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Hird from tht Vtriout Camps
During tht Wttk About
Mtn Promintnt in
What the Leaders Are Doing and
What People Have to Say
About Them.
Plans for a whirlwind campaign to
be startod this week by the Demo
cratlc party ot Cook County were
made public In a signed statement Is
sued from the Drlggs. House headquar
ters by Secretary J. S. Mclnorney of
the Democratic County Central Com
mittee. The statement says that the
speechmaklng stage of the campaign
has been reached.
"Halls have been engaged In every
ward. In the city," the statement con
tinues, "and Henry Berger, chairman
of the Halls and Speakers Committee,
will be ready to announce the first
assignments of speakers In a 'few
days. All the Democratic candidates
on the city, county and state tickets
will have an opportunity ot meeting
the voters at our various meetings.
The campaign from now on will be
earnest and vigorous. This Is essen
tially a campaign of education. Gov
ernor Wilson will bo In Chicago, Octo
ber 10. Judge Dunne will, we under
stand, make another tour of the state
before opening his campaign In Cook
County. Meanwhile, the interests of
Governor Wilson and Judge Dunno
will be well cared for by our organi
sation." Chairman John F. Devlne, of the
Republican County Central Commit
tee, Is working hard.
"It Is the plan of the organization
to keep on the Jump every hour from
now until election day," said Chair
man Devlne. "The campaign has
been backward because the people
have been too busy with prosperous
times to worry about politics. The
time for active work Is here. Regis
tration Saturday Is of the utmost Im
portance, and we do not Intend to let
"Precinct captains have been In
Professional Card's
Vincent & Bradley
The' Roolcory, Chicago
Adams A. Goodrich
William A. Vincent
Ralph R. Bradley
Wabash 480
. IIOS Ashland Meek
Telephone Randolph 3037
First National Bank Building. Chicago
Telephone Central M0.
L. D. Condee
31 North Dearborn St.
structed to get In their respective sec
tions and work hard on the canvass
preparatory for registration. We will
have the 'chaser' slips as usiial to
round up delinquents on Saturday
night. The polls will be open from
8 a. m. until 9 p. m. Saturday for registration."
Colonel James Hamilton Lewis,
Democratic nominee for United States
senator, In a speech at Marshall,
called Judge Sherman, his Republi
can opponent, to answer under which
flag he marched was he of the army
of Taft or Roosevelt?
Colonel Lewis said:
"I ask my friend, Judge Sherman,
to answer: Is ho for President Taft
and supporting the Payno-Aldrlch tax
tariff bill that the president says 'is
tho best tariff bill ever passed,' or Is
Judge Sherman with Colonel Roose
velt In his denunciation of this Payne
Aldrlch tax tariff law as 'a sham and
oppression, a trick of persecution'?
"I ask, Judge Sherman, do you
stand at Armageddon, or are you
'waiting at the church'? Are you
standing waiting for the marriage fes
tival In hopes that if Miss Illinois
shall wed either Roosevelt or Taft,
you may In either event be best man?
Will you support Taft In his veto of
the reduction of the price of woolen
clothes for this winter? Will you
support him In his veto of cheap cot
ton clothes for the people, all to their
loss of $500,000,000 or Is Judge Sher
man with Colonel Roosevelt In de
nouncing the vetoes as a violation of
the right of the people to rule?"
Members of the Young Men's Lam
pert Club of the Twenty-third Ward,
an organization of' 1,000 young men
whose work made a creditable show
ing last spring In the aldermanlc elec
tion, met and formed a Wilson-Dunne
Club of young men to work In the fall
campaign. Harry H. Lamport, who Is
a prominent Insurance man, was made
president and E. C. Bode was chosen
chairman of the executive committee.
Harold Amberg was made secretary.
They are preparing for a campaign
along original lines and expect sub
stantially to help the Democratic
ticket In the northern part of the city.
A stringent State taw la needed as
regulate the establishment of banks.
There are too many wild-cat f nandal
schemes now In existence In Chicago.
Not wishing to compete with toe big
banks. Irresponsible people are starting
np small banks In the outlying districts
Ju Hmiltti Lewis
Pheae Central Silt
Lowes & Richards
Attorneys at Law
i '
127 N. Daarbora St
Spencer Ward
Rector Building
Clark and Monroe Street
' Tolsea Coanal 4fji
Attorny it Liw
MR awi VI LI Saws MM
TelopfcetM Central Oil
Asa G. Adams
7f Wast Monro Straat
of Chicago, from time to time. This
practice has had disastrous results
npon the business and financial Inter
ests of the entire city. Many hundred
small business men and traders hare
been ruined by this class of Institu
tions. This nefarious practice should be
stopped and the only way to stop It Is
by municipal legislation.
A prorlslon ought to be made In the
city charter authorising the city under
Its police power to regulate the estab
lishment of banks and creating In
pursuance of this work a board for
the examination of all proposed new
banking concerns. Bnch a board
should be rlren ample power to exam
ine Into the financial standing of the
promoters of these Institutions, and
none should be allowed to be licensed
unless such as could show assets ample
for the carrying on of their business,
sufficient to cover the amount of their
deposits, and sound and substantial
enough to thoroughly protect their
There can be no question as to the
right and the Justice of the city to
exercise such power under a properly
constructed charter prorlslon. If the
city has the right to regulate plumb
ers, to regulate engineers, to regulate
tae elctrlcal business, to regulate pawn
brokers and the scores of other busi
ness enterprises and Industries orer
which It exercises unquestioned super
rising powers, It certainly has a per
feet right to regulate the banking busi
ness, which Is of far more Importance
than anything In the line of business
In the city, because upon the legitimate
and honest business methods of these
Institutions depends the welfare ot the
entire city In Its business and commer
cial life, while methods of a contrary
kind Indulged In by small, Irresponsible
speculative concerns only results In
failures that Involve Injuriously the In
terests of the entire community. Row
often have we seen It that the failure
of one of these little banks, started
upon Insecure and Irresponsible founda
tions, and boomed by fraudulent and
false representations, have dragged
down to ruin hundreds of good, hard
working, thrifty and deserving cltlsens.
The licenses Issued by the examin
ing board, which, of course, should be
composed of responsible cltlsens and
able financiers, should be of a charac
ter that would be absolutely prohibi
tive of all schemes and projects for the
establishment of phony concerns of this
This would be welcomed by all sound
and responsible banking houses,
whether private or national.
William D. Mnnhall
If 16 Ashland Block
CUrk and Randolph 8u.
Telephone Randolph 3331
CkjrtoaB. Craft
Qo. M.tttvMI
Crafts & Stevens
Attorneys and Ctunstlors
at Law
Raama si7, sia and sis
TUpbM Mala l7
Prank H. Novak
Charles W. Novak
Attorneys at Law
Suite 408, 69 W. Washington St.
WW.IHthSt.. WeMNaeus
Christopher L. Flosd
112 N. U Salic St., SaJtc 45 v
TcUlhtRHi Nils I07, AutORUtlc lllll
Election of municipal Judges should
be held by Itself. It Is purely a mu
nicipal affair and It Is not right they
should be voted for at a big county
and state election, They should be
voted for at the spring election in
April or at a seperate election In
On page 31 ot the annual report ot
the Dell Telephone system for 1012
wo And the following lngenous state
ment excusing the raising of rates:
"Wherever these rates have been
Increased It has been done by and
with the consent of the subscribers
to the exchanges, and with the direct
authority or acquiescence of the pub
lic authorities."
This Is certainly good. It would
bo a safe guess to say that the "con
sent of the subscribers" was never
asked but that rates were ' raised
"with the direct authority or acquies
cence of the public authorities."
Are the public authorities ot the
city ot Chicago going to acquiesce In
a raise of telephone rates T
Mcdlll McCormlck will run as the
Progressive candidate for the state
legislature In the Twenty-ninth Dis
trict. John F. Bass resigned from the
The County Democracy appears to
be the only Democratic organization
that has not been torn asunder by
Meeting hours for City Council com
mittees are as follows:
Monday streets and alleys, 2
o'clock; buildings, 3:30 o'clock.
Tuesday Schools and police, 11
o'clock; harbors, wharves and bridges,
2 o'clock; local Industries, 2 o'clock.
Wednesday Special park commis
sion, 10:30 o'clock; health, 3 o'clock;
local transportation, 2 o'clock; track
elevation, 3:30 o'clock.
Thursday Gas, oil and electric
light, 2 o'clock; license, 3:30 o'clock;
water, 3:30 o'clock.
Friday Compensation, 11 o'clock;
Judiciary, 2 o'clock; finance, 2 o'clock;
bathing beaches, 3:30 o'clock.
Chairman Block of the local trans
portation committee named the fol
lowing subcommittees:
Street Car Servico Complaint
Northwest Side Twlgg, Hyldahl,
Clancy. North Side Capitaln, Llpps.
Southwest Side Schultz', Donahoe,
Stewart. South Side Fisher, Bergen,
Committee on Wllmotte Extension
of the Northwestern Elevated . Rail
rdnd Block, Twlgg, Schutts, Fisher,
Through Routes Block, Llpps,
Committee to Keep In Touch With
the Elevated Road's Valuation Com
mission Block, Rlchert, Llpps, Long.
City Architect.
Tenth floor. South end.
Board of Election Commissioners.
Third floor. South end.
Charles H. Kellerman.
Anthony Ciarneckl.
Howard B. Taylor.
William H. Stuart, chief clerk.
Charles H. Mitchell, attorney.
Board of Examiners.
Motor vehicle operators, 10th floor.
North end.
Moving picture operators, 10th floor.
North end.
Plumbers, 10th floor. North end.
Stationary engtnoers, 10th floor.
North end.
Board of Inspectors ot public ve
hicles, 3d floor. North end.
Board of Local Improvements.
General offices, 2d floor. South end.
Stillman B. Jamieson
Attorney at Law
ResMsftte 3343 fVtorirse Stress
: Offlee, Central 43B
Residence, Ke4ltle64M
Geo. M. Weichelt
SHe m AsiUad Block
Mm Mala 449S
Badf vm Butt, Muilkx
IS3 North Lm Silk Strict,
Public hearing rooms, 1st floor.
North end.
Law department, 2d floor. South
Boiler Inspection.
Sixth floor. South end.
Building Dspartment
Seventh floor. North end. '
Bridge Division.
Fourth floor. North end.
Business Agent.
Vault floor. North end.
City Attorney.
Sixth floor. North end.
City Clark.
First floor. South end.
City Collector.
First floor. South end.
City Comptroller.
Oeneral office, 6th floor. North end.
Auditor, 6th floor. North end.
Paymaster, 6th floor. North end.
Real estate agent, 6th floor. North
City Council.
Council chamber, 2d floor. North
General committee-rooms, 2d floor.
North end.
Commute on finance, 2d floor. North
Committee on local transportation.
3d floor.
Special park commission, 10th floor.
North end.
City Electrician.
Sixth floor. Center.
City Hall.
Superintendent, 3d floor. North end.
Chief Janitor, 3d floor. North end.
City' Sealer.
Vault floor. South end.
City Statistician.
Tenth floor. North end.
City Treasurer.
Second floor. Center.
Civil Service Commission.
General ofllces, Cth floor. South end.
Examinlng-room, 10th floor. Center.
Bureau of Compensation.
Vault floor. South end.
Corporation Counsel.
Fifth floor. South end.
Bureau of Engineering (City
Fourth floor. North end.
Department of Electricity.
Sixth floor. Center.
Finance Committee.
Second floor. North end.
Fire Department.
Fire marshal, 1st floor. North end.
Fire alarm telegraph, Cth floor. Cen
ter. Firemen's pension fund, secretary
of board of trustees (city clerk), 1st
floor. South end.
Burssu of Gas Inspection.
Vault floor. South end.
Inspector of Oils.
Tenth floor. South end.
Harbor Division.
Fourth floor. North end.
Department of Health.
Commissioner of health, 7th floor.
Bureau of food Inspection, 7th floor.
Bureau of sanitary Inspection, 7th
Bureau of contagious diseases, 7th
Bureau of vital statistics, 7th floor.
Department of Law,
Corporation counsel, 6th floor.
South end.
City attorney, Cth floor. North end.
Prosecuting attorney, Cth floor.
North end.
Special assessment attorney, 2d
floor. South end.
Local Transportation Commutes.
Third floor. North end.
Local Transportation (Traction Ex
pert). Thtfd floor. North erid.
Bureau of Maps and Plats.
Fourth floor. North end.
Mayor's Offloe.
Fifth floor. North end.
Mayor's Office.
Fifth floor. Center.
Municipal Court New City Hall.
Courtrooms, 8th, 9th and 11th floors.
Norton T. Culver
Attorney at Law
S39-831 Stock Exchange Building
Retldeaca, Otoacoe, Ig.
Phone Franklin 2310 Auto. 31-048
Attorney and Counsellor
at Law
154 West Randolph Street
Metropolitan Block, Chicago
LaSalltand Randolph Streets
A. A. Woraley
Attornay and Counsellor
at Law
Suite 1010
No. 179 Wsst Washington Strte
TeUpW 1730 Mala
Some Items of Interest From the
Public Offices About Occur-
fAnces of the Week.
Aid. Irwin R. Hazen presented the
most drastic plan for now require
ment upon autolsts. It was an order
upon the corporation counsel to dratt
an ordinance requiring all nutomo
bilo owners owners ot small vehicles
as well as trucks to provide fenders
for their machines.
Aid, James A. Koarns presented an
order for an ordinance) requiring that
all machines equipped with self-starting
devices also bo fitted with locking
attachments that wilt prevent their
being started by mischievous boys or
other careless persons when tho driv
ing scats aro empty.
Aid. James Donahoe had passed an
order directing the chief ot police to
enforce strictly tho provision ot the
state law requiring that license num
bers attached to the rear ends of
automobiles bo lighted so that they
are leglblo for a distance ot ISO feet.
In pursuance of the opinion of Cor
poration Counsel Sexton that tho city
has, under tho cities and villages act,
the power to license and regulate pri
vate banks, Aid. A. J. Cermak had
passed an order for the drafting of an
ordinanco having this effect.
"I was surprised," ho said, "to And
the city has this power, but now we
know we have It wo ought to lose no
time In taking advantage of It. Tho
small banks now known as private
banks ought to bo kept under scrutiny
almost as closely as any other banks.
It is possible to bring them Into a
class that might be described as mu
nicipal banks, to bo examined by city
examiners just as tho state and nation
al banks are examined by tho stato
and national examiners."
Aid. Cermak said ho had not de
vised any specific plans, as ho de
sired to leave that question entirely
In the hands of tho law department.
Ho said ho would confer with Corpor
ation Counsel Sexton as to whether
the city could compel regular reports
from all banks not under stato or na
tional control, and whether tho work
of examining them cannot bo handled
by the city controller's offlee without
the creation of another department or
Tho certificate ot the architects for
the completion of tho city hall will
not bo approved by Commissioner of
Public Works McGnntt until minor
work throughout the building Is fin
ished to tho satisfaction ot tho city.
This was made known at a meeting
of the Buildings and City Hall Com
mittee, at which Mayor Harrison was
present. Assistant Corporation Coun
sel MathlaB and representatives of tho
architects, Holablrd & Roche, ex
plained the certificate had been Issued
because it was tho understanding that
tho building was substantially com
pleted. But Commissioner McOann
declared the building was not sub
stantially completed. The committee
adopted an order prepared by Alder
man Thompson which provided that
tho commissioner bo Instructed not
to sign the vouchor and that tho archi
tects Holablrd & Roche, confer with
hlni to seo If tho dcfectB could not bo
remedied so settlement could be
made. Ventilation, heating and wood
work nre tho thrco polntB whore most
ot tho defects nro said to exist.
Dearborn streot from South Water
street to tho Polk Street Railway Sta
tion will bo tho first street In tho
"Great Whlto Way" project of tho
city to light tho enttro loop district
with flaming nro lights that will mako
the business district ot Chicago tho
best lighted commercial center In tho
world, according to opinions of trus
tees of tho Sanitary District Drainage
Doard ot Chicago at tholr meeting last
First-Class Garage
2630 Wabash Avenue
M. M. CONNERY. Proprietor
Best Equipped Garage in Chicago.
Electric Trucks Charged.
Automobile Truck Storage and Gar
age Space for Rent.
The Factory is
Every Description
Fur Repairing and Remodeling
at Most Reasonable Prices
Fourth Floor Stewart Bldd. Fourth Floor
N. W. Corner Stato and Washington St.
Monday, when contracts wero entered
Into with tho Dearborn Street Im
provement Association, the sanitary
district of Chicago and tho city of
Chicago for beginning tho work with
Dearborn street.
Following are the standing com
mittees of the city council:
Finance Rlchert, chairman; Hard
ing, Emerson, Reading, Cermak, Law
ley, Bellfuss, Sltts, Egan, Krumholi,
Llpps, Wilson, Twlgg, Koarns, Ryaa
(34) Dem., 9; Rep.,' 6.
Local transportation Block, chair
man; Rlchert, Carr, Long, Schults,
Clancy, Healy, Stewart, Capitaln,
Llpps, Hyldahl, Twlgg, Berger, Fish
er, Donahoe Dem., 9; Rep., 6.
Harbors, wharves and bridges Lit
tier, chairman; Kenna, Ryaa (4),
Long, Nance, Czckala, Brennan, Oel
ger, Bauler, Hey, Thomson, Emerson,
Holding, Hasen, Ryan (34) Dem., 9;
Rep., G.
Gas, oil and electric light Cermak,
chairman; Bellfus, Hey, Ryan (4),
Sltts, Hoderleln, Long, Walkowlak,
Twlgg, Block, Stewart, Janorsky,
Vavrlcok, Bowler, Kearas, Dem., I;
Rep., 0.
Local industries Fisher, chatrmaa;
SchulU, Krumholi, Mayer, McDoa
aid, Pretzel, Carr, Lawley, Wllaoa,
Klaus, Sitts, McDermott, Cullertoa,
Schaeffer, Bergen Dem., 11; Rep., 4.
Judiciary legislation, elections aa
rules Donahoe, chairman; Utpatel,
KJollander, Hasen, Mayer, Walko
wlak, Capitaln, Toman, Helwlg, Pow
ers, Hyldahl, Bowersdorf, Pltte, Mo
Inernoy, Ahoarn, Bauler, Holding
Dem., 12; Rep., 6.
Streets, alleys, taxation, street
nomenclature Healy, chairman; Mo
Donald, Pretiel, Kenna, Utpatel, Mo
Dermott, Egan, Kuni, Swift, Cross,
Hey, Holding, Klaus, Haderleln, To
man. Dem., 10; Rep., B.
License Ryan (34), chairman;
Cermak, Burns, Norrls, Ahern, Krum
holz, Tearaey, Utpatel, Janorsky,
Cross, Bowler, Ryan (4), Vavrioek,
Pltte, Bradshaw. Dem., 10; Rep., S.
Buildings and city hall Thomson,
chairman; Klaus, Coughlln, Bewere
dorf, K'ellander, Tearaey, Carr,
Clancy, Llpps, Helwlg, Walkowlak.
Littler, Swift, Powers, Hyldahl.
Dom., 10; Rep., 6.
Schools, Are, police, civil service
Getger, chairman; Martin, Csekala,
Toman, Kenna, Helwlg, Burns, Hard
ing, Block, Mayer, Vavricek, Mclaer
noy, Rlchert, Bowersdorf, Bradshaw.
Dem., 11; Rep., 4.
Health Nance, chairman; Culler
ton, Coughlln, Ahearn, Schaefer, Nor
rls, Lawley, Pretiel, McDermott,
Tearaey, Kuns, Mclnerney, .Martla
Brennan, Bradshaw. Dem., 10;
Rep., 5.
Water Wilson, chalrmaa; Kuas,
Burns, Coughlln, Brennan, Schaefer,.
Norrls, Powers, Thomson, Kjellander,
Egan, Littler, Cross, Stewart, Swift
Dem., 8; Rep., 7.
Special park commission Aid. BeU
fuss, chairman; Aldermen Harding,
.Schults, Capitaln, Bergen, Hasea,
Cullerton, Haderleln, McDonald,
Clancy and Martin; Oscar P. Mayer,
Peter 8. Goodman, Jens Jeasen, F. A.
Ltndstrand, Samuel J. Rosenblatt, Cy
ril Flala, George Landau, Paul Dray,
malskl, the Rev. Julius Rappaport,
Charloa H. Rlchter, Charlss Book.
Francis T. Simmons, Joseph Donaera
berger, William Kolacek, James B.
McFatrlch, Frank P. Danlsch.
Bathing beaches Aid. Long, chair
man; Oelger, Pltte, Healy, Bowler.
Compensation Aid. Reading, chair
man; Ryan (34), Bellfuss, Llpps,
Harding, Krumholi.
Track elevation Aid. Janorsky,
chairman; Fisher, Emerson, Kearas,
Reading, Donahoe, Bauler, Naaco,
the Place to Buy
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