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Reduce Your Cost of Living
THE FAIR is the reliable store that keeps
up the quality of its merchandise no matter
how low it cuts the prices.
Athletic doods
Automobile Supplies
Boats and Launches
Dry doods
Business Stationary
Clears and Tobacco
Rshlng Tack
Reds and Reels
OHM, Revolvers
Oolf Goods
Harness and Saddles
State, Adami ani Diarbeta Sti. Phone Eichante J Mill Orders PRM
Chicago Established I87U by I. J. Lehmann
leard from the Various Camps
During the Week About
Men Prominent in
What the Leaders Are Doing and
What People Have to Say
About Them.
Alderman Sltts, who Has niado a
good record, has boon Indorsed for re
election by tho Republicans of the
Seventeenth ward.
Municipal Court Clerk Frank Dun
lech sent a request to Springfield that
a special election bo called in April
to elect a Municipal Court Judge to
All tho vacancy caused by tho death ot
Max Ebcrhardt.
Tho exact status of tho Progressives
In tho February prlmnry has been
established by tho Election Commis
sioners. That body had requested
Charles H. Mitchell, attorney to tho
board, to preparo such an opinion.
Two questions havo been asked which
the board will rulo upon before tho
petitions for tho various offices aro
accepted. .
These questions wero:
Can a member of tho Progressive
party who has voted another party
ticket at a primary within tho last
two years voto tho Progressive ticket
at the coming primary?
Can a member of tho Progressive
party who has declared himself for
another party within the last two
years bo counted as a legal signer to a
Progressive petition?
Doth wore answered In tho affirma
tive. Tho citizens of tho Thirty-first ward
will make no mistake in sending An
son H. Drown to tho city council. His
record both as a lawyer and a citizen
is a clean and worthy ono In every
respect and ho will mako a splendid
Twenty-fifth warders aro going to
rc-nomlnate and re-elect their ablo
and faithful nldcrmnn, Henry D. Cap
ltaln. Aldermen who retire next April:
1st ward Michael Kenna, Dem.
2nd ward George F. Harding, Rep.
3rd ward A. R. Tearnoy, Dem.
4th ward Joseph F. Ryan, Dem.
6th ward P. J. Garr, Dem.
6th ward Theodore K. Long, Rep.
8th ward John R, Emerson, Dem.
9th ward Chas. E. Reading, Dem.
10th ward Frank Klaus, Dem.
11th ward E. F. Cullerton, Dem.
12th ward W. F. Schultz, Dem.
I I Jbvbbbbbbh L Li vT',fe
A2vyJt.v jjJLifC 1 jWsJHbbBBbti J ''bVtHJB' lUfe vi
Talked of for Collector of Customs.
Hardware and Tools
Hats and Caps
Incubators and Brooders
Jewelry and Silverware
Nets and Seines
Offices Supplies
Pipes and Smokers' Articles
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
Sporting Qoods
Shoes ,
Tents and Awnings
Trunks and Suit Cases
13th ward T. J. Ahem, Dem.
14th ward J. II. Lawley, Rep.
16th ward Henry Utpatel, Rep.
16th ward Stanly H Kunz, Dem.
17th ward Lewis D. Sltts, Rep.
18th ward John Brennan, Dem.
18th ward J. P. Stewart, Rep.
19 th ward John Powers, Dem.
20th ward D. J. Egan, Dem.
91nf wntt tftlla flnllraf TlAm
iim,i -.., ., r n.t..AjAM t.m
23rd ward Jacob A. Hey, Rep.
24th ward August Krumholz, Dam.
26th ward Henry D. Capltaln, Rep.
20th ward W. P. Llpps, Rep.
27th ward J. N. Hyldahl, Dem.
28th ward H. E.' Littler, Rep.
20th ward F. D. Janovsky, Dem.
80th ward Michael Mclnorney, Dem,
31st ward J. A. Kearns, Rep.
32nd ward H. P. Bergen, Dem,
33rd ward Irwin R. Hazen, Rep.
34th ward W. F. Ryan Dem.
William Halo Thompson Is being
mentioned by many Republicans as
tho right man for City Treasurer next
Oscar FTMayer would make a splon
did city treasurer.
Edward J. Kalndl, president of tho
Northwest Liquor Dealers' Associa
tion, was Indorsed for tho Democratic
nomlnatlon-for-alderman of tho Fif
teenth ward at a meeting at Qleso's
Hall, 2745 West Division street.
James V. O'Donnoll, the popular at
torney and master-in-chancery, would
prove a worthy successor to Superior
Court Judge Ben M. Smith.
It will tako moro than windy self
seekers to boat Alderman Henry D.
Capltaln for ro-nomlnatlon and re
election in the Twenty-fifth ward.
Anson H. Brown would provo a
worthy representative of tho Thirty
first ward In tho City Council.
Clayton E. Crafts would
scat on tho Federal bench.
graco a
There nro moro nldermanlo candi
dates In tho field ut present than
thero over havo been at this tlmo of
tho year.
Thomas J. O'Brlon, 1518 Grand ave
nue, a former state representative, Is
being urged by his frlonds as a Dem
ocratic candldnto for alderman from
tho Seventeenth ward. Ho Is tho
ward committeeman.
Tho many friends ot Andrew Dono
van, tho popular attorney who made
such a splondld raco for Congress In
tho First District, aro booming him for
that vacancy on tho Municipal Court
Judgo John R. Caverly Is making a
fino record on tho Municipal Court
bench. Ho is an ablo and conscien
tious Judge,
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Everett C.
United States and Canada will be
represented by star skaters at tho
world championship figure-skating
events to be held at Vienna February
28, 1913, if the recommendation ot
Everett C. Brown is heeded by the A.
A. U. officials In Now York and Can
ada. Mr. Brown recently received tho
following letter from H. 8. Wlslnger
of the committee of the Training Els
club of Austria:
"This year we celebrate the twenty
fifth anniversary of our Ice clue and
have received permission from tho In
ternational Skating Union to hold tho
championship of tho world In figure
skating hero for the years 1012-1013.
I am writing to ask you to uso your in
fluence toward getting a representa
tive of America to tako part In this
championship either American or
"The tournament will tako place on
February 23, 1913, and will not bo
postponed. I ask you In tho Interest
of Ice sport to kindly glvo this mat
ter your attention and ask you to
wrltb to tho National Sporting Asso
ciation of Canada (Mr. Louis Ruben-
stoln), asking his opinion."
Mr. Brown, who collected mora mon-
American League.
I Mil.
Philadelphia San Antonio, Tex.
Detroit .Qulfport, Mill.
Chicago Paso Roblee, Cal.
New York .Bormuda.
Cleveland Pcmacola, Fla.
Wnihlngton Charlotteivlllo, Va.
Boston Hot Spring, Ark.
St. Louis Waco, Tex.
National League.
New York Marlln, Tex.
Chlcneo..... .Florida.
Philadelphia Southern Plnei, N. C.
Brooklyn Ausuita. Qa.
Pittsburg -Hot Springe, Ark.
Cincinnati Mobile, Ala.
St. Louie Amerlcue. a a.
Boiton Athena, Qa.
Fourteen Owners Awarded $304,347 In
Purses In France Vanderbllt
Gets $81,877.
Final statistics of the Fronch flat
racing season shows that tho amounts
won by Americans woro as follows:
H. D. Duryoa, $85,903; W. K. vunuor
bll.t $81,877; August Dolmont, $00,
953; F. J. Gould, $19,037; Charles Koh
ler, $12,593; J. E. Wldonor, $7,303;
T. P. Thome, $7,097; M. Pfizer, $0,
198; H. La Montngno, $5,258: Colonel
Hufcslker, $3,045; J. Wadsworth Rog
ers, $2,409; Churles Carroll, $2,459;
Thomas Hitchcock, Jr., $2,119, and F.
Burlow, $2,030. Total for 14 owners,
Winnings by tho get of American
stallions were: Irish Lad, $05,137; Oc
tagon, $43,453; Rock Sand, $29,450;
Adam, $18,909; Kingston, $9,709; Ga
lore, $3,900; Salvator, Henry of Navar
re, $2,838; Meddler, $2,020, and Orraon
dale, $2,439. Total for ten stalllns,
In tho last five years Mr. Vander-
W. K. Vanderbllt.
bile has won $914,522. His best year
was In 1908, when his horses won
$202,841. He has led the list for tho
last tour years up to 1912.
Kid Lavlgne Not in Asylum.
A friend ot George (Kid) Lavlgne
declares that the reports that Lavlgne
is confined In an innano asylum near
Dayton, O., are untrue. He states
that tho Kid Is breathing tho free air
and enjoying good health, and will
soon start writing a brief history of
bis. wonderful fighting career,
sbbbw bbHbbbbhB
oy than any other citizen In the Unit
ed States for the last Olym'plo games,
has long championed the skating of
international athletic events and was
quick to Bpprovo tho proposition.
"I havo recommended through the
A. A. U. officials In New York," said
Mr. Brown, "that the prominent skat
ing associations of the United States
and Canada should either send their
last year's amateur champion or that
elimination contests be held to decide
who shall be the champion skater to
represent tho United 8tatcs in this In
ternational championship.
"Skating Is assuming tho position of
tho leading winter outdoor sport, and
In my opinion tho United States
should bo represented In this line of
sport as well as in many of the other
lines that wo are taking part In. It
will prove a great, lncentlvo toward
advancing the sport In tho United
States and In my opinion our best
skaters aro as good, as the European
contenders and would have as good
a chance of winning tho championship.
If enough money can be raised to send
three men I would strongly urge that
our thrco best skaters be sent to
San Antonio, Tex.
Monroe, La.
Waco, Tex.
Atlanta, Qa.
Mobile. Ala.
Charlotteavllte, Va.
Hot Springe, Ark.
St. Louis.
Marlln, Tex.
New Orleans, La.
Hot Bprlngs, Ark.
Hot Springs, Ark.
Hot Springs, Ark.
Columbua, Qa.
Jackson, Mies.
Augusta, Go.
Tho only thing against Jess Willard
Is that ho resembles Carl Morris In
Jlmmlo Lavender Is being groomed
as a pitching sensation for the 1913
Nop Ruclter excels In control, but
Rubo Mnrquard hus a wide advantage
In press agents.
Johnnlo Griffiths of Akron defeated
Jack White of Chicago In a twelve
round battle at Akron.
Many critics hall Fred Clarke and
John J. McQrow as tho only real lead
ers now Jn tho National League.
It has been rumored around the
bnsobnll circuits that Arthur Dovlln
will captain tho Boston Braves noxt
Jnck Dillon of Indianapolis andGus
Chrl8tIo of Mlhvnukoo went ten rounds
to no decision at Indianapolis. It was
a poor fight.
There is a greator awakening among
tho half mllo tracks than over in the
past. If they don't doze off again It
will bo fine.
Johnny Dundoo of New York Is
going nlcoly, although ho originated
In Gotham without a K. O. prefix to
his monlckor,
Charles Ebbots signed Jakoy Dau
bort for 1913, 1914 and 1915, and then
told tho contractors to go ahead and
flnUh tho new park.
Tho enthusiastic Indorsement of the
football codo by Dr. Williams comes
as a culminating triumph to a great
year for tho gamo.
Mnnngor Dooln has some great out
field material on hand In Donlln, Ma
goo, Dodo, Pnsltort, Cravath, Doc Mil
lor and Recruit Oeorgo Magnus.
Judging by reports from many oth
er cities whore boxing Is popular, Phil
adelphla Is ono of tho best cities for
boxing pntronago In tho country.
Tho White Sox training trip will bo
tho most expensive luxury of this kind
In 1913, but that Is a big portion of the
Old Roman's national pastimlng.
Ilrlcklcy, having scored heavily with
his toes, Is trying to mako a hit with
his hoad as a newspaper writer along
with C. Mnthowson and other athletes,
Tho main thing that seems to be
keeping Michigan out of the western
conferenco Is that the Wolverines still
mnlntaln a training table. Looks Ilk
! a.harilCB.IIttlo thing
Introduction of American Pastime of
Much Benefit, 8ays Dr. Charles
Eliot of Harvard.
Basoball, tho great American pas
time, Is of far moro benefit to tho Chi
nese than anything which has been
Introduced by social workers In that
country, according to n statement
made by Dr. Charles W. Eliot of Har
vard university. Doctor Eliot spoke
to 100 Harvard students on his recent
trip to China and Japan, It being tho
first time ho has talked to( Harvard
men slnco his return. He said that
herctoforo tho Ctilncso havo been en
tering Into games of chanco with much
enthusiasm, but that they nro now ta
king much Interest In baseball, which
Doctor Eliot bcllovcs will gradually
win them away from gambling and
mako better men of them. Doctor Eliot
spoke hopefully ot China's futuro, ex
plaining that tho extraordinary pa
tience and endurance of tho race will
enablo tho Chinese to surmount all the
difficulties which now beset them and
finally win for them the plnco they de
servo among tho nations of the world.
Ho said In part: "1 believe that tho
greatest Rood that Is being done the
Chinese by tho social workers In that
country Is tho Introduction of base
bull. These peoplo aro taking a great
Interest in our national game, and It
will bo of great benefit to them when
Indulgence In the sport becomes wide
spread. Herctoforo they havo been
entering with enthusiasm) Into tho
games ot chance, but baseball will
gradually win them away from that
sort of thing and make better mon of
them. Tho ono depressing ctrcum
stanco which has nn evil effcot on
their, tendency to progress Is the lax
relationship botweon tho men and
women ot thnt country. This I think
will Improve as the years go by. The
greatest scourgo of China is tubercu
losis. The disease Is far more preva.
Dr. Charles W. Eliot of Harvard..
lent thero than In this country, and
the Chlncao aro Ignorant ot the means
by which It can bo fought. They have
a peculiar belief that llttlo demons in
vado their homes at night and work
harm to them, and to prevont these
Imps from gaining access to their
homes they close at night overy door
and window, sleeping thus shut off
from tho air. Disease, and particular
ly tuberculosis, breeds rapidly under
such conditions."
. Champions of the Year.
Aeroplane Jules Vedrlnss
Amateur athletlcs.Jsmes Thorpa
Archery (men) ... .0. P. Bryant
Archery ( women). Mrs. Wltwer Taylor
Automoblle(speed)Bob Burmsn
Automobile (track) Louts Dlsbrow
Automobile (road) Ralph Dt Palma
Baseball Boston Red Sex
Bllllards(amatur)Ferd. Poggenburg
Billiards (prof.).. Willie Hoppe
Billiards (3 cush.) John Horgan
Billiards (pocket) .Alfredo De Oro
Bicycling Frank Kramer
Bicycling (team).. Fogler and Ruth
Bowling Larry Sutton
Boxing (hvywght) .Luther McCarty
Boxing (Ightwght) Willie Ritchie
Boxing (feather).. Johnny Kllbano
Boxing (bantam).. Johnny Coulon
Chess Dr. Emanuel Lasker
Football (west)... Wisconsin
Football (eaot)... Harvard
Golf (amateur) . . . Jerome T ravers
Golf (open) J. J, McDermott
Golf (women) Margaret Curtis
Motorcycle Ray Seymour
Polo .Meadowbrook Club
Racquets Reginald Fincke
Roque Edward Clark
Rowing (amateur) E. B. Butler
Rowing (prof.) . . . .Ernest Barry
Shootlng(amateur)Wllllam Wrlgley
8hootlno(prof.)...W. R. Crosby ,
8hootlntf (trsp)...W. A. Phillips
Skating (prof.) . . . Norval Baptlo
Skating (amateur) Robert McLean
8kl Jumplng(amt.)Carl Solberg (
Ski Jumping (prof.) Lars Haugen
Squash C. Hutchinson
Tennis (men) M.. E. McLoughlln ;
Tennis (doubles) . .McLoughlln-Bundy
Tennis (women).. Mlse Mary Browne
Wrestling Frank Gotch
Team Without Captain.
A football team without a captain Is
an experiment that will bo attompted
at tbo New York Military academy
next season. The athletic associa
tion of that Institution has just taken
action to that effect. Tho arguments
advanced wero that it usually hurt the
playing ability ot a man to be wor
ried with tho cares ot captaincy, and
that It was harder for tho quarterback
to select plays that would suit both
the captain and thefcoach .
Maher Gets His Old Job Back.
Jockey Danny Maher will ride for
Lord nosebory again noxt season.
One Handy Expression.
"Let 'him got a reputation" is a
handy sentenco used by fighters-and
wrestlers when some new fellow with
a wallop or tho mat goods pooka from
the cellar strata ot obscurity In a
menacing fashion. It was used against
many fellows who became champions.
It was hurled at Bat Nelson with ef
fect for many years. It was what
Hackenschmldt told Gotch. It la
what tho light weights have been tell
ing Jack Drltton. Mahmout heard
the Kimo song from Zbyszko. It's a
ruso as old as the human race. It's a
mighty handy sentence for soared pep
'ions to have ' around for ready refer-mce.
VI mi'ii("li.'h!'!'"!','''Mr
) g.WMNK ?9.r?A tin? l
Officers and Committees of the Oldest
Largest and Most Influential Demo
cratic Organization in Chicago.
The Cook County Democracy la the
oldest, largest and Mat Influential
Democratic organization In Chicago.
Following Is a list of the men filling
tho principal offices and more Import
ant committeeships:
President D. J, McMahon
Secretary Robert B. Burke.
Financial Secretory James M.
Marshal Col. Daniel Morlarlty.
Attorney George F. Mulligan.
Medical Staff Dr. Ernest Jentzsch,
Dr. Anthony Krygowskl, Dr. Fred
Van Arsdale.
Quartermaster John G. Hoeger.
AssL quartermaster Michael J.
Sergeant at Arms John H. Dullard.
Asst Sergeant at Arms Raleigh
W. Taylor.
Vice-Presidents. .
Aid. John Haderleln, Robert J.
Roulston, Richard S. Folsom, Albert
Schonbeck, Frank H. Novak, Charles
C. Breyer, James McAndrews, John T.
Keating, Simon O'Donnell, Frank W.
Solon, Edward H. Morgan, Jamea h.
Bowers, Charles Vesley, N. G. Cony
bear, J. R. Buckley.
Executive Committee.
Daniel J. McMahon, Chairman.
John A. Mahoney, Thomas Drury,
Patrick J. Wall, Nicholas Lorch,
Frank Ploner, Edward J. Roark,
Stephen C. Dooley.Walter V. Magnus,
John L. McNamara, James R. Pyne,
William Moffat, Frank J. Ryan, John
A. King, Stanley H. Glomskl, Dr. F. E.
Helchardt, H. E. L. Doggett, Moles
worth King, Luke P. Colleran, Rich
ard T. Hanrahan, M. E. Hughes, M. F.
Sullivan, John H. Maney, Morris Wil
son, Albert H. Putney.
Congressional Committee.
1st Congressional District.
Bartholomew Scanlan. S. H. Had
dock, Henry Krug, Louis Seellg, Dr.
J. J. McLaughlin, Jas. F. Ryan, E. J.
Courtney. Peter Zllllgan, Louis L.
Lettlero, Saml. Ohlsen, Ernest Lang-
try, John F. Carroll, Austin Waldron,
John Joyce, W. H. Armstrong, John
W. Wurzenburg, Dr. David O'Bhea,
Fred M. Sturgeon, J. H. Montgomery,
Wm. F. Mahoney, A. J. Marshall, Hen
ry A. Johnson, Fred Buxbaum, Francis
J. Woolley, H. Wedesweller, Jake
Zimmerman, F. A. Van Aradale, An
drew Donovan, Bart Delatto, John T.
Convey, John W. McNeal, Henry Eck
hardt 2nd Congressional District
Henry C. Schlacks, Edward J.
Smith, Stephen Hunt, Henry Osborn,
Cbas.tB. Hill, Albert Scbaffner, John
McCann, John I. Drlscoll, Henry F.
Hayes, John ,J. Curran, Thomas I
Byrne, Dr. J. B. Welntraub, John F.
Nolan, F. B. Robinson, John D. Green,
Frank Arnold, RobL J. Cranston,
Thos. F. Rowan, John Kavanagb,
Louis MuelJer, Thos. Howe, James
Bumber, Chas. V. Richards, Thos. W.
Corkell, Dr. Eugene D. Hartlgan.
3rd Congressional District.
Michael F. Ryan, Thos. B. Conroy,
Mathew Rawen, Goorgo W. Hinckley,
F. H. Chambers, M. J. McCoy, Wm. J.
Mclnerney, D. E. Mulvoy,' Jamea Hy-
land, J. V. Marlon, Patrick E. Dwyer,
John H. Enrlght, A. O. Lutz, J. J.
Mulvlhlll, Thos. Davlos, Mat. J.
Corcoran, John L. McNamara, M.
J. Carberry, Henry H. Nichols,
Hugh Manley, Clarence Warner,
Wm. J. Hartney, Francla X.
BuBCb, John C. Kraus, Meyer A.
Bernstein, Edward J. Duffy, Frank B.
Shtarln, Anthony J. McVady, M. J
4th Congressional District.
John B. Brenzas, James S Ryan, B.
H. Heldo, Walter Shea, John H
WtfMWiri bbsbbHbh
WMmWltf, -'bbbbbbbbH
;VSW$$? ' " ' IbW HBbbU. WilBBBBBBH
KV-lfaLt. ' .bbbbbbS
Kit t f hHfv i')i VinVJPJ'!BHlBBBBr bbbbbbbbbbbbS
V l-.fBBBT.nBT.nBm sbWm t -a .Bbt.bt.bt.bt.bt.bt.bt.bt.bt.bt.btJ
Who Made Great and Honest Record In the City Council.
Burns, Val. Schmltt Schmltt, Wm. T.
Wallace, Jas. M. Furlong, J. M. Fits
gerald, M. C. Buckley, John V, Schmltt
Schmltt, Wm, E. Furlong, Everett
Jennings, Marlus Olsen, Martfn J. '
Sweeney, James Hyncs, John O,
Baker, Martin Garskl, John Dlllom,
Jeremiah T. J. McShea, Patrick J.
Rowan, John J. Culllnan, Fred C.
Ewert, Dr. P. A. Murphy, H. Melstar
hetn. '
6th Congressional District.
P. J. Coffey, Frank Zerrlsek, Harry
Schllck, Ed. Jedllcka, Isaac Coaa,
Max Kutcbal, Joseph Mendel, A,
Nacker, Matthew Smith, E. J. McCar
ty, John Felnen, Peter Hoffman,
James J. Hallman, John Waska, Wat,
J. Peshek, James F. Denny, Tom Fits
gerald, Nicholas Stokes, William
Altemeler, James H. Ryan, Geo. lie
Kenzle, Joseph Wlrth, John J. Bra4y,
Jacob Ports.
6th Congressional District.
James W. Casey, John J. O'DonnelL
Ralph C. White, Frank L. White, Hjr
man Llderman, Frank T. Soanlaay
Clarenco Dullard, W. F. Cummlaaa.
Danl. Dowllng, John W. Christ!
Francis P. Burnett, William Georsjo
poolos, L. R. Buckley, Geo. C. Watar
man, J. C. Dooley, Richard P. Hlckey,
M, J. Tlerney, Max Le Beau, Fred .
Zimmerman, Geo. McMahon, Michael
McCarty, C. Baldaccl, Harry D. Stoat,
E. H. Comer.
7th Congressional District
N. G. Conybear, Jamea M. Ward,
James R. Mitchell, Fred J. Ross, O.
W. Howe, Dr. B. O. Rebm, Geo. P. Mo
Farland,, Chrla Nlelson, Dr. Gtorga
Frost, John Leslie O'Brien, John W.
Hand, Theo. H. Greenwald, Oscar
Breltenbach, Robert F. Blckerdlke,
Frank. H. Landmesser, J. A. O'Don
nell, Ellis W. Paul, Henry Breyer,
Joseph Groin, Frank DeLaby, Dan H.
Roto, Geo. W. LeVIn, J. Edw. Clancy,
John M. Kennedy, William Goodman,
Geo. L. Franck, Fred T. Schwartz,
Herman Peters, R. O. Gilbert, W. F.
Kelley, Wm. H. White.
8th Congressional District
John P. Quirk, Patrick O'Rourke,
Michael Yarusso, J. A. Fensterlo, Vie
tor W. Hanko, Louis W. Greco, Gary
J. Maulelle, H. F. Martin, PalUf
Papas, Jos. Walsh, Albert A. Book,
Henry HoganT Martin F. B. Norte,
X. H. Kadow, Matthew E. Clark, Miek
Sarno, Morris M. Kankowlts, Frank
Navigato, Timothy Finn, Mlohael
Martin, Anthony Tortorlello, WlUlaas
A. Navigato, Joseph De Stefano, AV
phonse L. Cummlngs, August Wei.
rich, John Schwartz, James J. lfona
9th Congressional District
G. A. Canlslus, Thomas B. Golden,
Andrew A. Collins, C. E. Hayne, J. P.
Fltzgeraldi Fred Scbulz, Wl H. Last,
Geo. J. Byrnes, John 8. 8chnUer,
Norman P. Brodle, Daniel F. Rlee,
Michael P. Lonen, John B. Beroher,
Carl W. Westerllnd, Daniel L, Cruise,
Chas. Oakley, Oscar Anderson, Geo,
A. Maneatys, D: R. Murphy, George
Wilson, Dr. Arthur L. Meyer, Nick
ProtopaB, William Payne, Jacob Bav
erlcb, Jr., Ray R. Coombs, John Mai
doon, John M. Mullen.
10th Congressional District
Wm. J. Carroll, William H. Rose,
Albert J. W. Appoll, Seraflno Con
fortl, George Bloedorn, Max Golden
rath, Joseph H. Fitch, Fred Lorensea,
Geo. C. Knight, Horace M.-McCu11b,
Thos. J. Scherer, F. O. Anderson,
Henry G. Weber, Barnard J. Baumer,
Fred J. Rlnkley, George Wilson, J. P.
Jaeger, John J. Devlne, David A.
Rose, Frank C Kellogg, James M.
Slattery, Roy Bsrnett, Harry J. an
noy, John Fanning, Malcolm B. Star
rett, Edward J. Healey, Chas. Dog
erty, F. O. Adams.
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