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Six Republican Candidates and FiveDemo-
cratic Candidates Are Victorious at
Judicial Election Held Tuesday.
Marcus Kavanagh Loads, Followed by McSurely,
Fitch, Freeman, Barnes, Pam, McKinley,
Goodwin, Foell and Sullivan.
The Defeat of the Salary Oral) Propositions and Size of
the Vote Cast Shows the Interest People
Took fn the Election.
Ic organization, as compared with tho
Republican one. Neither candidate
was favored over the other In tho
various Indorsements mado and It
wan a straight party light between
them. Tho Democrats won nnd
proved that Cook county Is Demo
Now That the Judicial Campaign Is Over with Political Leaders Are
Preparing for tho Big Fight Next Year.
Tho Republicans and Democrats
practically split even in Tuesday's
election. Six Republicans, Kavanngb,
McSurely, Freoraan, Barnes, Pam
nnd Foell bolrig elected, and Ave
Democrats, Fitch, McKinley, Good
win. Sullivan and McGoorty wero
Tho voto was a good sized ono
for a judicial oleqtlon, there bolng
cast over 200,000 ballots.
Judgo Marcus Kavanngh, as tho
Eagle predicted, lead tho whole tick
et, which goes to show the high es
teem In which this brilliant Jurist Is
held by tho poople.
Tho voto was close as a whole and
not till tho final returns came In from
the county was tho fato of somo of
the nominees known.
The final order In which tho candi
dates of tho two principal parties for
Superior court ran was as follows:
M. A. Kavnnagh R 110,398
W. H. McSurely R 101,003
J. H. Fitch D 94,412
H. V. Freeman R 90,948
A. C. Barnes R 90,545
Hugo Pam R 89,879
M. I,. McKinley D 88,027
C. N. Goodwin D 80,823
C. M. Foell R 79,941
D. E. Sullivan D 79,031
McKcnzIo Cleland R 78,293
D. L. Crutce D...
E. A. Dicker R......
J. J. Joburn ,D
W. T. Stanton ,'.D
J. J. Sullivan R
D. G. Ramsay ,.D
A. J. Redmond R
T. J. Dawson D
Ross Hall D
It was a great race botween John
P. McGoorty and Thomas Taylor, Jr.,
for judge of tho Circuit court, Mr.
McGoorty being olected by a plurality
of 904. Following Is tho voto by
wards for Circuit court judge:
Taylor. McGoorty,
leadership of Walter Clydo Jones havo
boon campaigning throughout tho
state and aro already claiming vic
tory, while on tho other hand Gover
nor Denecn and his followers say they
aro not worrying over the rosult.
Then thero Is tho long list of candi
dates for the governor's chair, llko
Richard Vntcs, L. Y. Sherman, Sen
ator Hurburgb, Sonntor Maglll and
countless others who can see nothlnir
but victory for themselves. A dark
horEe like Col. Frank O. Lowden, a
tho opinion of many, will havo ti.o
call when the nominating tlmo comes.
Tho governor Is saying vory llttlo,
but Is sawing wood and his friends
predict that ho will bo in control
when tho tlmo comes. A boom for
hlin for United States Senator has
been started, but whother ho would
concent to be a candidate is not
On tbo Democratic side their hasn't
been much stirring In tbo fighting
line. Formor Mayor Edward F. Dunne
Is conceded to have the call for tho
nomination for governor. There aro
many candidates for governor in tho
field, but Judgo Dunno's strength as a
vote-getter makes his candidacy tbo
leading one.
Col. James Hamilton Lewis Is a
candidate for tbo Democratic nom
ination for United States senator and
thai he will win it looks certain. Tho
fight next year will be a hot one
from start to finish. Never since
1S92 has the Democratic chancus
looked so bright and the leaders are
anxious to tako advantage of their op
portunity and carry the stato, whllo
the Republicans aro Just as anxious
to retain their control. Both parties
havo titter factional fights within
their ranks and that thero will be
surprises not looked for Is a predic
tion that you can stick a pin into.
candidates. It had to ovcrcomo not
only a campaign of of misrepresenta
tion, but also treachery In Its own
ranks. It was practically without the
means of stating tho truth about its
candidates except by public meetings,
letters, literature and paid advertise
ments. Men who called themsolvos
Democrats worxed openly to defeat
It didn't tako tho, voters long to
make up their minds what to do with
the salary grab propositions. They
were beaten overwhelmingly.
Following Is the voto on all propo
sitions.: ,
Establishment of civil service In
Municipal court nnd Increase In sal
aries of Judges:
For 35,542
Against 70,881
Majority against 35,339
Changes In Municipal court pro
cedure and salary increases for chlof
bailiff and chief clerk:
For 32.203
Against 75,353
Majority ngnlnst 43,150
Bond Issue of $4,055,000 for now
For 107,888
Against 34.G04
Majority for 73.284
Bond Issuo for $760,000 for funding
city judgments:
For 95,409
Against 42,992
Majority for 52,417
Bond Issuo of $1,000,000 for now
west sldo park:
For 32,194
Against 18,002
Majority for 13,592
The progressives teem to have
troublo In progressing nmong themselves.
Tho plan to croate n sanitary dis
trict comprising tho north shoro towns
failed Tuesday. In Wdukogan tho
voto was 188 for tho creation of tho
district nnd 501 ngalnvt tho plan. Tho
total voto for tho plun In tho Inter
ested towns was 505, and 701 ngnlnst
It. Opposition developed when effort b
The . People of Chicago Pray for De
liverance from the Grasp of the
Awful Bell Monopoly,
Chicngoans Forced to Pile Up the Profits of
Three Different Corporations and Thus
Boost Stock Dividends.
The Bell Monopoly Owns the Local Telephone Company and
the Western Electrical Company and Makes One
of Them Patronize the Other.
As the Boll Company Waiits a Big Profit Itself It Is Easy to See Why
Telephone Bates Are to Be Raised.
The sheet anchor of tho Telephone
Monopoly In Chicago is said to to the
Department of Electricity of tho City
of Chicago. This la believed by some
to be the rottenest department In the
city government and to exist mainly
for the benefit of electrical monopo
lies and dealers in eloctrical machin
ery and appliances. A glance at the
First n
gecond 1,7.18
Third 1,803
Fourth 59(1
Fifth 806
Sixth 3,732
.Seventh 4.M1
Klffhth 1,301
Ninth 418
Tenth 402
Kloventh 700
Twelfth 1.521
Thirteenth 2,208
Fourteenth 1,511
Fifteenth l,04.p,
.Sixteenth ft'l
Seventeenth 817
Klchtoentli 4n
Nineteenth 453
Twcntloth 2,0't4
TwentyrflrH .. 1,0.11
Twonty-nceond ,,, 818
Twenty-third 1,397
Twenty-fourth 1,215
Twenty-liftI B.fiOl
Twenly-Mxth 2.S8r,
Twenty-noventh 3 32(1
Twenty-oltthth 2,188
Twenty-ninth 883
Thirtieth l.o '1
Thlrty-flmt 2.381
TMitv-eeml 3 474
Thirty-third 1,735
Thlrtv-fe'Tth 1,7"fl
Thirty-fifth 2,308
Total 0l.M3
Country towns 0,008
Ornnd total , 71,410
I'lurwiiy . .
And the salary grabs also ran.
1 410 -
2.00 .'
1 4.10
1 it"
1 08
2 007
"on ?v
The state fight will now be on In
earnest. With the Judicial election a
thing of the past, all tho energies of
the political leaders and aspirants for
office will be turned to the big cam
paign next year.
Tho Republicans have been en
gaged In a merry war for some time
past and from now on there will be
Tho dally press, as usual,
bumpod on its selections,
And now for the big campaign,
Lawrence Y. Sherman Is tho latest
aspirant for the Republican nomina
tion for governor. The list of candi
dal oa Is growing larger every day and
if it l-.ccps up much longor will in
clude about every Republican politi
cian In the state,
Watch out for surprises In the state
The fight for congressional seats
promises to be Interesting,
Is noeded and
An outer harbor
needed badly.
The aldormanto primary will bo
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whllo gas lamps with Wolsbach man
tles on them only cost 118.91 per year.
Who gets the buueUl of this enor
mous extravagance for electric lamps
which ura in bad order pari of the
The annual report of the Chicago
Department of Electricity shows that
U10 total number of public street
lamps in service on December 31st,
1910, was 37,994. Of these, 12,360
wero municipal electric-arc lamps,
S93 rented arc lamps, 11,990 gas-man-tlo
lamps, 6,426 gas flat-flame lamps
and 7,319 gasoline lamps. Tho cost
of rented aro lamps Is $75' a year,
municipal arc lamps $61.95 a year,
mantle gas lamps $13.91, open-flame
gas lamps $1G.41, and gasoline lamps
Re-elected Judge of the Superior Court, Receiving the Highest Vote of All.
Tbo regular Democratic organiza
tion worked bard for tho success of
tbotlckot. John McCarthy, chairman
of the Managing Committee, said after
the election:
"The result of the eloctlon is not
only a triumph for the Democratic
party, but a triumph for the truth as
well. The party never bad a harder
tho candidates of the Democratic
"In spite of all it won a great vic
tory and swept a county that was Re
publican for eighteen years. The re-
a-tilo 9 ASia AAntAat tiAlwABti Tnhn 13
battle than the one.whlch resulted in .r.- -j no. . m...... 1-'
no let-up. The progressives under the I the election of a good share of ItslghowVd I tVtrengtVot the 1 Democrat'
From a learned "Expert's" reports
to the City Council we learn that:
Telephone rates should be raised
because the Bell Telephone Company
owns the local tolephone company.
Becnuso the Western Electrical
Company Is also owned by the Boll
Telephone Company.
Because the local tolephone com
pany It obliged to buy all of its equip
ment and necessaries from the West
ern Electrical Company,
Because neither the Western Elec
trical Company or the loctl telephone
company would have big enough prof
Its to suit the Bell Telephone, which
owns them, If Chicago people were
not pressed for a little more coin and
their telephone rates raised.
Because the local telephone com
pany has Increased Its capitnl stock
from the original $500,000 to $27,000,
000 and $5,000,000 more In bonds.
Because the Stockholders would not
get big enough dividends on thts Im
mense stock Issuo If tho people of Chi
cago were not squeezed.
Tberoforo the telephone, company
has the nerve to ask the City Council
to raise the rates on tho people of
The people of Chicago aro to be used
as serfs by the telephone monoply and
the last drop Is to bo squeezed out of
In the meantime It would bo well for
tho aldermen to Inquire Into tho al
leged relations, In the past, of certain
city officials with tbo above electrical
company, tbo twin of tho local tele
phono company, both being owned by
the Bell monopoly.
The telephone gang wont the coun
cil to raise the rates on all phones.
To abolish all flat phones and make
everybody takes measured service.
To put a nickel In every phone be
fore connection Is mado.
Fire Marshal Seyferllcb asserted
that as practically one-half of tho Are
and police alarms are received by tele
phone, bo did not favor tho general
Installation of the "pay-ln-advance"
type of telephone Instrument now be
ing placed In various parts of the city
by the telephone company.
tho manufacture of Bell telephone ap
paratus and supplies." In 1904 a com
tract was entered Into between the
local telephone company and the elec
trical company, both of them owne4
by tho Bell monopoly, whereby the
local company agreed to purchase all
of Its supplies from the electric com
pany. Under the terms of this corn
tract the electrical company agree to
deliver to the telephone compauy r.U
tolephone appliances manufactured ua
der tho llcenso of tbo Bell Telephone
Company. The local telephone com
pany, on the other hand, agrees to pur
chase all Its supplies from the elec
trical company.
Horo wo bavo a fine sample of bow
tho parent monopoly makes the sub
sidiary monopolies pile up profits for
each other and the public pays tb
On pago 52 of the report of toll
"Expert" to the City Council we tin
the statement mado that the Bell mon
opoly charges a rental of 02 cents per
station for each set of Instrument
This would amount to 1II,IM
yearly, but the expert discovered that
the local company really paid tho
parent company $355,711 last year.
About this enormous overcharge tb
"expert" naively says on page 68 of
the report now In the hands of the
Council committee: "In Justification
of tbo payment of the difference be
tween these amounts, or t222,411, tht
Chicago company receives certala
services from the parent company
which It Is claimed are worth tbo
amount paid.
These services consist of technical
advice and counsel and the use of ap
paratus patented by the parent com
pany. What do you think of that?
And then tho aldermen are ask4
to raise tbo rates on the people to
help tbo local company out.
Any alderman who votoe to raise
rates should bo outlawed.
Rates are twice as much as they
ought to bo at the present time. Tho
should be reduced.
Tho tolephono monopoly obliges tho
usors of nickel phones to guarantee 6
cents per day. If tho monthly deposit
of nickels falls short of the guarantee
tho company makes tho phono renter
pay tho difference. If theie should
happen to be an excess of nickels the
company gobbles them all. The phono
renter gots no credit for that excess.
That's tbo logic of tho monopoly.
were mado, It is said, by residents of
Lako Forest to control tho member
ship of tho board which would be cre
ated if tho measure had carried.
Judge Marcus Kavanagh ran like
a s a red deer In overy ward and
throughout the county,
last annual report of this department
calls attention to the enormous
amount of the taxpayer! money ex
pended annually upon street arc
Who gets the profits?
The city paya $61.96 per year for
each one of Ita electrto aro lamps,
From the learned telephone expert
whose report was submitted to the
City Council In May, 1911, we learn on
pages 49 and 50, that the Bell Tele
phone monopoly that reaches all over
the country, owns a controlling Inter
est In the local telephone company and
the Western Electrical Company. "The
latter Is purely a manufacturing com
pany," aaya the report, "engaged la
All telephono rates are now subject
to rovlslon every Ave rears
The telephone company wants the
city to ralso rates and abolish the pro
vision In the ordinance culling for ro
vlslon every five years.
They want to keep the people where
they have them so that they can't got
The "expert" on pages 105 and 104
of bis report apparently feels mueb
sympathy for the company on this sub
Jest. Will the aldermen show any sym
pathy for the peopivT
The telephone company wants tho
public to pay high rates because o
the Improvements It has put in tho
service. If this kind of reasoning holds
good, then Marshall Field 4 Co.
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