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- "
Entered at Second elate Matter October 11. 1889, at the Poet
Office at Chlcagot Illinois, under Act of March 3rd, 1879.
Entered at 8eeond Clatt Matter October 11. 1BM, at the Part
Office at Chicago. Illinolt, under Act of March 3rd. 1879.
M- v j r-r ipnV"" "-
The Democratic Nominee for Governor
Will Prove an Easy Winner on
Election Day.
Reports Gathered from All Parts of the State
Show a Widespread Enthusiasm for
His Candidacy.
All Classes of Voters Arc Rallying to His Support and
He Will Get More Votes than Deneen
and Funk Combined.
Campaign Is Now On in Earnest, with Leaders on All Sides Predicting
Success for Their Respective Parties.
If you nro opposed to tho dictation
of tho Newspaper Trust, voto for
Dunno for (Invcrnor.
It you want a governor who la a
man of tho pcoplo and not tho slavo
of trusts, voto for Dunno for Governor.
If you want nn honest man In tho
governor's chair voto for Dunno for
William L. O'Conncll, who has had
full charge of .ludgo Dunno's cam
paign and has handled It to tho satis
faction of every one of tho noxt Gov
ernor's frlonds,t In an analysis of tho
stuto situation, predicted that tho
Democratic cundldato will bo elected
Govornor by 120,000 plurality. Dunno
Is expected to bring 35,000 plurality
out or hlH eight months' campaign
"From a careful nnalyBis of tho re
ports from tho 101 counties of tho
Htnto outsldo of Cook County and from
n canvasB of tho different wards In
Cook County," Bald Mr. O'Connoll, "I
predict that Judgo Dunno will bo
eloctod Govornor of Illinois by moro
than 120,000 over his leading rival.
".ludgo Dunne will como up to Cook
County with 35,000 plurality. Ho will
enrry Cok County by a plurality of
ut lenst 85,000. Slnco Colonel Roose
velt declared that Govornor Doneon
was unlit to hold nny ofllce of public
trust Funk has bean gaining strongth
with remarkable rapidity. If ho con
tinues to gain as ho has gained ho
will finish second."
Judgo Dunno as Governor will de
maud a fair taxation of railroads and
other corporations and a Just nnd
equitable distribution of the tax bur
dens on tho payors of tho stato.
"Thoro Is no question that tho rail
roads and big corporations oscapo
Just taxation," said Mr. -Dunne In a
speech thlu week. "Consequently tho
heaviest portion of the tax burden
falls upon tho laboring man nnd tho
small proporty ownor. Tho cost of
operating tho stato government has
boon growing cacti year through Ito
publican mismanagement and the
pcoplo have borne tho burden.
"Comparo your tax receipts with
thoso of four and eight years ago and
unjust taxation means to you In dol
lars nnd conts.
you will quickly understand what this
"If I am elected Governor I will
stand for tho abolition of public ex
trnvaganco and tho elimination of all
useless ofllcos such as state 'rabbit
holders' and for tho abolition of tho
Stato Hoard of Equalization nnd Its
shocking inequality In tnxutlon."
Don't forget to voto next Tuesday.
Hartzon Is eligible Can Mccor
mick say as much? Anyway Hartzon
will bo tho only eligible after elec
tion because he will got tho votes.
Tho Inequity In Illinois taxes by
which real oBtate pays a greater pro
portion than all other proporty haB
been sot forth in a booklet rocontly
Issued by the Civic Federation of
Chicago as a part of Its tax amend
ment campaign.
Real estate pays a larger propor-M
Hon of Illinois taxes now than In
1873, is the contention mado In tho
booklet entitled "Tax Facts for
Illinois." The publication Is being
given a wldo distribution throughout
tho stato.
Tho findings of tho Illinois special
tax commission, of which John P.
Wilson was chairman, relating to tho
necessity of umendhig tho rovonuo
article of the constitution in order to
abolish tho uniformity restriction and
permit classification of property nndl
modern tax methods, Is reprinted in
tho federation's report.
Everybody likes to bo with a win
ner. Voto for Judgo Dunne next
Edward F. Dunno is u suro winner
for govornor. Every day sees his
urmy of followers growing larger and
more enthusiastic. Ho has mado a
splendid campaign and has tho pcoplo
with him. Ills honest and clean career
has endeared him to tho hearts of all
Ullnoisans and ho will stop Into tho
governor's chair on Nov. G by ono of
tho largest pluralities over given a
cnndldata for ofllco In this state,
.ludgu Dunno In a speech last week
"Govornor Deneen claims tho in
crease In tho exponso of tho govern
ment Is duo to tho fact that thoro aro
moro Inmates of tho penitentiaries,
insnno asylums and other stato In
stitutions, Dut does tho governor
mean to lmvo the pcoplo bellevo that
whllo tho population has' been in
creased at tho rate of 50 por cent in
thoso twenty years, that the increaso
In criminology, insanity and physical
dlsubllty has increased nt tho rato of
from 300 to 350 por cent? If he does,
lot mo sny that at this rato it will bo
but a few years when the wholo popu
lation of this stato will bo inmates
of tho penitentiaries, lnsanu asylums
or other eleemosynary Institutions.
Such a claim is absurd upon Its face.
"His second explanation Is that he
has been giving bettor government
than wo had in tho day of Governor
Altgold, and that this has brought an
Increaso In expenditures. From cer
tain facts that havo been called to my
nttontlon I vory much question Gov
ernor Denoen's assertion of hotter
Illinois is going to got tho govornor
she wants, Tho peoplo nro with Ed
ward F. Dunno first, last and nil tho
Judgo Dunno in a speech at Jollct
"Tho Democratic party and Its can
dlduto for Govornor demand tho in
itiative and referendum. It demands
tho abolition of graft and tho
Jackpot. It domnnda tho abolition
of public extravagance. It de
mands tho abolition ot tho Stato
Hoard of Equalization and Its shock
ing inequality in taxation. It domnnds
the Institution of real reform In placo
ot tho fnko reform which has dis
graced tho present administration. It
demands tho creation ot a public
utilities commission to onforco decent
rates nnd servlco by utility corpora
tions. "It domnnda a corrupt practices net
limiting tho election expenses of can
didates nnd requiring publication ot
tho samo. It .demands tho reform of
tho revonuo laws ot tho stato, It de
mands that tho Constitution be
amended to mako it amendable by the
people. It domnnds tho enactment and
enforcement of Just nnd ofllclent laws
for tho protection of tho lives, limbs
nnd health of employes. It demands
tho enactment nnd enforcement of
fair und Just laws which will com
pensate employes for Injurlos suffered
In dangerous occupations."
Ono groat fault with tho lloll phono
system In Chicago Is tho delny In
making proper connections for pa-
trons. Otter tho operator will ask
several times, "What number did you
call?" Tho "wrong numbor" nulsnnco
Is familiar to everybody. Surely tho
pcoplo of Chicago aro entitled to n
better sorvlco and for less money than
they aro paying at preseut.
Judgo Dunno, in a spooch at a lunch
con given In Ills honor by tho Iroquois
Club, said:
"For tho laBt six months I havo
boon speaking In every section ot tho
stato, meeting both Democrats and
Republicans, and I can say that I
(Irmly bellovo that whon tho election
returns nro nil In two weoka from to
day it will bo found that' Illinois has
beon placed in tho column of Demo
cratic states,
"As to the gubernatorial campaign,
I feel certain that I will bo elected
Governor. There Is nothing but har
mony In tho Democratic ranks. All
dementi! and factions nro united nnd
nro lighting for ono end Democratic
victory In Illinois."
Joseph P. Connery deaorvca to bo
elected Hccordcr of Deeds. Tho Chi
cago Eagle knows his record nnd
knows tho man and wo heartily on
dorso Mr. Connery for n position ho
Is In ovory way well qualified to fill.
Voto for your own convictions by
voting for Judge Dunne next Tues
day. Uartzcn will beat McCormlck out of
his boots.
Give Illinois the governor she
wants. Voto for Judgo Dunno next
Judgo Dunno In a speech paid tho
following respects to Mr. Deneen:
"During tho last eight years the ex
penses of this state have grown enor
mously. By a comparison of this ad
ministration with the administration
that preceded It the tax levy of tho
stato will bo found to havo increased
from 1003 to 1911 82 per cent.
"I havo chnrged against tho Repub
lican administration In nil my
speeches, based upon irrcfutablo au
thority, tho following Instances of
mlsgovcrnment: '
"First, extravagance; secondly,
gross Inequity of taxation; third, du
plicity and hypocrisy and double-crossing
of tho propte; fourth, deflauco of
tho people's will as twice expressed
at tho polls in the matter of tho
Initiative and referendum, which, If
enacted would put an end forever to
tho debauchery of our legislators."
Stand by Illinois by going to tho
polls noxt Tuesday and voting for
Edward F. Dunno for governor.
How the pcoplo of Chicago do suffer
from that Dell phone I
Tho broken car drums which so
many of Its patrons complain of are
as nothing compared to tho l03t tem
pers of usually good nntured patrons,
who goj;, wrong numVors .. and othor
wrong Treatment.
Not to speak of tho broken rest of
people aroused from their beds by
E)E)E)BE)EEKlJHkWfv i, t eE)E)E)E)E)E)E)E)lBti t 1e)E)E)E)E)E)E)E)E)E)E)E)e1
maui'i JJiE)E)E)E)Eav . LE)E)E)E)E)Efl
Hc&w . e)e)e)e)LKv e)e)e)e)e)eV
Democratic Candidate for Governor of Illinois,
these samo mistakes nnd who are so
mud themselves that they tall to
grasp tho predlcamout of tho fellow
at tho othor end ot the lino who has
paid a nickel in ndvnnco to havo
"wrong number" blammed Into his
Then the todlous wait for tho
right numbor!
Some times minutes elapse beforo
tho operator Unds nor stick of gum
or gets ready to answer,
A chnngo Is necessary in tho State
Dunno will carry every ward in Chi
cnuo bv larger pluralities than were
1 over rolled up In thorn before,
The Telephone Trust Is Not Particular
How; It Only Wants High Bates
and No Competition.
Expert Telephone Report Is Handed In When a
Big Election Attracts the Attention
of the Citizens.
No Attempt Whatever Is Made to Reduce the Present High
Telephone Tariff or Any Move to Lighten
the Cost.
The Report Is a Studied Effort Apparently to Show the Great Service
Performed by tho Company in Declaring Dividends.
Tolcphono expert number two has
handed In his report and has sur
prised nobody by tho conclusions
which ho draws.
Tho fact that tho roport was not
presented until tho public mind was
taken up with a great presidential
election, Is not an argument In favor
oTTtho report oFHSrocomme"ndntlons.
The roport Itself Is a long drawn
out whino about tho dreadful trials
ami tribulations ot tho uoblo tolcphono
Tho gront "oxport" who hns been
getting $50 a day of tho people's
money to llnd out something for thorn,
nppcnrs to think that eight por cent
por annum of a dlvldond on twenty
seven million dollars la not enough
for tho telephone stockholders.
Tho patrons of tho tolephono mon
opoly appear to havo beon lost In tho
Who cares for tho peoplo anyway?
This is tho question that ono cannot
holp asking after reading tins roport.
Tho nldormon havo a chanco to
lowor telephone rates for tho noxt
flvo years..
Will they do It?
Tho aldermen havo a chanco to
knock out tho "nickel nrst" dovlce.
Will they do It?
The iddermon linvo n chance to
check tho ravages of tho telephone
trust In Chicago.
Will they do It?
There Is a growing demand from
all the outlying sections of tho city
for nu extension of tho lino sorvlco
of tho automatic telephone company.
It bo far outclasses tho sorvlco of tho
Hell monopoly that tho latter Is grow
ing moro jenlous of It every day nnd
Is using all of Its power and lnllucnco
to havo tho Automatic Company kept
from doing bsulness in Chicago.
Against such nn outrago tho pcoplo
nro unanimous nnd tho attempt to
stlllo competition will only mnko tho
public demand It nil tho more.
When tho Hull monopoly was work
ing overtime to get tho city council
to knock out tho Illinois Tunnel Tele
phono Company's frnnchlso Mayor
Harrison expressed himself as believ
ing that bettor sorvlco could bo ob
tained from a .dual tolopliono sorvlco
than from a slnglo ono.
"In every Instnnco that I havo beon
personally Informed of," ho said, "tho
two systems havo been nbout ns cheap
to tho consumer ns one. Competition
seems to produce, bettor sorvlco. I
ronlly bollovo thnt hotter sorvlco can
be expected from two companies than
from one."
Aldermon may rest assured of ono
thing und thnt Is that tho Automatic
telephone operated by tho Chicago
Tunnol Company is far moro popular
than tho Trust phone.
Tho figures prove It.
The figures of tho Hell Company aro
misleading us to tho numbor of tele
phones. Whllo their count of phonos
Is no doubt correct, It Is misleading
because most peoplo think that this
rotors to subscribers. As a mnttor of
fact, the number of telephones Is less
than 100,000 district subscribers, and
that Includos their lines In suburban
They havo boon thirty-six yenrs get
ting 100,000 subscribers, whllo tho
Chicago Tunnol Company hnvo gotten
25,000 subscribers In less than two
This shows that tho public Is with
tho nuvv Automntlc Company.
Municipal claims against tho West
Chicago Park commissioners, amount
ing to moro than $1 ."0,000, wero settled
by tno city council Monday for $100,
000 worth of tho park board's 4 per
cent bonds.
Aldonnau IMrhort, chnlrmnn of tho
council flnnnco commlttco, explained
that thoro was considerable doubt ns
to whether tho park board legally
owed tho monoy to tho city. Ho said
that tho city had moro than $1D0,000
coming to It from the park board for
Improvement work on park proporty
dono by tho municipality.
Tho council also transacted the fol
lowing other business:
Passed an order directing that no
pormlt for nn undertaking establish
ment at 1820 South Michigan avonuo
bo Issued.
Passed an ordor asking tho finance
commlttco to Include In noxt year's
budget nn appropriation for a public
comfort station at tho public library.
Ordctcd that llroworks bo permit
ted at all political meetings.
Amended tho contract between tho
city nnd tho sanitary district so that
tho dralnago board can proceed with
tho installation, for tho city, of 3,000
llnmlng arc lamps.
Set Monday afternoon, Nov. 4, for
tho noxt council meeting.
After tho session a movo to hold all
council meetings in tho afternoon In
stead of ovcnlugs was mado. Mayor
Harrison declared ho favored tho plan.
Chlcngo people demand a reduction
ot tolcphono rates.
A cent a call or at the most 2ft
cents a call would yield the telephone
company a profit and save monoy for
tho pcoplo.
In big advertisements printed In
Chicago dally newspapers April 15,
1912, tho concern offering $14,000,000
ot tolcphono bonds for sale, quotes a
lotter from the president of tho com
pany In which It Is stated that tele
phono "Earnings havo shown a stead and
substantial growth, having increased
from 13,129,238 In 1900 to 112,078,
390.57 In 1911, or an Increase ot over
300 per cent In tho past eleven years."
Why not give tho public tho benefit
ot this prosperity?
Tho pcoplo want tho aldermen to
"ring oft" tho Telephone Trust.
It has had too firm a hold upon tho
peoplo ot Chlcngo and thoy domand
relief from Its clutches.
Its ear-drum destroying sorvlco, ac
companied as it 1b by n regular fan
faro of "wrong numbors," Inattontlvo
operators and slow responses to re
quests for telephonic connections are
matters ot current comment.
The prlco ot tho sorvlco la alto
gether too high nnd tho peoplo do
mand a reduction In rates.
Ah for competition tho vory thought
of Btlfllng It mnkcH tho public Indig
nant. Tho publlo knows that with
out competition tho telephone monop
oly would bo unbearable.
Tho Tolopliono Trust Is tho most
grinding of tho many trusts that exist
In tho United Stntes,
It sntrffs out competition by tho
power of its monoy and the people
nro lilto so ninny serfs to bo used at
Its own beck and call.
Tho rising tldo ot Indignation will
noer subslda until tho wholo Tolo
pliono Trust nnd Its aides and abettors
aro punished.
Tho old fashioned Trust phono
sorvlco In Chicago Is gottlng worse
overy day. Pntrons nro constantly
complaining ot It. Wrong numbors
are constantly In ovidonco; tho busy
Blgnnl la given frequently for n "wrong
number", whllo tho phono that Is
called Is not busy at all. Soma ot tho
operntors aro lmportlncnt, Others ot
them aro Incompetent. All ot this
works for a loss of business, tlmo and
patlenco. Tho wholo system Is an
tiquated, and out or date. It la only
retnlnod becnuso tho old company Is
more interested In piling up dividends
than It Is In serving tho pcoplo,
. itiftiV-TtfrmnAfftdw
,!. .xt )aV

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