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Entered at Second Clan Matter October It. 1889, at the Pott
Office at Chicago, Illinois, under Act of March 3, 1S79.
Entered ns Second Class Matter October It. 1889, at the Pod
Office at Chicago, Illinois, under Act of March 3, 1879.
sm i'-ciC.ni s W J I () L K X V M 1 IE It 1 , 2 I I .
The Governor Announces a Large Number
of Appointments, including Park Com
missioners and Members of State Boards.
The Telephone Trust is Likely to Lose its Hold
on the Public with the Govern
ment's Aid.
Tho United States is Determined that Although the Phone
Trust is Powerful it Cannot Own All the
People at Once.
Daily Newspapers May lie Purchased by It, but the American People
Are Too Intelligent to Be Bought and Sold.
Governor Dunno has mndu tho fol
lowing appointments:
Lincoln l'urk board William II.
Helim, vice Fred I.. Wllk; Leo Aus
trian, reappointed; Human! T. .lung,
vice Francis T. Simmons: Timothy .1.
O'llryne, vlco llryun l.athrop; Uanlul
F. Hlce, vleu Onirics 11. 'Wilton.
West Park board John Auilu, vlco
.John F. Smulskl: .lames C. Deuvlr,
vlco William C. Kggurt: .Michael Kol
Iiissii, vlco William Kolacuk; Edward
Mullen, vice Joseph O'DonnulL
Hoard of pardons Charles K. Jon
nlngs, Marlon county, vlco Ethan Al
len Snlvely.
Stnto board of administration
James llylaud, Chicago, vlco II. It.
Illvors and hikes commission Wal
ter A. Shaw, Chicago, vice lshani
Industrial vommlst Ion Peter Aug
steu, Chicago.
(Jood roads coininisslou James
Wilson, Ogle county.
l.lo stock coininisslou J. F.
Hrowu, Knox county.
Fish and gamo commission .1. C.
Dlttmar, Stephenson county (chair
man), John II. Vaughau. Macoupin
county, original.
Illinois and Michigan canul commis
sion Sherman I.. Marshall. Fulton
county, vlco W. A. llosenlluld: Henry
P. Dwyer, (Inmdy county, vlco
('harlot Anderson.
Member of staio beard of charities
l.'ilwuid F. Cany, Cook county, vlco
.id u 'I. McAnnlly.
Prro fcoil commissioner W. Scott
Mnttuows, Jackson county, vlco A.
Ilanby Jones.
Chief factory Inspector Oscar F.
Nelson, Cook county, vlco Kdgar T.
Chief Inspector private employment
ngencles Richard J. Knight, Cook
county, vlco William II. Cruden.
Attorney Insurance dopurtinont
Archibald McKlnley, Cook county,
vlco Hlchard Vates.
Member board of pharmacy -I ami
I,, llrazok, Cook county, vlco J. F.
Superintendent south side employ
ment ollleo John Rowland. Cook
county, vlco (1. M. Toboy.
Superintendent north side employ
ment ollleo August A. llerkes, Cook
county, vlco Charles Mc.Mahou.
Stato deportation ngent Joseph C.
Callahan, Cook county, original.
Colonel on governor's personal mil
llary statf James K. Finn, Cook
Member architects' examining
board Michael B. Kane, Madison
county, vlco Frldelln Oswald.
Members dental examiners' board
X. W. Cox, Alexander county, vlco
Charles F. Pruyn: Charles F. O'Con
nor, Cook county, vlco K. F. Huzoll;
O. II. Selfort, Sangamon county, vlco
T. A. llroadbent.
Member barbers' examining board
James Ahern, Cook county, vlco
Charles E. Evuns.
Superintendent Industrial School
for mind William F. Schultz, Cook
Trustees eastern state normal
school, Charleston C, C. Leo, ColeB
county, vlco Scott nurgett; H, W.
Briscoe, Edgar county, vice II, Mar
shall; Edward I). Rogers, Champaign
county, vlco John Culp; E. B. Elston,
Cumberland county, vlco Clarence H.
Oxinan; J, M, Hicks, Jasper county,
vlco urent H. Pinnoll.
District tlsh and game wardons
Dennis F. McCarthy, Cook county;
Alva M. Clavln, Whltesldo county; J.
'Al. Eutwhlstlc, Mason county.
Atslstunt stato II ro marshals
Thomas J. Walsh, William J. liana
lln, Patrick Cannon, ull of Chicago.
Chicago remains supine at tho
mercy of tho Telephone Trust, thanks
to her aldermen. The city council
has gone on record in favor of Tel
ephone Monopoly and tho Folio Fed
Press fans the cnthusdnsm of tho
telephone serfs In public olllce. Other
cities have more public spirit. Chi
cago peoplo should digest the follow
ing from the Paclllc Coast:
Portland, Ore. Dissolution of tho
alleged telephone monopoly on the
Paclllc const by tho Amorlcan Tele
phone nut) Telegraph lUimpany tho
so-called Hell telephone trust Is
sought by Attorney General Melloy
nobis In the civil anti-trust tult tiled
hero today.
The government charges tho giant
corporation and its subsidiaries with
absorbing Independent telephone com
panies to destroy competition and
create a monopoly in Oregon, Wash
ington, Montana, and Idaho In viola
tion of the Sherman law.
This is the llrst attempt ever made
to apply tho federal anti-trust statute
to the telephone situation.
The action was taken in the west
because the attorney general believed
there exit ted a peculiar situation de
manding Immediate attention to cure
evils said to have been brought about
by unfair practices and illegal com
binations. Tho attorney general asks tho court
to compel the Hell companies to re
linquish control of tho Independent
Telephone company of Seattle, tho
Homo Telephone company of Paget
Sound, the Northwestern Long Dis
tance Telephone company, tho Inter
state Consolidated Telephone com
pany, and tho Independent Long Dis
tance Telephone company.
If necessary to accomplish tho dis
solution, the court Is asked to appoint
a receiver for tho proportion.
An Immediate Injunction or re
straining order Is asked by tho gov
ernment to prevent any further steps
In pending foreclosure suits to trans
fer the physical properties of the
Northwestern Long Distance Tele
phono companies to the Hell compa
nies. Dell companies by reducing rates
below a paying basis by giving free
forvlce and by threats, It is alleged,
have forced soverul independent com
panies forming links In tho long dis
tance Bystem of tho Xorthwostern
company to violate their contracts for
connections with the Xorthwestern
company and to give tholr business
exclusively to tho Hell concerns.
Acquisition by Moll Interests of tho
Independent Telephone company of
Seattle, a link In tho Northwestern
system, It is added, destroyed compe
tition In that city.
The bill recites the sale to tho noil
Interests for 1550,000 or the Homo
Tolophono company of Pugot Sound,
although tho company was appraised
at 2,927,i:i2.
A Washington dispatch Bays that
Attornoy Genera! Mclteynolds acting
in testing tho applicability of the
Sherman anti-trust law to the "tele
phone trust" In the civil suit filed at
Portland, Oregon, against tho alleged
monopoly on the Paclllc coast re
vived discussion of the probable ul
timate policy of tho Wilson adminis
tration towurd tho general telephone
Tho selection Is one of three sug
gested courses:
Enforced competition under the
Sherman law.
Toleration and encouragement of
monopoly under federal regulation.
Government ownership and opera
tion of the telephone.
While Attorney General Mclley.
nolds has not reached a conclusion,
It Is understood that his disposition
is to leavo tho general tolophono
trust problem to tho luterestate com
merce commission for tho present.
Tho freiuent drawing of telephone
ofllclals on Cook County grand Juries
is remarkablo.
Governor Dunne lias Issued calls
for special primaries and elections to
fill vacancies caused by the roslgnn
tlons of Justice John P, Hand of tho
Supremo Court, Judgo I.OBlle D. Pu
terbaugh of tho tenth judicial circuit
find Judgo A. M. Otiiiau, robutu
Judgo of 1'corla coti'.ty.
Tho primaries wl I bo hold Sntur
dny, September i:i, 'lillo the election
vill come Monday, October 1!H.
Tliu president of tho Chicago branch
of the phone trust tin not been dr.twn
on n grund Jury for 'wo months.
Tho nxorngc nttloi tiiuii Is regarded
ns n stllT by n number of citizens.
This Is nn Injustice o ninny able mid
meritorious men w! give up their
time lor the peoplo n id do ninth pood
for the city. The .ilderiniinle stlfi".
properly speaking. Ik the fellow who
is led by tho noso by tho Fono Fed
dally preis and tin Stock Holders
Union, otherwise tin M. V. I.. They
never foul the public long.
The amount of rft that will be
gobbled betore that Midway is fairly
commenced Is hard to compute1.
Mr. 1). J. Xornio)h, an adle Chi
cago lawyer, has been named by Gov
ernor Dunne to (111 n vacancy on the
stnto board of arbitration. Mr. Nor
inoyle later on will be given some
sort of an attorneyship. He may be
made attorney for the Insurance de
partment, succeeding former Gover
nor Hlchard Yates.
Hets aro freely offered that the
telephone trust wins out again In tho
Representative McAndrows may be
come a candidate for City Treasurer
or something else when his term ex
pires next year. A number of candi
dates are already in the Held for hit
Congressional seat. It It believed,
however, that If McAndrows should
change Ills mind he will be renom
inated without any trouble.
Several ullcgcd restautants on Stato
street have tho gall to put signs In
front of their Joints to the effect that
there Is "dancing every evening."
This disgraco to Chicago should bo
stopped. John C. KotX a hotel man
agcr, told tho council commlttco on
llcousos thnt the ii!,f. cbn hotels aro
opposed to dancing In restaurants.
"It's n prostitution of tin' business,"
he said. "No possible good can come
from it. Think for a minute whether
the respectadle class of business men
would permit their dnughteri to at
tend this class of festivities which are
Popular Governor of Illinois.
held at a lato hour of night when the
condition of tho dancers Is not always
one of sobriety. In a number of
placet) I understand they even eu
gage professionals to 'egg on' and
lead tliOBo dancors."
Taxi graft must bo pretty good for
somebody. Take a look at Washing
ton streot at tho southwest corner of
tho City Hall Square.
It Is reported that thoro aro HO,
3C0 buildings In Chicago without num
bers. This Is hard on latter carriers,
messengers and delivery men.
Chicago People Demand that the State
of Illinois Take Hold of and Hun
Their Water System.
The Only Way to Get Good Service and Do
Away with Meter Graft and
There Should Bo a Pumping Station at tlio Lake End
of Every Section Line and a Sufficiency
Would Hesult.
Enough Money Is Collected from Water Kents
Purposes to lSnild and Equip Two Hundred
The demand fur state control and
direction of Chicago's water system Is
growing dally. People want more wa
ter and stnto control will Insure It, at
cheap rates, without meters In every
With nn Inexhaustible supply of
pure water right at Its door, Chicago
has the poorest wator service of any
city In tho world.
Many great cities go hundreds of
miles for their drinking water and
carry it over mountain and valo In
costly aqueducts.
Chicago can hnVo all that sho wants
by using ordinary common sense, but
sho refuses to tako advantago of hor
Tho wnter supply of Chicago has
been a fruitful source of political
graft from tho beginning.
Instead of using the earnings of
tho department to build up and en
largo tho water plant and Incrcaso
tho supply tho surplus has been "bor
rowed" year nftor year by other city
funds, to Incrcaso tho pay and tho op
portunities of political hirelings.
If tho earnings of tho Chicago Wa-
ter department wore properly np
plied, there would be a pumping sta
tion at tho lake end of every section
lino In Chicago.
This would give an abundance of
water for tho homes, tho lawns, the
streets, tho olllces, the shops and
every place In Chicago' where water
Is a nccsslty.
There Is only one way out of the
chronic water dllllculty In which Chi
cago tlnds Itself.
All this dreary drlvol about "home
rule" must be dropped and tho Stato
of Illinois asked to run our water sys
tem on a iiou-piirtisuu and common
Hence principle. With a competent
board of engineers controlled by tho
state and appointed by tho governor,
running tho Chicago water works,
the city would have an abundant sup
pi' or that life giving and lite sustain
Ing tluld.
Thoie is no other calvatlon for Chi
cago In the matter.
I'uder local control tho Chicago wn
ter works system turns wholly on
graft nnd every cry for relief only
awakens the cupidity of dealers In
water meters nnd other appliances for
circulating boodle where It will do the
most good to boodlers ami tho most
harm to Chlcngoaus.
With phone rates ns high ns ever
and taxes "." per cent higher than
ever, Chicago lias had nil of tho Al
dermaulc homo rule that It wants.
Chicago gives to its peoplo tho poor
est water servlco of any city In tho
world for the money thoy pay for It.
With an exhuustless body of fresh
water at her door Chicago is constant
ly talking about Installing wator
meters in every Hat and in every homo
to stop "waste." This Is In tho faco
of the fact that tho enormous surplus
In the wnter fund is constantly being
appropriated to meet other expenses
of tho city government Instead of
being used to extend nnd build up the
water system. Wnter meters In every
Hat In Chicago would bring on n pes
tilence In this big city In n short time.
The follows who are shouting for
wnter meters nro graftors,
Every man who talks of wator
motors or water waste in tho homos
of Chicago should be charged as a
public enemy.
Tho peoplo cannot hnvo too much
To limit Its use menus postllenco
and disease,
Now York goes MS miles for fresh
wnter and tho groat aqueduct which
carries It to her peoplo cost over
$.rt00,000,000. u Is ono of tho marvels
of modem times and ranks alongside
of tho Panama Canal ns ono of the
vendors of tho world.
Liverpool, England, Is supplied with
frosh water by nn aqueduct which
brings a supply from Wales and yot
thoro Is no tnlk of "wasto" over thore,
Other European cities go ovon fnrthor
for tholr supply of water.
Ilut Chicago, with an nbundnnco at
hand, is always howling about "waste."
Who Is behind this wator metor
graft anyway?
An ononnous sum Is dlvorteil from
tho wnter fund every year to supply
the wants of othor city departments
as you can learn from tho recom
mendations of tho finance committee
to the city council In the printed
council reports.
If the water fund was properly used,
and Spent for Other
Pumping Works.
a pumping station could be built at
tho lake end of every section lino In
iho city.
if this was done you would hear
no more about "water wnsto" and tho
necessity for meters In every house.
iho water meter graft Is bobbing
Its head up again.
It is proposed to tax every lot In
Chicago from ?200 to $600 for water
meters, besides the great expeuso It
will entail upon nil users of water.
Chicago has an Immense water
fund. If part of It was devoted to
wards building pumping stations at
the hike end of overy section lino in
Chicago there would bo no water fam
ine anywhere.
Ii is astonishing what men tho
v.iImi incii't people inn llilluelico to
tluli hm el lIlllllOtlK
rioii.e men wliu uiikIiI to Nuow del-
el aii- iniMiig for water ineteis.
More than that the high pressure"
ichenie ii- niiiii
AccokIIiik to Mime advocates It will
only com ti 1 1 1 oi km t uilllluiif of
dollars to I11M11II ineteis and a "high
pretigiiru" bjtittin The poor will hnvo
to pay tho com.
With half this sum additional pump
ing stations could bo built which
would more than supply tho demand.
A well known engineer who was ad
vocating "hlj;li prepare" and wnter
meters said tho other day, according
to dally papeis, that ono of tho chlof
troubles tu Chicago was the very high
consumption of wnter, which averaged
about 2,000 gnllons per capita dally,
caused largelj ! waste and under
ground linkacc from broken connec
tions. As a reined- for w.ihte ho
ii'coinmendi'il wnter meter-1. The test
of the watei pressure made In tho
loop shnwb an Insuillrieut prcssuio,
hut he suld that the clt was Install
ln a largo number of water mnliih.
none under elahl Inches, and these
would materially Improve the pres
sure. The health or t!n- city demands
plenty of water for i-erbody
Tho lnstali"".;n - f meters would
limit lb" tonsumi t on of water and
mis' io price of Ihlng on the poor
-iigher rates would have m be
nnrped In the resldeuco dlfricts. and
tonnnis would have to pa the wntr"
rates, after the landlords ho-1 paid nn
oxnibltant rnto for installing water
This form of graft Is particularly
objectionable to Chicago peoplo. '1 htv
will not stand for It
It hits everybody and It Is unnect -mry
Competition nnd lower rates In the
telephono Mold nro demanded by tho
peoplo of Chicago.
So strong Is this fooling growing
nmong nil classes of tho community
thnt tho ettoits of tho telephono trust
i n Htlttn r-mnnntftfn,i nn.l l.'nm, m.
rates will fall in tho long run,
What an awful combination this
tolophono trust Is.
It controls tho tolophono servlco In
eTory great city of tho country.
It controls tho Western Union
Telegraph Company.
It controls tho CJonornl Electric
It controls tho Western Electric
And It keops up rates In order that
tho peoplo may bo milked of groat
dividends for stockholders.

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