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a.ennd claia Matter October 11. IBM. at the Paat
Entered ai Second Claia Matter October 11, ISM, at the Port
Office at Chicago, Illinois, under Act of March Srd, 1(79.
me at Chicago, Illinois, undtr Act of March 3rd, 1879.
ffiwHSff WHOLE NUMBER 1,201
- , 'it - if J" ' rt"s-p ayrs ,- g
The Democratic Nominee for Ooyernor
Will Prove an Easy Winner on
Election Day.
Reports Gathered, from All Parts of the State
Show a Widespread Enthusiasm for
His Candidacy.
All Classes of Voters Aro Rallying to His Support and
He Will Get More Votes than Dencen i
and Funk Combined.
Campaign Is Now On in
Edward P. Dunno Is a suro winner
for governor. Every day sees his
army of followers growing larger and
mora enthusiastic. Ho has mado a
splendid campaign and has tho people
with him. His honest and clean career
has endeared him to tho hearts of all
Illlnolsana and ho will step Into tho
governor's chair on Nov. 5 by ono of
tho largest pluralities ovor given a
candldato for offico In this state.
Judgo Dunno in a speech Tuesday
night said:
"Governor Doneon claims the in
crcaso In tho expense of tho govern
ment Is duo to tho fact that thcro aro
moro inmates of tho penitentiaries,
lnsano asylums and other stato in
stitutions, nut does tho governor
mean to linvo tho peoplo bollovo that
while tho population has boon In
creased nt tho rato of. CO per cont In
thoso twenty years, that tho Increase
in criminology, Insanity -and physical
dlsabllty has Increased at tho rato of
from 300 to 3G0 per cent? It ho does,
lot mo say that nt this rato It will bo
but a fow years when tho wholo popu
lation of this state will bo Inmates
of tho ponttontlarles, insano asylums
or other eleemosynary Institutions.
Such a claim Is absurd upon Its face.
"His second explanation Is that ho
has been giving better government
than we had In the day of Governor
Altgold, and that this has brought an
Increase In expenditures. From cer
tain facts that have boon called to my
attention I very much question Gov
ernor Denoon's assertion of bettor
Judgo Dunno in a speech at Jollot
"Tho Democratic party and Its can
dldato for Governor domand tho In
itiative and retorondum. It demands
the abolition of graft and tho
Jackpot. It demands tho abolition
of public extravagance., It de
mands tho abolition of the State
Hoard of Equalization and Its shock
ing inequality In taxation. It domands
tho Institution of roal reform In placo
of tho faka reform which has dis
graced tho prcsont administration. It
domands the croatlon of a public
utilities commission to enforco decent
rates and aervlco by utility corpora
tions. "It domands a corrupt practices act
limiting tho,eloctlon expenses of can
didates and requiring publication of
tho Bamo. It demands tho reform of
tho rovenuo laws of tho stato. It de
mands that tho Constitution be
amonded to make It amondable by the
peoplo. It' domands tho onnctmontand
enforcement of just and efficient lawB
for tho protection of the lives, limbs
and health of employes. It demands
tho enactment and enforcement of
fair and Just laws which will com
pensate employes for injuries suffered
In dangerous occupations."
Governor Deneen came In for tho
following lambasting by Sonator
Funk last Monday:
"Governor Doneen'B speech In de
fense of his administration and In at
tack upon the Progressive party's
platform Is typical of tho man. Ho
again resorts to subterfuge that ho
has found bo effective for years past
that 1b, he clalnw credit for every
Item of progressive legislation en
acted during his term ot office, regard
less of the fact that in almost every
Earnest,-with Leaders on All Sides Predicting
for Their Respective Parties.
instanco ho fought It at Springfield
until swept asldo by an overwhelming
popular demand.
"Perhaps the Governor's crowning
audacity Is to point to tho General
Assembly's passago in 1009 of tho
Joint resolution advocating the direct
election of United States Senators by
tho peoplo. It was In that very year
that Governor Dencen used all bis
power to provent tho re-election of
Senator A. J. Hopkins, although Sen
ator Hopkins had a largo plurality of
tho popular advisory voto at tho pri
maries." Judgo Dunno, in u speech nt a lunch
eon given In his honor by tho Iroquois
Club on Tuesday, said:
"For tho last six months I havo
boon speaking In ovcry section of tho
Btuto, meeting both Domocrats aud
Republicans, and I can say that I
(Irmly bellevo that whon tho election
returns nro all In two weeks from to
day It will bo found that Illinois has
boon placed In tho column of Demo
cratic states.
"As to tho gubernatorial campaign,
I feel certain that I will bo elected
Governor. Thoro Is nothing but hap
mony In the Democratlo ranks. All
elements and factions aro united and
aro lighting for ono end Democratic
victory In Illinois."
Illinois Is duo for a chango in Gov
ernors. Judgo Dunno In a speech paid tho
following respects to Mr. Doneon:
"During tho last eight years tho ex
penses of this stato have grown enor
mously. By a comparison of this ad
ministration with tho administration
that preceded It tho tax levy ot tho
stato will bo found to havo Increased
from 1903 to 1911 82 per cont.
"I havo charged against tho Repub
lican administration In all my
speeches, based upon irrofutablo au
thority, tho following Instances of
"First, extrnvnganco; secondly,
gross Inequity of taxation; third, du
plicity and hypocrisy and doublo-cross-ing'Of
tho pooplo; fourth, doflnnco of
tho people's will as twlco oxpressed
at tho polls in the matter of tho
Initiative and referendum, which, If
enacted would put an end forovor to
tho dobauchory ,of our legislators."
William Jennings Dryan will make
several spoeclios In Chicago. A def
inite dato ban not beon set, but it Is
desired by tho manngors that ono
Dryan meeting bo hold on Saturday
night. Ho will mnko a trip out In tho
state, making his first speech at
Salem next Monday morning.
In a decision given out on Tuesday
tho Illinois Supremo Court knocked
out tho voting machine as a device
to bo usod exclusively at any polling
pluce In Chicago In tho election next
month. Tho tribunal allowed tho pe
tition ot Morton D. Hull and Franklin
S. Catlln for a writ of mandamus
compelling tho eloctlon commission
ors of Chicago to substitute papor
ballots and ballot boxes tor the ma
chines, The court permits the election com
mlssloners to use machines also In
precincts in which they have been
placed, but each,, voter must havo the
option of voting by tho uso of tho bal
lot or tho machtno without suggestion
or nilvlco from tho Judges of election
as to which method ho shall uso.
Progressive candidates for county
offlcca won a victory when a majority.,
of tho commission hoarlng objection!)
to their nominating petitions decide,
that thoy had no powor to lnvoitlftt.
charges of fraud which havo boilf.
brought by Republican managers.
County Judgo John E. Owens and
Robort M. Swoltzor, county clerk, de
cided In favor of tho Progressive can
didates, whllo John E. W. Wayman,
tho other membor of tho commis
sion, which Is created by statuto, de
clared that an Investigation should bo
made ot tho charges brought by tho
The attorneys representing tho ob
jectors offered to show that out ot
11,356 names' on tho nominating peti
tions objected to 5,900 aro the names
of voters' not reglstored, that 1,238
voted at tho primary for either- tho
Republican or Democratic parties and
that over 1,000 wero forged, or were
names not Blgned by the voters per
sonally. In accord with the contentions of
counsel for the Progressives, Judge
Owens and Mr. Sweltzcr hold that, M
a commission, thoy hnd no power to
Inquire Into questions of fact with
referenco to tho alleged frauds, pro
vldlng that tho form of the petitions
was such as Is required by statuto.
Dunno will carry every ward In Chi
cago by larger pluralities than were
ever rolled up In them before.
What the city council did last
Adopted resolutions recommending
that the mayor rovoko "Jack" John
son's saloon license.
Received bids for the city's garbage
disposal contract.
Recommended a bill to tho com
mittee on stato legislation for tho con
trol of private banks by tho state.
Reconsidered Its action in falling to
pass nn ordinance giving Marshall
Field & Co. tho right to tunnel under
tho Washington street bUIo to tho
Arm's structure
Recommitted nn ordlnanco regulat
ing cold storago warehouses to tho
commlttco on judiciary for revision.
Passed nn order directing tho com
missioner of buildings to enforco
strictly the ordlnnnco as to stores In
residential districts.
Set next Monday afternoon for tho
next meeting of tho council.
Ilo with the winner and voto for
Dunno for Governor.
Alderman Block stated on Monday
that nn opinion would bo asked of the
Corporation Counsel to learn whether
city franchises to clovatcd railroads
could legally run for a period longer
than twenty years. Tho question Is
raised In connection with complaints
on sorvlco by tho ebvatcd road and
tho proposition to hnvo elevated
trains routed througli tho loop from
ono end of tho city to tho other. Some
mombcrs of tho commlttco contend
thnt tho franchises havo already, ex
pired. Edward F. Dunno will bo elected
governor of Illinois on tho fifth ot
November without nny doubt.
Tho peoplo aro flocking to his sup
port In all parlB of the etato and
nothing can beat him.
Governor Dencen has mado many
enemies in his own party and thou
sands ot Republicans, will voto for
J Judgo Dunne because thoy bollovo
Democratlo Candidate for Governor of
to bo tho bust man for tho of-
Ono great fault with tho Doll phono
system In Chicago is tho dolay In
making proper connections for pa
trons. Oftor tho operator will nsk
several times, "What number did you
call?" Tho "wrong numbor" nulBanco
is familiar to everybody. Suroly tho
people of Chicago nro entitled to a
tfetter sorvlco and for less money than
they aro paying nt present.
A chango
of Governors will help
A voto for Edward F. Dunne la a
vote for an honest man.
The Aldermen Have Waited Nearly Two
Years for the Second Report from
that Telephone Expert.
They Aro Wondering Whether It Will Advise an
Increase of Bates or a Reduction
f of Them.
The Fact that Every Delay Has Been Charged Up to the
Desiro of the Telephone Company for
More Time,
And the Fact that the Telephone Trust Thinks that It Ought to Be
Permitted to Raise Its Rates Are Interesting.
Tho City Council Is getting tired of
tho delay caused by tho postpone
ment of tho report of tho last expert
employed to tell what ho thinks ot
telephone rates. According to tho
sldormcn. tho now rntos could have
been "enforced moro than two years
ago if tho Council hnd acted In tho
matter, tho commlttco held, and If re
ductions now nro mado somo of tho
aldermen will Insist thnt tho "ox-
port" computo tho loss to tho public
for that porlod.
Hcmls was tho author of tho 70 cent
gas ordlnanco now In tho courts.
When ho complotod that pleco of
work tho 'commlttco already had bo
foro It tho tolophono roport of W. J.
Hagonah, an oxport employed under
the last administration.
Somo of tho aldermen Insisted that
nemls bo nsked to go ovor thoso roc
ommendntlona and give his opinion
of thorn. Instead of "revlowlng" Ha
gonah's work tho now critic quietly
began tho more remunerative task of
of n now Inquiry. Ills pay Is at tho
rato ot $B0 a day and expenses.
"Prof, nemls Is hero," said Chair
man A. J. Cormak, opening tho sub
ject "and maybe ho can tell us why
I tho roport on telophono rates that
we hnvo been promised from time to
time is not yet ready.
"Mr. DomlB," Interrupted Aid. Eu
geno Mock, "don't you think this com
mlttco has somo responsibility? Do
you think you should Ignore tho re
sponsibility Intended for this com
mlttco and lot us suffer for your
Then Mr. Hcmls explained his now
"I nm well plenBcd with my study
and bellevo tho commlttco will bo,"
was added.
"Will the figures you aro receiving
bo the means ot changing somo of
tho report you hnd ready?" nsked
Aid. JnmoH II. Howler.
Tho answer, was Indirect, but tho
expert snld ho had been "Influenced
by tho figures."
"Tho report would havo boon
ready," was tho answer, "If last wook
I hnd not heard ot some Important
things thnt had to bo added out ot
Justlco to tho report Itself."
"This report has been under way
In some form for two or three years,"
said Howler, "and I think wo ought
to hnvo It nt onco."
"I will hnvo tho report hero in thrco
dnys," said Hcmls.
"That's just It," shouted Chairman
Cormak, pounding on tho tablo. "How
many times hnvo you mado tho snmo
statement? I can refor you back to
our minutes, for moro thnn a year and
nearly every tlmo you hnvo promised
to hnvo a report In three days, throo
weeks, or somo other period. I am
gottlug disgusted. 1 had planned a
trip to Eurppo which I put off think
ing this report would bo ready during
tho summer vacation. Now wo want
n report."
"I'll novcr 08k you to trust mo
again If you do not receive tho re
port In throo days," snld nemls.
"Hotter got your llfo Insured If you
como back without tho report," sug
gested Howler.
"Wrlto n letter or cnll up by tele
phone. Don't como In horo unless you
hnvo that roport ready by Friday,"
roared Ccrmnk.
Hernia ngreed to turn tho manu
script ovor to Cormak on that day so
that ho ran put It In tho hands of n
printer boforo It Is mado public.
Tho peoplo want tho aldermen to
"ring off" tho Telophono Trust.
It has had too linn a hold upon tho
peoplo of Chicago ntnl thoy domand
relief from Its clutches.
Its ear-drum destroying sorvlco, ac
companied as It Is by a regular fan
faro of "wrong numbors," inattontlvo
oporntors and slow responses to re
quests for tolophonto connections nro
matters ot current comment.
Tho prlco of tho sorvlco Is alto
gether too high and tho peoplo do
mand a reduction in rates.
As for competition tho vory thought
ot stilling It makes tho public indig
nant. Tho publlo knows that with
out competition tho tolophono monop
oly would bo unbearable
Tho Chicago Tolophono Company Is
bound by Its franchise to submit to
any ordor passed by tho city council
regulating either Its charges or Its
equipment. Section 7 of tho ordl
nanco granting tho frnnchlso Bays:
"Tho city council as ono ot tho con-
dttions ot tho grant ot tho privileges
herein conferred upon tho Chicago
Tolophono Company hereby reserves
to itself tho right from tlmo to time
during tho period of this grant, by
special ordlnanco amondatory here
of, to hereafter establish, fix, pre
scribe, and regulate tho rates, charges
prices and tolls or othor compensa
tion or any limitations thcroupon for
each and ovcry kind of service, fa
cilities, and equipment which the Chi
cago Telephone Company furnishes
or supplies or may furnish or supply
In tho city of Chicago under this or
dlnanco, aud also tho basis, mothod,
Dimmer, and menns ot computing, ex
acting, Imposing, paying, and collect
ing such rates, charges, prices, and
tolls or other compensation ot said
Chicago Telophono Coompany."
Eluowhoro In tho franchise, In sec
tion S, Is found this paragraph:
"Tho city council shall havo tho
right by ordlnanco to rcgulato from
tlmo to tlmo during tho term horo
of In nny ninimer each and ovcry
kind of sorvlco which said Chi
cago Tolophono Company may horo
after deal In, furnish or supply In tho
city of Chicago under or by vlrtuo
of this grant."
In section 1G is found this pro
vision: "Hut snld Chicago Telophono Com
pany by tho ncceptnnco of this ordi
nance shall ho understood as pro
eluded from in nny manner attack
ing or questioning tho powor of tho
city ot Chicago to exerclso tho author
ity, powors, privileges, and rights
hereby reserved or granted, or any of
Hy section 17 tho company agreed
thnt In tlio ovont of Its default "in
tho obscrvnnco or performance" of
nny of tho agreements ot tho ordl
nanco continuing thrco months after
wrltton notice from tho city tho coun
cil can dedaro tho grant "and all tho
lights nnd privileges" of tho company
forfeited and nt an end.
Chicago peoplo demand a reduction
of telephone rates.
A cont a call or at tho most 2
cents a call would yield tho tolophono
compnny n profit nnd save money for
tho peoplo.
In big advertisements printed in
Chicago dnlly nowspnpers April IB,
1912, tho concern offering $14,000,000
ot telophono bonds for salo, quotes a
lottor from tho president of tho com
pany In which It Is stated thnt tolo
phono "Earnings havo shown a steady and
substantial growth, having Increased
fiom ?3,129,238 In 1900 to ?12,G78,
390.D7 In 1911, or an Increnso ot over
300 por cont In tho past eleven years."
Why not glvo tho public tho benefit
of this prosperity?
Tho enormous dividends pnld to Us
stockholders by tho Telophono Tiust
nro wrung from tho pockets of tho
peoplo by excosslvo tolophono charges.
Telephone rates must bo reduced
and In tlmo thoy will bo.
Tho fnct that ono city council will
barter nway tho peoplo's rights Is no
reason why succeeding councils should
do tho samo.
Tho fight for cheaper telephone
servlco will go on until It Is won.
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