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I)C il)icago (Eagle
Am Inlcpenm'tnt Sewspapmr, Pearlets
and Truthtul.
4BDIK ALt.CnVtMt'tC4TIO!tate
ImiI Cornrtintton M.anJ 8th At.
HENRY P. DONOVAN, Editor and PsbUthr
Battr4 o1l4 CIim Mmttir Ocictwr It.
It at lh t'.M Dflce at Chicago, Illlnult, under
Utrch J. W.t.
Established October 3, 1889.
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By henry F. Donovan.
The Chicago Eagle numbera among
tta aubicrlbtra tha moat Influential,
moat proaptroua and moat raapaeted
man In Chicago.
It raachte naarly every man of
atandlng In the community and all men
who are mouldera of public opinion or
director of public affaire.
It la the guide, mentor and friend
of every political leader of every ehae'e
of opinion.
It la read by Government, State,
County and City official.
It la read by big percentage of the
legal fraternity, Including bench and
It la the favorite of Chlcago'a lead
tng bualneaa men.
It reachea all claaaea In their homea.
It la read by the Fire Department.
It la read by the Police Department.
It la In every publlo office and every
public library.
It la not controlled by any cheap,
cheeky or crooked advertlalng agency.
In the twenty-one yeara of Ita exist
ence It haa managed to build up a
large circulation and great bualneaa
without the aid of profeatlonal adver
tlalng aharka.
That la why It la ao Independent, ao
popular and ao atrong.
The Chicago eagle I one paper that
haa never depended upon advertlalng
agenta for a circulation. It haa one of
It own.
Extend those loop platforms. That
is the only way to do away with the
congestion during the rush hours.
The most barefaced robbery over
attempted In Cook County Is tho pro
posed "forest preservo" steal. A lot
of real estate speculators have bought
tip a lot of worthless land with poor
trees on It and propose soiling it to
the people at an immonso profit.
Watch tho "forest preservo" advo
cates. Tho Democrats are more hopeful ot
success than they havo been for years.
Hurry up those subways.
Lengthen the loop platforms.
Under the hypocritical "Oregon
plan" the man with tho biggest purse
will carry oft the plum every time.
An outer harbor sounds good to
people who aro tired of the bridge
Our memory carries us back to
days when some of the advocates of
tho "Corrupt Practices Act" woro de
nounced publicly In Chicago for some
very corrupt political practices thara
selves, What pull haa tho Gamowell Fire
Alarm Company at tho city hall? It
certainly gets an enormous prlco for
its flro boxes and other apparatus.
Frank A. Voglor haa served tho peo
ple in an able, courteous and consci
entious manner as chief clerk of the
Board of Review, and his candidacy
of Sheriff is a popular one all over
Kdward J. Brundage will prove onr
of the best judges ever placed on tho
Superior Court bench.
George K. Schmidt bis 'served the
people well as a member of the Coun
ty Hoard and is entitled to a re-election.
William E. Dover's candidacy for
Superior Court should receive the
Chairman Democratic Managing Committee.
vote of every good citizen, Irrespect
ive of party politics. Chicago has
never had an abler, more honest or
more fearless alderman than Mr.
Dover, and his good record on behalf
of the people's Interests should be
rewarded at the November election.
All Indications point to tho re-election
of Oscar Hebel as County Asses
sor by a big plurality. Ho has made
a good record and tho pcoplo know It.
Albert C. Clark will bo rc-elocte'd to
tho State Senate in the Thirteenth
District, as he deserves to be. Ho Is
one of tc best men In tho Stato Sen
ate. Peter Dartzcn Is making a whirl
wind campaign for president of tho
county board. His ablo and fearless
record as building commissioner is
well known to tho people and his voto
on November 8 will bo a large one.
Edward Osgood Drown will be
elected Circuit Court Judgo by a mag
nificent plurality. Everybody Is with
No better man can be placed on tho
Superior Court bench than Charles A.
McDonald. He deserves tho votes of
all good citizens..
County Clerk Joseph F. Haas has
proven himself to bo an honest, hard
working and nblo public official, and
ho Is deserving of a re-election.
Thomas Taylor, Jr., Is a winner for
Superior Court Judge. His good rec
ord as a lawyer and Master in Chan
cery has grained for htm a widespread
popularity and his voto on Nov. 8 will
bo a big one.
Harry P. Dolan Is a good man to
voto for Municipal Court Judge. Ho
is well qualified for tho position.
Charles S. Cutting should have little
trouble In being re-elected Judgo of
the Probato Court. His honest and
able record entitles him to It.
.Joseph C. niahu; tho popular and
successful West 12th street real es
tate man, should bo elected to tho
Legislature In tho Nineteenth Dis
trict. John M. O'Connor is making a
splendid campaign for State Senator
on tho Democratic ticket In the Twenty-ninth
District, and ho deserves to
John O. Hruby, Jr., is entitled to a
re-electlou to the Legislature in tho
Fifteenth District. He Is a good pub
lic olllclal.
Thomas C. Clark, Democratic can
dldato for Superior Court Judgo, is
strongly endorsed In tho following
letter to tho moniberrf of the Chicago
Bar Association:
Lnwyers who aro personally ac
quainted with a candldato for Judicial
office, or who have had tho opportu
nity of seolng his professional work,
aro thereby enabled to decldo as to
his qualifications for tho office. But
It Is often an as.ststunco to tlioao who
do not have this advantago to know
tho opinions of those who do. For
this reason wo aro sending this letter
to say a few wordB, based on our per
sonal acquaintance on behalf of
Thomas C, Clark, who Is a candidate
for Judgo of tho Superior Court on
tho Democratic ticket.
Mr. Clark has practiced at tho Chi
cago bar for tho past seventeen years,
and has acquired through an exten
sive and diversified practice tho
knowledge of law and Its enforcement
which comes from experience. His
ago fifty is such that he has tho as
surance of many vigorous yeara of
efficiency In tho future aB well as ex
perience In tho past. Ho is a thor
oughly trained lawyer, quick of appre
hension, but with no tendency to
allow mere quickness to substitute It
self for deliberate judgment. In our
opinion ho possesses those qualities
whose combination renders a man
efficient upon the bench, and entitles
him to have party lines disregarded
by voters.
H. Musgrave, John Barton Payno
S. S. Gregory, Henry Russell Piatt,
Maclay Hoyne, Dwlgbt S. Bobb, Hop
J ace Kent Tenney, Cbaa. L. Allen,
Walter L. Fisher, Russell Whitman,
Frank H. Scott, Thos. M. Hoyne, E.
F. Dunne, Wm. C. Boydcn, Wm. C.
rLilnck, Harrison B. Riley, Clarence
Harrow, Frederick A. Brown, James
C. McSlianc, John M. Znne, Roswell
B. Mason, W. S. Oppcnhelm, Sigmund
Zclslcr, Nathaniel C. Sears, W. T.
Aldcn, Victor Eltlng, William Dillon,
John II. Wigmore, Francis W. Walker,
Jacob Newman, H. H. C. Miller.
William L. O'Connell, tho Demo
cratic candldato for County Treas
urer, Is a native ot Chicago. He was
born In this city In 1871, and received
his education In tho public schools
and later In St. John's Academy. Ho
also tcok a three-year night law
course In tho Chicago College ot Law
while acting as city salesman for
Franklin MacVeagh & Co. His. first
public position was that ot Superin
tendent of the City Gas Inspection
Bureau. Ho was appointed to that
position by Mayor Harrison In 1904,
and after five months' service was ap
pointed Deputy Commissioner of Pub
lic Wtorks, and was reappointed when
Mayor Dunno took office. Whn
Joseph Medlll Patterson resigned tho
office of Commissioner of Public
Works -he suggested as his successor,
on tho ground of efficiency, Mr.
O'Connell, and acting on this sugges
tion Mayor Dunno appointed Mr.
O'Connell to the office In 19011. As
Commissioner ho made an excellent
record for ability and honesty. Ho
was tho first Commissioner of Public
Works to mako deductions from tho
bills of coal contractors for failure to
deliver coal according to specifica
tions, thereby establishing a prece
dent that contracts with tho city aro
ns binding on tho contractor as If
they woro made with an Individual or
prlvato corporation. In August, 190G,
Mr. O'Connell was chosen as chair
man of tho Democratic party of Cook
County, which position bo held for four
years. When Mayor Dunno became
a candldato for renomlnatlon Mr.
O'Connell managed his campaign, and
with a divided party and practically
no organization to start with, ho
whipped tho ragged lines of Democ
racy Into shape and waged a contest
which In ordinary years would have
brought victory to his party. For tho
past twelve years Mr. O'Connell has
been a manufacturer and Jobbor of
unlon-mado cigars, located at No. G4
Wabash avenue.
Mr. O'Connell will wngo his cam
paign for County Treasurer on a plat
form declaring for an HONEST, EF
istration of the ofTlco ot County Treas
urer. His platform follows:
I will return tho Interest on publlo
funds to tho people.
I will Install a system for payment
or taxes that will save time and trou
ble. I will abolish the plan that requires
(ho taxpayer to stand In lino for
hours In ordor to pay taxes.
I will require a standard of merit
for appointment to oflico based on
tho fundamental requisites ot honesty
and olllcloncy.
Mr. O'Connoll Is married and has
threo chlldron. Ho resides nt 4133
Cnlutnet avenue.
John .7. McLaughlin will bo re-elected
to tho Legislature In tho Nine
teenth District by a large plurality.
Homer E. Tinsinan has earned tho
high placo ho holds ns a lawyer and
a citizen by his clean and honorable
Albert J, Hopkins holds the confi
dence and highest esteem of all lilt
nolsans. See that Thomas C. Clark gets your
voto for Superior Court Judge. He la
tho right man for the place.
Alderman Arthur W. Fulton is one
ot the beat men In the City Council.
Ho is an aggressive, capable and wide
awake public official.
Judge Klckham Scanlan la making
a record on the Circuit Court bench
that ho can point to with pride.
James S. Hopkins, the popular law
yer and master In chancery, would
serve tho people well on the bench.
Charles 8. Thornton, the Able at
torney, who made one of the best
corporation counsels Chicago baa ever
Democratic Candidate
liad,r enjoys a well earned popularity
that extends from one end of tho
city to the other.
ThomaB W. Gllmore, tho well
known coal merchant and Twenty
fifth ward Republican, would mako a
splendid member of the city council.
John E. Kehoe has earned by his
splendid record as a lawyer and a
citizen the , highest esteem of all
Benjamin M. Mitchell has the
united support of tho Democrats of
tho Twenty-first District for election
to the Legislature.
George M. Welcnctt, the popular at
torney, is doing good work for thu
Republican ticket for tho Twenty-fifth
Morrison's Weekly promises to bo
one of the classiest magazines in the
United States. It certainly will provo
to the literary world that Chicago
can produco and sustain a high-class
literary publication. Clyde A. Morri
son, tho foundor and editor-ln-chlef, Is
34 years old and has lived In Chicago
all his life. Ho is a lawyer by pro
fession, having been educated at tne
common and high schools of Chicago
and the University of Virginia. For
several years he was a member of the
law Arm of Pam, Calhoun' & Glennon,
and later associated with Calhoun,
Lyford & Sheean. Ho has been prom
inent In politics. Mr. Morrison served
ns Master In Chancery ot the Suporlor
Court of Cook county, and later ns
Chief Assistant City Attorney. He has
had considerable experience In liter
ary work as editor of tho "Hamilton
Inn" for four yenrs. Last year ho
founded, and now edits, tho "Nation
al Irrigation Journal," which met with
unprecedented success In tho field ot
special publications. He Is married
and has two sons.
Edward J. Brundage has alwayB
served tho peoplo faithfully and ably
as a public official and his election
as Superior Court Judge will provo no
excoptlon to the rule.
No man In tho financial and bust
ness world of Chicago has a larger
host ot friends and admirers than Al
bert G'. Whoeler.
Daniel C. uince stands in the
front ranks ot Chicago's ablest law
yers and most highly respected citi
zens. Oscar Hebel lias made thousands
of friends for himself all ovor Cook
County by his splendid record as
County Assessor and hlB voto for re
election will bo a magnificent one.
Edward Osgood Brown mado ono
of tho best Judges ever on tho Circuit
Court bench and his election again
to that court next November will bo
a worthy one,
Frank A. Vogler'a candidacy for
Sheriff is growing in strength ovory
Thomas Taylor, Jr. will bo elected
Superior Court Judgo by a handsome
Edward J. Brundage desorves your
vote for Superior Court Judge.
Charles A. McDonald will bo elected
Judgo of tho Superior Court by a
big plurality.
John R. Cavcrly will receive a
record breaking vote for Municipal
Judge. He is deservedly popular with
all classes.
Thomas A. Smyth's candidacy for
President of tho Sanitary Board Is
meeting with enthusiasm everywhere.
George L. McConnell is one of the
ablest and hardest working Demo
cratic leaders in Chicago. He de
serves the widespread popularity be
County Clerk Joseph F. Haas' can
didacy for re-election Is growing
stronger every day.
Charles 8. CuttlSfwlll be re-elected
Judf of the Probate Court by a big
for County Treasurer.
plurality. He will receive the solid
Republican voto along with thousands
of Democratic voles. His honest,
clean mid nblo record is well known
to tho pcoplo all over the county.
Judge Klckham Scanlan Is making
the splendid record on tho bench that
every one of his frlonds knew ho
would make. Cook County nover had
a better Judge.
Albert J. Hopkins won tho confi
dence and admiration of all Illinois
by his honest and fearless record In
tho United States Sennto and In the
National Houso of Representatives
and no man In the state today stands
higher In the people's estimation.
Thomas F. Scully's good record as
a public officer and a lawyer entitle
him to an election as Municipal Judge.
Harry P. Dolan, Democratic noml
nco for Municipal Judge, Is well quali
fied for a seat on the bench.
Judge Frank Crowe has mado a
good, honest record on the Municipal
Court bench and Is entitled to n re
election. George M. Welcuelthas gained the
high placo he holds as a lawyer by
his clean, able and conscientious
Albert G. Wheeler has gained by
his splendid record as a financier and
business man tho conOdenco and ad
miration of Chicago's commercial
Harry J. Coleman, the popular Sixth
ward Domocrat and member of the
well known banking firm of Casey
and Coleman, which runs tho pros
perous Merchants' Bank, would make
a splendid City Treasurer. '
As a business man, a public official
nnd a citizen, George W. Paullln Is
liked nnd respected by all who como
In contact with him.
Edward J. Brundage will bo elected
Judgo of the Suporlor Court by one
of tho largest pluralities over given
a cnndldnte for that position.
William E. Dover has served tho
people honestly and fearlessly in the
City Council and he can be depended
upon to servo them equally as well
on tho Superior Court bench.
Thomas C. Clark's candidacy for
Superior Court Judge deserves the
support ot all good citizens. Mr.
Clark Is a lawyer ot ability and force,
with a long and clean record to his
credit and he will make a splendid
Joseph C. Blaha Is the right man to
elect to tho Legislature In tho Nine
teenth district.
John O. Hruby, Jr., will be re-elected
to tho Legislature In tho Fifteenth
district by a largo plurality, He has
mado a good record and tho people
know It. '
County Commissioner Georco K.
' Schmidt is ono of tho best ouallfled
! men now holding publlo offlco and ho
entitled to re-election.
Joseph G. Ellas haa mado himself
popular by his good clean record on
tho County Board and his re-election
Is predicted on all sides.
Poter Bortzen is making a whirl
wind campaign for President of the
L County Board. His splendid record
and well known fitness for the posl
tlon commends his candidacy to the
Frank A. Vogler is deservedly popu
lar all over Chicago and he will be
elected Sheriff by a big plurality,
Tanner & Conley, 99 Washington
street have the latest fall styles and
aro fixing up their customers In their
usual classy way.
Judge McKenzle Cleland has prov
en himself to be a friend of the poor
in the Municipal Court and be de
serves a re-election.
James 8. Hopkins, the popular attor
ney and Maiter-ia-Cbaacery, stands
Republican Candidate for Judge of the Superior Court.
high In tho estimation of Cook
County's bench and bar.
Thomas C. Clark won n splendid
victory at tho primaries, and his nomi
nation for Superior Court Judge
strengthens tho whole Democratic
ticket. Mr. Clark Is one of tho ablest
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Republican Candldats for Sheriff.
and most highly esteemed lawyers In
tho county, and ho will make a splen
did Judge.
Charles A. McDonalds nomination
for Superior Court Judge by the
Democrats will prove a winning one
at the polls In November. His chance
Demeeratlo Candidate fer President
m "' !BBBBBBBBBF'' , i", ,' ,V ',is wWtiiwnHisiifl'bii
BBBBBIBBBBBBBM j s - ' '.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH
for the renomlnatlon never were In
doubt, and the whole ticket Is
strengthened by his candidacy.
Thomas Taylor, Jr., deserves to bo
elected Judge of the Superior Court.
Mr. Taylor is one of the ablest and1
best known attorneys In the countr
and he will make an honest and up
right judge.
Edward Osgood Brown Is a winner
for Circuit Court Judge. His grand
record before Is well known to the
people and his plurality will be a
large ono next November.
ef the Beard ef Ceunty Cemmlsslsnsrs.
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