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l)c CI)icago aglc
Am Independent Newspaper, Fearless
and Truthful.
HENRY F. DONOVAN, Editor and Proprietor,
loici'in'iK'. Mnin :ni:i.
SVuthf ait Ccrntr Wahlnuton St. and Jth Aft.
mmmli- 4fe &$ -fit '
pj.yw.lfrtj -f .,, .-FiJjajpppjSJBJBJBS-Stj,, ' iiVii Cyi
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IKntrrrd at th rto(nVi Chicago, Illinois,
ftfKoi'dit mall matter.)
Established October 5, 1889,
By Henry P. Donovan.
Tka Cklcago Eagle nnmbeia
'aaeag He BBbaerlbera tka most
laulaeatlal, moat proaperona and
BBMt respected man In Cklcago.
It reackea nearly avery maa
t etaadlag la ka community
a all aiea nko ara moulder of
pabllo oplaloa or director of
pablle affair.
It la tka aside, mentor anil
Mead of every political leader
af every abode of opinion.
It la read by Government,
State, County and City official.
It la read by a bin percentage
f tka legal fraternity, Including
Mack and bar.
It la tka favorite of Chlrago'a
leading buslneaa men.
It reacbea all classes In tbelr
It la read by tka Flra Drpart
eaeat. It la read uy tka Police De
partment. It la la every pabllo office and
vary pabllo library.
It la aot controlled by any
ekeap, ckeeky or crooked adver
tlelag aitenoy.
In the nineteen enrM of IIn
slateaca It kaa managed tobnlld
ap a largo clrcnlatlon and great
bualaesa wltbout tka aid of pro
faaaloaal advertising akark.
Tkat la why It la ao Independ
ent, ao popalar aad ao atronv,
Tka Cklcairo Eaajle la one pa
per tkat kaa never depended
apoa advertising agenta fur a
circulation. It kaa one of Ita
AcMinllng to the federal census of
!!X the population of Oklahoma ami
Indian Terrltorv was 700,:i!)l, and was
jiretty evenly divided between tho two.
Knch of thee territories had n larger
liopulatlon than any one of tho follow
ing Western States: Noith Dakota, Wy
oming. Montana, Idaho. I'tali. If they
had been combined ns one State Its
Imputation would have exceeded tint
of South Dakota or Colorado. L'ndur
a special census recently taken, the to
tal population of tho combined terri
tory Is placed at Mitnetlilng more than
j.KpO.ooo, or nearly double the figure
of seven years ago. It exceeds that of
Nebraska In H00 and comes cloe to
that of Kansas In that year. And tho
area of both territories combined Is
le.s than that of any of tho States that
wo havft named. Not only has tho In
creaso of population been very remark
able, but no State on Its ndmlslou has
had Ki large a population or so dense a
imputation, Tho difference Is so very
marked that Oklahoma may be said to
stond In a class by Itself. As tliu
States stood In 1000, It would rank
twonty-thlril. next to Kansas, and al
lowing for tho probable luei eases else
where It should hold that rank In IHIO.
Iteourrlng again to the census of MOO,
the present j.opulatlun of Oklahoma
exceeds that recordtsl for Montana,
New Mexico, Delaware, Idaho, Hawaii,
Arizona, Wyoming, Alaska nml Nevnda
all together. Nor has any of those.
Stntes and Territories any such pros
issts of growth. Oklahoma Is n rich,
Inviting agricultural region, with com
paratively little waste laud anil an
area largo enough to ustnlr a jkiiiiiIiI.
tlon like that of Iowa, Missouri or II
llnols. Obviously, also, Its Indian pop
ulation will bo of steadily diminishing
Importance. The Italians of Indian
Territory numbered but 04,000 In 1000,
Who Is Making a Grand
nml li.v this recent census the opuln
tlon of that terltnry N iut nt iKHi.ooo.
Tliu Indians of nhl Oklahoma number
vd less tint ii 14.000 In lltoo. nml this
census s:lvos to Unit part of tliu new
State a Mui!iitliii of "llt.OOO.
Tin continuous uttm-UK iiuiilc uhiii
Slieiltt Slnisslu'liii liy ecHiilli iiiiihm'm
nml ImllvliHiiiU luw iisMinieil Hie form
of IKTseeiitlon.
As il result il le.letloll llils ret III
milling the people mid SlierllV SIpiisk
helm Is more popular than ever In'
fore. Mr. StriiKsIielin lias luaile a pleinllil
SherltV, as the business men ami law
yers of Clileiipi alinost iinanlnioii-ly
'I'lie fact that mine personal pMs of
eertaln pe.iple, who have heen Jail IIn
ture.s for yearn, were reinoveil by him.
foruw the roiiinlwork for attacks.
Christopher Straxshelm hax always
Imvii ii pioil cltb.cn. whether as one
of Clili'iipt'rt wholesale nierehaiits
as a N)lltlelmi. As SherllY he I ilolui:
Ills duty In a way that pleases the bis
majority that voted for him. and that
Is all the encomium lie needs.
It litis been unposted that towns ly
Itn; alone tliu lint? of the railroads put
up bulletins at tin rallro.ul stations
sottlm; foi'th tho attractions of tliu
towns, Mini their claim on the Interest
of the traveling publle. If tliu bulletins
are not o uply as to dlsllKiiro the land
scape they wil servo a useful purpose;
but when tho only bulletin In Hluht has
been a small, well-trimmed park about
tliu station and clean and smooth
streets loading to It, many travelers
have had their curiosity aroused enouIi
to liKjulte the iinino of tho town ami
Its leading Industries, so pleasant nu
Impression has tho air of thrift and
good taste made upon them. Those vil
lage Improvement asesoelatloiu which
do not know where to begin their work
might do much won-e than to start
with tho railroad station surroundings.
Thoro Is n largo class of citizens In
every country who dlctrust banks or
dlsllku to go to them with small sums.
Tho result Is that n preat deal of
money Is kept out of circulation by
hoarding. In the I'ulted States the
amount thus carried on the person or
M'creted Is not less than Jf.'OO.OOO.OOO.
Its owners would bo willing to let the
government have the money, and thero
would bo no panicky runs. At any
postoillco funds can bo withdrawn at
any time, so tho account Is virtually a
national letter of credit. In Kugl'iud
the rnto of Intt'io-t paid Is SJlfc per
cent, and the minimum deposit received
Is 1 shilling, though there Is a provls.
Ion for penny savings, by means of
cards on which stamps are alllxed a
penny at n tlmo up to a shilling, when
a regular dojioslt can be made. No
one can deiioslt nioro than ?'J,"0 In any
one year, nor more than $7."0 as a to
tal, ami when the prluclp.il and Inter,
est reach $1,000 Interest ceases, which
rulu Induces tho depositor to Invest his
1,000 otherwise, Ity tho Ilrltlsh sys
tem the empire Is tho bank, with every
postoillco n bra noli ami all postmasters
agents. Through their jsistolllees the
lopo may Invest In national securi
ties, Insure their lives or buy govern
ment annuities.
The Circle for October sM-,lkh for
ItH-lf, With a list of contributors ion
slstlug of IMvvnrd Everett Hale, Ham
lin (iarlaiid, Klls-rt Hubbard, Anno
Warner. William MacLeod Italne, Wil
liam Hamilton Oslsirne, Lyman Itcech-i-r
Stovve, Dan Ite.ud, Henry Ueorge,
Jr.. and others, the magazine rnukr.
with the very b-t of the mouth's pul
Hcitlons. Once again tho cry, "Wolf, wolf I" Is
abroad In the laud, "Is the wolf
n-ally at our door';" "No," say .lames
W. Van Cleave, president of tho Na
tional Asis-K-latlou of Manufacturers.
Ills article, "Why I'losis-rity Will Con-
j tlnue," Is a comprehensive review of
limiisuiai cunuiiioiiit jiuin uiu jivu ui u
Record as State Treasurer.
man of affairs, not a mere theorist.
Klliert lluhhanl pays tribute to a man
who inljjlit have been pnet laureate of
Kimland when hu writes of "William
.Morris as lie Seemed to Me."
Illinois never had a better State
Treasurer than .lolm I'. SiuuNkl. lie
Is mi honest, able and faithful public
Philip Knopfs splendid record In
(oimrcss has relleetiil credit iihmi him
self and upon the eplo of his dis
trict who elected him. Chlcapi eauiiot
have tint many representatives In fon
press llliit Honest l'hll Kuoif.
Mrs. W. ('. II. Keomrli served the
people well as a member oC the School
Hoard. Her record was an able and
Industrious one and her many friends
would like to fee her back on the board
Lewis Uluaker Is making a Hue rec
ord as Judge of the County Court, lie
Is an able, honest mid conscientious
The many friends of Charles
Koelngsberg would like to see 1 il in rep
rcM'iit the Twenty-third Ward In the
City Council, for they know he would
make an honest and liidiiMrlous alder
man. ,
The people of Illinois are proud of
their fearless nml able Culled States
Senator. Albert .1, llopkliif. and they
want him to be returned to the M-at
he has held m well.
Harry Habeas, ilu brilliant lawyer,
ranks as one of Chicago's leading ami
best liked citizens.
tirauvllle W. drowning, who mado
one of the very best Corporation Coun
sels Chicago has ever had. Is being
talked of as the strongest mail the
Democrats can nominate for Attorney
(ieneral next year.
ItoU'it N. Holt has succeeded Thom
as J. Sutherland as A"tniit Corpira
tlon Counsel, Mr. Holt was formerly
an Assistant State's Attorney.
The Democrats of the Seventh Dis
trict could name no Wronger man for
Congress next year than tieorge S. Cos
ter, the popular lawyer and former al
Alderman Jacob II. ly Is making it
splendid record in the City Council.
He Is eomtiiiitly looking after the In
terests of his constituents, ami the
Twenty-third Ward never had a better
The Republicans could mime no bet
ter man for Attorney (ieneral net
year than lleiijaniln I'. HIcIioIhiii. the
popular attorney for the West Paris
Hon iil.
The Miylug, "One good term di'seives
another," can ls truly applied to Sen
ator Albert J. Hopkins. He has served
the people ably ami houetly and he
should be re-elected.
The Twenty-Msjoud Ward has an
able ami faithful rcpicr-cutntlvo In the
city Council In Arthur Josettl. The
lint- record he Is making Is in keeping
with his long and clean business rec
ord. Albert (J, Wheeler has won by his
long and brilliant business reiord the
coiilldeuce and admiration of the busi
ness men of Chicago.
Juan- S, Hopkins, the popular mas-ter-ln-chaini-ry,
would do credit to any
oillce within the gift of the people of
One of the Mrnugcnt mime mention
ed for the Republican nomination for
State Treasurer Is that of John II,
Jones, the well-known South Chicago
banker and former aldenuau. Mr.
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kmrkmr bbbbbbbbbbbbbbsbbbbbbbV.
kY Wm AWmm.
.ibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH W' .rl
u mr .Ep
The Popular 8herlff
.tones was one of the best aldermen
Chlcapi has eer had In her City
Council, and he would make an excel
lent State Treasurer.
Clyde A. Mnrrlfiiii, the able master-lu-chaiicery
and assistant CorKiratloii
Counsel, Is one of Chicago's Is'st known
and most highly ie-pected lawyers.
Chief Justice Olson and Chief Clerk
(ialpln of the Municipal Courts made
two new npiiolntces In the service Inst
Monday. .1. Kent liiccne, who during
the past year has been mnnivlcd with
the Slate's Attorney's oillce, will here
after net as an assistant to JudgvM)!
sou. Charles Krlmboll, for nine years
coiincclcd with the criminal 'record de
partment of the Criminal Court, has
been placed at the head of the erluilii.il
record writers of the Municipal Court.
One of the brainiest ami hardest
working men In the National House
of Hepreseiitatlves Is Henry Sherman
Itoutell, the deservedly popular Con
gtvsNiiiau from the Ninth District.
In City Treasurer John K. Traeger
the people of Chicago have an honest,
painstaking ami able public olllelal.
No man In Chicago stands higher hi
the estimation of the people than Ad
ams A. (Iisidrlch, the eminent lawye,'
and former Jurist.
John i:. Owens, the brilliant lawyer
and Democrat lc leader, enjoys a popu
larity second to none in Chicago. This
Is easily explainable, for to know Mr.
Owens is to like mid respect hint.
How Armour and Swift would hall
a war with Japan 1 Tho market for
canned goods would Bet n great boost
Tho pcoplo nro talking nioro and
more about Armour and his tuxes.
If that Mg Armour estate, estimated
nt one time nt $25,000,000 has been dis
tributed In Chicago, tho result docs not
show on tho tax books.
Chapter ISO, Section 209, Ho vised
Statutes of Illinois, provides tho fol
lowing: Any assessor or deputy assessor
or supervisor of assessments or other
twrsous, whoso duty It Is to assess
property for taxation, or equalize any
such assessment, who shall refuse or
knowingly neglect to perform any duty
required of him by law, or who shall
consent to or connive nt any evasion
of tho provisions of this net whereby
any property required to bo assessed
shall bo unlawfully exompted In wholo
or In part, or tho valuation thereof on
tered or set down nt more or less than
's required by law, shall, upon convic
tion, ho lined for oach offenso not less
than ?100 nor moro than ?5,000 and
imi'risoni:d in Tim county
jail not exceeding one year, and shall
nlso bo liable upon his bond to tho
party injured for all damages sustain
ed by such party.
Tho Hoard of Review will bo held
to a strict accountability for Its fail
ure to make outsldo corporations own
ed by Chicago packers, pay tholr Just
slmro of tho taxes.
How have tho packing Interests man
aged to get so many representatives on
grand Juries -In tho (mst? This Is n
question that is frequently asked.
That will bo n great day for Chicago
when steam, heat and power will bo
supplied to Chicago through tho now
subway. And ninybo It won't bo a
great day for somo other pcoplo I
San Francisco will not bo a circum
stance to Chicago when this town
wakes up, This tax dodging Issuo Is
going to lend to grcnt results,
Government for tho packers, by tho
packers nml of tho pnekera Is gottlng
Huropo la getting on to the Beef
Trust methods.
of Cook County.
Till: (lAHItlCK.
IMdle Toy. a dozen other well-known
stars ami a stunning dromlway beauty
chorus of sixty are to be seen at the
(fiirrlck, commencing Sunday, Oct. l,
In the massive Ihigllsh musical com
edy suci-ess, "The Orchid," which Is
dlnct from a six mouths' run at Lew
1'leld's Herald Square Theater, New
York. The piece also IiIimiiiiwI two
consecutive seasons nt the (lately The
ater. Loudon.
The Messrs. Shubert have surround
ed Mr. Toy with mi excellent cast,
which. In addition to Trlxle Krlgauza,
Includes such Important players as:
Itulh l.augiloii, I lose Lot 1 1, Florence
'Martin. Flavin A cam, Marietta ill 1R
Ada Cordon, La I 'elite Adelaide, tho
world's famous loo dancer; William
Cameron, Oeorge C. Ilotilfuce, Jr.,
Kuiite Krlcksiiu, Wilfred Young, Itoy
Atwell, and a double beauty chorus of
"The Mini from Home" was enthusi
astically received at the Studebaker
Tin ater Sunday night, where It Is
likely to remain for some time to co.nc.
The piece as presented by a capable
company, led by Will T. Hodge, was
given a reception which stamped It as
one of the prospective xucccsscs of the
season, The audience, which was a
brilliant one. Including many literary
folk, early set the seal of Its approval
on the play, which Hays, humorously
but unmercifully, the purchase of Ku
io pea a titles by American women, near
ly a dozen curtain calls following the
tlrst act, with no abatement of enthu
siasm thereafter.
la halm:.
"The llrl (Question" commences Its
eighth week ut the La Hallo Theater
on Sunday mid will give Its one. hun
dredth presentation In two weeks. It
is proving one of the greatest successes
ever produced at this popular play
house, Lee Kohlniar is prominent in the
cast, mid proves a welcome addition
to the La Hallo company. His (ierman
baron Is one of the best characters of
this kind that have Den seen In mu
sical comedy I'm- years, burring none,
not even Louis Maun, Lew Fields or
Joe Weber.
The Imitations of Kddle Foy by the
"broilers" are the peer of any seen be
fore In Chicago.
Adelaide Keliu and the Hush Tem
ple players will appear next week In
tlie i:. II, Sothern suecei-s, The Ad
venture of Lady rrsula." This com-eily-drama
from the pen of the clover
Anthony Hope will afford Mls Keliu
unlimited opisirtuiiKles, us she succeed,
id Virginia Iliinied In the title role
dining its Initial run. Lady I'rsula is
a daring young lady, who disguises In
masculine attire to light a duel with
nu adversary. IMward II. Haas will bo
seen to advantage, and the other mem
bers of tills Mpiilar company will have
rides which will delight the ninny fol
lowers of Hush Temple. Oct. 11, the nt
traction will ls Drus.i Wayne.
Tin: colli:gi:.
"Old Heidelberg," the play In which
Mellaril Maiislleld made such a suc
cess, will be played by tho Patrons'
Stock Company ut the College Theater
lor the week commencing Oct. 7. Sev
eral of tliu stock company have been
si en in this beautiful play hero In Chi
cago, Among tlieni Morris Mcllugh
mid James Durklu, who lias played the
part of I'rliico Karl llelniich iieaily
oiie hundred times with the best stock
companies In America, Mlxs Virginia
Keating, who Is dally adding fresh Ian
ills to herself, may 1st depended upon
In the part of Katlile, Next week,
"The Girl I Left Hehluil Me" will be
the bill. i
Sunday night ushers In the twenty
eighth week of "A Knight for a Day"
at the Whitney, and tho tuneful and
funny musical comedy Is as jiopnlar as
ever. John Bluvln und Mubel Hlte con-
. '.MiV7!''iEi4'Vj.-' , ,tf aaaw
. yiir-
i '.git. XTTlli.
FOaaVaUH Wa9Ta (w-l.WTfl W-
' v
Who Championed the Hlgh -
tlnue the chief factors In' the funinak
lug. while the famous "Iteauty" chorus
also Is good. It has passed the half
year mark at the Whitney nml still
has nil Chicago crowding the Van Hu
ron street plnyhoiHo to hear Its pretty
iniisl" ami ee its fair ch.irns.
The Hoard of Itcview has again fixed
.:),KX),rH, as Its estimate of tliu value
of the Illinois Tunnel Company's tangl-
.IHlfP' aaaaaaaaaaaaaWgy !-., v.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaM
LbbbbbW ' aBBBBBaaeaBBaa'K, ' BbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
bbbbK iM bbebbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbVB'4Jbbbbbbb
bbbbbk, .bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbPbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
lif .ak W- I bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
bbbbbbB-1 .bbbbbbbbbbV "alJI vbTbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbTJ
Wm?$f, .nWwL JSiM
The ble and Well Liked Alderman from the Twenty-second Ward.
bio property, on which construction
moro than $10,000,000 has been sis-nt.
The Supremo Court held that Its tan
gible property should be taxed ade
quately, mid last year's $),(i00,ooo full
valuation vyas an hicreiiMi from if.'.VV
(MM) in MM. Tim capital stock assess
ment by the Statu Hoard of equaliza
tion was mado $100,000 last year,
There wcro no deaths from nppcndl
cltls recorded In the United States
census of 1800. Over 3,000 deaths from
WW KkWWWmy '-"mMM
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbT iibbbbbbbbbbbbb ' 'ly.'.Ey'iwHi
LbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH'-: --BaaBBBBBBBBBa,'''--v'-:V'
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbIJS '?'" MbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbTI
Chicago's Popular City Trsaiursr.'
---.--"vst' ,, I, ,-r Me..
I -' b v . .v fill
, - ,-jaw r,. .. ?&4Jffl$&
1 1 I II I IIn T. . WIT. I-I WHMj
Taxation - Prohlbltlon Charter.
appendicitis were recorded In tb
United SUtaa eetvras of 1000. Tot
Beef Trust Is responsible for this dis
ease. The London Lancet says that
boric acid used In preserving meat
causes the trouble.
Why do wo accept tainted money
from Trusts for scliools nml hospitals
ns a compliment when tho money !
legally duo us from them and n great
deal moro nt that? Aud why do we
organize societies to solicit charity
from theso delinquent trusts, when so
cieties should bo organized to seo tbat
tholr taxes nro paid nirtl then the peo
ple would not bavo to bo under obli
gations to Trusts for charity.
Tho Ronrd of Review should sum
mon Messrs. Armour, Swift, Carton,
Meeker nudtho rest and And out just
how much stock of outsldo companies
Is owned by tbelr corporations.

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