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Reduce Your Gostof Living
THE FAIR is the reliable store that keeps
up the quality of its merchandise no matter
how low it cuts the prices.
Athletic Ooods
Automobile Suppllei
Boati and Launches
v Dry dood
i Business Statlonar)
Cigar and Tobacco
Rilling Tackle
894 and Reels
tM. Revolver
dolt Good
Harness and Saddle
Mate, Adam an Dtarborn Sti. Pkoii Exchanr a 3 Mad Ordtrt PHM
Chloago established 1878 by I. J. Lehmann
leard from the Various Campi
During" the Week About
Men Prominent in
What the Leaders Are Doing and
What People Have to Say
About Them.
Don't forget to vote nt tho primaries
next Tuesday.
The polls will bo open from 6 a. in.
to 5 p. in. next Tuesday.
Nominate Georgo Mcllalo for alder
man In the Twenty-fourth ward.
M. J. Flynn, Francis D. Connory and
John M. O'Connor were endorsed for
City Treasurer, City Clerk and Supe
rior Court Judge respectively by tho
Democratic County Managing Com
mittee at a meeting nt the Hotel Lo
Salle Wednesday night.
Alderman Irwin It. Hnzcn of the
Thirty-third Ward has been given tho
endorsement for renomlnntlon of the
Dovro Club, the largest political or
ganization of Scnndlnnvlans in Chi
cago. Democrats, bo with a winner by
voting for M. .1. Flynn for City Treas
urer next Tuesday.
All factions of Democrats are united
on Frank D. Connory's candidacy for
re-nomlnatlon for City Clerk.
Georgo McIInlo should bo nomi
nated by tho Domocrats of tho Twenty-fourth
Ward for alderman at tho
primaries, February 25. Mr. McHale
Is one of tho best-known men In tho
ward, Is a life-long Demorcnt nnd Is
qualified In every way for a seat In
the City Council. He Is a son of tho
luto James McHale, who was coronor
of Cook county nnd who was ono of
the best liked ofllclals nnd Democrats
in Chicago. Conditions in the Twont-ty-fourth
Ward demand that a llvo
representative from tho south end of
tho ward be nominated and electod.
Mr. McHale has been a lending factor
In tho Democratic party In tho ward
and on the North Sldo for years. Ho
has always worked hard for the suc
cess of his party at the polls. Ho Is
n man of forco and ability and will
prove a faithful and honest repre-
Popular City Clerk Who Will
ffiffiailllllllllHKV: --BgVgggggggH
gagaHgggggflfciV;.r5);'tvY ' ggggggggggggggl
,gHggggggHIM -riv ;figagggggaga
Hardware and Tool
Hat and Caps
Incubator and Brooders
Jewelry and Silverware
Nets and Seine
Office Supplies
Pipes and Smokers' Articles
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
Sporting Ooods
Tents and Awnings
Trunks and Suit Cases
sontntivo of tho people In tHo City
All good Democrats are rallying to
tho support of Michael J. Flynn for
City Treasurer.
Alderman Edward F. Cullerton hns
no opposition for re-nomlnatlon by the
Democrats' bt the Eleventh ward, and
every man who has followed the
career of tho veteran member of the
city council will note this with gen
uine pleasure.
Francis D. Connery will bo re-noni-Inntcd
for City Clerk by a record
breaking plurality.
Alderman Henry Utpatcl has little
opposition for nomination on the Pro
gressive ticket in the Fifteenth ward.
Ills able, clean and fcarloss record in
the city council has earned for him a
big army of frionds and admirers in
every part of tho ward.
Alderman Jacob A. Hey has made a
record in tho city council that has
gained for him u well earned pop
ularity and the fact that ho will be
unopposed ior nominntlon on tho Pro
gressive ticket in the Twenty-third
ward shows that ho will have a solid
phalanx of workers behind him for
John M. O Connor's candidacy for
the Democratic nomination for Judge
of the Superior Court is dally growing
in strength. Senator O'Connor's rec
ord both as a public official and a
lawyer Is well known to tho pcoplo of
Efforts to defeat Alderman Henry
D. Capltaln in tho Twenty-fifth, ward
will come to naught. Tho people are
not going to bo fooled by tho attempts
of an aggregation of ofllco seekers to
retire such n good official as Alder
man Capltaln.
As Superior Court Judge John J.
Coburn would bo filling a position ho
is qualified in ovory way to till. No
mnn in Chicago is hotter fitted to sit
on tho bench than John J. Coburn.
Frank Hombes' big army of friends
In tho Twenty-third ward are working
hard for his nomination.
Alderman Lewis D. Sltts will bo
renominated and ro-elcctcd In the
Seventeenth Ward.
Alderman William F. Ityan's big
host of friends predict an easy victory
for him in his campaign for nomina
tion in tho Thirty-fourth Ward.
Nomlnato M. J. Flynn for City
Treusuror. Ho will prove u winner
In April.
Be Re-nomlnated and Re-elected.
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Calvin Demarest, Former Amateur Champion.
Ono of tho stars of tho billiard world is Calvin Demarest, the young
Chicago cue artist. Demarest was formerly amateur billiard champion and
slnco ho Invaded tho ranks of the professionals has demonstrated that be
Is capable of holding his own with Hoppe, Slosson, Sutton and tho other
cracks. In tho recent big tournament In New York Demarest defeated
Ynninda, the Japanese marvel. Demarest is anxious to meet Willie Hoppe
for tho championship and may appear in a match gamo with him shortly.
Chicago Boy, Known as Clown of
Baseball World. Has Been In Major
Leagues Ten Years.
Herman W. Schaefcr of tho Wash
ington Climbers, known as tho clown
of the baseball world on account ot
his funny stunts on tho coaching line,
was born in Chicago February 4,
1S83. Schaefor has worked In the
major leagues over ten years and
while he has slowed up a bit as a
player, he Is still able to hold down a
Job In tho big show through his orig
inal coaching methods. Ho started
his professional career In 1900 In
Kansas City and in 1001 was with the
Herman W. Schaefer.
St. Paul team, but before the close ot
tho season was sold to the Chicago
Cubs. In 1804 "Germany" was re
leased to the Milwaukee club, but re
turned to fast company tho next sea
son as a member of tho Detroit Tig
ers. Ho played with the Tigers In
1005-8 and was one of tho star second
basemen ot the American league. In
1909 he was traded to the Washington
club, where he has since played. Be
sides his duties as chief coacher, last
season he held down the utility role
In both tho infield and outfield.
Sheriff's Office.
Fourth floor, room 423.
County Treasurer.
Second floor, room 212.
Recorder of Deeds.
First floor, room 120.
Registrar of Titles.
First floor, room 120.
County Clerk.
Second floor, room 233.
County Comptroller.
Fifth floor, room 611.
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aTTavU EaSs' J8gw BBaBBari
VtmKi'k I'angBBBBsL
flMfi'sV j&BaBBBr J i I'Vl
vBr3-i' mL BBBBBx V j
jMal 'ttSBTaBr'rar
Ed Walsh Is picked as the greatest
pinch-pitcher in either league.
Jeff Tesreau of the Giants says hell
cop the pitching wreath this season.
Eddie Phelps has signed his con
tract to catch for tho Dodgers again.
One thing wo'd like to know, and
that it, what position will Jim Thorpe
play next season T
Manager McGraw of the Giants
rates baso running aa 16 per cent ot
successful baseball.
Barney Dreyfuss has decided not
to sign any of his players for more
than a year at a time.
When England learns what Thorpe
Is to draw down in ono year, It may
not be so sorry for him.
Birdlo Croo of the Yanks says ha
can play threo positions the outfield,
tho bench and boss the farm.
Manager Fred Clarke and McGraw
Will bavo a grand duel next season.
They have won four flags apiece.
Anothor possible tenant of first
base for Detroit is Rondeau, the
catchor who comes from Jersey City.
Jimmy McAleer, president of the
Boston Rod Sox, says a player ought
to be at his, best between 30 and 35.
Sam Agnew, the young catcher se
cured by the Browns from the Paclflo
Coast league, is being touted as
It Is reported that George Wlltse,
the Giants' left-hander, will be con
verted Into a first Backer this year or
Otey Crandall of the Giants wants)
to don the pad and mask. Otey says
be will becomo a catcher if McGraw
Christie Mathewson and Eddie
Plank have been In the big show for
thirteen years and can still deliver
the goods. V
Jack Love, utility player of the Kan
sas City Blues for the last four years,
will play with Denver of the Western
league this season.
Poor Bat Nelson I His wife has
asked him to quit fighting. This Is
ono instanco in which "Bat" may not
have tho last word.
Long Tom Hughes, who was one of
Griffith's mainstays last season, is' not
to be overlooked in discussing tho
Bonators' 1913 chances.
Red Dooln now is his own boss.
"You'ro mnnuiror of the club and you
Uare tho ono to deal with the players,"
rresiaonc incite joia mm.
Dan Morgan talks and talks and
talks of "Knockout" Brown ot New1
York. But that Is not winning any
championships for tho pugilist
R. V. Wenholz, one of the most
prominent pit chars In Australia, has
offered Manager McGraw his services.
All he wants Is fare from Australia,
and a trial.
Fifth floor, room 600,
County Surveyor.
Fifth floor, room 42C.
Third floor, room 311.
County Court.
Sixth floor, room 602,
Clerk County Court.
Sixth floor, room COO.
Circuit Court
Seventh floor.
Clsrk Circuit Court
Fourth floor, room 412.
Pitchers Must Be on Jobs to
Work Any Bluff.
Rule Has Long Bothered Umpires,
Players and Spectators and Contin
ues to Do So -Figures Qreatly
In Base Stealing.
Despite the frequency of Its appear
ance In the box score, the balk Is one
of the unsolved mysteries to the aver
age fan. It is Just about as mystify
ing as the mumbled confab between
refereo and boxers Just before the
opening gong In all well regulated
Spectators are not the only ones In
dreadful darkness as to what consti
tutes a balk, and why. Umpires, play
ers and rulemakers themselves are
more or less at sea regarding its exact
limitations and demarcations, what
ever they are. If a pitcher has no
"motion" or wind-up, he can hardly
hope to succeed in "big league time."
The movements of his delivery are
supposed to keep the base runner
guessing, and at the samo time must
still be within the limits Imposed on
Unless a pitcher can vlolato the
spirit of the balk rules without trans
gressing tho common Interpretation of
their wording ho has a lot to learn.
Let any team figure out a pitcher's
"motion" so that Its players can guess
with any degree of certainty when ho
Is going to pitch and when ho Intends
to throw to a base, and tho men on
that team will steal bases with com
parative Impunity.
Sidestepping all tho delicate points
and shades of points on which good
authorities differ, there Is a great deal
ot prevalent mystery regarding tho
balk which can bo dispelled. To be
gin with, thero are nine kinds of
balks. Probably you thought a balk
was simply a bluff to pitch or to
throw to a baso without going through
with it.
Sometimes a bluff to throw to a
baso Is a balk and sometimes It is
not; sometimes a bluff to pitch Is a
balk and sometimes It Is not. Some
times to throw to a baso Is a balk
nnd sometimes a ball pitched square
ly over tho plate without any pauso
In tho motion is both a balk and a
ball for tho batsman. A balk Is not a
balk unless thero Is a baso runner,
but somo balks aro called balks If
tho bases aro empty. Hero aro tho
ntno ways of making a balk:
1. The pitcher starts Xo deliver the
ball to tho batsman or to throw to
first base when thero Is a runner on
first base, and does not complete tho
pitch or throw unhesitatingly.
2. If the pitcher throws tho ball to
any base occupied by a runner and
does not step directly toward that
baso making tho throw.
3. If tho pitcher delivers tho ball
to tho batsman whllo either foot is
back of his slab.
4. If ho pitches the ball without
facing the batsman.
5. If ho pitches the ball without
keeping ono foot on tho slab.
G. If tho pitcher holds tho ball bo
long that, In tho umpire's opinion, ho
Is doing It to delay tho game.
7. If tho pitcher gets Into posi
tion to pitch without having the ball
In his possession.
8. If tho pitcher makcB any ot the
motions habitually used in pitching
to the batsman and does not go
through with tho delivery to tho plate.
0. If tho catcher steps outside the
lines of his position preparatory to re
ceiving a pitched ball.
It was predicted Capablanca would
bo defeated some day if he kept on
playing chess.
The American league was not sat
isfied with grabbing Chance, but has
drafted O'Day as an. umpire.
Seeing what Thorpe secured, other
athletes may hire press agents to ex
pose their status In sports.
Chief Meyers may "develop
Thorpe," but there Is one thing he
cannot teach htm how to run.
Fred Beell may be the world's
champion, but there are oeveral light
heavy weight troubles awaiting him.
Bill Nolan favors making Willie
Ritchie's opponent weigh in twice at
133 pounds on the day of the contest.
Mahmout, who is an officer In tho
Bulgarian army, says he prefers pin
ning men to tho mat to shooting them
James Thorpe, Horace Fogel, Frank
L. Chance and O. W. Murphy have
busted in with the sensations between
Mike Gibbons does not appear de
sirous of meeting Eddie McGoorty
again. Ho has said nothing of a re
turn match since their bout In New
Ray Branson Is losing his grip on
the welterweight championship. He
has lost his last three bouts to "Wild
cat" Ferns, Tommy Powell and Spike
Christy Mathewson says the only
team the Giants fear are the Pirates.
Matty says Fred Clarko has a pitch
ing staff that will keep his team In
tho fight.
An eastern critlo gives BmllThlry
credit for digging up more "easy
marks" for Packey McFarland than
any living man. He says Tblry has
them all spotted.
Probate Court
Sixth floor, room 643.
Clerk Probate Court
Sixth floor, room 623.
Board of Review.
Third floor, room 337.
Board of Asssssor.
Third floor, room 312,
President County Board.
Fifth floor, room 623.
Judge Edward Osgood Brown stands
high in the estimation ot the people
both as a Jurist and a citizen,
Officers and Leaders of the Leading
Parties in Chicago.
Headquarters Sulto 21C, 217, 218
Hotel La Salle.
Chairman John McOlllen.
Secretary Georgo L. McConnell.
Treasurer William Legner.
Vice-presidents B. P. Weber, Stan
ley S. Walkowlak, Frank McDermott.
Sergeant-at-A r m s Michael P.
1. Michael Kennn, John J. Coughlln.
2. Daniel J. Harris, Clem Kuehne.
3. William L. O'Connell, Peter J.
4. Henry Stuckart, James M. Dalley.
5. Patrick J. Carr, Charles Martin.
0. John P. Gibbons, Peter Foy.
7. Edw. P. Bronnan.
8. John H. Mack, William Powers.
9. Sheldon Govler, D. E. Wittenberg.
10. Fred Rohde, Edw. J. Novak.
11. John Lngodny, Leo V. Roeder.
13. M. H. Rogers, W. R. Skldmore.
14. Patrick A. Nash, M. P. Matter.
15. Joseph Strauss, John P. Tnnsoy.
1C. William Mnzurek, Joseph P. Tran-
17. Stanley 8. Walkowlak, Thomas J.
18. Georgo L. McConnell, William
19. John Powers, Peter O'Brien.
20. Moso Ginsberg, Dennis J. Egan.
21. Albert J. Flynn, John M. O'Con-
22. Thomas Sturch, John Clskowskl.
23. Henry H. Gibbons, Dennis W.
24. Fred Esau, James Fitzgerald,
25. William F. Quinlan, John T. Con
2C. Thomas J. Dawson, N. J. Dalclden.
27. Nell Murley, William McRae.
28. Francis D. Connery, Ben. M.
29. Frank McDermott, Joseph Calla
Dennis D. McCarthy, Joseph
James A. Long, M. J. Flynn.
Richard J. Knight, Frank
T. J. Crowo, Matt L. Cullcm.
J. J. Cullerton, K. M. Rads.
35. William J. Clark, William P.
Committee at Large.
John McGIUen, Hans Blase, Frank
S. Ryan, Salvatore Romano, John J.
Bronnan, Chilton P. Wilson, John J.
McLaughlin, Thomas Little, Stanley
H. Kunz, John P. Hayes, George E.
Bronnan, William Legner, Joseph Ka
cena, John F. O'Malley, William
Graham, E. F. Sllha, B. P. Weber.
Country Towns.
E. H. Poehlson, Blue Island; I. M.
Kuebser, Palatine; W. E. Hess, Wll
metto; George McNamee, Cicero- Au
gust Koelllng, Arlington Heights; H.
L. M. McCullon, Glen Vlow; James
Turnock, Evans ton; A. A. McKlnley,
Evanston; W. H. Stolte, Chicago
Heights; L. N. Rlchter, Melrose
Park; Francis M. Keogb, Lemont; W.
B. McAullffo, Franklin Park; W. A.
Lantz, La Grango; J. L. Butler, North
Borwyn; A. L. Tompkins, Oak Park;
J. J. O'Rourko, Harvey; Ross C. Hall,
Oak Park.
Headquarters Brlggs House.
Chairman A. J. Sabath.
Vice-chairman John J. Coughlln.
Vice-chairman M. S. Furman.
Vice-chairman Otto Spankuch.
Recording Secretary Jnmes S. Mc
Inornoy, Financial Secretary Harry Gold
stlne. Assistant Secretary John Downey.
Treasurer James F. Bowers.
Sorgeant-at-Arms Daniel Ryan.
Headquarters Hotel La Salle.
Chairman Hurold L. Ickes,
Secretary Charles Ringer.
Treasurer LaVoorno W. Noyes.
Ward 1, John H. Taylor; ward 2,
Cbauncoy Dowoy; ward 3, Charles H.
Sorgel; ward 4, Felix J. Wenglerskl;
ward 5, Philip Gollner; ward C, Wal
ter Clyde JoneB; ward 7, Charles E.
Morrlam; ward 8, Charles Ringer;
ward 9, A. C. Bass; ward 10, John
Slman; ward 11, August Krueger;
ward 12, Dr. Fred Formaneck; ward
13, L. G. Ross; ward 14, William F.
Galling; ward 15, James Heyn; ward
16, William Gleldzlnskl; ward 17,
Charles J. Ryborg; ward 18, John R.
Swift; ward 19, Guy C. Crapplo; ward
20, Harry Flddelko; ward 21, Thomas
J. Graydon; ward 22, Charles J. Bur
meUtcr; ward 23, Dr. Albert E. Pal
mer; ward 24, A. L. Sage; ward 25,
C. M. Modorwell; ward 20, A. F.
Nusser; ward 27, C. R. Bechtol; ward
28, J. M. Dempsoy; ward 29, William
LaBatt; ward 30, J. T. Simpson; ward
31, H. L. Du Charm; ward 32, Willis
E. Thorno; ward 33, Henry Nelson;
ward 34, Robert F. Kolb.
Country Districts.
1, Frank J. Grattan, Harvey; 2,
Charles L. Anderson, Morgan Park;
3, Sherman M. Booth, Glencoo; 4, B,
F. Hales, Oak Park; 5, C. DeWItt
Taylor, Palatine; 6, Harold L. Ickes,
Chairman, John F, Devlne,
Secretary, William H. Weber.
Treasurer, Isaac N. Powell,
Ward 1, Francis P. Brady; 2, Mar
tin B. Madden; 3, Robert R Lovy; 4,
Charles R. Strook; 5, Edward R. Lit
zlnger; 6, Roy O. West; 7, Isaac N,
Powell; 8, John J. Hanberg; 9, Ed
ward E. Eastman; 10, Joseph E. Bid
will, Sr.; 11, Charles V. Barrett; 12,
A. W. Miller; 13, David W. Clark; 14,
D. A. Campbell; 15, George Mugler;
16, John F, Devlne; 17, L. D. Sltts; 18,
Homer K. Gatptn; 19, Christopher
Mamer; 20, William J. Cooke; 21,
Frank A. Vogler; 22, Bernard F,
Clettenberg; 23, John J, Healy; 24,
Leonard A. Brundagej 26, Isaao J.
Bryan; 26, John C. Cannon; 27, Vic
tor P. Arnold; 28, Joseph F. Haas;
29, Matt A. Mueller; 30, Thomas J.
Healy; 31, Charles S. Deneen; 22,
Charles W. Vail; 33, Georgo Hltzman;
34, Charles Vavrlk; 35, J. F. Galnty.
Country Districts.
1, A. Van Steenberg, Lansing; 2,
W. H. Weber, Blue Island; 3, Peter
M. Hoffman, Des Plalnes; 4, Allen B.
Ray, Oak Park; 6, William Busse,
Mount Prospect; 6, Frank H. Ander
son, Evanston.
Democratic Congressional Committee.
1st Congressional District.
Bartholomew Bcanlan, 8. H. Had
dock, Henry Krug, Louis Seellg, Dr.
J. J. McLaughlin, Jas. F. Ryan,. E. J.
Courtney, Peter Zllllgan, Louis L.
Lettlere, flaml. Ohlsen, Ernest Lang
try, John F. Carroll, Austin Waldron,
John Joyce, W. H. Armstrong, John
W. Wurzenburg, Dr. David O'Shea,
Fred M. Sturgeon, J. H. Montgomery,
Wm. F. Mahoney, A. J. Marshall, Hen
ry A. Johnson, Fred Buxbaum, Francis
J. Woolley, H. Wsdesweller, Jake
Zimmerman, F. A. Van Arsdale, An
drew Donovan, Bart Delatto, John T.
Convey, John W. McNeal, Henry Eck
hardt 2nd Congressional District.
Henry C. Schlacks, Edward J.
Smith, Stephen Hunt, Henry Osborn,
Chas. B. Hill, Albert Schaffner, John
McCann, John I. Drlscoll, Henry F.
Hayes, John J. Curran, Thomas L,
Byrne, Dr. J. B. Welntraub, John F.
Nolan, F. B. Robinson, John D. Green,
Frank Arnold, Robt J. Cranston,
Thos. F. Rowan, John Kavanagh,
Louis MueiJer, Thos. Howe, James
Bumber, Chas. V. Richards, Thos. W.
Corkoll, Dr. Eugane B. Hartlgan.
3rd Congressional District.
Michael F. Ryan, Thos. B. Conroy,
Mathew Rawen, George W. Hinckley,
F. H. Chambers, M. J. McCoy, Wm. J.
Mclnerney, D. B. Mulvey, James Hy
land, J. V. Marlon, Patrick E. Dwyer,
John H. Enrlght, A. O. Luti, J. J.
Mulvlhlll, Thos. Davles, "Mat J.
Corcoran, John L. McNamara, M,
J.' Carberry, Henry H. Nichols,
Hugh Manley, Clarence Warner,
Wm. J. Hartney, Francis X.
Buscb, John 0. Kraus, Meyer A.
Bernstein, Edward J. Duffy, Frank B.
Shearia, Amaany J. McVady, M. J.
4th Congressional District
John B. Brensas, James S Ryan, B.
H. Helde, Walter Shea, John H.
Burns, Val. Schmltt Schmltt, Wm. T.
Wallace, Jas. M. Furlong, J. M. Fits
gerald, M. C. Buckley, John V. Schmltt
Schmltt, Wm. E. Furlong, Bverette
Jennings, Marlus Olsen, Martin J.
Sweeney, James Hynea, John O.
Baker, Martin Garskl, John Dillon
Jeremiah, T. J. McShea, Patrick J.
Rowan, John J. Cullinan, Fred O.
Ewert, Dr. P. A. Murphy, H. Melster
heln. 5th Congressional District.
P. J. Coffey, Frank Zerrisek, Harry
Bcbllck, Ed. Jedllcka, Isaao Coaa,
Max Kutcbal, Joseph Mendel, A.
Nackor, Matthew Smith, E. J. McOar
ty, John Felnen, Peter Hoffman.
James J. Hallman, John Waska, Wsa.
J. Peshek, James F. Denay, Tom Fits
gerald, Nicholas Stokes, William
Altemeler, James H. Ryan, Geo. Me
Kenzle, Joseph Wlrth, John J. Brady,
Jacob Ports.
6th Congressional District
James W. Casey, John J. O'DonneU,
Ralph C. White, Frank L. White, Hy
man Llderman, Frank T. Scanlaa
Clarence Dullard, W. F. Cummlngt
Danl. Dowllng, John W. Christie
Francis P. Burnett, William George
poolos, L. R. Buckley, Geo. C. Water
man, J. C. Dooley, Richard P. Hlckey,
M. J. Tlerney, Max Le Beau, Fred 1.
Zimmerman, Geo. McMahon, Michael
McCarty, C. Baldaccl, Harry D. Stone,
E. H. Comer.
7th Congressional District
N. G. Conybear, James M. Ward,
James R. Mitchell, Fred J. Ross, a
W. Howe, Dr. B. O. Rehm, Geo. P. Mc
Farland, Chris Nletsoa, Dr. George
Frost, John Leslie O'Brien, John W.
Hand, Tneo. H. Greenwald, Oscar
Breltenbacb, Robert F. Blckerdlke,
Frank H. Landmesser, J. A. O'Doa
nell, Ellis W. Paul, Henry greyer,
Joseph Greln, Frank DeLaby, Da H.
Rote, Geo. W. LeVIn, J. Edw. Claaoy,
Jonn.M. Kennedy, William Goodaaa,
Geo. L. Franck, Fred T. Bchwarts,
Herman Peters, R. O. Gilbert, W. F.
Kelley, Wm. H. White
8th Congressional District
John P. Quirk, Patrick O'Rourke.
Miohael Yarusso, J. A. Fensterle, Via
tor W. Hanko, Louis W. Greco, Gary
J. Maulelle, H. F. Martin, Philip
Papas, Jos. Walsh, Albert A. Book,
Henry Hogan, Martin F. B. Nortoa,
X. H. Kadow, Matthew B. Clark, Nlek
Samo, Morris M. Kankowlts, Freak
Navigato, Timothy Finn, Michael
Martin, Anthony Tortorlello, William
A. Navigato, Joseph De Stefano, Al
phonse L. Cummings, August Weuv
rlch, John Schwartz,' James J. Moaa
ban. 9th Congressional District
G. A, Canlslui, Thomas E. Goldea,
Andrew A. Collins, O. E. Hayns, J. P.
Fitzgerald, Fred Schuls, W. H. Laaf,
Geo, J. Byrnes, John 8. BchneUar,
Norman P. Brodle, Daniel F. Met,
Michael P. Lonen, John B. Bercher,
Carl W. Westerllnd, Daniel L. Crates,
Chas. Oakley, Oscar Anderson, Oe
A. Maneatys, D. R. Murphy, George
Wilson, Dr. Arthur L. Meyer, Nlek
Protopas, William Payne, Jacob
erlch, Jr., Ray R. Coombs, John Mb
doon, John M. Mullen.
10th Congressional Dlstrlot
Wm. J, Carroll, William H. Rosa,
Albert J. XW. Appell, Beraflno Ces
fortl, George Bloedorn, Max Gotdesv
ratb, Joseph H. Fitch, Fred Lorsaiea,
Geo., O. Knight, Horace M. McOoiles),
Thos. J, Scherer, F. O. Anderses),
Henry G. Weber, Barnard J. Baumer,
Fred J. Rlnkley, George Wilson, J. P.
Jaeger, John J. Devlne, David A.
Rose, Frank O. Kellogg, James If.
Slattery, Roy Barnett, Harry J., Ot
ney, John Fanning, Edward J. Healey,
Chas. Dougherty, F. O. Adams.

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