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Reduce Your Cost of Living
THU FAIR is the reliable store that keeps
up the quality of its merchandise no matter
how low it cuts the prices.
Athletic Good Hardware ntnl Tools
Automobile Supplies lints ami Caps
Boats mill Launches Incubators atul Brooders
Bicycles Jewelry and Silverware
Dry Uood Neckwear
Business Stationary Nets and Seines
Clothing Offices Supplies
Cutlery Pipes and Smokers' Articles
Clears and Tobacco Shirts, Collars and Cuffs
Putting Tackle SnorthiR Goods
Rods and Reels Shoes
Uuns. Revolvers Tents and Awnings
Ammunition Trunks and Suit Cases
blow Umbrellas
Oolf Goods Underwear
Harness and Saddles Watches
Hut, AJamiand Dearborn St. Phone HtclMncc 3 Mill Orttfl PMltd
Chicago Established I87B by t. J. Lohmnnn
Notes About Men and Their Doings in
the Two Great Fields of National
That little play in advanced disci
Him' by empire Connolly at tin- White
Si park this wot k shed an Interest
.im fidi'llcht on that arbitrator's chut-aitt-r
when on the fh'hl of battle. When
his" xldol.lck MiMreevy -was flunked
on both side", the back ntnl in front by
the etiemy. In dire d!trec and at his
witi end to know what to do In the
I'Inth. t'uiinolly eaine uall.imly to the
re.i lie. It was the threat it this czar
of the arbitrators tint bioimht order
out of elutos and mm lined tirif It was
time to back away Into the coop.
The people of the 2tt. JL'nd. Sl'.rd
ntnl -"'th Ward iiihm pa lor the Joy
rider's trlninph and if the tapaers
of the North Side have any sphlt.
they will vote nealnst eety olllcc
holder or olllco-xeekcr who voted In
favor of that boulevard link robbery.
If automobile ownlni: dead-beats want
a double track high brldire boulevard
link, they should borrow some more
ironev from their friends and pay for
one Hut they will have to pay for
nothing as tistta'. The Industrious
North Side taxpayer from the river
to Howard avenue, a distance of eight
mllo-V will hav to pay for this "Im
provement." which benetlts no one
but Joy-rldlng dead-beats
John A Cervenka will be renom
inated for t'lerk of the IMobate Court
b the Demociats Hi- has made a
good olllelal riMiird and will strengthen
tin ticket. L'-gl.er. HlMllley. SwoltZor
and Cervenka would nmk a hard com
lunation to beat.
Followlnc are the locations of the
loading se'.f-sustnlning clubs of Chi
caeo. Apollo riub. 2(: S. Michigan avo.
Huildors', -ITJ-llS Chamber of Com
merce building.
Calumet, Miehlcan avo. and 20th st.
('tixton. Tenth lloor, Pino Arts bldg.
Chlrneo Athletic Association, 12 a.
.Michigan nvo.
Chicago Architectural. 30 West Ad
ams street.
Chicago Automoullo, 321 Plymouth
in .rt
i.,' ago Club, Michigan nvo. and
Van uunn street.
( hlcago Cycling, 1C1S, 37 East Van
1; .r'-n e'r -t
1 ' i hk.o " ifl t f"c ' of Monroe st.
i '. !' 1' i i"i . .rt.
- . - M ii in
-?7nnnnnlBBnnnnnnVnlfjTC vinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnH
nio?linnnnnnnflBSftsS5S( Lnnnnnnnnnnnl'
ItflNHRR'' ' 'nnnnnnnnnnnnnLB
aMsoB iHnnnnLLH
feHaFwKi s'-iannnnnnnnnl
iHriK, t9nnnnnLH
MpMyI1 -.3M "9HlannnnH
nnnnnnMfAv-m .v. e H
UWK 'C, nnnnnnnB
iBtTfT?' .TwjnnnnnnH
Yfittiv Ch cagoar Taued o' 'or United States Ambassador to Rutsin.
n ,
Columbia Yncht, foot of Itandolph
Klks, IT I W. Washington st.
Etmlownod, fillL'S Harvard nvontio.
Kdgcwnter Country, CCoS Whithrop
Furragut Yncht Club, foot of 33d Bt.
Ooriiianla Jlnonncrchor, 100 norma
nla place.
Hamilton, 20 S. Dearborn st.
Illinois. 111! S. Ashland boulevard.
Illinois Athletic, 112 s. Michigan
Irish Fellowship Club, I.a Snllo Ho
tel. Iroquois, 21 N. La Sallo st.
Kenwood, Lake avo. and -17th st.
Kenwood Country. Droxel boule
vard and -ISth street.
Marquette, Dearborn nve. and Ma
ple street.
Mid-Day, First National Hank bids..
Kill lloor.
Oaks, i.nke st. and Waller avo.
Quadrangle, Lexington avenue and
3Sth street.
Hotary, 3S South Dearborn fit.
Saddle and Cycle, Sheridan Road
and Foster avenue.
South Shore Country, Inko shore
and CTth street.
Southern, 20 X. Dearborn street.
Standard, Michigan ave. and 21th
Swedish Club of Chicago, 123S La
Sal'e avenue.
Twentieth Century, 22 IG Michigan
t'nlon Longuo, Jackson boulovnrd
and Federal street.
Fnlon Printers', Howlnnd block,
Monroo and Dearborn.
I'nlverslty. Michigan nvontio and
Monroo street.
Following nro tho homo games of
tho White Sox played at Comlskoy
Park, 33th street and Shields ave
nuo: Aug. 30, 31 With Detroit
Sept. 20. 27 With St. Louis
Sept. 2S With Cleveland
Following :ne the home games, of
the Chicago tenia In the Federal
b'llgile. Grounds nie at Webster ai.d
Shi tlb-ld ave niies-
Aiuii-t js. 2't ,;o 31 -Knn-as City.
SipK n.'ii i l ., .! -Ht Louis.
Si pit in in I 1 (, 7- Clcvilaud.
ip'iniii r s ij in ii Indianapolis
V-M s S S ?
t& '?'---' i """?gig.xii&fzi'"'"Z
iv- j r ifc.-', . m
m v vim? ''7t' 'tili v rH H
Larry Chapped of
I'll' lui'ttie haxeUall scouts ate be
wtlli'ig the scarcity of idlglbles for
future ereutness. Tlie.v have beat
en the 'bush" fiom Canada to Cuba
and from Maine to Calirorulu. and,
while line and there a man worthy
of a trial ban ln'cn spotted, in al-
P:SSt iCf'f
-i ?
Ray Keatlnfj of the New York
most every Instance It has been found
that the object of their admiration is
sewed up tight by some ilval club for
later delivery. The chief complaint
of the scouts Is of a seat city of prom
icing .voting pltchcni.
Can It be that the scouts combed
the Held i'ii tlioiouglil.v last .veur that
they thcmselviH are responsible for
tlie conditions the.v li.-nn.air Taking
JigQS Donahue Was Developed as
First Bnserran While Plnylnrj With
Duffy rt Milwaukee.
When .llggs liin.ihue paxseil away
at Columbus one of die iiio.il popular
playeis ever couueited with a Dayton
ball club exphed. I lies .leiry in the
Dayti.n News. Dcmihtic was a uieiii
her oi the old Soldiers in the days
of the lutoi'Mutc leauue. helping Hill
Ar until bring peiiuauts to this city
He was sold to Plttsliuruli and after
ward dilfied to St. Loui.-t, Mlutieapo
lis and .Milwaukee, In lug sold by the
last-niilui'd club lo the Chicago While
Sox. whole be tallied Ills greatest
lame In t! I city, in fact, until ho
w.is hi-nt to .Milwaukee, .liggs was a
i.itihei hut being a leit-liauded
iliouir. he was unable to make good
tn hind the bit In th" big league and
it uai lliii'hle Diiifv in .Milwaukee
who (MKihcd tin- ideii oi making n
in! .M lii-r out ol the hustling bull
pLl ir The lorilier lecelved made
r.' ' 'I "'I' ilu iii-l. ami Ii was only a
i' i"ti i oi nioiitliH until he as a star
a' I - new position In 1 '.mm; ids i-
n iiik..tie lUldlug, il'irlng work on tho
b. '- luting in the pinches mid win-
it st Irlt wen- liig lacitirit In the
ii'-' nf the Chicago White Sox.ln
inii'lUlg the AmiMlcun league pell-
t,i In the series lor the world's
rl implniishlp which tollowed, Don-
nl. ii li.is nlwuys been uhen cieillt
fo bi-iiig the man that put the light
ii t)n Sox and enabled them to win
i i ut of si games from the ho-
i d-'o-be unbeatable Cubs. After
ii ' seileh Charley Comlskoy, himself
,i Cr i biiseuian of remarkuble ability,
a'i'1 iliat Donahue was the "greatest
br baseman of all time"
I was not only his sterling worth
i n bull player that gained Dounhun
lil- j.'i'cut popularity with the fans In
iv city in which lie played. Domi
ni wax one of those follows who
"ink friends with everyone they
i 1 1 Always cheerful, able to take
ho applause of the fans on and off
". Ik Id without exhibiting conceit,
h' hud Ids admirers by the thou
i i'(N and It Is not only In Dayton
'b i .us me grieving over tho tin
"i i h end of this nne-tlmn lnuo of
th - diamond.
Arbitrator of Merit.
I lupire Hill Klem has hud no com
Ilu' Hindi- io Pn-sidi-iii Lynch iiljout
inn. this vi-ar. r tor st-viral seasons,
shovking In- lin- developed into uu
uibitn-n"1 oi merit,
MmtMuJM i
H' - J tecsiiSasiSgggggEgnsa
the Chlcaco White Cox.
a look over th o.in;;sti rs now ca
vorting on niaji ' It ague diamonds we
llud evidence In abundance to Indi
cate that such is the statu of affairs.
.Many youthful playeis have bubln d
up into the spmllglit of stiirdoai i-luce
Hie I '.Mil senfon not under way. more
than for a iiiiiiiIx r of seasons b..ck.
An even doxen youngsters have shot
forth this yeai as real nuiMi is of
tho inoiiiiil sevi-n In the American
league and live in the iiutloiial. Twdve
debutante t wlrli is who nlnad.v rank
dose to tlu bei.1 of the veieians. In
Mnu li.htison's circuit Kochllng and
Kngrl (ii WashiiiKtou. Ilussell of the
White Sox I tout k and llliiun of the
Athhtlcs, K( tiling of the Yankei'saiid
Levi it ux of lln- Ukiwiih have made
good rk'ht olf the reel, while Tern
Lynch s organisation boasts Deiuaiee
of the (hunts, Mayer of the Phillies.
Rudolph mid .lames of the Itravesand
Chief .Inhnsoii or the Itcds.
L'nli ss the expulsive l.niry Chap
pell fullllls cMieclatlons, the Aiueil
can league will nut be ulile to boast
a single star iniielder, tlioiigh the Na
tional glorles( in the posscr-slon of
three In Stengel of lliooklyn, Hums
of New York mid Komiuers of Pitts
litiigh. The older oranl.mli)li lias also been
more fortunate In developing star In
llelders. Vlo. or the Pilules, Cuislmw
of llrooklyu and (Iroli of the Itcds uro
crack mcoiiiI basemen; Marauvilbi ot
llostou is a t-liortstnp or Hie llrst cali
ber; Myers of tho same team Is
playing u line game fur the llruves ul
third. Lavau of the Htowus uuil Peek
inpaugll ot the Yankees ale die best
oi the new generation of American
league lllllilil talent. CutchelH Cos
sett, u Yankee, ami I low ley, a mem
Ik r of CoiiiiIi Mack's trllie, also looks
like the real classy goods and aie
milking good
Boy Scouts Invent Game at Elk
Springs, Mo. Diamond, Was
Roped Off in Cowskln River.
A I'linie ol water biiM b:ill was tlie
feature of tin i ucampiiieiii of 2"ii Hoy
Scouts from Kuusas City ul Llk
Springs, Mo ilio utlicr day,
Water ban bill Is u dajilex iiffalr.
swimming iiihI hnsch.il! Ilgurliig. 'I lit
(1 In tiioiid was loped oil' in the Sow
skin river. In clear water not more
than four fei I deep. Tlie bases weie
i lifts uuchoml In place, as wcie the
(aether's and pitehci'.i polllons. 'liu
i sliortshop ninl lliddeis stood up to
' ilielr lucks in water.
When tlie umpire yelled "play lull."
nine Scouts darted liom the pluyurs'
bench and swam to I heir places in the
The cork sphere was hit lor a single
past short, the butter dived lain the
water tow aid llrst base, and the gamo
was on lit i hi nest. In a h.ird-lounht
((.litest the M'oiils Willi ml bathn.4
sulls won truiii tliu "bluett" by a score
of .s to r..
When the ninpiie imule an unpopu
lar decision lie was Immediately sur
louudcd by nine yoiithlul swiiuiueis.
instead ot tie usual pop buttle puui'h
ineiit, the uuiidre was pulled from Ills
i at t and his i ink bathing stilt wetted.
"Hot City
Tho teams
as he calls ti
clianto in
leagues, said
"A ball tea
Teams Can't Win.
in "the two hot cities,'
em, have practically no
n pennants in tlie liU
onnle Mack of the A Mi
ll ut Washington or St.
ivo lo be 20 per cent,
any of Its ilvals lo Mil
an declined. "The heat
i ob the players oi tholr
ilit In Washington three
Louis will I
sttouger Ilia
Ish on top,'
and humliliiv
vitality. I cm,
seasons and I
ly us bad.
"Kvon win
lulcf series ii
Willi leos IIP
now. St. Louis Is near-
n tho Athletics play a
, those towns they leavo
than when they eiiieied
Great Year for Southpaws.
This Is a meat year lor southpaw i
In tlie Ann i. can league, oi course
Hiiehliug ol Washington leads tho
piocohsinu willi II victoiles anil no
detents. Tin- records aie as follows
Plank, in iii-d I; Cregg, 10 and 0.
Collins, 11 and r; Itussell, II mid 1"
Hamilton 12 and 0; Mitchell ( and 7
Tills gioup of southpaws has pitched
a total of Ml gnmns, winning !'l and
losing fin for a grand average of ,B18
American Association Umpires
Make Some Odd Rulings.
Why a Player Shouldn't Slide Into
First Base Charlie Irvvln Tells
Good Story on "Germany"
Schaefer of Senators.
Whatever the merits of the respect
ive controversies, two of Picsldent
Chlvlngtou's umpires in the American
association have succeeded in creat
ing talk over what weto heralded us
"fieak decisions.
I'niplro O'Htlen called "Dlxlo"
Walker out In u rceenl gniuo at St.
Paul when he slid to llrst base and
was limited us saying he would give
n similar decision on any player em
ploying those tactics. Umpire John
stone was credited with putting Play
er Hooe out of the game for looking
behind him and trying to get tho
catcher's signals.
President Chlvlngton says that tho
report from Pinplro O'llrlen says tho
play on Walker was not oven closo
mid that no other decision would have
been possible. While President Tom
does not go to tho extent of saying a
player would be called out If he actu
ally was safe In sliding to llrst, hu
sides with his umpire In the contro
versy on the ground that u player
slides to first only to confuse tho
arhlter ntnl really loses tlmo thereby,
as he has to slow tip to make tho
In regard to Johnstone's case, tho
league bead says that in tho absence,
of definite Information his opinion
would bo that the player was put
out of the game for turning back and
talking to the umpire instead of trying
to get signals.
While discussing the O'llrlen deci
sion in league headquarters, President
Clilvingtou and empire Chat lie Irwin
got to talking about old-Miuo umpires
and their verdicts, ami how tho de
risions which once "went" would not
do for modern base ball. One Instance
was cited In which Manager Joe Can
tlllon of .Minneapolis, once an umpire,
As the story vas told, "(lermany"
Rchuefer, now comedian of the Wash
ington American leaguers, was pro
testing pretty hard for a youngster on
nearly every strike called. With tho
call two mid two, one which seemed
to cut the corner of the plate was
thrown ntnl Scluiefer was called out
by Cautlllon.
"What you trying to do, run me
out of the league Just hecntiKo I'm a
young fellow trying to lucak in ami
earn my living?" howled "(iermuny."
"Did you think Mint was u had one,
blandly Inquired Cantlllou.
"Couldn't reach It If I had been a
acrobat." stormed Sclmeler.
"All right, we'll give you another
one," said "Pongo" Joe.
Thereupon Catitlllou motioned to
"Dummy" Taylor, who was pitching,
to throw another lull.
Taylor came rushing In from the
slab, gesticulating wildly nud wanting
to know what it was all about. Can
tlllou smiled at Taylor and by signs
tho situation was explained to tho
mute, thudglugly lie threw uuother
ball which cut the Ileal t of the plate.
Schaoror. thoroughly enraged, swung
at It with nil his might nud missed It
by six Inches.
"Now. go over to the bench nud sit
down. If you do less talking and more
batting, you won't bo so likely to get
run out of the league," was ('until
Ion's purling shot at Scluiefer.
After thai Incident, Scluiefer was a
great admirer of Cuiplro Cautillon.
Imagine nu umpire In tln'M days
giving Ty Cobb or Joe Jackson uuoth
er chance to hit because they pio
tested when tlie.v were called out on
strlk(S. Possibly the police would be
able to nave the arbiter liom the mob
ISOTLS of the
Two souls with a single thought
Mctiraw tiiid Muck,
Catcher Ittirldeu of tho Hoston
Hruves Isn't throwing with his usual
Men raw Is tryliK to laud Hobby
llyrue, tho crack 'Jblnl sucker of thu
Bvtllo Creek now bus n complete In
dian battery, with Wutklus pitching
ami Nevltt catching.
Iniielder O'Loary of the Cardinals
seems to bo fully us good as when he
played with tho Detrolts.
Kddlo Plank says that Tils Speak
er Is tho hardest batsman In tho
league lor him to pitch to,
A Now York baseball writer claims
that Umpires Orth and Klein ato tho
class of tho National league.
Heine (iroh Is having a lot of
chances In tho Itcds" iulleld, nud la
nceoptlng thoiii In llrst-class style.
Johnny Hates Is now tho best pinch
hitter In either league. The Cincin
nati outfielder made good on eight out
of nine chunces,
Larry .McLean Is doing regular serv
ice for tho (Hants, ami It appears as
if ho would give Chief Meyers a run
for the backstopplng Job.
Tho uiitfoual commission has already
been planning to start the world'c se
ries at tho Polo grounds on October 7,
and ulternuto every day with tho Ath
letics at Shihe park.
Kvhlently Miiunger Evens Is going
to get his money's worth in weight If
not in (pmllty when ho makes trades
In tho future. Moore, Stack and
Ynugliun aio all ovr tho ordinary
Long Hob Kwlng, for several years
a pitcher with Mm Cincinnati Kcdu, is
through with baseball. Ho started to
pitch in a gamo at Lima, but snapped
a small bmio in bis arm, lie Is going
bneV to his farm.
Officers and Leaders of the Leading
Parties in Chicago.
Headquarters Suite 21C, 217, 218
Hotel Ln Sallo.
Chairman John Mcdlllon.
Secretary neorgo L, McConnell.
Treasurer William Legncr.
Vice-presidents II. I-'. Weber, Stan
ley S. Walkowlak, Prank McDcrmott.
Sergennt-nt-A r m a Michael P.
1. Michael Kcnrm, John J. Coughlln.
2. Daniel J. Harris, Clem Kuchnc.
3. William L. O'Connell, Peter J.
4. Henry Stucknrt, James M. Dalley.
6. Patrick J. Cnrr, Charles Martin.
6. John P. dlbbons, Peter Foy.
7. Kdvv. V, Hrcnnnn.
8. John H. Mack, Wllllntn Povvera.
9. Sheldon ttovlcr, I). K. Wittenberg.
10. Fred Ilohdc, Edvv. J. Novnk.
11. John Lngodny, Leo V. Iloeder.
13. JI. 11. Ilogera, W. II. Skldmore.
U Patrick A. NhbIi, JI. 1 Jlnher.
16. Joseph Strntiss, John P. Tansey.
1C. William Jlaztirelt, Joseph K. Tran-
17. Slnnley S. Walkowlak, Thomas J.
18. Goorgo h. JlcConnell, William
19. John Powers, Peter O'llrlen.
20. JIoso Ginsberg, Dennis J. Ugan.
21. Albert J. Plynn, John JI. O'Con
22. Thomas Sttirch, John Clskovvskl.
23. Hnrry 11. Gibbons,, Dennis W.
24. Fred Ksatt, James Fitzgerald.
25. William F. Qulnlan, John T. Con-
no ry.
2C. Thomas J. Dawson, N. J. Dalclden.
27. Nell Jlurley, William Jlcllao.
28. Francis D. Coniicry, Den. JI.
29. Frank JIcDcrmott, Joseph Calla
30. Dentils I). JlcCnrthy, Joseph T.
31. James A. Long, JI. .1. FJynn.
32. Itlchard .1. Knight, Frank J.
33. T. J. Crowe, JIatt L. Cullcin.
34. J. J. Ciillerton, K. JI. Ilnds.
3!. William J. Clark, William P.
Committee at Large.
John Jlcnillen, Hans Ulase, Frank
S. Ilynn, Salvatoro Ilomnno, John J.
Ilrennnn, Chilton P. Wilson, John J.
McLaughlin, Thomas Little, Stanley
II. Kiinz, John p. Hayes, Goorgo E.
Hrcntinti, William I.egner, Joseph Ka
cenn, John F. O'JInlloy, William
Graham, E. F. Silha, n. F. Weber.
President, Daniel J. JIc.Mnhon.
Vice Presidents, Frank II, Novak,
Kdward II. Morgan, James It. Illicit,
Treasurer. Dr. Ernest Jentzch.
Heconllng Secretary, Hubert E.
Financial Secretary, John A. King.
Attorney, James JI. Slnticry; Mar
shul. Col. Daniel Jlorlnrty: Physician
nud Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Krygowskl;
Quartermaster, Itobert F. lllckerdlko;
Sergeant-at-Arms, Peter II. Dalton;
Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Edward
M. Itnark.
Executlvo Commlttco: John J. Co
burn, Itlchard T. Ilnnrnlmn, John P.
Tansey, Nicholas Lord), Henry I
Pick, John T. Keating, Luko P. Col
leran, Jlolesworth King, Timothy J.
Crowe, JI. E. Hughes, William .Moffat.
Congressional Committees:
1st Congressional District.
Uartholumuvv Scaiilau, S. H. Had
dock, Henry Krug, Louis SooIIb, Dr.
J. J. .McLaughlin, Jas. P. Kyuu, E. J.
Courtney, Peter Zllllgcn, Louis L,
Lottlere, Saml. Ohlsen, Ernoat Lang
try, John F. Carroll, Austin Wuldrou,
John Joyce, W. II, Armstrong, John
W. Wurzenburg, Dr. David O'Suea,
Fred JI. Sturgcou, J. H. Montgomery,
Wm. P. Jlahoney, A. J. Marshall, Hen
ry A. Johnson, Fred Iluxbuum, Francli
I. Woolloy, H. Wedcswoller, Jake
Zlmmeriiiun, P. A. Van Aredale, An
drew Donovan, Dart Delatto, John T.
Convey, John W. JIcNoal, Honry Eck
uardt. 2nd Congressional District.
Henry c. Schlacks, Edward J.
Bnilth, Stephen Hunt, Houry Osborn,
Unas. E. Hill, Albert Schatfner, John
McCanu, John I. Driscoll, Honry P,
Hayes, John J. Curran, Thomas L.
Oyrno, Dr. J. D. Welutraub, John P.
Nolan, P. 13. Iloblnson, John O. Green,
Prank Arnold, Robt. J. Cranston,
Thos. P. Ilovvan, John Kavanagh,
Louis Muei)er, Thos, Howe, James
Dumber, Clins. V. Hlchards, Thos, W.
Corkoll, Dr. Eugcvno D. Hartlgan.
3rd Congressional District.
Michael P, Hyan, Thos. B. Conroy,
Mathow Havven, George W. Hinckley,
P. II, Chambers, JI. J. McCoy, Wm. J.
Mclnerney, D. E. Mulvcy, James Hy
land, J, V. Marlon, Patrick E, Dwyer,
John H. Enrlght, A. O. Lutz, J, J,
Mulvlhlll, Thos, Davles, Mat. J.
Corcoran, John L. McNamara, M.
J. Carberry Henry H. Nichols,
Hugh Mnnley, "'arence Warner,
Wm. J, Hartnoy, Francis X.
Dusch, John 0, Krauu, Jloyer A,
Hernstoln, Edward J, Duffy, Prank D.
Shearln, Anthony J, MoVady, M. J
4th Congressional District.
John H. Drenzas, James S Ryan, B
H. Helde, Walter Shea, John H
Burns, Val, Schmltt Schmltt, Wm. T
Wallace, Jas, M. Furlong, J. M, Fits
gerald, JI. C. Buckley, John V. Schmltt
Schmltt, Wm. E. Furlong, Everett
Jennings, JIarlus Olsen, Martin J
Bweenoy, James Hyne, John O
Baker, Martin Garskl, John Dillon
Jeremiah T. J. McShca, Patrick J
Rowan, John J, Culllnan, Fred O
Bwert, Dr. P. A. Murphy, H. Melstor
Sth Congressional District.
P. J. Coffey, Frank Zerrlsek, Harry
Schllck, Ed. Jedllcka. Isaac Cobn.
Max Kutehal, Joseph Mendel, A
Nncker. Matthew Smith, B. J. McCaT'
tv. John Folnen, Peter Hoffman
!nne ,i, TTnllman, John Waska, Wm
J. Pcshek, James F. Denny, Tom Fit
gerald, Nicholas Stokes, Willis
Altemeler, James II. Ryan, Geo. M
Ketizlo, Joseph Wirth, John J. Bra4y,
Jacob Portz.
Cth Congressional DIstrlcL
James W. Casey, John J. O'DonneU,
Ralph C. White, Frank L. White, B
man Llderman, Frank T. Scanlu
Clnrcnco Dullard, W. P. Cummin
Danl. Dowllng, John W. Chrlstlt,
Francis p. Burnett, William Oeor
poolos, L, R. Buckley, Geo. C. Wtr
man, J. c. Dooley, Richard P. Hlckey,
JI. J. Tiernoy, Jlax Le Beau, Fred U.
Zimmerman, Geo. McMakon, Mlclual
JlcCarty, C. Baldaccl, Harry D. Stoat,
E. H. Comer.
7th Congressional District.
N. G. Conybear, James M. Wart,
James R. Mitchell, Fred J, Ross, C.
W. Howe, Dr. B. C. Rohm, Geo. P. lle
Fnrland, Chris NIelson, Dr. George
Frost, John Leslie O'Brien, John W.
Hand, Theo. H. Greonwald, Oscar
Breltonbach, Robert F. Dfckerdlk.
Frank II. Londmcsser, J. A. O'Don
nell, Ellis W. Paul, Henry Breyar,
Joseph Grcln, Frank DoLaby, baa H.
Rote, Geo. W. LeVln, J. Edw. Clancy,
John Jt. Kennedy, William Goodman.
Geo. U Franck, Fred T. 8chwarti,
Herman Petori, R. O. Gilbert, W. r.
Kellcy, Wm. H. Wlilte.
8th Congressional District
John P. Quirk, Patrick O'Rourkt,
Mlchnel Yarusso, J. A. Fensterle, Via
tor W. Hanko, Louis W. Oreco, Our
J. JInulelle, H. P. Martin, Pkllln
Papas, Jos. Walsh, Albert A. Book,
Henry Hogan, Jlartln F. B. Norton,
X. H. Kndow, .Matthew E. Clark, Nlek
Samo, Morris M. Knnkowltz, Frank
Nnvlgato, Timothy Finn, Michael
Jtnrtin, Anthony Tortorlello, William
A. Navlgato, Joseph Do Stefano, Al
phonso L. Cumralngs, August Wnta
rich, John Schwartz, James J. Mona
han. 9th Congressional District
O. A. Canlsltis, Thomas EL Golden,
Andrew A. Collins, C. E. Hayne, Z. P.
Fitzgerald, Fred Schulz, W. H. Laof,
Geo. J. Byrnes, John S. Schnellw,
Norman P. Brodlo, Daniel F. Rlee.
Michael P. Lonen, John B, Berchar,
Carl w. Wcstorllnd, Danlol I Crulee,
elms. Oakloy, Oscar Anderson, Geo.
A. Jlancatys, D. R. JIurphy, Georc
Wilson. Dr. Arthur I-. Mover. KlrtV
i Protopns, Wllllnm Payne, Jacob Bat-
cricti, Jr., Ray R. Coombs, John Mat
doon. John M. Mullen.
10th Congressional District.
Wm. J. Carroll, William II. Roan,
Albert J. W. Appoll, Seraflno Con
fortl, George Blocdorn, Max Golden
rath, Josoph H. Pitch, Fred Lorencan,
Geo. C. Knight, Horace M. McCulIen,
Thos. J. Scherer, F. O. Anderson,
Henry G. Wobor, Barnard J. Raumer,
Fred J. Rlnklcy, George Wilson, J. P.
Jnecer, John J. Devlne, Da?ld A.
Rose. Frank C. Kellog. James M.
Slatlery. Hoy Hiirneft, Hurry J, Ga
lley. John Fanning. Kdward .1. Ilealoy,
Clius. Dougheity. '. c. Adams.
Headquarters llrlggs House.
Chairman A. J. Snbatlt.
Vlce-rhalrmnn John J. Coughlln.
Vlceclinlrman M. S. Furmnn.
Vlcoclinlrinaii Otto Spnnkuch.
Recording Secretary James S. Mo
Inernoy. Financial Secretary Harry Qold.
Assistant Secretary John Downoy.
Treasurer Jamus p. Howors.
Sergeant-at-Arms Daniel Ryan.
Headquarters Hotel Ln Snllo.
Chairman Harold L. Ickes.
Secretary Charles Ringer.
Treasurer LaVeorno W. Noyes.
Ward 1, John II. Taylor; ward 2,
Chauticoy Dovvey: ward 3, Charles H.
Sergei; ward 1, Felix J. Wongterskl;
ward c, Philip Gollner; ward C, Wal
ter Clydo Jones; ward 7, Charloa B.
Jlerrlam; ward 8, Charles Ringer;
wnrd 9, A. C. naHB; ward 10, John
Slinnn; wnrd 11, August Kruogor;
ward 12, Dr. Fred Formaneck; ward
13, L. G. Ross; ward 11, William F.
Galling; ward 15, James Hoyn; ward
1C, William Gloldzlnskl; ward 17,
Charles J. Ryborg; ward 18, John R.
Swift; wnrd 19, Guy C. Crapplo; ward
20, Harry Flddolko; ward 21, Thomas
J. Graydon; wnrd 22, Charles J. Bur
molster; ward 23, Dr. Albert E. Pal
mor; wnrd 21, A. L. Sago; ward 25,
C. JI. Jlodorwell; ward 20, A. F.
Nussor; wnrd 27, C. R. ncchtel; ward
28, J. JI. Dempsey; ward 29, William
LnBatt; ward .10, J. T. Simpson; ward
31, II. L. Du Chnrm; ward 32, Willis
E. Thorno; ward 33, Henry Nolson;
wnrd 31, Robert P. Kolb.
TEE. Chairman, John P. Dovino.
Secretary, William II. Wobo".
Treasurer, Isaac N. Powell.
Ward 1, Francis P. Brndy; 2, Mar
tin B. JInddcn; 3, Robert R. Levy; 4,
Chnrlos R. Strook; 5, Ed wnrd R. Lit
zlngor; C, Roy O. West; 7, Isaac N.
Powell; 8, John J. Hnnbcrg; 9, Ed
wnrd E. Eastmnn; 10, Joseph E. Bid
will, Sr.; 11, Charles V. Barrett; 12,
A. W. Miller; 13, David W. Clark; 14.
D. A. Campbell; IR, Georgo Mugler;
10, John P. Dovino; 17, L. D. Sltts; 18,
Homer K. Galpln; 19, Christopher
JInmor; 20, Wllllnm J. Cooke; 81,
Frank A. Voglor; 22, Bernard F.
Clottonborg; 23, John J. Henly; 24,
Lconnrd A. nrundago; 25, Isaac J.
Brynn; 20, John C. Cannon; 27, Vic
tor P. Arnold; 28, Josoph P. Haas;
29, JIntt A. Jluellor; 30, Thomas J.
Healy; 31, Charles S. Doneon; Zt,
Charles W. Vail; 33, Georgo Hltzman;
34, Charles Vavrlk; 35, J. F. Galnty.
Country Districts.
1, A. Van Steenberg, Lansing; 2,
W. H. Webnr, Blue Island; 3, Peter
JT, Hoffman, Dos Plalnes; 4, Allen S
Ray, Onk Park; 5, William Basse.
Jfount Prospect; 6, Front w. Andc
son, "-"

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