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Reduce Your Cost of Living
THE FAIR is the reliable store that keeps
up the quality of its merchandise no matter
how low it cuts the prices.
Athletic dooils
Automobile Supplies
Boats and Launches
Dry 'Hoods
Business Stationary
Cigars and Tobacco
Killing Tackle
Rods and Keels
Quns, Revolvers
Qolf Goods
Harness and Saddles
SUtr, Adimt and Dearborn Sis. . Phone Exchange J Mill Orders Filled
Chicago Established I87S by C. J. Lehmonn
leard from tht Various Camps
During the Week About
Men Prominent in
What the Leaders Are Doing and
What People Have to Say
About There
The odlclnl canvass of the vote of
Cook County for governor Just fin
ished, shows that the grand total for
the three leading gubernatorial candi
dates In Cook County are:
Dunne, 16S.498.
Funk, 113,358.
Deneen, 108,577.
Dunne's plurality over Funk in the
entire county was 55,140, while Funk
led Deneen by 3,781.
Colonel James Hamilton Lowis has
opened headquarters In behalf of his
candidacy for United States Senator
at Springfield.
The result of the ofllclal count of
the city vote on county commissioners
was made known last Tuesday.
No change affecting tho results as
made known In the police returns has
been effected by the olllclal canvass,
which resulted as follows:
Republican McCormlck, 137,420;
Moody, 101,187; Roberts, 100,179;
Chlndbloom, 99,977; Blencoe, 98,650;
Armneck, 97.2S4; Beifield, 100,517;
Thomason, 96,906; Koundsky, 92,139;
Seldon, 94,052.
Democratic Bartzen, 135,089; Mor
larty, 128,212; Moloney, 129,016;
Rogen, 126,031; Fitzgerald, 125,293;
Burg, 124,904; HarrlH, 124,330; Kull
ewskl, 127,270; Glennon, 123,559;
Nowak, 128,292.
Tho majority of Illinois Republi
can legislators favor Albert J. Hop
kins for United States Senator.
Roy O. West, Republican state com
mittee chairman, announced that tho
Republican roundup of state chiefs
will bo held December 18 In tho Hotel
La Salle. It will bo a luncheon af
fair and every one of tho 102 counties
In the state is to be represented at
this gathering to mark a fresh start
for Republicanism In the state.
Members-elect of tho state legisla
ture aro to be invited, In uddltlon to
four representatives from each coun
ty and four leaders from tho thirty
five wards In Chicago nnd the six
country districts in Cook county.
Aldermen who retire next April:
1st ward Michael Kenna, Dem.
2nd ward Georgo F. Harding, Rep.
3rd ward A. R. Tearnoy, Dem.
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Next Democratic United States Senator from Illinois.
Hardware find Toots
Hats and Caps
Incubators and Brooders
Jewelry and Silverware
Nets and Seines
Offices Supplies
IHpcs and Smokers' Articles
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
Snorting Goods
Tents and Awnings
Trunks and Suit Cases
13 th
ward Joseph F. Ryan, Dem.
ward P. J. Carr, Dem.
ward Theodoro K. Long, Rep.
ward John R. Emerson, Dem.
ward Chas. E. Reading, Dem.
ward Frank Klaus, Dem.
ward E. F. Cullcrton, Dom.
ward W. F. Schultz, Dem.
ward T. J. Ahem, Dem.
ward J. II, Lnwley, Rep.
ward Henry Utpatel, Rep.
ward Stanly II. Kunz, Dem.
ward Lewis D. Sltts, Rep.
ward John Brcnnan, Dem.
ward J. P. Stewart, Rep.
wnrd John Powers, Dem.
ward D. J. Egan, Dom.
ward Ellis Gclgcr, Dem.
ward V. J. Schneffor, Dem.
word Jacob A. Hey, Rep.
ward August Krumholz, Dom.
ward Henry D. Capltain, Rep.
ward W. F. Llpps, Rop.
ward J. N. Hyldahl, Dom.
word II. E. Littler, Rop.
ward F. B. Jnnovsky, Dom.
ward Michael Mclncrney, Dom,
wnrd J. A. Kcarns, Rep.
ward H. P. Bergen, Dem.
ward Irwin R. Hazen, Rop.
ward W. F. Ryan, Dem.
Candidates for Aldermen nro crop
ping up in every ward in tho city.
Tho appointment of Andrew J.
Ryan, the woll known Chicago lawyer,
as United States circuit Judge, would
bo a popular one in Illinois.
It is about time that the state of
Illinois come to the rescue of the
pcoplo and passed a law prohibiting
the misuse of the name bank.
As matters stand at present, any
one with money enough to hire and
equip a store can paint the name
bank on the front windows and so
licit and receive deposits without let
or hindrance
Every year hundreds of people
lose their savings through the failure
or collapso of one or more of these
wildcat institutions.
Legitimate banks which are In
themselves a guarantee of socurlty,
nro passed by by thousands of slm
pie and gulllblo people who aro
charmed by tho advertisements and
cunning allurements of men who
never did any legitimate banking and
who nover Intendod to do any.
The Chicago Eagle has often re
fcrred to this matter before and It
again urges upon tho legislature and
upon men who aro seeking scats in
tho general assembly, tho necessity
for passing a law protecting legiti
mate banks and prohibiting Illegiti
mate ones.
Tho proposed extension of tho terms
of otllco of aldermon and other city
officials to four years should bo beat
en In tho legislature. Tho objoct Is to
remove theso officials as far from tho
pcoplo as possible.
Tho phono trust gavo In on Its de
mand for a nickel for tolling pcoplo
tho time. How considerate!
Thorpe, Star Athlete
After tho great work of tho Indian
eleven In their gamo with West Point,
thero aro many army football experts
who aro ready to acclaim thorn tho
bost all-around team of tho year.
Others doubt whether thoy would bo
able to stand up against either Prlnco-.
ton, Harvard or Yaio. Certainly no
team has shown a more spirited at
tack, but tho end men's lino is weak,
Champion Alfred De Oro Successfully
Defends Title In Game With Sher
man of Washington.
Alfred Do Oro tho other day suc
cessfully defended his title as world's
cham,plon at pockot billiards. Frank
Sherman of Washington, who chal
lenged tho Cuban, was outclassed In
tho last block of tho 600-polnt match.
Do Oro made somo wonderful com
bination shots and scored a high run
of twenty-nine, which equals the mark
set 'by Sherman when ho took tho
lead in tho first block. Sherman's
test was 25, his scoro being 221 to
Champion Alfred De Oro.
De Oro's 200, making tho challenger's
total scoro 466 whon Do Oro reached
tho 600-polnt goal.
It was tho thirteenth tlmo Do Oro,
has been called on to defend thu
Besides holding his title, Do Oro
has been four Minos king of tho throe
cushion billiard players. It Is his In
tention to go after this tltlo again.
Ho Is tho only expert that ever held
both titles for any length of tlmo.
Former champions liavo doclnred it
impossible to play championship pool
nnd throo-cushlon billiards simultane
ously, but Do Oro has a different idea
about it. Ho has been playing pool
and billiards for twonty-fivo years.
Pitches a No-Hit Game.
Hubert Leonard, who pitched this
year for Denver In tho Western
leaguo, and who has been sold to tho
Boston Americans, celebrated his ar
rival in his homo town tho other day
by pitching a no-hlt, no-run gamo
against Lcmoore, champions of the
San Joaquin Valley. Leonard pitched
for Fresno, nnd only ono of tho Lo
inooro players reached second baso.
This man wolked and stole second.
Tho gamo was called at tho end of
tho ninth Inning becauso of darkness,
tho score being nothing to nothing.
Lacrosse Increasing In Popularity.
I.acroHBe, tho national gamo of Can
ada, Is rapidly becoming n worldwide
sport. Tho Britisher has scattered
cricket and association football wher
ever ho has sottled. Baseball Is con
fined almost entirely to Americans
and Cnnadlans, and is being taken tip
by tho Japanese nnd Chinese. On the
other hand, lacrosse Is played not by
Canadian residents In foreign lands,
but by teninB composed of natives In
tho United States, Great Britain, Aus
trallo, New Zealand, South Africa,
Japan, etc.
College Sport Costly.
Twolvo of tho fiftoon athletic teams
of Columbia university wore carried
on at a loss during the last season
Tho crew deficit amounted to over
$5,000. Tho track team lost $1,520
nnd tho swimming and water polo lost
$536, Soccer lost $322 and hockey
$495. Tho varsity and freshmen base
ball teamH and tho varsity rifle teams
alone enmo out on the credit side of
tho ledger.
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Rnoro crrwRnisAiwim
of United States.
and a combination of backs llko Har
vard's might be ablo to drive, through
it with a comfortable scoro.
Thorpo, Aracasa and Guy on of the
Carllslo team are regarded as stars of
All-American magnitude, and the
West Point coaches aro a unit in de
claring that Thorpo has probably
never had a superior In the history of
tho sport.
Bystander, English Publication, Com
ments on Baseball No Use for
Imported Article.
President Comlskoy of tho Chicago
Whlto Sox may bo ablo to introduce
professional baseball in Australia,
but chances are ho would have trou
bio convincing tho sporting authori
ties of Groat Britain, of which Aus
tralia is a province that America's
greatest pastime is a legitimate sport.
The Bystander, a London newspaper,
takes this rap at America's loading
"Tho best thing that can bo said
from an English standpoint of base
ball Is that It Is a more sane gamo
than American football, which Is not
saying very much. Llko American
football, baseball Is a game tho beau
ties of which can only bo appreciated
by an Amorlcan born and bred. With
tho Americans It is something more,
than n gamo. It Is an obsession more
Mdesprcad nnd compelling oven than
tho cult of professional football over
"It Is their national game, their own
invention, ''although, after all, It is
nothing but an elaboration of tho
good old gamo of rounders, and thoy
aro so convinced of Its supcrcxcel
lenco that they havo tried to educate
us up to Its transcendental Joys so
far without much bucccbb. Thero Is
a London baseball leaguo, but no one
over seems to lenrn whether tho al
leged baseball boom In Wales will
come to anything.
"To tho unlvorslty nnd public school
man baseball has never nppoalod, and
I doubt very much whethor It over
will. Thero Is too much rare show
about It for Ills tastes. No, the truth
Is that in England we havo already as
many games as wo can do with, and
mnny better games than batoball, for
which wo havo good cause to be'
thankful. And as long as our home
products satisfy us wo have no ubo
for tho Imported article"
Picking favorites in football games
is purely a local pastime.
Jnnvrin, Englo and Cndy may bo
tried at first next spring for tho Rod
Tho Red Sox, It Is reported, will go
to Hot Springs for their training next
Intramural football seems to at
tract loss attention than lntorneclne
linns Lobcrt has Joined Hans Wag
ner in tho list of poultry-raising ball
Billy Sullivan has declined an of
fer to manago tho Elmlra (N. Y.) State
leaguo team.
Jimmy Burko Is mentioned as a pos
sibility to manngo tho Grand Rapids
team noxt seanon.
In 40 years In professional baseball
tho Washington club, until this year,
nover finished hotter than sixth,
Georgo Stalllngs, tho now manager
of the Boston Ilrnves, says ho will
uso Arthur Dovlln at first next Beason.
Bill Cnrrlgan, tho veteran Red Sox
cntcher, has been mentioned as tho
latest possibility to manago tho High
landers. "Wo will havo a great outfielder
noxt season," says Jimmy Callahan.
"No; Ping Boillo won't bo in tho outer
Manager Griffith believes that "Rip
py" Williams, tho Washington catch
er, will bo a valuable man tho coming
Cobb's average annual batting rec
ord during his career as a Tiger, cov
ering a period of nearly eight years, is
a fraction under .301.
Washington Team Expected to Cut
Big Figure In Championship Race
In American League.
Owing to the success which the
Washington club has had this year It
is tho opinion of mnny that tho team
will bo a moro dangerous factor for
tho championship of tho American
leaguo in 1913 than it has been In
1912. This Is the first season In which
Washington has been a boardwalk
promenader In tho Junior organization.
Heretofore tho Wnshlngtons have
traveled along tho sldo streets, peep
ing out now nnd then to watch the big
Griffith hns a team which Is com
posed of somo very good material,
somo averngo material and no mate
rial which is really bad. If ho Is able
to "hit up" a llttlo strength In ono or
two positions between now and the
beginning of tho next season he may
enter tho fight in tho spring with a
formidable aggregation.
Another fact to be considered in re
gard to tho chances of the Wnshlng
tons next year Is that the team will
not start with mild curiosity as to its
future. Tho players hnvo found that
they can win, and if thoy get a good
training season thoy aro likely to
step out in front at tho drop of the
hat and mako everybody come to
Johnson will probably bo assisted
by a hotter pitching staff than oper
ated with him this year, and that is
going to add to tho success of tho
team. If Johnson had a running mate
who was tho same typo as hlmsolf, the
Wnshlngtons might have won the
championship this year, in splto of the
fact that thoy wero outplayed In some
other dopartmonts of. the field. Their
defense would havo boon so strong
that tholr ability to mako two or three
runs to a gamo, or perhaps even a
better margin than that, would have
pushed them out in front.
White 8ox Second Baseman Leads
American League With Eighty
One Passes to Credit.
Morris Rath of tho Whlto Sox, that
splendid llttlo second baseman who
received llttlo boosting when he Join
ed ComlBkey's team, but who made
good with a vengeance, is tho best
waiter of 'em nil. When tho golden
month of August ended, bringing In
tho harvest moon and the rest of that
Junk, Rath was leading tho American
Morris Rath.
leaguers with olghty-ono passes to his
credit, loading Dodle Bush of the
Tigers by ono, .
A ball player who leads oft and can
get so many froo trips to first Is valu
able in tho oxtromo. Pitchers on
other teams say Rath 1b tho hardest
man to throw to in tho leaguo. They
can't explain why except ho hns a
keon eye and refuses to hit unless tho
ball crowns tho plato.
Yachting an Expensive 8port.
Sir Thomas Llpton of England, who
has decided not to challenge for the
America's cup, has this year proved
himself tho yachting champion in
European waters by winning 23 first
prizes out of 29 races in which ho com
peted. He beat the Gorman emperor's
yachts and tho Krupp schooner in
tholr own waters. Sir Thomas' threo
attempts to "lift" tho America's cup
has cost him $2,000,000, and about
$5,000,000 has been spent by English
men in tho 12 attempts to recover the
trophy elnco tho America bont all
comors in tho race round tho Islo of
Wight, in 1851.
Best Ball Players.
Richard Klnsclln, who acts as base
ball scout for tho St. Louis National
leaguo team, who covorod 18,000 miles
in his search, says ho found vory fow
young men worthy of n trial In tho
major leagues, and, secondly, the
American bred boys and also those of
Gorman nnd Irish descent nro no
longor to bo found In such great num
bers as was tho enso a fow years ago
in tho minor leagues. Tho players
comprising tho smallor leagues now
aro for tho most part foreigners.
Murphy Will Never Play Again.
It Is likely thnt Copt. Danny Mur
phy, of tho Athlotlcs, will novor play
again, as his knoo Injury has left him
with a stiff leg. Mnnagcr Mack ac
knowledged thnt it did not soom like
ly that Murphy will bo ablo to play
another season, and added: "But you
enn Just sny for me that Danny will
remain with the Athletics. He Is not
ready to go Into tho discards and ho
will bo taken caro of."
, Mack May Have Another Star.
wauy Kcnnng, tno young backstop
of tho Buffalo club, looks llko a find
for Connlo Mack, that Is, if ho can bo
taught to hit. Ho Is not much of a
hitter, but stands up well, His catch
ing is all that could bo desired and
his throwing arm Is a wonder, As
Schang was picked off of tho back
lots nt Buffalo he may make good wlta
a, little tutoring.
? . r i a.
Officers and Committees of the Oldest
Largest and Most Influential Demo
cratic Organization in Chicago.
The Cook County Democracy is the
oldest, largest and awat influential
Democratic organlzftttta In Chicago.
Following Is a list of the men filling
tho principal ofllces and moro Import
ant committeeships:
President Miles J, Devlne.
Secretary Robert E. Burke.
Treasurer Peter CroL
Financial Secretary Thomas J.
Marshal Captain James H. Far
rell. Attorney George F, Mulligan.
Medical StafT Dr. J. D.McQregor,
Dr. Anthony Krygowskl," Dr. Fred
Van Arsdale.
Quartermaster John O. Hoeger.
Asst. Quartermaster Michael J.
Sergeant at Arms John H. Dullard.
Asst Sergeant at Arms Raleigh
W. Taylor.
Vice-Presidents. ,
Aid. John Haderleln, Robert J.
Roulston, Richard S, Folsom, Albert
Schonbeck, Frank H. Novak, Charles
C. Breyer, James McAndrows, John T.
Keating, Simon O'Donnell, Frank W.
Solon, Edward H. Morgan, James ,
Bowers, Charles Vesley, N. O. Cony
bear. Executive Committee.
Daniel J. McMahon, Chairman.
John A. Mahonoy, Thomas Drury,
Patrick J. Wall, Nicholas Lorcb,
Frank Ploner, Edward J. Roark,
Stephen C. Dooloy,Walter V. Magnus,
John L. McNamara, James R. Pyne,
William Moffat, Frank J. Ryan, John
A. King, Stanley H. Qlomski, Dr. F. E.
Relchardt, H. E. L. Doggott, Moles
worth King, Luke P. Colleran, Rich
ard T. Hanrahan, M. E. Hughes, M. F.
Sullivan, John H. Money, Morris Wil
son, Albert H. Putney.
Congressional Committee.
1st Congressional District.
Bartholomew Scanlan, S. H. Had
dock, Henry Krug, Louis Seellg, Dr.
J. J. McLaughlin, Jas. F. Ryan, E. J.
Courtney, Peter Zllllgan, Louis L,
Lettlere, Saml. Ohlsen, Ernest Lang
try, John F. Carroll, Austin Waldron,
John Joyce, W. H. Armstrong, John
W. Wurzenburg, Dr. David O'Shea,
Ffad.M. Sturgeon, J. H. Montgomery,
Wm. F. Mahoney, A. J. Marshal), Hen
ry A. Johnson, Fred Buxbaum, Francis
J. Woolley, H. Wedesweller, Jake
Zimmerman, F. A. Van Arsdale, An
drow Donovan, Bart Delatto, John T.
Convey, John W. MoNeal, Henry Eck
hardt 2nd Congressional District
Henry C. Schlacks, Edward J.
Smith, Stephen Hunt, Henry Osboru,
Chas. B. Hill,' Albert SchafTner, John
McCann, John I. Drlscoll, Henry F.
Hayes, John J. Curran, Thomas L.
Byrne, Dr. J. B. Weintraub, John F.
Nolan, F. B. Robinson, John D. Green,
Frank Arnold, Robt. J. Cranston,
ThoB. F. Rowan, John Kavanagh,
Louis Mue!?er, Thos. Howe, James
Bumber, Chas. V. Richards, Thos. W.
Corkell, Dr. Eugane B. Hartlgan.
3rd Congressional District.
Michael F. Ryan, Thos. B. Conroy,
Matbew Rawen, Georgo W. Hinckley,
F. H. Chambers, M. J. McCoy, Wm. J.
Mclnerney, D. E. Mulvey, James Hy
land, J. V. Marlon, Patrick B. Dwyer,
John H. Enright, A. C. Lute, J. J.
Mulvlhlll, Thos. Davies, Mat J.
Corcoran, John L. McNamara, M.
J. Carberry, Henry H, Nichols,
Hugh Manley, Clarence Warner,
Wm. J. Hartney, Francis X.
Buscb, John O. Kraus, Meyer A.
Bernstein, Edward J.' Duffy, Frank B.
Shearln, Anthony J. McVady, M. i
Popular Senator from
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bbVbbbbbbbbbbbbbb '' aaaaaaaaaaaaaaBsl
UBgy;" ' :'sbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb1
f V!jLbbbLbbbbbbbH '
4th Congressional District
John B. Brenzas, James S Ryan, B.
H. Helde, Walter Shea, John H.
Bub, Val. Schmltt Schmltt, Wm. T.
Wallace, Jas. M. Furlong, J. M, Fits
gerald, M. C. Buckley, John V. Schmltt
Schmltt, Wm. E. Furlong, Everett
Jennings, Marius Olsen, Martin J.
Sweeney, James Hynos, John a
Baker, Martin Garskl, John Dillon,
Jeremiah T. J. McShea, Patrick J.
Rowan, John J. Culllnan, Fred C.
Ewert, Dr. P. A. Murphy, H. Melstsr
heln. Cth Congressional District.
P. J. Coffey, Frank Zorrlsek, Harry
Scbllck, Ed. Jedllcka, Isaac Conn,
Max Kutchal, Joseph Mendel, A.
Nocker, Matthew Smith, E. J. McCar
ty, John Feinen, Peter Hoffman,
James J. Hallman, John Waska, Wm.
J. Poshck, James F. Denny, Tom Fits
gerald, Nicholas Stokes, William
Altomeler, James H. Ryan, Geo. Mo
Kenzio, Joseph Wlrth, John J. Brady.
Jacob Ports.
6th Congressional District
James W. Casey,. John J. O'DonnelL
-Ralph C. White, Frank L. White, H
man Llderman, Frank T. Scania
Clarence Dullard, W. F. Cummlnga
Danl. Dowling, John W. Chrlstla,
Francis P. Burnett, William George
poolos, L. R. Buckley, Geo. C. Water
man, J, c Dooley, Richard P. Hlckey,
M. J. Tlerney, Max Le Beau, Fred B.
Zimmerman, Geo. McMahon, Miehaal
McCarty, C. Baldaccl, Harry D. Stone,
E. H. Comer.
7th Congressional District
N. O. Conybear, James M. Ward,
James R. Mitchell, Fred J. Ross, O.
W. Howe, Dr. B. C. Rehm, Geo. P. Mo
Farland, Chris Nlelson, Dr. George
Frost, John Leslie O'Brien, John W.
Hand, Theo. H. Green wald, Oscar
Breltenbach, Robert F. Blckerdlke,
Frank H. Landmesser, J. A. O'Don
nell, Ellis W. Paul, Henry Breyer,
Joseph Greln, Frank DeLaby, Dan H.
Rote, Geo. W. LeVIn, J. Edw. Clancy
John M. Kennedy, William Goodman,
Geo. L, Franck, Fred T. Schwarts,
Herman Peters, R. O. Gilbert, W. F.
Kelloy, Wm. H. White.
8th Congressional District
John P. Quirk, Patrick' O'Rourke,
Michael Yarusso, J. A. Fensterle, Vic
tor W. Hanko, Louis W. Greco, Gary
J. Maulelle, H. F. Martin, Philip
Papas, Jos. Walsh, Albert A. Book,
Honry Hogan, Martin F. B. Norton,
X. H. Kadow, Matthew E. Clark, Nick
Sarno, Morris M. Kankowlts, Frank
Navlgato, Timothy Finn, Michael
Martin, Anthony Tortorlello, William
A. Navlgato, Joseph De Stefano, Al
phonse L. Cummlngs, August Wela
rich, John Schwartz, James J. Mona
han. Sth Congressional District
G. A. Canlslus, Thomas B. Golden,
Andrew A. Collins, C. E. Hayne, J. P.
Fitzgerald, Fred Schulz, W. H. Lauf,
Geo. J. Byrnes, John S. Schneller,
Norman P. Brodle, Daniel F. Rice,
Michael P. Lonen, John B. Bercher,
Carl W. Westerllnd, Daniel L. Crulee,
Chas. Oakley, Oscar Anderson, Geo,
A. Maneatys, D. R. Murphy, George
Wilson, Dr. Arthur L, Meyer, NIok
Protopas, William Payne, Jacob Bav
erlch, Jr., Ray R. Coombs, John Mai;
doon, John M. Mullen.
10th Congressional District
Wm. J. Carroll, William H. Rose,
Albert J. W. Appell, Serauno Con
tort!, George Bloedorn, Max Golden
rath, Joseph H. Fitch, Fred Lorenien,
Geo. C. KnlghfHorace M. McCullen,
Thos. J. Scherer, F. O. Anderson,
Henry G. Weber, Barnard J. Baumer,
Fred J. Rlnkley, George Wilson, J. P.
Jaeger, John J. Devlne, David A.
Rose, Frank C. Kellogg, James M.
Slattery, Roy Barnett, Harry J. Ga
ney, John Fanning, Malcolm B. Star
rett, Edward J. Healey, Chas. DoaaV
erty, F. O. Adams.
the Thirteenth District.

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