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Harry R. Gibbons, John T. Connery,Lockwood Honore, Charles J. Vopicka, Fred W. Blocki, Andrew J. Graham, John E. traeger,
Ernst Hummel, William L. O'Connell, James Hamilton Lewis. Charles H. Wacker, Edward F. Dunne.
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Desks and Office
N. E. Cor. Wabash Ave. and Adams St.
It back where It belong a branch of
the County Court," he aald. "Aa for
the county court., they, too, ihould
uie more power. The court can pais
on a million dollar special assessment,
but it cannot pasa on a $1,000 contract.
"All local Improvements should orig
inate with the board of local Improve
ments. There should be a change In
the law which would let the majority
property owners compel the board of
local Improvements to hold public
"Then, If the majority approves of
Improvements, the board should get
suitable ordinances. As It Is now a
special assessment proceeding Is a
lawsuit between the city and objecting
property holders. The non-objecting
owners do not appear. All powers and
the control of streets and pavements
should be vested la the board of lo
cal Improvements."
Major Edgar B. Tolman, vice presi
dent of the association, presided.
Among the guests were Judge Orln X.
Carter of the Illinois Supreme Court
and United States Judge C. C. Kohl-
Two methods of expediting Justice
In Cook County are aimed at in the
report of the Chicago Bar Associa
tion's committee on amendment of the
The first is an Increase In the quota
of Judges for Cook county, enabling
them to consider all cases brought
before them without calling country
Judges to their assistance. The sec
ond recommendation Is that the Legis
lature be asked to relieve Judges of
the Appellate Court from writing opin
ions on cases from lower courts which
they affirm. The full text of the re
port will not be made public until
June 8, when the managers of the
Bar Association have passed upon it.
"It is Impossible to say now," said
Mr. Defrees, president of the Bar As
30datlon, "whether or not the report
will be accepted. It Is the opinion or
the bar In general that decided action
Is necessary, anil there may bo a ques
tion aa to whether the recommenda
tions are sufficiently strong."
M predicted, the ChlcaRO Railways
Company is In the hands of receivers,
How far this move la Intended to go In
the defeat of present financial arrange
ments with the city and ultimate mu
nicipal ownership remains to be seen.
The people of Chicago demand one
street car fare for one city. The Chi
cago Railways Company, now in liti
gation, will get the Consolidated lines
and one fare for nil must follow. The
people want the city to got 35 per'cent
of tho profits, too,
The city Is in a bad boat on this
traction matter unless It acts
"I believe the city is in serious dan
ger of losing its share of the traction
profits, and I am making on Investiga
tion In aearch of a remedy," aald Al
derman Cullerton. "I am not certain
that the city Is authorized to seise and
operate tho llnea, but I am certain the
situation la so serious as to demand
Immediate action. We cannot afford
to tako chance, with the city'. Inter
ests, and the way the company ha.
rushed Into insolvency make. It look
aa though almost anything may be ex
pected of It.
"Another thing the city needs in this
crisis Is a lawyer. I mean a lawyer
who can be depended on to conserve
the city's Interests. We have had
enough of agreed ctses and the like,
and It Is time for the city to come in
and stop this dilly-dally policy."
Alderman Cullerton was not pre
pared to say what action he would
recommend, but he admitted that he
had something to offer the council at
Its next meeting. '
John Barton Payne, attorney for tho
Consolidated bondholders, took the
same view of the case as Alderman
Cullerton, saying there was no doubt
that the Ball Judgment constituted a
prior lien on the property of the Chi
cago Railways Company and that It
would have to be paid ahead of the
city. He said he had little fear that
Judgo Ball's ruling would be reversed
by the Supreme Court.
Retire MUkem Foreman and Mr.
Fisher from the traction firing line
and seize the street railways, Is what
many people think the city ought to
do In the present emergency.
Following are the name, of men talked of prominently for the office.,
named which will be filled next fall:
Superior Court Judge.
John J. Coburn .
John M. Duffy
John T. Murray
John E. Owen. -John
P. McGoorty
Adama A. Goodrich
Andrew J. Ryan .
James T. Brady
George M. Steves.
Charles A. McDonald"
M. M. Guerla
Nicholas R. Finn"
Joseph Sabath ""
W. D. MunhalP
R. W. Clifford
Frank R. Cain.
George Mill. Rogers
William E. Dever.
W. 8. Johnson
Richard E. Burke.
Daniel L. Crulce,
William A. Doyle,
John E. Kehoe,
Granville W. Browning,
John C. King,
Robert Redfleld.
Francis W. Walker, -James
C. McShane.
Circuit Court Judge to Fill Vacancy.
Edward O. Brown
-- X
u '.
Clyde A. Morrison
Julio. F. Smletanka
William E. Mason
Charles E. Crulkshank
Pliny B, Smith
Arthur' W. Fulton
J. V. O'Donnell,
John F. Holland
Ernest Saunders
Frank P. Schmltt
Benjamin F. Rlcholaon
Homer E. Tlniman
James 8. Hopkins
Charles B. Pa vl leek
Thomas Taylor, Jr.
Robert 8. He.
Warren Pease
Stlllman B. Jamleson
Edmund W. Burke,
Elbrldge Hanecy,
Edwin A. Olson,
Arba N. Waterman,.
. v I
i i I t
'. Li- .J
?. M
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I .
Governor of Illinois.
Court bench. HI. grand record on
that bench before and hi. widespread
popularity In Chicago would make at.
election certain.
Hell and Taxes are two of the eas
iest vegetable, to raise In Chicago,
according to bond issue advocates.
Tho traction question Is up again
with a vengeance.
The proposed "L" merger Is off.
The street railways question bobs
up Just in tlmo to bo of value In tho
coming mayoralty campaign.
After dissecting the new direct pri
mary law and nasslna on doubtful le
gal point., the board of election com
missioners Issued an official calendar
for the county, congressional and
state nrlmarle. and election. The
more important date, are a. follow.:
July 18 First day for candidate, it
primaries to file petition, with coun
ty clerk or secretary of state.
Aue. 13 Last day for senatorial
committees to decide how many can
didates for state representative shall
be nominated in their respective dis
Aug. 16 Last day for candidates to
file petitions with county clerk or sec
retary of state.
Aug. 21 Last day for candidate to
file withdrawals with secretary of
Aug. 26 Last and only day for un
registered voter, otherwise qualified
to vote at the primaries to file aV
davits with the board of election com
missioners. Sept. 3 Last day for candidate's to
file withdrawals with the county clerk.
Sept. IB Primary election.
Sept. 26 County conventions of all
Sept. 28 Congressional conventions.
Sent. 30 State conventions.
Oct. 8 First registration day for
November election.
Oct. 15 Last day for senatorial and
state central committees elected at pri
maries to meet and organize.
Oct. 18 Second and last registration
Nov. 8 General election for county,
congressional and state officers.
Unlike former direct primary laws,
the new act, which becomes effective
July 1, provides an opportunity for
voters who are unregistered or have
moved since the last registration day
to qualify before the primaries, uno
of the grounds on which the last law
was declared unconstitutional was that
It disfranchised a certain class of voters.
district can nominate no abler, more
popular or better qualified man for the
Legislature than George M. Welcbelt.
Harrison la .till running.
The nomination of Edward Osgood
Brown for the vacancy on the Circuit
Court bench by the Democrats' will
prove a popular one all over Chicago
and Cook county.
George K. Schmidt haa made a splen
did record on the County Board, and
hi. army of friend, are booming him
for County Treasurer.
William Kolacek haa proven him
self, as President of. the West Side
Board, to ba the right man for the
place. His record there I. in keeping
with hi. splendid record a. a business
man and a public-spirited citizen.
That "public utilities" committee
ought to be a big thing for somebody,
if not for everybody
Chicago should again be the leading
port on the Great Lakes.
The fact that Harrison would not
make a speech for Dunne i. not forgotten.
Hurry up thoseTubways.
Stationary bridges are what tho peo
plo want over the Chicago river, and
plenty of them.
The Republicans can namo no
stronger or more popular candidato
for Judgo of the Superior Court than
Homer E. Tinsman.
Tho nomination ot Edward Osgood
Brown by the Democrats for tho va
cancy on the Circuit Court bench will
be followed by his election by a big
City Attorney John R. Caverly Is one
of the ablest, most active and most
popular public officials in Chicago.
Benjamin F. RIcholson would make
a splendid Judge of the Superior Court,
and his nomination by the Republicans
will be popular with everybody.
The Democrat, will name a winner
It they nominate Edward Osgood
Brown for the vacancy on the Circuit
Milk Em Jay Foreman Is In favor ot
a bond Issue.
Col. Chauncey Dewey would make a
splendid sheriff ot Cook county.
Lengthen the loop platforms,
Albert C. Clark has made a good
state senator and would make equally
as good a county treasurer.
Andrew J. Graham, Edward F.
Dunne, Charles H. Wacker, James Ham
ilton Lewis, Ernst Hummell, John T.
Connery, William L. O'Connell, Harry
R. Gibbons, Charles J. Vopicka, Fred
W. Blocki, Lockwood Honore and John
E. Traeger are the twelve strongest
Democrats talked ot for mayor.
Cook county never had a better coun
ty surveyor than Edgar A. Rosslter.
The Republicans of the Thirty-first
The twin relic. Bryan and Harri
son, will not command much Demo
cratic strength again.
Clyde A. Morrison has made a splen
did record as Assistant City Attorney!
and he would make a good Superior
Court Judge.
Edgar A: Rosslter is making one ot
the best county .surveyor that Cook
county haa ever had. He is a hard
working, conscientious official swho
know his work from A to Z. People
who want surveying done can be sure
of their work being done honestly and
well by having Mr. Rosslter do it for
track, have heretofore been or may
hereafter be authorised to be laid,
WORKS, keep moistened and well
sprinkled with water In a manner sat
isfactory to the said Commissioner,
the several streets upon and along
which they or either of them may op
erate and maintain his or Its respec
tive railway tracks.
Any person or corporation violating
any of the provisions of this section
shall be fined not less than twenty
five nor more than one hundred dol
lars for each offense, and each and
every day on which any such person
or corporation, shall neglect, fall or
refuse to comply with any of the pro
visions of this section shall constitute
a separate and distinct offense."
Milk Em Jay Foreman is talked ot
for mayor.
Give us an outer harbor.
Milk Em Jay Foreman would make
a dandy mayor. But who will nom
inate him? Don't all speak at once.
-"Public Utilities," Milk Em, Milk
Em for the public good.
The Jackson subway scheme looks
Alderman Herman J. Bauler Is mak
ing one of the best aldermen ever In
the city council, and the citizens of
the Twenty-second Ward are proud of
him. Friends of bis all over the city
are already working hard for bis nom
ination for sheriff on the Democratic
The Democrats could not nam a
more popular man for mayor than
honest, big-hearted Harry Gibbons.
City Attorney John R. Caverly is
one ot the ablest, hardest working and
most painstaking officials In Chicago.
Thomas F. Scully, the able, honest
and aggressive alderman from the
Tenth ward, would make a splendid
Judgo of the Municipal court. The
Democrats could name no more pop
ular candidate.
John J. Coburn has to his credit as
a lawyer a long and brilliant record,
and his election ap Judge of the Su
perior Court will place on that bench
one ot the ablest and most fearless
men that "have ever sat upon it.
Every street traversed by street
cars must be kept sprinkled by the car
companies under the provisions ot the
following ordinance passed by the
City Council:
"Every person or corporation oper
ating or maintaining street car tracks
located In and along the different
streets within the city shall, except
as otherwise expressly provided in
the respective ordinances under which
The big army oTfrlends ot Herman
J. Bauler, the popular and wideawake
Alderman of the Twenty-second ward,
are urging him to announce his can
didacy for Sheriff on the Democratic
ticket. He would make an aggressive
and spectacular campaign,
No official in Cook County enjoys a
more widespread popularity than does
County Cleric Joseph F, Haas.
Loop platforms are too short.
An outer harbor should be built.
Edward Osgood Brown served the
people honestly, fearlessly and ably as
Judge ot the Circuit Court, and his
nomination for the vacancy on that
bench next fall by the Democrats will
result in his election by a big plurality.
Homer E. Tinsman Is qualified in
every way for a seat on the Superior
court bench and his nomination by the
Republicans will be a worthy one.
Col. W. H. Baldwin, the popular Chi
cago manager for the Indian Refining
Company. Is to be congratulated upon
the splendid success the big concern
no represents is waging sere.
Joseph E. Flanagan
Ernst Hummel
Oscar F. Mayer
Peter Relnberg
Harry Hlldretb, Jr.
Tom N. Donnelly ,
John J. Bradley
John G. Neumelster
William H. Lyman
Herman J. Bauler
H. E. L. Doggett
Ross C. Hall
Joseph Donnersberger
Charles F. Guntber
Eugene L. McGarry
William Legner
Ross C. Hall
Joseph E. Flannagan
Henry J. Coleman
John R. Caverly
John F. Clare
John K. Prindivllle
Jamea C. Martin"'
Daniel G. Ramsay
Theodore C. Mayer
Francis J. Sullivan
Richard J. Finn
Jamea C. Dooley,
Louis Levy,
Bernard J. Mabon
Thos. F. Scully,
County Treasurer.
' George K. 8chmldt
A. C. Clark
i --
i .i.
j t ' Republicans., -
Chauncey Dewey
, Zlna R. Carter
' .George F. Harding, Jr.
August W. Miller
County Clerk.
Republican. t
Joseph F. Haas
tv I
1 Republican.
Charles E. 'Merrlam
Sanitary Trustees.
Lewis D. Bltts
Arthur Josettl
Thomas W. Gllmore
Zlna R. Carter
Judges Municipal Court.
Frank Crowe
," , Sidney Adler
' . Irwin R. Hazen
Henry Utpatel
Warwick A. Shaw
t Q. J. Chott,
i Robert R. Jampolis,
John R. McCabe,
y i
' 1 ' ''u
:i i
Cyril R. Jandua
County Judge.
Lewi Rlnaker
Probate Jidge.
Charles 8. Cutting
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