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(itsf tteond Class Mstttr Octobtr 11, 1889, at tht Pott
Offlee at Chicago, IlllnoH, undar Act of March 3rd, 1879.
Entertd at Steond Claw Mattar Oetobar 11, 1IM, at tha Pact
Offlca at Chicago, Illinois, undtr Aet of March 3rd, 1179.
WiftSff WHOLE NUMBER 1,107.
The Democratic Machine in Cook County
Is Smashed Into Small Smithereens
and Cannot Be United.
Charles' H. Wacker Will Head the Business Men's
Section of the Wilson Campaign in
the West.
Interest in Politics
Campaign Is
Interesting Facts About
Events of Interest
The Democratic machine In Cook
county lmu boon hopelessly Hiuashod.
The La Sallo Hotel fuctlon retains
tho semblance of n lunch route, In or
der to maintain Its regularity. ,
The Hrlggn IIoiiro fnctlon has tha
strong city government behind It,
HkowlBO tho sheriff and tho county
ofllcera, and last, but not least, tha
election commissioners.
Tho Ijx Sallo Democracy haH effect
ed a Junction with tho boer coolers'
union and rcsorvca two tables In tho
dining room to entertain visitors from
Iowa state.
The door mat division remaliiB on
guard duty.
Collectors havo been sent out In all
directions for contributions to tho
fund for nllovlailnK distress.
Charles H. Wacker has boon choson
to lead tho business men's campaign
for Wilson In tho West.
The campaign for cheaper telephone
service has Just begun. All tho "ex
perts" In the world cannot stop It.
The Chicago Eagle, tn common with
all users of the telephone, Is anxious
to secure better service and lower
rates and is fighting along that line.
, It Governor Baldwin of Connecticut
had been nominated for President, the
so-called regular Democracy of Chi
cago would be right In line. All the
leaders are bald. Jim Townsend has
noble sconce. John McQlllen's
handsome dome Is historic. Ross G.
Hall Is right in line. While others,
more or less noted, resemble billiard
balls without being ivory-topped or
A large numfJer of veteran political
organisation's have registered at the
La Salle Hotel Democratic headquar
ters. We name a few:
Rise in the Yeast Club,
Red Hot Harpooners,
Foam 'Blowers Union,
Door Mat Pickers Favorites,
Knights of the Froth,
Tho Draw Ones.
Weary Woodrow Willies.
Can Carriers Union.
Leather Lifter's Vereln.
Great enthusiasm prevails at the
business office and the leaders are cor
respondingly happy,
How the peopleTf Chicago do suffer
from' that Bell phone I
The broken ear drums which so
many of its patrons complain of are
as nothing compared to the lost tem
pers of usually good natured patrons,
who get wrong numbers and other
wrong treatment.
Not to speak of the broken rest Of
people aroused from their beds by
these same mistakes and who are so
mad themselves that they fall to
grasp tha predicament of the fellow
at the other end of the line who has
paid a nickel in advance to have
"wrong number" slammed into his
Then the tedious wait for the
right number!
Some times minutes elapse before
the operator finds her stick of gum
or gets ready to answer.
The automatic service does away
with all of these annoyances and the
Is Waking Up and a Much Livelier
Looked Forward To From This
Time On.
Prominent People, with Notes on Current
to the Voters, "Who Will Decide Things.
Dell monopoly has' tho awful ncrvo to
nsk tho city council to drlvo"It out
of the city.
Tho city council will meet In a few
wcoks and tho Dell monopoly will bo
on hand with n modest request for
permission to ralso Its rates.
Its , dividends nro not big enough
Tho Chicago .Telephone Company
wurges a much lower rental for its
-,' vn in suburban towns than it
diih tn the city. Yet tho officers of
the corporation have tho gall to say
that all of tho big gain In Its service
reported at the annual meeting this
year came from the country. This, of
course, Is a reason for raising the
rates. The following from tho Chica
go Dally News shows how the phone
people bank on the reports of the
city "experts:"
"Slight gains In revenues were re
ported to the stockholders of the Chi
cago Telephone Company at the an
nual meeting, although there was a
falling off In the profits in the city of
Chicago Itself. This loss was due,
according to President Bernard B.
Sunny's report, to the constantly In
creasing number of "nickel a day"
telephones, the revenue on which av
erages $22.70 per annum aa against a
cost of operation, he said, of 128.64,
as fixed by one city expert, and $25.28
as fixed by another city expert Tht
pecentage of nickel telephones la
Chicago increased 86 per cent la 19M
and 48 per cent in 1811. The com
pany reports increased earnings la
the suburban division, which offset
the losses In Chicago."
The Telephone Trust 'doesn't Want
auch frow the City Council.
It only wants the phone rates .raised
a trifle. They are not high enough at
present to swell the dividends of the
local and the parent company.
It only wants permission to Install
pay-ln-advance slot machines all over
the city, because people are aot losing
enough nickels already.
It wants tht people to hear more of
Its earning expenses tbaa they do bow.
It wants them to deposit a alckel
before they can get police or fire pre
lection on an emergency call.
It wants the olty to give it free
rein to carry out its designs on the
It waats a great deal more.
What aldermen will sell out their
constituents to, help this monopoly?
Competition In the telephone field is
necessary if the people are to get re
lief from present high rates for phone
From a learned "Expert's" reports
to the City Council we learn that:
Telephone rates should be raised
because the Dell Telephone Company
ownsthe local telephone company.
Because the Western Electrical
Company Is also owned by the Bell
Telephone Company.
Because the local telephone com
pany Is obliged to buy all of its equip
ment and necesarles from the West
ern Electrical Company.
Because neither the Western Elec
trical Company or the local telephone
company would have big enough prof
Its to suit the Bell Telephone, which
owns them, If Chicago people were
not pressed for a little more coin and
their telephone rates raised.
Uecauso tho local tolophono com
pany has increased Its capital stock
from tho original JGOO.OOO to $27,000,.
000 and 3,000,000 moro in bonds.
Uecauso tho stockholders would not
get big enough dividends on this Ira
menso stock Irsuo If tho pcoplo of Chi
cago woro not squeezed.
Therefore tho tolophono company
has tho nurvo to ask tho City Council
to ralso tho ratca on tho pcoplo of
Tho pcoplo of Chicago aro to bo
Who Will Lead
used' as serfs by the Telephone Mon
opoly and the last drop Is to be
squeezed out of them.
In the meantime It would be well
for the aldermen to Inquire Into the
alleged relations, in th'e past, of cer
tain city officials with the above elec;
trlcal company, the twin of the local
telephone company, both being owned
by 'the Bell Monopoly,
The telephone gang want the coun
cil to raise the rates on all phones.
To abolish all flat phones and make
everybody take measured service.'
To put a nickel In every phone be
fore connection Is made.
Fire Marshal Seyferltcb asserted
that as practically one-half of the Are
and police alarms are received by tele
phone, he did not favor the general
Installation of the "pay-in-advance"
type of tolophono Instrument now be
ing placed In various parts of the city
by the telephone company.
The telephone trust contemplates
another big public improvement It
Is going to raise its dividend.
People who have been helping tat
telephone company to pay eight per
cent stock dividends and to erect
twenty story buildings want telephone
rates reduced.
Telephone competition In Chicago I
needed and needed badly.
The people are sick and tired of be
ing forced to submit to the demands
of the 'phono trust. Thoy resent the
gall of the trust In wanting the city
to give It a monopoly and they are not
going to stand for any such action by
the city.
For years they have suffered pa
tiently tho wrongs put upon them by
the trust and they have come to the
position where they are not going to
stand for It any longer.
The ono thing that will put a stop
to the high rates and poor service,
from which the peoplo of Chicago
have suffered for years, is telephone
demands 'phone compett-
The Chicago Telephone Company,
which Is suffering so much from
want of funds, according to certain
city "experts" that It will have to
ralso telephono rates on tho people
In order to exist, paid 8 per cent In
dividends tnt year.
Think of ltl
.Bight per cent on twenty-soven mil
lion dollars I
This 1b tho company that started
with a capital stock of half a million
and now has a capital stock of twenty-seven
It pays S per cent annual dividend
on twenty-seven millions nnd puts up
a twenty-two story modern office
building besides.
Tho people o f Chicago nro such
easy marks that tho phono crowd want
to get moro out of them nnd asks for
tn Inrrcnso in rntcs at tho hands of
tho City Council.
And two "oxportB" rsreo that this
"poor" company Is liming money!
In 1911 tho Chicago Telephone Com
pany pnld 8 per cent In quarterly dlvl
donds of 2 per cent Mnrch 31, 2 per
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the Business Men's Campaign for Wilson In the West.
cent, June SO; 2 per cont, September
SO; 2 per cont, December SO, 1911.
Here is a nice little nest egg of
93,160,000 divided up among tho stock
holders. Wbon to this Is added the profits
paid the "parent" Bell Telephone
Company, tho amount grabbed off the
people of Chicago Is simply enormous.
Instead of raising telephone rates,
the City Council .should lower them.
Tho "third rail" Is still killing,
The net earnings of the Telephone
Trust increased from $4,270,109 la
1900 to $23,095,389 In 1910.
And yet the Trust wants to squeeze
more money out of Chicago people,
The City 'Phone Expert Will Follow Pre
cedent in Giving the Bell Monopoly
a Favorable Ruling.
Professor Bemis, It Is Said. Will Follow Others
and Report Against Any Lowering
of Prices.
This Ought to Tickle the Advocates of
Remains to Be Seen What the
Will Do.
it May (wive a Spur to
What nro tho aldermen going to do
In tho mntler of tolephono tariff re
duction? Possibility of a reduction of tele
phono rntrx is remote. This, It was
learned will bo tho report of Prof.
Edward W. Dcmls, public utility ex
pert, who lias been busy on a tole
phono report for a year. Tho report
Ih being niado at tho Instnncc of tho
council through tho gas, oil and elec
tric light conuulttco, which has kept
In closo touch with Prof. Uomls.
"There will bo no reduction In serv
ice," said an official who claims to
have received enough fragments of
Information from the source of Inves
tigation to warrant the statement. "I
am informed that there will be a sug
gestion of reduction on unlimited resi
dence service. This I do not consider
a real reduction, but simply the plac
ing of a premium on those subscribers.
In other words, it will encourage that
The Telephone Trust Is the most
grinding of the many trusts that exist
In the United States.
It snuffs out competition by tho
power of its money and tho people
Competition Which Will, In Time, Force Down
Present Very High Prices.
arc 111(0 so many serfs to bo used nt
Its own bcclt nnd call.
Tho rising tlilo of Indignation will
never subBldo until- tho wholo Tele
phono Trust nnd Its aides and abettors
nro punished.
Tho old fashioned Trust phono
sorvlco In Chlcngo Is getting worso
every ilny. Patrons nro constantly
complaining of It. Wrong numbors
nro constantly in ovldenco; tho busy
signal Is given frequently for a "wrong
number", whllo tho phono that Is
called Ih not busy nt nil. Somo of the
operators aro Importlncnt. Others of
them nro Incompetent. All of this
works for a loss of business, tlmo and
patience. Tho wholo system Is an
tliinalcd. and out of date. It Is only
retained becauso tho old company is
moro interested In piling up dividends
than it is in serving tho pcoplo. Tho
Automatic system does awny with all
of tho potty annoyances. It gives di
rect connection. It Is satisfactory in
ovcrywny, besides being absolutely
private, with no eavesdropping.
No matter bow peoplo may havo
differed with Mayor Carter H. Har
rison on stdo Issues everybody regards
him as an honest man. He has provon
this fact over and over again. But
the telephone situation in Chicago has
given another Instance of the mayor's
possession of this cardinal virtue. Ev
erybody ts familiar with the facts. For
a long time the Telephone Monopoly
has been lording It over tbe people
of Chicago. It has been charging what
It pleased for telephone service and
has paid enormous dividends out of
money wrung from the pockets of the
people of this city. It has been fight
ing the Illinois Tunnel Company be
causo it has installed an effective and
useful competitive service. Backed by
the trust press, the monopoly tried its
best to forfeit tho Tunnel Company's
frauchlso that It might continue on its
career of unopposed aggrandizement.
As Tho Eagle has repeatedly pointed
outt tho ruthless Telephono Trust has
all along, through Its hirelings, been
abusing the honest mayor and honest
aldermen becauso they did not sur
render the wholo telephono field to
It. Mayor Harrison and his adminis
tration havo met tho situation man
fully and tho people will not forget
them. Tho council commltteo on gas,
oil and electric light, of which Aldor
man Cermak Is chairman, was asked
by tho Telephono Monopoly to forfeit
tho franchise of tho Automatic com
pany. Tbe committee asked the cor
poration counsel what Its powers
would bo in tho premises in case the
bluff of tho monopoly hirelings was
rnado good In anyway. Tho "wrong
number" monopoly bad the gall to
demand tho forfeiture of the Automat
ic company's franchise on tho allegod
ground that it' did not have a sufficient
number of subscribers on a given
date. For this reason It asked tho al
dermen to give the Telephone Trust
tho right to continue Its exorbitant
charges without any chance of compe
tition or business opposition. The
corporation counsel was not long in
furnishing an opinion which has been
hailed by tbe people of Chicago with
It was held In the opinion that the
company ,had acted In good faith; that
it had the necessary number of sub
Monopoly, but It
scribers; that it was delayed in secur
ing them because of Inaction on the
part of tho city, and that tho courts
woro slow to forfeit canities undor
such conditions. Tho opinion was
written by Assistant Corporation Coun
sel Craig and approved by Corporation
Counsel Soxton.
"Wo nro of tho opinion," rends tho
closing pnrngrni'h of tho opinion, "that
under tho fncts shown In tho report
of tho Kvcrott Audit company nnd tho
public utility Inspector Ia chnrgo, the
courts would not decrco or sustain a
forfeiture of tho company's right ac
quired under tho ordluanco of Feb.
L'O. 1S99, or a forfclturo of Its plant
nnd equipment for telophono pur
poses. "
Mayor Harrison expressed himself
as believing that bottor scrvlco could
bo obtained from a dual tolophono
scrvlco than from a slnglo ono.
"In every Instauco that I havo boon
personally informed of," ho said, "tho
two systems havo boon about ob choap
to tho consumer as ono. Competition
seems to produco better sorvlco. I
really beltovo that bettor scrvlco can
bo expected from two companlos thau
from ono."
Tho Tolophono Trust Is still doing
business. Its dividends aro Increas
ing every year. The .charges to the
public aro not decreasing.
That tho Trust is a combine in re
straint of trado Is ovldont to many
from Its attempt in Chicago to put
Its automatic competitor out of busi
ness. The Telephono Trust has com
menced a bitter and an uncalled for
attack on the Mayor and bonost alder
men of tho City of Chicago who are
fighting for the people's rights against
a heartless monopoly.
The Tolophono Trust ts opposed to
tho honest, capablo and efficient serv
ice that Mr. J. Ogdou Armour and his
colleagues aro prepared to glvo to tbe
city with their automatic service.
The Telephono Trust has changed
managers in Chicago and has decided
to throw dirt upon honest men in tho
city govornmout who opposo Its dom
ineering and oxtortlonato methods.
Tho Illinois Tunnel Company has
fully complied with tho terms of Its
ordinance and yet the Grafters' Union
Is not satisfied.
It wants tho Illinois Tunnel Com
pany, which has expended over $5,
000,000,000 In Instruments, wlros and
station equipments, to bo forced to
glvo up all of this to satisfy tho Tolo
phono Trust.
Any alderman who votes In favor
of an increaso of ratos for tho Tele
phone Monopoly will bo beaten to a
finish tho noxt tlmo ho runs for ofllce,
According to somo accounts several
men who aro working for the mon
opoly and Its franchise may not be
residents of Chicago when tho next
election comes nround.
Tho Tolophono Monopoly Is busy
circulating "ugly rumors" about the
Corporation Counsel, the Mayor and
the honest aldermen who are standing
up for tho people's rights.
"Ugly rumors" is good.
Aldermen who nro anxious to learn
tbe truth ought to Inquire into tbe do-
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