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Entered as Secant CIm Matter OcUktr II. 1880. at Mia Peat
Offlee at Chleaje.llllMte, under Aet af March 3rd. 1879
At Once Opens . the Campaign for
Re-election to the Office of
Chicago Mayor.
A Guard of Chicken Lifters Has
Been Formed to Protect
His Nibs.
Some of the Iroquois Survivors Might
Do Some One
Beiidei, John . Traeger, Who Wat Coroner
when that Coroner i Jury f
Bound Harrison, v
Is Red Hot Candidate
Brlcade Will HandleMtt . ,.
awx .
' fA'"-"'
llMS IKlf
.vearshus given icrerityc(wai-theVl
upsrtcrn of the former mayor" in hb
light fur his iill Job.
Outside nf tlu Iroquois Theater 1Ih
jintor iiothliiit tuiH kindled mteh ii big
tire to cmblnr.en their camp.
Olllce seekers wlm do nut voto at
nil nro (riven tho preference on all
xldoK ut the present tlini'.
Jake Dickinson, who lived near the
Luke Shore drlvo In Chicago fur nearly
iiliii) yearn and who did not vote even
ut the Tuft election, ha been made
Secretary at War.
Franklin MucYcugh, who him not
vwted for yearn for fear he might he
drawn on n Jury, has been made Sec
retary of the Treasury.
Harrison, who has never voted ex
cept for himself, Iiiim thin strong point
In his favor.
Meanwhile it "Hiirrlson (luard" or
jtaulxutlon Iiiim been placed In the Held
hy the iMiultry farmers who raise
young liens, and roosters Khi, In the
night time, with a delicacy of touch
that Harrison never saw beaten In
This Uuiird will keep Irmpioln sur-
Ivors from "rencliliiK" IIIh NIIh.
John K. Tracker, who wiim coroner
Mt the time the corouer'M Jury held
llarilxdii to the craud Jury for ullcKed
'iueIcMiitift In bin Hilltlc:i capacity
its mii.xnr, at the tlmo of the IrnquolH
lire, will bo the, hardcMt man the Jlnr
i'Imiii (Icai'dM will have to ththt.
Keveral men who lined to IhIoiii: to
vol unt iit tire department) In their
youth have formed n bucket brlKiido
lo help the former mayor.
' The ilutleM of the bucket brigade will
be to extliiKUlMh lighted cljjnrctto
-MtubiJ, thrown away by the ex-mayor
while addremdui; political mcctliiKK.
A holocaiiHt which kill women and
-children at a theater matluce would
Jie Hcrlnim if It occurred aeaiu.
Hut a lire which would burn up a
hall full of bum Harrison politicians
iiiIkIiI ruin the cuiihc.
Alderman Harney Snow In to bo
'iimdo chairman of the ucxt couuell
coin in 1 1 tec on tlnnmv. Ha. lut. ha, ha.
ha. ha, ha, ha, ha. ha! Mr. Huow'm
.public experience, before graduating in
.to the city council from one of the. pro
hibition wardM, wiim In the ntniup and
envelope licking iIIvIhIoii of the Agri
cultural neptirtmcut ut Washington.
Owing to thin fact, ho docn not know
much about ralHlng poultry at night,
although ho In connected with the
Oiiuigo Judd Farmer. Homo or tinow'8
icioiin palH can give him a tip on
the uho nf u bag, In nocturul chicken
ralMliig If he wIhIich to know about It.
Tim Chicago Journul In u recent edi
torial thus hit tho Municipal Voters'
League :
"Tho reasons given by Ilobart P.
Young for bis retirement at tho last
moment from tho nldormanlc race In
the Third Ward do not redound to tho
credit of tho Municipal Voters' Ix'uguo
or those responsible for Its manage
"Mr. Yoitna's einlunntlmi nravesl
clearly that the League Is not tho'dls-
Interested public-spirited body which
It has set up to be, but bases Ha acts
fact-MtCartor 11. hjutmob
Some Harm,
t '- r
Himself,. and-
r.fvf sr ?vw
uiwn m"olyek bent knowaVtb' Ittilf "and
-'U'JutMr.the Intelligent eJectorjitct
will iippmlMCLtiiB LeajHw'a IndoriiemontM
and denunclatloim of candldateH for
olllce at their true value, which iiiciiiim
an euormouM dlxcouut from the
lengueH profcMned HtuudardH."
What an awful reflection the "Muni
cipal Voter' lA'nguo" In iihii tho iwo
pie of Chicago iim well an uniu the
Hoard of Aldermen I Imagine the Con
grww of the United HtatcH allowing a
MM'lety iHimiHiMed of the oIIIcIiiIh of the
lending trnstn and iiioiioikiIIch of the
country lo dlctuto Its pollclm and to
Hhapt Hh IcgUlatloul Imagine tho dif
ferent Htate leglHlatuivM doing tho xame
thing! And yet In Chicago, after tho
pcoplo have elected mcu to nerve them
In the city council a lot of pernonn,
connected with varloun monopolies,
rallroadM and other frauchlne-neeklng
couceriiH and well known tax dodgem,
Inildly walk Into tho council chamber
and tell the aldermeu what to do. it
In a good thing now dayM to be a law
yer and an uldermau ut tho naino time.
Vote for I'onell for Clly TniiHurer
and Im with the winner.
The Dixon family have a lead pipe
cinch on the trauniortatlon problem.
One of them In an ul tier man and the
other a Mtate Hcuator. Hnth, of courne,
are eudorwil by the M. V. I.
(live Inane K
t'lty Treanuivr.
I'owell your vote for
Ho denerven II,
Albert J. Hopkins In the popular
choice or llllnolnann for United Platen
Tho gall of Alderman Mom) Foreman
expect I ns tho support of tho United
Societies after handing out a charter,
which they lieat to a frazzlo becauso
of Its crushing blow at personal lib
erty, utmost surpasses belief. Where
did Mono get Ills wealth?
Francis D; Connery (uih made an
honest and able Alderman, and ho
will nerve the pcoplo equally as well
us City Clerk.
Tim Illinois steal Compnuy seems
to bo terribly wrought up over that
Culporfleld bill.
Hveryliody that knows Iko Powell
likes him. His election as City Treas
urer in certain.
Let tho Republican hold-outs at
Springfield conio to their senses and
voto (or the man who Una received
tho hearty endorsement of the people of
Illinois, Albert J. Hopkins.
Ishsc X, Powell, one of the most pop
ular men who ever held public offlee In
Chicago, will be the next Olty Treas
urer. i
W'lint niHnini f ha mtv nniiun ..
Imnkcd In the First National Bank last
1 year, that he "Had never seen such an
I appetite as Foreman's''? .Was it a
,t t : -rTfjrVSjtf
CHICAGO, 8ATUKDAY, Al'RIfif'9, 1009.
ill 'I dl IBM II
f 1
t A
traction or political appetite, that wan
referred to?
' IIopkliiM In a winner,
down a good man.
Von can't
Tho Illinois Steal Company should
not bn permitted to iitcrtl tho whole
aouthern nhoro of Lako Michigan.
A vote for Powell for City Treanurcr
lit a vote for the right man.
Frank 1). Conuery Im the right man
for City Clerk.
A voto for l'owell for City Treasurer
In a vote for the right wan.
In ntlll running In the
Hverybndy Is ' with' popular
rowel for City Treasurer.
Higher meat for tho (icople and low
er taxes for tho packers are promised,
The leasing by tho city of Xe grcut
Goodrich dock, 'east of Rush street
bridge, for the paltry sum of $3,000
Hr rear, without advertising for bide,
astounds everyone. Id the opinion of
ublo lawyers, the rery fact that bids
were not advertised for Invalidates tho
leae. This lease Is worth from
130,000 to $100,000 a year to the city,
us It Is tho very best dock property on
the whole chain of lakes. Several people
would Kindly bid $50,000 for It If they
were given a chance. This sort of
business Is played out with the public
and the facts ouce understood will
arouse a storm of Indignation.
The practlco of tho Chicago City
Railway and Chicago Railways Com
pany In hiring yahoos from tho country
for conductors and motormen may ex
plain tho cause of snmo tragic happen
Ingn along their lines.
Tho Municipal Court should bo nbol
Ished. Tho Illinois Steal Company Is going
to lower the wages of 5,000 men. '
The people of lllluols belle vo In that
old saying, "Ono good term desorves
nuothcr," und that1 Is why they aro for
Albert J. Hopkins for United States
Isaac X. Powell will uiako a grand
City Treasurer.
It's oil ovor butThe anputlug us far
aa Frauds D, Connory's campaign for
City Clerk Is concerned. He will win
-- a mmiSm I idjafrtfijiji
p y iTHr -fl
1BSTJ i 1
The Next Cty Traaatfrar of Chlcajo.
1 M.
In a walk. Tho inipular and honest
Alderman from, the Twenty-eighth
Ward has the people of Chicago be
hind lilm.
For years I. X. Powell was Sergeant-
at-arms of tho City Council jind ho en
deared himself to tho public and to tho
aldermen by his many amlablo quali
ties. These popular gifts ho carried
with him Into the Election Commission
er's olllce, when ho became Chief Clerk
there a dozen years ago. Mr. Powell
has been the directing genius of that
most Important department of govern
ment for tho whole period, Uoth Dem
ocrats and Republicans respected lilm
for his uniform fairness und n taint
of scandal has never attached to his
work. He has always been honest and
abou board and ho will account for the
people's money nn City Treasurer an
well an he did for the iicoplo's ballots an
executive olllccr of the Election Coinmln.
Vote against annexing
Chicago don't want It.
Albert .1. Hopkins In the choice r
the people for United States Senator.
Isaac X. Powell, the imtleut. palnn
taking and alwa.n polite and accommo
dating Chief Clerk of the I'.lectlon
Commlnnlou ban Iktii named for City
Treanurcr. Ho deserves to be elected,
anil undoubtedly will be, as he Is a
model public olllc-lnl
What Is John O. Drcuimn doing for
tho Illinois Central at Sprlngtlcld? Tlmo
will tell.
Why should u packing house, with ttn
smell, bo permitted to expand across
the street from the Albert (i. Lane
Technical High School?
, You can't stop Frank I). Connery for
City Clerk. Ho is a suro winner.
All classes of dtl.enn aro rallylug
to the nupport of Isaac X. Powell for
City Treanurcr. Ho is a Miro win
ner. Tim .Mills gang and the rent of tho
reformers on the school board will bear
Popular Iko Powell will' bo the uext
City Treasurer, and don't you forget
People two sick and tired of "Char
tor" grafters.
No. man, lu Chicago Is more entitled
to uu election to office than I. N. Pow
ell, Ills clean, faithful and hordwofk
lug record as chief clerk of the Election
18$ W5? -.V-
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HBIKdk' v-JBBbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
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IB '''ibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb1
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PMW..r '. FiTf,
IN NONE.' ?$
1 II II I I I 1 1
Hoard ban earned for lilm nn election
as City Treasurer, and his certain vic
tory (hi April l will be a jmpular one
from one end of Chicago to the other.
The Knockers' -M. V. J will never
lu mlnmtl, If a truo reform leaguo Is
started In 'Chicago.
The gicat Increase In the number of
canes of tuberculonln tn duo to tho
manner In which the trust packers
have htvu given their own way by the
health department.
The traction companies do about as
they .like. They run over people, kill
people, kill hornen and rulu teams and
nothing In ever done to them.
Vote for
City Clerk.
Conuery for
The greatest high school In Chicago
In being ruined by a packing plant built
light acrosn the street from it.
Schneider should get busy on thin.
The discovery of that tractlou graft
wan almost too sudden for the "re
npectablo" reformers. Nothing doing.
The people of Illinois were with Al
bert .1. Ilopklun for United States
Senator at the Aiigunt prlmarlen, and
tlicy aie with lilm now.
Meanwhile tho tractlou graft, stolen
from tho city, has been lost night of.
What does Mr. Weston get $20,000
per year for Ids tractlou work for tho
( Ity. Slum vHh did engineers becomo
no valuable?
Tho best thing in tho gift of tho city
Is the great dock property which is
leased to tho (joodrlch Company for a
song. This Is tho greatest dock prop
erty In tho world, and there aro plenty
of men In Chicago who are willing to
pay $30,000 a year for It for a Jong
lease. The lease of this dock has
never been advertised as It should
have been, according to law. All past
city administrations liavo stifled com
petition and handed this great prop
erty over to tho Goodrich gang for a
pittance. The dock property lius a
width of seventy feet, and la over a
block In length, extending from Rush
street brldgo to tho Illinois Central
slip. This gang are already nt work
to get another lease this year. Watch
them I
Sometimes wo feel llko agreolug with
Hlg Sid that It would bo hotter to
send Foreman buck to tho council.
This might bo tho quickest way of put
ting lilm In lino far what Is coming to
lilm some day, soou or late.
h ' v
- , - jWl - i,WiVTVW',,,SH r-
Municipal Voters' League Pets, by a
Solid Vote, Give Illinois Central
t Good Thing.
The League Advisory Committee
Is Largely Composed of
Railroad Owners,
And as This Gang Selects Only Men
Who Are Its Slaves When
Nothing that a Railroad Wants Will Be
Denied It in the City
Millionaires Who Have Such a
Time with Dub Aldermen Attract
After Is'lng tauten two times the
Illinois Central managed to squeeze
through the franchise of the. Kenning
.Yon & Knsteni Railroad at the meet
ing -nf thectty couuell. Monday night.
The road In cxicctcd to In running lu
a mouth.
ft will have four trucks, two for
freight to Gary, lad., and two for
trolley cam of the Chicago, Lako
Shore Ac South Ilcml Ulcctrlc Railway,
which In a part of the Hiiuuu luterur
ban system of Indiana and Ohio. A
companion ordinance provides that the
Illinois Central shall vacate and pave
a strip of Front street be'wceu Uoth
and llilth streets, which adjoins the
Kensington & Kasteru terminal In
The ordinance creating a commit
tee of local Industries, which will take
practically all of the work away from
the streets and alleys committee was
called up by Aid. Ciillertnu und was
passed. The new committee will be
composed of tiftccu members, seven
from the Wot Side, live from tho
South and three from the North.
The Humboldt Park nrauch of tho
MetroHilltau West Side F.levntod
Hallway can now ta extended along
Went .North avenue t tho city limits.
The ordinance granting the right wan
panned by acclamation. The work on
the two miles between North Lawn
dale avenue, the present terminal, and
North iVJd avenue, must be completed
lu two yearn.
The series of ordinances revising the
license s.vstcm of the city were panned
with the exception of the one relating
to livery and sales stables. When tho
license period starts thin year, Mify
Int. tho city collector will collect for
only eight months, no that the license
pcrlist for HMO und subsequent yearn
will start .Tan. 1st, and be coincident
with the calendar year, City Clerk
Mit'abo took a Until shot at the or
dinances by a series of figures show
ing that by shortening the current li
cense jear tour months the city's In
tome Is lcduccd $133,lH:i for HMKI.
A new bureau of street repairing In
the department of public works In
created by an nidlmiiico fathered by
Aid. Snow, which also authorizes the
city to do the work Itself. The most
Important new Job which In brought
lorth by the ordinance In third as
sistant superintendent of streets.
AmoiiK the minor ordinances which
went through lu the clean up were tho
Requiring that all gasoline be sold
lu red cans under penalty of $3 tine,
Permitting private attachments to
the the alarm service of tho city.
Providing that water meters shall bo
Installed when frontage rate. In $100 a
year, luntead or $40, und revising code
regarding tho collection of water taxes.
Sixteen switch-truck ordinances, most
of them passed for the puriwso or col
lecllng compensation, us tracks have
been used for years.
Four ordinances permitting Iward of
education to sell property no longer
needed for school purposes.
A blind ordinance, to which no al
derman had tho temorlty to sign his
name, was produced by City Clerk Mo
Cube at tho Inst mlnuto before ad
journment. It Is designed to glvo tho
hold-over aldermen a salary raise from
$1,300 to tho $:i,000 which the newly
elected aldermeu will reecho by mak-
tirtered as 8eeend Class Matter Oetakcr Il,'l88, at the Peat
Offlee at Chtaaga, llllnala, under Aet af March 3rd, 187
lug each hold-over alderman superin
tendent of cleaning, paving und other
street work In his ward nt n $1,500
salary. It went to the finance com
mittee. The council adjourned lu accordance
with an ordinance from Alderman Ben
nett to April l'J, the Monday following
the election. At that time the present
council will hold a iierfuuctory meet
ing of a few minutes, swear In the new
aldermeu and adjourn Into the new
Tho next meeting of the couuell will
be on April 1-'. Tho new ulderiuen will
take their neatn at this meeting.
Kpldcrmls -Madden has promised to
deliver the Third Ward to Mono Fore
man. Powell and victory go hand lu hand.
Kx-Alderman Uutler, of the Twenty
seventh Wnrd, could tell a thing or
two about Foreman If be wanted to.
Vdo for Isaac X. Powell for City
Foreman may be sorry some day
that he did not follow the wise exam
ple of Dennett and Llun Young, and
get out while the sun wan shining.
See that I. X. Powell gets your vote
for City Treasurer. He Is the mau
lor the olllce.
How many public bodies lias the
lllluols Steal Company got representa
tives on?
People have a great opportunity to
lay nwny Mnrtln H. (Epidermis) Mad
den and Milton .7. Foreman at one
swipe, neat Foreman In tho Third und
Madden goes back to clip his bonds.
Nobody lu Chicago Is better quali
fied for the olllco or City Treasurer
than I. X. Powell, and his election on
April l will be worthy of Chicago.
Tho Chicago Olty Railway Company
and tho Chicago Railways Company
aro talking of consolidating. This will
beat the city out of SO per cent nioro of
Its lawful income.
Forular Iko Powell deserves your
voto for City Treasurer. See that he
gets It.
Tho lllluols Steal Company wants 2.10
acres moro of Lako Michigan belonging
to tho State of Illinois.
Isaac X Powell will make one of the
best City Treasurers Chicago has ever
Watch the traction gang closely. The
members of It are figuring on skinning
the city to a greater extent thuu ever.
Why don't tho belligerent Republi
cans down ut Springfield cut out their
horseplay and do honor to their party
and their Stato by re-electlug to tho
. 'Wfi v

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