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Reduce Your Cost of Living
THE FAIR Is the reliable store that k V
md the quality of Its merchandise no matter
how low it cuts the prices.
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Athletic doodi ..
Aatemoftll supplies
lU and Launcne
Dry Oeod
Ctapft and Tobacc
PUMnf Tackle
MmM ReeU
Ajfji Rerwv
T" T. -
OaN Qd .....
ana saaaiee
Hardware and Tooli
Hate and Cap
Incubaton and Breeder
Jewelry and Silverware
Net and Seine
Office SuppHee
Pipe and Smoker' Article
Shirt, Collar and Cuff
Sporting Ooed
Tent and Awning
Trunk and Suit Cae
Ohloego letabllehed IS7B by I. J. Lehmann
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Notes About Men and Their Doings in
the Two Great Fields of National
Postseason Match Between East
and West Is Urged.
Final Pall In Gotch'e Second Battle With Hacktnachmldt.
Here Is the record of the fat Jobs
held by Appetite John Traeger from
1S9T to date:
Town Collector,
Town of
Town Collector, Town of
Collector, Town of
1899, Town
1900, Coroner, Cook County
1901, Coroner, Cook County.
1902, Coroner, Cook County.
1903, Coroner, Cook County.
1904, Coroner, Cook County.
1905, City Collector, City of Chi
1900, City Collector, City of Chi
cago. 1907, City Collector, City of Chi
cago (January, February and March).
1907, City Treasurer, City of Chi
cago. 1908, City Treasurer, City of Chicago.
1909, City Treasurer, City of Chi
cago. 1911, City Comptroller, Chicago.
1912, City Comptroller, Chicago.
1913, City Comptroller, Chicago.
This Is the fellow who Is a candi
date for County Treasurer In 1914
and for Mayor In 191C.
It is possible to upp:y local tele
phono service In cities at one cent
per call, plus a rental charge so low
that every household could have serv
ice. This would Increase long dis
tance business and would not Impair
tho not earning fund of $103,000,000
held by the Trust, according to It
annual report, Just Issued.
If it were not for tho "smoko nuis
ance" of tho railroads, Chicago would
still be a dot on tho prairie. Beat
the electrification scheme.
Personal liberty Is getting tho
worst of It on account of tho ofllco
seeking propensities of the United
Appetite John must go.
Following ate the location of the
leading self-sustaining club of Chi
cago: Apollo Club, 202 S. Michigan ave.
Builders', 412-418 Chamber of Com
merce building.
Calumet, Michigan ave. and 20th t.
Caxton, Tenth floor, Pino Arts bldg.
Chicago Athletic Association, 12 8.
Michigan ave.
Chicago Yacht, foot of Monroe t
Chicago Architectural, 39 West Ad
am street
Chicago Automobile, 321 Plymouth
Chicago Club, Michigan ave. and
Van Buren street
Chicago Cycling, 1616, 37 East Van
Buren street.
City Club, 315 Plymouth court
Cliff Dweller, 210 8. Michigan ave.
Colonial Club of Chicago, .4445
Grand boulevard.
Columbia Yacht, foot of Randolph
Elks, 174 W. Washington st.
Englewood, 0323 Harvard avenue.
Edgewater Country, 6668 Wlnthrop
Farragut Yacht Club, foot of 33d st
Germania Maennerchor, 100 Germa
nla place.
Hamilton, 20 8. Dearborn st
Illinois, 113 8. Ashland boulevard,
Illinois Athletic, 112 S. Michigan
Irish Fellowship Club, La Salle Ho
Iroquois, 21 N. La Salle st
Kenwood. Lake ave. and 47th t
Kenwood Country, Drexel boule
vard and 48th street
Marquette, Dearborn ave. and Ma
ple street.
Mid-Day, First National Bank bldg.,
17th floor.
Oaks, Lake st. and Waller ave.
Press Club of Chicago, 20 North
Dearborn street.
Quadrangle, Lexington avenuo and
68th street.
Rotary, 38 South Dearborn st
Saddle and Cycle, Sheridan Road
and Foster avenue.
South Shore Country, lake shore
and 07th street.
Southern, 20 N. Dearborn street
Standard, Michigan ave. and 24th
Swedish Club of Chicago, 1268 La
Salle avenue.
Twentieth Century, 2246 Michigan
Union League, Jackson boulevard
and Federal street.
. Union Printer', Howland block,
Monroe and Dearborn.
University, Michigan avenue and
Monroe atreet.
Volumes have been written on the
second encounter of the world's cham
pion with Hackensclimldt, In which
tho "Russian Lion" was decisively
beaten beforo the largest crowd that
nver watched a battlo of mat gladia
tors In modern times. Somo writers
havo cast suspicion on the Integrity
of this match, alleging that the public
wob victimized. This Is an erroneous
opinion mid a manifest Injustice to tho
world's champion.
The real fact Is that Hackensclimldt
was defeated before ho went on tho
mat. He feared' Uotch and his too
hold, but ho did his best, and tho
better man triumphed.
Huckcnschmldt and his trainers con
tended he was handicapped by strain
ed tendons In ono of his knees. This
Gotch has repeatedly scouted, con
tending it was in tho heart that his
famous foe was Injured. There was
no hlppodromlng In this match, Gotch
asserts. He went to the mat with tho
Russian with the Intention of taking
no chances and of crushing his oppon
ent In as dcclslvo fashion as possible.
The story of tho battle, which oc
curred September 4, 1911, at Comls
key's now baseball park In Chicago,
Is ono of tho triumph of speed over
slowness, of courage over fear, of
brain over mere strength. From the
tlmo tho gladiators took tho referco
hold at tho call of time until Hacken
sclimldt walled for mercy at the finish,
tho superiority of Gotch was mani
fest. At the Btart the wrestlors' bulled It
about the mat for five minutes, stab
bing for holds, with tho American on
tho aggressive. Suddenly Gotch
caught Hack by tho neck, pulled him
forward, and tried for a leg hold, but
Hackensclimldt dodged away. They
tugged and pulled and shoved, each
missing attempts to gain leg holds
Gotch, utter, 12 minutes of rough
work, mado a lightning shift, sprang
forward, secured a leg hold and hurled
Hackensclimldt to tho canvas. Gotcb
tried for the too hold and Hacken
sclimldt, scenting danger, crawled
about tho mat to elude tho much fear
cd grip. Huckcnschmldt, In a desper
ate mlxup near the ropes, camo to hlu
feet, but Gotch ngaln put hi in down.
Hack came to a sitting posture, broke
a waist hold and ngaln was frco.
Hackensclimldt at this point showed to
tho best ndvantago In tho match. He
bored in, secured a waist hold and put
Gotch down, but tho American easily
broko away and again hurled Hnck
to tho mat. Gotch caught Hack off
his guard, lifted his near leg, grape
vlned the far leg In a flash und then
reversed the grip Into a crotch, apply
ing a hulf nelson, and Hackenschmldt
fell back In defent In 14:18.
At the start of tho second bout
there was somo preliminary feint
ing and stabbing, then a Bhuulo, a mo
ment of suspenso and Hnck went
sprawling to the mat. In a flash Gotch
had one of his opponent's legs Impris
oned for his famous toe hold. Hack
begged Gotch for mercy, but. the
world's champion Insisted on a fall.
Gotch pressed his frco arm against
Hack's chest and pulled his foot back.
Hack grabbed tho ropes, but was
forced to let go. It wus the despair
ing effort of a defeated vctoran of tho
mat and Hackenschmldt sank back
for the bitterest defeat of his career in
(CopyrlBlit. 1913, liv Joxc-ph D. Uowlcn.)
Critics Ridicule Plan and Declare
Proposition I Impracticable Prom
Every Standpoint of Gam
Pew Reasons Clttd.
Every once In a while some critic
or a number of critics conceive the
brilliant Idea of a world's series in
football with the champion of the east
meeting the champion of the west In
a postseason conflict
Just at present the Idea seems to
have taken a hold In the east and a
number of experts are calling for such
a contest. They declare It would be a
great thing to have a championship
gridiron eleven and propose a conflict
In somo neutral territory.
They compare the proposed game to
tho world's baseball series and de
clare a contest between Chicago and
Yale or Harvard and Michigan or
some similar meeting would All the
fargest athletic field in the world.
It Is all very well to speak of such
a contest, but the easterners evidently
have forgotten a number of objections
to tho plan. First and foremost, of
course, would be the difficulty of get
ting the faculties of tho schools in
terested, but granting this to be ob-'
talnable, how Is one to determine
which Is tho sectional champion?
Of course, last yoar produced a well
defined eastern leader. Harvard won
the premier place In the cast beyond a
question, but could any one pick a
similar leader in the west. Wisconsin
and Notre Dame had an equal right to
the title last season, and to select
either one would provoko a riot at the
other school. So far as picking ono
this season help!
There seldom have been well defined
champions either east or west. Of
late years there has been no western
champion In fact, the honor being
claimed by two, three or a half dozen
teams. To talk of selecting a title
holder when there is no elimination
between Chicago, Wisconsin, Minne
sota, Michigan, Nebraska and Notre
Dame 'Is ridiculous. These teams are
mentioned because they are usually
at tho top of tho heap. Every Bcason,
however, sees ono or two "outsiders"
with claims to present, such as the
Officers and Leaders of the Leading
Parties in Chicago.
U II lUS i
' "
Tho water meter promoters have a
regular corps of writers employed to
iirno water meters In every flat
through tho "letters from tho peoplo"
column's of daily papers.
Tho Kaglo gooB Into every
duct In Chicago.
ssssssssssssssssssssssH Bssssssssssssssssssssssssssl
ifBBBBBBBBBBBMBBjL f lVasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
BBBBBasssBC. BasssssssssH
BBBBBBBK'- geftgeftgefassssssi
Strongly Backed by all Classes of Democrats for County Treasurer.
Judson Girl trotted 85 heats this
year and won $17,900, which Is some
thing remarkablo for a 4-ycar-old.
Splko Kelly thinks there Is no
money In lighting except In opposing
champions mid Packcy McFarlaud.
dipt. It. G. Ilitson, who led the Eng
lish polo teum which fulled to lift tho
polo cup hi the Meadowbrook matches,
Is 111 in Indlu.
Iloxlng promoters suy there Is no
money In promoting lights, hut few urn
known tu quit tho business which Is
their privilege.
Yalo university's new bowl-shaped
studlum will Includo u 220-yard
straightaway. Tho players will start
out of a' chute.
Jimmy Duffy, tho Lockport, N. Y.,
fighter, scored a knockout in tho sixth
round over Frank Carroll of Toronto
at Hamilton, Out.
Wulter Murnnvlllo ami Tommy Grif
fith of the Hiuves havo gone on the
stuge for tho winter. They will sing
songs written by (IrillUh.
Ueorga Cnstln picked up u mighty
good hai'iio In Tommy Pinch, 2:09 1-4.
This nfalllon won threo llruts and a
second duilim tho two weeks ut Dal
las, i -Tho
AthlettcH have a great base
ball team, push Wnltor Johnson.
"And," ho uilclB, "they "nuvo nn Abo
Lincoln on the bench watching evur
movo they miiKo,"
.MIiiiIh of Peun Is ltiti'il an ono ot
th best forward paBseia football hns
ever developed, und few colleges, by
tho way, havo turned out more gooil
men in that respect than Penn.
IMIiicoton niimbercil Its players in
tho numu with Hurvuul and lost. This
una no urKiiment atuilnst the system.
as RrlcMoy wiisn't looking nt those
numbers when ho hooted tho oval
through tho posts.
llonet-ottcr Kecso says that Hans
, Wagner is good for years and years to
come, utter a survey of tho Terrible
Teuton's bIiiowb. We only had to
scan tho 1913 nvernge to learn that,
That 20 per cent, dividend declared
by tho Washington American league
club Is said to establish a record for
niodorn buseball In tho way of sea
son profits,
Heinle Wofers Is among tho seven
conches whose retention has been ap
proved ut Columbia. The once great
runner has cliargo of tho Columbia
track men.
Princeton athletic authorities are
taking up a pronounced attitude to
ward abolishing professional coaches
In any sport and not tolerating sum
mer baseball.
All Swimming Records
Are Broken at Frisco
.Myrtle Wright, twelve years old.
sv urn the Golden Gato at San Fran
cisco tho other day, and broke all
previous recotds for women hvIiii
mors. Her mother, Mrs. Myrtle
Wright, swum with her, and also
made a new record. Tho young
miss made it In 35 minutes 40 sec
onds: the mother In 35 minutes.
Tho best women's record is 12 min
utes. Tho dlstanco Is between n
mllo and a qunrtor and u mllo and
a half In a straight lino, but swim
mers always uro carried well out
of their course.
Noted Finnish Olympic Runner Satis
fies Investigators He Has Not
Porfelted His Standing.
HanneH Kolehmalncn, Olympic run
ner, who camo hero from Finland and
joined tho Irish-American Athletic
club, appeared bofore the registration
committee of the Metropolitan district
of tho Amateur Athletic union the
othor day.
Kolehmalncn surprised tho commit
tco by producing three more trophies
f sfcPl
r JBp 1
M Jam ' "
BsbbbbbbbbbmBsbbbbbbVbbbbbbbbbbbbbT '
bbbhVhSBjbbbl 1 V '
BKaBp'BB y
Headquarters 8ulte 216, 217, 218
Hotel La Salle.
Chairman John McGlllen.
Secretary George L. McConnell.
Treasurer William Legner.
Vice-president B. F. Weber, Stan
ley S. Walkowlak, Frank McDormott
Sergeant-at-A r m a Michael F.
1. Michael Kentia, John J. Coughlln.
2. Daniel J. Harris, Clem Kuehne.
I. William L. O'Conaell, Peter J.
4. Henry Stuckart, Jamea M. Dalley.
5. Patrick J. Carr, Charle Martin.
6. John P. Gibbons, Peter Foy.
7. Edw. F. Brennan. -
8. John H. Mack, William Power.
8. Sheldon Govler, D. E. Wittenberg.
10. Fred Rohde, Edw. J. Novak.
11. John Lagodny, Leo V. Roeder.
18. M. H. Roger, W. R. Skldmore.
1' Patrick A. Nasb, M. F. Maher.
15. Joseph Strauss, John P. Tansey.
16. William Masurek, Joaeph F. Tran-
17. Stanley S. Walkowlak, Thomas J.
18. George L. McConnell, William
19. John Power, Peter O'Brien.
80. Mose Ginsberg, Dennis J. Egan.
81. Albert J. Flynn, John M. O'Con
82. Thomas Sturch, John CIskowskL
28. Harry R. Gibbon,, Dennl W.
84. Fred Eaau, Jamea Fitsgerald.
86. William F. Quintan, John T. Con-
86. Thoma J. Dawson, N. J. Dalelden.
87. Nell Murley, William McRae.
88. Francla D. Connery, Ben. M.
89. Frank McDermott Joseph Calla
SO. Dennl D. McCarthy, Joseph T.
81. James A. Long, M. J. Flynn.
82. Richard J. Knight, Frank J.
88. T. J. Crowe, Matt L. Cullem.
84. J. J. Cullerton, K. M. Rad.
86. William J. Clark, William P.
Committee at Large.
John McGlllen, Han Blase, Frank
8. Ryan, Balvatore Romano, John J.
Brennan, Chilton P. Wilson, John J.
MoLaughlln, Thoma Little, Stanley
H. Kuns, John P. Hayes, George E.
Brennan, William Legner, Joseph Ka
cena, John F. O'Malley, William
Graham, B. F. Sllha, B. F. Weber.
1 SljJl
. K sfss s TBBjpsMBBJv
9Jv . "!S53
Hannes Kolehmalncn.
than the Investigators had recalled.
The Finnish runner drove up in an
automobile filled with cups and med
als, and proved to tho committee's
satisfaction, It was said, that ho had
not 'pawned any prizes awarded him.
All of Kolelimulnen's prizes were
returned to him. It was learned that
i.o direct charges were filed ngulnst
tho runner, and in somo quarters the
inquiry was regurded us the outcome
of statements by nthletea envious of
Kolehtiinltieirs success.
Pontius, a Michigan Star.
Michigan Aggies this season and South
Dukota last year.
Nor Is the eastern champion so easy
to pick. Yalo, Harvard and Prince
ton are usually considered the trium
virate of tho eastern gridiron, but It
Is not too much to Bay that every year
sees some other elevens with equal
claims to press. For instance, Urown
a couple of years ago und Penn State,
Dartmouth and Carlisle more recently.
The person who picked the strongest
eastern team would have just as pleas
ant a task as the man to whom selec
tion for the western title holder was
Up to date lntersectlonal football
games havo proved flat failures. The
Chicago-Cornell series was abandoned
for this reason. Of courso tho Maroon-Red
gamos drew good crowds and
became the "society" games of the
year, but they were not football. Chi
cago would a hundred times rather
beat Purdue or Northwestern than
Cornell, and Cornell cares more for
ono Pennsylvania contest than for
tho entire list of Maroon contests.
Exception might bo taken to this
assertion by quoting how tho Michigan-Pennsylvania
games havo drawn.
This Is about tho cmsslu of lntersec
tlonal contests and has become Mich
igan's big gamo of tho year. Ask any
Michigan alumnuB or undergraduate
how ho would llUo to have Chicago
and Minnesota biibstltuted for Penn
sylvania and Cornell on tho Wolverluo
schedule and ono will discover how
'scantily these games havo taken root
In tho affections of the Wolverine
The Baseball Season in Cub.
Tho baseball season Is now under
way in Huvaiiti, Cuba, and will con
tinue until Match of next year, first
with exhibition games with teams
from the United Slates and luter the
regulur games of tho Cuban leaguo.
Paris in Olympic Revival,
The 20 years' annlvorsary congress
of the revival of tho Olympic games
will bo held In Paris in 1914. Rules
to govern International athletic track
und field games are to bo finally
passed upon at the meeting.
Some Game.
A Honolulu paper announced a
game arranged botween tho Twenty
fifth Infantry team, which was re
cently in .Spokano, at Fort Wright,
and an all-Chinese team captained by
Sam Hop. A Frenchman named La
More is slated to umplro thla Yankee
contest between tho yellow and the
dark. The Hawaiian sporting writer
announces tho Chlneso line-up In the
following fashion: Sam Hop, second
base; Hum Wing, pitcher; Wun Run,
left field; Hop Hed, shortstop; Hit
Long, first base; HI Fly, right field;
Low Hit, center field;. So Kum, catch
er; Sam Ding, third base.
Some Fisherman.
Dr. C. D. Dorchester set a new
world's casting record in the salmon
fly contest by casting 155 feet at the
National Amateur Ousting association
In Chicago recently.
President, Daniel J. McMahon.
Vice Presidents, Frank H. Novak,
Edward H. Morgan, James R. Buck
ley. Treasurer, Dr. Ernest Jentsch.
Recording Secretary, Robert E.
Financial Secretary, John A. King.
Attorney, James M. Slattery; Mar
shal, Col. Daniel Morlarty; Physician
and Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Krygowskl;
Quartermaster, Robert F. Blckerdlke;
Bergeant-at-Arms, Peter H. Dalton;
Assistant Sergeant-at-Armi, Edward
M. Roark.
Executive Committee: John J. Co
burn, Richard T Hanrahan, John IJ.
Tansey, Nicholas Lorcb, Henry L.
Flck, John T. Keating, Luke P. Col
leran, Moleaworth King, Timothy J.
Crowe, M. E. Hughes, William Moffat
Congressional Committees:
1st Congressional District
Bartholomew Scanlan, 8. H. Had
dock, Henry Krug, Louis Seellg, Dr.
J. J. McLaughlin, Jas. F. Ryan, E. J.
Courtney, Peter ZUllgen, Louis L.
Lettlere, Saml. Ohlien, Ernest Lang
try, John F. Carroll, Austin Waldron.
John Joyce, W. H. Armstrong, John
W. Wursenburg, Dr. David O'Shea,
Fred M. Sturgeon, J. H. Montgomery,
Wm. F. Mahoney, A. J. Marshall, Hen
ry A. Johnson, Fred Buxbaum, Francis
J. Woolley, H. Wedesweller, Jake
Zimmerman, F. A. Vaa.Arsdale, An
drew Donovan, Bart Dtlatto, John T.
Convey, John W. MoNcal, Henry Dck
2nd Congressional District
Henry O. Schlaoks, Edward J.
Smith, Stephen Hunt, Henry Osborn,
Ohas. B. Hill, Albert Schaffner, John
McCann, John I. DrUooll, Henry F.
Hayes, John J. Curran, Thomas L.
Byrne Dr. J. B. Welntraub, John F.
Nolan, F. B. Robinson, John D. Green,
Frank Arnold, Robt J. Cranston,
Tbos. F. Rowan, John Kavanagb,
Louis Mueita. Thos, Howe, James
Bumber, Chas. V. Richards, Tbos. W.
Corkell, Dr. Eugene IS. Hartlgan.
3rd Congressional District.
Michael F. Ryan, Tbos. B. Conroy,
Mathew Rawen, George W. Hinckley,
F. H. Chambers, M. J. McCoy, Wm. J.
Mclnerney, D. VS. Mulvey, James Hy
land, J. V. Marlon, Patrick B. Dwyer,
John H. Enrlght, A. O. Luts, J. J.
Mulvlhlll, Thos. Davles, Mat J.
Corcoran, John L. McNamara, M.
J. Carberry Henry H. Nichols,
Hugh Manley, "'arence Warner,
Wm. J. Hanaty, Francis X.
Buscb, John O, Krauu, Meyer A.
Bernstein, Edward J, Duffy, Frank B.
Skearln, Anthony J. MoVady, M. J
4th Congressional District
John B. Brensas, James 8 Ryan, B
H. Helde, Walter Shea, John H
Burns, Val. Scbmltt Scbmltt, Wm. T
Wallace, Jas. M. Furlong, J, M. Fit
gerald, M. O. Buckley, John V, Scbmltt
Bohmltt, Wm, B. Furlong, Everett
Jennings, Marlus Olsen, Martla J
Sweeney, James Hynea, John C
Baker, Martin Garskl, John Dillon
Jeremiah T. J. McSbea, Patrick J
Rowan, John J. Culllnan. Fred 0
wert, Dr. P. A. Murphy, H. MeUtor
6th Congressional Dlatrtct
P. J. Coffey, Frank Zerrlaak, Ham
Bcallck, Bd. Jedllcka, Iaaao Cefea
Mas Kutehal, Joseph Mendel, A
Hacker. Matthew Smith, B. J. MeOar
ty, John Felaea, Peter Hofssaa
Jamea J, Hallataa, Joan Waaka, Ws
J. Peshek, James F, Dnay, Torn Ifttt
gerald, Nicholas Stokes, WUMata
Altemeler, Jamea H. Ryan, Qea, ata
Kensle, Joaeph Wirth, John J. Brady,
Jacob Porta.
6th Congreaalonal Dtatrlet
James W. Caaey, John J. O'DeaaeM,
Ralph C. White,' Frank L. White,
man Llderman Frank T.
Clarence Dullard, W. F.
Deal. Dowllng, John W. Oariaefea,
Francla p. Burnett, William 0 cargo
pooloa, L. R. Buckley, Geo. O. WM
man, J. c. Dooley,, Richard P. Hiehat.
U. J. Tieraey, Mai La Beau, Fred U.
Zimmerman, Geo. MeMahea, MietsMl
Mccarty, O. Baldacel, Harry D. Bias,
B. H. Comer.
7th Coagreealoaal Dhitrlet
N. o, Conybear, Jamea M. Ward,
Jamea R. Mitchell, Fred. J. Roes, a
W. Howe, Dr. B. O. Rohm, Oeo. P. M
Farland, Chris Nlelsoi, Dr. Oeeraje
Froat John Leslie O'Brien, John W.
Hand, Theo. H. OreeawaM. Otaar
Breltenbach, Robert F. Blekerilka,
Frank H. Landmeaaer, J. A. 0'Daa
nell, Bills W. Paul, Henry Breyer,
Joaeph Grain, Frank DeLaby, Dam .
Rote, Geo. W LeVin, J. Bdw. Claaay,
John M. Kennedy, William Oeodmaa,
Geo. L. Franck, Fred T. Schwarm,
Herman Peter, R. O. Gilbert, W. W.
Kelley, Wm. H. White.
8th Congreaalonal Diatrlct
John P. Quirk, Patrick O'Reurho.
Michael Yaruaao, J. A. Featterle, Via
tor W. Hanko, Loula W. Orece, Chaff
J. Maulelle, H. F. Martla,
Papaa, Joa. Walah, Albert A,
Henry Hogaa, Martla F. W. Norm),
X H. Kadow, Matthew B. Clark, Mar
Sarno, Morrla M. Kaakowlta, Fraa
Navlgato, Timothy Flan, IflahMI
Martin, Anthony Torterlelle, William
A. Navlgato, Joaeph De Btefaae. At
phonae L. Cummlaga, Augaat Wsmv
rleh, John Bchwarta, Jamea J. Mcem
han. 9th Congreaalonal Dtatrlet
O. A. Canlelue, Thomas B. Ootdea.
Andrew A. Colllna, a B. Hayae. J. P.
Fitsgerald, Fred Bchula, W. H. Laml,
Geo. J. Byrnes, John B. BcaaaBar,
Norman P. Brodle, Daniel F. BJae,
Michael P. Lonen, John B. Barahar,
Carl W. Weaterllnd, Daniel I Crate
Cbaa. Oakley, Oacar Andersoa, Oem
A. Maneatya, D. R. Murphy, Oeeaaje
Wilson, Dr. Arthur h. Meyer. Mafe
iProtopaa, William Payne, Jacob BJa
orlch, Jr., Ray R. Coombs, John
doon, John M. Mullen.
10th Congreaalonal Dtatrlet
Wm. J. Carroll, William H.
Albert J. W. Appell, Scralae
fortl, George Bloedora, Mas QeMn
rath, Joaeph H. fitch, Fred Lereasem,
Geo. O. Knight Horace M. MeCuIwa,
Thoa. J. Scherer, F. O. Aadermm.
Henry O. Weber, Barnard J. Baumer,
Fred J. Rlnkley, George Wllaoa, J. P.
Jaeger, John J. Devlne, David A.
Rose, Frank O. Kellogg; Jam at
Slattery, Roy Barneft, Harry J. Ga
ney, John Fanning, Edward J. Healoy,
Chas. Dougherty, F. O. Adams.
Headquarters Brlggs House.
Chairman A. J. Sabath.
Vice-chairman John J. Coughlln.
Vice-chairman M. 8. Furman.
Vice-chairman Otto Spankuch.
Recording Secretary Jamea B. Me
Inerney. Financial Secretary Harry Gold-
Assistant Secretary John Dowaey.
Treasurer James F. Bowers.
Sergeant-at-Arma Daniel Ryan.
Headquarter Hotel La Ball.
Chairman Harold L. Icke.
Secretary Charlea Ringer.
Treasurer LaVeerne W. Noyea.
Ward 1, John H. Taylor; ward 8,
Chauncey Dewey; ward 8, Chart H.
Sergei; ward 4, Falls J. Wengterekl;
ward 6, Philip Gollner; ward 6, Wal
ter Clyde Jonea; ward 7, Charlea
Merrlam; ward 8, Charlea Rlager;
ward 9, A. O. Baaa; ward 10, John
Blman; ward 11, Auguat Krueger;
ward 18, Dr. Fred Formaneck; ward
18, L. O. Roaa; ward 14, William F.
Galling; ward 16, Jamea Heyn; ward
16, William Gleldslnakl; ward 17,
Charlea J. Ryberg; ward 18, John It
Swift; ward 19, Guy C.'CrappIe; ward
80, Harry Flddelke; ward 21, Thomaa
J. Graydon; ward 22, Charlea J. Bur
melater; ward 28, Dr. Albert B. Pal
mer; ward 24, A. L. Sage; ward 81,
C. M. Moderwell; ward 26, A. F.'
Nuaser; ward 27, O. R. Bechtel; ward
28, J. M. Dempsoy; ward 29, William
LaBatt; ward SO, J. T. Simpson; ward
31, H. L. Du Charm; ward 32, Willis
E. Thorne; ward 33, Henry Nelson;
ward 34, Robert F. Kolb.
Chairman, John F. Devlne,
Secretary, William H. Weber.
Treasurer, Isaao N. Powell,
Ward 1, Francis P. Brady; 2, Mar
tin B. Madden; 3, Robert R. Levy; 4,
Charles R. Strook; 6, Edward R. Lit
singer; 6, Roy O, West; 7, Isaao N.
Powell- 8, John J, Hanberg; 9, Bd
ward B. Eastman; 10, Joseph B. Bid
will, Sr.; 11, Charlea V. Barrett; 18,
A. W. Miller; 13, David W. Clark; 14.
D. A. Campbell; 16, George Mugler;
16, John F. Devlne; 17, L. D. Sltta; II,
Homer K. Galpin; 19, Christopher
Mamer; 20, William J. Cooke; 81,
Frank A. Vogler; 22, Bernard F.
Clettenberg; 28, John J. Healy; 84,
Leonard A. Brundage; 26, Iaaao J.
Bryan; 26, John C. Cannon; 87, Vic
tor P. Arnold; 28, Joaeph F. Haaa;
29, Matt A. Mueller; 80, Thomas J.
Healy; 31, Charlea 8. Deaeea; SS,
Charlea W. Vail; 83, George Hltamaa;
84, Charlea Vavrtk; 86, J. F. Oalaty.
Country District.
1, A. Van Bteonberg, Laaalng; 8,
W. H. Weber, Blue Island; 8, Peter
M. Hoffman, Dea Plalnea; 4, AUra 8.
Ray, Oak Park; 8, William Bum,
Mount Proipoot; 6, ! . Aadar
aon, .

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