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Us The service flag! With its star of "&j
pll blue, sometimes turned gold: HE
Sir?: silently it sells more bonds than Wm
Clinrles Rlngur hns mado a magnlfi
cent record na county assessor. Ho
lias mado friends on all sides by Ills
just and Impartial methods and la
slnco tlio outbreak or tho war. His
son, John J. Sheridan, 20 years of ago,
Is enlisted In the aviation section of
the United States army.
Ho should bo re-elected to tho Board
of Assessors.
flno trado among leading business
and professional men. As a sartorial
artist ho has few equals and no superior.
The service flag! With its star of
blue, sometimes turned gold:
silently it sells more bonds than
any salesman in the land. & It
matters little where this badge
of service hangs: in the home of
wealth or in some humble cot
tage, ft Always its message is the
same: that you shall lend and
generously lend to end this war
more quickly, ft To save more
stars of blue from turning gold.
Tho fooling Is growing that Tom
Carey is tho logical Democratic candi
dal for Mayor of Chicago.
Ho bolongs to no faction.
Ho Is controlled by no clique
Ho Is forceful.
Ho 13 fearless.
Ho is honest.
Ho has nothing to conceal.
Tho longor tho campaign
stronger ho will bo.
Under present conditions ho
pears to bo tho ideal candidate.
Frank Rice, general manngor of tho
Uonjamln Electric Company, Is ono of
tho progresslvo young business men
of Chicago. Ho Is respected and pop
ular with everybody.
Dixon C. Williams, ono of tho finest
orators in tho Democratic party is
growing in popularity. He would
mako an Ideal member of congress if
ho would consent to run for tho office
Simon O'Donnoll is an honest, earn
est and respected leader In the world
of labor.
Georgo II. Baldwin, manuger of the
Walworth Manufacturing Company, Is
ono of tho lenders In Chicago's busi
ness life
Tho New Homa Italian restaurant
at 117 North Clark street, across from
tho county and city buildings, is ono
of tho most popular restaurants in Chi
cago. Under tho ablo management of
Mr. I. Pellagrin! it has built up n great
patronage among tho best class of
Charles Hastenik, the well known
brewor and president of the Best
Brewing Company, has a host of
friends in tho business world.
Tho leadmg momnors of every '
clety and club in Chicago road The
and Traveling Bags
Colllnn' Penetrative Liquid, only known
permanent relief for rheumatlnn
In all Its tnge
Cnmo In for a free trial.
franklin 1010 008 Tacomn Bid.
U.'S. Governments Bonds
Donated by The Chicago Eagle.
Popular County Assessor Who Should
Be Re-Elected.
strong with men of ovory slmdo of
political opinion. Ho deserves to bo
Popular County Assessor De
serves Well at the Hands of the
Voters. His Record Is Good.
Ivnn D. Koukoff, tho woll known
monoy broker and steamship agent, is
n lcador on tho West Side Ho would
muko a good county commissioner.
Alderman William P. Ellison of tho
Twenty-second Ward is making a
good record In tho city council. Tho
pcoplo aro talking about him for
higher honors.
Department of Trade and Commerce.
Director William II. I3oys, Strcator,
Assistant Director James S. Bald
win, Decatur; $4,000.
Superintendent of Insuranco Frod
W. Potter, Albion; $5,000.
Firo Marshal John Camber, Otta
wa; $3,000.
Chief Grain Inspector Walter E.
Schmidt. Chicago: $5,000.
Department of Finance.
Director Omar H. Wright, Bolvl
dero; $7,000.
Assistant Director Everett H.
Tripp, Dolvldoro; $1,200.
Administrative Auditor Joseph C.
Mason, Chicago; $l,S00.
Superintendent of Department Re
portsA. T. Splvoy, East St. Louis;
Department of Agriculture.
Director Charlos Adklns, Doment;
Assistant Director H. II. Parko,
Sycamore; $3,C00
Superintendent of Foods and Dairies
John D. Nooman, Elgin; $4,800.
Superintendent of Animal Industry
W. W. Wright, Toulon; $3,000.
Chief Veterinarian A. T. Petoro,
Peoria; $1,200.
Chief Gamo and Fish Wardon
Italph F. Bradford, Pontlac; $3,C0O.
Department of Labor.
Director Barnoy Cohon, Chicago;
Assistant Dlroctor Burt C. Bean,
Chicago; $3,000.
Chlof Factory Inspector Itobert S.
Jones. Flora: $3,000.
Superintendent of Free Employment
Offices W. G. Lewman, Danville;
Chief Inspector ot Private Employ
ment Agencies John J. McKonna,
Chicago: $3,000
Department of Mines and Minerals.
Director Evan D. John, Carbon-
dale; $5,000.
Assistant Director Martin
Springfield; $3,000.
Department of Public Works and
Director Leslie D. Putorbaugb, Peo
ria; $c,ooo.
Assistant Director Thomas a. Von
num. Watsoka; $1,000.
Superintendent of Waterways Wil
liam L. Sackott. Morris; $5,000.
Superintendent of Printing II. L.
Williamson, Springfield, $5,000.
Superintendent of Purchases and
Supplies Honry H. Kolin, Anna;
Superintendent of Highways S. E.
Bradt, Do Knlb; $5,000.
Suporlntondont of Parks Frank D.
Lowman, Sandwich; $2,500.
Department of Public Welfare.
Director Charles H. Thorno, Chi
cago; $0,000.
Assistant Dlrocjor James E. Mc
dure, Carllnvlllo; $4,000.
Fiscal Supervisor Frank D. Whlpp,
Springfield; $5,000.
Suporlntondont of Charltlos A. L.
Bowon, Springfield; $5,000.
Superintendent of Prisons John L.
Whitman, Chicago; $5,000.
Superintendent of Pardons nnd Pa
rolesWilliam Colvln, Springfield;
Department of Health.
Director Dr. C. St. Clair Drako,
Sprlngfiold; $0,000.
Suporlntondont of Lodging Houso
Inspection William H. McCulloch,
Chicago; $3,000.
Department of Registration nnd Edu
cation. Dlroctor Frnncls W. Shopardson,
Chicago; $0,000.
Superintendent of Registration
Frod C. Dodds, Sprlngfiold; $4,000.
The Mlcholob C1utj which meet
at Ohio and Clark stroots In Sauer
man's splendid rooms Is growing In
membership and power every day.
Judgo KIckTiam Scanlan fulfills the
expectations of his friends. HIb rec
ord on tho bench Is a good one.
Clayton F. Smith 1b a Democrat
who grows in favor ovory day. Ho
would mako a. good mayor ot Chicago
for all tho people
Tho Oliver typowrltor is praised by
all who lmvo used it.
George W. Pauiun, the great Mr
rior, has mado a business record for
honesty and Integrity that wins for
htm hosts of frlondB.
Charles s. Tnomton, the well known
lawyor, has honorod ever office he
ever filled from president of the
oard ot education to corporation
John R. Ford, the chief deputy col
lector ot customs, is a most efficient
aid to Collector McNeill.
Frank Hognn, tho highly respected
presidont ot tho Hoco Envelope Com
pany, would mako a good mayor. He
Is a man of great oxocutlvo ability
and oarncstness of purposo and ho
numbers his friends by tho thousands.
Maurlco T. cullerton is much re
spoctod as a lcador in labor circles.
Ono of tho most popular public offi
cials In Chicago is Michael K. Sheri
dan, whoso tomi as county assessor
expires this year.
His record Is a fine ono and his
faithfulness to duty certainly entitles
him to a ro-oloctlon at tho hands ot
tho votors regardless of party.
A staunch nnd lifelong Domocrat,
loyal to his party, his rcnomlnatlon Is
n cortnlnty nt tho primary.
Ho has treated all citizens with fair
ness regardless of party linos nnd his
devotion to tho Interests of all tho
pcoplo is known to ovorybody. A
Dr. George Sultan always
good record In public llto.
made a
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RepuU nan Candidate for County Assessor.
Dr. M. Lolnlngor, tho popular don
tlBt, who, with his sons, conducts tho
well-known dental parlor nt 1280 Mil.
waukoo avonuo, In tho Palatlno Build
ing, is ono of tho progresslvo and
wldoawnko citizens ot tho Northwest
Le Grand Foot Parlor Opening.
Tho Lo Grand Foot Parlor at 133G
North Clark street, had ti grand open
ing of its now quartors at tho abovo
number on Soptombor 14. Thoro was
class to that opening, too. Somo of
tho best pcoplo on tho North Side,
Including many patrons from tho
Lako Shoro Drive, woro prosont. Pro
fessor Fostollo furnished a splendid
ontortalnmont. Thoro wcro musical
selections nnd cholco numbers by oml
nont soloists. A flno orchestra
charmed tho nudlonco. Thoro was a
Punch and Judy show, flno rofrosh
monts and u good time genorally.
Popular President of the Board of
Assessors Who Deserves Re-election
as Assessor on His
Chiropractic What It Is.
Chiropractic (Kiro-prak-tlk) Is
Sclenco of locating tho cnusa of dls-
oaso'and tho Art of romovlng It by
adjusting tho splno, which rolloves
pressure on tho nerves nnd allows
naturo's llfo-spark, or norvo cnorgy, to
(low freely to nnd from tho brain.
Tho causo of dtscaso, as tho Chiro
practor finds it, Is a subluxation of ono
or more of tho vortobrao which dco
cronso tho slzo of tho oponlng through
which tho spinal nerves pass, and
impinge or press them, henco shut oft
n portion of tho nervo supply to tho
organB or parts, and tho result will bo
disease, dorangod functional activity.
A normal norvo supply to any organ
or part of tho human body gonorates
normal function nnd maintains health.
In adjusting tho vortobrao to ro
leaso tho prossuro, tho Chiropractor
usos and needs nothing but his hands.
Tho wholo object of his work Is com
pleted whon this pressuro Is removed.
Naturo does tho curing. In somo cases
dally adjustments are necessary for a
time, In other cases, howovor, thrco
adjustments n wcok will bring splen
did rosults. Tho Chiropractor should
bo tho Judgo as to tho frequency of
tho adjustments.
"No matter how strnngo, unusual,
or ovon opposed to established cus
tom or hollof an Idea may be, It Its
claims provo to bo In harmony with
all tho essential facts concerning tho
subject to which tho Idea is related,
It Is true nnd valuable and should bo
accepted " Investigate nnd Intorvlow
P II. Soubold, D. C, 1430 Stevens
Illdg,, Chicago, nnd bo convinced,
nntivo Amorlcan, Mr. Sheridan, who
was born in Sterling, Illinois, has
lived in Chicago slnco 18S8.
For twenty years ho was manngor
ot tho shipping department ot tho big
pncklng plant ot Morris & Company at
tho Stock Yards. In 1912 ho was ap
pointed deputy clerk ot tho Criminal
court nnd was oloctcd mombor ot tho
Cook county board of nssossors In tho
fall election ot that year. In this
capacity ho sorved two years as sec
retary of tho board and two years as
chairman, and during his entlro tonn
his courao has beon guldod by an oyo
slnglo to tho wolfnro ot tho public,
fair play to tho taxpayors duty. IIo
now holds tho position of ohalrman
of tho board ot assessors,
Mr. Shorldan received his education
In Sterling, Illinois, whero ho grad
uated from tho public high schools.
IIo afterwards attended business col
lego and Hum equipped ho started out
to face tho world, nnd In tho world's
battlo has mot with great auccoss.
Mr. Sheridan Is a mombcr of tho
Knights of Columbus, tho Mnccaboes,
tho Loyal Ordor of Mooso, tho Irish
I Followthlp Club, tho Englowood Pa-
tllO I .rtntln T ,..,.. .l.n Cnl,1l. l)nlln On.
, l.ut.w l.UMbMU, ,u fc?UIWIUI0 UVIIUl OU-
clety nnd Is nn nuxlllary mombor of
tho State Council of Dofcnse Ho Is,
as wo havo Bald, n Domocrat from tho
ground up, and Is now Democratic
ward com nitteoman from tho Thirty
first ward Ho was n mombor of ex
emption board No. 72 until Jnnunry
12, 1918, whon Govornor Lowdon ac
cepted his resignation which Mr.
Shorldnn wns obliged to tondor so ho
could nttnnd to hla official duties as
member of tho hoard of assessors.
Mr. Sheildan has tho distinction of
being complimented upon tho fact
that his boord of exomptlon had not
cost tho gixornmont a single penny
for anything whllo ho was a mombor
of that body, as ho furnished tho
clork-hlro, room, light, boat and
ovorythlng olso portnlnlng to tho
As stated nt tho outsat, Mr. Shorl
dnn's torm oxplres In tho coming fall.
Ho Is a candidate, within thu lines of
tho Democratic organization, and If ho
is nominated for ro-oloctlon (which Is
a cortalntj) ho will undoubtedly bo
ro-olectod. Ho Is a man of qulot nnd
unassuming wnys, and his candidacy
Is being conducted In a quiet, dlgnlflod
way. As ho says hlmsolf: "If tho
Domocrntlc organization drafts mo
again for ofuco I shall mako tho rnco,
and If elocted shnll sorvo. If I am not
'drafted' by tho party I shall bo found
working for tho regular candldato,
nnd for nil tho regular candidates on
tho county ticket."
Mlchnnl K. Sheridan Is nothing if
not n patriot. Ho hns given his time
nnd best offorta to his country over
OFFICE! Bull 018-31. 117 N. Dearborn St.
rtKS.t 310 F.it 4th Strut
Offlet, Central JIS18 Ite., Kenwood 61tl
Electric Lighting Supplies
Edison Building, 72 West Adams Street
I ilSv a 11
jLJse;any"Home Electrical
Appliance and have a
light fat .the same time.
makes one socket do two things at
once. Anyone can use it.
For Sale at all Electrical Supply Stores
V ' JC ..ifl lf
j if Ur
Hollander Extra Pale Bavarian
Telephone Calumet 730
Foot E2act 27th Street
Bottling Department
Writofor Booklet "Eminent Physicians of the West,"
cAvoy Brewing Co.
Tolephono oil Departments Columot 5401 2340 SOUTH PARK AVI.
Elston Avenue and Snow Street, CHICAGO, U. S. A.

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