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Ml at Second Class Malttr Oetebsr 11, 1 Set, at tht Pott
Olftea at Chicago, lulnoit, undr Act af March S, ISTt.
Rntorod at Second Olatp Matter Oetebtr 11. ISM, at tht Pott
Offlet at Chicago, Illinois, undtr Act of March S, 1l7t.
Twelve rages. IRfclSSR WHOLE NUMBER 1,367
Little Whiskers, the Senator, is Accept
able, but Sullivan Will Only Make
Peace with Harrison Left Out.
The Battle tor Delegates, Committeeships and Other
Big Plums Taking Up Attention of
Local Statesmen.
Wet and Dry Question Will Cut a Big Figure in Next
Year's Battle Throughout the State
of Illinois.
Factions in Both the Big Parties Are Making a Hard Fight for
the Control of the Managing Committees.
Little Whiskers, the urbane and
CheiterAeldian senior United Statea
Senator from Illinois, whoso term ex
pires year after next, Is back In Chi
cago to spend the holidays.
With the rapidly coming senatorial
fight In mind he Is anxious to see tho
-Democrats getting together.
While In Washington he had a con
ference with Roger O. Sullivan and
George E. Drennan, who wero In the
capital for tho purpose of securing
the Democratic national convention
for Chicago.
Little Whiskers urged upon these
two gentlemen the necessity for
peace, although as both of them
strongly favored WlUon, the reason
for a sudden powwow was not easily
mado plain.
Sullivan said that ho had no ob
jection to a Joint ticket,' providing
Carter Harrison was left off the list
of delegates at large.
He said that ho would not stand
for Harrison for anything.
Ho denounced Harrison as a trai
tor and declared that the action of
the Harrison party In supporting
Thompson for mayor last spring put
him outside of the Democratic party.
Little Whiskers Is not the kind of
an Indian Chief who gives up easily.
Good nature Is a strong weapon of
hla when honora are in sight, so when
you read the following Interview giv
en out by him In Chicago, you can
draw your own conclusions:
"The prospects are bright for an
agreement by which both elements of
the party shall be represented among
the delegates to tho national conven
tion," he said, "with one set of dele
gates running. The eight delegates-at-large
easily could be divided, for
instance, between such representative
leaders as Carter H. Harrison and
Roger C. Sullivan.
"The Illinois delegation will be
solid for Mr. Wilson, and I believe
matters can be arranged so that only
one set ,wlll be nominated In each
Congressional district. The proposal
to give a united party aupport to
ttose state and county officers who
desire a renominatlon also probably
will meet with favor all around."
Party Worker Say That the
Democratic County Offices
Are Filled With Republi
can Clerks.
The Voung Men's Democratic Al
liance Is out in a bulletin assailing the
sheriff and circuit and superior
court clerks for retaining Republi
cans in non-civil service positions
which Democrats could easily All.
Superior Clerk McGrath Is said to
keep the following who, according to
the bulletin, are Republican workers:
Charles Selnwertb, salary 12,500,
assistant chief clerk, who Is, said to
have served under Vail, and was the
LsrfHt WcUf CkotWaa Asms
Peepls el Iaflvsace sail Staadiaf
Secretary of Vall's campaign commit
tee. John B. Price, chief of Record Di
vision, salary 11,800.
Harry Harmon, salary $1,800.
J. Marks, naturalization depart
ment, salary $1,800.
The bulletin asks what Incentive
young men have to voto the Demo
cratic ticket when tho best Johs In
the court clerks' offices are held by
County Commissioners Audit
Treasurer's Accounts and Com
pliment Him On Hia Fine
County Treasurer Henry Stuckart
has received the "O. K." of tho com
mltteo of county commissioners
named to audit the return to tho
county of $271,365.79, a year's interest
money. Tho amount la $83,078.38 more
than was over returned In a single
year. The auditing committee was
composed of Commissioners Daniel
Ryan, Owen O'Malley and Joseph
"We found there was only one set of
books and a thorough audit was
made," said Mr. O'Malley. "Had
there been a secret set the manner in
which we conducted the Investigation
readily would have disclosed this In
formation. "Assistant Treasurer Jacob Llnd
heimer threw everything open to us.
Bank deposit slips and every record
kept In the office were made accessi
ble. In addition Mr. Llndhelmer al
lowed us to take what records we
wanted out of the office,- Including the
bank deposit silos."
Municipal Court Judges Will
Show Up in Uniforms Next
If Tony Is Flush.
A ive-polnted sliver star was pie
sented to each of the Municipal court
Judges by Anton J. Cermak, the chief
"The Judges have been subjected to
abuses because of their Inability
to prove their Identity," Mr. Cermak
explained. "Many times they were
unable to pass police lines. Several
complained to me and the star was
suggested as a remedy."
The star was designed by Mr. Cer
mak. In the center Is the seal of the
Municipal court and .around It "The
Municipal Court of Chicago," and be
low "Judge."
New officers of the Nineteen Six
teen Club have been elected and this
organisation will devote Its energies
to booming the presidential aspira
tions of Lawrence Y. Sherman. Wal
ter J. Raymer succeeds Edward J.
Brundage as presldept Ralph C. Otis
is vice president, Clyde L. Day sec
retary and Emll O. Wetten treasurer.
Among the members of the exeoutlve
committee are John F. Sraulskl,
Frank r. Bennett, Frank Hamlin, 'Wil
liam A. Grant, Henry R. Rathbone,
Ernest Blhl and James II. Wllkcrson.
Governor Is the Only Anti-Sullivan
Man Who Can Carry
State Primary Against Sul
livan. Former Mayor Harrison has been
brought forward as a prospective
candidate for governor at the coming
Democratic primaries. Tho criticism
heard on all sides forces ono conclu
sion upon us, and that Is this: Gov
ernor Dunne Is tho only antl-Sulllvan
Democrat In Illinois who can defeat
Sullivan's machine in a fight for the
nomination for governor.
Third Ward Republicans Split Up
to the Neck Over Alderman
and Ward Committeeman.
Bitterness of the Republican fac
tional battle in the 3rd ward was In
tensified with the repudiation of the
city hall forces by several prominent
people who were advertised as being
opposed to the re-electoin of Aid. Na
thaniel A. Stern. He was Indorsed
at a rally Monday by the following
persons, heretofore listed by' the
Thompson adherents as favorable to
the candidacy of Frederick W. Pat
terson, the city hall candidate.
John A. Gordon, Arthur R. Clark,
Mrs. Moses Purvln, Mrs. E. T. Mur
fey, Mrs. John C. Bley, Mrs. Stella
Lorlng, Dr. George W. Hall and Dr,
Charles P. Caldwell. They joined In
"unanimous Indorsement of Aid. Stern
with Robert R. Levy, C. Arch Wil
liams, John Cheshire, Felix A. Nor
den, Wallace G. Clark, Isaac Roths
child, Arthur M. Cox and Thomas G.
Vent. The speakers charged a city
hall "shush fund" gathered from city
hall employes.
William A. Either is the city hall
candidate for ward committeeman
against Levy, who Is seeking re-election.
In the Judicial convention Levy
lined up with the city hall forces.
This same element Is endeavoring to
put him out of politics now. 'Both
organizations are working ibard In
their preliminaries.
Boulevard Addison Street and save
It for the people.
Give us city-owned auto buses
Leader of 'the United Societies Is
Already Being Boomed to Suc
ceed Mayor Thompson.
Anton J. Cermak, the popular head
of the United Societies Is already be
ing strongly talked of for the Demo
cratic nomination for mayor to suc
ceed William Hale Thompson.
Rivers McNeill Was the First
Man in Illinois to Declare for
Wilson for President.
Rivers McNeill .Was for Woodrow
Wilson for president In 1911. He was
the first man that mentioned Wil
son's name for thekexalted position to
the editor of The Eaglo, and that
was In the year named.
In January, 19l2 at a luncheon, at
which John McGlllen, the editor of
The Eagle, and others were present,
Roger C. Sullivan said:
"Gentlemen, I feel very friendly to
Champ Clark of 'Missouri. .He will
get our delegation because of neigh
borly feeling and tils good record as
a Democrat. But 1 .cannot help feeling
that Woodrow Wilson of New Jet
Bey Is the strongest man who could
be nominated. It 1 had the naming of
the candldato I would pick Wilson.
He Is a winner."
These are the facts, and are only
printed out of a desire to get the real
truth Into print, with reference to
the original Wllsoti man. Many of tho
fellows who are now claiming to have
been the first to be for Wilson in this
section of the country, did not know
that Wilson was alive, so far as their
utterances were cohcerncd, when Mc
Neill and Sullivan were sounding his
praises. You can net on this.
TIONAL The Courageous State's Attorney
Would Make an Ideal Candi
date fof Vice President.
Maclay Hoyno Is the one Democrat
in the West who has attracted the.
attention ot the country on account or
his fearless administration of his great
The New York state's attorney has
frequently attracted jiatton-wido at
tention by hla MUclsB'on gratters.
Chicago, the central metropolis ot
the country, holds the attention of the
American peoplo to a greater extent
than any other city.
That is why Maclay Hoyno Is today
a National Character.
His fearless prosecution ot crooked
policemen, who belloved themselves
to bo all powerful, has won for him
n placo In American politics that will
grow with time.
This was only ono of a hundred vic
tories won by him for tho cause ot
right and Justice.
Illinois could havo no stronger can
didate for National honors to offer
to tho Democratic party at St. Louis
next summer.
Tlioro Is no Illlnoisan named In any
party for high national preferment
now, whose record can at all compare
with that ot Hoyno.
Ho has done things.
And what he has dono has been for
tho public good.
Wilson and Hoyno would be an in
vincible combination.
Long Plundered Taxpayers Won
der Why Thompson Stopped
Work of Exposing City
Hall Graft.
After dismissing a number ot high
Charging the existence ot rotten
City Hall rings and
Alleging tho stealing of millions ot
the public money,
The Thompson administration has
suddenly let up.
The peoplo want to know why?
If Graft is to be condoned people
want to know why.
If Graft Is to bo used as a political
salve peoplo want to know why.
The Thompson administration raised
tho lid on the alleged Graft of the
Harrison regime.
Why was it clamped down again so
suddenly? , , -
Hundreds of Strong Harrison
Leaders Are Deserting Their
Former Chief for Sullivan
Harrison is losing many sup
porters among his former strong
Among the latest reported are:
Tom Carey, long Harrison's chief
lieutenant In the stock yards district.
Thomas A. Fitzgerald, the wealthy
coal man, who was a Gibraltar In lo
,'cal politics for Harrison.
John Powers, whose ward was always-
for' Hsrrison for many years,
and who never wavered before in
his support of the former mayor.
Former Governor and His Friends Have
Republican State Situation Well In
Hand and Will Control.
Gossip About the Work of Public Officials and
Others in Various Departments of
Public Life.
Public Men and Public Conditions as
tho People in the Light
General Information of
of the
Roy O. West will succeed himself
as Republican National Committee
man. Edwnrd J. Drundago and his follow
ers have Joined hands with the De
neen forces and thcro Is no longer
any friction between them.
Former Governor Deiicen will head
tho Illinois delegates at large to the
National Convention.
His friends are confident ot their
ability to name the entire state
Popular Dwight Banker Now Far
in the Lead for Republican
Nomination for Governor.
Colonel Frank L. Smith of Dwight
will bo tho next Republican candidate
for governor in all probability it
Charles S. Deneon does not want tho
nomination. Colonel Smith is well
liked and has friends in every coun
Unparalleled Death Lists Due to
Permitting Open Cars to Run
in Freezing Weather.
The City Hall Fresh Air Fiends are
directly responsible for tho wave" of
pneumonia which has swept over tho
Unwilling to lose any opportunity to
achlove newspaper notoriety they
publicly, applauded the traction and L.
companies for running open cars In
freezing weather.
The result Is the largest number of
newspaper death notices ever pub
lished, showing that newspaper read
ers followed City Hall udvlce and per
The Popular Manufacturer Will
Be Sent to the National Re
publican Convention in
Ninth District.
William Wrlgley Jr. Is the popular
choice for delegate to the Republican
National Convention from the Ninth
William Wrlgley, Jr., financier and
manufacturer, one ot the financial
mainstays of the Roosevelt campaign
In 1912, has deserted the bull moose
and will be a candidate for delegate
to the Republican national conven
tion of 1910 from the Ninth congres
sional district
The return of Mr. Wrlgley to the
republican fold Is one of the hardest
blows received by the progressives
In the west. Three years ago be was
at the forefront of the bull moose of
fensive and carried with him the ban
ner not only of a large personal fol
lowing In Chicago, but also hundreds
of business men In all parts of the
United States who banked on his
political as well as his business judg
ment. He contributed to the bull
moose national campaign the sum of
a Public and Political
State and All Parties
25,000, tho largest amount subscrib
ed by a Chlcagoan.
"I am with Teddy for anything ho
wants from dog catcher to czar," said
Mr. Wrlgley, as ho handed his check
to Ralph Otis, treasurer ot the bull
mooso campaign.
Cut now hu believes that the field
of activity for progressiva republicans
Is back In tho O. O. P. In order to
fight for his convictions In tho party
councils ho has decided to ask the
republicans of tuo Ninth district to
to send him as a delegate to tho na
tional convention. When he announces
his candidacy formally he will declare
hlmsolf for United States Senator
Lawrenco Y. Sherman, favorito son of
Illinois, for tho nomination for presi
Colored Voters Don't Want to
Observe Any Partial One
Over There, Either.
The colored voters in tho 2nd ward
are reported to be In a city hull po
litical revolt. Kdward Morris, colored
lawyer, Is Bald to be a candldato for
ward committeeman in the 2nd ward
as a rival for leadership among tho
colored voters to Aid. De Priest. Tho
Morris movement is anti-Thompson, It
Is asserted. Martin I). Madden, con
gressman, Is the ward committeeman
now. -There is considerable rivalry
among tho colored voters.
William L. O'Connell, Chairman
of the Public Utilities Com
mission, Promulgates Or
der on Traction Com
pany. Chairman William L. O'Connell pro
mulgated the order ot the Board ot
Public Utilities on the Chicago trac
tion lines compelling them to provide
seats for all passengers and to Install
trailers whenever necessary to carry
this order out
The traction company refused to
obey this order and appear to be aid
ed and abetted In their apparent de
termination to discommode the pub
lic, by certain members ot the city
The following extract from the offi
cial proceedings ot the Publlo Utilities
Commission and the City Council
Committee may enlighten the public
to some extent as to the attitude of
the traction companies.
Before the State Publlo Utilities
Commissioner Walter A. Shaw You
believe, Mr. Busby, as a .practical rail
road man, that, In view ot the develop
ment and Improvement effected In
cars, It would be a practical proposi
tion to operate trailers?"
President Leonard A. Busby, of the
Chicago Surface Lines Yes, and I
think It would be a help.
, Commissioner Walter A. Shaw
(Then you believe, Mr.' Busby, as 'a
practical railroad. man, that In view of
the development and Improvement
effected In cars It would be a practical
They Are Seen by
of Their
Nature From All Parts
In It.
proposition to operate trailers?" Pres
ident Busby "Yes, and I think It
would bo a help."
From indications it would seem as
though tho letter sent to the city
council by President Leonard A. Bus
by ot the Surface Lines asking tho
city to define its position toward the
stato's ruling was a stop in a care
fully worked out plan of legal strategy
by which the aldermen will be used
to pull tho traction magnates' chest
nuts from the fire.
List of Standing Committees for
the Year 1916 of This Im
portant Body.
Following nro tho standing commit
tees of the Hoard of Trustees ot tho
Sanitary District of Chicago for tho
year 1'JIG:
Judiciary Chairman, Mr. Paullin;
Messrs. Cnrr, Clurk, Sullivan and
Finance Chairman, Mr. Dalley;
Messrs. Carr, Sullivan, Knno and Paul
lin. Kngluecrlng Chairman, Mr. Sulli
van; Messrs. Knno, Clark, Cnrr and
Electrical Development Chairman,
Mr. Clark; Messrs. Sullivan, Kane,
Brelt nnd Cnrr.
Federal Relations Chairman, Mr.
Droit; Messrs. Sullivan, Knno, Read
ing and Paullin.
North Shore Channel Chairman,
Mr. Paullin: Messrs. Brett, Cnrr,
Clark and Reading.
Real Estato Development Chair
man, Mr. Carr; Messrs. Sullivan,
Clark, Kano nnd Brelt.
Rules Chairman, Mr. Reading;
Messrs. Kano, Droit, Dailoy and Clark.
State and Municipal Relations
Chairman, Mr. Sullivan; Messrs. Paul
lin, Kane, Dreit and Claik.
Labor Chairman, Mr. Droit;
Messrs. Reading, Paullin, Sullivan and
Stono and Spoil Danks Chairman,
Mr. Droit; Messrs. Paullin, Reading,
Kano and Sullivan.
Health and Publlo Order Chairman,
Mr. Clark; Messrs. Droit, Paullin,
Reading and Kane.
Illinois Valley Chairman, Mr. Kano;
Messrs. Dalley, Droit, Reading and
Calumet-Sag Channel Chairman,
Mr. Reading; Messrs. Carr, Paullin,
Kano nnd Brelt;
Employment Chairman, Mr. Dal
ley; Messrs. Carr, Droit, Paullin nnd
Tho Dally PresB is receiving its well
deserved reward for settling tho street
car strike and taking such good caro
ot tho Traction Company. Tho Trac
tion Company Is spending $500,000 In
advertising its many good qualities in
the dallies. It Ib not advertising any
of its bad qualities.
Largest Weekly Circulation Assent
People ef Influence and. Standing

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