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gghc Chicago iot
4 Independent Newspaper, Fearless
and Truthful.
'tl'"Wi .
TcitphoncM MilnJOKI Auto.JIAIJ.
Vtat Corner V aldington SI. and 5th Ave.
HE.NRY F. DONOVAN, Editor and Publisher
Entrml as Sfcord Cam Mattrr October II.
IJW. at the I'ott IMJce at Chicago, Illinois, under
Act of Math 3, 157.
By Henry F. Donovan.
The growth of sentiment In favor of
the nomination of Underwood of Ala
bama for President Is growing among
It Is becoming more and more ap
parent that Underwood Is a big man,
and that much of the credit that Mr.
Clark gets for Democratic leadership
in Congress really belongs to the Ala
bama man.
His friends say that his nomination
would unite the whole party, and the
very fact that he Is from the South
would win him votes from Republi
cans who will rejoice In showing
their appreciation of this evidence of
a thoroughly reunited country.
The City Council Increased the prlco
of living In every household in Chi'
cago when It passed nn ordinance for
bidding the sale of vegetables by
measure and ordering that they should
be sold only by weight. Housewives
all over the city complain that they
do not get half the quantity now for
twice the money.
Chicago has spent many millions of
dollars In trying to secure a pure
water supply, with the best water In
the world right at Ita door.
When Chicago built a lake tunnel
four and one-half miles long It thought
It was astounding the world.
When It was discovered that tho
sewage was contaminating the water
supply the sanitary district, with all
of lu expenses, was the result.
What n lesson there is In the fact
that Ixi3 Angeles, Cal., brings Its
wnter supply 240 miles. Of this length,
47 miles is In tunnel and over nlno
miles In steel siphons ten feet in
Many of the people who frequent
public gathlng beaches, as a matter
of choice, prefer the lake front or tho
parks to sleep In. We do not think
that It was a good thing for Lake
View or Edgewater to secure that
beach between Windsor and Montrose
It simply meat a large addition to
Its present grolcs Eupply of unde
Commodore Jurats A Pugh has been
quoted by the daWeb on the subject
of the water .arnlal and naval re
lew to be held here In August.
'Some people Bay that Lake Michi
gan Js treacherous and no good," said
the commodore. This carnival and
ret lew Is going to demonstrate what
an asset Chicago has In Lake Michi
gan The lay of the land Is such that
from &hi,ojo to COO.0CH) persons can
view the races from Grant Park.
We expf-ct from 1,000 to 1,500
power boats here from various points.
The biggest motor boat races ever
held In the world will be held here.
Germany, France. England and Italy
arc expected to be represented
Aside from power boat races, there
will be a marathon swimming race,
exmbitlons of iho life-saving crews,
and fireworks every night. There will
also be a Venetian night, when there
will be 1,000 cruisers brilliantly light
ed off Grant I'ark."
More than one-third of tho 214 bil
lion pounds of coffee annually entering
tho International commerce of tho
world Is consumed In tho United
States Its Imports of that article be
ing twice as much a those of Ger
many, thre ilmeH those of Nether
lands, four times those of Franco,
nearly ten times those of Great Brit
ain, and half as much as those of all
Europe, next to tho United States the
great coffee-consuming section of tho
world "
Tho world's leading Importers of
coffee, according to the latest official
reports of tho various countries thiiH
far received by tho liureau of Statis
tics, Department of Commerce and
Ubor, arc Tho United States, 875
million pounds; Germany, 404 million;
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k&S bibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbT Vbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbi
Mpn bibbbbbbbbbbbbMV bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV
t i: u:;.; !JL1HbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH
:Jml bVLbbbibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
Vice President of the
Netherlands, 205 million; France, 24 5
million; Austria-Hungary, 127 million;
Belgium, 95 million; the United King
dom, 8S million, and Sweden, 05 mil
lion. Italy, Norway, Switzerland and
Denmark also consume considerable
quantities, ranging from 45 to 25 mil
lion pounds each. Of the countries on
the western hemisphere. Argentina
and Cuba each Import about 20 mil
lion pounds per annum; Canada, about
S million: Chile. 7 million, and Urug
uay about 3 million, while Australia,
the Island continent, consumes be
tween li and 2 million pounds per
annum. Certain of the African
countries are comparatively largo
Importers of coffee, and the tin
ports Into Egypt averaging about 15
million pounds n year; tho Capo of
Oood Hope, 20 million, and Algeria,
about 15 million pounds.
Hugh J. Kcnrns has made a splendid
record as an attorney and he would
serve the people welt as Municipal
One of the best judges on the Mu
nicipal Court bench Is Edward A.
Dicker. Ho Is entitled to n reelection.
Judge ThomasT. Scully Is dally
adding to his big army of friends by
his line record on tho Municipal Court
The Democratic voters made a good
choice when they nominated Spencer
Ward for Chief Justlco of the Mu
nicipal Court. Ho Is qualified In every
way for the position and deserves to
bo elected.
D. R. O'Drlen, tho well-known In
surance man, would muko a fine City
Judge Richard E. Burko Is making
a record on that bench that all bis
friends ara proud of.
Alderman Jacob A. Hoy said on
Tuesday afternoon that he would In
troduce an order In tho Council Mon
day asking thai lights be placed at
alley entrances. Ho said: "Condi
tions could bo bettered in tho resi
dence districts. Instead of placing
lights up among tho troos wo should
have smaller lights nearer the ground.
I intend to introduce orders covering
these points Monday."
More men like Joseph C. Blaha are
needed In the Legislature. His clean,
able and energetic record reflects
credit upon the voters of tho Nine
teenth District.
Judge John E. Owen's popularity In
Chicago reaches every part of tho city.
The Republicans couldn't name a
better man for City Treasurer next
spring than William Kolacek.
Tho nomination of former United
States Senator Albert J. Hopkins for
Vice President Is bolng talked of by
many prominent Republicans.
Walter E. Schmidt has made a line
record as County Assessor and Is de
serving of a reelection.
Row C. Hall Is a Democratic leader
who enjoys at all times the confidence
and highest esteem of the rank and
file of the party.
William H. Lyman, tho popular
former State Senator and Alderman,
Is talked of by many for City Treas
urer. Henry Claussen, Chicago manager
for tho big Imported beer firm of A.
H. Meyer & Co., Is dally making
irlrnds for the well-known concern he
William D. Munliall stands foremost
among Chlcago'3 leading lawyers.
Judge Charles S Cutting, In an ad
dress Monday night at a dinner of
the New Future association at the
Hamilton club, urged tho necessity of
affording a chanco to men and women
discharged from tho house of correc
tion Ho contended after tho law Is
vindicated the man or woman who
has paid tho penalty Is entitled to ho
helped to llvo honestly.
"These men and women," Judgo
Cutting Bald, "who pay the penalty de-
I manded by the law aro still cltlzons
Union Trust Company.
and still entitled to live honestly. It
Is our duty to sco that they have the
chance to do the same thing we nrc
trying to do, whether wo arc doing it
or not. The door of hope should be
opened to nil."
Eighteen conventions will be held
in Chicago in June, according to an
announcement made by tho conven
tion bureau of tho Association ot
Commerce. The most Important will
be the nutlonal Republican convention
June 18 to Juno 22 Tho first ono will
bo that ot tho Nurses' Associated
Alumnno of tho United States, which
will open Juno 5 and close Juno 7, and
tho last will bo tho Schweitzer 8a
cngerfest, opening June 20 and closing
July 1. Tho National, Illinois and
Cook County Press associations will
bo in convention simultaneously June
24 to Juno 2C at the Hotel Sherman.
An abler or moro conscientious pub
lic official never served the people
than Thomas A. Smyth, president of
the Sanitary District
Did you ever keep tab on the total
of "wrong numbers" you get on the
teiepnone every aayi
Just keep tab on the aldermen wbo
are working overtime for the tele
phone company.
Re-elect County Assessor Walter E.
Schmidt. He is a good public official.
Judgo Rlnaker says that it be Is
elected States Attorney:
"There will bo no 'railroading of
defendants to make a record, nor will
undue leniency bo shown.
"I am 43 years old, free from any
ailments either physical or mental.
"I bavo demonstrated my ability to
shoulder responsibilities.
"I am not broken to harness, sad
die, brldlo or halter.
"I do not wear blinders or bobbles,
and bavo never been 'dollvorod' to
any one on any proposition.
"I have so lived and conducted my.
self, both In public and private lite,
that I can look any man squarely in
the eye."
Harry L. Shaver will receive a big
vote for re-election to tho legislature
In the Thirty-first district. Ho made
good and tho people know It.
Charles Krutckoff has made a splen
did record as Chief Clerk ot the Coun
ty Board of Assessors and he would
make a good member of the board.
Josoph C. Ulaha, member of the
Legislature from the Nineteenth dis
trict, Is an able, energetic and con
scientious public official.
Hugh J. Kearns Is well qualified for
a seat on tbe Municipal court bench.
Benjamin M. Mitchell will be re
elected to the Legislature in the
Twenty-first District by a larger vote
than he ever received before.
Some people would willingly pay a
nickel in advance for telephone serv
ice, if they bad an assurance of tbe
right number the first drop In the
Drop a nickel In tbe slot and get a
"wrong number."
As clerk ot tho superior court
Charles W. Vail has served the peoplo
in an honest, ablo and courteous man
ner. No official In Cook county has a big
ger army ot friends and admirers
than Judgo John E. Owens, And he
deserves every ono ot them.
William Ritcblo stands foremost
among Chicago's ablest and most suc
cessful lawyers.
Walter E. Schmidt should be re
elected county assessor.
Judgo John R. Caverly continues to
servo tho peoplo In nn ablo and pains
taking manner on tho Municipal court
Even it the aldermen yield to tbe
telephone company and its city paid
"exports" and raise 'phono rates, tbe
fight will go on. There will have to
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Vice President of the Chicago Title and Trust Company.
bo another adjustment in five years
and the cry for relief from exorbitant
charges will bo universal by that
Watch what your alderman does on
tbe telephone question.
Oscar F. Mayer Is tho choice of
thousands of Democrats for City
Treasurer next spring.
The people demand lower telephone
Congressman Lynden Evans will bo
re-elected with easo In the Ninth
Why are tbe elevated platforms al
lowed to be jammed up with gum and
weighing machines?
John J. McLauRhlln will have his
usual walkaway for re-election to tho
legislature In the Nineteenth district.
Everybody is with him.
Qeorno K. Schmidt, the well-known
and well-liked former alderman and
county commissioner, Is being talked
ot by many for city treasurer next
spring. ,
Vote against every grafter on either
Much of the Democratic county
ticket will bo cut to ribbons next fall,
Judging from tho talk.
Illinois nevor bad a bettor official
represent her In Washington than
former United States Senator Albert
J. Hopkins.
With over 1,500 actlvo membors do
ing committee work In tho Central
organization, tho county domocracy
Is pretty busy getting the campaign
of 1912 in working order.
One cent a call Is a fair telephone
Judge J. J. Rooney is making a
splendid record on the Municipal court
Great graft, crooked contractors and
tbe board of local Improvements must
be abolished.
Since the city council forbade groc
ers or peddlers to sell by measure and
forced them to sell by weight tbe
price of vegetables baa quadrupled.
Dangerous fads should be kept from
the children In tbe public schools.
William E. Mason is tho right man
to elect congressman at large.
M. J. Faherty, the well known real
estate man, Is talked of by many for
city treasurer next spring.
Anton Vanek, the popular Thirty
fourth ward Republican and real es
tate man, would make a splendid city
The re-election of Joseph O. Blaha
to tho Legislature In tbe Nineteenth
District is tbe duty of every good citi
zen In tbe district. Mr, Blaha has
proven by bis record down at Spring
field that ho is an honest and energet
ic representative of tbe people.
Albert G. Whcoler stands foromest
among Chicago's financiers and busi
ness men.
Francis 8. Wilson Is making a
splendid record as county attorney,
John A. Mahoney should be elected
Municipal Judge. His splendid record
well fits blm for the position.
Great Is graft and the office holder
aristocracy fattens on It.
As a great payroll graft the board
of local Improvements Is a success.
Tho county democracy Is perfecting
Its organization in every ward In Chi
cago. Tho average reformer loses a great
deal of sleep in studying up some new
schemo for graft. Tho field has been
so thoroughly worked by the corpora
tion employes now reforming things
that It requires men of extraordinary
talent to break into tho game. The
Municipal Voters' League, Legislative
Voters' League and similar friends of
the trusts have drawn so heavily upon
the real stock of local nervo sifted
'talent, that much outside help will be
needed for uplifts which will explore
new fields.
It Is certainly an edifying spectacle
to bco people working hard and deny
lng themselves luxuries, to get money
to pay taxes; to raise tho salaries of
our office-holding aristocracy.
An aristocracy of office holders Is
what wo are fast coming to.
Municipal judges, or any other
judges for that matter, should not be
chosen at a general election.
Aldermen who expect tbe votes of
the peoplo again cannot harass the
public and toady to tho telephone
crowd with Impunity.
Tbe telephone trust must go.
Tho automatic tolephono at two and
one-half cents a call gives perfect
service and is growing in public favor.
It has tho "Bell" beaten in every way.
Life terms of office, high taxes, high
prices and discontent go together tbe
world over.
Betting is ton to ono that tho city
tolephone experts will report in favor
of an Incrcnso In telephono rates. Tbe
fact that tho phone company Is paying
8 per cent a year dividend on twenty
seven million dollars cuts no figure.
Rates must be raised to cover the ex
penso ot 2G cents a month Incurred
by tho poor telephono company In col
lecting nickels from Its slot phones
and becauso of tho great cost of get
ting up "its elaborate Inventory and
appraisal" which will convince any al
derman in a proper frame ot mind that
tho people are lucky that phone rates
aro not ten times greater than they
There Is much talk ot an independ
ent Democratic candidate for State's
Chicago is tbe only city in the
country where great corporation in
terests seek to control aldermanlc and
'legislative elections through so-called
reform organisation.
Did you ever keep tab oa tbe nun
I ber of wrong-number 'phone calls yon
got in a dayT
Judge Edward A. Dicker has made
a grand record during his term on
the Municipal Court bench and be is
ono ot the men on that bench that is
entitled to a re-election.
David Sullivan has a fine record to
his credit as a lawyer and his candi
dacy for Municipal Judge deserves
Capt. James H. Farrell's big host of
friends predict be will be an easy
winner for the Legislature In the
Twenty-ninth District
Judge Edward Osgood Brown has
earned by his fine record on the
bench the admiration and confidence
of tho people ot Chicago.
Both as a lawyer and a citizen, Al
bert H. Putney is admired and re
spected by all who know blm.
Spencer Want's candidacy for chief
justice ot the Municipal court Is dally
growing stronger.
Walter E. Schmidt has mado a fine
record as county assessor and be Is
entitled to a re-election.
Walter E. Schmidt has made a good,
clean record as County Assessor and
he deserves to be reelected,
i JoBeph C. Blaha in his first term in
the legislature from tbe Nineteenth
district proved himself to be an able,
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Republican Nominee for
hardworking and honest public official.
He deserves, and will get, a re-election.
Judge Klckham Scanlan Is a pain
staking, honest and fairmlndcd Judge.
8. C. Herren is mnklng a fine record
as assistant City Attorney. His many
friends would like to see him on the
When In tho United States Senato
William E. Mason mndo friends in
every part ot Illinois by his honest
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Candidate for Re-election to the Legislature, Nineteenth District.
and tearless record and everyone of
these friends are working bard for bis
election as Congressman nt Large
next November.
The reelection ot Charles W. Vail
as clerk ot tbe Superior Court is pre
dicted on all sides. His clean and
able record bas made blm friends on
all sides.
Political headquarters ot Edward F.
Dunne, Democratlo nominee for gov
ernor, have been opened In suite
1,803, City Hall Square building,
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' 'BBBm"'"! LsssssssssW,-''
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Chicago Manager for A. , H, Meyer Co.
whero the work of education and of
ganlzntlon will bo carried on through
out the summer months, under the
direction ot County Treasurer Wil
liam L. O'Connell.
Albert O. Wheeler's long and hon
orable record as a financier and a
business man entitles him to the nig
place be holds in the estimation ot all
Congressman Lynden Evans should
have little trouble In being reelected.
Tbe people ot the Ninth District are)
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well acquainted with his able and
clean record at Washington.
Zina R. Carter Is the choice ot
thousands ot Republicans for City
Treasurer next spring.
Both tickets are weighted down
with several dead ones.
Thomas A. Smyth Is not losing any
friends among the people by tbe fear
less performance of hie duties as
President ot tbe Sanitary District
i-vW,-,' ; Ag. tfj.j

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