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I r-1 tL. O M I C A G O g A $ L- L
Lumber Exchange Bldg.
Tel. Central 1507
We specialize in dividend-paying securities and will sell any Curb
or Listed Stock and many active unlisted stocks on our
Write us for full explanation inl our booklet. State w!i:t
stocks you are interested in.
Lumber Exchange Uldg., Chicago
Tel. Central 1507
Fire, Fidelity, Automobile, Bonds, Etc.
2924 East 79th Street
William Curran
Edison Building
N. E. Cor. Adams and Clark Sts.
Suite 1437 Tel. Central 5750
We Ship to All Parts of the United States
The Stock Yards Packing Co.
175 and 177 North Fifth Avenue
Purveyors of Meats and Groceries
To the best families, restaurants, hotels, clubs, sum
mer resorts and vessels in and outside of Chicago.
Telephones Main 1049 and Main 3442
Lawrence Ice Cream Co.
Ice Cream QUALITY and Ices
Twenty-First Street, Sangamon Street
Canalport Avenue and Peoria Street
Telephone Armitage 1840
Geller Dairy Co.
Dealers in
Perfectly Pasteurized
1229-31 North Oakley Blvd.
Mt. Airy White Granite
127 North Dearborn Street CHICAGO, ILL.
Walter P. Steffen
Attorney at Law
Title and Trust Building
Phone Majestic 8817
Residences 5339 EMU Avenue
Phone Hyde Park 173
Edward J. Carey
Attorney and
Counsellor At Law
610 Cunard Building
140 North Dearborn St.
Randolph 6693
CIiIciiro Is going to have now wards.
They nro needed, as The Kaglo
pointed out. The Henuullcan and
Democratic County Conuhlttees havo
reached an ngrecment to put through
n llfty-wnrd bill, with ono Alderman
from each ward, at the next session of
the Illinois Legislature.
The river wards, apparently, with
suiltclcnt aldermen nmong themselves
to stop nny favorable action upon tho
proposed redisricting under tho pres
ent council organization, havo forced
the political arrangement perfected.
Progress has boon mado whereby nn
agreed map covering tho realignment
of ward boundaries, to talo caro of tho
additional fifteen wards that would bo
cioatcd, has been prepared and has
been O. K.'il y tho powers that ought
to bo nblo to perform tho first neccs
saiy step, wh.th Is paBsago of tho bill
at Springfield next winter.
This mop, It la known, will bo used
as tho basis for congressional reappor
tionment and probably for a senatorial
reapportionment, which lmvo been
hanging fire nt tho stato capital over
slnco tho census of 1910. Tho tentative
agicomcnt, congrcsslonally and sena
torlally, is that tho now districts In
Chicago shall follow tho ward lines
created by tho agreed map, provided
tho fifty-ward scheme roaches frui
tion. Tho salary to bo pnld tho Council
members tinder tho slnglo alderman
system will bo n factor, undoubtedly,
In further development of tho Joint
Rcpubllcan-Domocratlo plan. That It
may bo fixed at eltlior $4,500 or $5,000
In tho bill to bo introduced, is consid
ered probable.
Under tho agreed map tho fifty
words aro erected on the basis of
population, as ascertained by the
school census of 1917, and accurately
figured, block by block. No ono of tho
words, as tho realignment proposes,
has fewer than 48,000 Inhabitants nor
moro than 52,000.
Dy sections ot tho city tho addi
tional fifteen wards nro thus appor
tioned: North Side, 3; Northwest
Side, 5; West SIdo, 2; South Sldo, 2;
Southwest Sldo, 3,
On tho North Sldo tho Twonty-flfth
Ward is divided nt Qranvlilo avenue,
the now ward running thenco north to
tho city limits. Tho Twenty-sixth
would have' its south line nt Irving
Pjrk boulevnrd. Tho south halves ot
the Twenty-first and the Twonty-scc-ond
would bo mado Into a now wnrd,
and tho present Twenty-first would He
north of Chicago avenue and cost of
Stato street. A now wnrd would bo
mado of parts ot tho Twenty-third,
Twenty-fifth, and Twenty-sixth.
On tho South Sldo, tho Fifth would
lose Its southwest portion to n now
ward that would bo mndo out of tho
north pnrt of tho Twenty-ninth. Tho
Sixth would split and a now wnrd
would be orected around Washington
Park. A now ward would bo built
from tho south half of tho present
Seventh and tho north port of tho
Eighth, with Seventy-first street as a
Tho present Twenty-seventh on tho
Northwest Sldo would bo sovored at
Irving Park boulevard, with a now
ward bounded roughly by Irving Park,
Belmont, Central nvenue, and tho
river. Another wnrd would bo mado
from tho Fifteenth and Twenty-seventh
Wards, between Western, Sceloy,
Fullerton, nnd Chicago avenues. Still
nnother now ono would bo created be
tweon North avonuo ond Madison
street, Ashland nvcnuo nnd Sceloy
Redisricting on tho West Sldo con
templates two now wards In territory
now In tho Twelfth and Thirty-fourth
Wards. In tho Town of Lake tho
north lino of tho Twenty-ninth is sent
south to Fifty-fifth street. A now wnrd
is outlined between Sixty-third nnd
Sovonty-flfth streets, from South Park
avonuo to Western avonuo. Another
Is figured botween Forty-third nnd
Fifty-ninth, nnd botween Wcntworth
avonuo nnd Stnto streot.
It Is understood that tho bulk ot tho
county committeemen In each party
nnd n majority of tho aldermen havo
approved tho now mnp, ond thnt pros
pective mombors of tho next loglsln
turo havo agreed to go along with It,
ns long as It has been mndo an organ
isation proposition with both parties.
Meeting hour tor City Council cam
mlttcfti r as follow.:
Monday Street! and alleys, t
o'clock; buildings, 3:30 o'clock.
Tueeday Schools and police, 1 ,
o'clock; barbors, wbarvea and bridge
2 o'clock; local Industries. 2 o'clock
Wednesday Special park commU
ilon, 10:30 o'clock; health, 2 o'clock;
lecal transportation, 2 o'clock; track
elevation, 3:30 o'clock.
Tlmruday Oa, oil and electrii
Ight, 2 o'clock; license, 3:30 o'clock;
water, 3:30 o'clock.
Friday Compensation, 11 o'clock,
Judiciary, 2 o'clock; finance, 3 o'clock,
bathing beaches, 3:30 o'clock.
Following nro tno standing commit
tees of tho Snnltary District of Chi
caggo; Judiciary Paullln, Droit, Dalley,
Muellor, Sergei.
Finance Dally, Paullln, Lawloy,
Carr, Sergei.
Engineering Clark, Dalley, Lawloy,
Drclt, Carr.
Electrical Development Drelt,
Clark, Muellor, Reading, Paullln.
Federal Rolntlons Reading, Paul
lln, Lawloy, Carr, Sergei.
North Shoro Channel Paullln,
Droit, Lawley, Mueller, Carr.
Ronl Eatnto Dovolopment Carr,
Clark, Lawloy. Muellor, Drelt.
Rules Carr, Paullln, Dalley, Clark,
Stnto and Municipal Rolntlons
Clark, Drelt, Reading, Mueller, Sergol.
Labor Lawley, Paullln, Mueller,
Reading, Sergol.
Stone and Spoil Ranks Mueller,
Urelt, Lawloy, Carr, Reading.
Health and Public Ordor Lawley,
Carr, Roadlng, Mueller, Sergei.
Calumet-Sag Channol Roadlng,
Carr, Lawley. Mueller, Sergei.
Illinois Val'ey Mueller, Reading,
Paullln, Lawley, Sorgcl.
Employment Paullln, Dalley, Clark,
Drelt, Mueller.
Facta aoout the Sanitary District
and drainage canal:
The main and water power chan
nel la 40 miles long.
Length ot river, lake to Robey
street, 6 miles.
Length river diversion channel, 12
Width main channol, Robey street
to Summit:
Bottom, 110 feet; top, 198.
Width main channel, Summit to
Willow Springs:
Bottom, 202 feet; top, 290.
Width main channel, Willow Springs
to Lockport (rock section): Bottom,
160 fret; top, 162.
Width river-diversion channel: Bot
tom, 200 feet.
Minimum depth of water In mala
channel, 22 feet.
Current In earth sections, 1 1-4 milts
per hour.
Current In rock sections, 1.9 miles
per hour.
Present capacity of canal, 100,000
cubic feet per minute.
Total amount of excavation, 42,229,
636 cubic yards.
The north shore channel, extending
from Lawrence avenue to Lake Michi
gan, In the rlllsge of Wllmotte, la
about 8 mllea long with a water depth
of 13.6 feet.
Construction of the Sag canal to
drain the Calumet region waa begun
In the summer of lill.
Sag channel will be 22 mllea long
when work la finished.
Granville W. Browning would make
a good member of the Circuit Court
Corslglla Brothers fine restaurant,
at tho Southwest corner of Orleans &
Illinois streets, Is a great favorlto with
hundreds of tho big business men and
manufacturers In tho vicinity. Cor
slglla Brothers havo long held a great
name for tholr unrivaled Italian cook
ing. Tholr Spaghetti and Ravioli havo
won well deserved reputations on ac
count of their excellence.
Joseph A. oDonnell, former legis
lator and park commissioner, Is one
of the most popular memlcra cl !l.i
Chicago bar.
Mntt Allor wouia mafco a good City
Treasurer. Ho Is a sterling Democrat
and has worked hard to put many good
men Into public office.
Chnrlos Molltor, a rocognizod londor
In tho machlnory trado, is ono ot Chi
cago's leading and most reliable busi
ness incti His nnmo Is honored
wherever bo is known.
Charles C. Droyor ts one of the best
liked men on the Northwest Sldo. He
Is noted for hla public spirit and de
votion to tho Interests ot his follow
Alfred n. llordor, tho well known
stationer, Is a votoran of the Spanish
Amorlcnn war and one of tho veter
ans of Chicago's crack First Regi
ment. Ho Is popular In tho business
Frank Wnegor, tho well known
brewer and business man, Is talked of
for Stato Auditor and State Treasurer,
Ho would fill either position well.
Tom N. Donnelly would mako a
good Mayor. Ho Is popular with everybody.
Business men who phone Heco, Su
perior 7100, for envolopcs, always get
whnt thoy want.
Gustavo PoKnck, the popular gen
eral manager of tho Stock Yards
Packing Company. Is wlnnlnr wlda
fame aa n philanthropist As a helpor
of friendless boya he Is doing great
work In Chicago.
Adam Wolf Is one or the most popu
lar men In Chicago. You can't beat
Julius Oswald, th well known bar
ber at 164 West Randolph street, Is
very popular with tho city hall boys.
Thomas 3. Sauerman of Ohio and
Clark streets and proprietor of the
oldest saloon and restaurant In Chi
cago has the finest bar fixtures to
America. They were made over fifty
years ago. and the carving waa all
done by hand. The German Historical
Hotteiy has taken photographs of
H, Schmidt or 9S7 center street baa
a host ot friends wbo would back him
for public office.
Stlllman B. Jamleson is one of the
coming men In the Republican party.
He la honest and able.
Judge Klckham Scanlan fulfills the
expectations of his friends. His rec
ord on the bench Is a good one.
Harry II. Latham, president ot the
Iroquois Club, former president of tho
Chicago Athletic Association nnd head
of tho big Latham Machinery Com
pany is ono of tho strongest and most
popular men mentlonod by tho Demo
crats for mayor in 1919,
Ubo the Oliver typewriter for best
John Z. Vogelsang baa done much
to make the restaurant the attractive
feature of Chicago life that It Is
Tho Now Roma restaurant at 117
North Clark street, of which I. Pelle
grini Is tho popular manager, grows
In favor with the public every day.
Judgo Scully of tho County Court
is a great bnsoball fan nnd Is vory
popular with tho ball players and
tholr friends.
Judge John K. rnnfflvlUe Is making
a splendid record on the MuntcloaJ
Court bench. He la an able, broad
Minded and Juat Judge.
Addition strew, onb of the widest
and longest east and west streets on
the north and west sides, should be
made a boulevard.
Captain Henry Cbannon, tho well
known and highly respected president
ot the H. Channon Company, Is ono of
tho men who la always working to
make Chicago greater. Captain Chan
non's public spirit, bis natural energy
and his grant popularity make him a
valuable man to any causo that ho
Aldorman Wnltor P. Steffen is mak
ing a flue record in tho city council.
W. S. Tothlll, the great manufac
turer of gymnasium nnd playground
apparatus, at 1815 Webster avenuo,
baa a national reputation bocauso of
tho excellence and reliability ot his
Rnkllos' restaurants havo mndo n
nnmo for tbomsolvcs in Chicago,
which stands for good sorvlco, good
food and good equipment. John Rnk
llos, tho proprlotor of this popular
string of restaurants Is a progressive
nnd patriotic Amorlcnn citizen, He
hns been n bard worker for tho Lib
erty Loan nnd has dono much towards
lining up tho G rooks ot Cbicngo In tho
flno showing thoy havo mado.
Goorge E. flrcnnnn ts ono of tho
ablest and most popular Democratic
leadors In Illinois. His acquaintance
with conditions nil over tho stato, his
great clrclo ot friends and his unlm
pcachablo democracy are strong ele
ments In his success.
William Gnnschow Is making a flno
record as West Park Commissioner.
Ho Is progressive and alert to tho
needs of tho public.
William A. West, tho popular mom
ber ot tho Stnto Board ot Equalization
from tho Ninth District, Is making a
good record.
Richard M. Hennessey, the well
known building contractor, haa an
honored record for ability and efficiency.
K. U. Schmidt & Son havo opened
tholr now subdivision In North Edge
water. It Is loomed at tho southeast
comer of Fairfield nnd Devon nv
cnuos ono of tho most bonutlful and
accessible ot locations.
William D. Munhall
1012 Ashland Block
' Clark and Randolph Streets
Telephone Majestic 7870
Albert J. llopklni Jamei 8. Ilophlni
Hopkins & Hopkins
134 South La Salle Street
Suite 020 Corn Exclinnse Dank Bids,
Fiucii M. Lowm L-Moy Rlchirdi
Phone On ral 2918
Lowes & Richards
m e m
Attorney, i at Law
a wt
127 N. Den rborn St
Chester A. Phillips & Co.
Old Colony Building, Chicago, III.
Steam Shr els, Dredges, Locomotives, Cars, Rail,
Locomotive Cranes, R. R. Equipment
Trlrplmnn HnrrUnii 18(1
Phones Monroe 2753 and 2754
A. H. Anderson Foundry
BRASS Bronze and Aluminum CASTINGS
Heavy and Light Castings
1211-13 FULTON ST. and 218 NORTH ANN ST.
Near Lake St. CHICAGO
We Manufacture
Little Giant Motor Trucks.
Chicago Pneumatic Compressors.
Boyer Pneumatic Riveting, Chipping
and Calking Hammers.
Little Giant Air Drills, Wood Borers
and Grinders.
Giant Fuel Oil, Gas and Gasoline
Duntley Electric Drills, Grinders
and Hoists.
Hummer Hammer Rock Drills.
Bulletins on Request.
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company
Fisher Building 52 Vanderbilt Ave.
Chicago Branches Everywhere New York
WM. H. MALONE, President Tel.phon. Randolph 327
Petroleum Products
11 South La Salle Street CHICAGO
Car Shipments Only
Don't forget
after every meal

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