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Htlje Chicago (ffajjle
4a iadtpeadent Newspaper, Ftarltsa
and Truthful.
MN1Y P. DONOVAN, Editor and Proprietor,
Ti'it'ihtu, sintii :un:t.
ffeatfetatt Corner Wathlmtcn St. mil 5th Ate.
SaUrM it the rcntofBc. Chlcaco. Jtllnola,
M eoonJ-claM nail matter.)
Established October 5, 1889,
By Htary F. Donovan.
Tka Ckleasta Bad Mktn
aaaaaa? It aabaerlbera the HMt
eaaaeatlal, aaoet proaperoae aad
Mat reepeeted la Chicago.
It rcaehea aearly arary an
f etaadlap; la tha coBuaaaltr
pad all asea wko ara atoaldera of
pablle oplaloa or dlrectora of
pablle aaTalra.
It la tha aralde, mentor anil
Head of arerr political laadair
f erery ahade of oplaloa.
It la read by GoTerameat,
Itata. Coaaty aad Cllr oMclala.
It la read by a blar percentage
ef tka laajal fraternity, laeladlap-
haaek aad bar.
It la tka farnrlta of ChteaaVa
laadlaa; kaalaaaa aaaa.
It raaekaa all elaaaaa la tkalr
It la raad by tka Flra Depart
aat. It la rtad ky tha Police De-
It la la arary pablle ofaee aad
arary pablle library.
It la aot coatrollad by aay
ahaapy ehaaky or erookad adrer
tela aaaaey.
la the alaeteea yaara of Ita
amlateaee It haa managed toballd
p a large clroalatloa aad great
kaalaaaa wltkoat tka aid of pro
feeaioaal advertising akarka.
Tkat la why It la ao ladepead
aat, ao popular aad ao atroag.
Tke Chicago Basle la una pa
pa that haa never depended
pea adertlatag agenta for a
alrealalloa. It haa one of Ita
Tho experiences of gun Inventors
during tho last deendo haro hliown
that, ns compared with the l.Mnch gun,
tho advantages aro nil with tho -'-Inch.
Tho latter does practically ns
much damage as the larger gun, It
lasts longer, It occupies Ions room In
the turrets and It costs less to flro.
Even for const rtefenso tho 13-Inch gun
lins Lccn abandoned, nothing heavier
than the liMnch being uhcd In any of
our fortifications, although Sandy
JIooL j)Ovsesscs ono 10-lncb gun for
whli h Congrirss has never prorldeil
nioary enough to buy n fciiltnblo car
riage. The new English 13.5-lnch gun
liidlcnte, therefore, n revolutionary
nbandonment of n prlnclplo thnt both
pun arid armor-makers bad considered
rcttlul the prlnclplo that tho limit of
effective Are had been reached In tho
I.' Inch rllie. Now that tho pendulum
lias L on mt twinging In tho opposite
direction, wo may jet have to discard
nil of our const nnd naval batteries
and build heavier ones to tnko their
places. Tho pace tet by Hrltlsh con
fctruttlon Is ery costly to the world
nt Inrge, but If experiments provo It
to be justified, It will bo generally Jol
lowed nnd, wliero possible, excelled.
CESS. Liberia has lately lost nominal con
trol of part of tho territory over which
t'io congress of tbo black republic woe
supposed to exerclso sovereignty. A
new treaty with Franco bus been nego -
tlatcd, delimiting the boundaries of thel
BBr:SBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaBBK. 5s fc Jw T&afew,
' Jff ,
President of (he C 8elpp and West Side Brewing Companies.
republic's country to the advantage of
Franco. The French Insist thnt In
view of the Ignorance of the natives In
the Interior of the existence of any In
dependent government on tho const, It
In not cncronchiuent on nn Independent
power for the French to push their
boundaries seaward. As Liberia Is nu
Independent power, tho protection of
Its territory Is a matter for Its govern
incut, and not for outsiders. American
friends of the country may regret thnt
the experiment of sttlug up n negro re
public tins not been more successful,
but they must face tho facts.
The npiwlntniont of .lolm F. Smulskl
at President of the West Pnik Hoard
would meet with the hearty approval
of ovorylwdy In Chicago. Hcrnnrd A.
Eekhnrt ha made a grand record as
President of the Hoard, and no better
man could bo chosen to carry on the
good work he has done than Mr. Smul
skl. John 1'. Tnnsey Is thu right man In
the right placo as Secretary of thu
Democratic County Central Commit
tee. He Is able, hoiiosc nud tactful.
Roger C. Sullivan, Democratic Na
tional committeeman, and Charles
Hoesehoustelu, chulrmaii of tho Demo
cratic State committee, returned on
Tuesday from Washington, when) they
attended the Democratic Natlon.il com
mittee meeting. Doth of them were
Imbued with tho prospect's of Demo
cratic success next year. Mr. Uoosclion
stelu said tlie chances look brighter
tlinu any tlmo slnco 1S02.
Did you notice that tho only ones to
criticize Senator Jell Davis' speech,
advocating Imprisonment for the Heof
Trust, were the papers that truckled to
that robbing combination. When tho
Ileef Trust goes to prison tho trust
press will And It pretty hard making a
Chairman Harry S. New, of tho Itc
publican National Committee, an
nounced the personnel of tho local com
mltteo thnt will lmvo charge of tlio do
tall plans for taking care of thu na
tional convention. Fred W. Uphani
was selected to head tho body, with
Samuel 11. Itnymoud ns vlco chalrrn in,
In recognition of the services rendered
by them In securing the big assemblage
for Chicago.
Democrats all over nro talking of
Col, James Hamilton Lowls for Gov
ernor next year. With Lowls as tlw
stnndnrd bearor tho Domoernts would
bo united ni they hno not been In
many n day,
As City Attorney, John It. Oavorly
Is wrvlng the people of Chicago well.
Ho Is nn honest, painstaking und In
dustrious olllclal.
Chicago's trust press was very much
shocked at Senator Jeff Davis' spcdi
advocating, the Imprisonment of the
IWef Trut nud other trusts. Can you
blame It!
Albert 0 Wheeler stands In tho front
-auks of ( hlcago's ablest and most pro-gr-Kslio
ouslnes men. Ho has gulmsl
liy hlii lull.' Mid clean record tho bl0ii
est (Mcciii of tho people.
Col. Jnmes Hamilton Lowls Is tho
right jnnu for Governor on tho Demo
cratic ticket next ienr.
A recount of the ballots cast at the
.Municipal Court election Nov. (1, 100U,
was ordered Tuesday by County Judgo
(thinker to determine whether Ferdi
nand L. Harnett, colored, Is entitled to
tho placo on tho bench occupied by Mu
nicipal Judge Thomas H, Ijiiutry. Tho
recount will bo hold Dee. 27.
V.'llllnm Lorlmer, tlw champion of
the prohibition, tax-calslng charter, Is
In for a well-deserved beating :iext
At n meeting of the Lawyers' Asso
ciation of Illinois, held In tho Shcrinnn
1 House last Saturday night, tho follow
Ing officers were nominated to bo voted
upon the second Saturday of January:
President, lllehard J. Cootiey; llrst
vice president, Andrew J. Illrschl: sec
ond vice president, 12. J. Harney; third
vice president, W. C. Parker; fourth
vice president, I!. F. Wllkc; secretary.
Simon P. Gary; treasurer, Henry
Executive committee: Frank II.
Lemnrds, Frank N. Moore. Michael Ly
ons, Heiijiimln Wulflf, John F. Clare.
For Diamonds, Watches mid Jewelry
of all kinds, suitable for Christmas
presents, go to Tom X. Donnelly's 118
Dearborn street. Whatever you get at
IVnnelly's you can depend upon Is the
What tho country needs Is more men
like Senator Hen Tillman and Jeff Davis-
honest, feniios men who are nev
er afraid to speak out their comic
'.Hinds never had n better Htnio
Treasurer ' J",m v' "'M'' ln
l-N honest and able management of the
oilleo he has won the admiration nnd
confidence of the people from one end
of tho Siato to the other.
Oranvlllo V. Hrowiiliig, who wiw ono
,. ii.n iiost Comomtlon Counsels Chi
cago has ever had, Is being talked of
bv nianv for State's Attorney on tin.
Democratic ticket next year. Xo abler
or more popular man could bo named.
1 ,. M. -ham has made n splendid
i. Diil ns member of tho Hoard of Ite
, lew As n public olllclal, u business
man and a citizen, ho stands high
with tlw peoplo of Chicago.
Tin. nomilil eailS cnu ilium- '
stronger or more popular man for At
torney General next year man jhjuj..
mln !'. Ulcholson, tho able attorney for
tho West Park Hoard,
Tnti A. O'Donnell. tlio popular
West Park Commissioner, l ouo of
tho ablest lawyers In tho West. He
would serve with credit any oflic
within the gift of tho people.
Daniel D. Heuly always sorvcci xuo
peoplo ably and faithfully In every po
sltlon ho held, and no man la Chi
cago has a wltlewpread or inoro well
deserved popularity than he.
With Frederick C. DeLaiw? as Con
gressmnn from tho Tenth District tho
district would bo well represented In
Congress, something It has not boon
wider Naval Affairs Foss.
Hobert 8. lies Is ouu of Chicago's
ablest nnd most highly respected lnw
jcrs. The prospects of n Happy New
Year would U a great deal brighter
If tho men behind tho Ileef Trust and
the Milk Trust were nn their way to
thu jNMiltcntlnry at .Toilet. Hut there
Is plenty of time, ilud these criminals
will bo landed yet.
Tho groat success of tho Hest Hrew
li.g Company Is due to the lino tniality
of beer brewed by them. Tliero Is lui
liner beer anywhere. Charles Hnster
Ilk, ono of tlio most jxtpuhir and best
known blow eis In tho West, Is presi
dent of tlio Ilest blew cry,
Patrick J. ('ahlll serwsl tho people
of Cook county well as Clerk of the
Probate Court, ami his man friends
nro tnlklng of hlin for a big ollhv
i.ext fall.
Directors of tho Association of Com
merce, nt a meeting In tho Great North
oi n Hotel TucHltiy, appointed a com
mittee which will try to induce the
go eminent to establish tho pmposisl
"testing plant" In Chicago. The gov
ernment hns decided to combine nil Its
testing plants lu ouo large Industry.
Tho local committee Immediately sent
nu Invitation asking tho government
commltleo to Inspect tho soven sites
that lmvo been offensl here. Tho mem
bers of tbo local committee nro; Chair
man, David It. Forgan, president of
tho nshocintlon; Charles II. Wacker,
II, A. Wheeler, Edwin S. Conway, E.
J. Uufflngton, A. J. Barling, George H.
- v
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bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! "ii 'bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbT t&
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m. 1l--' Wi
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV. IbbbbbWw .-? X ?J$ty
mfa$wf ,.:
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbW Lbbbbbbb ,i4 ?f!Fi
HppapapapapapapaBBBB. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
President of the McAvoy and Wacker & Blrk Brewing Companies.
Marey and W. II. Mnnss, who was
made secretary bf the siieclal commit
tee. United Stntes Senator Albert .1. Hop
kins is ever faithful to the people he
reproeuts, ns his brilliant and fearless
record will show.
The Thirty-third Ward Democratic
Club met on Wednesday evening and
liidors'.'d Col. William J. llrynn for
President and Col, James Hamilton
Lewis for Governor.
Illinois has an able, brilliant nnd
fenrlexs lvpresentathe In the United
States Vnatc In Senator Albert J. Hop
kins. John 1". Kehfs has uou nn honored
place In the estimation of Chlciigonus
by his long and brilliant record as a
lawyer and a citizen.
Junes V. O'Donnell Is ono of the
most popular Mnstcrs-ln-Chnneery In
Chluiuo. He would make an excellent
Municipal Court Judge.
Ouo of the most successful nud tin
est breweries In thu country Is Itlrk
Mros. Itrewlng Company, which Is run
by .William A. i lltrk and Kdward J.
Itlrk, two of Chicago's best known and
most highly respected business men.
Their heer Is n favorite with all Judges
of good beer.
Senator Ctillom Monday Introduced
In the Semite a resolution proposed by
the National Husliiess Mcii'h League,
of Chicago, for a constitutional amend
ment relating to tho election of pres
ident. The amendment provides that a
president of the United States shall lie
chosen for a term of six years nud
sluill not be eligible for re-election.
William A. Doylo has earned the
high placo he holds at the Chicago bar
by his great ability, clean record nud
w Inning personality.
Janice S. Hopkins, the popular mns-ter-lii-chnuccry,
is n man whom to
know Is to like nud respect.
Dr. Thomas J. O'Malley Is one of
Chicago's best liked nud most highly
reioctcd citizens.
Judges of tho Superior Court Titos
day appointed the following Masters-lu-Chancery
for tho ensuing year: For
Judge Kavauagh, James V. O Douiicll ;
for Judge Chetlaln, Wirt K. Humphrey;
for Judge Hrciitnno, Ulrani Harbor;
for .liuL'o Hall, John V.. Hunt; for
Judge MeSurely, Arthur M. Cox; for
Judge Fics'inim, Jos. Weissenbach; for
Judge Mcllwen, George F. Harrett; for
Judge Iloidom, John F. Holland; for
Judge Cli, trans. Frank P. Schmidt ; for
Judge Ha rues, David F. Mntehett; for
Judge Dupuy, Gisirgo T. Kelly; for
Judge Smith, Clmiles P. Abbey.
CI) do A. Mori Uou, tlio able Jowyor
and Assistant Corporation Counsel, Is
one of tho bot liked public olllcJuls lit
Ono of tlie baldest working, ablest
end most popular members of tho Illi
nois Senate Is (')ill II, Jnudits.
Judge Chaiies M. Walker has, by his
record on the bench shown himself to
lie nn honest, conscientious and fear
less Judge.
Tho i'lilit.v-ilrst Wind Hrynn Club
bus been launched anil will take active
part lu furthering tho Interests of tho
Nebraskaii. Terence F. Mornii Is pres
ident, Andrew F. Schulbeiih secretary
and James r. Cnrr treasurer. Among
the ch.uier nieiubcrs nro Alderman P.
J, O'Coiiiiell, State Hepriwciitatlvo Hob
ert W. McKlulcy, County Comniltteit
iiiiiii James A. Long, T. J. Hogau, Hen
ry P. Hergon and John P, Hughes.
Tlie Standard Uiouery's "Utah
I Iran" Is one of tho most popular
brawls of beer In Chicago. Their Oa
Kay Export and Standard Malt Ex
tract aro also well known nud -well
liked all over.
l'or the festal holiday season nt tlio
Sttidebaker Theater n novol oonusly
with miHe. called "Lonesome Town,"
will be given Its metropolitan pre
miere on Sunday evening, December 22.
The chief plavers hi this new produc
tion will be the clever German dialect
comedians. Kolb and Dill, probably the
most popular comedians of their sort
now that Weber and Fields have wend
el their separate ways. Ikwides Kolb
nud Dill there will be n big cast of
popular singing favorites nud more
than sixty people In the company. Kolb
and Dill llrst played "Lonesome Town"
In the West, and the success with which
they met was the Incentive to bring
the piny East nnd produce It on u lar
ger and more artistic scale.
The seat sale for the transferred en
gagement of William Hodge at the Chi
cago Opera Hoiinc, commencing next
Monday evening, gives every Indica
tion that tho attendance will be n rec
ord one ln every way. for this actor
ranks easily among tho first of the
country as n comedian nnd during tho
past four months at the Studebnker
there was a remarkable demonstration
of approval of Tarklngton nnd Wil
son's latest effort. The same cust. In
cluding such players ns Dben Plymp
torn, U. J. Itatelirfe. Henry Harmon,
Hassard Short, Uehllu Gayer, OIItc
Wyudham, Alice Johnson, Ida Vernon,
will continue In the support of Mr.
HodgvS and It Is confidently exacted
that In Its new homo "The Man From
Home" will remain for the balance of
the season.
On next Monday evening tho 200th
lierformniieo of "Tho Girl Question"
will be celebrated at tho La Sallo The
ater, and Manager Mort II. Singer will
give away on that occasion thu finest
nnd prettiest souvenirs ever given away
In any theater 111 Chicago. Tho sou
venirs will bo stick plus forming n
question mark In tho shnpo of a girl's
head, with a pearl nt the bottom. Mr.
Singer Is to be congratulated upon his
selection of a souvenir and he can bo
assured that everyono that will rccelvo
one will bo pleased with It nnd will
not forget his generosity In giving such
n beautiful memento. "Tho Girl Ques
tion" Is one of the best slwws and big
gest successes Chicago has ever seen
and all records for local long runs will
surely bo broken.
Hap Ward, formerly of Ward ft
Yokes, will be seen at tho Great North
ern next week, starting with the mati
nee Sunday. "Not Yet, Hut Soon," Is
still the titular rolo of tho offering, and
It Is tleseiilNsl as a "Koiuedy Knckle
In Two Lays." It Is promised that the
production will bo found to keep pace
witli the musical concoctions which
have made Ilnp Ward u favorlto with
theiiteigoeis in tlie past. E, D. Stair,
who manages the organization, pioni
les nu oNccllont production from tbo
scenic standpoint nud nn Investiture of
rich wardrobe. Tho entire program
contains twenty musical numbois. A
spis-lal holiday niatlnco will bo given
Chilstmns Day.
Miss Edith Helena, tlio ivmnrkablo
American soprano, who possesses tho
greatest voice range In tlio world, will
bo one of the many great features of
the holiday vaudeville pageant, which
begins nt tho Chicago Auditorium Sun
day afternoon, Dee. 22d. Miss Helena
returns to this country following her
ris-ent triumphant European tour.
Christians week will also bo n "good
bye" week for Mini Yesta Victoria, tlio
famous English singing comedienne.
Others on this star bill Include Chniies
Prello's "HIJonClreiis," Hollmnn nnd
Moore, Hilly Van, Viikoo, Mile. Alex
andra and Mens. Tlcrtlo, Four Hards,
Qulgley Hrothers and tlio Daiikinnr
.Schiller Troupe.
Heglunlng uext Monday ovenlng tho
Hush Tcmplo Players will present for
tho week tlio groat socloty drama,
"Moths," from tho novel of Oulda, tho
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I ' 4
President P. 8choenhofen Growing Company.
Ungllsh novelist, whose Identity re
mained In obscurity until her death a
few mouths ago It Is a psychological
play of merit, and will give Miss Kelm
nud her associates another chance to
do good work. The production of tlie
"Shiilamlte," which was seen at that
houe last week, clearly demonstrated
that the company are capable of han
dling the licst pla.vs procurable. Noth
ing cheap goes at the Hush. A special
LLLWLLLLLLLLWn , . -pppppppH
PSbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbRT ' ' m
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbL A WJJEbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
Vice President and Manager West 6 Ida Brewery.
holiday matlncv will bo given on next
For Clirlstmns wcek tho Patrons'
stock company will present Joseph Jef
ferson's version pf Charles Dickens'
great story, "The Cricket on the
Hearth." This was the play In which
tho grand old man of thu stage scored
one of Ids greatest succcs"cs, and It
was also thu hist play he appeared lu
Hreildent Atlas
SgSMTCu . bbbbbeTIvv 'VMfcA-MJCj!
before he died. In thu part of Caleb
Plumuicr, one pf the lluest character
ever presented on the stage, will bo
seen Morris Mclliigh, whose equal ns
u comedian Is not to Is seen In any
slock company In America to-day. Tho
rest of the company will be shown to
good advantage. For New Year's week
"David Hariitn," with Smith Davie,
the great elm meter actor, In tlio title
role, will be the bill.
Tho citizens of tho Nineteenth Dis
trict made no mistake when they
elected Charles K. Cmlkshauk to tho
State Semite. He Is an ablo, honest
and faithful representative of tho peo
ple. Hobert It, Jnmpolls, tho well-known
lawyer, who Is junking a lino record i
Assistant Corporation Counsel, Is liked
and respected by everybody that knows
Brewing Company.

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