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Aldormanic Election Next Tuesday, and Judicial
Primaries April 13.
I !
1 1
i !
Brass and
Iron Specialties
Grand Crossing - Chicago
J. F. Smulski & Co.
In English, German and PolUh
"GAZETA KATOLICKA," The Best Advertising
Medium among the Polish residents of Chicago and
America. Apply for prices.
Mala 449$
ami OllcMa Slgaa
41 Lk Sill Street,
Tlw Factory U tht pluca to buy
At Ruitnmbl PrtOM.
Far Haaalrfag 'aa4 Rdm4tUag la all Braacawa
MfW-tft MHMMfi n W WMf Mill AM WN8M(t-M IVMI
Pear ftm. talttogM MaMsi Free.
Merchant Tailors
rirst-Clau Wrk at Moderate Prloct
99 Washington St.
Wt Rent Tuxedtft
Tho nomlnatlou of Klckhnm Scanlan
for Judgo of tho Circuit Court will bo
a popular one. Ills long and clean rec
ord has made him well known and well
liked, and he will liavo no trouble In
being elected next June.
Judgo Georgo Kersten will bo re
nominated and re-elected, as ho de-ktvc-h
to be. Ills able, brilliant and
honest record has gained for him a
popularity that reaches from one end
of the county to tho other.
John P. 'MeGoorty will mako as hon
est and nblo a Judge as ho made a
legislator. Lot tho Democrats nominate
him. The people wll elect him.
Alderman Herman P. Kruger Is pop
ular all over tho Fifteenth Ward uud
his re-election Is certain.
John P. Holland is ono of tho best
qualified men In Chicago for a seat on
tho Circuit Court bench, and his nom
ination by tho Uepubllcaua on April
Kith will mean his election next June
by a big plurality. Ho Is a man of
ability and Integrity and will serve
tho people fearlessly and forcefully.
He should bo nominated nnd elected.
Mr. Holland Is flfty-ono years old, and
was born In Mllford, Mass. Ho came
to Chicago twenty years ago and
has lived In tho Sixth Ward for the
past thirteen years. Ho graduated
from Harvard, and has practiced law
in Chicago ever since coming here.
For the past four years Mr. Holland
has been a Mnster-ln-Chanccry and bis
clean and able record has gained for
bin the admiration and highest re
Battaaa, MwaUa
Chicago ill.
ana Full Dress Suits
spect of both bench nnd bar. Ho Is a
member of tho firm of Hamlin & Hol
land, nnd belongs to tho Union League,
Hamilton, Chicago Law Clubs, and tho
Itur Association.
One of tho largest and strongest
dramshop Indcmulty companies in
America, and tho only ono In Illinois,
is the Itelxch Indemulty Company.
They aro known from ono cud of tho
State to tho other, and deservo the
great success they havo attained.
They issue an Indemulty bond com
pletely covering all liability under Sec
tions S and 0 of Chapter 43 of tho
Illinois statute, known as tho "Dram
Shop Act." This bond Is so written
that it automatically Indemnities the
dramshop keeper, his bondsmen, the
owner and lesseo of tho building lu
which tho dramshop Is operated; com
pletely Indemnifying each nnd all
against all loss by any uud all Judg
ments obtained by civil prosecutions,
by icnson of any person sustnlulug
damage, lu person or property, or
means of support, under either of said
sections. Or, In other words, they de
fend nil such suits with their attor
neys nt their cxpenso from beginning
to final Judgment, and Immediately re
imburse suld parties for any and nil
Judgments obtained against them, or
any of them; there being absolutely
no way in which a suit may bo proso
oil tod or Judgment obtained under
either of these sections, or against any
or all of these parties, but what nil
loss thereby is fully and completely
covered by their bond. Tho Chicago
ofllco of tho Itelsch Indemnity Com-
pany Is at km corn Kxciinngo JinnK
Building, 200 La Salle street, tho main
offices being In Springfield.
I. X. Powell will bo llio next City
Treasurer of Chicago. Everybody Is
with hltn.
The nomination of Klckhnm Scanlan
for Judgo of the Circuit Court will be
n popular, one nil over Chicago. His
election next June will place on the
bench an able, honest and fearless jur
ist. Alderman Arthur W. Fulton has
made an able, honest and clean rec
ord In the City Council, and every citi
zen of the Thirteenth Ward who be
lieves In rewarding faithful public of
ficial should see that he Is re-elected
next April.
AUIcrmnti Arthur Joscttl Is one of
the Itcst representatives the iicople of
Chicago have ever had In the city
council mid the citizens of tho Twenty
second ward should seo that he Is re
elected. Judge Edward O. Ilrown should be
re-elected Judgo of the Circuit Court.
Ho has made a splendid record and ho
should be rewarded for It.
W. 1). Munhnll would servo the peo
ple well on the Circuit Court bench,
nnd his nomination by the Democrats
will bo a popular ono nil over Chi
Alderman Arthur W. Fulton will be
returned a winner In tho Thirteenth
Ward. Ho ban proven true to every
promise given the people and his popu
larity extends from one end of the
ward to the other.
Alderman Arthur Josottl's re-election
lu the Twenty-second Ward Is certain.
The nomination for Circuit Court
Judge of Klckham Scanlan by the Re
publicans will be followed by bis elec
tion by the people hf a big aiajorlty.
Alderman Edward F. Cullerton, hon
est, able and straightforward, will be
triumphantly re-elected In the Eleventh
. Lewis M. Jones Is a winner for Al-
12..... IH !. fPUI.i rt.iM4k WhmI IFa
uuruiuu ill inn auiii;-iuuiiu nniu, u
enjoys a widespread popularity In tbo
ward, and his plurality on election day
will bo tho largest over given a candi
date in that ward.
Judgo Thomas G. Wlndes has served
the people well on tho Circuit Court
bench nud deserves a re-election. Judgo
Wlndes was born in Morgan County.
.Alabama, Jan. 10, 1848, nnd was edu
cated in tho public schools and at tho
academy nt Huntsvllle, Ala. Ho stu
died law nt tho University of Virginia.
Judges Wlndes served In tho cavnlry
division, Confederate States army dur
ing tho Civil war. Ho was a school
teacher In 1808, u farmer In 1871 nnd
a practicing lawyer '7:1 to 1802, when
ho was elected Judgo of tho Circuit
Court. He was re-elected to tho bench
Ih 100.
Charles E. Hollars, tho nblo nnd well
known lawyer, nominated by tho Demo
crats of tbo Twcnty-tifth Ward for Al
derman, should rccolvo tho votes of
everybody in tho ward who believes In
electing forceful, ablo and energetic
men to public ofllco., ,
Alderman Arthur Joscttl will bo re
elected, as ho deserves to be. Ho has
made ono of tho best representatives
the peoplo have ever had lu tho City
Council. Ho Is a conscleutlous, hard
working nnd ublo official, fully cogni
zant of tho needs of his constituents,
nnd never afraid to work earnestly for
their best Interests. Tho peoplo of tho
Twenty-Bocond Wurd aro proud of their
faithful Alderman, and they will show
their appreciation of his good work on
April U.
Klckhnm .Scanlan should lo nom
hinted and elected Judgo of tho Cir
cuit Court. Ho has earned n scat on
the bench, by his long and honorable
record as'u lawyer, and ho will make
n painstaking, honest nud courageous
Jurist. '
Tho coplo of tho Twenty-first Wnrd
aro going to re-elect their honest and
ablo Alderman, Francis W. Taylor, by
u big plurality.
Edwin A. Olson's able nud brilliant
record as a lawyer entitles him to a
scat on tho Circuit Court bench.
Tho peoplo of Illinois ore for Albert
J. Hopkins for United States Senator,
nud the hold-out Ttcpubllcnn Legislators
should heed their demands.
August Krumholz should bo elected
Alderman In tho Twenty-fourth Ward
and ho will be. His good record beforo
in tho Council has rallied to his sup
port tho best peoplo In tho ward and
his plurality on April 0 will bo a large
Judgo Lock wood Ilonoro has gained
the confldeuco nnd highest respect of
all Chlcagoaus by his honest and clean
record on tho bench nnd his re-election
next Juno Is certain.
Kdwnrd F. Cullerton Is deserving of
n re-election to the city council from
'i 'leventh Ward. Ills record Is hon
r' - ii ifnn In every respect and bis
services In the council are needed not
only for the Ircst Interests of tho Elev
enth Ward but of all Chicago. Alder
man Cullerton In addressing the peo
ple of tho Eleventh Wnrd says:
"Without boasting I can truthfully say
that I have been energetic and pains
taking lu working for tho interests, not
only of my own constituents, but ntso
for tlic benefit of tho taxpayers of tho
entire city." Tho peoplo of tho Elev
enth Ward and of the rest of Chicago
know this to bo true and the plurality
he will reeelvo on April 0 will bo n
inngnlllecnt one.
Judge George Kersten will have nol
trouble in being re-elected. Ills hon
est and able record has made him pop
ular with everybody, and his"- vote
next June will bo u record-breaker.
Judgo Thomas G. Wlndes has served
tho eople honestly, ably and fearlessly
on the bench, and his re-election Is
Justly deserved.
It Is able, honest nud forceful men
like Homer B. Tlnsmnn that aro need
ed on tho bench. The Republicans
should nomlnato him for Judge of the
Circuit Court on April 13th. The peo
ple who have been watching his splen
did record In the City Council will do
the rest next June.
Frank D. Connery Is well known and
well liked all over Chicago. Ills plu
rality for City Clerk will be one of
the largest ever given a candidate for
that office.
Cltlsens of the Fifteenth Wnrd nro
united In the demand for the re-election
of Alderman Kruger.
August Peters should be elected Al
derman In the Twenty-sixth Ward. The
services of successful business men like
Mr. Peters are needed In the City Coun
cil and all good citizens of the ward
should rally around bis support on
April 0.
The nomination by the Democrats of
Charles E. Zollars for Alderman In the
Twenty-fifth Ward, was an excellent
one, and one that should meet with
hearty approval of the peoplo at tho
polls on April Oth. An able and force
ful man, Mr. Zollars commands toe con
fidence and high admiration of all who
know him, and his election will give
Chicago ono of tho best aldermen she
has ever had. It Is brainy, honest and
vigorous men llko Mr. Zollars that are
needed 'In the council, and all good cltl
sens of the Twenty-fifth Wnrd, regard
less of politics, will be honoring them
selves nnd their wnrd by casting their
votes for htm nnd electing htm. Mr.
Zollars was born In Fort Wayne, Ind.,
thirty-four years ago. Ho was gradu
ated from Dcnlson University at Gran
ville, Ohio, nnd -was admitted to tbo
bar at Indianapolis. Mr. Zollars was
trial attorney for tho Pennsylvlnln
system for two years. Ho started law
practice In 100.1 and has been success
ful from tho start.- Ho enjoys tho lilgh
est respect and admiration of both
bench and bar. Mr. Zollars' father
served as Judgo of tho Supremo Court
of Indlnnn. The tax payers of tho
Twenty-llfth Wnrd will bo voting for
their best Interests by casting their
votes for Charles E. Zollars for alder
Alderman Francis D. Connery has
served tho people ably nnd honestly In
tho city council and ho will serve them
oquully as well as city clerk.
Alderman Edward F. Cullerton Is
nn easy winner In the Eleventh Wnrd.
Ills long and honorahlo career has
gained for him tho confidence nnd
highest esteem of the best citizens of
tho wnrd and tho plurality ho will re
ceive on election day will be a mag
nificent one.
Alderman Arthur W. Fulton hns
mndo n good, clean record In tho City
Council nnd tho peoplo of tho Thir
teenth wnrd will show their apprecia
tion of his faithful service on next
Francis D. Connery was honest ns nn
Alderman. Ho will bo equally faithful
nnd honest as City Clerk.
Thcodoro llrentnno, tho nble, hon
est nnd fearless Judgo of tho Superior
Court, will havo no troublo In being
ro-clected next June. Tho peoplo of
Cook County, Irrespective of party
affiliation, aro with him.
Let tho Democrats of Chicago show
their appreciation of John P. Mc
Goorty's steadfast loyalty to their
party by nominating him for a posi
tion he rightly deserves to hold, that
of Judgo of tho Circuit Court.
Lewis M. Jones, tho Republican can
didate for alderman In tho Thirty
fourth Ward, desorvos tho votes of nil
good citizens, regardless of party ties.
Ho is a man of lino education, a collego
graduate, and a first-class business man
with an honorublo record. Ho has been
chairman of tho South End Improve
ment Club of tho ward and Is public
spirited nnd active. Mr, Jones is the
president of tho well-known South Wa
ter street commission firm, tho liar
villc & Jones Company.
Joseph F. Connory will bo tho next
Alderman from the Fourteenth Ward.
Judge George Kersten will, as ho de
serves, be re-elected Judge of the Clr-
cult Court. The people will show their
appreciation of his honest, clean nnd
fearless record on the beuch by giving
him n magnificent majority next June.
Ho holds the confldeuco nnd admiration
of everybody, Irrespective of party of
dilation. Cook County points with pride
to Judgo Georgo Kersten.
vJohn P. MeGoorty should bo rWte.1
Judgo of the Circuit Court. It Is nble,
honest nnd clean men like lilm thnt nrn
needed on the bench.
Klckhnm Scanlan is one of tho ablest
lawyers In Cook County, nud ho will
mnkc ono of tho best Judges of the
Circuit Court tho peoplo have ever had.
Francis D. Comiery's nomination for
City Clerk by tho Democrats means
his certain election next April.
Judge Georgo Kcfstcu hns mnde one
of tho best Judges that linn ever eat
on the Circuit Court bench nnd the
peoplo of Cook County will roll up n
vote for him on next Juno thnt will
show him how much they appreciate
his faithful and able services.
Judgo Lockwood Honore Is one of
the ablest and hardest-working men on
tho bench, and bo Is deserving of a re
election. Francis D. Connory will bo the next
City Clerk of Chicago.
Judgo Thcodoro llrentnno should be
re-elected to tho Superior bench. He
Is honest aud ablo as his record proves.
Thomas Taylor, Jr.'s candidacy for
Judgo of the Circuit Court on tho Re
publican ticket should meet with the
hearty support of every citizen who Is
desirous of 'seeing nble, honest nnd
forceful men elected to the bench. Mr.
Taylor Is ono of Chicago's most suc
cessful and most highly esteemed at
torneys, and ho will mako ono of the
best judges ever elected In Cook Coun
ty. Mr. 'Taylor has been for seventeen
years Mnster-ln-Chanccry of the Cir
cuit Court of Cook County and Is one
of the best known men 'In the legal
profession. He was born forty-nine
years ago and bis boyhood was spent
at Canton, III., whero lie nttended the
public schools. He then entered Knox
College at Galesburg, worked his way
through 'and was graduated In 1881.
With him In collego were Robert
Mather, E. A. Bancroft nnd S. S. Mc-
Clure, nnd Judgo Plnckncy was ono
of bis classmates. Ho was active In
collego nffalrs nnd was president of
tho leading literary society. In 1882
Mr. Taylor entered the law school at
Harvard. Again working his way, he
was graduated with honor In 1883, re
ceiving tho degrco of LL. I). Almost
Immediately ho was admitted to the
Suffolk County (Massachusetts) bar
and for a year practiced In Boston lu
tho olllco of Burdctto & Gooch. In
1887 Mr. Taylor camo to Chicago, and
slnco thnt time hns been actively en
gaged In Inw practice. As Master-in-
Chancery1 ho hns heard and decided
mora than 1,000 civil suits. Mr. Tay
lor's nnmo Is on tho roster of tho Chi
cago, University, Law, City, Hamilton
nnd Mnrquctta Clubs. Ho is on the
cxecutlvo committee of tho Illinois nu
inane Society, Is vlco president of the
Onweutsla Club nnd Is a member of
tho Chicago, Illinois nnd American Bar
Associations. In 1000 ho was appoint
ed by Governor Dcnecn a delegate to
tho congress on uniform law. Mr. Tay
lor Is married and has three children.
His homo is In Winnotkn.
Theodore Brentano will bo trium
phantly re-elected Judge of tho Super
ior Court. Ills honest, brilliant and
fearless record has won him tho hearty
support of tho iicoplo of Chicago, Irre
spective of polities.
Judgo Edward 'O. Brown should be
renominated and re-elected. He has
mndo an honest, nble and clean rec
ord, and should bo kept wboro bo Is.
Judgo Lockwood Honore's splendid
record on tho bench has gained for
him tho confldeuco nnd high admira
tion of tho peoplo of Chicago, and his
election next Juno Is certain.
John P. MeGoorty will mako an hon
est aud fearless Judgo of tho Circuit
Tho candidacy of Homer E. Tlnsmnn
for Judgo of tho Circuit Court should
rccolvo tho hearty support of the peo
plo of Chicago. Mr. Tlnsmnn Is tho
sort of a man the peoplo want on tho
bench aud bis election will do credit to
Cook County. Honest, able nnd force
ful, ho has a record to bis credit as
a public official, a lawyer and a cltl
zon that commends him to the peoplo
as tho right man to place on tho Cir
cuit Court bench. iMr. Tlnsiuau has
served tho peoplo of tho Thirty-second
Ward In tho City Council for tho past
year and bis clean aud aggressive rec
ord has won for him a widespread pop
ularity not ouly In his own wnrd but
throughout Chicago, and his nomination !
for Judge of tho Circuit Court by tho
Republicans means his election next
Juno by a big majority. He has mado
ono of tho best; aldermen over In tho
City Council aud ho will make a great
John T. Murray, Democratic candi
date for Judge of the Circuit Court,
la worthy of the support of all Deuo-
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Wno Will Suceesd Himself as Alderman In the Twenty-second Ward.
crnts nt tho prlmnrlcs on April 13th.
Mr. Murray is a lawyer of ability
nnd force nnd is qualified in every
way for a seat on the bench. Ho
should be nominated. Mr. Murray was
born In Chicago, thirty-eight years
ago, and lives In tho Twentieth Ward.
He Is n graduate of Lake Forest Uni
versity and hns practiced law for fif
teen years. He is a member of the
Royal Arcanum and of the Knights
of Columbus. He was clerk of the Cir
cuit Court In 1800, and Is liked and
respected by all who know him. Mr.
Murray Is n son-in-law of tho late
Justlco Daniel 8cully, who was one of
the ablest and most popular magis
trates Chicago ever had.
It's a landslide for Powell for City
Treasurer, Everybody Is with him.
Judge George Kersten deserves to be
re-elected. It Is able, honest and clean
men like him that are needed on the
Klckhnm Bcnnlan is one of tho best
qualified men In Chicago for a seat
on the Circuit Court bench and ,hls
nomination by the Republicans will
provo a popular and a winning one.
Alderman Arthur W. Fulton Is a
winner In the Thirteenth Ward. Ills
splendid record in the council has
mado him popular all over tho ward,
and his constituents have mado up
their minds to keep him where be has
served them so well.
Alderman Herman F. Kruger, of tho
Fifteenth Wnrd, has mado a splendid
record lu tho city council for tho past
two years and deserves re-election.
Ills platform embraces among other
things, these good points: ,
Personal liberty nud equal rights to
Tho extension of cross-town lines of,
street cars on North avenue, Divis
ion street, Chicago avenue, Western
n venue, California avenue, Kcdzlo
nvenue, 10th nvcuuo nnd Harrison
street. Why wo should bo compelled
to go down town when wo want to go
to North or South Sldo Is a mystery.
Our cross-town lines should connect
with nil North and South Side lines,
nud wo should havo plenty of them.
insist on ceau nnd well ventlluted
street and elevated cars.
Regulation of service of elevated
trains. Additional trains and cars
should he put on. A third track
should be put 1b, and express service
should be given.
ConiH)l elevated roads to paint,
clean nnd light structure.
Compel Park Commissioners to light
and take over street bordering on
parks nnd 'boulevards. The samo
streets bordering on imrks aro neglect
ed both by city and Park Commission
ers. Tho Park Board ought to take
cnrof them.
Extension of electric light service
over entire ward, and If not electric
light, let us havo gas mantles on all
our lamps. They have It on South nnd
North Side. Why don't we havo It?
More appropriations for West Side.
The Republicans are in good shape
for bnttlo for the City Treasurershlp.
Isaac N. Fowell will be elected to that
ofllco beyond a donbt.
August Peters, the nominee of tho
Democrats of tbo Twenty-sixth Wurd
for Alderman, should bo elected uud
every voter of tho ward who wants to
bo represented In tbo city council by
nn nble, thoroughly qunlified and ag
gressive Aldorinan should seo that ho
Is elected. Tho Twenty-sixth Ward
and nil Chicago needs a man of Mr.
Peters' ability and experience In tho
council and no effort should bo wasted
lu seeing that ho is elected. Mr. Pet
ers Is CO years old and was born In
North Germany, coming to Chicago In
1870, whero he has lived ever since,
residing for the past nineteen years In
the Twonty-tlrst Ward. Mr. Peters Is
In tho real estate business and 1b one
of the most successful dealers In Chi
cago. Ills offices aro at Lincoln avenue
nnd Grace street, right lu the center of
the Twenty-sixth Ward. Ho Is well
acquainted with tho ward and knows
all Its requirements. IMr. Peters Is a
tax exiert and worked for years wltb
General Lleb. His former connection
with the treasury and assessment de
partments of the city makes him es
peotallyqualUW to represent the. ward
In tho council. Ho enjoys to tho full
est extent tho confidence and high es
teem of his neighbors. Tho Twenty
sixth Wnrd Is to bo congratulated
upon the candidacy of Mr. Peters and
his election Is desired In the best In
terests not only of tho Twenty-sixth
Ward, but of all Chicago. Tho voters
of tho ward will never regret having
elected him. He will mako a record
that every ono of his constituents will
bo ablo to point to with pride.
Isaac N. Powell Is one of the most
popular men ever nominated for City
Treasurer In Chicago. Ho deserves the
votes of Democrats and Republicans
alike, nn ho has proven himself to be
a polite, accommodating . and, honest
public official. ,
The best citizens of tho Fourteenth
Ward aro behind the candidacy of Jo
seph F. Connery for Alderman. He la
a sure winner.
August Krumhols should be elected
Alderman In the Twenty-fourth Ward.
Tho best Interests of tho wnrd and of
the 'Whole city In general demand bis
return to tbo council. Ills record In the
council before was an able, honest and
hard-working one and the people of
tho Twenty-fourth Ward aro iiideed
fortunate In again being able to have
the services of such a faithful official.
Mr. Krumhols Is fully cognizant of the
mnny needs of tho people of his ward
and ho knows the way to go about get
ting them. An experienced man llko
him Is needed in tho council for the
next two years. Every voter lu the
wnrd who believes In electing able and
forceful men to the city council should
cast a vote for August Krumholz nt
tho election on April (I.
August Peters should bo elected Al
derman In tho'Twcnty-slxth Wurd. Ho
Is tho man for tho office.
Alderman Arthur Joscttl lias served
the peoplo of tho Twenty-second Wurd
faithfully in tho City Council, and he
deserves to ho re-elected.
Edward O. Brown deserves a re
election to tho Circuit Court bench. lie
has made an honest, foarless and clean
record aud his nomination Is desired
by everybody. Judgo Brown was born
In Salem, Mass., Aug. 0, 1847, and was
graduated from tho Brown University
in 1807 and studied law at Dame Law
School, Harvard. Ho was admitted to
tho bar In 1870. He was associate
clerk of the Supremo Court, Rhode Is
land, 1870-1, and began practice In the
firm of Peckbam & Brown In Chicago
In 1872. Ho was a candidate for Judge
of tho Superior Court In 1803 and was
counsel for Lincoln Park Commission
ers In 1804-7. He Is a life-long Demo
crat. Ho was elected to the Circuit
Court bench In 1003 and bis record
spaks for Itself.
Frank D. Connory's caudldacy for
City Clerk Is meeting with enthusiasm
all over tho city. Ho will be elected
by a record-breaking majority,
Aldcrmnn Arthur W. Fulton is a sure
winner in tho Thirteenth.
You can't down Edward F. Culler
ton In tho Eloveuth Ward. The peo
ple of that ward believe In standing
by a man who bus faithfully stood
by them.
Lewis M. Jones will be elected to the
City Council from the Thirty-fourth
Ward, as ho deserves to be. Ho Is pop
ular all ovor tho ward and Is making n
clean and aggressive campaign. It Is
ablo business won llko Mr, Jones that
aro needed In the Council.
John P. McGoorty's able, honest and
clean record as a public official and
a lawyer commends him to tho people
of Cook County as tho right man to
place on tbo Circuit Court bench,
Lewis M. Jones Is a winner for Al
derman In the Thirty-fourth Ward.
Ho Is popular and his clean business
and prlvato record Is knowu to every
body. The ward needs a man of his
ability and force In the City Council,
and all good dilcens of the ward
should help his candidacy at the polls
on April 6,
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H a 4.
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