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Bntartl Steond Clatt Matter Oeteber 11, 1889, at the Pott
Offiee at Chicago, lllinoli, undar Act of March 3rd, 1879.
Entered as Second Clan Matter October 11, 1889, at the Peat
Office at Chicago, lllinoli, under Act of March 3rd, 1879.
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Chicago Has Over Seven Hundred Theaters
and Many of Them Should Be Closed
to Protect the Public.
Accent Fall of
One Hundred and Twelve Theaters Are Now, in Progress
of Erection in the City and Much Care
Should Be Taken.
Over a Million of People
Week and this
Tho falling In of tho roof of a Mil
waukoo avenuo moving plcturo thea
ter fortunately when there was no
how going on called attention this
woek to tho great need of rigid super
vision of all classes of playhouses.
Thoro aro at tho present thno over
soven hundred theaters of ull kinds
in Chicago. One hundred and twclva
aro now In courso of construction.
Of tho housos now being built eight
will lmvo a seating capacity of over
1,200 pcoplo. Tho TOO theaters now
In commission Includo 44 llrst clues
bouscB, averaging 1,200 scats each.
Tho rost of them will avcrngo 500
seatB each. Tho Chicago correspond
ent of tho Now York Clipper, the
theatrical organ, estimates that In
Chicago tho llrst class houses lmvo
room for 62,800 persons each night,
and tho smaller houses can scat 295,
600 persons.
Tho total seating capacity of. tho
theaters now oporatlng Is .118,300, and
with tho completion of tho bulldlngj
now In courso of construction, will
go to 408,300.
There will then bn a theater for
every 3,355 persons In tho city, figur
ing tho population at tho round flguro
of 2,!i00.000.
Figuring that tho "movies" glvo
only twp performances n day, or that
tho attendance at nil performances a
week avoragu the equal of a full
houso twice u day, nioro than 800,000
persona must set tho moving plcturo
shows u day In Chicago to hold up the
nvorago as It Is now running.
During 1911-12 Hlxty-flvo buildings,
onco usod for moving plcturo shows,
woro cloned. Thoso wore for tho
most part old buildings which had
been converted Into moving picture
theaters when tho crazo struck Chi
cago, nnd whose proprietors lmvo
slnco obtained bettor locations. It l
a natural scquenco that thoso struc
tures should bo restored 'to their
original uso.
Alderman J.lpps of tho Twenty
sixth Ward wnnts tho building depart
ment Investigated In regard to that
Mllwnukco avenuo theater collapBo.
Commissioner Ericsson Bald tho plnco
had bean open contrary to his ordors
by means of n council order Intro
duced about u year ago by tho alder
man. A few hours boforo tho col
lapse thoro had been COO pcoplo In tho
theater, u C cont show at Milwaukee
nvonuo and Ilobey street.
"My naroo' hnB been mentioned) by
tho building commissioner in connec
tion with this affair," said Aid I.lpps.
"Tho Inforenco is thut I wub partly
rosponslblo for an accident that
might lmvo resulted in a frightful loss
of lifo. My answer is thnt I was not
responsible for that and that I at
wuysMiavo opposed council orders of
this sort.
"Furthor, I ask that tho council
committee bo directed to conduct an
Investigation of tho whole affair. I
want- It first- determined- that- tho
building department mudo tho Inves
tigation and rofusod to Issuo the per
mit. Then I want It Journod whether
or not tho council granted the order
and who was responsible for It."
Lewis Rlnaker, who was the Repub
lican candidate for slate's attorney,
has filed a cross petition In the cir
cuit court contesting the election of
Maclay Hoyne, who was elected
'.stato's attorney, A week ago Wll-
the Roof of a Milwaukee Avenue
Picture House Gives City
Timely Warning.
Attend the Various Shows in Chicago Every
Fact Demands Careful Supervision.
Ham A. Cunncn, tho socialist candi
date, filed a similar petition, argu
ments on which aro still pending be
foro Judgo Tuthlll.
Who gives out mo plumbing graft
In the city hall?
Tho government broke Its heart
when It gave Chicago J 10,000 to run
the narcols post for a year. That
sum would not run n Stato strcot de
partment storo delivery Hcrvlco a
Fifty-live high snlarled "tcachors"
aro employed by tlio city to turn out
non-union men at tho Lauo Technical
High School.
Tho "United Soclotlcs for Local
Self Government," as tho club calls
itself, has secured Jobs for all mum
burs except one. Ho Is a cnndldato for
City Treasurer.
Who has tho soft snup of "attend
ing to" tho city hall plumbing? Thoro
is, couslderablo Inquiry about this sub
ject Just now.
Let us build up tolephono competi
tion und smash the Trust. '
It is a relief to taxpayers and citi
zens genoraly to boo inon liko Smyth
and McUillcu us ofllcors of thu Drain
ago District.
If tho loop has to go, what Is going
to tako Its place?
Ovor u thousand men are out with
petitions and requests for letters for
federal jobs la Chicago.
Wo notice that tho legislative X,
John Oh Hruby, has started n club on
tho West Sldo, according to an Inter
vlow with tho fellow In a dally pnpor.
Hruby will get 'all of tho notorloty he
wants If ho keeps on starting tilings.
Wo lmvo heard of him boforo.
'I ho only way to resuscitate
Cubs la to flro Murphy.
Tho Lnno Tech School should bo
romoved from Its prosent location. It
is a posltlvo Injury to thu North Sldo.
A special committee of thu City
Council will bo sent to Sprlngllold
when tho legislative sossion opens on
January 8, to ask tho (lenoral Assem
bly to euact a law which will glvo tho
City of Chlcngo Biilllclunt Incomo to
carry on tho proposed improvements,
us well us furnish Bulllclent funds
properly to administer tho affairs of
tho city.
This action Is a result of tho Juul
law decision by tho Supremo Court,
which deprives tho city of about
)3,700,00l) revenue
Ono of tho questions that will
come boforo tho goneral assembly of
the stato this winter Is whether Illi
nois shall be represented by a suit
able building and exhibit at the Pana-ma-Paclflo
exposition In San Francis
co In 1915, The assembly must pro
vide the necessary money.
It Is probable there will be several
bills, varying In sums appropriated
from 1100,000 to $500,000, unless the
friends of tho exposition got together
in tho meantime und agreo on tho
sura to bo asked for, and put their
strength behind the bill meeting their
approvnl In other details. Experi
enced membors of tho legislature
think tho appropriation will bo some
whero around $100,000. (
Aldnrmnn Michael Mclncrney at
tacked tho pollco reorganization ordl-
Popular Former
nance as unfair, unJUBt and unreason
able bofore the Council Committee on
Schools, Fire and Police. Tho subject
was not up for consideration, and no
action was taken. "Tho plan creatos
a portion of tho force outside of the
regular force, and will bo Illegal," said
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Alderman Mclncrney. "It takes away
most of tho powers rif tho chief of
police and placoB most of them In tho
hands of a deputy superintendent of
police who Is not a member of the
pollcu force."
John McOlllen, the new Clerk of the
bnnltary DlBtrJct of Chicago, will put
now lifo Into, tho work. Ho Is tho
right man In tho right place.
Patrons of tho Northwestern L com
plain of bad service It Is getting
worse every day.
The Reformers want to reduce tho
number of pollco stations almost fifty
per cent. In tho opinion of tho re
formers who aro holding up people,
thoro should bo no police stations.
Tho pcoplo demand a referendum
voto on tho question of telephone
Judging from tho number of nlder
manic candidates now In the field
with petitions, the spring fight will bo
n lively one.
Will nny nldcrman linvo tho hnrdl-
I hood to plcdgo tho city to pay eight
iur cum uiviucuus tin wnicreu loio
phono. stock?
President Thomas A. Smyth, of tho
Sanitary District, Imb Increased tho
efllcloncy of tho sorvlce ono hundred
per cent slnco ho took olllcc.
From tho dust thnt tho Tclcphono
Trust Is trying to throw In tho eyes
of ovcrybody JubI now, It Is evidently
determined to light ccry nttompt to
lower high tolephono rates.
This leaves tho public with but ono
Tolephono competition must bo
built up and encouraged.
Tho wish Is expressed pretty gen
erally among lending Democrats of
Chicago that Presidentelect Wilson
will Includo in his cabinet J)oincr
Mayor Hopkins, of Chicago. -."& man
In this community stands higher, und
for practical common sonsu nn4 great
cxccutlvo ability no man In thu coun
try excels John P. Hopkins.
Tho public Is watching tho tclc
phono situation closely. It has bcon
Mayor Who Is Talked of for President
milked so long to keep up big divi
dends, that a reduction of rates all
along the lino is demanded.
Olvo us a referendum vote on tele
phone rates.
City Council 1$ Told How the American
Telephone Trust Squeezes Out Divi
dends by Soaking the Public.
The Main Trust Overcharges the Smaller Trust
and the Smaller Trust Overcharges the
People in Chicago.
Red Hot Competition, Encouraged by tho Citizens Oen
orally and by Business Interests, Will Help
Out the Patron Who Is Burdened.
Some Interesting- Details of the Manner in Which Chicago People Aro
Robbed in Order that Big Dividends May Do Paid.
Wo aro beginning to learn how a
tclcphono monopoly enn pay to Its
stockholders eight per cent dividends
pur nn mi m on watered stock and cry
for more.
When tho Trust getn before tho au
thorities with a request for u renowiil
of Its choice graft In soaking tho pub
lic good and hard, It always puts up
the plea that It has to pny out n great
amount of money to the parent trust.
In this way it endeavors to secure
permission to maintain high rates for
Wilton's Cabinet.
local tolephono service
A caso In point has just boon
brought out, In tho efforts of cortain
paoplo to glvo the phono gang n now
lease of graft.
Representatives of tho telephone
company before tho City Council com-
mlttco on oil and gas declared that n
rental charge of '.), cents on each
transmitter, receher and induction
coll In uso was paid by that company
to tho American Tclcphono & Tele
graph Company for the use of thu
Immediately folowlng this, Profes
sor Edunril W. llemls, representing
tho city, Introduced Ih evidence a let
tor wiltton William Carrol, city elec
trician, Soptembur (, 1005, In which
the tclcphono company offered to rent
the city 1,500 transmitters, receivers
nnd Induction colls for tho flro und
pollco departments nt 50 rents a your.
Tho number of telephones In use In
uucugo Tuesday was 30 1,074. lo
uring a cut of IT) cents on each, us
offered thu city In 1005, tho Chicago
Telephone Company's llguros on this
Item nlono would be reduced $l;l7,
ws.ao. ,
Tho telephone company had per
sistently alleged that It hud to pny thu
American Tolephono & Telegraph
Company i5 cents for these Instill
nients, and had put in Its claim on
thnt biislB. The letter to Mr. Carroll
showing that tho company was willing
In 1905 to rent them from tho Amer
ican Tolephono & Tolcgrnph Company
and sublet to the city for 50 cunts, or
a little mom than half what It claims
It ms In leutal charges, was consid
ered of unusual significance.
It also developed that tho Chicago
company buys not only Its electrical
equipment from tho Western Electric
Company, but also Its crushed mono
and other mntorliils, which the elec
tric company does not manufacture,
fiom tho samo company.
When this fact developed Professor
llemls was asked to begin nn Im
mediate Investigation to ascertain
whuther tho prlco charged for stouo
nnd other materials by tho Western
Eloetrlo Couipany wns In oxcess of tho
regular inurkot price for such things.
It was shown that tho Western Elec
tric Company lias been nctlng as a
puichiiHliig agent for tho tclcphono
At this point It was suggested that
tho names of thu principal stockhold
ers of tho Western Elect! Ic Company
ho compared with thoso of tho prin
cipal stockholders of tho Chicago
Tolephono Company ami American
Tolophquii a. Telegraph Company.
Porhiips tho most leinniKablo dls
eloHiuo wns produced when Professor
llemls roforro.l to thu American Tele
phono & Tolcgrnph Company's hold on
nil tho tclcphono companies In tho
lingo cities, such as tho Chlcngo Tolo
phono Company In Chlcngo,
"Whllo this hi a mnttor of poilinps
mora vital Intorost to tho Interstate
Commerco Commission," said Pi ores
Bor Homls, "wo must consldor this par
ent company In our Investigation, I
find thnt It owns thrco things:
"First, It owns all tho putontB.
"Noxt, It- owns nil tho long distuueo
"And, thirdly, It owns n majority of
tho stock of all thu Hell Telephone
In tho year ending Juno 1, 1012, ac
cording to Professor llemls, this com
pany ownod ?491,10S,000 worth of the
stock of tho associated Hell Tolephono
compnnlos. Tho Intorost and divi
dends amounted to $25,000,000 a year.
Tho revenue from long dlstanco tole
phono calls that year was $11,013,
305,20, from rights and privileges
$7,5:0,91-1.08 and from real cstato
"I contend," continued Professor
Homls, "that this parent company is
charging these subsidiary compnnlos,
liko tho Chlcngo Tclcphono Company,
unfair prices; that tho rates for Ita
patents aro too high and thnt tho city
has no right to consider that tho Chl
cngo Telephone Company tins rights
to those contentious. Tho prices aro
not fair."
If tho Council abolishes tho flat
tclcphono rnto for tho reason that tho
tolephono trust nsks It to abolish It,
then tho Council should order tho
company to glvo a robato of two cents
upon ovory five-cent call. Tho tplo
phono trust complains that flat rato
phones incronso Its burden 25 per
cent. That users of flat rnto phones
only pny ono nnd a half cents a call,
whllo tho wholo sorvlce, medium
nnd lint, costs tho company over two
cents u cnll. Very well, lot tho Alder
men say to the phono crowd: "Wo
lmvo cut off 25 per cent of your bur
den. This will Increase your revenue,
(llvo tho pcoplo tho boncflt and lot
thorn linvo a robnto of two conts -n
every call."
Sovoml of tho Aldormon linvo ex
pressed wonderment thnt the big Tole
phono Trust, which Is lighting so
hnrd to maintain high rntes, docs not
adopt tho automatic system which has
lowered rates nnd given satisfaction
wherever tried.
One alderman assorts thnt It is pos
sihlo to supply local tolephono scrvlco
In cities nt two cents per cnll, plus
ii reiiiul chnrgo ?o low thnt every
household could linvo service
This would help tho company's long
dlstanco business.
Ovor capitalization nnd nntlquo
methods aro what mnko tolophono
scrvlco between cities far romoved
so high ns to bo prohibitive.
Aro tho pcoplo to ho sold out ngntn
hi tho mnttor of fixing tolophono
rntes? Tho situation nt present looks,
very funny. Export Homls' report
wns fnr from sntlsfnctory to tolephono
subscribers. It did not go fnr enough
In tho innttor of rnto reduction, nut
tho trust possibly to throw dust In
tho eyes of tho publlo nnd of tho nl
dornion, pretend to fight llemls' ro
port. Ono thing 13 sure, tho pcoplo
nro nroiibed and tho adoption of a
echeino favorablo to tho trust will
only fan Iho llamos of indignation
now beginning to blnzo.
Tho tolophono trust wnnts to add
to tho high cost of living,
It wants all phones in Chicago
placed on tho nlckol-ln-ndvanco basis
and it has tho gall to- ask tho Alder
men to sanction this robbing,
Undor tho proposed schomo, ovory
tlmo n housowlfo ordered a pound of
butter by tolophono sho would linvo
to dopostt a nickel Leforo telephon
ing. But tho tolophono trust must linvo
victims, otherwise It could not con
tinue to pay eight per cont per annum
In dividends to Its stockholders,
Tho pcoplo of Chicago aro looked
upon by tho trust as easy marks.
Every time you go to tho tolophono
you feel liko voting against a mau
who favors tho Phono Trust.
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