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ntttatf aa eond Clase Mattar Oetobar 11. ItM, at tha Pott
Offlea at Chicago, Illinois, undar Act of March , 1179.
ntarad aa Sscond Claaa Matter October 11, 18M, at tha Pott
Office at Chicago, lillnola, under Act of March 3, 187.
Tit cento WHOLE X UMBER 1,2 4
Uncle Sam Will Lock Up Chicago Council
men for Conspiring with a Trust to
Violate Anti-Trust Laws.
Many Weeks Spent Here by Special Agents Said
to Have Fixed the Standing of
.Telephone Serfs.
The Attempt of the Aldermen to Get Permission to Help
Out Their Benefactor, the Phone Company,
Surprises the Government.
A Tote Now to Consolidate the Phone Outfits
Means Indictment by the Federal
A number of Chicago aldermen face
Indictment by the United States grand
jury, trial In the United States court
and terms in jail for; conspiracy to
violate the anti-trust .laws, of the
Speclal .agents of the 'government
have been watching 'the telephone sit
uation closely and" are said, to have
procured pretty strong evidence of the
existence of a Phone Trust-Aldermanlc
Conspiracy' to violate the United
States anti-trust laws.
Several local organisations are also
at work and a number of aldermen
are likely to have their mall addressed
to them In jail before many months.
The people will be astonished when
full details come out.
The Trust Press may save the alder
men from local authorities, who are
but for the stuff themselves, but It is
not deuce high with Uncle Sam.
A dispatch from Washington has
the following to say about the late
aldermanlc attempt to head off trouble
and make the coming '.'handout" eas
ier to handle:
"Attorney General McReynolds will
not comply with the request of the
committee on gas, oil and electric
light of the Chicago city council for
an opinion as to the legality, of the
proposed merger of the Chicago Tele
phone Company with the American
Telephone and Telegraph combina
tion. "This refusal Is not Intended In any
sense as a discourtesy but Is In ac
cordance with the policy of the depart
ment of justice not to render opinions
upon questions unless asked for by
the president and members of the
cabinet. '
"Moreover, It the attorney general
were to comply with such requests, It
-would put him In the position of de
fining the attitude of the department
upon matters proposed to be consum
mated If It were believed they did not
violate .the law,
"The purpose of the attorney general
In connection with the Chicago tele
phone situation was brought out by a
telegram received from Senator Lewis
who 1b lit Chicago, asking that Mr.
McReynoldB not pass upon the request
of the committee of the city council
until "certain parties" had been given
an opportunity to appear before blm.
"The attorney general Is willing to
hear the men who will come to him
upon the recommendation of Mr.
Lewis. He does not know whether
they will advocate the merger or op
pose it.
"What Mr. McReynolds is trying to
do 1b to obtain all the Information he
can In regard to the telephone situa
tion. He has under consideration a
number of complaints from independ
ent telephone and telegraph companies
In various parts of the country against
the American Telephone and Tele
graph Company, alleging that this cor
poration has violated the Sherman
anti-trust law.
"Suits against the American Tele
phone and Telegraph Company, known
as the Bell company, were filed by the
department of justice for alleged viola
tions said to have occurred In the Pa
cific coast states and Colorado.
"Mr, McReynoldB said that as yet he
had no means for determining whether
additional suits for alleged violations
In other states would be
against .the .Bell company."
If the-aldermeirexDect lenlency!from
Ir United -States grind -jury; they 'are
foutak'en., The .United States grand
luryjs-nqt made trp;6r telepnone offl
cials anil stockholders ss: is thecounty
grand jury. For years the. Cook county
grand jury' was 'a spectacle for the
world. : At one time men then under
Indictment in the United States courts
for violating the law were drawn for
membership on It. The president of
the telephone trust Is named as a Cook
county grand Juryman every now and
then just to show his strength-, we pre
sume. While Cook county 'grand juries
as a rule are Inciters of criticism, no
such fault canrbe found with the Uncle
Sam article. It Is not controlled by
trust millionaires as Its records prove.
If the Department of Justice goes
after the phone aldermen it will get
them. Never fear. '
Two split-named senators would be
too much for Illinois' at the same time,
Who. Is it that has so much pull with
the city council that the latter was
afraid to stand by the change of the
name of the South Side street, run
ning to Wells street bridge, to Wells
street? It remains Fifth avenue, but
all other continuous streets In the city
have been given continuous names.
How much did it cost to change
South Wells street back to Fifth ave
nue? People residing on streets with
new names would like to know.
The new Chicago "Public Safety
Commission," like all patriotic bodies,
commences business with an appeal
for funds. We notice a couple of
aldermen among the members. The
people are paying for a city council
which ought to be able to protect life
and property in Chicago, but it
Mayor Quynor's funeral took two
hours to pass a given point. He had
a large payroll and $2,000,000.
The theory that one United States
senator should be chosen from Mt.
Vernon or Tlmbuctoo, 111,, when Chi
cago has the other one 1b played out.
Chicago 1b , entitled to two senators
if sho can furnish the men with the
necessary ability,
Following the announcement that
Attorney General McReynolds Is about
to take steps to break up the tele
phone trust and the arousal of Inter
est In the efforts of the trust to ab
sorb the Automatic Telephone Com
pany In 'Chicago, complaints against
the Bell concerns are pouring into
the Department of Justice, One pro
test points out that the trust has as
many subscribers as the 20,000 Inde
pendent telephone companies of the
United States, with an aggregate cap
ital of 1300,000,000,
The phone trust haB started in to
oppress the people In Chicago sub
urbs. Retaliation for the Institution
of telephone toll tariffs between
Wheaton, West Chicago and Qlen
Ellyn was threatened by the business
men of the three communities, Res
and Squeeze the People
Grand Jury.
olutions were adopted at the meeting
of the Business Men's Association of.
Wheaton and Qlen Ellyn decrying the
attitude pf .the company and suggest
ing every fair means be employed to:
force rthe return of the old. rule of
free laterchugj;of .telephone -calls, be-..
xween tne cities. ,
Col. Ham Is' busy with the jobs.
The senator has' asked for the heads
of the following Chicago officials:
John C. Ames, collector of customs;
8. M. Fitch, internal revenue collector,
The Choice of Thousands of Rspubllcans and Progressives for
and L. K, Torbet,. naval officer, The
only reason offored for their removal
was to make way for Democrats, Sec
retary McAdoo gave no assurances.
Fred Qrelshelmer of Chicago arrived
in Washington to press his candidacy
for appraiser of customs at Chicago,
but Senator Lewis told him he could
not commit himself In bis behalf.
The plan to tax the North Side tax
payers between the river and the city
limits for the joy riders' auto boule-
vard link will have to be passed by
the City Council once more. It was
too full of errors to stand, -
If you part your naine in the middle
run for senator.
W. Duff Plercy is the latest Demo
cratic candidate for United States
senator. As long as he persists In
parting his name In'the middle he will
please' the divided Democratic leaders.
Has your alderman, divided his tele
phone graft with you?
If the law against highway robbery
was enforced In this country the phone
officials would be behind bars. Charg
ing people for "wrong numbers" Is the
most exasperating form' of theft.
Did you ever stop to think of how
much more Chicago pays for tele
phone service than other' places?
The most successful automatic tele
phone connection Is that between the
Trust and the. aldermen.
The billboard nuisance will' never be
abated until the graft is taken out of
The many friends ofa. U T. of the
Chicago Tribune will' feel bad when
they hear that ' he' has abandoned
newspaper work. It Is reported that
he has Joined Jhe Press Club.,
Hearst claims' the Chicago' pbst office
and It Is said that a Hearst-Harrison
supporter has been selected to suc
ceed Postmaster Campbell. .
It takes, louger to get telephonic
connections now than It ever did.
Roger C. Sullivan would -make an
Ideal United States senator. He Is
honest, able, truthful and modest. He
would serve the people well In that
-HAatittAM. ldBMWaMlvM
talking quietly otYoJaWg togetheY for
Colonel Bernard A. IXkhart for United
States senator.
President Wilson Is the first real
statesman the American people have
had In the White House for a genera
tion. He does things In a straight-
forward, honest manner and without
a 'brass band. But lie keeps hla
pledges to the people.
Who is getting the big graft for per
mitting an omnibus line to block up
Adams street viaduct every day at the
Union depot? The grand jury should
get after this grafter quick.
The people demand a referendum
vote on the question of 'telephone
Installation of Water Meters in Every
Flat to Be Asked of the City
Council This Fall.
This Will Double the Price of Living and Will
Force the Raising of Bents in
The People Will Then Have to Pay for Water Like They
Do for Gas and a Leaky Meter Costs
Scheme Has Been Hatching a Long Time and the Public Will Now
Have to Put Up More for Living Than Ever.
The water meter graft Is bobbing
Its head up again.
It Is proposed to tax ecry lot in
Chicago front IZOQ to ISO for watnr
'iters, besides the. great eipeaae It
will entail upon all users of water.
Chicago har an immense water
fund. If part or ft wan devoted to
wards building-pMBPMg" stations at
the lake end of every, section Una In
United States Senator.
Chicago there would be no water fam
ine anywhere.
It Is astonishing what men the
water meter people can Influence to
their way of thinking.
Some men who ought to know bet
ter are talking for water meters.
More than that the "high pressure"
scheme is up again.
According to some advocates It will
only, cost thirty or forty millions of
dollars to Install meters and a "high
pressure" system. Tha poor will have
to pay tha east.
With halt thU'ssm additional pump.
tag stations could be built which
would mora than supply tha damans:
A well knawaMgtnaar whs-was asM
vocatlag "high prsrart" sad water
meters said the other day, according
to dally papers, that oas of tha chief
troubles la Chicago was tha very high
eonsumptloj of water, which averaged
about 2,000 gallons per capita dally,
caused largely by waste and undar
ground leakage from broken connec
tions. As a remedy for waste ha
recommended water meters. The tsst
of the water pressure mads la the
loop shows an Insufficient pressure,
but he sstd that tbs city was install
ing a large number of water mains,
none under eight Inches, and these
would materially Improve ths pres
sure. The health or the city demands
plenty of water for everybody.
The tnstaliOa of meters would,
limit O"! consumption of water and
rals' ,dt price of living on tha poor.
higher rates would have to ha
.merged In the residence districts sad
teoai would have to pay tha water
rates sftsr tbs landlords had paid an
exorbitant rate for Installing water
This form of graft Is particularly
objectionable to Chicago people. They
will aot stand for It
It hits everybody and It Is unneces
sary. The water meter scheme has taken
The City Council will be. asked to
sanction this outrage when It meets.
This means a water meter in every
flat and It means a general raise of
rents on tenants.
It also means a tremendous ex
pense to landlords.
The only beneficiaries will be the
makers of water meters.
The City Water Department pro
poses to make 300,000 people In Chi
cago put In water meters.
With an Inexhaustible supply of
pure water right at Its door, Chicago
has the poorest water service of any
city In the world.
Many great cities go hundreds of
miles for their drinking water and
carry 'it over mountain and' vale In
costly aqueducts.
' Chicago can have all that she wants
by using ordinary common sense, but
she refuses to take advantage of her
The water supply of Chicago has
been a fruitful source of' political
graft from the beginning.
Instead of using the earnings of
the department to build up and en
large the water plant and Increase
the supply the surplus has been "bor
rowed" year after year by other city
funds, to Increase the pay and the op
portunities of political hirelings.
If the earnings of the Chicago Wa
ter department were properly, ap
plied, there would be a pumping sta
tion at the lake end of every section
line n Chicago,
This would give an abundance of
water for the homes, the lawns, the
streets, ' the offices, the shops and
every place In Chicago where water
Is a necssity.
There la only one way out of the
chronic water difficulty In which Chi
cago finds Itself.
' All this dreary drivel about "home
rule" must be dropped and tha State
of Illinois, asked to. rua. our water ays
sjssa sa a non-partisan and common
ssass principle.. With a eompeteat
ooara or engineers controlled by ths
state and appointed by tha governor,
running the Chicago water works,
the city would have an abundant sup
ply of that life giving and life sustain
log fluid.
Under local control the Chicago wa
ter works system turns wholly oa
graft and every cry for relief only
awakens the cupidity of dealers la
water meters and other appliances for
circulating boodle where It will do tha
most good to boodlers and the most
harm to Chlcagoans.
Chicago gives to tts people the poor
est water service of any city in ths
world for the money they pay tor It
With an exhaustless body of fresh
water at her door Chicago Is constant
ly talking about Installing water
meters in every flat and in every hosts
to stop "waste." This Is la ths faea
of the fact that the enormous surplus
In the water fund Is constantly belag
approprlated to meet other expenses
of ths city government instead of
being used to extend and build up tha
water system. Water maters la svsry
flat in Chicago would bring on a pes
tilence In this big city In a short time.
Ths fellows who are shoutlag tor
water meters are grafters.
Every man who talks of water
meters or water waste In tha homes
of Chicago should be charged as a
public enemy.
The people cannot hava too much
To limit tts use means pestilence
and disease.
New York goes 168 miles for fresh
water and the great aqueduct which
carries It to her people cost over
1500,000,000. It Is one of the marvels
of modern times and ranks alongside
of the Panama Canal as one of the
wtnders of the world.
Liverpool, England, Is supplied with
fresh water by an aqueduct which
brings a supply from Wales and yet
there Is no talk of "waste" over there.
Other European cities go oven farther
for their supply of wator.
But Chicago, with an abundance at
hand, Is always howling about "waste."
Who Is behind this water meter
graft anywayT
An enormous sum Is diverted from
the water fund every year to supply
the wants of other city departments
as you can learn from the recom
mendattons of the finance committee
to the city council In the printed
council reports.
If the water fund was properly used,
a pumping station could be built at
the lake end of every section line In
the city.
If this was done you would hear
no more about "water waste" and the
necessity for meters In every house.
Now is the time when "eminent stu
dents of economics" will be heard
from declaring that telephone monop
oly is a public necessity.
With pnoiiB ratea'as high as ever
and taxes 75 per cent hlghor than
over, Chicago has bad all of the Al
dermanlc homo rule that it wants.

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