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M4Y2 0 1919
nr4 aa Oteend Claaa MatUr Ortnbar 11, IMS. at tha
Offle at Chicago, llllnoli, unaar Act or March 3, 1171.
Office of Publication,
179 W. Washington St., Chicago, III.
Published Weekly.
Entered at Seeand Clam Matter October 11, 1IM, at
Office at Chicago, llllnola, under Act of Marah a.
Friends of the County Judge Loyal to
Him at All Times, More So
Now Than Ever
His Public JRecord Is Pointed
as a Vindication of
Bench Career
Judge Thomas V. Scully him never
hud more friends than ho hns ut the
present time.
It tnkes udverslty to provo Just how
niuny friends a man really linn.
Tho unhappy controversy between
States Attorney Hoyno nnd Judgo
Scully which Is deplored by nil Dom
ocrats has certainly not hurt Judgo
It has brought his friends to tho
front from all walks of life and ho
numbers them by tho thousands.
As nn alderman ho served tho pco
plo with honesty and distinction nnd
won tho approbation of tho Municipal
Voters Leaguo nnd all other critics of
municipal affairs.
As Judgo of tho Municipal Court,
bench nnd bar united in his praise.
As county Judgo ho administered,
tho affairs, of that dllllcult u'ftlco so
ably and so Impartially as to win n
re-election In which friend nnd foo
combined to do him honor and to In
crease the sl.o of his majority.
Democratic aldermen met with tho
Democratic. .Mnnaglng Committee at
tho Shorman House nnd decided to
stand up for their rights ns Demo
crats. Resolutions woro adopted' by the
conferees stating that it was not tho
purposo of the caucuses to bind any
alderman ordopiivo him of his in
dividual Judgmont,
Following 1b tho most important
part of tho resolutions adopted:
"Whereas it is of thu hlghost Im
portance to tho people of Chicago that
the problems of reconstruction bo at
once undci tuKen and solved, nnd
"Whereas tho solution of thoso
problems has been hampored and
frustrated by persistent diversity of
opinion and differences of Judgment;
theroforo bo It
"Resolved, That wcokly meetings
bo held for tho presentation of plans
and tho exchange of thought upon
such plans to secure ns far as possi
Work of Illinois
Tho Senate Elections Committee on
Monday reported tho primary bill to
tho senate. This Is tho bill that
changes tho mothod of olectlng pre
cinct committeemen, and reconstitutes
tho system of olectlng dolcgatos to
state and national conventions, but
docs not chango tho essential points
in tho nomination of olectivo olllcors.
The sonuto committee on llcouso re
ported out tho Anti-Saloon leaguo's
bill to onforco tho prohibition laws
not tho search nnd seizuro act In
cluding tho feature of tho appotntmont
of n state commissioner at a $0,000
annual salnvy.
Tho Anti-Saloon loaguo Is "striving
for a voto upon tho house bill on
search and seizuro that is fdontlcnl
with that passed last wook in tho
Tho houso appropriations commit
tee reported out n revised bill that
I argett WwUjr Gbcttlatkm Atoamg
Subscription Rate.
J2 Per Year In Advance.
ble united ilctlon for the passage of
legislation and tho execution of such
plans; and be It further
"FloBolved, Thnt It Is not tho pur
poso to bind any alderman by caucus
vote or to deprive him of his Indi
vidual Judgment thereon, but to offer
through discussion the opportunities
to enlist support for the most con
structive measures."
Aid. lloss A. Woodlnill acted as
chairman of tho session, and Aid. A.
J. Ccrmnk was secretary. At tho
last session Dennis J, Egnn, sccrotary
of tho managing committee, presided
but only aldermen did tho talking.
"Tho Domocrnts In tho council nre
In tho majority," said Aid. Woodhuli,
"and It in only right thnt wo should
tako tho inttlutivo In tho important
mattors boforc tho council, Tho mny
ursluiH claimed credit lor a lot of
things originated and carried through
by tho Domocrats. Wo want tho
credit for what wo do, and that's tho
reason for tho caucuses."
An effort on tho part of Alderman
Cermak, Novak and Timothy Hogan
to lmvo tho City Council order Health
Commissioner Uobortson to rescind
his anti-smoking order on tho surface-
and elevated cars failed Monday
by a voto of 2S to 115.
Tho proposition was no'c killed,
howovor, as 'ho committee on public
health was directed to mako nn in
vestigation nnd report on what action
Is most advisable.
Alderman Cermuk nrguod that when
tho order was issued last November
there woro ovor -l,;T0O cases of influ
enza and pneumonia in tho city, while
today only llfty-slx are on record.
"On June 15, wo start constructing
what wo consldor tho last word in
lire proof buildings at South Wabash
nvonuo nnd East Oth street, next to
tho Y. M. C. A. hotol, costing $1,125,
000," sold Charles C. Pylo. "It will
bo tho homo of tho thirty-eight ox
changos In Chicago which aro now
Lawmaking Body
makes important changes in tho orlg
iiml form of tho administration's ox
else bill relating to corporations.
Thu sumo commlttoo reported out
bills carrying $SO,000,000 for road con
struction, including nil of tho $G0,
000,000 bond Issue.
Oov. Lowdon vetoed houso bill 7,
oxtendlng to votornns of thu world
war tho same privileges under utnto
civil sorvlco that aro enjoyod by civil
war votorans, for tho reason that
mombora of studont army training
corps nro specifically excluded from
tho proposed act.
Tho sonato passed twonty-tlvb bills,
Ono of those Was tho bluo sky bill
backed by Secretary of Stato Kmmor
son, introduced by Senator Kesslngor,
Tho sonnto determined that it
would not adjourn so that inombera
could attend tho homecoming of tho
M'.Uh field artlllory, but tho sonata's
committee, which will bo prosont, con
sists of Sonntors Drndy, Dalloy, Curtis,
Austin, Clark, Gorman, lirodorick,
Qlackln, and Hughes,
Tho houso passed tho McDnvld bill
that ostubllshes $80 por month as tho
minimum wage for school toachors,
and tho Shurtloff bill prohibiting tho
publication or distribution of discrim
inatory mfittor against nny crood
class or nationality,
to With Pride
scatteicd among ton different build
ings. If thoso exchanges aro some
where In tho loop now, thoy'vo got
to go. Tho law Is in effect n year
from May 1. We'll have tho building
finished on time.
"Chicago is n great film renter. Kx
press wagons, delivery wngons of all
President of
kinds nro driving up to nwkwnrd back
doors. Thoy'ro always gottlng into a
Jam; thoy lmvo to wait for a chanco
to load or unload. Tho moving pic
turo Industry has become so gigantic,
that delivery nlono must lmvo a homo
all its own. It will bo u twolvo story
skyscraper, 95 by 105 feet in slzo,
Thoro can't bo nny flro. Vaults will
hold tho films n dozen or more vaults
on each lloor. Each vault will lmvo
n chlmnoy, n sovonty Inch vent for
overy 100 reols,
"If thoy should catch flro thoy
couldn't oxplodo, Tho smoko would
seep through Into tho opon air and tho
heat would stout overhead sprlnklors
showorlng wntor. Tho flro soon
would bo ovor.
"Thoro'U bo a clubhouse on tho root
and four littlo exhibition rooms
which can bo united into ono. Thoro
also will bo an exhibition room on
each floor."
While Iho council declined Monday
to adopt Alderman Cormak's resolu
tion against tho measure the license
committee wns authorized to act with
full power after It completes nn In
vestigation of tho scope of tho pro
posed law Tho committee Is com
posed of a majoriy of "wet" alder
men. Alderman Ceimnk said the moustiru
would prove "a powerful weapon In
the hands of blackmailers and would
In many cases lead to riots and mur
der." He said Its purpose Is against
tho principles bf a frco government
and thnt professional prohibitionists
would prollt by obtaining employment
from the commission which would
have charge of enforcing tho restrlc-'
"This pernicious p'eco or legisla
tion Is being fathered' by the AMI
Saloon League, tho jmmo organiza
tion which Is trying to deprive us of
additional revenue," ho added.
"And let mo tell you this city will
not get an Increased tax rate. Tho
leaguo already has n movo on foot
for putting the tax question to a ref
erendum." Ho made veiled charges thai money
wns used to porstitido members of
tho legislature tovoto for the na
tional prohibition amendment.
Cermak Is the "wot" leader In the
the Great Corporation of Marshall Field
council. Supporting him was Aldor
man John Coughlln, who said;
"That law will pormtt strangors to
enter your homo and 1 say as long as
I have any strength In my body no
man will enter and tako anything
from my houso."
Corporation Counsol Kttolson was
directed to submit an opinion to tho
commlttoo on tho powors contained
in tho bill.
Lauronco It. Adams, tho popular
mnnagor of tho flno Ilrovoort Hotol,
Is ono of Chicago's prosperous citi
zens and ono of tho best liked hotel
mou in the United States,
Charles Molltor, a rocognizod leader
in tho machinery trado, is ono of Chi
cago's loading nnd most rollablo busi
ness men. His name is honored
wherever fc Is known.
fflalaBESauttlakfcSaViBBBH?' b i?l&&ffl53ur iJ,$r&J?ii tataHa?-t SdBaa
y- Vs f & sjLvaiV iIEfiHnwlaK-&it 4g tf.irfcgiinf ww?Jl&CEitiffaMEHaMifaB
President Leonard A. Busby of the
Chicago Surface Lines Issues a
Statement on the Subject
Calls the Attention of the Public to the Facts
as they Appear From the
President Leonard A Ilusby of tho
Chicago Surface Lines says:
"The seriousness of the situation
wv are all facing has not been changed
for the better by tho decision of tho
commission. This situation has boon
pointed out time and again. I do
not think it Is necessary to add any-
&. Company.
thing to what I have suld boforc, or
to tho statement of tho situation in
my rocent lottor to tho oinployos."
Maurico J. Lynch, nsslstnnt finan
cial sccrotary of tho men's organiza
tion, In tho absence of Mr. Qulnlnn
from tho city, declared that ho did
not boltovo tho men would submit
to n reduction In tho prosont wage
"Wo woro glvon tho Incroaso bo
cause of tho high cost of living," ho
snid, "and ns this Is still going up
Instead of down wo do not soo how
wo can allow our wagos to bo reduced.
No strlko has been authorized, and In
order to got tho sentiment of tho
mon on such u quostlon wo would
lmvo to tako n'voto of our member
ship and obtain tho consent of tho
International organization. I bollovo
tho mon would voto to strlko boforo
ngreolng to work for any loss pay
than thoy nro now rccolvlng."
Tho docislon came as a blow to 10,
000 stockholders ot tho company, who
siNfii.n copy
own pruetlcnlly alt of the securities
and who have seen the value of their
holdings drop on the market steadily
for several weeks.
The commission, regarding 1010
revenues, held that tho $34,000,000 es
timate of tho surface lines wns $-,-000,001)
less than it should be, nnd
tho decision further deducts $14,100,
702 from the companies' capital ac
count, of $150,481,859 as an Improper
charge against the sum upon which
interest must he paid by the nickels
of the public. Tho decision gives the
probable net earnings as $S,000,000.
This sum, It says, represents 7 per
cent upon n valuation of $123,000,
O00 and " per cent upon the com
panies' claim of $15G,IS1,8.VJ. It is
held sufllclcnt In that. It will meet tho
lines! Interest on thn'r bonded debt
nnd, nfter division of profits with tho
city, render tho companies $8, 100,000
freo and clear.
Of tho companies' claim to their
$15(i.481,S5; capital account the deci
sion says:
"It Is not contended that this esti
mate of value Is based upon any posi
tive evidence us to either- the actual
cost of the properties, their present
fair value, or the cost to reproduce
them, less depreciation. The stated
amount Is computed In iicordanco
with the provisions of the hottlemeut
ordinances and repiesonts what tho
city would have to pay If It took over
tho properties.
"This valuation Include many Items
which cannot be said to represent
property dovoted to tho public uso.
In consideration of the compliance
by tho companies with certain condi
tions specified in the ordinances,
among which was ndhcicuco to the
5-cont fare, the companies. In deter
mining tho valuation at which the city
might take over the propurtlo. were
permitted to Include these Items. Tho
companies will not be permitted to
repudiate the condition as to fares,
and, at the same t lino, to Insist upon
this valuation. '
"Examining the wiluutioii claimed
by tho companies, we find that In
cluded In it is $55,775,000, which Is
the uggregate of amounts agreed up
on between tho city and tho compa
nies at the times the settlement or
dinances wore passed as represent
ing the value of those properties nt
thoso times in case they should be
taken over by the city.
"Included In this primary amount
of $53,775,000 were Items of $:i,75l,!!(!;i
nnd $5,202,008, allowed as values for
tho purpose of purchase by tho city
to the Chicago City Hallway compnny
and the Chicago Hallways company,
respectively, for their old franchises,
Many ot thoso franchises had ex
pired. "Tho primary valuation of $55,775,
000 Includes other Items, which ap
pear from tho reports of tho traction
valuation commission to cover organ
ization oxpenses, brokerages, currying
charges, paving, etc.
"These Itoms aggregate at least $8,
000,000 and under tho evidence wo
cannot Includo this amount In n
proper valuation ot thoso prnpertlos
for rate making purposes
"It appears from tho evidence of
petitioners that a largo amount of
the tangible proporty Included in tho
primary valuation of $55,775,000 wns
replaced during tho period whon tho
roads woro rehabilitated and recon
structed. It Is stated that at least
$11,701,000 of this tanglblo proporty
was so roplnced. This Item of $11,
704,0C(! thoreforo appears from tho
ovldonco to represent proporty which
Is no longor in oxistenco or used by
and useful to the companies.
"Tho valuation of $150,4S1,850.51 as
serted by tho companies includes, in
addition to tho primary valuation of
$55,775,000 nbovo montloned, $100,.
700,350.51, which, It Is clnlmod, wns
oxponded for improvements, additions
nnd oxteuslons nindo subsequent to
tho passago of tho sottlomcnt ordi
nances, Thoso additions to actual
cost woro nmdo In nccoranco with
tho provisions ot tho setloment ordi
nances and roprosont nmounts which
tho city is required to pay in caso it
takes over the property of the com
panies. "This commission bus adopted the
rule that bond discount, or brokerage,
is not n proper capital charge.
"Petitioners have Included In their
valuation of these properties mi Item
of $4,0UC,375, the ullownneo specified
In the ordinances for bond discount,
or brokerage. They have not pre
sented sulllclent evidence to show that
any portion of this Item should bo
Included In a proper wiliiatlou of the
The commission allows the lines'
$!,(i00,UOO depreciation fund to stand,
but refuses to make additions for
"good will" and "going value," fol
lowing n rule laid down by the United
States' Supreme Court in the Dos
Moines gas tiiuo.
The decli.lou says In legard to la
bor: "It Is probable that there will bo
no miiteilal chango in tho geuornl
labor situation for sumo time follow
ing the end of the war. and our con
clusions In this case are based upon
th iisumptlon that wnces will con
tinue substantially upon Iho scalo es
tablished by the national snr labor
board Well known facts Indicate,
however, that estimates for steel,
rails, coal mid other materials, made
on the basin of war juices, will not
have that degree or perinnnoncj
which entitle them to be considered
us fixed elements lu adjusting rates.
"The commlsHiou is of tho opinion
and llmls that upon the showing made
the uxiuiiTiiioiii of a reasonable re
turn upon the fair vifluo of tho prop
erty actually used lu the public sorv
lco will lit) satisfied if thu net earn
ings of these propel lies roach the sum
of $S,000,iinu. This represents a re
turn of 7 per cunt upon a valuation
of $U':i.ii)ii,iiOii mid IHj per cent on
the Sir.O.Onu.OUU capital account ot the
The mluoilt.v opinion. h Commis
sioner Ltice. tin oied n 1 cent in
crease until Jan 1. l!t!jii, and mean
while he proposed that a revaluation
of the companies' properties should
be miido by the commission's engi
Charles Hluger, Republican, who
lost his race for assessor Nov. 5, may
snatch vlctor from the Jaws of de
feat, lu the recount of ballots now
proceeding in Judge Knell's court, his
tabulators say he is leading Michael
K. Shoiidun. The count has been on
since the middle of Kobruury, and
yesterday the first slv wards, woro fin
ished. Totals us given by the Ro
publlcans show that in the tlrst live
wauls Hluger bus made a net gain
of 1.100 votes The returns In No
vember showed him beaten by SIR
votes, so that now he Is in tho lead
with a margin of 24. The Democrats
contend that In the remaining wards
Sheridan will have the net advantage,
but Hlnger's managers .scolT ut this.
The freo federal employment olllcos
will come Into permoiient boing ngaln
soon, co-operating with stnto and mu
nicipal ugouoles. according to Dr. 11. L.
l'rentls, fetleral director, who return
ed to Chicago from a Washington con
ference. "Tho bill will bo brought bo
foro the next Congross and I antic!
pnto no mateiial opposition," ho said.
"A bnroau of employment in tho De
partment of Labor will bo created,
with a director general appointed by
tho president Tho money appropri
ated by tho government will bo dis
bursed In proportion to population."
Largest Vtcldv Circulation Aaraaj
Pe6rJ of Inliucnea ard Stitulaf

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