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nttrtl.ai tMMitf Class Matter October 11. 1SM, at th Patt
Off! at Chleaao, Illinois, under set ef March , H7t.
ntered ee teeend Claee Matter October 11, ItM, at the
Offlee at Chicago. Illlnole, under Aet of March a. i7t.
five cents WHOLE NUMBER 1,801
Bureau of Public Efficiency is Strangely
Silent About Millions Due from Rich
Tax Dodgers; Know Why?
The Fight for
L r-
1 V i
.' Ji J ''I ,'
'vct. ta tetnac Ujt
Gossip frM Individuals, and Parties
RMe and What. They Are
Their Country.
Items of Interest' About People in Public Life and the Ambitions
. ' of Both Them and the Men Behind Them.
Why "are 'the taxes ofi the people
of Chicago and of Illlriols so high for
1014? Perhaps the .following may
throw some light. on the subject:
The Chicago Tribune of Wednes
day, December 18, 1912, Just, one year
ago, -published, on Its -front page a
groat article relating to the alleged
rich tax dodgers of. Chicago. Tho big
first page head read- as follows:
Supreme , Court Upholds Mandamus
Suit of Illinois Reform
Deeielon Forces Reviewers to Hear
Evidence That 1200,000,000 In
Stocks Were, Hidden.
This wus a'niandamus suit brought
by the Illinois Tax Ileform Associa
tion to compel the Board of Review
to tax rich stockholders.
The article goes on to say that
tho Supreme Court held' that,
-"fn case the Board of Review found
the tax association's charges to bo
truo It Is compelled, according to the
court, to assess taxes against the In
dividual defendants, for tho six years
covered by the allegations," (
"Tho court delivered Its decision
on a BUlt brought two years ago by
the Reform Association. The de
cision declares It is the , plain duty
of, the Hoard of Review to determlno
the amount and value of the property
omitted."' '
The list In the article of the allege
untaxed holders as published tilth
Tribune contained the , following
names and amounts of alleged un
taxed holdings:
Julius Roseuwald $4,789,000
Richard W. Seurs 2,850,000
B, E. Sunny 3,025,000
P. M, Potoi's 2,000,000
Henry P. Crowell .,....'... 2,0815,000
August losing ,.-..,,1,400,000
W. V. Kelley '..'... 2,400,000
Louis O. Rartllng 1,280,000
John A. Spoor 1,950,000
James P. Sopor 370,000
Samuel A. Bingham 1,105,000
Albort H. Loeb 005,000
Arthur J. Kddy , . 497,000
W. L. Hrown ,.., 2,110,000
John Stuart 058,000
J. B. Forgnn ,...,' 250,000
Everett 11. Bragg ,. 900,000
Ot V. Elplllcko , 280,000
(?, O. Comstock 1,800,000
Joseph E. Otis . .., 900,000
B, S. Conway 370,000
Alfred Babcock ,.. 300,000
E. F. Carry 1,080,000
F, U Roenltz 965,000
Franklin Rudolph 1,650,000
W. O. Duntley 1,200,000
F. E. White 500,000
Adam Krouter 650,000
Robert Stuart 520,000
Lucius Q. Flslfer 1,850,000
William A. Rydon 1,685,000
A. I. Valentine 350.00P
Charles C. Adslt, 370,000
T. Wells 450.000
Richard C. Lake . '. 720,000
iistln B. Carpenter . 280,000
B. Goodspeed '. , , , 250,000
Jw'rd Rector "A v S(60t00b
rence m, wooiey i,wy,vvu
B. Pearson ' :,.T.,'i i00.dob
E. F. Underhlll ",, 470,000
United States Senator. State and
Fully Under Way.
The Tribune on December 18, 1912,
published the decision of tho Supreme
Court, 'In the article quoted above, as
A'fter quoting' at length the differ
ent provisions of the constitution and
the statutes relating-to mutterr of
taxation, including tho paragraphs
which review the duties of the Board
of Review, the decision of the Su
preme Court says In part:
"Paragraph 328 of the revenue law
provides for the meetings of the
Board of Rovlpw and paragraph 329
defines their duties, the first of which
Is to assess all property subject to as
sessment which shall not have been
assessed by tho Assessors, and tho
board niny mako such alterations in
the description of real or personal
property as It shall deem necessary."
Tho revenue act of ,1898 took away
from tho local assessor the power to
assess omitted property and vested
that power In" the" Hoard of Review.
(State Board of Equalization vs. Peo
ple, supra.) - 'i .' i
"This court 'ncjd In .Stevens vs.
Henry County, 218' III.. ,468, 'that since
the passage of tho revenue act of
1898 the Board of Review is the only
body that has' power to assess prop
erty omitted in former years, and
that it is the duty of the Board of
Review to assoss all property subject
to assessment which shall' not have
been assessed by the assessor.
"In Warner vs. Campbqll, 238 III.
630, the power of the Board of Re
view to assess In subsequent years
credits which had been omitted, wuh
"In the late case of the People vs".
Shirk this court held that under sec
tion 329 of tho rdvenue act the Board
of Review had the power to make an
original assessment of omitted prop
erty In the same manner and subject
to the sumo requirements as to notice
that tho Assessor might make under
sections 270 and 278, and that the
stntute authorizing tho Board of Re
view to assess omitted property wus
a valid constitutional enactment. In
tho People vs. Commissioners of Cook
County It wns hold that whore tho
Board of Rovlow refuses to act, or
acts in a manner showing an nbuso
of discretion and u clear attempt to
ovado the performnnco of a positive
duty, it amounts to a virtual refusal
to perform the duties, the mandamus
will llo to compel the board to act in
tho premises.
"If tho allegation In this petition Is
true, and for tho purposes of the de
cision of tho questions now beforo ub
they nre admitted to bo true, we uro
ut u loss to find any possible excuse
for tho refusal of tho appellee to pro
ceed' to an Investigation and to de
termine whether the facts stated In
the petition are true, and If they be
found to be true, In whole or in part,
to assess the persons named In the
petition upon the 'fair cash value of
their ' property which have been
otaltted from the assessment for any
of the years named In the petition."
The Bureau of Public Efficiency, as
It calls-Itself Is strangely silent on
the' subject of tax dodging. It be
lieves in "cutting down expenses" by
discharging' a lot of poor -men from
phblic employment. -'
. It" raises an' awful hullabaloo about
a few thousand ' dollars" said to be
About Men in the
Doing for
withheld by public officials on public
But It ia strangely, and, perhaps,
discreetly silent on the subject of the
millions of dollars due to tho city of
Chicago, tho county of Cook and the
state of Illinois from rich .tax dodgers.
If theso millions were paid up, the
taxes of the community would not be
one-fifth what thoy aro now.
The poor man's burden would bo
lifted and the rich man who gets
the benefit of government and the
protection of the laws would bo pay
ing -his just dues.
If, as Is alleged, Julius Rosenwald,
Chairman of tho Bureau of Efficiency,
owns $25,000,000 worth of stock In the
Sears-Roebuck Company; schedules
the same at 1500,000 and has tho
valuation raised to f 2,500,000 by 'the
Board of Review, then there must be
$22,500,000 still untaxed. With a val
uation of one-third of this, the tax
due the people would be $350,000,' If
this is the case, we don't blame the
Bureau of Efficiency for keeping silent
on tax dodgers. ,
We notice that the "Bureau of
Efficiency" did not pursue Its demands
for an Investigation of City Hall of-
flees very far. It ran against a mask
ed battery, loaded for bear and, quit.
Tux dodgers are never aggressive
when they are uncovered,
Bust the cement' sidewalk graft In
the City Hall.
The people of Chicago are aware
of the fact that their taxes are high
because the very rich escape taxa
Over $200,000,000 worth of stocks
are not taxed In Chicago. That Is
what makes taxes high.
Cement graft must.be good.
A llfe-lohg pay. roll veteran In 'the
City Comptroller's office was quoted
In Sunday's Tribune as saying (hat
the sales of city bonds "over the
counter" showed the public confid
ence In Appetite John. .As A. J. has
been .three months selling 1400.000
worth of bonds out of an Issue of $1,-.
800,000, 'the confidence Is somewhat
crimped. , i
How long will Chicago permit tax
dodgers to saddle their burdens on
tho poor?
Tearing up good cement sidewalks
to help City Hall grafters Is good for
tho grafters but hard on the tax
payers. The small property holder has to
Buffer for the sins of the rich tax
Local Option Is a cowardly subter
fuge of the Prohibitionists. '
The phone problem: The People or
the Long Green?
How many men In the Special As
sessment and Board of Public Im
provements stand In with cement
Roger C. Sullivan. yil have the. sup
port of the ablest Democratic leaders
down the state; for U. S. Senator.
The cement sidewalk graft In the
City Hall Is assuming alarming pro
portions. A case, In point has Just
been called to our attention. Prop
erty owners on Addison street have
been notified by the Bureau of Spe
cial Assessments that their property
Brewer, Progressive and Public 8plrlted
has been assessed for a now cement
sidewalk on both Bides of the street
from Clark street to Broadway, There
Is at present a good cement sidewalk
on this thoroughfare between the
streets named, But the City Hall ce
ment grafters are hungry and are anx
ious for another divvy. Therefore
they will go into the County Court
and ask for Judgment against the
property owners for an entirely un
necessary Improvement. The grand
Jury should get after that department
of local Improvements and special as
sessments. It is getting too raw, -
bbbbbbbbbV' '.... .J31 BWlliWilfffiP OIHbbI
bbLH '3
Men of Chicago Are Tired and Sick of
Effeminate Antics of Sissy Favorites
of Trust Press.
Water Meter Graft, Telephone Graft and the
Latest Efforts of the Trusts to Get
the People's Money.
Water Meters in Every House and the Sale of Chicagoans
to the Phone Trust Are Facts Not to
Be Forgotten.
The People Can Remedy These Things by Electing Men Who Work
for Them and Not for Their Common Enemies. .
The people are sick and tired of
"sissy" politics. Judging from the
effeminate dally press, the only things
the people nre .Interested In outside of
the Bureau of Efficient Tax Dodgers
are the strong-minded females who
have been In the public eye for the
last quarter of a century. Domestic,
home-loving women and tnxpaying,
wnge-earning men are disgusted with
this "slBsy" hogwash vomited from
the bench, the election commissioners
and the dry goods store handbills
called daily papers In Chicago. Tax
dodgers arc lauded as heroes and men
who never did anything except howl
for "votes for women" are played up
ns savors of their country. The dally
handbills control tho strong-minded
females and think that with them they
will control the elections. In this they
will find themselves mistaken. Chi
cago has never stood for "sissy" poli
tics and nevor will.
Judge Owens of the County Court,
we are sorry to say, appears to have
much opposition in his own party. He
Is certain, or ought to be certain, of
the votes of the editorial department
of' the Evening Post If It Is In town
election day. The suffragottes will
?. t
vote for cither the Prohibition, Repub
lican or Progresslye candidate to show
their independence.
The County Court and Election
Commissioners are not going to let
"women of bad character" register or
vote, so they say.' If the sexes aro
equal, as the sissy politicians claim,
how can the sissy election board or
anyone else prevent them from voting
any more than they can prevent men
of bad character from voting? Sissy
politics is becoming ridiculous.
Woman's Suffrage Is a menace to
the community. Tho women who
tako pride In it are led by tho dry
goods storo handbills, called news
papers In Chicago, which aro against
everything that Is not effeminate in
politics, and against everything that
would make tax dodgers cough up
their Just dues to the public.
Appetite John has cut tho City
Health Department's appropriation
$200,000. As long as ho draws a good
salary, A. J. doesn't caro what hap
pens to others.
Chicago is tho home of the tax
If "Bartzenlsm" means majority
tule, wo are for It. We aio not bo
fond of "sissy" politics that wo nie
prepared to accept uny ono man's
Tho Chicago edition" of tho London
Times does not believe thut a major
ity should rulo tho County Board
Macaroni, tho would-be King of
Cook County, gets tho following duo
dose from our esteemed State's At
torney, Mnclay Hoy no:
"Mr. Mac. has stated that tho action
of tho County Hoard Is Illegal that
the committees cannot bo scloctcd by
n majority vote. Mr. .Mao. never mndo
a public announcement on a lcKal
question In IiIh llfo that was correct ;
as usual, ho is wrong. Ho Ih unable
to find any loputablo Inwyur of any
standing nt tho bar who after reading
tho opinion by Auslutant Stntu's At
torney Case will douy tho coircctjiess
of his conclusions. The County
Hoard by n majority vote lias ex
pressed powers under tho statutes
with reference to tho llnancu commit
too and other committees. No ouo
olso has tills power."
A water motor In ovory lint Is sur.o
to come, .according to tho Tax Dod
soi s' Union. Anything to mako tho
poor pay tho cost of. government and
let tho efficiency tax dodgers escape.
Tho Chicago edition of tho London
Times is fearfully worked up ovor tho
stato of affairs In the County Board.
By the way, how Is tho weather In
If the Associated Press is not a mon
opoly (n restraint of trade, what Is?
In Europe, the Reuter news system -is
obliged to furnish news to any dally
newspaper-that, wants It at a mode
rate price. In -the United States a
man needs a million dollars to buy, an
Associated Press franchise, President
Wilson should get after this monopoly.
i -i
It should be forced to enroll Itself ns
n common carrier under tho Inter
state commerce law, and then obey
the law.
Phone Trust tp. Aldermen: Last
call for breakfast. No "rolls" after
January 1.
The "sissy" politicians and "sissy"
nowspnper backers do not ndmlro
John McGlllen for his Democratic
manliness. Ho still lives, however.
Tho belief Is gaining ground that
Woman's Suffrage Is not only uncon
stitutional, but undesirable.
The Chicago Trlbuno is going to
hnvo a fine time squaring Itself next
yonr when It supports Allen Bill and
Warehouse Bill Sherman for United
Slates Sonntor. Tho dashing, clean
nml able K. G. Allen of Molinc, tho
Piogresslvo candidate will mako
things warm for the fellows who see
tho henm In tho other fellow's eyes
nml forgot their own records.
Chairman John .McGlllen of thu
Democratic County Central Commit
tee took tho hide off of President
Macaroni and his backers In a groat
speoch beforo tho County Democracy
last Sunday.
Wo bellovu that If Mayor Harrison
was aware of tho extent of tho cement
graft In tho City Hall ho would tiro
several men In tho local improvement
nml special assessment sections with
out further ado.
if President Wilson Is looking for
grafters to fill Federal offices, In Chi
cago, ho should not overlook tho De
partment of Public Improvements In
tho City Hall.
A charter has been Issued for tho
Democratic League of tho Twent
fourth Ward of Chicago; social, po
litical; J. Hudorloln, Frank M. Decker,
F. Roedor, F. Stadlor and T. Lyons
aro tho founders.
Piesldent Wilson cuitnlnly would
fnor reducing thu surplus If ho
plucked any lemons from tho1 city ce
ment trco.
Tho Federal (Hand Jury will have
something to say if tho city becomes
a party tq a violation of tho Federal
Anti-Trust law.
Mayor Harrison has mot tho situa
tion in tho School Hoard In a char
acteristically manly and strnlghtfoi
ward manner. Ho has accepted the
resignations of Huttmann, Harding
and threo others and Is willing to ac
cept those of Rothtnan and some more
that he cannot reach. Tho efforts of
The Tribune 'to throw dirt on tho
Mayor in this mutter do not meot with
popular approval. Tho people know
that Harrison Is honest and, the re
tention of Mrs. Young was , part of
his platform, ,We will say one thing
for Harrison that we know to be tho
truth: The Book Trust was the rul
ing power in the School Board for
years until he got after It and sent
It hroken nnd shivered to the tank
I pile. It has nover forgiven him.

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