Tho now charter Is endorsed by tbo
rich tux dodgers.

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