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Reduce Your Gost of Living
THE FAIR is the reliable store that keeps
up the quality of its merchandise no matter
how low it cuts the prices.
Athletic Goods
Automobile Supplies
Boat and Launches
Dry Qoods
Business Statlonar
Cigars and Tobacc
Rihing Tackle
Reds and Reels
Quits, Revolvers
Qalf floods
Harness and Saddles
Stair, Adam and Dttrbora Sit. Phone Bichanci 1 Mad Ordm PHM
Chicago Established 1875 by C. J. Lehmann
Notes About Men and Their Doings in
the Two Great Fields of National
Roy O. West, Illinois member of
the llcpubllcnn national committee, ls
Biied a warning Tuesday night against
factional quarrels and urged all to
unlto to build up tho party. Mr. West
read this stato Into the foro rank of
ndvocatcs for reapportionment of
delegations, stating that as long ago
as 1908, Illinois declared In favor of
a moro equltnblu apportionment of
delegates In tho convention of 1912.
Tho Chicago election board's
amendmont making purchasers of
Totes guilty with those bribed has
been rejected by tho houso commit
tee. It was argued that If both the
briber and bribed wero liable it
would be impossible to get cither to
testify as to the guilt of tho other.
The contest of Oscar W. Eckland
for the seat of Charles E. Merrlam In
the city council was withdrawn. Mr.
Eckland was tho Democrntlc opponent
of Mr. Merrlam In tho April election.
'William Rothmann, attorney for Mr.
Eckland uppearcd boforo tho judiciary
commltteo of tho city council and
served notice that Mr. Eckland would
not prosecuto his contest further.
The largest crowd that ovor congre
gated at a ball game In Indianapolis
last Sunday witnessed the game be
tween Chicago and Indianapolis in tho
new Federal League. That tho league
will have a successful season Is cor
tain. Tho first Chicago gamo will bo
played at tho home grounds at DoPaul
field next Friday. , ,
Tho commltteo bill changes tho
dato of the April primaries In presi
dential years to tho third Tuesday
in May. In tho off years tho primary
for tho November election would bo
held on tho second Tuesday in Sep
tember. As a member of the County Board,
John E. Mnloney is working hard all
tho time in the interest of tho tax
payers. Frank II. Novak, tho popular attor
ney, is being talked of by many Dem
ocrats for Judgo of the Probato Court,
Albort J. Hopkins' big host of
friends In Illinois aro predicting his
election by tho people to succeed
United States Senator Sherman. Now
that tho people will havo tho right to
, ' ' ' ' WM bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.
WBk MHk JbbLbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!
Leading Business Man, Political Leader and Sportsman. '
Hardware and Tools
Hats and Caps
Incubators and Brooders
Jewelry and Silverware
Nets and Seines
Offlces Supplies
Pipes and Smokers' Articles
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
Sporting Ooods
Tents and Awnings
Trunks and Suit Cases
olect tho Sonntors themselves, former
Senator Hopkins' chances look bright.
Judgo John It. cavcrTy has inn do a
record on tho Municipal Court bonch
that ho can be justly proud of.
William Halo Thompson's big nrmy
of friends In Chicago aro a unit In
their dcslro to sco him Mayor of Chi
cago. Judgo John E. Owens has mado a
grand record on tho county bench. Ho
has proved himself to be at all times
an honest, big-hearted and conscien
tious judge.
Tho many friends of William D.
Munhnll would like to sco him ap
pointed United States District At
torney. Iio is the right man for the
position. t
Charles D. Pavllcek, tho popular
lawyer and attorney for tho West
Park Board, is In lino for a seat on
tho bench.
The "blue print" graft at the city
hall, according to a council commit
tee, foots up over $6,000 a year, Tho
city should have a blue print plant
of its own.
Tho cdty should tako possession
of tho Chicago Railways lines and
give tho public good service.
Following aro tho homo games of
tho Whlto Sox played at Comlskoy
Park, 35th street and Shields ave
nue: May 15, 1C, 17, 18.... With Now York
May 19, 20, 21, 22 With Boston
May 24, 25 With Cloveland
May 29, 30, 31 With Detroit
Juno 1 With Detroit
Juno 21, 22, 23, 24, 2d.. With St. Louis
Juno 2C, 27, 28, 29.... With Cleveland
July 9, 10, 11 With Now York
July 12, 13, 14, 1G With Boston
July 10, 17, 18, 19.. With Philadelphia
July 20, 21, 22, 23... With Washington
Aug. 14, 15, 1C, 17 With New York
Aug. 18, 19, 20 With Boston
Aug. 21, 22, 23 With Philadelphia
Aug. 24, 25, 20 With Washington
Aug. 20, 31 With Detroit
Sept. 2C, 27 With St. Louis
Sept. 28 With Cleveland
Or I iiiislfM" '- lTTi:tsLi J
JBz t v, &fa-j La
fl J2VbW ' f,(,Ji? 1 MPbbf BsU
I S; i J'h !$ v !BswaVwBBBBBBBBBssBBBBBBBl n
fi i i iBslrr i' "TnHlsf "bssssssssmbssss1Bsssssm H
JVIanagcr Frank Chance of
Nearly overy ball player on tho
verge of a grcnt series Is extremely
nervous, lrriiablo and ready to take a
poke at' his very bcht friends, but the
champion of them all lu Frank Chnnco,
former manager of tho Cubs and, now
leader of the Now York American
luaguo team. As every ball tosscr
knows, Chnnco Is a chronic grouch
and ono of tho most superstitious men
that over nppenred on the diamond.
A photographer was lucky enough to
Harry Davis.
get the Cubs' lcador to smllo wbon
posing for u plcturo with Captain Da
vis of tho Athletics before the world's
scries started. It was tho first time
tho peerless leader had Binllcd in
Shortly after tho train bearing the
players loft Chlcngo for Philadelphia
to start the series sovoral men began
Manager McGraw claims that tho
Qlants aro now lu winning form.
Manager Miller Muggins would like
to have a few more Leo Magecs on
his team.
If thero Is any playor the Whlto Sox
hate to faco It Is Joo Lako of tho De
troit Tigers.
Manager Clmnco .would like to havo
a couplo moro Ray Keatings on his
Now York team.
Charley Dooln Is tho only member
of tho Philadelphia team who is hit
ting the ball herd.
Manager Orllllth claims that Eddie
Alnsmlth, his backstop, Is tho greatest
catcher In the country.
Al Domarco, thu young Giant hurlor,
Ib being hailed ai the pitching sensa
tion of tho 1913 (.cason.
The Brooklyn pitchers aro going to
give tho other teams In tho loaguo
a lot of troublo this year.
Southpaws right now aro proving to
bo tho star pitchers of both the Na
tional and American leagues.
The University of Maine team has
a Cobb n linker and a Chase. Sovornl
hlg lcaguo teams would llko to have
Km BBfSBBBBBH Bki f i T 1
BB I PrvBss? Bfifc. wr
New York Highlanders.
to slug. It was O. K. until they camo
to tho song "Casey Jones." Chanco
thinks that song Is tho jlnka. Jlo Im
mediately Jumped up from bis soat
nnd announced that tho first man who
sang that song ngnln would bo fined
$500 and suspended.
Lea'ulng to that old'suporstltlon that
history repeals Itself, Chanco opened
die series with Orvlllo Overall In tho
box. In two other world's champion
ship contests Orvto won tho ilrst
gamo. But after tho Athletics pound
ed Overall all over tho diamond
Chanco was In extra bad humor.
On opening his mall after the gamo
Chanco received a letter from a Chi
cago rooter which was dated 13 and
In which tho fan wished him luck, as
It was his thirteenth season In fast
company. Matters wore made worse
when ho discovered that his berth was
No. 13 and that tho check for $10,000
which ho sent to tho national commis
sion as a guarantee that tho rules
would not bo violated was mailed on
the 13th. Chance was In such bad hu
mor that many of the players shunned
him as much as possible. At the start
of the second game In Philadelphia the
Cubs' leader was harboring a terrible
In tho Bccond inning of the second,
game Chanco lost his temper com
pletely when Rlgler called a strike on
him, and he said something to tho
umpire that was not audible to the
people in tho grand stand and smote
the ground saveagely with his bat.
Later he showed his Irritation again
when Catcher Kltng called for threo
balls to catch Collins stealing when
Baker was at the bat. Baker than sin
gled through Chanco, and the latter
fell on his faco trying to stop tho drive.
As ho camo up with his mouth full of
dirt ho looked daggers at Kllng and
openly accused the latter of sacrificing
the team's chances of winning In order
to protect or better bis own personal
record behind tho bat. After looking
at Kllng for a little while bo yelled:
"You call wasto balls on Baker for
roar Collins will got another stolen
base on you. You do that again and
you'll Bit on the bonch."
Cnpt. Georgo McBrldo of the Sen
ators, In tho Ave years he has been
with the club, has missed but five
Little Johnny Bates of the Reds
surely Is tho batting kid. Johnny just
loves to bat In a pinch and ho sel
dom falls.
Hugh Bcdlent of tho Red Sox
looks good to Manager McGraw. "Col
lins, Hall and tho others aren't such
great stars," says Jawn.
Any student of the Sheffield Scion'
tlflo hcIiooI, Ynlo, who takes pait In
n Sunday baseball gamo will render
hlmsolf liable to suspension. This Is
the dictum Issued by the acting direc
tor of tho school. Tho stand against
Sunday baseball camo as a result of
the announcement of a game which
was to havo been played on Sunday
botwoen a New Haven team and stu
dents. Recruits Too Quiet.
"Recruits nowadays aro too quiet
and retiring," says Joe. Tlnkor.
"Noise, noise squawking all tho time
that's what I wnnt, nnd that's what
wins basobul! games."
Oldrlng at Short.
Rubo Oldrlng has played shortstop
In several games for tho Athlotlca and
looks Ilka the eamo capablo Inllelder
ho was several years ago when he
was stationed at third base.
Mathewson's Brother.
Hank Mathowson, brother of the
Giants' star pitcher, will play this sea
son with tho Romo club of tho Em
plro State league.
Not Much Chance, to Ba Frank,
Tho Now York baseball writer who
sad, "Have tho Yankees a Chanco
next soabon? Well, to bo Frank, thoy
havo!" has thus for escaped arrest
,-tfo . 'nffr.. ' - 'fj -
Bockslexls, Jack Meyers and Chief
Bender Only Ones to Be Rated
as First Class.
Comparatively fow Indians have
made good in professional baseball.
In recent years those who havo suc
ceeded to regular positions with eith
er American or National League
clubs can bo counted upon tho fingers
of one hand.
Athletic trainers nnd coaches have
wondcrod at this. It is all tho moro
surprising when one stops to consider
that of all tho nations there Is none
which can boast of moro natural ath
letics than tho aborigines. Some
mentors hnvo tried to explain It by
saying that tho race has been retro
gressing. This, of course, may, bo In
great measuro responsible for the
Whatover the reason, it remains a
fact that only Sockalcxls, Jack Mey
ers nnd Chief Bender havo attained
fame as big leaguers. Other Indians'
havo mado good in tho minors 'and
have been given trial in fast com
pany, but thoy have Invariably fallen
Just ono notch shy In their major
Icaguo ability.
Notablo among these wero Jude, 8
reservation Indian, nnd II Roy, a Chip
pewa. Thoy havo always been among
tho best In their respcctlvo minor as
sociations, but havo lacked nn Indefi
nite something so frequently tho cast
with good minor leaguers.
Now Jim Thorpo has been added
to tho list, nnd in St. tho Browni
may have an Indian playing shortstot
for thorn. Bnlentl, who had a trial
with Cincinnati for a time, has boefi
turned over to Georgo Stovall.
Sockalcxls was regarded as ono ot
the best players of his tlmo about
thirteen years ago. Ho played foi
four year with Holy Cross, nnd thei
played for about two seasons wltl
Cleveland, but flrowater was th
causo of his downfall.
Arthur Devlin, Formerly, With New
York Giants, Refuses to Be Dis
lodged at Third.
Arthur Devlin, formerly of the Now
York Giants, Is filling the third bast
Job for tho Boston Braves. Dovlin ii
one of tho veterans of tho diamond,
Arthur Devlin.
but, is atill able to play a star gam,
and keep the youngsters from forcing
bim out of fast company. At one
time Devlin was considered about the
best third baseman in tho land.
Fourteen of Fastest Native Filipino
Players Coming to This Court
try for Gsmes.
A crack all-Filipino baseball team
composed of fourteen of tho fastest
playera In the Philippines, has left
Manila for a tour of Japan and the
United States. The team expects to
arrive at Son Francisco about June
25. The aggregation of athletes Is
under tho management of Director
Alejandro Albert, Team Manager E.
F, Willets and Advanco Agent Arthur
E. McCann.
The program calls for about twelve
games in Japan with tho leading col
leges. Ono game in Hawaii, on routo,
and about fifty games In the United
States with class "C" and "D" league
teams, the fastest serolpros and col
lego teams.
The natives hero have made won
derful strides In tho progress ot the
national gamo and the managers of
this team are confident that their
boys will mako a creditable showing.
Although the members of this team
aro all Filipinos, no two of thorn
speak tho samo language bo they are
obliged to speak in a tongue other
than their own In order to carry on a
conversation among themselves.
Peculiarities of the Game.
Here's a 'good one. Detroit made
ten safe swats 'for eleven bases, got
ten bases on balls from Baumgardnor,
stole flvo sacks, mado two sacrifice
hits, and drew ono free transportation
to first by the hit by pitched ball
route In a game against tho Brown's
and scored but threo runs.
Differs With Ban Johnson.
Clark Griffith, manager ot tho Sen
ators, differs with Ban Johnson In tho
effort to quicken tho games In the
American league. According to tho
"Old Fox," tho public does not want
quicker, games, but It does want better
Stone Seeks Job,
Georgo Stono, formerly of the
Browns, who onco led the American
league in bitting, is still looking for a
berth as a minor league manager.
Confidence In Thorpe.
Manager McGraw believes that with
a little experience Jim Thorpe will
etslly become ono ot tho best base
runners tho game ever saw,
Leonard Shows Well.
Dutch Leonard, the recruit burlor of
the Red Sox, has been showing up fine
and it Is most likely that ho will ba
retained by Manager Jako stabl.
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v sBBBBBBBjb'2 "aK
Bkd 'BBKV, w
flS? 'BBBM'ew
r -?s. ,.-rTBBsl
j4b7 aPaFaW
Officers and Leaders of the Leading
Parties in Chicago.
Headquarters Suite 21G, 217, 218
Hotel La Salle.
Chairman John McGUlen.
Secretary Georgo L. McConnell.
Treasurer William Legner.
Vice-presidents B. F. Weber, Stan
ley S. Walkowlak, Frank McDormott
Scrgeant-at-A r m s Michael F.
1. Michael Cenna, John J. Coughlln.
2. Daniel J, Hnrrls, Clem Kuehno.
3. William L. O'Connell, Peter J.
4. Henry Stuckart, James M. Dailey.
5. Patrick J. Carr, Charles Martin.
6. John P. Gibbons, Potcr Foy.
7. Edw. F. Brennan.
8. John H. Mack, William Powers.
9. Sheldon Govler, D. E. Wittenberg.
10. Fred Rohde, Edw. J. Novak.
11. John Lngodny, Leo V. Rocdor.
13. M. H. Rogers, W. R. Skldmoro.
14. Patrick A. Nash, M. F. Maher.
15., Joseph Strauss, John P. Tansey.
1C, William Mnzurek, Joseph F. Tran-
17. Stanley S. Walkowlak, Thomas J.
18. Qeorgo L. McConnell, William
Gaynor. ' -
19. John Powers, Peter O'Brien.
20. Mose Ginsberg, Dennis J. Egan.
21. Albert J. Flynn, John M. O'Con
22. Thomas Sturch, John Clskowskl.
23. Harry R. Gibbons,, Dennis1 W.
24. Fred Esau, James Fitzgerald.
25. William F. Qulnlan, John T. Con-
20. Thomas J. Dawson, N. J. Daleidon.
27. Nell Murloy, William McRae.
28. Francis D. Connory, Ben. M.
29. Frank McDormott, Joseph Calla
30. Dennis D. McCarthy, Joseph T.
31. James A. Long, M. J. Flynn.
32. Richard J. Knight, Frank .J.
33. T. J. Crowe, Matt L. Cullera.
34. J. J. Cullerton, K. M.(Rads.
35. William J. Clark, William P.
Committee at Large.
John McGUlen, Hans Blase, Frank
S. Ryan, Salvatore Romano, John J.
Brennan, Chilton P. Wilson, John J.
McLaughlin, Thomas Llttlo, Stanley
H. Kunz, John P. Hayes, George E.
Brennan, William Legner, Joseph Ka
cena, John F. O'Malloy, William
Graham, E. F. Sllha, B. F. Weber.
President, Danlol J. McMahon.
Vlco Presidents, Frank H. Novak,
Edward H. Morgan, James R. Buck
ley. ,
Treasurer, Dr. Ernest Jentzch.
Recording Secretary, Robert E.
Financial Secretary, John A. King.
Attorney, James M. Slattery; Mar
shal, Col. DanW Morlarty; Physician
and Surgeon, l xxthony Krygowskl;
Quartermaster, Robert F. Bickerdlke;
Sergeant-at-Arms, Poter H. Dalton;
Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Edward
M. Roark.
Executive Committee: John J. Co
burn, Richard T. Hanrahan, John P.
Tansey, Nicholas Lorch, -Henry L
Flck, John T. Keating, Luko P. Col
leran, Molesworth King, Timothy J.
Crowe, M. E. Hughes, William Moffat,
Congressional Committees:
1st Congressional District.
Bartholomew Scanlan, 8. H. Had
dock, Henry Krug, Louis Beellg, Dr.
J. J. McLaughlin, Jas. F. Ryan, E. J.
Courtney, Pater 'ZlUIgan, Louis L.
Lettlere, Sam!. Ohlsen, Ernest Lang
try, John F. Carroll, Austin Waldron,
John Joyce, W. H. Armstrong, John
w. wursenburg. Dr. David O'Shta,
Fred M. Sturgeon, J. H. Montgomery,
Wm. F. Mahonoy, A. J. Marshall, Hen
ry A. Johnson, Fred Buxbaum, Francis
J. Woolley, H. Wedeswellsr, Jake
Zlmmormon, p. A. Van Arsdale, An
drew Donovan, Barf Delatto, John T.
Convey, John W. MoNeal, Henry Eck
hardt '
2nd Congrasslonal District
Henry O. Schlaoks, Edward J.
Smith, Stephen Hunt, Henry Osborn,
Ohas. B. Hill, Albert Schaffner, John
McCann, John I. Drlsooll, Henry F.
Hayes, John J, Outran, Thomas L.
Byrne, Dr. J. B. Weintraub, John F.
Nolan, F. B. Robinson, John D. Grsen,
Frank Arnold, Robt J. Cranston,
Thos. F. Rowan, John Kavanagb,
Louis Mueller, Thos. Howe, James
Dumber, Chas. V. Richards, Thos. W.
Corkell, iDr. Butane B. Hartlgan,
trd Congressional District.
Michael F. Ryan, Thos. B. Conroy,
Mathow Rawen, George W. Hinckley,
F. H. Chambers, M. J. McCoy, Wm. J.
Melnerney, D. E. Mulvey, James Hy
land, J, V. Marlon,' Patrick B. Dwyer,
John H. Bnrlght, A. O. Luts, J, J.
Mulvlhlll, Thos. Davlos, Mat J.
Corcoran, John L. McNamara, M.
J. Carberry Henry H. Nichols,
Hugh Manley, "'arence Warner,
Wm. J. Hartny, Francis X.
Buscb, John O. Kraus, Meyer A.
Bernstein, Edward J. Duffy, Frank B.
Shesrin, Anthony J. MoVady, M. J.
Flynn, i
4th "Congressional District
John B. Brenzas, James S Ryan, B.
H. Hetde, Walter Shea, John H
Burns, Val. Schmltt Schmltt, Wm. T
Wallace, Jas. M. Furlong, J. M, Fits
gerald, M, O. Buckley, John V. 8chmlU
Schmltt, Wm, E. Furlong, Everett
Jennings, Marlus Olsen, Martin J
Sweeney, James Kynasv John C
Baker, Martin Garskl, John Dillon
Jeremiah T. J. McShea, Patrick J
Rowan, John J. Culllnan, Fred O
Ewert, Dr. P. A. Murphy, H. Melster
Eth Congressional District
P. J. Coffey, Frank Zerrlsek, Harry
Schllck, Ed, Jedllcka, Isaao Cehm.
Max Kutchal, Joseph Mendel, A.
Nacker, Matthew Smith, B. J. McOar.
ty. John Felnen, Peter Hefataa.
J James J. Hallman, John Waaka, Was.
J, Peshek, James F. Denny, Tom Fits
gerald, Nicholas Stokes, William
Altemeler, James II. Ryan, Geo. M
Kenzle, Joseph WIrth, John J. Brady,
Jacob Ports.
Cth Congressional District.
James W. Casey, John J. O'DonnalL
Ralph C. Whlto, Frank L. White, Hit
man Llderman, Frank T. Scaalaa
Clarence Dullard, W. F. Cummlngs
Danl. Dowllng, John W. Christ.
Francis P. Burnett, William Qeorffr
poolos, L. R. Buckley, Goo. C. Water
man, J. c. Dooley, Richard P. Hickey,
M. J. Tlerney, Max Le Beau, Fred H.
Zimmerman, Geo. McMahon, Michael
McCarty, C. Baldaccl, Harry D. Stone,
E. H. Comer.
7th Congressional District
N. O. Conybear, James M. Ward,
James R. Mitchell, Fred 'J. Ross, C.
W. Howe, Dr. B. C. Rohm, Geo. P. Mo
Farland, Chris Nlelson, Dr. George
Frost, John Leslie O'Brien, John W.
Hand, Theo. H. Graenwald, Oscar
Breltenbach, Robert F. Bickerdlke,
Frank H. Landmesser, J, A. O'DOav
noil, Ellis W. Paul, Henry Breyer, '
Joseph Groin, Frank DeLaby, Dan BL
Roto, Goo. WLeVIn, J. Edw. Clancy,
John M. Konnody, William Goodman,
Geo. L. Franck, Fred T. Schwartz,
Herman Peters, R. O. Gilbert, W. F.
Kellcy, Wm. H; White.
8th Congressional District
John P. Quirk, Patrlok O'Rourke,
Michael Yarusso, J. A. Fensterle, Vic
tor w. Hanko, Louis W. Oreco, Gary
J. Maulelle, H. F. Martin, Philip
Papas, Jos. Walsh, Albert A, Bock,
Honry Hogan, Martin F. B. Norton,
X. H. Kndow, Matthew E. Clark, Nlek
Sarno, Morris M. Kankowlts, Frank
Navlgato, Timothy Finn, Michael
Martin, Anthony Tortorlello, William
A. Navlgato, Joseph De Stefano, Al
phonse L. Cummlngs, August Weln
rlchJohn Schwartz, James J. Moasv
9th Congressional District
O. A. Canlslus, Thomas El Uoiden,
Andrew A. Collins, O. E. Hayne, J. P.
Fitzgerald, Fred Schulz, W. H. Lauf,
Geo. J. Byrnes, John S. Schneller,
Norman P. Brodle, Daniel F. Rlee,
Michael P. Lonen, John B. Bercher,
Carl w. Westerllnd, Daniel L. Crulee,
Chas. Oakley, Oscar Anderson, Geo,
A. Maneatys, D. R, Murphy, George
Wilson, .Dr. Arthur L. Meyer, Nlek
Protopas, William Payne, Jacob BaV
erlch, Jr., Ray R. Coombs, John Mil
doon, John M. Mullen.
10th Congressional District
Wm. J. Carroll, William H. Ron,
Albert J, W. Appall, Serafino Oeav
fortl, George Bloedorn, Max Golds
rath, Joseph H. Bitch, Fred Lorenio.
Geo. O. Knight, Horace M. McCullea,
Thos. J. Bcherer, p. o. Andsrsan,
Henry G. Weber, Barnard J. Banmtr,
Fred J, Rlnkley, George Wilson, J. P.
Jaeger, John J. Devine, David A.
Rose, Frank O. Kellogg, James M;
Slattery, Roy Barnett, Harry 3, On
ney, John Fanning, Edward J. Healey;
Chas. Dougherty, P. O. Adams.
Headquarters Brlggs House.
Chairman A. J. Sabath.
Vice-chairman John J. Coughlln.
Vice-chairman M. 8. Furman.
Vice-chairman Otto Spankuch.
Recording Secretary James 8. Me
lnerney. Financial Secretary Harry Gold
stlne. Assistant Secretary John Downey.
Treasurer James F. Bowers.
Sergeant-at-Arms Daniel Ryan.
Headquarters Hotel La Salle.
Chairman Harold L. Ickes.
Secretary Charles Ringer.
Treasurer LaVeorne W. Noyes.
Ward 1, John H. Taylor; ward S,
Chauncey Dewey; ward 3, Charles H.
Sergei; ward 4, Felix J. Wenglerskl;
ward 6, Philip Gollner; ward 6, Wal
ter Clyde Jones; ward 7, Charles B.
Merrlam; ward 8, Charles Ringer;
ward 0, A. C. Bass; ward 10, John
Slman; ward 11, August Krueger;
ward 12, Dr. Fred Formaneek; ward
13, L. G. Ross; ward 14, William P.
Galling; ward 15, James Heyn; ward
16, William Gleldslnski; ward 17,
Charles J. Ryberg; ward 18, John R.
Swift; ward 10, Guy O. Crapple; ward
80, Harry Ftddelke; ward 21, Thomas
J. Graydon; ward 22, Charles J, Bur
melster; ward 23, Dr. Albert E. Pal
mer; ward 24, A. L. Sage; ward 25,
C. M. Moderwell; ward 20, A. P.
Nusser; ward 27, C. R. Bechtel; ward
28, J, M. Dempsey;iward 29, William
LaBatt; ward 30, J. T. Simpson; ward
31, H. L. Du Charm; ward 32, Willis
E. Thorne; ward 33, Henry Nelson;
ward 34, Robert F. Kolb.
Chairman, John F. Dovlne,
Secretary, William H. Weber.
Treasurer, Isaao N. Powell.
Ward 1, Francis P. Brady; 2, Mar
tin B. Madden; 3, Robert R. Levy; 4,
Charles R. Strook; 5, Edward R. Lit
singer; 6, Roy p. West; 7, Isaao N.
Powell; 8, John J. Hanberg; 9, Ed
ward B. Eastman; 10, Joseph E. Bid
will, Sr.; 11, Charles V. Barrett; 12,
A. W. Miller; 13, David W. Clark; 14,
D. A, Campbell; 15, George Mugler;
16, John F. Devine; 17, L. D. SItts; 18,
Homer K. Qalptn; 19, Christopher
Mamer; 20, William J, Cooke; 21,
Frank A. Vogler; 22, Bernard P.'
Clettenberg; 23, John J, Healy; 24,
Leonard A. Brundage: 25, Isaao J,
Bryan; 20, John C. Cannon; 27, Vic-
tor P, Arnold; 28, Joseph F. Haas;
29, Matt A. Mueller; 30, Thomas J.
Healy; 31, Charles 8. Deneen; CS,
Charles W. Vail; 33, George Hltzman;
34, Charles Vavrlk; 36, J. F, Galnty.
Country Districts.
1, A. Van Steenberg, Lansing; 2,
W. H. Weber, Blue Island; 8, Peter'
M. Hoffman, Des Plalnes; 4, Allen B.
Ray, Oak Park; 5, William Busse,
Mount Prospect; 6, Prank H, Ander
son, Evanston.
iiStVfc.VfetVx.l'C'-, f

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