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i l7'i 1 t 1 M,
Every Department
of Our Establishment
Abound with Splendid Assortment at Mer
chandlte Exclusively foi the um ef Men.
Athletic Goods
Automobile Supplies
Boat and Launches
Bar UooiN
Business Stationery
Cigars and Tobacce
Fishing Tackle
Rods and Reels
Ouns, Revolver!
Qolf Ooods
Haraess and Saddles
Hardware and Tools
Hats and Caps
Incubators and Brooders
Jewelry and Silverware
Nets and Seines
Office Supplies
Pipes and Smokers' Articles
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
Snorting Ooods
Tents and Awnings
Trunks and Suit Cases
We handle enly dependable trades ef goods; our prices
are the lowest, consistent with ths quality of the article
Chicago's Popular Shopping Center
UU.ssiaiiif DtirtoriSts. NM EkIimm 3 Mall Orstrt MM
Chloago-Kstahtlehed I87S
George W. Jackson, Inc.
Bridges, Structural Steel, Machinery, Subways, Tunnels
and Heavy Foundations.
Interlocking Steel Sheeting,
-"7 P ''ri;4-aBSSSSSSSSSSSSSW:'il R I
Our Steel Plant which cocrs an area of 109,642 square feet.
169479 W. Jackson Blvd.
178-190 Quinsy Street
804-806 Elston Ave. 80-90 Mendel St
Oct Stskl Works Cover an Asia or 109,642 Iqoass Fsst
WBfwm,'mnv mm..m
John M. Ewen Co.
Chicago? The packing Interest, of
rour.f. It pour!) n lHjrfect ocean of
tilth Into tlio sewers leading to the
south branch of tho river. Why was
the great 30th street sewer built at a
rust to the ikjojiIo of millions of dol
lars? It was built to rellovo tliu South
Ilranch of filth from tlio packing
houses. And yet tho packing Interests
havo not paid that twenty millions of
back tnxes Into tho people's treasury
anil evidently do not Intend to pay up.
We are surprlnod at tlio Swifts and
Armours hesitating a minute about
handing over millions In taxes. Just
2 cents a pound on spare ribs nlono ad
vanced In prlco at tlio right time,
would realize a fortuno In a day.
According to Cultcd States rviiMis
flgi mi) for llifi.1, the Rwf Industry
made a dear pmllt In that ywir alone
of ?HOf7.i5!i. And It Is rcmiirkn
hli' what ability has been dNplaycd by
rhlnigu .sepvrj. In overlooking this
The Beef Trust will bo a campaign
Issue next year. Tho Government has
four-flushed on this food trust, which
Is tho worst trust of nil. Peoplo do
not eat coal oil, but they do eat meat.
Coal oil Is cheap and meat Is dear. Is
the IJeef Trust too worful to prose
cute, or Is It to 1)0 forever Immune?
Lnko Forest .Uwrftcnents havo been
made public. Miss Helen Culver
leads with $031. MO worth of personal
property. Delavan Smith Is becond
with $1 ir,000. Carter II. IFtzhugh Is
third with $100,000. Where, oh,
where, Is Louis F, Swift? Can it bo
posMblo that ho Is among thoso who
"also ran"?
The llcuf Triiht Is worno than ever.
When millions of taxes nro wiped off
tho liooks It iniint ho for some consid
eration. What Is this consideration?
If von wnnt nuiro linllr'cnien
limn' firemen, you must get after tho
tax tiougers
There lies tho remedy.
A rigid examination of the milk sold
by the companies In Chicago should
Ih made.
The jKfipIc demand pure milk and
they should get It.
Taxes Alued la Be Om Tmb Mm of Debs Are
With tho Beef Trust enlisting Its
trusted employes ns govornmwit meat
Inrfjx-etors, the outlook for puro food
Is pretty gloomy.
Who stands In with tho Goodrich
Graft at tho City Hall?
Illinois Is not oiuy tliu headquarters
of Uitt Uuof Trust, but tlio pooplo of
Illinois uro Its principal victims.
The Armour proposition to dlstrlhuto
power, heat and steam through tho new
subway Is being widely discussed slnoo
tho details wcro published In Tho
Said to Be Due from Holders of the Stock of Big
Outside Corporations Residing in Chicago.
This Is a Cross Injustice to the Small Taxpayers of the City, Who Are
Forced to Bear the Whole Burden of the Expenses of Govern
ment, While Immense Holdings Are Overlooked.
Common People Must Pay Taxes Upon Every Investment that They
Make, but the Rich and Powerful Escape How Long
Will This Be Permitted to Go On ?
If Chicago Men Who Own These Corporations Were Made to Pay Their Just
Share of Taxes, the Firemen, School Teachers and Other Public
Servants, Who Are Now Very Much Underpaid,
Would Not Only Receive Just Compensation, but More Schools,
Lights, Parks and Other Needed Improvements Gould Be
Secured by the City for the People's Benefit.
All stocks of corporations .organized
under tho lawn of other States than
Illinois, that aro owned In Chicago, are
taxablo here.
But through somo oversight of tbo
Board of Assessors and Board of Re
view, n majority of tho most valuablo
cscnpo taxation.
Tho Chicago Eagle has been looking
up tho facts In this matter, as It Is
of iNirninount Importanco to every man,
woman and child In tho city.
Already enough valuable stock In
outslclo corporations hns been found
omitted from tho tax schedules to foot
up a good total In taxes alone of $20,
000,000. Twenty millions of dollars!
Just think of It.
Why, that Bum would buy nil of tho
street railroads In Chicago, equipment
niul all.
It would ralso tho salaries of tho
fltvii.eu of Chicago, nnd they ought
to bo raised.
It would ralso tho salaries of tho
school teachers and they ought to bo
Jt would glvo us tho best lighted and
best paved nnd cleanest streets In tho
world, and a lot of other good things
The Chicago mothod of taxation Is
to talco tho total valuation and thon
iiinkii tho owner pay on ono-flfth of that
Tho tax Is about 7 per cent on this
Where taxes havo not been paid on
any foreign capital stock, tho Supremo
Couit has decided that tho authorities
can go buck nnd collect tnxes for llvo
This Is where tho twenty millions
will oomo In,
rct us look nt a few corporations,
for example, nnd see whut wo can fig
uro out
Hero Is a foreign corporation to
roimnenco with that wo don't find on
recent tax hooks:
Swift's Itefrlgorntor Tronsportatlon
Compnny, organized under tho lnTU of
tho Stato of Maine. ,
Capital stock. 55.000.C00.
Every cent of this stock Is owned In
this city.
How much of It thspfl by w.w
Hoard of Rovlow?
If, ns Is alleged, this stock has es
caped taxation hero, then thcro Is duo
tho peoplo from this wurco alone, for
flvo years, nt $70,000 per year, tho flno
sum of $350,000, enough to rnlso tho
salaries of firemen nnd school teachers.
Under tlio decision of tho Supremo
Court of Illinois, you can go biek Ave
years In each and every case for hack
taxes and nil stock of foreign corpora
tions hold In Illinois, is taxable, tho
rato being 7 per cent ou ono-flfth of
tho par value.
Governor Dcnccn Is now going after
tho Illinois Central Railroad for Its
back taxes for flvo years.
In tnls connection ho should not
overlook tho Chicago Junction Railway.
Neither should the Board of Review.
Tho Chicago Junction Railway Is
capitalized as follows:
Common stock, $0,500,000.
Preferred stock, $0,000,000.
Total slock value, $13,000,000.
Tho Chicago Junction Railway Is In
corporated under tho laws of tho Stato
of New Jersey, nnd every dollar of Its
stock Is owned In this city.
And every dollar of It Is taxablo
here. Don't you forget that.
Let lis see how tho taxes of tho Clil
cago Junction Railway ilguro up for
flvo yenrs:
Tho tax Is 7 per cent on one-fifth of
tho valuation,
One-llfth of $13,000,000 Is $2,000,000,
nnd the taxes on this for one year
amount to $182,000.
For flvo years this reaches tho re
spectable hum of $010,000.
What do you think of thnt?
I low many school houses would this
sum build?
How many firemen, school teachero
and policemen would It pny?
How many electric lights would It
put In scrvlco?
Whero Is tho Board of Review?
What Is tho Board of Rovlcw going
to do nlout It?
Tho North American TransKrtntlon
nnd Trading Compnny Is capitalized
for $5,000,000.
Let tho Board of Review get busy In
this direction nnd add $350,000 moro
In taxes to tho credit of tho people.
Tho stock of tho Union Stock Yards
Compnny of South Omaha, n Nebraska
corporation, Is all owned In Chicago
ami taxable here, but It seems, like
others, to havo been overlooked.
Tho Union Stock Yards of South
Omaha, Is a corporation capitalized at
Tho taxes on this stock, If collected
tor flvo years, would put $525,000 In
tlio penpio's treasury.
Whero Is tho Board of Rovlow?
Why Is ths concern overlooked?
Llbby, McNoIll & Llbby Is n Now
Jersey corporation capitalized ot $2,
Every dollar of It owned In Chicago,
Tho taxes on this for Ave years foots
up 1140,000.
The Kansas City Stock Yards Is an
other outsldo corporation.
It Is from Missouri, but every dollar
of Its $0,000,000 capital Is owned In
Wo havo failed to And where tho Chi
cago men who own this stock havo paid
any taxes on It
Tho taxes on this flno bunch for flvo
yenrs, If collected, would net tho peo
plo of Chicago 1030,000.
Swift & Company, of Illinois, thnt
great eoriwratlon capitalized for $50,
000,000, should pay taxes on every dol
lar's worth of stock It owns In foreign
Has tho Board of Review ever taken
any steps to ascertain how much this
cororntlon or its ofllcors own In cor
porations outsldo tho State?
Perhaps wo may help them by quot
ing tho following list of outsldo corpo
rations owned by Swift & Compnny, of
Illinois, according to tho report of tho
United States Commissioner of Corpo
rations: Swft & Company, of Maine, a corpo
ration which sells tho output of Swift
& Co., of Illinois, in tho Now England
Stnlcs and pnrts of Now York and Now
Jersey, and owns n controlling Interest
In tho firms of tho Swift Beof Com
pany, or Boston; O. F. and E. C. Swift,
Boston; G. F. Swift & Company, Bos
ton, and N. H. Hollls & Company, Bos
ton, Massachusetts.
Swift & Compnny, of West Virginia,
which operates mauy branches hi sev
eral different States for selling beef,
pork, mutton, canned goods, etc., etc.
Swift & Company, of New York,
which controls n largo number of
branch houses In tho Stato of New
York, all doing n big business.
Swift Fertilizer Works, engaged in
mnnfncturlng fertilizers In tbo Stato
of Georgia.
Swift Refrigerator Transportation
Company, nnd Swift Llvo Stock Trans
IHirtntlon Compnny, corporations of
tho Stato of Maine.
Swift Beef Company, Limited, doing
business In Great Britain.
Swift Backing Company, selling
agents for Swift & Compnny of Illi
nois, In Gormnny.
Swift & Compnny of Illinois nro
snld to own largo blocks of stock In tho
Union Stock Yards Company of Omn
ha, tho Kansas City Stock Yards Com
pany, tho Fort Worth Stock Yards
Compnny, tho St. Joseph Stock Yards
Company, and tho St Faul Union Stock
Ynrds Company,
Busldos tlio corporations already
named, the Swifts are said to own and
absolutely control Llbby, McNeill ft
Llbby, of Maine; John P. Squlro &
Company, n Now Jorsoy corporation,
with n big packing plant In Cambridge,
Mass., nnd branches all over New En
gland; Boston Packing & Provision
Company, of Mnssochusetts; New En
gland Dressed Mcnt & Wool Company
of Mnlno; North Packing & Provision
Company of Mnlno; Sporry & Barnes
Company of Connecticut; Sturtevnut
& Haley of Boston; P. Mcrwln Com
pnny, Worcester, Mass.; Springfield
Provision Compnny, Springfield, Mass. ;
White, Percy & Dexter Company,
Worcester, Mass,; Ilalstead & Com
pany, New York; C. II. Davis & Co.,
Norwich, Conn,; Blmblcr, Vnn Wngen
en & Company, Newark, Now Jersey.
Tho capital stock of all of tho abovo
corporations being owned In Chicago,
Why don't tho peoplo of Chicago get
tho bcnollt of It?
Tho Board of Rovlow certainly ought
to get enough out of them to enable
the city to equip n good street car line.
Armour & Company, n big Chicago
mid Illinois corporation, owns n great
deal of stock In outsldo coritorntlons.
Among others Armour & Company
of Now Jersey,
Tho following taken from pages 201
and 202 of tho vcport of tho United
States Commissioner of Corporations,
tells us something upon this subject:
"Tho New Jersey corporation was
formed for tho purposo of transacting
certain business which tho Illinois
corporation was not authorized to
transact. Armour & Co. of New Jor
soy operates practically all tho branch
houses for tho snlo of beef and other
packing houso products supplied by
Armour & Co, of Illinois. It also owns
tho Armour packing houses nt Sioux
City nnd Fort Worth. For conven
ience tho accounts of Armour & Co. of
New Jersey nro carried on tho books
of Armour & Co. of Illinois. To ascer
tain tho business transactions of tho
Now Jersey corporation, it 'is merely
necessary to tako tho accouuts relating
to tho branch houses nnd thoso relating
to tho Fort Worth and Sioux City
packing houses. Tho company, how
ever, is n gcnulno ono, having largo
actual assets of Its own, not u mere
paper uamo. It has no separate lnoks
and no profits separato from thou- ap
pearing lu tlio accouuts of Armour &
Co. of Illinois."
After rending tho above from tho re
port of tho United States Commissioner
of Corporations, wo would llko to aek
whoro our Board of Assessors and
Board of Rovlow havo been?
By going back for Ave yean And
collecting the taxes on tne stock ot this
foreign corporation owned la Cakaa
our dromon could have their vas
bled, our school teachers could be
ter paia, nuu tne city wouw be
better off.
The Board of Review should ue
mon tho following well-known ciUsenfl
nnd Interrogate them with reference)
to tho amount of stock In foreign cor
porations owned In Chicago, which they
havo kuowledgo of:
J. Ogdcn Armour.
Louis F. Swift.
John A. Spoor.
Laureiico A. Carton.
Arthur Meeker.
Mr. Swift nud Mr. Armour are both
rcorted to bo public-spirited.
They should bdth bo willing to help
In this matter,
They can, If they will, help a great
dent by telling tho Board of Uevfew
what they know.
Mr. Armour Is a director In the fa!
lowing corporations and the Board of
Rovlow, If It wishes, can ascertain how
much stock he owns In each, or what
Chlcagoans do own It, ns it Is taxable:
Armour car Hues,
Armour Grain Company,
Central Leather Company,
(. II. Hammond Company,
Hammond Packing Company,
National Packing Company,
United States Leather Company.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Rail
way Company,
Fort Worth Stock Yards Company,
Fort Worth, Texas.
Hutchinson Packing Co., Hutchinson,
Northwestern National Fire Insur
ance Compnny of Milwaukee, Wis.
Omaha Packing Company.
Prussian National Insurance Coat
puny of Stettin, Germany.
Mr. Louis F. Swift is n director In
tho following. How much stock does
ho own? At nil events ho can give Uw
Board of Review much valuable Infor
mation ;
Union Stock Ynrds, Chicago.
Fowler Brothers, Limited.
Llbby, McNeill & Llbby.
National Packing Company,
St Louis National Stock Yards Com
pany. Swift's Refrigerator Transportation
Hollls Cold Storage Company.
Illinois Cattle Company.
Mechanical Manufacturing CaJinciRr.
South San Francisco Land ft Im
provement Company,
Springfield Provision Company,
Swift's Fertiliser Work
Western Meat Compter. - ...

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