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Items from All Over the State of
Matters of Interest to Our
The Bergman
Express and Storage Co.
Parnltur Packing and Shipping
Furniture and Piano Movers
Happenings of the Week from Cairo to
Chicago Carefully Compiled for
Busy Men.
in LtaMta Atmm OHk 111
TatestoM, North 301
MfM Hals 4493
Badges aad Buttons, Maalta
and Oilcloth Slgaa
41 Lb Salle Street,
"(1AZBTA KATOLICKA," the Best Advertising' Medium among
the Polish residents of Chicago and America. Apply for Prices.
Cor. Irving Park Boulevard and N. W. 64th Street
Merchant Tailors
first-Class Work at Moderate Prices
99 Washington St. CHICAGO
We Rent Tuxedos and
Telephone North 185
Chat. Burmeister & Son
303 and 305 LARRABEE ST.
raadu 1412 WR1GHTWOOD AVE, Mtr Lincoln Avenue
mem North 517
Ask Your K r
Grocer luHI 5 2 I
For ipMll3
, Brands H 4JBP Hi
The J. C. Grant Chemical Company
110, 112, 114 Wast Lake Street
, l wam3ma3mmBaB
Chicago, ill.
Full Dress Suits
- '
The Beef Trust, (lodes the Supremo
Court of tbo United States every day
of Its existence.
It deflcs and violates the permanent
Injunction granted against It by tlio
highest court of the country January
30, 1005.
And such Is Its power for harm, that
no oOlclul can be found who will stand
up for what the United States Supreme
Court decreed on behalf of tlio people.
Tito Dccf Trust continues Its exist
onto as a combination In restraint of
trado and commerce.
It continues to lis and to maintain
throughout the country n uniform nnd
The business men who want the best
desks and olllco Uttlngs go to Novell's.
If you can't bo halted at He veil's you
can't bo suited anywhere.
Solo Uye, the best ou tlio bars, Is al-.
ways the favorite of discriminating
drinkers. It satlslles the taste of the
most exacting critic. Distilled solely
by Straus Bros.' Company, Chicago.
Otto Qrlesbach Is the proprietor of
the restauraut and buffet at 188 South
Water street, which Is patronized by
tho best business men. Mr. Qrlesbach
deserves tbolr patronage, for he treats
them well.
Th combine. Liquid Tank ana
Freight Car Company possesses certain
Improvement Id railway cars for the
facilitation of the movement of freight
Rteert el tit Ceaalllee el the
At tlio closo of buMnrss, Nov. -7, 100S.
Time loans . .n:t.or:t,:ti8.Ki!
ncmnnu loans . u,.i!),i,j.u,ii
-30,21(l,l IS..
1 ,350,000.00
Ovcidrafts ...
Ileal estate
U. H. bonds at
, par
Other lsinds anil
h locks
Stock Commer
cial National
Hafo Deposit
Co. (Ilauk
lltiltdlng) . .
Duo from IT. H.
Treasurer . . 102,500,00
Exchanges for
LTng House. 1,800,101. R7
Due fiom banks n.MXUHl.MHi
fault tMHtl.'JUMO
Total $3ri,'.':iS,8IO.'l
Capital stock paid In I n.ooo.ooo.on
Kmpllis fund. . . .- n.ooo.ooo.oo
Undivided protlts 1,1118,181,78
Nutlouiil bank notes outstand
ing .... 1,450,000,00
Deposits 4(1,470,058.4:1
Total 33,238,8 10.21
m:oit(ii: 1:. itoniiinu president.
NATHA.NIUl, It. I.OSC1I, Cashier.
Tranklln MaeVcagh, Hobcrt II. McElirce,
William J. Chalmers, Alexander V. Hanks,
Hobert T. Lincoln, Kdward P. Ilussell,
K, II, Gary, Alfred Cowles,
Darius Miller, Joiveph T, Talbert,
Charles V. Hpatdlng, Italpli Van Vecbtcn,
William V. Kolley, tieorgo E. Itoberts.
This Bk ta ple4 to place at
the dlapoaal of Ita oaateaaere ke
taellltlea catBad darts farlir.foar
roars of (laoe aevvle
wmmbmm&mswBK ' w awaaaaaaaawi:?x-
mMMMMMMaMtam'V.aMMMMmaMmMMW''1- .',?
rX$?,SH jff&'V Jr- "v5,;'
1BJf3k' aHaMHi1 L
LWjJ$ ';, - mWaAMr' .Baaam.
l$Aj7g$ t AuBBBsTr Baay
1 . 4PHKHKiiiP
State 8enator from the Nineteonth Dlttrlct.
exorbitant prlco for meat In defiance
of the mandate of the highest court
in tlio land.
The temporary Injunction Issued by
Judge I'eter S. Grosseup May 20, 1002,
against the Hoof Trust was mntlo per
manent by tlio United States Supreme
Court In n decision announced Jnini
nry HO, 1005. Tlio decision establishes
these points:
Trnlllc In live stock transported from
State to Stato Is Interstate commerce
nnd persons engaged In buying and
celling such live stock are engaged In
i Interstate commerce.
ind liquid In the same car which will
appeal to every Intelligent person who
is shown the decided advantages of con
struction which thc.o cars possess. The
company Is selling stock and offers to
Investors tin attractive proposition.
Solo Ityo has been tested and never
been found wanting. "Tho best on
the bars."
Tho M. l Byrne Construction Co.
.s one of the greatest, most successful
ind most reputable firms of Its kind
In this or any other city la tho coun
try. One of tho nnest breweries in the
country, and one that turns out some
of tho" finest brands of beer, is tho
great Berghoff Browing Company of
Port Wayne, Ind. The following
brands of beer brewed and supplied
by this brewerj' are among tho most
popular and have great demand In Chi
?ago: "Extra Pale," "Dort Doppel,"
"Sal va tor," "Berghoff 's Select," and
Condensed Report of the
State Bank
of Chicago
November 28, 1908.
Loans nnd discounts M,00O.OtW.S7
Oveidrafts , .,Sf'!J?,Vi2
llnmU l,l47.:ill.SS
Cash and duo fiom banks.... !i,47U,:il7,Ol
Capital stock fl. 100,000.00
Kuinlim 1,000,000.00
Undivided prollts 338,010.27
KeNcned for Interc.t und
taxes 8S.500.00
Deposits 18,408,423,011
II, A. IIAtlOAN, I'lesldent.
1,. A. (JODDAIID. Vice l'rcsldent.
JOHN It. II.ND(IUI:N. VIco President.
linNHY 8. HIJNSCIinN, Cnsbler,
THANK I. l'ACKAUD, Asst. Cnsbler.
1IIJNHY A. llAUOAN. Atyit. Cashier.
MAMUKh II. K.NUCHT, Hccrctary.
WILLIAM 0, MILLUIt, Asst. Secretary.
David N. Darkor, !. A, Ooddard,
Cntvin Durand, Jobu It. Llndsrcn,
.lohn II. Dtvlght, Thomas Murdoch,
Thco, rreeoiun, Win. A. Peterson,
II. A. Ilauean, fleo. II. Ulckcords,
Moses J, Wentivorth.
Oeneral Baaklar BaTlasa, let
ter cf Credttt lavestmeat Bonds,
Foreign Bzokanse, Traata,
Jierr aeeoaats reapeetfallr eollclt
ed. latareat allowed oa dtaaalta,
BatabUsaee 1ST.
The combination between dealers to
suppress all competition In tlio pur
chase of live stock Is an unlawful re
stralnt of trade.
The combination between dealers to
fix nnd maintain a uniform prlco In
the sale of meat throughout tlio coun
try Is an unlawful restraint of trade.
The combination of dealers to ob
tain preferential railroad rates, Is tin
unlawful restraint of trade.
All combinations suppressing compe
tition between Independent dealers fall
under the prohibition of the Sherman
Anti-Trust Act.
last but not least, "Dortmunder."
George A. Blcttncr Is the manager of
of tho Chicago branch of this great
brewery, tho Chicago offices being at
2312-48 La Salle street. Telephone
South S70.
The Itlenzl Is tho place to go for nn
enjoyable afternoon or evening. Excel
lent music, flue cuisine, splendid serv
ice and beautiful gnrdeu and hall. Has
no peer of Its klud In Chicago. Clark
street, Evauston uveuuo nnd Dlversey
No better place Iu Chicago for pic
nics, festivals an'd parties of all kinds
than II. James Kolzo's beautiful Elec
tric Park, at tho corner of Irving Park
boulevard and Northwest 04th street
The safest department store In the
city to-day Is The Fair. It baa broad
aisles and every convenience for the
Statement of condition at close of bust,
ncss, Nov, 27, 1008.
If am .$ 13,002,4 32.(10
United Htates UomU 6,'l2,3t)!),8t
Kent estate 2tl.370.Ml
Cash mill cxcliniigo 11,203,183.00
Total $20,030,305.20
Capital stock paid In $ 2,000,000.00
Surplus nnd protlts, net l,272.035,ti.s
Itescrved for toxo 28,000.00
Currency In circulation 800,000,00
llond account 1,,,. 33,000,00
Duo depositors ,. ... 21,022,750.28
Total $20,030,303.20
JOHN A. LYNCH, President.
W. T. I'K.NTON. VIco President.
It. M. M'KINNDY, Cashier.
). II. SWAN. Ast. Cashier.
TIIOS, JANsr.N. Asst. Cashier.
.1AMK8 M. IIIJH8T. Asst. Cashier.
WM. U. DAVIN1A, Asst. Cashier.
W. II. IIUIILCY, Asst, Cashier.
noAitn op DinECTona.
JOHN A. LYNCH, President.
CIIAKLUS II. CONOVKlt, VIco President,
Hllihnrd, Spencer, llartlett & Co.
CIIAKLUS it. CKANU, VIco President,
Crnno Co.
JOHN V. FAKWELL, of J. V. Farwell
J. n. OltEKN'IIUT, capitalist, Peoria.
II. W. UIHNKIOHS, Vice President, 31.
D. Well Co.
ROLLIN A. KKYES, of Franklin Mac
VeaRh & Co.
HOIIKHT IIATHEK, President, The Rock
Island Co.
JOHN It. MORRON, President, Diamond
Glue Co.
1IRNRY SIEOEL, President, Simpson
Crawford Co., New York.
11. H. 8TRONO, capitalist
LOUIS F. SWIFT; President, Bwlft
FRANK K. VOQBL, Vice President, Sie
ge), Coopar A Co.
W. T. JfWWN, Vice President
C. N. llnrl llvalicnn from ftmtltatlOB
I'nltimliiw llrrrnt Outburst.
As n sequel lo tlio two I etc lit outbursts
of insubordination on tlio pnit of tlio In
mutes of tlic St. Clmrlc Home for Delin
quent IIo.vh. HtiiM-rliiti-iiilciit Clirlcs N.
Hurt handed Ills resignation to tlio board
of trustees at Its regular quarterly meet
Inn. Mr. Hart's resignation, which was
not a sui'ili' to tin; bo.ud. was accept
ed nml Kiederiik Ward, a former assist
ant superintendent, was reculted to fill
the vacant post until Mr. Hart's sue
teor Is appointed. Tlio hoaul accepted
Mr. Hurt's explanation of tli" growing
rplrlt of unrest on the part of the tx.s,
which eutmlniited hi attacks upon attend
ant oa Christ nms ee and New Year's
ve. Mr. Unit mid his subordinates re
stored order by ndiiilnisti'ilng u Hogging
to the ringleaders. It Is said ttiat for
some time there has been n lack of sym
jwthy between the bo.ud members and th
superintendent. It In itsxeited that Mr.
Hart's policy did not find favor with his
superiors nnd that certain method which
he wished to see pursued wete vetoed.
This resulted iu a lack ot harmony at the
St. Charles Institution wtlilch communicat
ed itself to the boys.
Chlcnao SI mi In l.cllrr Tell Wife of
l.o 1 11 u IIU Mind.
After n period of acven montlijt Repara
tion, diirlli? which time xlie li.id clven
him up for dead. John Wnnvood of Sntilt
Ste. Mario, Mich,, hni located her bus
Iwnd in a Chicago liospltnl. She received
n. letter from him Iu Chlniso In which
he s.ild lie had Just regained hU mind
nnd come to tlio realization that he had
been away from hN family. Mm. War
wood In tellliiK of her IuisImimI'm dlsap
pennineo slid : "Wo were llvlna on Sixty-
thlid stmt in Chicago, near the Illinois
Central depot. My lui-lmnil wt n news
MMr ilUlrllniter und In hli district had
nearly l,(KK) eustoiuerx. Ill olllco was
nonr the apartment where we were living,
lie was nlwnyo of nteady liahltx, never
(hank, nnd the only luil habit ho had
n Niiioklus. Ho never showed any siens
ot tneiitul M'akm, One morniiu; lie left
the liouso n m iixiial suUtx to lilt work.
It wan June 17, the day Tnft wiih nomi
nated. I haven't scon him since."
Ilvelnrr Arllim of I'lii'iilly In Color
Itiistilnur Cum- thirriisoiiulilp.
When the faculty of t3io Springfield
high school announced that tho members
of the graduating clans were suspended
for color iii-dilng It was the sign for a
s.Miipathetlc strike by nine girl members
of the class. They left, school nnd say
they will not return until the lioys lire
reinstated. The boys are alleged to h.ivo
participated In n color rush several weeks
ago, and the faculty decided that ej'cli
member of tho class was equally guilty
nnd should be nelled. This announce
ment enme ns n surprise, nnd tlio girls
declared tho decision was unjust. The
faculty has exierlcnced considerable trou
ble with the pupils during tlio list month.
Six boys who were expelled lecently wero
allowed to return after receiving a repri
mand, nnd thou ciiine tho announcement
that the 1'obrtinry class must undergo nn
Investigation 011 charges of color rushing.
Youth Unalileil (or lloura with I.eaa
Nearly Off.
Run down by a train on the Chicago
and Alton at I!:!." o'clock In the morning
nnd both leg nearly severed, Alliert I.ee,
Itl years old, lay bleeding to death nnd
suffering grently from exposure when dis
covered nenr Koodhouse. Tho amputation
ot one of his legs is necessary and It is
probable the other will also be removed.
lie has but slight chance of recovery. Lee
did not see the appionchlng train until
it was a short distance away from him.
He then tried to cross tho track, but
stumbled. IIo is a resident of Fargo. X,
P., nnd his mother hi that city has been
Second Instructor nl SI. Charles
Home, (or Hoy Itesluiis.
As a result of a fight nt the St. Charles
Homo for Hoys. In which Walter llart
lett saved n fellow teacher during a riot,
Itnrtlett has resigned. The riot occurred
several dajs ngo and Itnrtlett Interfered
on behnlf of Clayton I.eddkk, who was
nttarked. Thrro has been trouble nt
tho State school since seven boys escaped
three weeks ngo. After tho attack Led
dick left, and within two dajs afterward
llartlett also decided to leave tho Institu
tion. Ilnrtletl's biiccessor has not been
Hoy Kill IllmaeU.
Iterntiso a number of girls declined to
dnnro with him lit a parly, pleading en
gagements, Italpli II. White, tho 18-year,
old son of It, M, White, a leading mer
chant ot Lena, ended his life by shooting
himself through tho head. IIo declared
ho was tired of life. An over-supply of
young men nt the dance was the cause of
White's Inability to find u partner.
9(10,000 Tiro Lulit to Ineenillary.
FIro destroyed an entlro block, Includ
ing four business houses and ono resi
dence, at Port Ityrou. Tho loss Is $50,
000. 'lllie blaze. Is bcllovcd to have been
of Incendiary origin.
Die Cooking; Lanch,
Mrs. George IMcrson, aged 22, of Wy
oming, while preparing lunch on her re
turn from a call at a neighbor's, fell dead
In the kitchen.
Champ Clark says the average prlco
of a woman's bat Is $5. And yet It
would novcr do to refor to any wom
an's hat as an average one,
Attorney flpnrral Sara Amaembli-men
Cniuiot rt Money I'nlll 1010,
Meinders of the approaching Illinois
Oniernl Amomhly will draw no pny until
Jnn. 1, 1010. Attorney General Stead
rendered n ile Ulon the other day to Au
ditor of Public Accounts Jnmei 8. Mo
CuIIourIi that his Interpretation of the
new salary law l that the nnnunl Hilary
nnd mileage for bonntors nnd lleprevnt
ntie cannot be paid until the term of
actual service shall lime expired. Tho
opinion of the Attorney General falls ns
a Mil Mow to the proipcctlo mcniherM of
the Legislature, who had hoped that tho
hulk of the $1,000 per minum salary and
their mileage would be nallnhlc for spend
ing purpose o soon as the necesnry ap
propriation bill could be pushed through
both houses. It has been customary dur
ing the period tlint the old salary law was
In efTeet to make the lirst bill to be In
tioduced nt Springfield and to be referred
to the respective committees on appropria
tions carry a xulliclcnt sum to pny the sal
aries of niemlierN of the Senate and House
and employes. If the opinion of Attor
ney General Stead stands ns the final
word, the lawmakers will work throuih
the approaching session without coin In
band so far as the State treasury is con
eerimd. The extent of (Hie payment to
be made to each of the 201 Senators nnd
Itcpresetilntivcs will tie only the author
ized ?.( stationery account, which Is usu
nlly drawn shortly after the two houses
have been convened olllclnlly.
John Lnllette. a Civil War veteran,
aged "0 j ears, was struck by a Chicago
nnd Northwestern train while walking
nlong the track at Frcciort nnd killed.
Mrs. Phoebe I.ajton, (1(1 jenrs old, wns
fatally burned Iu Slielbjvllle by the explo
sion of 1111 alcohol stoe. She wns nlone
at the time and before help came wns
The business building and stock of gen
eral merchandise of 15. W. Carroll ol
rancher wns destroyed by fire. Loss
$1,000. The fire originated from a defec
tive flue.
Tho department store of L. W. Cllne Si
Co., the largest business block In Lltth
field, was destroyed by fire, nnd the entire
west side of the square was threatened
for a time. IovH $1W,000.
On a petition filed by creditors, tin
Goldstein Jewelry Comimiy wns forced
into bankruptcy In Peoria. L. W. Alli
son was appointor receiver. Liabilities
are given nt J?i!(),O0O, with no assets.
While walking nlong the right of way
of the Alton road near Odell Georgs
Kepler ot LnKirtc, Ind., dodged a noith
bound train nnd was struck by n south
bound Alton tiniii. ' Ho wns liiMiutly
Leo Gerber of St. Louis nnd Miss
Mary Nlcliofl of Carlyle wero married tho
other day. As the bridal ialr boarded tb
train a sheriff served papers on the bride
groom in 0 suit for $2.",tMjO filed by n for
nier sweetheart.
A blinding snowstorm caused a collis
ion between a passenger train nnd 11
freight train 011 the Wabash ralhoad neni
IMwnnlsvllle. Andrew Ilerrlck, engineer
of tho passenger, was severely Injured and
nil tho piissengeis were shaken or bruised.
Stopping up the cracks around tin
doors and windows with rags, then un
screwing the gns chandelier, Frank Trip
fttt, on employe of the Monroe Drug
Company In Qulncy, stretched himself
upon a couch, where ho wns asphyxiated,
James A. Hose, Secretary of State, In
his biennial report sent to tho Legisla
ture the other day, says that In tho two
years ending Oct. 1 last tho fees collect
ed by his office amounted to $020,8(11. Au
tomobile license fees amounted to $39,884,
In court at Springfield the authorities
of St. Mary's Academy at Nauvoo filed
an answer to tho suit of eastern bonding;
companies, setting forth that the notes
for $700,000 bearing Indorsement of l, K.
Kleren were never sanctioned by tho acad
emy. Tho Navy Department gave out In
Washington the rating of tho inliNhlpmiMi
of the second section of the class of 11)07
who ore to liecomo ensigns on Feb. 12.
Among the cadets nnd IiIh rating in 11
class of Section 47 is Itoy 1', Lmrlch,
Galcsburg, III., twentieth.
Pleading guilty to tho clmrge of em
bezzlement nnd giving ns nn excuse that
ho took the money to build a home for
himself and his bride, Wesley A. Martin,
formerly a Grnnltu City banker, wns sen
tenced to five years In tho federal prison
at Leavenworth, Kan. Martin appropri
ated $20,000 of the bank's money.
Frederick Lcttkccr, who was sent to
tho reformatory In routine from Uhiciga
twenty years ngo, wns taken back to thai
Institution recently nt tho ngc of -ir, yenrs,
nnd now, bereft of all reuson, is to b
tnkon to the Institution for tho criminal
insane at Chester, where lie will In all
probability spend tho remainder of hU
Mioses Calhoun, 12-yenr-old Oconeo boy,
held for tho death of his playmate, Ilert
Linn, Dec. 14, was discharged after an
oxtended hearing iicforo Police Magistrate
TuUinnu in Shelbyvillo. Calhoun and
Linn quarreled. Calhoun threw a chunk
of dirt nnd Linn dropped dend, Tlieru
was no mark on tho body to show where
dirt had hit. Tho dcfen&e alleged fright
caused death,
Flirting forms tho basis ot a da ma go
suit in the Circuit Court In Decatur, n
railroad being defendant and Mrs. Jo
sephine Andrews tho complainant, Engi
neer Ewing and' Fireman Drlschcll were
operating a freight train into the city
when it struck and killed Mrs. Andrews'
cow on a straight stretch of track, Sho
alleges the animal could have been seen
in time had not the engineer been bang
ing outsldo of the cab on ono side and
the fireman on the other trying to flirt
with two womsuj
All guides aro uot Cook's.
og-WiYifEfyim.. t,.

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